doc: Drop tmpl support

Graphics / Cairo - Bryce Harrington [] - 14 September 2018 19:42 EDT

Fix distcheck by dropping use of the now-obsolete gtkdoc-mktmpl.

In preparation for the upcoming 1.16 release, I've made a few changes to get distcheck to pass. I also updated it to run on Ubuntu 18.04, but found that on newer distros distcheck won't run due to missing gtkdoc-mktmpl, which has been deprecated upstream for some time. The patch below disables everything that references it, and enables distcheck to finish successfully.

Unfortunately, this probably regresses portions of our document generation, and thus will need some reimplementation work. Anyone got time to investigate a better solution for this?

c1e37f4f0 doc: Drop tmpl support
build/ | 25 ++++---------------------
doc/public/ | 3 ---
2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 24 deletions(-)


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