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Desktop / Chromium - Chris Blume [] - 5 September 2017 16:33 UTC

Echoing Adenilson's words:

"I was reading the documentation related to ownership of folders in Chromium ( and found the section related to 'Expectation of owners'. I checked the requirements and feel I may have the right profile:

a) Be already acting as an owner: I started working with zlib in past January (when Chromium was still using zlib 1.2.8), pointed to Matt Sarrett the Mozilla paper ( suggesting to upgrade from zlib 1.2.8 to 1.2.11.

Next, I contacted the PDFium team and helped them to migrate to zlib 1.2.11 and
verify the feasibility of using Chromium's zlib (please see attached message). This removed YAZC (Yet Another Zlib Copy) from the code base.

b) Be a Chromium project member with full commit access of at least 6 months: I started contributing to WebKit way back in 2011 (where I'm a committer) and became a Blink committer a few months after the fork in 2013.

c) Have submitted a substantial number of non-trivial changes: ongoing work on ARM optimizations (inffast, Adler-32, CRC32).

d) Have committed or reviewed work in the last 90 days: landed the first ARM specific optimization and helping to review/test the inffast64 patch.

e) Have bandwidth to contribute to reviews in a timely manner: I'm used to check my email in the weekends and I'm always willing to go the extra mile.

I understand this is a long term committment, independent of my position at ARM (i.e. I'm an ARM employee).

But as an example, last year I led the work to solve a tough platform predictability bug ( that required coordination with Mozilla (verification on FF) + Microsoft (i.e. reverting the quirky behavior in MS Edge) + Google (i.e. required fixes in mobile gmail and mobile gcalendar plus landing the fix in Chromium).

The bulk of the work was done in my spare time while I was working for a startup that had nothing to do with Browsers or opensource.

I shared this story because I hope it helps to demonstrate my sense of committment to the Chromium project (and the web as whole)."

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