HSTS preload list removals for Chrome 60.

Desktop / Chromium - lgarron [chromium.org] - 24 May 2017 20:43 EDT

cbtistexcalac.mx: > The reason is because many of our clients use PC without have correctly set > the date and also have pcs with very old windows versions and many times just > don’t want to pay for a SSL.

pflege.de: > we just removed the HSTS header at pflege.de because of problems with the subdomains.

fyrkat.no, jornane.no, jornane.nl, jornane.me: > The reason is that due to the recent blacklisting of free CA StartCom, I am not confident that I am able to provide HTTPS in the future. In this case, I want to revert to opportunistic HTTPS, which I cannot do while the domain is HSTS preloaded.

monarcasystems.com: > • The reason is because many of our clients use PC without have correctly set > the date and also have pcs with very old windows versions and many times just > don’t want to pay for a SSL.

skhosting.eu: > We use subdomains on internal network just with selfsigned certificates and > access them trought VPN. Nowadays we have to allow access them from public > network and use letsencrypt certificates. But we would like to use this > subdomains accessible only from our internal network for security reasons.

lincolncollege.edu: > • http://libguides.lincolncollege.edu/ - libguides is hosted from a service > provider not associated with Lincoln College. The SSL certificate being used > is not associated with Lincoln College and is therefore throwing security > errors when the subdomain is masked with lincolncollege.edu.

47ronin.com: > One of the subdomains: live.47ronin.com is on Tumblr and SSL does not work > properly on custom domains, and it seems this may never be fixed.

opinello.com: > • www.kiosk.opinello.com > • www.ruch.opinello.com > • and all new future domains in format www.*.opinello.com > > The reason is the high cost of buying new certificates for the next domains in > www.*.opinello.com format. We are going to create a many subdomains in > specified format.

hosted-service.com: > A technician inadvertently copy/pasted a configuration that included the > preload directive, and this was not discovered for some time. The directive > has been removed and we are now serving max-age=0.

blupig.net: > We have some internal devices that does not support TLS at all, or very > difficult to enable and maintain + update certificates in them, since they are > all in internal network, it would be ok for us to access without https.

avenelequinehospital.com.au: > This is being hosted on a business catalyst (Adobe) site that does not support > custom SSL certificates

tomwiggers.nl: > - simagine.tomwiggers.nl (redirect) > - svmware.tomwiggers.nl (redirect) > - helios.tomwiggers.nl (self signed VMware certicate, it's an ESXi host, I use > Let's Encrypt for (sub)domains I can provide good HTTPS for but with VMware > this is difficult) > - webmail.tomwiggers.nl (redirect) > > Users keep getting HSTS errors in Chrome when they visit any of the above > websites because they are either redirects or do not support proper HTTPS. > > Earlier when I implemented HSTS on my webserver I did not realise HSTS > preloading does not just apply to one subdomain but the whole domain, > everything. I realised this too late.

wholesalesolar.com: > We have decided to aggressively move our entire web and marketing > infrastructure onto Hubspot's Marketing platform, COS (Content Optiimzation > System). > ... > We have been informed by Hubspot that they are unable to support HSTS headers > in conjunction with HTTPS due to Akamai's CDN network.

marquiseclub.se: > Domain name has previously been used by another company. We do not need hsts, > so please remove as soon as possible

mea.in.ua: [Could not get a reason.]

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b6dd652 HSTS preload list removals for Chrome 60.
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