Import wpt@a0768642b3d1ea2adaf96ae1e38f5c5b2e28bf0b

Desktop / Chromium - Chromium WPT Sync [] - 10 August 2017 19:43 EDT

Using wpt-import in Chromium 8b7afd2fb951b5d3c7b6bb0ebcaf70b548b0689f. With Chromium commits locally applied on WPT: ee941915b2 "Fix flakiness in timeOrigin test" 182abef730 "Porting access-control-and-redirects to WPT" 0d1744b0be "Porting access-control-basic-allow-preflight-cache-invalidation-by-method from LayoutTest to WPT"


Note to sheriffs: This CL imports external tests and adds expectations for those tests; if this CL is large and causes a few new failures, please fix the failures by adding new lines to TestExpectations rather than reverting. See:

Directory owners for changes in this CL: external/wpt/dom external/wpt/html

No-Export: true Change-Id: Iac627cbfee2330815972605fb7fd33288de47e6e Reviewed-on: Commit-Queue: Blink WPT Bot

e93e901 Import wpt@a0768642b3d1ea2adaf96ae1e38f5c5b2e28bf0b
.../LayoutTests/external/WPT_BASE_MANIFEST.json | 69 +------------------
.../wpt/dom/nodes/Node-cloneNode-expected.txt | 2 +-
.../external/wpt/dom/nodes/Node-cloneNode.html | 80 ++++++++++++----------
.../dom-tree-accessors/Document.currentScript.html | 1 -
4 files changed, 49 insertions(+), 103 deletions(-)


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