Password settings on iOS: use Title Case

Desktop / Chromium - Vaclav Brozek [] - 12 July 2017 06:15 EDT

Most of setting headers in the passwords seciton on iOS already use Title Case, except for the headers of the saved and blacklisted lists of passwords.

This CL fixes that by creating new strings for iOS settings inside ios/chrome/app/strings/ios_strings.grd. Previously the code used shared strings from the password_manager component (components/password_manager_strings.grdp). That string was also used by the old (non-MD) desktop settings, which have already been deprecated. The MD settings on desktop use the Title Case as iOS should as well, but the MD settings strings are consistently saved in chrome/app/settings_strings.grdp, where they cannot be shared with iOS.

The CL creates the new string instead of sharing the one from MD settings, because sharing has no benefit (on no build both strings are included, so no storage spared) and has the drawback of binding the style of both strings forever together.

The CL does not remove the component string yet. The old desktop settings code is still in the codebase, and the shared string (used only by the old settings) should be deleted once those old settings are deleted.

The CL was approved in This is a verbatim copy of that CL, but re-uploaded after Gerrit issues prevented me to actually land the original one. Hence I'm TBR-in lpromero@ who approved the original.

Bug: 740952 Change-Id: I455b8f2a5edd1089916a7b87f20eddc3b274a2b7 Reviewed-on:

fd8b83c Password settings on iOS: use Title Case
ios/chrome/app/strings/ios_strings.grd | 6 ++++++
.../ui/settings/ | 5 ++---
2 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)


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