eve: Add PL1 override to 7W

Hardware / Coreboot - Lucas Chen [quanta.corp-partner.google.com] - 20 August 2018 15:59 EDT

Change PL1 from 4.5W to 7W, based on thermal test results.

BRANCH=eve BUG=b:73133864 TEST=Verify the MSR PL1 limitation is set to 7W.

Change-Id: Ic3629f9c3b7eb6eef1a1b5a3051c9a11448bc9ad

cc11c97b70 eve: Add PL1 override to 7W
src/mainboard/google/eve/devicetree.cb | 1 +
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

Upstream: review.coreboot.org

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