nocturne: enable GEO SAR

Hardware / Coreboot - Pratik Prajapati [] - 21 July 2018 00:49 EDT

Enable the GEO SAR feature for nocturne. OxM programs wifi_sar VPD key in factory. coreboot reads the VPD and creates the ACPI table as per the WGDS spec.

BUG=b:65155728 BRANCH=none TEST= Set the wifi_sar VPD with below command (values are junk for test purpose only, actual values would be set be OxM) sudo vpd -f -s wifi_sar=30313233343536373839303132333435363738393030313 24142433435364445463031324142433400364445463031323343444546303132333435 Flash the and boot to kernel. Get ACPI table and WGDS would get created with VPD values passed in.

Change-Id: I32ad591f15fdb34704c8d98d98646dfa2d8882ff

86669939ea nocturne: enable GEO SAR
src/mainboard/google/poppy/Kconfig | 1 +
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)


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