Remove distribution-specific init-scripts

System Internals / DBus - Simon McVittie [] - 25 September 2017 15:28 EDT

LSB-style (SysV-style) init scripts have not historically been portable between distributions, as evidenced by the presence of both "Red Hat" and "Slackware" init scripts in dbus. Many distributors prefer to maintain them downstream, as is done in Debian (and its derivatives) and in Slackware, so that the init script can follow OS conventions (for example regarding boot messages) and make use of OS-provided facilities (for example, the Debian init script uses dpkg's start-stop-daemon utility).

The Slackware and Red Hat init scripts removed by this commit are not tested or maintained in practice, and so are likely to have bugs. The Slackware init-script provided here is not used on actual Slackware systems, which provide a different implementation of rc.messagebus in their packaging, while the Red Hat init script has been superseded by the systemd unit in current Fedora, CentOS and RHEL versions.

The Cgywin messagebus-config provided here does appear to be used in production in cygwin-ports, but it's full of Cygwin-specifics with which the dbus maintainers are not familiar, so it is probably more appropriate for it to be tracked downstream as part of the Cygwin packaging.

The systemd unit is not removed, since it is used on multiple Linux distributions with little or no modification, and receives regular testing and maintenance; this makes it appropriate to maintain upstream.

708a44d Remove distribution-specific init-scripts
NEWS | 25 +++++++
bus/ | 46 +-----------
bus/ | 178 -----------------------------------------------
bus/ | 92 ------------------------
bus/ | 79 --------------------- | 36 ----------
6 files changed, 28 insertions(+), 428 deletions(-)


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