Add interface for software-only bitmap rendering

Desktop / LibreOffice - Jan-Marek Glogowski [] - 5 December 2018 13:39 EST

When SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=svp is used, LO is expected to render output only to bitmaps, without real GUI windows. This adds an enabler and a getter function to the Application class, so one can query this information easy as (Enable|Is)BitmapRendering.

This can be used by all VCL plugins, which can't fall back to the Cairo based SVP plugin, primary OSX and Win.

A working implementation should allow to run all test via SSH. All window-requiring tests already have to set this requirement using gb_CppunitTest_use_vcl_non_headless(_with_windows)? and should be moved to a different make target, or we need some test harness to handle this correctly, before VCL fails the test.

Change-Id: I4bd4c81122a6686b090fdd93256d4712ac5f05dd Reviewed-on:

a6dc9f3fd18a Add interface for software-only bitmap rendering
include/vcl/svapp.hxx | 16 ++++++++--------
vcl/inc/svdata.hxx | 1 +
vcl/source/app/salplug.cxx | 7 +++++++
vcl/source/app/svapp.cxx | 12 ++++++++----
vcl/source/opengl/OpenGLHelper.cxx | 13 ++++---------
5 files changed, 28 insertions(+), 21 deletions(-)


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