Add recent Hunspell fixes and improvements

Desktop / LibreOffice - László Németh [] - 14 December 2017 08:34 EST

from Hunspell repository to give better spell checking and suggestions.

Short Hunspell commit descriptions (complete commit descriptions are in the committed Hunspell patch):

4a8921b BREAK tries to break at the second word break 957950b Spelling dictionary should be a real spelling dictionary 0b8a4d8 Use only middle replentries for compound word checking 4e4106f Reduce strange ngram suggestions 89a8ec6 Optimize condition order in walk_hashtable loop e80685c Remove SUBSTANDARD dictionary roots from suggestions. 90cb55f Clean-up ngram suggestions for lowercase words bbf2eb4 word pairs of the dic file get highest suggestion priority 0667049 check dictionary word pairs to filter compound word overgeneration ebdd308 clean-up suggestion 526f600 skip empty ph: field and support character stripping eb97eb7 Dictionary words with COMPOUNDFORBIDFLAG are removed 8912f2a Allow suggestion search for prefix + *two suffixes* caa24d6 Improve ph: usage for capitalization and Unicode 05082b4 BREAK: keep also break-at-first-break-point breaking db142a3 Fix regression in Hungarian "moving rule" 711466a fix compiler warnings 7ba5beb Support dictionary based REP replacements

Change-Id: I7f7202acf2dccec05ef9c542362b432aa8566a86 Reviewed-on:

721e6eb9899a Add recent Hunspell fixes and improvements
...01-Recent-Hunspell-fixes-and-improvements.patch | 1605 ++++++++++++++++++++
external/hunspell/ | 1 +
2 files changed, 1606 insertions(+)


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