devtools: change the object inspector view to tabs

Desktop / LibreOffice - Tomaž Vajngerl [] - 22 February 2021 05:28 UTC

Until now we had only one tree view with top-level nodes for services, interfaces, properties and methods. The problem with this is that each one category has it's own distinct columns (especially methods) so they can't fit well into just one tree
view. Services and interfaces categories are very simple so they can be presented in a simpler way.

This change adds a tab-bar on top, for all the categories and each one is now presented in its own tree view, which makes it possible to modify the tree view to the specific category. Tree views are currently copies, but they will be modified in the future into what is more appropriate for the category.

Change-Id: Ib532df9bb7b9e0920fff57085d6ec4f1031b3ed8 Reviewed-on:

28115cec387e devtools: change the object inspector view to tabs
.../sfx2/devtools/DevelopmentToolDockingWindow.hxx | 5 +-
.../sfx2/devtools/ObjectInspectorTreeHandler.hxx | 27 +-
.../devtools/DevelopmentToolDockingWindow.cxx | 13 +-
.../source/devtools/ObjectInspectorTreeHandler.cxx | 325 ++++++++++----------
sfx2/uiconfig/ui/developmenttool.ui | 338 +++++++++++++++++++--
5 files changed, 502 insertions(+), 206 deletions(-)


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