Modernize personas under-the-hood - The search

Desktop / LibreOffice - Muhammet Kara [] - 8 October 2018 07:39 EDT

- Upgrade the used mozilla API from v1.5 to v3
- Ditch Neon for curl
- Get rid of the get-HTML-then-search-within craziness

It is much faster and smarter now:
- Fetches the search results at once in JSON format, instead of repetitively making http calls for each persona, and relying on an ever-changing HTML design
- Doesn't redownload and overwrite files each time, so it is much faster for the second time of the same search query

This patch handles the search part. A follow-up patch will handle the apply part.

Change-Id: I703fc7b510799e8c205566cf5ffad2a81f12c4ea Reviewed-on:

6c97feec872e Modernize personas under-the-hood - The search
cui/ | 3 +
cui/source/options/personalization.cxx | 547 +++++++++++++++++++++------------
2 files changed, 345 insertions(+), 205 deletions(-)


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