No need to bundle gst-libav in the flatpak any more

Desktop / LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann [] - 6 December 2018 16:36 EST

756c9f2317605e39d9cb058e650962acd2d81739 "Merge upstream fixes into solenv/" had introduced it (via "For now, bundle gst-libav to be able to play mp4 videos in impress" to fix "Impress don't insert a video" back when the LO flatpak was based on org.gnome.Platform//3.26 which doesn't contain /usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/ (And /app/lib/gstreamer-1.0/ is apparently the only file that the gst-libav module contributes to the LO flatpak.)

When 727bfa2c87db170483c1e4ae895174295b070c77 "Merge in Flatpak improvements" switched the runtime to org.freedesktop.Platform//1.6 (via "port to 1.6 runtime") it kept the gst-libav module even though org.freedesktop.Platform//1.6 contains /usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/ Lets assume it was kept by accident and can be removed. (At least the scenario from "Impress don't insert a video" still works with this change.)

Change-Id: I692d01bfe5882c05d63124db7cdfa6390540e69f Reviewed-on:

3c015ddfb809 No need to bundle gst-libav in the flatpak any more
solenv/ | 12 ------------
1 file changed, 12 deletions(-)


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