Re-implement 481e686a66e550229ec0b600a785452f0d753342

Desktop / LibreOffice - Mike Kaganski [] - 3 July 2020 22:12 UTC

Marking documents modified simply on entry to an edit box created a problem, when using search in a read-only Online session made the document modified, and then auto-save failed, displaying a warning:

Document cannot be saved. Check your permissions or contact the storage server administrator.

The original problem, that 481e686a66e550229ec0b600a785452f0d753342 fixed, was that entering a box in Impress in browser, typing, then pressing Save without exiting the box did not save the edits. Yet, the same sequence works outside of Online. In that case, the doc is marked modified in SdrObjEditView::KeyInput, which obviously is not called from Online, where SdrObjEditView::Command is called instead with CommandEventId::ExtTextInput. So just make sure that we mark the document modified also in this case, making sure that only the actual edits set the "modified" flag.

This reverts 481e686a66e550229ec0b600a785452f0d753342.

Change-Id: Ib05bc0492616a306dd328bcb8f2e1c9d7e7aa191 Reviewed-on:

49124a6c5e14 Re-implement 481e686a66e550229ec0b600a785452f0d753342
sd/source/ui/func/futext.cxx | 3 ---
svx/source/svdraw/svdedxv.cxx | 7 +++++++
2 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)


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