Support for tcmalloc and jemalloc is long dead

Desktop / LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann [] - 30 December 2017 10:34 EST

When it was originally added to --with-alloc (tcmalloc: f63ffaf3667e218be3538e84e6becc18d5de4334, 54efc5ed83890f0a1166ece3b1e4942bb7922ff7, 0abd71b44144220d2aeec58601929fd0cd1914d6 708b6d4246de915ac960c7b90ee8bb2d966c7d17 "INTEGRATION: CWS configure14: #i59160# allow usage of tcmalloc and system-malloc"; jemalloc: 826a90d68a4dc458585c6d2e647bec17971e9193 "configure25: #i111045# jemalloc"), the old build system's solenv/inc/unxlng*.mk added corresponding -l switches to linker command lines, but it appears that was never carried over into the new build system.

And even if the AC_CHECL_LIB calls in prior to e612f026de6ca1153c57fb10f0fa75725425a301 "Ensure AC_CHECK_LIB/AC_SEARCH_LIBS do not poison LIBS" would have extended LIBS with the correpsonding -l switches, there appears to be no mechanism in the new build system that would have depended on letting that have any effect on which alloc lib to link against.

So the only remaining effect of --with-alloc={tcmalloc,jemalloc} is to set FORCE_SYSALLOC in, same as --with-alloc=system does. So whoever still uses the former configure switches should just switch to the latter.

(Also adapt the documentation of --with-alloc to reality, "internal" instead of "oo".)

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