modem-broadband: avoid a crash if we fail to guess an APN

System Internals / NetworkManager - Lubomir Rintel [] - 2 December 2019 01:32 UTC

Don't proceed if the context was torn down on an error in try_create_connect_properties().

[1574092292.0225] manager: NetworkManager state is now CONNECTING [1574092292.0228] modem-broadband[ttyV0]: failed to connect 'ttyV0': unable to determine the network id [1574092292.0230] device (ttyV0): state change: prepare -> failed (reason 'modem-init-failed', sys-iface-state: 'managed') [1574092292.0236] manager: NetworkManager state is now DISCONNECTED [1574092292.0250] device (ttyV0): Activation: failed for connection 'ttyV0'

(NetworkManager:69212): libnm-CRITICAL **: 16:51:32.025: ((libnm-core/nm-connection.c:193)): assertion '' failed

Thread 1 "NetworkManager" received signal SIGTRAP, Trace/breakpoint trap. 0x00007ffff78da6e5 in _g_log_abort () from /lib64/ (gdb) bt #0 0x00007ffff78da6e5 in _g_log_abort () at /lib64/ #1 0x00007ffff78db9b6 in g_logv () at /lib64/ #2 0x00007ffff78dbb83 in g_log () at /lib64/ #3 0x000055555563fcd2 in _nm_g_return_if_fail_warning (line=line@entry=193, file=0x5555557ae221 "libnm-core/nm-connection.c", log_domain=0x5555557ae23c "libnm") at ./shared/nm-default.h:219 #4 0x000055555563feba in _connection_get_setting_checkPython Exception No type named TypeNode.: (connection=0x0, setting_type=) at libnm-core/nm-connection.c:193 #5 _connection_get_setting_checkPython Exception No type named TypeNode.: (connection=0x0, setting_type=) at libnm-core/nm-connection.c:191 #6 0x00007fffe871f8b4 in nm_modem_get_connection_ip_type (self=self@entry=0x7fffd801c730, connection=0x0, error=error@entry=0x7fffffffc8e8) at src/devices/wwan/nm-modem.c:374 #7 0x00007fffe871bfed in connect_context_step (self=0x7fffd801c730) at src/devices/wwan/nm-modem-broadband.c:591 #8 0x00007fffe871c74b in modem_act_stage1_prepare (_self=0x7fffd801c730, connection=0x555555af5520, out_failure_reason=) at src/devices/wwan/nm-modem-broadband.c:687 #9 0x00007fffe8720203 in nm_modem_act_stage1_prepare (self=0x7fffd801c730, req=0x555555b08a30, out_failure_reason=0x7fffffffcbe0) at src/devices/wwan/nm-modem.c:1045 #10 0x0000555555705f1b in activate_stage1_device_prepare (self=0x555555a956a0) at src/devices/nm-device.c:6562 #11 0x00005555556dcbca in activation_source_handle_cb (self=0x555555a956a0, addr_family=2) at src/devices/nm-device.c:6177 #12 0x00007ffff78d0dcb in g_idle_dispatch () at /lib64/ #13 0x00007ffff78d44a0 in g_main_context_dispatch () at /lib64/ #14 0x00007ffff78d4830 in g_main_context_iterate.isra () at /lib64/ #15 0x00007ffff78d4b23 in g_main_loop_run () at /lib64/ #16 0x0000555555599ff4 in main (argc=, argv=) at src/main.c:451

9ba55ea6a modem-broadband: avoid a crash if we fail to guess an APN
src/devices/wwan/nm-modem-broadband.c | 3 +++
1 file changed, 3 insertions(+)


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