Add support for NO_INSTALLCHECK in MSVC scripts

Enterprise / PostgreSQL - Michael Paquier [] - 29 November 2018 01:31 EST

When fetching a list of tests for a given extension in contrib/ or src/test/modules/, NO_INSTALLCHECK now gets checked first. If present, an empty list of tests is returned to let the caller know that tests for this module need to be bypassed.

This actually fixes a set of issues with MSVC with modules using REGRESS_OPTS, as an incorrect parsing caused the launched command to eat the first test listed. The actual effect on the tree is that several modules listed a single test, so regressions have been running with no actual tests. pg_stat_statements, test_rls_hooks and commit_ts were impacted by that. Some other modules like test_decoding (or snapshot_too_old) don't use yet PGXS rules, but their makefiles will soon be refactored with an upcoming patch.

Author: Michael Paquier

431f1599a2 Add support for NO_INSTALLCHECK in MSVC scripts
src/tools/msvc/ | 22 ++++++++++++++++++++++
1 file changed, 22 insertions(+)


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