Handle EPIPE more sanely when we close a pipe reading from a program

Enterprise / PostgreSQL - Tom Lane [sss.pgh.pa.us] - 19 November 2018 22:02 EST

Previously, any program launched by COPY TO/FROM PROGRAM inherited the server's setting of SIGPIPE handling, i.e. SIG_IGN. Hence, if we were doing COPY FROM PROGRAM and closed the pipe early, the child process would see EPIPE on its output file and typically would treat that as a fatal error, in turn causing the COPY to report error. Similarly, one could get a failure report from a query that didn't read all of the output from a contrib/file_fdw foreign table that uses file_fdw's PROGRAM option.

To fix, ensure that child programs inherit SIG_DFL not SIG_IGN processing of SIGPIPE. This seems like an all-around better situation since if the called program wants some non-default treatment of SIGPIPE, it would expect to have to set that up for itself. Then in COPY, if it's COPY FROM PROGRAM and we stop reading short of detecting EOF, treat a SIGPIPE exit from the called program as a non-error condition. This still allows us to report an error for any case where the called program gets SIGPIPE on some other file descriptor.

As coded, we won't report a SIGPIPE if we stop reading as a result of seeing an in-band EOF marker (e.g. COPY BINARY EOF marker). It's somewhat debatable whether we should complain if the called program continues to transmit data after an EOF marker. However, it seems like we should avoid throwing error in any questionable cases, especially in a back-patched fix, and anyway it would take additional code to make such an error get reported consistently.

Back-patch to v10. We could go further back, since COPY FROM PROGRAM has been around awhile, but AFAICS the only way to reach this situation using core or contrib is via file_fdw, which has only supported PROGRAM sources since v10. The COPY statement per se has no feature whereby it'd stop reading without having hit EOF or an error already. Therefore, I don't see any upside to back-patching further that'd outweigh the risk of complaints about behavioral change.

Per bug #15449 from Eric Cyr.

Patch by me, review by Etsuro Fujita and Kyotaro Horiguchi

Discussion: https://postgr.es/m/15449-1cf737dd5929450e@postgresql.org

ffa4cbd623 Handle EPIPE more sanely when we close a pipe reading from a program.
src/backend/commands/copy.c | 26 ++++++++++++++++++++++----
src/backend/storage/file/fd.c | 15 +++++++++++----
2 files changed, 33 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

Upstream: git.postgresql.org

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