Merge near-duplicate code in RI triggers

Enterprise / PostgreSQL - Tom Lane [] - 18 November 2017 21:24 EST

Merge ri_restrict_del and ri_restrict_upd into one function ri_restrict. Create a function ri_setnull that is the common implementation of RI_FKey_setnull_del and RI_FKey_setnull_upd. Likewise create a function ri_setdefault that is the common implementation of RI_FKey_setdefault_del and RI_FKey_setdefault_upd. All of these pairs of functions were identical except for needing to check for no-actual-key-change in the UPDATE cases; the one extra if-test is a small price to pay for saving so much code.

Aside from removing about 400 lines of essentially duplicate code, this allows us to recognize that we were uselessly caching two identical plans whenever there were pairs of triggers using these duplicated functions (which is likely very common).

Ildar Musin, reviewed by Ildus Kurbangaliev


4797f9b519 Merge near-duplicate code in RI triggers.
src/backend/utils/adt/ri_triggers.c | 715 ++++++++----------------------------
1 file changed, 146 insertions(+), 569 deletions(-)


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