Propagate lateral-reference information to indirect descendant relations

Enterprise / PostgreSQL - Tom Lane [] - 6 February 2019 17:45 EST

create_lateral_join_info() computes a bunch of information about lateral references between base relations, and then attempts to propagate those markings to appendrel children of the original base relations. But the original coding neglected the possibility of indirect descendants (grandchildren etc). During v11 development we noticed that this was wrong for partitioned-table cases, but failed to realize that it was just as wrong for any appendrel. While the case can't arise for appendrels derived from traditional table inheritance (because we make a flat appendrel for that), nested appendrels can arise from nested UNION ALL subqueries. Failure to mark the lower-level relations as having lateral references leads to confusion in add_paths_to_append_rel about whether unparameterized paths can be built. It's not very clear whether that leads to any user-visible misbehavior; the lack of field reports suggests that it may cause nothing worse than minor cost misestimation. Still, it's a bug, and it leads to failures of Asserts that I intend to add later.

To fix, we need to propagate information from all appendrel parents, not just those that are RELOPT_BASERELs. We can still do it in one pass, if we rely on the append_rel_list to be ordered with ancestor relationships before descendant ones; add assertions checking that. While fixing this, we can make a small performance improvement by traversing the append_rel_list just once instead of separately for each appendrel parent relation.

Noted while investigating bug #15613, though this patch does not fix that (which is why I'm not committing the related Asserts yet).


bdd9a99aac Propagate lateral-reference information to indirect descendant relations.
src/backend/optimizer/plan/initsplan.c | 71 +++++++++++++++-------------------
1 file changed, 31 insertions(+), 40 deletions(-)


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