Update HINT for pre-existing shared memory block

Enterprise / PostgreSQL - Noah Misch [leadboat.com] - 1 April 2019 02:32 UTC

One should almost always terminate an old process, not use a manual removal tool like ipcrm. Removal of the ipcclean script eleven years ago (39627b1ae680cba44f6e56ca5facec4fdbfe9495) and its non-replacement corroborate that manual shm removal is now a niche goal. Back-patch to 9.4 (all supported versions).

Reviewed by Daniel Gustafsson and Kyotaro HORIGUCHI.

Discussion: https://postgr.es/m/20180812064815.GB2301738@rfd.leadboat.com

5a907404b5 Update HINT for pre-existing shared memory block.
src/backend/utils/init/miscinit.c | 10 +++-------
1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

Upstream: git.postgresql.org

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