Release 2.11.

System Internals / WINE - Alexandre Julliard [] - 23 June 2017 14:05 EDT


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-The Wine development release 2.10 is now available.
+The Wine development release 2.11 is now available.

What's new in this release (see below for details):
- - Initial version of the Android graphics driver.
- - Dictionary support in WebServices.
- - A number of Direct2D fixes.
- - User interface improvements in RegEdit.
- - OLE clipboard cache fixes.
+ - OpenGL support in the Android driver.
+ - Support for security labels.
+ - Relay debugging on ARM64.
+ - More dictionary support in WebServices.
+ - New registry file parser in RegEdit.
- Various bug fixes.

The source is available from the following locations:


Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

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-Bugs fixed in 2.10 (total 21):
- 16948 tmpfile() fails when run from Unix path
- 26388 Sound Recorder crashes on encoding PCM Sample
- 31967 Unreal Engine 3 games don't render anything on OS X
- 32563 Purebasic does not display icons in toolbar which is drawn distorted.
- 32809 Multiple applications and games need wmvcore.dll.WMCreateWriterPriv (KwSing, iMesh 7.x)
- 38093 The main character is missing/invisible in Hitchcock: The Final Cut demo
- 38328 WPS 2013 (Kingsoft) crash at install
- 38731 TopoEdit tool from Windows SDK 8.1 crashes on unimplemented function mf.dll.MFCreateTopology
- 39064 Path of Exile: resolution other than 1024x768 causes a crash
- 39367 EA Origin crashes after installing games, needs mf.dll.MFCreateMediaSession
- 39998 Medieval: Total War needs conversion from B5G5R5X1 to B5G5R5A1
- 41489 notepad++ escape key
- 42345 Dark souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin - no video
- 42421 Sniper Elite V2 has faulty color determination
- 42754 Seed of Andromeda Pre-Alpha 0.2 crashes
- 42807 Coda Finale: call to unimplemented function IPHLPAPI.DLL.GetIfTable2Ex
- 42994 wine can't be compiled by gcc-2.95.4 (mscoree/assembly.c)
- 43020 Guitar Pro 7 needs msvcp140.dll._To_wide
- 43053 Overexposed scene in fr-025: the.popular.demo by farbrausch
- 43097 WarBR: game (WarS v5.5 p4) crashes on start, needs WMP IOleObject::GetExtent method implementation
- 43127 Multiple 64-bit applications crash with stack overflow errors when Wine is compiled with GCC 7.x (set_context_reg in ntdll/signal_x86_64.c assumes Xmm registers are aligned)
+Bugs fixed in 2.11 (total 16):
+ 11433 unimplemented function ole32.dll.OleGetIconOfFile
+ 22776 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 flickery textures in midrange background
+ 27106 IMSSA EuroDEEM (VB6 app) fails on startup, reporting "Type MisMatch" error (VARIANT_Coerce: treat VT_NULL like VT_EMPTY when converting to VT_BSTR)
+ 32233 Battlefield Bad Company 2 weapons/items hold by player distorted/invisible
+ 33740 Sound Recorder displays error when seeking MP3 stream to the end
+ 39909 4K display bug (3840x2160)
+ 42140 "Unrecognized stencil op 0" messages flooding system log in Söldner Secret Wars
+ 42910 Scrabble (Infogrames) multiplayer requires IDirectPlay4::EnumConnections
+ 43084 PresentMon requires tdh.dll
+ 43098 WarBR: game (WarS v5.5 p4) crashes on unimplemented function wmvcore.dll.WMCheckURLScheme when using native wmp.dll (WMP9)
+ 43122 Retro Achievements Snes9x emulator crashes on start
+ 43152 VistA GuiMail won't start, needs adsldpc.dll
+ 43157 Adobe Premiere needs ntoskrnl.exe.KeAcquireSpinLockRaiseToDpc
+ 43175 redefinition of typedef ‘ID2D1Image’ (gcc-4.2)
+ 43216 winhttp fails to redirect from http to https on 301 error.
+ 43220 Adobe Premiere needs ntoskrnl.exe.KeReleaseSpinLock


-Changes since 2.9:
-Akihiro Sagawa (2):
- kernel32/tests: Add more tests related to the zero_bits parameter.
- ntdll: Zero bits parameter must be less than 21.
-Alex Henrie (1):
- adsldpc: Add stub DLL.
-Alexandre Julliard (40):
- configure: Add Android driver stub.
- wineandroid: Add initial stub for the Java activity.
- wineandroid: Install libraries from the package assets if present.
- wineandroid: Add support for initializing Wine from Java.
- libwine: Handle WINEDEBUGLOG variable on Android to specify a log file.
- wineandroid: Add an initial GDI driver.
- wineandroid: Initialize screen dimensions.
- wineandroid: Add support for storing per-window driver information.
- wineandroid: Register a JNI callback for reporting desktop size changes.
- wineandroid: Add an event queue to support handling Java callbacks in the desktop thread.
- wineandroid: Create a pseudo-device to handle ioctl calls.
- wineandroid: Create the top-level view on desktop window creation.
- wineandroid: Wait until we receive the desktop size before proceeding with startup.
- wineandroid: Add Java callbacks for creating and destroying a window.
- wineandroid: Notify Java also when a window is forcefully destroyed.
- wineandroid: Add a Java callback for setting window position.
- wineandroid: Create a TextureView for every top-level window.
- wineandroid: Add a header for some of the Android native APIs and data structures.
- wineandroid: Add a JNI callback to store the native window we got from the TextureView.
- explorer: Don't forward the system tray to the display driver in desktop mode.
- wineandroid: Allocate a native window wrapper in the client process for every window.
- wineandroid: Forward native window query() calls to the desktop process.
- wineandroid: Forward native window perform() calls to the desktop process.
- wineandroid: Forward native window setSwapInterval() calls to the desktop process.
- wineandroid: Load the gralloc module in all processes.
- wineandroid: Forward native window buffer management calls to the desktop process.
- wineandroid: Implement LOCK/UNLOCK perform() functions on top of the buffer management calls.
- wineandroid: Implement window surfaces.
- wineandroid: Update the contents when we receive a new surface from Java.
- wineandroid: Implement SetWindowRgn.
- wineandroid: Implement SetLayeredWindowAttributes.
- wineandroid: Implement UpdateLayeredWindow.
- wineandroid: Implement ShowWindow to put icons off-screen.
- wineandroid: Implement SetParent and forward it to Java.
- explorer: Allow the driver to override the desktop winproc at creation time.
- wineandroid: Properly clean up windows that aren't destroyed explicitly.
- wineandroid: Implement SetCapture and store the capture window in the desktop process for global captures.
- wineandroid: Add support for mouse events.
- wineandroid: Add support for keyboard events.
- wineandroid: Implement ToUnicodeEx.
-Alistair Leslie-Hughes (6):
- include/mfapi.h: Add standard GUID defines.
- wmvcore: Implement WMCreateWriterPriv.
- dplayx: First name server address may be null.
- dplayx/tests: Remove some wine_todo.
- dplayx: Implement IDirectPlay4 EnumConnections.
- dplayx: Implement IDirectPlayLobby3 EnumAddressTypes.
-Andrey Gusev (5):
- api-ms-win-core-processthreads-l1-1-2: Add forwards.
- api-ms-win-security-activedirectoryclient-l1-1-0: Add dll.
- shobjidl.idl: Add IApplicationDestinations declaration.
- shell32: Add IApplicationDestinations stub.
- uxtheme/tests: Fix a typo in ok() message.
-André Hentschel (2):
- iphlpapi: Add partial implementation of GetIfTable2Ex.
- ntdll: Fix Cpsr value in CONTEXT_ARM64.
+Changes since 2.10:
+Alexandre Julliard (17):
+ wineandroid: Start in landscape mode and don't restart on config changes.
+ wineandroid: Store the actual screen DPI on startup.
+ include: Make socklen_t a define to avoid conflicting typedefs.
+ ws2_32: Use socklen_t where appropriate.
+ iphlpapi: Check if getifaddrs really exists.
+ wineandroid: Add a stub implementation of ChangeDisplaySettingsEx.
+ wineandroid: Add a stub implementation of EnumDisplaySettingsEx.
+ wineandroid: Support creating a separate native window for OpenGL rendering in the client area.
+ wineandroid: Add infrastructure to support a separate TextureView for the window client area.
+ wineandroid: Create window groups inside every window to support a client area.
+ wineandroid: Also create HWND_MESSAGE windows on the Java side.
+ configure: Add check for OpenGL ES libraries.
+ wineandroid: Initial version of the OpenGL driver.
+ wineandroid: Create a proper EGL window surface once we receive a surface from Java.
+ wineandroid: Implement wglCreateContextAttribsARB.
+ wineandroid: Implement wglMakeContextCurrentARB.
+ wineandroid: Implement wglSwapIntervalEXT.
+Alistair Leslie-Hughes (9):
+ include/windocdec.idl: Add interface IWICImagingFactory2.
+ windowscodecs: Register WICImagingFactory2 interface.
+ oleaut32: Improve support for IDispatch in VarCat.
+ include/wmsdkidl.idl: Add IWMLanguageList, IWMReaderPlaylistBurn interfaces.
+ oledb32/tests: Add to DBTYPE_WSTR tests for GetConversionSize.
+ oledb32: Supply a default dst len in GetConversionSize.
+ oledb32: Add support for converting to W/STR types in GetConversionSize.
+ oledb32: Add FIXME for DBTYPE_NUMERIC type.
+ wmvcore: Support IWMReaderAccelerator in IWMReader.
+Andrey Gusev (4):
+ d3d11/tests: Fix a typo in ok() message.
+ api-ms-win-security-credentials-l1-1-0: Add dll.
+ api-ms-win-core-crt-l1-1-0: Add dll.
+ api-ms-win-core-crt-l2-1-0: Add dll.
+André Hentschel (4):
+ winebuild: Emit relay debugging thunks for ARM64.
+ ntdll: Add support for relay debugging on ARM64.
+ include: Remove duplicate declaration of PFXVerifyPassword.
+ kernel32: Fix EscapeCommFunction prototype.

Aurimas Fišeras (2):
po: Update Lithuanian translation.
po: Update Lithuanian translation.

-Austin English (16):
- d3dx9_34: Sort specfile.
- d3dx9_35: Sort specfile.
- d3dx9_36: Sort specfile.
- d3dx9_37: Sort specfile.
- d3dx9_38: Sort specfile.
- d3dx9_39: Sort specfile.
- d3dx9_40: Sort specfile.
- d3dx9_41: Sort specfile.
- d3dx9_42: Sort specfile.
- d3dx9_43: Sort specfile.
- acledit: Fix ordinal ordering.
- gameux: Label ordinals.
- jsproxy: Label ordinals.
- msimg32: Label ordinals.
- wmp: Add some ordinals.
- tdh: Add stub dll.
-Can Taşan (1):
- po: Update Turkish translation.
-Daniel Lehman (2):
- include: Add sqlucode.h.
- msvcrt: Translate SEH exception on each call to __CxxFrameHandler.
-Dmitry Timoshkov (1):
- oleaut32: Add an arguments check to LoadTypeLibEx.
-François Gouget (10):
- odbccp32/tests: Make test_SQLInstallTranslatorEx() static.
- wmvcore/tests: Make test_profile_manager_interfaces() static.
- oleaut32: Make VARIANT_GetLocalisedText() static.
- wsdapi: Add a trailing '\n' to a TRACE() message.
- wined3d: Add a trailing newline to an ERR() message.
- d3dx9_36: Add a trailing '\n' to a FIXME() message.
- ole32: Make bitmap_info_size() static.
- wbemdisp: Add a trailing newline to a TRACE() message.
- jscript: A spelling fix in a comment.
- configure: Set PKG_CONFIG_PATH to get the right settings for the target host.
+Austin English (4):
+ ntoskrnl: Add KeAcquireSpinLockRaiseToDpc stub.
+ wmvcore: Add WMCheckURLScheme stub.
+ dbgeng: Sync to windows 10.
+ ntoskrnl.exe: Add KeReleaseSpinLock stub.
+Bruno Jesus (1):
+ dinput: Limit axes while remaping broken devices.
+Clemens Tamme (1):
+ gdiplus: Implement triangular line caps in widened paths.
+Daniel Lehman (8):
+ msvcrt: Move exception rethrow handling to call_catch_block.
+ msvcrt: Clean up registered C++ objects in handler.
+ msvcrt: Only unwind current catch block when handling nested exception.
+ msvcrt: Support rethrowing SEH exceptions.
+ winedbg: Display movaps in disassembly.
+ winedbg: Display movups in disassembly.
+ opengl32/tests: Add tests for ChoosePixelFormat.
+ opengl32: Don't fail with both PFD_DOUBLEBUFFER_DONTCARE and PFD_STEREO_DONTCARE.
+Dmitry Timoshkov (16):
+ propsys: Add support for VT_I1 and VT_UI1 to PropVariantChangeType.
+ propsys: Add support for VT_LPWSTR and VT_BSTR to PropVariantToStringAlloc.
+ propsys: Add support for VT_BSTR to PropVariantChangeType.
+ propsys: Make VT_FILETIME handling by PropVariantChangeType more implicit.
+ propsys: Add support for VT_LPSTR to PropVariantChangeType.
+ include: Print contents of VT_LPSTR and VT_LPWSTR variants in wine_dbgstr_variant.
+ cmd: '$E' in the prompt should be interpreted as an escape code (0x1b).
+ windowscodecs: Implement WICMapGuidToShortName.
+ windowscodecs: Implement WICMapShortNameToGuid.
+ windowscodecs: Implement WICMapSchemaToName.
+ windowscodecs: Implement IWICMetadataQueryReader::GetContainerFormat.
+ propsys: Add support for VT_LPSTR and VT_LPWSTR to PropVariantCompareEx.
+ rsaenh: Avoid double 'va_end(args)' in case of a premature loop termination.
+ user.exe16: Fix memory leak in case when HeapReAlloc fails.
+ user.exe16: Remove redundant HeapReAlloc.
+ dsound: Fix a memory leak.
+Fabian Maurer (1):
+ comctl32/taskdialog: Added support for custom buttons.

Hans Leidekker (16):
- webservices: Add support for dictionary strings in the writer.
- webservices: Add support for dictionary strings in the reader.
- webservices: Add a builtin dictionary.
- webservices: Implement WsGetDictionary.
- msiexec: Fix parsing of command lines where quoted strings and properties are not separated by whitespace.
- include: Add missing Web Services declarations.
- webservices: Write correct envelope headers for WS_ENVELOPE_VERSION_NONE.
- webservices: Implement WsGetHeader.
- webservices: Implement WsGetCustomHeader.
+ webservices: Add a static builtin dictionary.
webservices: Support more text record types in the reader.
- webservices: Set SO_REUSEADDR on listener sockets.
- webservices: Restrict connections to IPv4 for now.
- webservices: Pass AI_PASSIVE when resolving the hostname for a listener socket.
- wineandroid: Implement GetKeyboardLayout.
- wineandroid: Implement VkKeyScanEx.
- wineandroid: Synchronize keyboard lock state.
-Henri Verbeet (19):
- wined3d: Only warn about 0 compare functions in wined3d_gl_compare_func().
- wined3d: Validate parameter lengths in shader_sm4_read_dst_param() (AFL).
- wined3d: Validate parameter lengths in shader_sm4_read_src_param() (AFL).
- wined3d: Validate parameter lengths in shader_sm4_read_param() (AFL).
- d2d1: Take the render target transform into account when evaluating flatness in vs_code_bezier_outline[].
- d3dx9/tests: Use ARRAY_SIZE in test_D3DXSHEvalDirectionalLight().
- d3dx9/tests: Use ARRAY_SIZE in test_D3DXSHMultiply4().
- d3dx9/tests: Use ARRAY_SIZE in test_D3DXSHRotate().
- d3dx9/tests: Use ARRAY_SIZE in test_D3DXSHRotateZ().
- d3dx9/tests: Use ARRAY_SIZE in test_D3DXSHScale().
- d2d1: Implement d2d_d3d_render_target_CreateLayer().
- d2d1: Implement d2d_layer_GetSize().
- d2d1: Implement d2d_rectangle_geometry_GetBounds().
- d2d1: Implement d2d_transformed_geometry_GetBounds().
- d2d1: Implement d2d_rectangle_geometry_Simplify().
- d2d1: Implement d2d_transformed_geometry_Simplify().
- d2d1: Implement d2d_path_geometry_Simplify().
- d2d1: Fix the segment count for open figures.
+ webservices/tests: Add a test for WsCopyNode.
+ webservices: Restore the current pointer after reading ahead in read_move_to.
+ webservices: Implement WsReadXmlBuffer.
+ webservices: Store buffer encoding and character set.
+ webservices: Add support for writing WS_UNIQUE_ID values.
+ webservices: Add support for writing WS_XML_QNAME values.
+ webservices: Add support for reading WS_STRING values.
+ webservices: Add support for reading WS_UNIQUE_ID values.
+ webservices: Add support for reading WS_XML_STRING values.
+ webservices: Add support for reading WS_XML_QNAME values.
+ winhttp: Only read as much data as advertized when draining content.
+ webservices: Allow the dictionary functions to be used with any dictionary.
+ webservices: Add support for dynamic string callbacks.
+ winhttp: Reset content length when a redirect creates a new connection.
+Henri Verbeet (2):
+ wined3d: Also check for "Mesa" in GL_VERSION in wined3d_guess_gl_vendor().
+ include: Simply forward declare the required D2D interfaces in wincodec.idl.
+Hermès Bélusca-Maïto (1):
+ advapi32/tests: Fix build with MSVC.

Hugh McMaster (30):
- regedit: Move the listview's NM_SETFOCUS handling to listview.c.
- regedit: Allow handling of return values from listview notification messages.
- regedit: Update a value name without refreshing the listview.
- regedit: Add listview entries without refreshing the listview.
- regedit: Update the data in a listview subitem without refreshing the listview.
- regedit: Delete a listview item without refreshing the listview.
- regedit: Update the status bar when moving to the 'Computer' root node.
- regedit: Never disable the 'Find' and 'Find Next' menu items.
- regedit: Update handling of the 'Delete' menu item.
- regedit: Update handling of the 'Rename' menu item.
- regedit: Update handling of the 'Copy Key Name' menu item.
- regedit: Fix handling of 'Copy Key Name' menu items.
- regedit: Add status bar text for adding a new expandable string value.
- regedit: Add status bar text for the 'Modify Binary Data' menu item.
- regedit: Update some resource strings.
- regedit: Update handling of the new subkey and new value menu items.
- regedit: Update handling of the 'Modify' menu item.
- regedit: Re-implement favourite registry key handling.
- regedit: Use the treeview item label in the 'Favourites' menu instead of the key path.
- regedit: Only show the 'Modify' menu items when the listview has focus.
- regedit: Update handling of the 'Modify' menu items.
- regedit: Use shared code to add favourite key items to the 'Remove' listbox.
- reg/tests: Add tests for key creation and deletion.
- reg/tests: Add tests for deleting registry values during the import operation.
- regedit/tests: Add tests for key creation and key deletion.
- regedit/tests: Add tests for value deletion.
- regedit: Do not create registry keys that end without a closing bracket.
- regedit: Do not use REG_NONE as the default data type if strtoulW() fails.
- reg/tests: Remove un-needed tab characters from some keys in the key deletion tests.
- regedit/tests: Remove an un-needed tab character from a key in the key deletion tests.
-Huw D. M. Davies (15):
- riched20: The background colour is set using \highlight.
- user32: Allow button-down events on the system menu to continue tracking.
- user32: A second button-up on the system menu should end the tracking.
- user32: A button-up in the menu-bar, but not on an item, should stop the tracking.
- user32: Use the original message's wparam during the double-click comparison.
- user32: End the tracking on a system menu double-click.
- ole32: Fix incorrectly assigned member in the presentation stream.
- ole32: Start allocating regular cache entries with id of 2.
- ole32: Add the ability to create an entry without returning it.
- ole32: Create initial cache entries for the CLSID_Picture_ classes.
- ole32/tests: Add tests for automatic cache entry creation.
- ole32: InitNew() should fail if there is a current storage.
- ole32/tests: Add tests for InitNew().
- wineandroid: The event list may have been altered by a recursive call, so restart the loop from the beginning.
- wineandroid: Tell git diff about java files.
-Jacek Caban (27):
- oleaut32/tests: Use static oleaut32 linking in vartest.c.
- wininet: Correctly handle redirects to non-http URLs.
- wininet/tests: Added a helper for testing INTERNET_OPTION_URL.
- wininet/tests: Create events once for all tests.
- wininet/tests: Introduce open_socket_request helper.
- wininet/tests: Added redirection tests using test server.
- wmp: Added IOleObject::GetExtent and SetExtent implementation.
- rpcrt4: Store server thread handle in RpcServerProtseq.
- rpcrt4: Store listening pipe name in RpcConnection_np.
- rpcrt4: Recreate listening pipe in rpcrt4_protseq_np_get_wait_array if needed.
- rpcrt4: Wait for all active connections to be released before quiting server thread.
- rpcrt4: Wait for server threads to finish in RpcMgmtWaitServerListen.
- rpcrt4/tests: Added more server stopping tests.
- urlmon.idl: Added IBindCallbackRedirect declaration.
- mshtmhst.idl: Added missing DOCHOSTUIFLAG values.
- urlmon/tests: Get rid of debug leftovers.
- urlmon.idl: Added BINDINFO_OPTIONS declaration.
- urlmon: Added support for BINDINFO_OPTIONS_DISABLEAUTOREDIRECTS in http protocol handler.
- urlmon/tests: Added test of hanling BINDINFO_OPTIONS_DISABLEAUTOREDIRECTS by http protocol provider.
- urlmon: Release previously set URI in BindProtocol::StartEx.
- urlmon: Added a helper function for releasing protocol handler.
- urlmon: Support BINDINFO_OPTIONS_DISABLEAUTOREDIRECTS in BindProtocol object.
- urlmon/tests: Added BindProtocol redirection handling tests.
- mshtml: Added IBindCallbackRedirect implementation.
- rpcrt4: Fix a race when server grabs a connection from the list of active connections.
- rpcrt4: Change RPCRT4_ReleaseConnection return type to void.
-Josh DuBois (2):
- wineandroid: Implement GetKeyNameText.
- wineandroid: Implement MapVirtualKeyEx.
-Józef Kucia (26):
- wined3d: Require just specific OpenGL extensions and SM4 support for SM5.
- wined3d: Introduce query operation to destroy queries.
- wined3d: Trace color fixup checks in apply_format_fixups().
- wined3d: Do not bother to check identity fixup support.
- wined3d: Remove outdated comment in CheckRenderTargetCapability().
- d3d11/tests: Prefer D3D11 enum values.
- wined3d: Fix FFP lighting.
- wined3d: Bind frag data location for core context draw quad shader.
- wined3d: Use ARRAY_SIZE() in init_format_filter_info().
- wined3d: Use ARRAY_SIZE() in wined3d_format_get_color_key_conversion().
- user32: Fix memory leak in WinHelpA().
- wined3d: Prefer GLSL 1.50 shaders in draw_test_quad().
- d3d8: Validate adapter format in CheckDeviceFormat().
- wined3d: Extend wined3d_check_device_format() to allow querying general format support.
- d3d11: Partially implement d3d11_device_CheckFormatSupport() on top of wined3d_check_device_format().
- wined3d: Correctly handle phase instance ID register when ARB_shading_language_pack420 is not supported.
- d3d11/tests: Introduce get_query_data() helper function.
- wined3d: Introduce get_query_result64() helper function.
- wined3d: Rearrange wined3d_query_type enum values.
- d3d11/tests: Add additional test for pipeline statistics query with no pixel shader.
- d3d11/tests: Fix ok() checks in test_timestamp_query().
- d3d10core/tests: Introduce get_query_data() helper function.
- d3d11: Implement d3d11_query_GetDesc().
- d3d11: Implement d3d10_query_GetDesc().
- d3d11: Fixup D3D10_QUERY_PIPELINE_STATISTICS data.
- d3d10core/tests: Port test_pipeline_statistics_query() from d3d11.
-Ken Thomases (2):
- ntdll: On macOS, don't use clock_gettime() even if it's available.
- server: On macOS, don't use clock_gettime() even if it's available.
-Kim Malmo (1):
- po: Update Norwegian translation.
-Lauri Kenttä (1):
- po: Update Finnish translation.
+ reg/tests: Test case sensitivity when creating and deleting registry keys.
+ reg/tests: Test the accepted range of the hex-based data types.
+ regedit/tests: Test case sensitivity when creating and deleting registry keys.
+ regedit/tests: Test the accepted range of the hex-based data types.
+ regedit: Add status bar text for the 'Expand'/'Collapse' menu item.
+ reg/tests: Output "(Default)" when referring to the default registry value.
+ reg/tests: Test whether "" is interpreted as the default registry value.
+ regedit/tests: Output "(Default)" when referring to the default registry value.
+ regedit/tests: Test whether "" is interpreted as the default registry value.
+ regedit: Free the stringValueData buffer before using it again (Coverity).
+ regedit: Introduce a partial state machine for importing registry data.
+ regedit: Perform key operations in the state machine.
+ regedit: Perform value name operations in the state machine.
+ regedit: Add data parsing operations to the state machine.
+ regedit: Remove an unused #define.
+ regedit: Export hex data types without warning about unsupported data types.
+ regedit: Free the memory used by the REG_DWORD and hex data types after saving the registry value.
+ regedit: Use a case insensitive comparison when parsing registry classes from registry file versions 4 and 5.
+ regedit: Allow the deletion of registry keys beginning with a lowercase 'H'.
+ regedit: Use the correct mask flags with LVM_GETNEXTITEM.
+ regedit: Re-insert the default value item after deleting its data.
+ regedit: Use a generic data type to correctly process all data types.
+ regedit: Fail when parsing any hex data type that is greater than ULONG_MAX on Windows.
+ regedit: Display all registry data types in the GUI.
+ regedit: Display data for all values in the GUI.
+ regedit/tests: Add tests for parsing hex data.
+ reg/tests: Add tests for parsing hex data.
+ reg/tests: Add the final comma to the comma-placement test.
+ reg/tests: Add tests to determine the effects of backslashes in hex data.
+ regedit/tests: Add tests to determine the effects of backslashes in hex data.
+Jacek Caban (13):
+ wininet/tests: Silence noisy traces.
+ wininet/tests: Fixed potential buffer overflow (coverity).
+ oleaut32: Simplify VarCat implementation.
+ mshtml.idl: Added IHTMLInputTextElement2 declaration.
+ mshtml: Added IHTMLInputTextElement2 stub implementation.
+ mshtml: Added IHTMLInputTextElement2::selectionStart property implementation.
+ mshtml: Added IHTMLInputTextElement2::selectionEnd property implementation.
+ mshtml: Added IHTMLInputTextElement2::setSelectionRange implementation.
+ mshtml: Expose IHTMLInputTextElement2 to scripts.
+ mshtml/tests: Added IHTMLInputTextElement2 tests.
+ widl: Try to find imported typelib using .tlb extension if it wasn't specified.
+ server: Introduce create_server_async and use it in read request handler.
+ mshtml: Moved EvaluateNewWindow call to navigate_new_window.
+Julian Rüger (1):
+ po: Update German translation.
+Józef Kucia (1):
+ wined3d: Do not declare pixel shader inputs when they are not used.
+Ken Thomases (1):
+ winemac: Break out of the window-dragging message loop if the window is hidden or destroyed.

Marcin Mikołajczak (1):
po: Updated Polish translation.

-Marcus Meissner (1):
- hid: Increase buffer size to allow 16bit value + space + NUL (GCC7).
-Michael Müller (4):
- wined3d: Don't leak free_so_statistics_queries on device destruction.
- include: Fix definition of EXTERN_GUID.
- d3d11/tests: Add basic test for D3D11_QUERY_PIPELINE_STATISTICS.
-Nikolay Sivov (33):
- dwrite: Grab font data reference when adding replacement.
- comctl32: Change some overly exciting tracing messages.
- include: Added IMFSourceResolver definition.
- mfplat: Return stub IMFSourceResolver from MFCreateSourceResolver().
- comctl32/toolbar: Don't add NULL imagelist entries.
- comctl32/toolbar: Support undocumented IDs for standard bitmap lists.
- comdlg32: Simplify notification helper.
- comdlg32: Improve tracing messages.
- include: Add some missing Common Controls definitions.
- comctl32/taskdialog: Added TaskDialog() export.
- mf: Added MFCreateTopology and stub IMFTopology implementation.
- include: Added CreateSymbolicLink() flag.
+Marcus Meissner (4):
+ webservices: Free header on error exit (Coverity).
+ webservices: Fixed memory leak in build_custom_header (Coverity).
+ msvcrt: Free the temporary filename (Coverity).
+ wsdapi: Fixed memory leak in error path (Coverity).
+Matteo Bruni (7):
+ d3dx9: Move set_number() into d3dx9_private.h.
+ d3dx9/tests: Fix compilation when the NAN macro is not available.
+ d3dx9/tests: Add a comment about the negation in boolean constant checks.
+ d3dx9/tests: Avoid SIZE_T in traces.
+ advapi32/tests: Allow an additional result on newer Win10.
+ advapi32/tests: Add a token mandatory label test.
+ d3dx9: Make the assert() in regstore_set_values() a bit more strict.
+Michael Müller (9):
+ server: Implement querying the security label of a security descriptor.
+ server: Implement changing the label of a security descriptor.
+ server: Do not set SE_{D, S}ACL_PRESENT if no {D, S}ACL was set.
+ server: Implement setting a security descriptor when duplicating tokens.
+ advapi32/tests: Add basic tests for token security descriptors.
+ advapi32/tests: Show that tokens do not inherit security descriptors during duplication.
+ advapi32/tests: Show that tokens do not inherit the DACL while creating child processes.
+ advapi32/tests: Show that child processes do not inherit mandatory labels.
+ server: Assign a default label to all tokens.
+Miklós Máté (1):
+ quartz: Small readability fix.
+Nikolay Sivov (10):
+ d3drm/tests: Add helpers to test vectors.
+ include: Fix IDirect3DRMFace*::GetColor() macros.
+ d3drm: Make it possible to create frames with CreateObject().
+ d3drm: Make it possible to create light objects using CreateObject().
po: Update Russian translation.
- mf: Added IMFMediaSession stub.
- shell32: Avoid zero length allocations when converting path in ExtractIconA() (Valgrind).
- d3drm/tests: Some tests for creating texture from ddraw surface.
- d3drm: Implement CreateTextureFromSurface() and related methods.
- d3drm: Fix IDirect3DRMMesh::QueryInterface to support IDirect3DRMObject and IDirect3DRMVisual.
- d3drm: Fix IDirect3DRMMeshBuilder::QueryInterface to support IDirect3DRMObject and IDirect3DRMVisual.
- inetcomm/tests: Return interface pointer for test stream.
- inetcomm: Release previously set data (Valgrind).
- inetcomm: Implemented IMimeBody::GetClassID().
- d3drm: Consolidate GetClassName() implementation, reduce tests duplication.
- d3drm/tests: Added a helper to create test window.
- mpr/tests: Remove NT4 version check.
- oleaut32/tests: Basic test for invalid arguments in LoadTypeLib/LoadTypeLibEx.
- po: Update Russian translation.
- d3drm: Use consistent naming for mesh builder implementation pointers.
- d3drm: Implement AddVertex() for mesh builder.
- d3drm: Implement AddNormal() for mesh builder.
- shell32: Use IS_INTRESOURCE() to test context menu verb kind.
- d3drm: Make it possible to create faces with CreateObject().
- d3drm: Make it possible to create mesh builder with CreateObject().
-Owen Rudge (11):
- wsdapi: Implement AddNamespace.
- wsdapi: Implement AddNameToNamespace.
- wsdapi: Create default XML context in WSDCreateDiscoveryPublisher if required.
- include: Add definitions for IWSDUdpAddress, IWSDTransportAddress.
- wsdapi: Add stub implementation of IWSDUdpAddress.
- wsdapi/tests: Add WSDCreateUdpAddress tests.
- wsdapi/tests: Add tests for Get/SetTransportAddress.
- wsdapi/tests: Add tests for Get/SetPort.
- wsdapi/tests: Add tests for Get/SetMessageType.
- wsdapi/tests: Add tests for Get/SetSockaddr.
- include: Add IWSDUdpMessageParameters interface declaration.
-Paul Gofman (14):
- d3dx9: Get rid of table lookup for converting between register indexes and offsets.
- d3dx9: Factor out get_const_upload_info() function.
- d3dx9: Factor out table_type_from_param_type() function.
- d3dx9: Precompute and store a constant direct copy flag.
- d3dx9: Don't add const setting entries with zero count.
- d3dx9: Merge constant setting for child parameters when possible.
- d3dx9: Limit constant size by register count instead of table size.
- d3dx9/tests: Remove a leftover todo_wine_if in test_effect_preshader().
- d3dx9/tests: Extend test for boolean matrix constant setting.
- d3dx9/tests: Factor out test_effect_preshader_clear_pbool_consts() function.
- d3dx9/tests: Factor out test_effect_preshader_compare_pbool_consts() function.
- d3dx9/tests: Initialize boolean constants with the inverse of expected result.
- d3dx9/tests: Add tests for updating boolean matrices on CommitChanges.
- d3dx9: Remove redundant FIXME in set_constants().
-Piotr Caban (4):
- winemac: Don't update clipboard if its content didn't change.
- include: Add __EXCEPT_CTX/__FINALLY_CTX macros.
- msvcrt: Use temp directory when creating file in tmpfile.
- msvcrt: Translate SEH exception on each call to __CxxFrameHandler (i386).
-Sebastian Lackner (4):
- winex11.drv: Fix compilation when XFixes is not present.
- kernel32: Add missing WINAPI to SetThreadIdealProcessorEx implementation.
- d3d11: Remove duplicate const in d3d11_device_CheckFormatSupport.
- ntdll: Do not cast unaligned pointer to M128A in set_context_reg.
-Stefan Dösinger (1):
- msvcp140: Implement _To_wide.
-Zebediah Figura (9):
- user32/tests: Add tests for minimizing MDI windows.
- msacm32: Don't write cbSize if the format is WAVE_FORMAT_PCM.
- msacm32: Add more invalid parameter checks for acmFormatEnum().
- msacm32: Add invalid parameter checks for acmFormatDetails().
- msacm32: Add more invalid parameter checks for acmFormatSuggest().
- msacm32: Try to suggest PCM to PCM conversion first.
- imaadp32.acm: Fix block size calculations.
- imaadp32.acm: Fix nibble ordering.
- msacm32: Check correct variable.
+ d3drm: Make it possible to create material objects with CreateObject().
+ d3drm: Implement object name property.
+ d3drm: Implement appdata property for the rest of objects.
+ d3drm: Make it possible to create meshes with CreateObject().
+ d3drm: Added IDirect3DRMAnimation stub.
+Nils Kuhnhenn (1):
+ oleaut32: Use variable with the correct type in LIST_FOR_EACH_ENTRY_SAFE macro.
+Owen Rudge (2):
+ ws2_32: Extract IPv6 address from brackets in getaddrinfo.
+ ws2_32/tests: Test IP address conversion in getaddrinfo.
+Paul Gofman (5):
+ d3dx9: Introduce get_reg_components() helper function and use it instead of get_offset_reg() when appropriate.
+ d3dx9: Add const qualifier to regstore_set_values() input data.
+ d3dx9: Avoid casting each value separately in set_constants().
+ d3dx9: Add scalar and vector setting path to set_constants().
+ d3dx9/tests: Modify transpose boolean matrix test to reproduce the case of incomplete last row.
+Pierre Schweitzer (2):
+ mpr: Properly handle the count set to -1 when enumerating connections.
+ mpr: Don't stop enumeration on the first failing network provider.
+Piotr Caban (1):
+ gdi32: Don't write EMR_EXTSELECTCLIPRGN to emf file on SelectClipPath call.
+Sebastian Lackner (6):
+ gdiplus: Initialize containers list in GdipCloneImage.
+ server: Do not shutdown server in persistent mode when creation of first process fails.
+ wined3d: Avoid NULL pointer dereference when using GDI renderer.
+ wined3d: Create CPU blitter also for GDI render.
+ wined3d: Fix memory leaks in blitter_destroy callbacks.
+ wined3d: Trigger frontbuffer update in surface_cpu_blt.
+Thomas Faber (2):
+ devenum/tests: Fix return value check for IEnumMoniker_Next.
+ advapi32/tests: Properly restore privileges in test_AdjustTokenPrivileges.
+Zebediah Figura (14):
+ include: Pack WAVEFORMAT structs.
+ winemp3.acm: Fix error in acmStreamSize().
+ include: Add missing MSI message values.
+ msi: Use an external UI record handler before a string handler.
+ msi: Store string and record callback data separately.
+ msi: Pass the given record to the callback.
+ msacm32: Rewrite PCM conversion functions.
+ msi: Don't reimplement record formatting.
+ quartz: Restore a comment explaining mediatime.
+ quartz: Use nAvgBytesPerSec to calculate length.
+ winemp3.acm: Disallow operations encoding to MPEG.
+ msacm32: Don't add a format entry if it is decode-only.
+ msacm32: Add invalid parameter checks for acmFormatChoose().
+Zhenbo Li (1):
+ ole32: Add stub for OleGetIconOfFile.

Alexandre Julliard
diff --git a/AUTHORS b/AUTHORS
index a60e6a4..9f2050b 100644
@@ -284,6 +284,7 @@ Chuck Crayne
Cihan Altinay
Claudio Fontana
Claus Fischer
+Clemens Tamme
Cliff Wright
Clinton Stimpson
Colin Finck
diff --git a/VERSION b/VERSION
index 30d4e92..bc72c67 100644
@@ -1 +1 @@
-Wine version 2.10
+Wine version 2.11
diff --git a/configure b/configure
index 114f302..39e882d 100755
--- a/configure
+++ b/configure
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
#! /bin/sh
# Guess values for system-dependent variables and create Makefiles.
-# Generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69 for Wine 2.10.
+# Generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69 for Wine 2.11.
# Report bugs to .
@@ -580,8 +580,8 @@ MAKEFLAGS=
# Identity of this package.

@@ -2246,7 +2246,7 @@ if test "$ac_init_help" = "long"; then
# Omit some internal or obsolete options to make the list less imposing.
# This message is too long to be a string in the A/UX 3.1 sh.
cat <<_ACEOF
-\`configure' configures Wine 2.10 to adapt to many kinds of systems.
+\`configure' configures Wine 2.11 to adapt to many kinds of systems.

Usage: $0 [OPTION]... [VAR=VALUE]...

@@ -2316,7 +2316,7 @@ fi

if test -n "$ac_init_help"; then
case $ac_init_help in
- short | recursive ) echo "Configuration of Wine 2.10:";;
+ short | recursive ) echo "Configuration of Wine 2.11:";;
cat <<\_ACEOF

@@ -2525,7 +2525,7 @@ fi
test -n "$ac_init_help" && exit $ac_status
if $ac_init_version; then
cat <<\_ACEOF
-Wine configure 2.10
+Wine configure 2.11
generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69

Copyright (C) 2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
@@ -3043,7 +3043,7 @@ cat >config.log <<_ACEOF
This file contains any messages produced by compilers while
running configure, to aid debugging if configure makes a mistake.

-It was created by Wine $as_me 2.10, which was
+It was created by Wine $as_me 2.11, which was
generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69. Invocation command line was

$ $0 $@
@@ -19493,7 +19493,7 @@ cat >>$CONFIG_STATUS <<\_ACEOF || ac_write_fail=1
# report actual input values of CONFIG_FILES etc. instead of their
# values after options handling.
-This file was extended by Wine $as_me 2.10, which was
+This file was extended by Wine $as_me 2.11, which was
generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69. Invocation command line was

@@ -19564,7 +19564,7 @@ _ACEOF
cat >>$CONFIG_STATUS <<_ACEOF || ac_write_fail=1
ac_cs_config="`$as_echo "$ac_configure_args" | sed 's/^ //; s/[\\""\`\$]/\\\\&/g'`"
-Wine config.status 2.10
+Wine config.status 2.11
configured by $0, generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69,
with options \\"\$ac_cs_config\\"

4005e6e Release 2.11.
ANNOUNCE | 668 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------------------------
VERSION | 2 +-
configure | 18 +-
4 files changed, 289 insertions(+), 400 deletions(-)


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