Release 6.11.

System Internals / WINE - Alexandre Julliard [] - 18 June 2021 19:44 UTC


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-The Wine development release 6.10 is now available.
+The Wine development release 6.11 is now available.

What's new in this release (see below for details):
- - Mono engine updated to version 6.2.0, with upstream updates.
- - Shell folders naming scheme follows recent Windows.
- - WinePulse library converted to PE.
- - More math functions from Musl in the C runtime.
+ - Theming support in all builtin programs.
+ - All remaining CRT math functions imported from Musl.
+ - MP3 support requires libmpg123 also on macOS.
+ - Support for codepage 720 (Arabic).
- Various bug fixes.

The source is available from the following locations:


Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

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-Bugs fixed in 6.10 (total 25):
- 15781 Multiple Office/MSAccess applications fail on startup due to 'ICreateTypeInfo2_fnDeleteImplType' stub (AllInOne-Office 4.x/5.11, Acclaim Cashbook)
- 29903 Multiple games and applications fail to enumerate processes due to 'wtsapi32.WTSEnumerateProcessesW' stub (Visual Studio 2005, .NET 2.0 SDK DbgCLR, Akamai DL Manager, Dekaron)
- 31310 TIE: Fighter: Collectors Edition (1998 Tie Fighter collectors series, remake of the original 1995 DOS version) crashes on startup
- 34746 Dino Crisis Demo doesn't play video sequences even though Indeo codecs are installed
- 36010 Changing font resolution on winecfg changes default main font to Tahoma
- 41253 GZDoom Builder 2.3 (.NET 3.5 app) crashes with Wine-Mono when trying to open new project or existing map
- 46320 Multiple applications and games need support for Windows Vista+ User Shell Folder layout, specifically 'Local AppData' (Amazon Kindle for PC)
- 47180 Nocturne unhandled exception bug on startup
- 47915 League of Legends 9.20: Crash after champ select
- 48043 user32:dce has a pair of random failures
- 48094 Simplify debugging test timeouts
- 48507 osu! icons in the setting and music player are not being rendered
- 49663 Performance regression in TrackMania Nations Forever
- 49801 Freight Yard Manager 5.x crashes on start with wine-mono
- 50147 Microsoft WebView2 "evergreen bootstrapper"/installer needs IStream::CopyTo()
- 50224 Grand Theft Auto 4: Crashes when starting the game
- 50366 Starcraft Remastered fails to create a local LAN game (needs undocumented socket "recv" ioctl 0x12014)
- 50613 several Wine Mono tests fail to load a referenced assembly on x86_64
- 50974 Multiple applications fail to open \Device\Afd\xxx with non-empty final element (Rust applications using the Mio or Smol libraries, Starcraft Remastered)
- 50975 Multiple applications need an implementation of undocumented socket "poll" ioctl 0x12027 (Rust applications using the Mio or Smol libraries, Starcraft Remastered)
- 50987 dinput8:device fails on the w10pro64_fr TestBot VM
- 50988 New ProcessBasicInformation() failure in kernel32:process
- 50989 ntdll:time: New intermittent QpcSystemTimeIncrement failure
- 51188 test_user_shared_data() fails in ntdll:virtual
- 51209 Regression: Wine-mono installers in the parent folder of build trees can not be found
+Bugs fixed in 6.11 (total 33):
+ 24172 Microsoft SyncToy 2.1 doesn't start with Wine-Mono
+ 29184 Hogs of War: ground is missing somewhere
+ 30244 Might & Magic Clash of Heroes: fails to start
+ 36165 msvcrt/string tests fail under valgrind
+ 37149 python 3.1.1: test_cmath failed
+ 37858 WHO Anthro (.NET app) installer fails, reporting 'FATAL UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: The specified table does not exist.'
+ 39142 Roblox Client/Server connection is dropped with error "This server has shut down."
+ 40505 PDF Eraser Shows False File Names in File Open dialog with wine-mono
+ 41048 Roller Coaster Rampage fails to start: 'Failed to init XACT' - {0aa000aa-f404-11d9-bd7a-0010dc4f8f81} xactengine2_0.dll
+ 41292 Nexton LC-ScriptEngine freezes, possibly bad dsound notifications
+ 41403 Ri-li 2.0.1 shows black screen instead of actual game content
+ 42215 Pendulumania: Black screen (needs to emulate 8bpp mode in winex11)
+ 42928 EmuMovies Sync 2.x fails login with Wine-Mono
+ 44511 Winecfg - Only partially shows new theme after clicking apply
+ 45202 Stories: The Path of Destinies - multicolored textures
+ 45940 Missing CLSID e018945b-aa86-4008-9bd4-6777a1e40c11 (CLSID_WICPngDecoder2 ?)
+ 46043 Notepad++ v7.5.9 x86 'MarkdownViewer++' v0.8.2 plugin (.NET 4.0 based) causes abnormal program termination with Wine-Mono 4.7.3
+ 47812 Cygwin's strace.exe crashes due to custom TLS corruption
+ 48891 Bash from Cygwin/msys2 terminates after first command
+ 49459 Memu installer fails: wine: Call from 0x7b00f0b7 to unimplemented function wuaueng.dll.DllRegisterServer, aborting
+ 49668 Two Worlds Epic Edition needs {cd0d66ec-8057-43f5-acbd-66dfb36fd78c}, xactengine2_7 to play audio
+ 50041 Amnesia: Rebirth crashes with builtin vcomp140
+ 50520 Multiple applications need WSAIoctl(SIO_BASE_HANDLE) (Rust applications using the Mio or Smol libraries, Starcraft Remastered)
+ 50592 ZynAddSubFX 3.0.3 Demo can't load/open/save presets
+ 50595 Foxit Reader 5.1 crashes on unimplemented function 'msdrm.dll.DRMRegisterContent' when exiting
+ 50615 Excel 2007 needs ICreateTypeInfo2::DeleteFuncDesc()
+ 51184 test_font_metrics() fails in gdi32:font for bitmap fonts on Windows 10 >= 1709
+ 51192 GnuTLS error: Error in the pull function/ Login to Teamspeak, Blizzard... not possible.
+ 51222 Multiple games have rendering issues caused by import of logf from musl (Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Just Cause 4, Wizard101)
+ 51224 Otvdm can't start any Win16 application
+ 51231 WeChat can't display QR code in login dialog.
+ 51262 Since 308a5e7 no 32bit program starts
+ 51273 Starcraft 2 64 bit .exe not starting since 25b093f384


-Changes since 6.9:
-Alex Henrie (5):
- kernel32: Fix return type of GetMaximumProcessorGroupCount.
- kernel32: Reimplement GetActiveProcessorGroupCount on top of GetLogicalProcessorInformationEx.
- kernel32: Reimplement GetActiveProcessorCount on top of GetLogicalProcessorInformationEx.
- kernel32: Reimplement GetMaximumProcessorCount on top of GetLogicalProcessorInformationEx.
- kernel32: Reimplement GetMaximumProcessorGroupCount on top of GetLogicalProcessorInformationEx.
-Alexandre Julliard (22):
- ntdll: Replace __wine_make_process_system by a Wine-specific NtSetInformationProcess() class.
- ntdll: Store debug options in the PEB memory block.
- ntdll: Fetch the debug channels from the PEB memory block on the PE side.
- taskmgr: Fetch the debug channels from the PEB memory block.
- ntdll: Always put the pthread stack at the top of the 64-bit stack if there's one.
- server: Use a standard user APC also for timers.
- ntdll: Pass the result status to call_user_apc_dispatcher().
- ntdll: Implement NtTestAlert().
- ntdll: Pass an extra context arguments to APC functions on 64-bit.
- ntdll: Fill the Wow64 PEB and process parameters.
- ntdll: Free the initial process parameters once they are copied.
- ntdll: Remove no longer used syswow64 directory string.
- kernel32: Fix GetLogicalProcessorInformationEx() usage.
- winebuild: Store all parameters on the stack for syscall thunks on ARM.
- winebuild: Add support for multiple syscall descriptor tables.
- ntdll: Store exception jump buffer in the per-thread data.
- ntdll: Get rid of raise_func_trampoline() on x86-64.
- ntdll: Use a single syscall dispatcher controlled by global flags on x86-64.
- ntdll: Use a single syscall dispatcher controlled by global flags on i386.
- ntdll: Get rid of signal_init_syscalls().
- ntdll: Use appropriate context constants where possible.
- kernelbase: Move CopyContext() implementation to ntdll.
-Alistair Leslie-Hughes (3):
- wbemprox: Support only getting type in record_get_value.
- wbemprox: Support using record in IWbemClassObject Next.
- gdi32: Don't override FontSubstitutes on a DPI only change.
-Andrew Eikum (5):
- shell32: Use stored registry path for known folder symlinks.
- shell32: Use winvista+ AppData paths.
- shell32: Calculate known folder paths from parent and relative path.
- shell32/tests: Add tests to show relative known folder paths match SHGetKnownFolderPath.
- shell32: Use correct environment substitution for FOLDERID_Public.
-Anton Baskanov (6):
- quartz/tests: Test that IMediaPosition is also checked when renderers are counted.
- quartz: Check for IMediaPosition when counting renderers.
- strmbase: Don't reset EOS on renderer paused->running state transition.
- strmbase: Defer EC_COMPLETE until the renderer is running.
- quartz/dsoundrender: Don't reset EOS on paused->running state transition.
- quartz/dsoundrender: Defer EC_COMPLETE until running.
-Arkadiusz Hiler (1):
- dinput8: Use scan codes to test uAppData.
-Aurimas Fišeras (2):
- po: Update Lithuanian translation.
- po: Update Lithuanian translation.
+Changes since 6.10:
+Akihiro Sagawa (4):
+ quartz/tests: Introduce commit_allocator helper in vmr7.c.
+ quartz/tests: Test the close button of the video window.
+ quartz: Hide video window on WM_CLOSE.
+ quartz: Notify EC_USERABORT event when closing video window.
+Alexandre Julliard (28):
+ ntdll: Validate the extended context before modifying the other registers.
+ ntdll: Only restore the modified parts of the syscall frame on x86-64.
+ ntdll: Only restore the modified parts of the syscall frame on i386.
+ ntdll: Create a thread to run the ctrl-C routine instead of raising an exception.
+ ntdll: Fix some exception test failures on ARM.
+ ntdll: Fix some exception test failures on ARM64.
+ kernel32: Don't export __chkstk() on ARM64.
+ ntdll: Allow the dispatcher functions to return to the caller.
+ ntdll: Always allocate extra stack space for the kernel stack.
+ ntdll: Switch to the kernel stack for syscalls on i386.
+ ntdll: Switch to the kernel stack for syscalls on x86-64.
+ ntdll: Switch to the kernel stack for syscalls on ARM64.
+ ntdll: Switch to the kernel stack for syscalls on ARM.
+ ntdll: Simplify the platform-specific dispatcher interface.
+ ntdll: Don't update cached registers if NtGetContextThread() fails.
+ ntdll: Move the XSTATE definitions to the platform-specific files.
+ ntdll: Also pass the TEB to signal_exit_thread().
+ ntdll: Always use the TEB that was passed to signal_start_thread().
+ ntdll: Store the current PEB in a global variable.
+ ntdll: Store the debug info in the TEB block after the 32-bit TEB.
+ ntdll: Copy the implementation of __wine_dbg_strdup and __wine_dbg_header to the PE side.
+ ntdll: Don't allow single-stepping through syscalls.
+ ntdll: Copy the implementation of __wine_dbg_output to the PE side.
+ ntdll: Add a helper to get the Wow64 TEB.
+ ntdll: Remove special case for setting permissions on stack pages.
+ ntdll: Support growing both 32- and 64-bit stacks.
+ ntdll: Ignore faults caused by alignment check on x86-64.
+ ntdll/tests: Adapt some of the i386 tests to run on x86-64 as well.
+Alistair Leslie-Hughes (6):
+ msado15/test: Remove Reference count tests.
+ msado15/tests: Add Field tests.
+ msado15: Correct field reference value.
+ msado15: Support VT_I4/I2 for Fields Item property.
+ msado15: Convert to Integer for field index.
+ dpnhupnp: Stub DirectPlayNATHelpCreate and DllGetClassObject.
+Andrew Eikum (3):
+ advapi32/tests: Avoid gcc 11 misleading-indentation warning.
+ comctl32: Avoid gcc 11 maybe-uninitialized warning.
+ shell32: Always create default known folder directories.

Austin English (1):
- readme: Document Libera Chat migration.
-Damjan Jovanovic (4):
- shell32: Fix a lock leak.
- shell32: Support the CF_HDROP format too when pasting from the context menu.
- shell32: Use the paste_pidls() helper function for the CFSTR_SHELLIDLISTW format too.
- msxml3/tests: Add some regex tests.
-Daniel Lehman (2):
- ntdll/tests: Clean up temp file.
- ntdll: Silence clang warning.
-Dmitry Timoshkov (4):
- msxml3: Implement ::get_attributes() for "xml" processing instruction node.
- msxml3: Implement IXMLDOMNamedNodeMap::getNamedItem() for a processing instruction node.
- msxml3: When saving XML use encoding specified in the processing instruction.
- wininet: Reset buffer size before each call to HTTP_HttpQueryInfoW.
-Esme Povirk (4):
- gdiplus: Implement reference counting for private font families.
- mscoree: Update Wine Mono to 6.2.0.
- sppc: Add stub dll.
- slc: Move shared exports to sppc.
-Floris Renaud (1):
- po: Update Dutch translation.
-François Gouget (12):
- ucrtbase/tests: Add the trailing linefeed to an ok() message.
- kernel32/tests: Fix the spelling of an ok() message.
- ntdll: Update the STATUS_NO_SUCH_DEVICE error mapping.
- ntdll/tests: Fix the XState AllFeatureSize check on old CPUs.
- user32/tests: Fix a typo in a comment.
- user32/tests: Trace GetLastError() when OpenClipboard() fails in edit.
- ole32: Fix the spelling of a comment.
- user32: Debugstr_format() should not modify the last error.
- user32/tests: Use wine_{push,pop}_context() to simplify test_synthesized().
- user32/tests: Use winetest contexts to simplify test_string().
- user32/tests: Protect OpenClipboard() from interference.
- user32/tests: Protect GetOpenClipboardWindow() from interference.
-Giovanni Mascellani (2):
- mf/samplegrabber: Handle paused state.
- winegstreamer: Improve reported supported rates values for the media source.
-Hans Leidekker (3):
- webservices: Buffer whole messages to be sent.
- webservices: Properly initialize messages.
- webservices: Support IPv6 address format in WsDecodeUrl.
-Haoyang Chen (1):
- rsaenh: Fix a typo in a comment.
-Henri Verbeet (1):
- wined3d: Allow zero width/height for fullscreen swapchains as well in wined3d_swapchain_resize_buffers().
-Hugh McMaster (7):
- reg: Remove two unused string resources.
- reg: Group resource IDs by source location.
- reg: Partially implement the 'copy' command.
- reg: Support recursion in the 'copy' command.
- reg: Fail if the source and destination keys are the same when copying.
- reg/tests: Test whether the 'copy' command copies user-defined key classes.
- reg: Prompt the user to confirm whether they want to overwrite existing values when copying a key.
-Jacek Caban (26):
- winepulse: Move pulse_get_position to unix lib.
- winepulse: Simplify checks for stream being initialized.
- winepulse: Move pulse_is_started to unix lib.
- winepulse: Simplify IAudioStreamVolume::SetChannelVolume implementation.
- winepulse: Simplify IAudioStreamVolume::GetChannelVolume implementation.
- winepulse: Allocate ACImpl volumes when channel count is known.
- winepulse: Build with msvcrt.
- ntdll: Make get_machine_wow64_dir static.
- ntdll: Use DECLSPEC_HIDDEN for a few more symbols.
- winepulse: Use event handle to signal main loop readiness.
- winepulse: Use a critical section for PE-side locking.
- winepulse: Use native memory allocators where possible.
- winepulse: Use NtAllocateVirtualMemory for tmp_buffer.
- winepulse: Use NtAllocateVirtualMemory for local_buffer.
- d3dcompiler: Use return value in read_dword.
- winevulkan: Reflect USE_STRUCT_CONVERSION in _host typedefs.
- winevulkan: Remove no longer needed #ifdefs from dispatch tables.
- winevulkan: Remove no longer needed #ifdefs.
- winevulkan: Directly use host vkGetPhysicalDeviceProperties in wine_vkCreateDevice.
- winevulkan: Make core function thunks static.
- winegcc: Use -soname for unix libs.
- winegcc: Link unix libs directly to native libraries.
- ntdll: Introduce wine_unix_call.
- makedep: Make unix libs depend on
- winepulse: Wrap unix call parameters in structs.
- winepulse: Use syscall interface to call unix lib.
-Jactry Zeng (4):
- riched20/tests: Simplify tests of IRichEditOle_InsertObject() by improving CHECK_REOBJECT_STRUCT().
- riched20/tests: Add INSERT_REOBJECT() for simplifying tests of IRichEditOle_InsertObject().
- riched20/tests: Test IRichEditOle_InsertObject() with specified character position.
- riched20/tests: Test ITextServices_TxGetText() with OLE obejct.
-Jefferson Carpenter (2):
- msxml3: Null check newChild in DOMDocument insertBefore.
- msxml3: Null check newNode in domelem insertBefore.
-Jiangyi Chen (1):
- gdi32: Delete the external font reg key when face's name matches but the file path does not.
-Lauri Kenttä (1):
- po: Update Finnish translation.
-Matteo Bruni (6):
- d3dcompiler: Fix typo in struct d3dcompiler_shader_reflection.
- wined3d: Don't skip FFP vertex pipeline state handlers when STATE_VDECL is dirty.
- wined3d: Rename gen_ffp_frag_op().
- wined3d: Avoid Y correction on dFdy when using FBO ORM.
- wined3d: Remove access to gl_info from find_ps_compile_args().
- wined3d: Don't pass the swizzle map to find_vs_compile_args() separately.
-Michael Stefaniuc (1):
- fusion/tests: Use wide-char string literals.
-Nikolay Sivov (22):
- mfplat/allocator: Apply default bindflags only for RGBA formats.
- evr/mixer: Preserve output stream types order.
- evr/mixer: Return cloned instances for output type candidates.
- evr/mixer: Test format only when setting output type.
- mfplat: Add some attributes for tracing.
- mf/session: Do not drop pending commands when clearing current presentation.
- mfplay: Enable source type enumeration.
- mf/topology: Implement MF_CONNECT_RESOLVE_INDEPENDENT_OUTPUTTYPES connection method.
- mfmediaengine: Add missing initialization of vertex buffer components (Coverity).
- propsys: Add support for VT_VECTOR|VT_UI1 type in PropVariantCompareEx().
- evr/mixer: Set aperture attributes for output type candidates.
- evr/presenter: Use correct sample size attribute value when setting output mixer type.
- evr/presenter: Make sure to use positive stride for output mixer types.
- mfplat: Implement MFInitVideoFormat_RGB().
- evr: Add a forward for MFGetStrideForBitmapInfoHeader().
- mfmediaengine: Enable source type enumeration.
- msctf: Maintain context reference in ranges.
- msctf/range: Remove unused argument from range creation helper.
- msctf/range: Update to ITfRangeACP.
- msctf: Add ITextStoreACPServices::CreateRange().
- mfplat: Remove remaining typedef for bytestream object structure.
- winegstreamer: Fix assert condition.
-Paul Gofman (4):
- ntdll/tests: Do not test old xstate structure details in test_user_shared_data().
- server: Check for system regs before suspending for ptrace.
- ntdll/tests: Don't consider zero 'AllFeatures' value in USD broken.
- server: Do not allow parenting non-empty job.
-Piotr Caban (37):
- msvcrt: Remove cos from unixlib.
- msvcrt: Import tan implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import cosf implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import sinf implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import tanf implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Update search position when no token was found in strtok.
- msvcrt: Import acoshf implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import acosh implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import asinhf implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import asinh implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import atanf implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import atanh implementation from musl.
- user32: Depend on SetWindowPos to refresh window manager hints in SetWindowRgn.
- msvcrt: Import expm1 implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import expm1f implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import cosh implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import coshf implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import sinh implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import sinhf implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import tanh implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import tanhf implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Use __scalbn helper in ldexp implementation.
- msvcrt: Import fma implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import frexp implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import frexpf implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import _hypot implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import _hypotf implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import log implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import logf implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import log1p implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import log1pf implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import log10 implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import log10f implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import log2f implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import log2 implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import lgamma implementation from musl.
- msvcrt: Import lgammaf implementation from musl.
-Roberto Pungartnik (3):
- po: Update Brazilian Portuguese translation.
- ntdll: Fix IOCTL_AFD_WINE_SENDMSG irda member misreference.
+ dpnhupnp: Add stub dll.
+Brendan Shanks (2):
+ configure: Work around Xcode 12's ld assuming 16KB page sizes.
+ winecoreaudio: Remove workarounds for Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5.
+Connor McAdams (1):
+ d3dx9: Remove unnecessary call to D3DXMatrixTranspose.
+Damjan Jovanovic (1):
+ server: The owner of a securable object should have all the standard access rights.
+Derek Lesho (2):
+ mfplat: Fix max buffer length for IMC2/IMC4 formats.
+ mfplat: Copy all image planes in buffer copies.
+Dmitry Timoshkov (3):
+ gdi32/tests: Test otmEMSquare only for Truetype fonts.
+ mshtml: Fix typos in traces.
+ include: Add IAuthenticateEx interface definition.
+Esme Povirk (5):
+ sppc: Stub SLPersistApplicationPolicies.
+ advapi32: Fix typo.
+ sechost: Reject string SIDs with too many characters.
+ sechost: SID strings are case-insensitive.
+ sechost: Implement hexadecimal SID parsing.
+Florian Eder (1):
+ cmd: Do not change errorlevel when setting environment variables.
+François Gouget (9):
+ urlmon/tests: Fix a typo in a comment.
+ wininet/tests: Fix an InternetQueryOptionA/W mixup in test_secure_connection().
+ user32/tests: Use winetest contexts to simplify set_clipboard_data_process().
+ make_unicode: Add support for the 720 codepage (Arabic, Farsi and Urdu).
+ wined3d: Avoid an unneeded NULL cast.
+ gdi32/tests: Add a context to the testJustification() failure message.
+ gdi32/tests: Use a winetest context for test_font_metrics().
+ user32/tests: Preserve the initial GetLastError() value for test_ClipboardOwner().
+ user32/tests: Use the caller line number for open_clipboard() & co.
+Gijs Vermeulen (3):
+ vcomp: Implement omp_get_num_procs().
+ ntdll: Avoid declaration-after-statement warning.
+ secur32: Default to building with GnuTLS support on macOS, if present.
+Giovanni Mascellani (5):
+ mf/session: Fix computing fastest and slowest presentation rates.
+ winex11.drv: Allow keyboard layout score to be negative.
+ winex11.drv: Do not pollute logs with misencoded bytes.
+ mf/session: Reset END_OF_PRESENTATION flags when stopped.
+ winegstreamer: Expose the MF_MT_VIDEO_ROTATION attribute.
+Haidong Yu (2):
+ shell32: Fix a memory leak.
+ shell32: Fix a memory leak.
+Hans Leidekker (4):
+ winhttp: Fix a buffer size check.
+ winhttp: Remove redundant parentheses.
+ winhttp: Use CRT memory allocators.
+ secur32: Translate errors from push/pull callbacks.
+Henri Verbeet (6):
+ d3d11/tests: Add a test for image UAV clears.
+ wined3d: Introduce wined3d_mask_from_size().
+ wined3d: Implement OpenGL image UAV clears using ARB_clear_texture.
+ d3d11: Implement d3d11_device_context_ClearUnorderedAccessViewFloat().
+ wined3d: Use the texture level count to calculate sub-resource indices for OpenGL mip-map generation.
+ wined3d: Use the texture level count to calculate sub-resource indices for Vulkan mip-map generation.
+Hiroki Awata (1):
+ dsound: Notify DSBPN_OFFSETSTOP earlier.
+Hugh McMaster (11):
+ regedit: Allow deletion of selected values without focus.
+ reg/tests: Test how values are overwritten when copying.
+ reg/tests: Modify delete_key() to support use of RegDeleteKeyEx().
+ reg/tests: Update reg_open() and reg_open_() definitions.
+ reg/tests: Modify verify_key() to support opening of registry views.
+ reg/tests: Modify verify_key_nonexist() to support registry views.
+ reg/tests: Update delete_value() declaration to deconstify 'const HKEY'.
+ reg/tests: Modify add_key() to support key creation in registry views.
+ reg/tests: Test key and value creation in 32-bit and 64-bit registry views.
+ reg: Support the use of registry views during the 'add' operation.
+ reg/tests: Move 'delete' syntax tests into a separate function.
+Jacek Caban (2):
+ gdi32: Fix SetPixel error return value.
+ win32u: Add stub DLL.
+Jactry Zeng (3):
+ riched20/tests: Lock hGlobal before use.
+ riched20: Allow to insert OLE object at specified offset.
+ riched20/tests: Add more tests for testing EM_GETTEXTEX with OLE objects.
+Jan Sikorski (2):
+ wined3d: Fix typo in wined3d_texture_vk_prepare_texture().
+ wined3d: Don't pass a 3D texture view's depth range as layer range to Vulkan.
+Kalen Alwardt (1):
+ ntdll: Export ZwFilterToken().
+Nguyễn Chính Hữu (1):
+ wined3d: Add GPU information for NVIDIA GT 1030.
+Nikolay Sivov (17):
+ dxva2: Accept AYUV as input format.
+ dxva2: Check input stream format in GetVideoProcessorDeviceGuids().
+ mfplat/buffer: Fix maximum length for YV12 format.
+ dxva2/tests: Remove a test failing on system with hw dxva devices support.
+ d2d1: Cache sampler state objects at device context.
+ d2d1: Remove unused argument from constant buffer initialization helper.
+ d2d1: Reuse PS constant buffer object.
+ d3d11: Fix freed memory access when releasing device context (Coverity).
+ d2d1: Reuse VS constant buffer object.
+ winegstreamer: Let async command handle request token.
+ mf: Move presentation clock implementation to a separate file.
+ mf/session: Reset per-node end of stream flags when stopped.
+ mf/session: Reset topology status back to READY when stopped.
+ mf: Use CRT allocation functions.
+ include: Add IMFWorkQueueServicesEx definition.
+ mfplay: Create media item on player creation, when url is specified.
+ mfplay: Start playback on player creation automatically, when enabled.
+Paul Gofman (8):
+ jscript: Parse 'let' and 'const' variable declarations.
+ shell32: Don't specify the startup directory for CreateProcessW() in SHELL_ExecuteW().
+ jscript: Factor local_ref_scopes_t structure out of function_code_t.
+ jscript: Enumerate with and block scopes.
+ jscript: Support block scope variables.
+ jscript: Support nested scopes for functions defined inside.
+ mshtml/tests: Add test for multiple JS scope instances.
+ mshtml/tests: Add a test for JS functions scope.
+Piotr Caban (11):
+ msvcrt: Fix logf implementation.
+ msvcrt: Import tgamma implementation from musl.
+ msvcrt: Import tgammaf implementation from musl.
+ msvcrt: Import fmaf implementation from musl.
+ msvcrt: Import exp2f implementation from musl.
+ msvcrt: Import expf implementation from musl.
+ msvcrt: Import powf implementation from musl.
+ msvcrt: Import exp2 implementation from musl.
+ msvcrt: Import exp implementation from musl.
+ msvcrt: Fix math error arguments in powf.
+ msvcrt: Import pow implementation from musl.
+Roberto Pungartnik (1):
po: Update Brazilian Portuguese translation.

-Robin Ebert (1):
- ntdll: Fix a file descriptor leak.
-Rémi Bernon (52):
- kernelbase: Don't strip leading dots in relative paths.
- msvcrt: Set next_token when str is empty in wcstok_s.
- dssenh/tests: Add CryptAcquireContextA last error check.
- dssenh: Return NTE_BAD_KEYSET when key cannot be opened.
- dssenh: Only fill hash buffer when it's provided.
- dinput8/tests: Flush events after creating window.
- dinput: Use IDirectInputDevice8W interface consistently.
- dinput: Use generic WtoA wrappers when possible.
- dinput: Move IDirectInputDeviceA wrappers to ansi.c.
- dinput/tests: Check IDirectInputDevice_EnumObjects error codes.
- dinput: Implement IDirectInputDevice_EnumObjects WtoA conversion.
- dinput/tests: Check IDirectInputDevice2AImpl_GetObjectInfo error codes.
- dinput: Factor out IDirectInputDevice_GetObjectInfo WtoA conversions.
- dinput: Implement IDirectInputDevice_GetEffectInfo WtoA conversion.
- dinput: Implement IDirectInputDevice_EnumEffects WtoA conversion.
- dinput: Implement IDirectInputDevice_EnumEffectsInFile WtoA conversion.
- dinput: Implement IDirectInputDevice_WriteEffectToFile WtoA conversion.
- dinput: Implement IDirectInputDevice_GetImageInfo WtoA conversion.
- dinput: Factor out IDirectInputDevice_GetCapabilities WtoA conversions.
- dinput: Factor out IDirectInputDevice_GetDeviceState WtoA conversions.
- dinput: Factor out IDirectInputDevice_GetDeviceInfo WtoA conversions.
- dinput: Factor out IDirectInputDevice_BuildActionMap WtoA conversions.
- dinput: Factor out IDirectInputDevice_SetActionMap WtoA conversions.
- dinput: Make device creation error handling consistent.
- dinput: Introduce direct_input_device_alloc helper.
- dinput: Factor out IDirectInputDevice ansi vtable.
- dinput: Prefer IDirectInputW interfaces over IDirectInputA.
- dinput: Move IDirectInput8 WtoA wrappers to ansi.c.
- dinput: Move IDirectInput7 WtoA wrappers to ansi.c.
- dinput: Factor out device creation interface queries.
- dinput: Remove the need for ANSI enum_device callback.
- dinput: Prevent a device interface leak when enumerating.
- dinput: Free axis_map when joystick device is freed.
- dinput: Rename wReserved to wReportId in DIDEVICEOBJECTINSTANCE.
- server: Add hardware_msg_data size for variable size messages.
- user32: Inform rawinput_from_hardware_message of available buffer size.
- user32: Implement WM_INPUT / RIM_TYPEHID message dispatch.
- server: Support variable sized hardware_msg_data allocation.
- server: Send HID report data with the WM_INPUT messages.
- include: Add HID generic multi axis controller usage.
- include: Add HID vendor defined usage pages.
- winebus.sys: Use macros to define HID reports.
- hidclass.sys: Use msvcrt allocation functions.
- hidclass.sys: Use nameless unions.
- hid: Use nameless unions.
- user32: Use nameless unions in rawinput.c.
- hidclass.sys: Factor HIDP_BUTTON_CAPS with HIDP_VALUE_CAPS.
- winebus.sys: Add some buttons to HID mouse input report.
- winebus.sys: Add some buttons to HID keyboard input report.
- mmdevapi: Make MMDevEnumerator a static variable.
- mmdevapi: Load devices on driver initialization.
- mmdevapi: Use a struct list to keep device list.
-Zebediah Figura (65):
- server: Don't change the status of an already terminated async.
- ntdll: Avoid accessing the I/O status block in wait_async().
- ntdll: Move struct async_fileio to unix_private.h.
- ntdll: Implement IOCTL_AFD_RECV.
- ws2_32/tests: Add some tests for IOCTL_AFD_RECV.
- user32: Handle monochrome icons in CreateIcon() and CreateCursor() instead of CreateIconIndirect().
- user32: Implement stretching of cursor and icon objects in CopyImage().
- user32: Reimplement CopyIcon() on top of CopyImage().
- user32: Implement InternalGetWindowIcon().
- d3d11/tests: Add a couple of extra tests for SRV/RTV conflict.
- wined3d: Check for SRV/RTV binding conflicts per wined3d_state.
- d3d11/tests: Add some tests for Map() on deferred contexts.
- d3d11/tests: Add some tests for UpdateSubresource() on a deferred context.
- user32: Blit the right bitmap when stretching monochrome icons in CopyImage().
- ws2_32/tests: Add some tests for opening the Afd device.
- server: Allow opening the Afd device with a file name.
- ntdll: Implement IOCTL_AFD_POLL.
- ws2_32/tests: Add tests for IOCTL_AFD_POLL.
- wined3d: Fix a spelling error in a comment.
- wtsapi32: Implement WTSEnumerateProcessesW().
- server: Mark the socket as cacheable when it is connected, marked listening, or created as connectionless.
- server: Pass -1 to set_fd_events() if the socket is not yet initialized or a not yet used TCP socket.
- server: Clear FD_OOB instead of FD_READ when receiving OOB data.
- ntdll: Introduce IOCTL_AFD_WINE_RECVMSG.
- ws2_32: Use IOCTL_AFD_WINE_RECVMSG in WS2_recv_base().
- ntdll: No longer export __wine_locked_recvmsg().
- ntdll: Introduce IOCTL_AFD_WINE_SENDMSG.
- ws2_32: Use IOCTL_AFD_WINE_SENDMSG in WS2_sendto().
- wined3d: Store the framebuffer state inline in struct wined3d_cs_clear.
- d3d11: Implement ID3D11Device::CreateDeferredContext().
- d3d11: Implement ID3D11Device1::CreateDeferredContext1().
- wined3d: Keep a list of acquired resources in struct wined3d_deferred_context.
- d3d11: Implement ID3D11DeviceContext::ClearState() using a single CS op.
- d3d11: Implement ID3D11DeviceContext::FinishCommandList().
- wined3d: Implement restoring context in wined3d_deferred_context_record_command_list().
- d3d11: Implement ID3D11DeviceContext::ExecuteCommandList().
- ntdll: Quiet some noisy ETW FIXMEs.
- ntdll: Introduce IOCTL_AFD_WINE_TRANSMIT.
- ws2_32/tests: Separate and expand tests for FIONREAD and SIOCATMARK.
- ws2_32/tests: Add more tests for FIONBIO.
- ws2_32/tests: Expand tests for SIO_KEEPALIVE_VALS.
- ws2_32/tests: Call getsockname() on the right socket.
- ws2_32/tests: Fix some more test failures on Vista and older.
- ws2_32/tests: Add some tests for unsupported socket ioctls.
- ws2_32/tests: Add more tests for SIO_GET_EXTENSION_FUNCTION_ADDRESS.
- ws2_32/tests: Expand tests for SIO_ROUTING_INTERFACE_QUERY.
- ws2_32/tests: Fix yet another test failure with Vista or older.
- ws2_32/tests: Expand tests for SIO_ADDRESS_LIST_QUERY.
- ws2_32/tests: Expand tests for SIO_GET_INTERFACE_LIST.
- ws2_32: Always return WSAEFAULT from WSAIoctl() if ret_size is NULL.
- ws2_32: Use socket_apc for WSAIoctl() completion.
- Revert "ntdll: Preserve syscall frame when calling async IO system APC.".
- server: Introduce IOCTL_AFD_WINE_FIONBIO.
- server: Remove the no longer used enable_socket_event request.
- ws2_32: Fail with WSAEINVAL if a requested extension function is not found.
- ntdll: Introduce IOCTL_AFD_WINE_FIONREAD.
- winebuild: Fix a typo in a comment.
- ws2_32/tests: Add more tests for sockets that cannot be accepted into.
-Zhiyi Zhang (3):
- winex11.drv: Always add MWM_FUNC_CLOSE to enabled windows.
- kernel32/tests: Test GetFileAttributesExW() with a NT path not in canonical form.
- appwiz.cpl: Canonicalize paths before passing them to GetFileAttributesW().
-Ziqing Hui (9):
- windowscodecs/tests: Introduce create_and_init_encoder.
- windowscodecs/tests: Add more test data for IWICDdsEncoder_SetParameters.
- windowscodecs/tests: Test CreateNewFrame for DDS encoder.
- windowscodecs: Implement IWICDdsEncoder_CreateNewFrame.
- windowscodecs: Implement DdsEncoder_CreateNewFrame on top of DdsEncoder_Dds_CreateNewFrame.
- windowscodecs/tests: Call SetParameters in create_and_init_encoder.
- windowscodecs: Implement DdsFrameEncode_Initialize.
- windowscodecs/tests: Test DDS encoder pixel format.
- windowscodecs: Implement DdsFrameEncode_SetPixelFormat.
+Roman Pišl (1):
+ ntdll: Allow loading of native libraries for Win16.
+Rémi Bernon (41):
+ hid/tests: Don't print buttons after HidP_GetUsages failed.
+ hidclass.sys: Handle failures when parsing descriptor.
+ hidclass.sys: Remove Delim member from struct caps.
+ hidclass.sys: Use HIDP_VALUE_CAPS instead of struct caps.
+ hidclass.sys: Factor all HIDP_VALUE_CAPS debug helpers.
+ hid: Use caps.BitSize to differenciate buttons from values.
+ include: Add HID haptics usage page.
+ hidclass.sys: Don't crash when no buffer was provided.
+ xinput1_3: Use msvcrt allocation functions.
+ xinput1_3: Check for HID failures and print warnings.
+ xinput1_3: Store HIDP_CAPS in hid_platform_private struct.
+ xinput1_3: Use input report length from HIDP_CAPS.
+ xinput1_3: Allocate output report buffer on the heap.
+ hidclass.sys: Fix incorrect feature report debug print.
+ hidclass.sys: Dump HID descriptor with 16 byte columns.
+ hidclass.sys: Use realloc instead of HeapReAlloc.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Silent a todo_wine failing test after a while.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Use HID helper macros to write report descriptors.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some buttons and hatswitch controls.
+ hid: Check preparsed data magic in HidP_GetLinkCollectionNodes.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some HidP_Get(Specific)ButtonCaps tests.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some HidP_Get(Specific)ValueCaps tests.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some HidP_GetLinkCollectionNodes tests.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some HidP_InitializeReportForID tests.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Don't call CertFreeCertificateContext on cleanup.
+ hid: Implement HidP_SetUsageValueArray stub.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add tests with and without report IDs.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add more reports with complex HID syntax.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some HidP get/set values tests.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some HidP get/set usages tests.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some HidP_GetData tests.
+ hidclass.sys: Simplify signed / unsigned item value parsing.
+ hidclass.sys: Use a single switch to parse all item types.
+ hidclass.sys: Introduce new hid_parser_state struct.
+ hidclass.sys: Add a stack to parser_state to store global items.
+ hidclass.sys: Use the stack to store collection items.
+ hidclass.sys: Set BitField item to current value.
+ hidclass.sys: Create link collection caps during parsing.
+ hidclass.sys: Remove unused struct feature members.
+ hidclass.sys: Remove unused struct collection members.
+ hidclass.sys: Split feature parsing to separate helper.
+Stefan Dösinger (2):
+ user32: Release the icon frame in CopyImage.
+ user32: Delete info.hbmColor and hbmMask after copying.
+Torge Matthies (1):
+ winex11.drv: Avoid race condition in X11 error handling.
+Vijay Kiran Kamuju (2):
+ msdrm: Add stub DRMRegisterContent function.
+ windowscodecs: Add initial support for WICPngDecoder2.
+Yeshun Ye (1):
+ iphlpapi: Fix the field 'AdapterName' of IP_ADAPTER_INFO returned by GetAdaptersInfo.
+Zebediah Figura (67):
+ configure: Always warn on missing GStreamer if --with-gstreamer was specified.
+ configure: Also warn on missing GStreamer if --without-quicktime was specified.
+ ws2_32: Use getifaddrs() and if_nametoindex() directly in interface_bind().
+ server: Don't rely on async_is_blocking() to determine whether IOCTL_AFD_WINE_ADDRESS_LIST_CHANGE should block.
+ ws2_32: Wait for synchronous ioctl completion in server_ioctl_sock().
+ ws2_32/tests: Test passing an output buffer to FIONBIO.
+ ws2_32: Explicitly ignore the output buffer in FIONBIO.
+ ws2_32: Fix the indentation of SIO_ROUTING_INTERFACE_QUERY.
+ ws2_32: Use IOCTL_AFD_WINE_COMPLETE_ASYNC for unimplemented ioctls.
+ ws2_32: Return WSAEOPNOTSUPP in SIO_FLUSH.
+ l3codeca.acm: Remove the Mac OS AudioToolbox backend.
+ l3codeca.acm: Call mp3_horse() directly.
+ l3codeca.acm: Simplify error handling in MPEG3_StreamOpen().
+ l3codeca.acm: Store the mpg123 handle directly as the ACM driver data.
+ ws2_32/tests: Add more tests for calling functions on a connecting socket.
+ server: Return STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER when trying to call connect() on a socket with an active ConnectEx() async.
+ server: Fail with WSAEINVAL or WSAEALREADY when trying to connect a socket that is already connecting via nonblocking connect().
+ ws2_32: Implement SIO_BASE_HANDLE.
+ server: Do not return the socket state from get_socket_event.
+ server: Make FD_WINE_NONBLOCKING into a separate field.
+ server: Use separate fields to track socket shutdown state.
+ server: Use an enum to store socket connection state.
+ server: Do not bother clearing events in IOCTL_AFD_WINE_CONNECT.
+ server: Do not bother clearing events in IOCTL_AFD_LISTEN.
+ server: Free the old process image name if a second process image is mapped (Valgrind).
+ server: Use AFD_POLL_* flags internally.
+ server: Store the socket errors as an array of Unix errno values.
+ server: Implement IOCTL_AFD_EVENT_SELECT.
+ ws2_32/tests: Add some tests for IOCTL_AFD_EVENT_SELECT.
+ ntdll: Reserve space for the whole 64-bit YMM context in struct x86_thread_data.
+ qcap/tests: Add some tests for filter state on the video capture filter.
+ qcap/tests: Add tests for allocator management by the video capture filter.
+ qcap/vfwcapture: Do not fail vfw_capture_init_stream() if IMemAllocator::SetProperties() fails.
+ server: Implement IOCTL_AFD_GET_EVENTS.
+ server: Do not poll sockets for POLLPRI unless we are selecting for AFD_POLL_OOB.
+ ws2_32: Use IOCTL_AFD_GET_EVENTS in WSAEnumNetworkEvents().
+ ws2_32/tests: Add some tests for IOCTL_AFD_GET_EVENTS.
+ server: Remove the no longer used set_socket_event request.
+ ws2_32/tests: Add a couple more tests for getsockname().
+ server: Partially implement IOCTL_AFD_BIND.
+ server: Implement IOCTL_AFD_GETSOCKNAME.
+ server: Return the socket address from IOCTL_AFD_BIND.
+ ws2_32/tests: Add some tests for IOCTL_AFD_BIND and IOCTL_AFD_GETSOCKNAME.
+ server: Return STATUS_ADDRESS_ALREADY_ASSOCIATED from IOCTL_AFD_BIND if the socket is already bound.
+ ws2_32: Reimplement bind() and getsockname() on top of IOCTL_AFD_BIND and IOCTL_AFD_GETSOCKNAME respectively.
+ server: Correctly access the sir_lsap_sel field.
+ ws2_32: Check if the socket is bound in listen() in the server.
+ ws2_32: Pass a Win32 socket address to IOCTL_AFD_WINE_CONNECT.
+ ws2_32: Check if the socket is bound in ConnectEx() in the server.
+ ws2_32: Move the getpeername() implementation to ntdll.
+ ntdll/tests: Relax tests for RtlWaitOnAddress() timeout.
+ ws2_32: Remove some unused declarations.
+ ws2_32: Make the indentation in WSAAccept() consistent with the rest of the file.
+ server: Introduce IOCTL_AFD_WINE_DEFER.
+ server: Remove the no longer used set_socket_deferred request.
+Zhiyi Zhang (27):
+ gdi32: Return correct color depth for display DCs in GetDeviceCaps().
+ gdi32: Implement MFDRV_SetLayout().
+ gdi32: Use a common helper for emf StretchBlt and AlphaBlend.
+ gdi32: Add more emf StretchBlt tests.
+ write: Use correct wordpad.exe path.
+ control: Enable visual styles.
+ dxdiag: Enable visual styles.
+ explorer: Enable visual styles.
+ extrac32: Enable visual styles.
+ msiexec: Enable visual styles.
+ msinfo32: Enable visual styles.
+ notepad: Enable visual styles.
+ oleview: Enable visual styles.
+ regedit: Enable visual styles.
+ taskmgr: Enable visual styles.
+ view: Enable visual styles.
+ wineboot: Enable visual styles.
+ winefile: Enable visual styles.
+ winemine: Enable visual styles.
+ winevdm: Enable visual styles.
+ winver: Enable visual styles.
+ wordpad: Enable visual styles.
+ gdi32: Partially implement HALFTONE stretch mode.
+ clock: Enable visual styles.
+ uninstaller: Enable visual styles.
+ winedbg: Enable visual styles.
+ winetest: Enable visual styles.
+Ziqing Hui (4):
+ d3dx10/tests: Check more members of texture descriptor.
+ d3dx10/tests: Use winetest_push_context.
+ d3dx10/tests: Test subresource data for created texture.
+ windowscodecs/tests: Use winetest_push_context for DDS tests.

Alexandre Julliard
diff --git a/AUTHORS b/AUTHORS
index e431de04662..356fa815d0e 100644
@@ -512,6 +512,7 @@ Filip Frąckiewicz
Filip Navara
Finlo Boyde
Flávio J. Saraiva
+Florian Eder
Florian Goth
Florian Köberle
Florian Pelz
@@ -632,6 +633,7 @@ Hilko Bengen
Hin-Tak Leung
Hippocrates Sendoukas
Hirofumi Katayama
+Hiroki Awata
Hiroshi Inoue
Hiroshi Miura
Hiroshi Tanabe
@@ -900,6 +902,7 @@ Kai Krakow
Kai Morich
Kai Tietz
Kaj Kaloinen
+Kalen Alwardt
Kalevi J Hautaniemi
Kamil Pošvic
Kanit Therdsteerasukdi
@@ -1208,6 +1211,7 @@ Neil Olver
Neil Skrypuch
Nemeth Peter
Nerijus Baliunas
+Nguyễn Chính Hữu
Nicholas Fraser
Nicholas Niro
Nick Bowler
@@ -1739,6 +1743,7 @@ Xiaoshan Sun
XueFeng Chang
Yann Droneaud
Yaron Shahrabani
+Yeshun Ye
Yifu Wang
Yngvi Sigurjonsson
Yong Chi
diff --git a/VERSION b/VERSION
index 8846a568019..9d4f6c98eae 100644
@@ -1 +1 @@
-Wine version 6.10
+Wine version 6.11
diff --git a/configure b/configure
index 48983b414db..3c6a3ba65b6 100755
--- a/configure
+++ b/configure
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
#! /bin/sh
# Guess values for system-dependent variables and create Makefiles.
-# Generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69 for Wine 6.10.
+# Generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69 for Wine 6.11.
# Report bugs to .
@@ -580,8 +580,8 @@ MAKEFLAGS=
# Identity of this package.

@@ -2520,7 +2520,7 @@ if test "$ac_init_help" = "long"; then
# Omit some internal or obsolete options to make the list less imposing.
# This message is too long to be a string in the A/UX 3.1 sh.
cat <<_ACEOF
-\`configure' configures Wine 6.10 to adapt to many kinds of systems.
+\`configure' configures Wine 6.11 to adapt to many kinds of systems.

Usage: $0 [OPTION]... [VAR=VALUE]...

@@ -2590,7 +2590,7 @@ fi

if test -n "$ac_init_help"; then
case $ac_init_help in
- short | recursive ) echo "Configuration of Wine 6.10:";;
+ short | recursive ) echo "Configuration of Wine 6.11:";;
cat <<\_ACEOF

@@ -2849,7 +2849,7 @@ fi
test -n "$ac_init_help" && exit $ac_status
if $ac_init_version; then
cat <<\_ACEOF
-Wine configure 6.10
+Wine configure 6.11
generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69

Copyright (C) 2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
@@ -3533,7 +3533,7 @@ cat >config.log <<_ACEOF
This file contains any messages produced by compilers while
running configure, to aid debugging if configure makes a mistake.

-It was created by Wine $as_me 6.10, which was
+It was created by Wine $as_me 6.11, which was
generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69. Invocation command line was

$ $0 $@
@@ -21927,7 +21927,7 @@ cat >>$CONFIG_STATUS <<\_ACEOF || ac_write_fail=1
# report actual input values of CONFIG_FILES etc. instead of their
# values after options handling.
-This file was extended by Wine $as_me 6.10, which was
+This file was extended by Wine $as_me 6.11, which was
generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69. Invocation command line was

@@ -21998,7 +21998,7 @@ _ACEOF
cat >>$CONFIG_STATUS <<_ACEOF || ac_write_fail=1
ac_cs_config="`$as_echo "$ac_configure_args" | sed 's/^ //; s/[\\""\`\$]/\\\\&/g'`"
-Wine config.status 6.10
+Wine config.status 6.11
configured by $0, generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69,
with options \\"\$ac_cs_config\\"

1de583a4dac Release 6.11.
ANNOUNCE | 829 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------------------------
VERSION | 2 +-
configure | 18 +-
4 files changed, 420 insertions(+), 434 deletions(-)


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