Release 6.13.

System Internals / WINE - Alexandre Julliard [] - 20 July 2021 20:09 UTC


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-The Wine development release 6.12 is now available.
+The Wine development release 6.13 is now available.

What's new in this release (see below for details):
- - Builtin "Blue" and "Classic Blue" themes.
+ - Proper scrollbar theming.
- More work towards WinSock PE conversion.
- - Beginnings of the NSI (Network Store Interface) implementation.
- - Support for 32/64-bit registry views in reg.exe.
+ - Preparation work for the GDI syscall interface.
+ - Some progress on the IPHLPAPI PE conversion.
- Various bug fixes.

The source is available from the following locations:


Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

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-Bugs fixed in 6.12 (total 42):
- 8606 No network-support in the game Joint Operations Typhoon Rising
- 21259 Visual C++ 2005 Trial build hangs on first run after a reboot
- 24501 wine-mono does not support WPF
- 27133 WiX 3.5 with Mono 2.10 generates broken MSI packages when 2 files of identical size are added to the same installer
- 28393 WiX Toolset v3.x: light.exe can't find files in deeply-nested directories
- 33421 Cypress PSoC Creator 3.0 installer fails with Wine-Mono ('System.SystemException: Error running C:\windows\mono\mono\mini\mono.exe: File not found.')
- 34045 Provide Managed DirectX replacement assemblies for Mono (Gray Matter demo)
- 34643 The Bureau XCOM Declassified (.NET 4.0 managed C++/CLI game) crashes with Wine-Mono
- 42191 Multiple games require d3d11 deferred contexts (Diablo 3, Dark Souls 3, The Evil Within, Elex, Alien: Isolation, Assassin's Creed III)
- 46592 Heroes III Horn of the Abyss 1.5.4 TCP/IP issue
- 46595 Rainbow Six Siege hangs on Uplay splash screen
- 46960 Mono's interactive C# shell crashes when typing a character
- 47791 Inconsistent %ERRORLEVEL% after setting env var value in cmd.exe
- 48000 Multiple installers call 'reg.exe' with unhandled 'copy' command (CDBurnerXP 4.1.x - 4.4.x, Windows PowerShell 2.0)
- 48530 DWScript Http.sys 2.0 Web Application Server demo crashes on startup (needs support for httpapi.HttpSetUrlGroupProperty 'HttpServerLoggingProperty' property)
- 49315 Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI remains stuck on a grey screen after the introduction video.
- 49395 Multiple Direct2D applications stopped working after upgrade to Wine 5.10 which removed advertising of ID3D10Device interface on d3d11 devices (Altium Designer 20, T-Force Alpha Plus VST2 64bit plugin, MSDN-Direct2D-Demo)
- 49935 mismatch behavior in API function GetOpenFileName
- 50113 Total Commander 9.51: when using a third-party theme with Windows XP, the drive buttons and function buttons at the bottom of the window (F5 Copy) are not displayed
- 50209 S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat needs D3DX10CreateTextureFromMemory implementation
- 50506 WM_INPUT messages are not received for HID devices registered with RegisterRawInputDevices
- 50603 WiX Toolset v3.11 installer crashes when loading update feed XML
- 50735 MSBuild fails to launch FileTracker
- 50793 Regression: Far Cry crashes on launch
- 51052 6.4 regression: 32-bit Cheat Engine attaching its debugger leads to the target process crashing
- 51214 rundll.exe and winoldap.mod crash
- 51223 Wine 6.10 regression, dinput broken in certain situations?
- 51225 regression - Warframe colors messed up - wine staging
- 51244 Frostpunk doesn't launch with builtin msvcr120
- 51257 Wine 6.10 regression, crash after "_Locinfo__Locinfo_ctor_cat_cstr" message in CLI
- 51258 Timespinner controller input stopped working in wine 6.10
- 51264 GUI exe receives invalid StdOutput HANDLE if launched via ShellExecuteEx
- 51266 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly 1.5.1: AI Targeting Is Broken
- 51278 wine packages for ubuntu have dependency glitch
- 51291 Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e (demo) doesn't show thumbnail image in monitor settings.
- 51303 Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes needs d3d11_swapchain_GetLastPresentCount implementation
- 51322 Clang-cl 12 fails on unimplemented function KERNEL32.dll.GetProcessGroupAffinity
- 51324 Imperium Great Battles of Rome can't play videos
- 51328 DWScript Http.sys 2.0 Web Application Server demo crashes on startup (needs httpapi.HttpSetServerSessionProperty)
- 51335 Multiple applications require tbs.dll (Windows PC Health Check, TrouSerS, readpcr)
- 51347 QQ 2021 installer: have no permission for the installation path.
- 51375 SCM erroneously tries to start 64-bit kernel drivers as 32-bit service due to incorrect handling of 'IMAGE_FILE_DLL' image characteristics in 'kernel32.dll.GetBinaryTypeW' (Protect DiSC 'acedrv11.sys')
+Bugs fixed in 6.13 (total 31):
+ 15381 CoFreeUnusedLibraries will crash COM server or cause 0x800703E6/I_RpcReceive error 0x3e6
+ 28326 CDBurnerXP's audio player is missing some visual elements
+ 28795 ExeInfoPE v0.0.3.0: PE protection schemes that abuse %gs won't run (breaks glibc TLS selector)
+ 32517 installer of QQMusic 8.6 hangs
+ 34966 Academagia (WPF game) dialog windows are invisible until alt-tabed out
+ 35611 A lot of user32:msg tests fail in the Japanese locale
+ 35921 Multiple games and applications need IDirectXVideoProcessorService via DXVA2CreateVideoService (DXVA Checker 3.x/4.x, Perfect World, Kodi)
+ 37370 Doom 3 (CD version) installer: 'cancel' button does nothing in 'Please insert: DOOM 3 Disk x' dialog
+ 39377 Add support for 'msidbControlAttributesFormatSize' in static text controls to format and label properties such as 'PrimaryVolumeSpaceRequired' (SkySaga installer)
+ 41703 Workaround LdrUnloadDll() for C libraries that do not support the dlclose() function
+ 43173 Far Cry 4 sound stops
+ 45198 Project CARS 2 shows only a black screen (requires constant buffer offsetting)
+ 45620 Dishonored 2 Demo crashes at launch
+ 45807 Incorrect toolbar background in MFC apps, when visual theming enabled
+ 50374 pCon.planner doesn't finish installation and doesn't open
+ 50404 Sims 4 crashes on startup with builtin msvcrt
+ 51152 The 64-bit ntdll:exception test fails in Wine
+ 51262 Since 308a5e7 no 32bit program starts
+ 51277 Multiple games become unresponsive with plugged in controller (INSIDE, The Hong Kong Massacre, Sniper Elite 3)
+ 51281 C:\users\\appdata\local not created on prefix update
+ 51295 ntoskrnl.exe:ntoskrnl occasionally hangs in test_overlapped()
+ 51329 Windows PC Health Check requires api-ms-win-core-featurestaging-l1-1-0.dll
+ 51331 client unusable, reports "The Update Agent went to sleep. Attempting to wake it up..."
+ 51340 d3d10core:d3d10core, d3d11:d3d11 test_texture_compressed_3d() fails on Nvidia (cw-gtx560)
+ 51348 uxtheme.SetWindowTheme should use SendMessage to send WM_THEMECHANGED
+ 51366 several wine-mono network tests fail with timeout
+ 51368 World of Warcraft : undefined d3d state
+ 51381 Battlefield 4 cannot find online matches
+ 51382 NetEase Cloud Music crashes on zh_CN.UTF-8 locale.
+ 51416 deferred context memory leak
+ 51425 Mathearbeit G 5.6 installer reports null pointer exception in module 'shell32.dll' starting with Wine 6.9-142-g98d43c5dcfb


-Changes since 6.11:
-Akihiro Sagawa (3):
- ntdll/tests: Expand path name tests with path + device name.
- ntdll: Validate directory path when the path name ends with a dos device name.
- ntdll: Fix null pointer dereference in RtlDosPathNameToNtPathName_U_WithStatus.
-Alex Henrie (4):
- include: Add tbs.h.
- include: Add TBS_E_* to winerror.h.
- tbs: Add stub dll.
- tbs: Add Tbsi_Context_Create stub.
-Alexander Fischer (1):
- winhttp: Added stubs to function request_set_option.
-Alexandre Julliard (36):
- ntdll: Go through the syscall return path for syscall faults.
- ntdll: Simulate a syscall return when starting a thread.
- winecrt0: Use multiple load/store instructions in setjmp() on ARM.
- ntdll/tests: Add more tests for segment registers in 64-bit mode.
- ntdll/tests: Add more tests for Wow64 contexts.
- server: Add a native_machine global variable.
- server: Use separate handles for thread and context in get_thread_context.
- server: Simplify the naming of the YMM regs.
- server: Trace extended registers as 128-bit entities.
- ntdll: Initialize the RealClientId field in the TEB.
- ntdll/tests: Move Wow64 tests to a separate file.
- ntdll: Support converting server contexts from one machine to another.
- server: Support both native and wow64 register contexts.
- ntdll: Only update the data that was requested in the destination context.
- ntdll: Avoid crash on shutting down partially initialized thread.
- ntdll: Implement NtWow64Read/WriteVirtualMemory64().
- ntdll: Implement NtWow64AllocateVirtualMemory64().
- ntdll: Don't rely on get_thread_context() updating the context flags.
- server: Remove the no longer used pid/tid fields in the init_thread request.
- ntdll/tests: Add tests for 64-bit modules in Wow64 mode.
- ntdll/tests: Add tests for RtlWow64GetCurrentCpuArea().
- ntdll: Implement RtlWow64GetCurrentCpuArea().
- configure: Disable nsiproxy.sys for the Windows build.
- ntdll: Implement RtlWow64GetThreadSelectorEntry().
- ntdll: Clear the 32-bit TLS for ZeroTlsCell in Wow64 mode.
- ntdll: Add a helper function to retrieve the CPU area context on the Unix side.
- ntdll: Initialize the Wow64 context on x86-64.
- ntdll: Use the CPU area to get/set the Wow64 context on x86-64.
- kernel32: Fix the DLL check in GetBinaryTypeW().
- server: Store session id in the process and return it at process init time.
- ntdll: Implement NtQueryInformationProcess(ProcessSessionInformation).
- ntdll: Return the session id in NtQuerySystemInformation(SystemProcessInformation).
- server: Store the session id in the process token.
- ntdll: Implement NtQueryInformationToken(TokenSessionId).
- kernelbase: Implement ProcessIdToSessionId().
- ntdll/tests: Retrieve the actual segment registers for RtlWow64GetThreadSelectorEntry test.
-Alistair Leslie-Hughes (1):
- include: Add ICommandWithParameters interface.
-Andrey Gusev (1):
- msvcr120: Add version.rc file.
-Aurimas Fišeras (1):
- po: Update Lithuanian translation.
-Bernhard Übelacker (2):
- winedbg: Try to load debug symbols for executable in gdb mode.
- ntdll: Allow 16-bit executables to be loaded from build directory.
-Brendan McGrath (1):
- kernelbase: Don't pass StdHandles with CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE.
-Connor Abbott (4):
- winegcc: Recognize .obj files as objects.
- winegcc: Pass through -pthread.
- winegcc: Support -Wl,--start-group and -Wl,--end-group.
- winegcc: Support -Wl,foo=... style linker options.
+Changes since 6.12:
+Aaron Hill (1):
+ crypt32: Implement CNG_RSA_PUBLIC_KEY_BLOB encoding/decoding.
+Adrian Thiele (1):
+ mfplat: Use D3DFORMAT for dxgi buffer copy function.
+Alex Henrie (1):
+ api-ms-win-core-featurestaging-l1-1-0: Add DLL.
+Alexandre Julliard (26):
+ ntdll: Implement SystemEmulation* information classes.
+ ntdll: Implement NtWow64GetNativeSystemInformation().
+ ntdll: Forward RtlGetNativeSystemInformation() to NtWow64GetNativeSystemInformation() on 32-bit.
+ ntdll: Get rid of the almost empty nt.c.
+ ntdll: Get rid of the almost empty directory.c.
+ ntdll: Get rid of the almost empty virtual.c.
+ wow64: Add stub dll.
+ wow64win: Add stub dll.
+ ntdll: Store the pthread TEB value on thread init.
+ ntdll: Allocate a 32-bit %fs selector on Linux in Wow64 mode.
+ ntdll: Switch back to the pthread %fs register in signal handlers.
+ winebuild: Add a specific platform id for Linux.
+ winebuild: Save/restore the %fs register in the syscall dispatcher on Linux.
+ ntdll: Make the ntdll exports and relocations processing more generic.
+ ntdll: Also load the Wow64 ntdll for the main exe target machine.
+ ntdll: Add support for LdrSystemDllInitBlock.
+ ntdll: Fix iosb handling in NtCancelIoFile().
+ ntdll: Pass a length pointer instead of an IO_STATUS_BLOCK to the async callbacks.
+ ntdll: Add a helper function to open a file object.
+ ntdll: Avoid calling NtOpenFile() from the Unix side.
+ ntdll: Avoid calling NtCreateFile() from the Unix side.
+ ntdll: Avoid calling NtReadFile() from the Unix side.
+ ntdll/tests: Add tests for IO_STATUS_BLOCKs in Wow64 mode.
+ ntdll: Don't restore %fs selector on nested signals.
+ ntdll: Use the 32-bit RtlUserThreadStart as initial Eip in the 32-bit context.
+ server: Don't generate dll load event for native binaries on Wow64.
+Alistair Leslie-Hughes (3):
+ secur32: Set error flag on pull callback.
+ include: Update _IMAGEHLP_MODULEW64 stucture.
+ dbghelp: Initialize new structure members.
+Andrew Eikum (1):
+ shell32: Fix unused knownfolder definition.
+Arkadiusz Hiler (1):
+ dinput: Don't add 'default value 0' entries to the data transform.
+Bernhard Übelacker (1):
+ hhctrl.ocx: Handle only the number of bytes given in html_fragment_len.
+Biswapriyo Nath (2):
+ include: Add some function declarations in propvarutil.h.
+ winecrt0: Add missing members in _JUMP_BUFFER for SJLJ.
+Brendan Shanks (1):
+ ntdll: Fix locale detection on Mac.

Damjan Jovanovic (3):
- msxml3: Return S_FALSE from IXMLDOMNamedNodeMap::nextNode() when there are no attributes.
- wininet: Improve InternetGetLastResponseInfo() logging.
- wininet: Validate InternetGetLastResponseInfo() parameters.
+ wininet: InternetGetLastResponseInfoW() returns wide chars, not ASCII.
+ wininet: Return the required buffer size from InternetGetLastResponseInfo() when it's too small.
+ wininet: The buffer is returned from InternetGetLastResponseInfo() even when the error is 0.

Dmitry Timoshkov (1):
- oleaut32: ICreateTypeInfo2::AddVarDesc() should handle failure of allocation and initialization of a variant description.
-Eric Pouech (4):
- winedbg: Accept hex values in command line.
- winedbg: Fix crash when no process attached in 'info wnd' command.
- winedbg: Correct mapping read/write/execute information.
- winedbg: Add helper in gdbproxy mode to get proper address width information.
-Floris Renaud (1):
- po: Update Dutch translation.
-François Gouget (6):
- pdh: Update PdhAddEnglishCounterA/W() to match Windows 10 >= 2004.
- pdh/tests: Skip a test that crashes on Windows 10 >= 2004.
- d3d10core/tests: Increase the tolerance in test_texture_compressed_3d().
- d3d11/tests: Increase the tolerance in test_texture_compressed_3d().
- msvcr120/tests: Wcstof() depends on the system locale.
- shell32/tests: Fix the known folder relative path check for multiple CD drives.
-Georg Lehmann (7):
- winevulkan: Update to VK spec version 1.2.182.
- winevulkan: Unwrap params with objecttype.
- winevulkan: Automatically generate vkSetPrivateDataEXT.
- winevulkan: Automatically generate vkGetPrivateDataEXT.
- winevulkan: Automatically generate vkDebugReportMessageEXT.
- winevulkan: Unwrap struct members with objecttype.
- winevulkan: Fix bit field struct members.
-Gijs Vermeulen (2):
- amstream/tests: Clarify flags passed to IAMMultiMediaStream::OpenFile().
- amstream: Handle AMMSF_RENDERALLSTREAMS in IAMMultiMediaStream::OpenFile().
-Giovanni Mascellani (1):
- mf/sar: Query for current padding before requesting sample buffer.
-Hans Leidekker (1):
- secur32: Use blocking mode for DTLS sessions.
-Haoyang Chen (1):
- ole32: Request the needed memory blocks at once.
-Henri Verbeet (11):
- wined3d: Add decompression information for BC4_UNORM.
- wined3d: Only invalidate valid state IDs in wined3d_cs_exec_reset_state().
- wined3d: Use wined3d_mask_from_size() in arbfp_blitter_blit().
- wined3d: Use wined3d_mask_from_size() in glsl_blitter_blit().
- wined3d: Use wined3d_mask_from_size() in wined3d_context_gl_enable_clip_distances().
- wined3d: Use wined3d_mask_from_size() in find_draw_buffers_mask().
- dxgi/tests: Add a test for swapchain present counts.
- dxgi: Implement d3d11_swapchain_GetLastPresentCount().
- dxgi: Implement d3d12_swapchain_GetLastPresentCount().
- wined3d: Only set valid render states in wined3d_device_context_set_state().
- wined3d: Only set valid transform states in wined3d_device_context_set_state().
-Hugh McMaster (12):
- reg/tests: Modify delete_tree() to support the use of registry views.
- reg/tests: Remove duplicate test from test_registry_view_wow64().
- reg/tests: Test deletion of keys and values using registry views.
- reg: Support use of registry views when deleting registry values.
- reg: Support use of registry views when deleting registry keys.
- reg/tests: Split 'query' syntax tests into a separate function.
- reg/tests: Test use of registry views with the 'query' operation.
- reg/tests: Verify key opening and key deletion in delete_tree().
- reg/tests: Don't verify key deletion after calling delete_tree().
- reg/tests: Test use of registry views when querying registry values.
- reg/tests: Check all error codes in delete_tree() before returning.
- reg: Support use of registry views in the 'query' operation.
+ winex11.drv: Don't free cached DnD data after informing an application about the drop event.
+Eric Pouech (2):
+ dbghelp: Correctly initialize the module_pair structure in SymGetTypeFromName.
+ dbghelp/tests: Try to fix failure in current dbghelp tests.
+Esdras Tarsis (3):
+ bthprops.cpl: Add BluetoothFindNextRadio stub.
+ api-ms-win-core-console-l3-2-0: Add stub dll.
+ api-ms-win-core-kernel32-legacy-l1-1-5: Add stub dll.
+Esme Povirk (1):
+ rundll32: Only call LoadLibrary16 on x86.
+François Gouget (24):
+ user32/tests: Use WineTest contexts to simplify test_mdi().
+ user32/tests: Fix the wording of an ok() message.
+ shell32/test: Fix an ok() message.
+ shell32/tests: Use WineTest contexts to simplify shellpath.
+ shell32/tests: Fix the PathResolve() tests on Windows 8.1, early 10.
+ winetest: Report GetLastError() when CreateProcess() fails.
+ ntdll/tests: TZinfo sometimes does not get a MUI string.
+ ntdll/tests: Improve the RtlWaitOnAddress() timeout checks.
+ kernel32: Fix the formatting of an NLS_IsUnicodeOnlyLcid() trace.
+ mlang/tests: Fix the check for non-English locales in test_GetCodePageInfo().
+ oleaut32: Fix a trace containing a null character.
+ oleaut32/tests: Allow testing VarParseNumFromStr() using Unicode strings.
+ oleaut32/tests: Add more VarParseNumFromStr() tests.
+ oleaut32: Fix the Var*FromStr() prototypes.
+ user32/tests: Fix the keyboard layout id in an ok() message.
+ kernel32/tests: Use WineTest contexts to simplify test_Loader().
+ winetest: Create the -d directory if it does not exist already.
+ oleaut32/tests: Use EQ_DOUBLE() in vartype too.
+ oleaut32: Update the VarDateFromStr() Y2K cutoff.
+ oleaut32: Update the SystemTimeToVariantTime() Y2K cutoff.
+ kernel32/tests: Allow failure when loading the 268 bytes minimal PE image.
+ oleaut32/tests: Report the error when VarParseNumFromStr() fails.
+ oleaut32: Fix VarParseNumFromStr()'s support for two-character currencies.
+ oleaut32: VarParseNumFromStr() accepts trailing currency symbols.
+Georg Lehmann (3):
+ winevulkan: Fix pointer typedef base types.
+ winevulkan: Update to VK spec version 1.2.185.
+ winevulkan: Enable VK_HUAWEI_subpass_shading.
+Gerald Pfeifer (1):
+ nsiproxy: Include netinet/in.h before if_ether.h.
+Giovanni Mascellani (2):
+ winegstreamer: Set MF_MT_ALL_SAMPLES_INDEPENDENT for audio types.
+ mf/sar: Allow requesting more than a sample per period.
+Henri Verbeet (10):
+ d3d11: Only complain once about d3d10 interface emulation in d3d11_device_context_SwapDeviceContextState().
+ d2d1: Do not clear the device context state in d2d_device_context_draw().
+ wined3d: Use wined3d_mask_from_size() in state_stencil().
+ wined3d: Use wined3d_mask_from_size() in wined3d_context_vk_apply_draw_state().
+ wined3d: Use wined3d_mask_from_size() in wined3d_render_pass_vk_init().
+ winex11: Request VK_KHR_external_memory_capabilities in get_gpu_properties_from_vulkan().
+ winex11: Request VK_KHR_display in get_gpu_properties_from_vulkan().
+ wined3d: Use wined3d_mask_from_size() in shader_glsl_ld_uav().
+ wined3d: Use wined3d_mask_from_size() in shader_glsl_atomic().
+ wined3d: Use wined3d_mask_from_size() in shader_glsl_get_sample_function().
+Hugh McMaster (8):
+ reg/tests: Split 'import' syntax tests into a separate function.
+ reg/tests: Test use of registry views when importing keys and values.
+ reg: Support use of registry views in the 'import' command.
+ reg/tests: Add registry view syntax tests for the 'import' operation.
+ reg/tests: Test use of registry views when exporting registry data.
+ reg/tests: Split 'export' syntax tests into a separate function.
+ reg/tests: Use correct file and line arguments with delete_file().
+ reg: Support use of registry views when exporting registry data.

Huw D. M. Davies (30):
- include: Add netiodef.h.
- uuid: Add a few NPI module ids.
- nsi: Add a stub dll.
- nsi: Add stub implementations of NsiAllocateAndGetTable() and NsiFreeTable().
- nsi/tests: Add tests for the NDIS ifinfo table.
- nsi: Add a stub implementation of NsiGetAllParameters().
- nsi: Add a stub implementation of NsiGetParameter().
- nsi: Add a stub implementation of NsiEnumerateObjectsAllParameters().
- nsi: Add a stub implementation of NsiEnumerateObjectsAllParametersEx().
- nsi: Add a stub implementation of NsiGetAllParametersEx().
- nsi: Add a stub implementation of NsiGetParameterEx().
- nsiproxy: Create the nsi device.
- loader: Add tag ids to ensure nsiproxy.sys starts before ndis.sys.
- nsi: Implement NsiEnumerateObjectsAllParameterEx().
- iphlpapi: Fill out a few more MIB_IF_ROW2 entries.
- iphlpapi: For unknown interface types set the physical address length to zero.
- nsiproxy: Implement NDIS ifinfo enumerate_all.
- nsi: Implement NsiAllocateAndGetTable() and NsiFreeTable().
- nsi: Implement NsiGetAllParametersEx().
- nsiproxy: Implement NDIS ifinfo get_all_parameters.
- nsi: Implement NsiGetParameterEx().
- nsiproxy: Implement NDIS ifinfo get_parameter for a few parameters.
- nsiproxy: Implement NDIS index to luid get_parameter.
- iphlpapi: Use ConvertInterfaceIndexToLuid() where possible.
- iphlpapi: Implement if_nametoindex() using the ConvertInterface* functions.
- iphlpapi: Implement if_indextoname() using the ConvertInterface* functions.
- iphlpapi: Rewrite ConvertInterfaceLuidToNameA/NameToLuidA() to call their unicode equivalents.
-Jacek Caban (19):
- include: Add proofofpossessioncookieinfo.idl file.
- conhost: Silence FIXME in console_input_ioctl.
- gdi32/tests: Add metafile file creation tests.
- gdi32: Delay writing metafile file until CloseMetaFile is called.
- gdi32: Remove no longer used disk-based metafile special-cases.
- gdi32: Delay writing to enhanced metafile file until CreateEnhMetaFile is called.
- gdi32: Introduce gdi_obj_header and use it to store gdi_obj_funcs.
- gdi32: Move more fields from gdi_handle_entry to gdi_obj_header.
- include: Add ntgdi.h file.
- gdi32: Use handle layout compatible with GdiSharedHandleTable to store handles.
- gdi32: Initialize GdiSharedHandleTable in PEB.
- gdi32: Introduce NtGdiSelectPen.
- gdi32: Introduce NtGdiSelectBitmap.
- gdi32: Introduce NtGdiSelectBrush.
- gdi32: Introduce NtGdiSelectFont.
- gdi32: Reimplement SelectObject on top of ntgdi interface.
- gdi32: Use get_object_type for GetObjectType implementation.
- gdi32: Directly use ntgdi interface to select objects.
- gdi32/tests: Add more SelectObject tests.
-Jan Sikorski (1):
- wined3d: Avoid ending the renderpass when issuing a query.
+ maintainers: Add a Network Store Interface section.
+ mountmgr.sys: Move dhcp lookup to a worker thread.
+ iphlpapi: Implement ConvertInterfaceIndexToLuid() on top of nsi.
+ iphlpapi: Implement ConvertInterfaceLuidToIndex() on top of nsi.
+ iphlpapi: Implement ConvertInterfaceGuidToLuid() on top of nsi.
+ iphlpapi: Implement ConvertInterfaceLuidToGuid() on top of nsi.
+ iphlpapi/tests: Run the interface conversion tests on all interfaces.
+ dhcpcsvc: Pass a luid instead of the adapter name.
+ iphlpapi: Implement ConvertInterfaceAliasToLuid().
+ iphlpapi: Implement ConvertInterfaceLuidToAlias().
+ mountmgr: Retrieve the unix-name from the alias.
+ iphlpapi: ConvertInterfaceLuidToNameW/NameToLuidW use names based on the luid's type and index.
+ iphlpapi: Implement GetIfTable2Ex() on top of nsi.
+ iphlpapi: Implement IfGetEntry2Ex() on top of nsi.
+ iphlpapi: Implement GetNumberOfInterfaces() on top of nsi.
+ iphlpapi: Implement ConvertGuidToString[AW]().
+ iphlpapi: Implement ConvertStringToGuidW().
+ iphlpapi: Use ConvertGuidToStringA() where possible.
+ iphlpapi: Implement GetInterfaceInfo() on top of GetIfTable().
+ iphlpapi: Implement GetAdapterIndex() on top of GetIfTable().
+ iphlpapi: Implement GetIfTable() on top of nsi.
+ iphlpapi: Implement GetIfEntry() on top of nsi.
+ iphlpapi: Implement AllocateAndGetIfTableFromStack() on top of nsi.
+ iphlpapi: Return the TCPIP device name in MIB_IFROW.
+ iphlpapi: Remove unused function getInterfaceStatsByName().
+ nsiproxy: Implement IP unicast enumerate_all.
+ nsiproxy: Implement IP unicast get_all_parameters.
+ iphlpapi: Implement GetUnicastIpAddressTable() on top of nsi.
+ iphlpapi: Implement GetUnicastIpAddressEntry() on top of nsi.
+ netapi32: Default to CP_UTF8 when WINEUNIXCP is not set.
+Jacek Caban (32):
+ gdi32: Introduce NtGdiExtGetObjectW.
+ gdi32: Reimplement GetObjectA on top of GetObjectW.
+ gdi32: Implement CreatePenIndirect on top of CreatePen.
+ gdi32: Introduce NtGdiCreatePen.
+ gdi32: Implement CreateBitmapIndirect on top of CreateBitmap.
+ gdi32: Introduce NtGdiCreateBitmap.
+ gdi32: Use ntgdi names for bitmap functions.
+ gdi32: Move CreateDiscardableBitmap implementation to objects.c.
+ gdi32: Introduce NtGdiDeleteObjectApp.
+ gdi32: Introduce NtGdiExtCreateRegion.
+ gdi32: Use ntgdi names for region constructors.
+ gdi32: Use ntgdi names for region functions.
+ gdi32: Move region helper functions to objects.c.
+ gdi32/tests: Remove workarounds for old Windows versions.
+ gdi32/test: Add more handle table tests.
+ gdi32: Store ntgdi object types in handle table.
+ gdi32: Rename gdi_private.h to ntgdi_private.h.
+ gdi32: Use NtGdiCreateClientObj for metafile objects.
+ gdi32: Use NtGdiCreateClientObj for enhmetafile objects.
+ include: Fix C++ InitPropVariantFromGUIDAsBuffer implementation.
+ include: Declare NTSTATUS in propvarutils.h.
+ gdi32: Introduce NtGdiLineTo.
+ gdi32: Introduce NtGdiMoveTo.
+ gdi32: Use NtGdiArcInternal for Arc implementation.
+ gdi32: Use NtGdiArcInternal for ArcTo implementation.
+ gdi32: Use NtGdiArcInternal for Chord implementation.
+ gdi32: Use NtGdiArcInternal for Pie implementation.
+ gdi32: Handle metafiles directly in LineTo implementation.
+ gdi32: Handle metafiles directly in MoveToEx implementation.
+ gdi32: Handle metafiles directly in Chord and Pie implementations.
+ gdi32: Handle metafiles directly in Arc implementation.
+ gdi32: Introduce DC_ATTR struct and use it to store current position.
+Jactry Zeng (1):
+ gdi32: Fix a typo in unix_face_create().
+Julian Rüger (1):
+ po: Update German translation.

Nikolay Sivov (8):
- include: Add MFP_POSITIONTYPE_100NS symbol.
- mfplay: Keep start/stop positions for items.
- mfplay: Set start/stop position on source nodes.
- mf/session: Send failed event when clearing topologies from closed state.
- mf/session: Fix pause command handling from invalid states.
- mf/session: Complete start command when called from invalid state.
- mf/session: Treat only started/paused/stopped as valid states for start command.
- mf/session: Fix typo in a trace message.
-Paul Gofman (6):
- jscript: Don't list LexicalDeclaration in Statement.
- jscript: Initialize variable flags in new_variable_declaration().
- jscript: Factor out compiler statement push and pop functions.
- jscript: Implement 'let' declaration in 'for' statement.
- ntdll/tests: Do not write to fs, gs when testing cleared segment regs on x64.
- mshtml: Handle NULL nsstyle in HTMLWindow7_getComputedStyle().
-Piotr Caban (2):
- msvcrt: Match native sinf results in -Pi/4 - Pi/4 range.
- msvcrt: Match native cosf results in -Pi/4 - Pi/4 range.
-Qian Hong (4):
- ntdll/tests: Test deleting files with an open mapping.
- server: Forbid deleting files with an open mapping.
- ntdll: Truncate files through the server.
- server: Forbid shrinking files which are mapped to memory.
-Roman Pišl (2):
- kernel32: Implement GetProcessGroupAffinity stub.
- ntdll: Don't pretend that the whole address space is reserved on non-i386.
-Rémi Bernon (54):
- d2d1: Query ID3D11Device1 interface in d2d_device_context_init.
- d2d1: Query ID3D11Resource interface in d2d_bitmap_init.
- d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces in CopyFromMemory.
- d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces in d2d_bitmap_init.
- d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces in d2d_device_context_get_surface.
- d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces in d2d_bitmap_create.
- mf/session: Complete session_start command even if already started.
- hidclass.sys: Support parsing of explicit usage page.
- hidclass.sys: Compute report sizes during parsing.
- hidclass.sys: Build an alternate value array.
- hid: Rewrite HidP_Get*Caps using HidP_GetSpecific*Caps.
- hid: Introduce new get_value_caps_range helper for HidP_InitializeReportForID.
- hid: Introduce new enum_value_caps helper for HidP_GetSpecificButtonCaps.
- d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces in d2d_bitmap_create_shared.
- d2d1: Accept ID3D11Resource in d2d_bitmap_init.
- d2d1: Remove pointer indirections in d2d_gradient_create.
- d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces in d2d_gradient_create.
- hid: Rewrite HidP_GetSpecificValueCaps using enum_value_caps.
- hid: Rewrite HidP_MaxUsageListLength using enum_value_caps.
- hid: Rewrite HidP_SetUsages using enum_value_caps.
- hid: Rewrite HidP_GetUsages using enum_value_caps.
- hid: Rewrite HidP_GetUsagesEx using enum_value_caps.
- hid: Introduce new copy_bits helper for HidP_SetUsageValueArray.
- hid: Rewrite HidP_GetUsageValueArray using enum_value_caps.
- hid: Rewrite HidP_SetUsageValue using enum_value_caps.
- hid: Rewrite HidP_GetUsageValue using enum_value_caps.
- hid: Rewrite HidP_GetScaledUsageValue using enum_value_caps.
- d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces to create buffers.
- d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces to create input layout.
- d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces to create vertex shader.
- d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces to create pixel shader.
- hid: Return HIDP_STATUS_INCOMPATIBLE_REPORT_ID when id mismatches.
- hid: Rewrite HidP_MaxDataListLength using enum_value_caps.
- hid: Rewrite HidP_GetData using enum_value_caps.
- hid: Build link collection nodes in HidP_GetLinkCollectionNodes.
- hid: Always return node count in HidP_GetLinkCollectionNodes.
- d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces to create rasterizer state.
- d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces to create blend state.
- d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces to create sampler states.
- d2d1: Use D3DDeviceContextState instead of D3D10 state block.
- d2d1: Remove unused D3D10 interfaces.
- ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Retry timer wait to address spurious failures.
- include: Declare KeInitializeSpinLock as static FORCEINLINE.
- ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some pending / remove tests.
- winebus.sys: Introduce new remove_pending_irps helper.
- winebus.sys: Handle IRP_MN_SURPRISE_REMOVAL and set removed flag.
- ntoskrnl.exe: Implement Ke(Initialize|Insert|Remove)DeviceQueue.
- winebus.sys: Add missing keyboard free_device callback.
- hidclass.sys: Disable the keyboard device interface on removal.
- wineusb.sys: Introduce new remove_pending_irps helper.
- wineusb.sys: Handle IRP_MN_SURPRISE_REMOVAL and set removed flag.
- wineusb.sys: Return STATUS_DELETE_PENDING when device is removed.
- hidclass.sys: Stop accepting IRPs after device removal.
- crypt32: Grow item size buffer by more than 1 at a time.
-Tim Clem (2):
- quartz/tests: Test IGraphBuilder::RenderFile() cleanup on failure.
- quartz: Remove the source filter on failure in IGraphBuilder::RenderFile().
-Zebediah Figura (83):
- ws2_32/tests: Avoid some more test failures on Vista.
- ws2_32: Use IOCTL_AFD_POLL in WSAPoll().
- ws2_32: Reimplement select() on top of IOCTL_AFD_POLL.
- server: Introduce IOCTL_AFD_WINE_GET_INFO.
- server: Remove the no longer used get_socket_info request.
- wined3d: Do not call wined3d_buffer_get_memory() in wined3d_buffer_init_data().
- wined3d: Remove the now redundant "locations" parameter from wined3d_buffer_get_memory().
- wined3d: Handle WINED3D_LOCATION_DISCARDED in wined3d_buffer_get_memory().
- wined3d: Factor out wined3d_buffer_copy_bo_address().
- wined3d: Do not use a staging buffer if discarding a mappable buffer in adapter_vk_copy_bo_address().
- ws2_32: Use Win32 getsockname() and getpeername() in SO_BSP_STATE.
- ws2_32/tests: Test setting SO_ACCEPTCONN.
- ws2_32: Explicitly forbid setting SO_ACCEPTCONN.
- ws2_32/tests: Test setting SO_TYPE.
- ws2_32: Explicitly forbid setting SO_TYPE.
- ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(SO_BROADCAST) implementation to ntdll.
- ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(SO_BROADCAST) implementation to ntdll.
- ws2_32/tests: Add some tests for SO_DEBUG.
- ws2_32: Make getsockopt(SO_DEBUG) into a stub.
- server: Introduce IOCTL_AFD_WINE_GET_SO_ERROR.
- server: Remove the no longer used get_socket_event request.
- ws2_32: Explicitly stub setsockopt(SO_ERROR).
- ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(SO_KEEPALIVE) implementation to ntdll.
- ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(SO_KEEPALIVE) implementation to ntdll.
- ntdll/tests: Fix AVX tests on processors that don't support XSAVEOPT.
- ntdll/tests: Fix a failure in test_thread_context() under Wine.
- ntdll/tests: Mark a test as conditionally succeeding under Wine.
- ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(SO_LINGER) implementation to ntdll.
- ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(SO_LINGER) implementation to ntdll.
- ws2_32: Implement getsockopt(SO_DONTLINGER) on top of Win32 getsockopt(SO_LINGER).
- ws2_32: Implement setsockopt(SO_DONTLINGER) on top of Win32 setsockopt(SO_LINGER).
- ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(SO_OOBINLINE) implementation to ntdll.
- ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(SO_OOBINLINE) implementation to ntdll.
- wined3d: Use a wined3d_resource operation to retrieve the resource dimensions in wined3d_device_context_update_sub_resource().
- wined3d: Always pass a non-NULL box to context->ops->map().
- wined3d: Return the map pitch in wined3d_device_context_map().
- qcap/vfwcapture: Set the correct allocator properties when connecting.
- wined3d: Pass a wined3d_resource and sub-resource index to wined3d_texture_check_box_dimensions().
- wined3d: Move box validation to wined3d_device_context_map().
- server: Introduce IOCTL_AFD_WINE_SET_SO_RCVBUF.
- server: Introduce IOCTL_AFD_WINE_GET_SO_RCVBUF.
- kernel32/tests: Add some tests for SetEndOfFile().
- wined3d: Create buffers with a format of WINED3DFMT_R8_UNORM.
- wined3d: Use wined3d_buffer_copy_bo_address() in wined3d_cs_exec_update_sub_resource().
- wined3d: Pass a wined3d_const_bo_address to wined3d_cs_exec_update_sub_resource().
- ws2_32: Handle SO_RCVTIMEO in the server.
- ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(SO_REUSEADDR) implementation to ntdll.
- ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(SO_REUSEADDR) implementation to ntdll.
- winegstreamer: Change the formatting of error and warning messages a bit.
- quartz: Do not print an incorrect state warning in MediaFilter_GetState() if a filter has been run asynchronously.
- server: Introduce IOCTL_AFD_WINE_SET_SO_SNDBUF.
- server: Introduce IOCTL_AFD_WINE_GET_SO_SNDBUF.
- ws2_32: Handle SO_SNDTIMEO in the server.
- advapi32/tests: Test the type and impersonation level of a linked token.
- server: Create linked tokens as impersonation tokens.
- ws2_32: Reimplement getsockopt(SO_TYPE) on top of ws_protocol_info().
- ws2_32: Use ws_protocol_info() in getsockopt(SO_LINGER).
- ws2_32/tests: Add tests for options which can only be set.
- ws2_32: Explicitly return WSAENOPROTOOPT for IP membership options in getsockopt().
- ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP) implementation to ntdll.
- server: Use a separate request to retrieve the object name.
- server: Return STATUS_KEY_DELETED when trying to retrieve the full name of a deleted key.
- ntdll/tests: Add more tests for deleted keys.
- wined3d: Introduce a prepare_upload_bo device context operation and use it to upload sub-resource data.
- wined3d: Implement wined3d_deferred_context_prepare_upload_bo().
- d3d11: Forbid map types other than DISCARD and NOOVERWRITE on a deferred context.
- wined3d: Use context->ops->prepare_upload_bo() in wined3d_device_context_map() if possible.
- wined3d: Implement NOOVERWRITE maps in wined3d_deferred_context_prepare_upload_bo().
- wined3d: No longer queue WINED3D_CS_QUEUE_MAP operations through wined3d_device_context_ops.
- include: Add a helper macro to define wine AFD control codes.
- ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_ADD_SOURCE_MEMBERSHIP) implementation to ntdll.
- ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_BLOCK_SOURCE) implementation to ntdll.
- ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(IP_DONTFRAGMENT) implementation to ntdll.
- ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_DONTFRAGMENT) implementation to ntdll.
- wined3d: Print a message when forcing CS serialization.
-Zhiyi Zhang (35):
- winex11.drv: Cache the current mode for detached outputs.
- uxtheme/tests: Test SetWindowTheme() with a non-existent subclass.
- uxtheme: Fall back to default class if the specified subclass is not found.
- uxtheme: Set last error code for OpenThemeDataEx().
- uxtheme: Check window handle for GetWindowTheme().
- uxtheme: Check window handle for SetWindowTheme().
- comctl32/tests: Add UDS_SETBUDDY tests.
- winecfg: Set buddy window for the size up-down control only once.
- comctl32/theme_scrollbar: Draw parent background before drawing control parts.
- comctl32/treeview: Draw parent background before drawing control parts.
- comctl32/toolbar: Remove a redundant theme handle check in TOOLBAR_NCCreate().
- comctl32/toolbar: Test that toolbar shouldn't use outside theme handles.
- comctl32/toolbar: Don't use outside theme handles.
- comctl32/trackbar: Update control parts when style changed.
- light.msstyles: Add Classic Blue visual style.
- light.msstyles: Add Blue stub visual style.
- light.msstyles: Add Button parts.
- light.msstyles: Add ComboBox parts.
- light.msstyles: Add Edit parts.
- light.msstyles: Add List Box parts.
- light.msstyles: Add Scroll Bar parts.
- light.msstyles: Add Spin parts.
- light.msstyles: Add Toolbar parts.
- light.msstyles: Add Rebar parts.
- light.msstyles: Add Status parts.
- light.msstyles: Add ListView parts.
- light.msstyles: Add TreeView parts.
- light.msstyles: Add Header parts.
- light.msstyles: Add Progress parts.
- light.msstyles: Add Tab parts.
- light.msstyles: Add TrackBar parts.
- light.msstyles: Add Tooltip parts.
- uxtheme/tests: Test that SetWindowTheme() should send WM_THEMECHANGED instead of posting it.
- uxtheme: Send WM_THEMECHANGED instead of posting it in SetWindowTheme().
- winecfg: Don't convert font height to points when saving system font metrics.
+ mf/evr: Query d3d device manager via MR_VIDEO_RENDER_SERVICE service.
+ evr/mixer: Set MF_MT_INTERLACE_MODE for the mixer output types.
+ mf/session: Forward MR_POLICY_VOLUME_SERVICE service requests to the SAR node.
+ mf/session: Use better failure code for rendering node service requests.
+ winegstreamer: Use consistent trace format for MF objects.
+ mfplat: Add some Video Processor attributes to tracing.
+ mfmediaengine: Handle shutdown state in SetSource().
+ mfmediaengine: Update network state when loading the media source.
+Paul Gofman (11):
+ mshtml: Move assert.h include to mshtml_private.h.
+ mshtml_private.tlb: Add private typelib.
+ mshtml: Export requestAnimationFrame() through a private interface.
+ mshtml: Add console object stub implementation.
+ ntdll: Add SystemKernelDebuggerInformationEx info class to NtQuerySystemInformation().
+ ntdll: Add stub for ProcessInstrumentationCallback info class in NtSetInformationProcess().
+ mshtml: Add stub for HTMLElement classList property.
+ mshtml: Add stub object for HTMLElement classList.
+ mshtml: Implement IWineDOMTokenList_add() method.
+ mshtml: Implement IWineDOMTokenList_remove() method.
+ ntdll: Comment out stubs for Nt and Zw functions.
+Piotr Caban (1):
+ msvcrt: Update round_limb on first limb length change in printf.
+Rémi Bernon (15):
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Only count test driver load notify.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Sync test utils with wine/test.h.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add more tests for button array caps.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some HidD_GetInputReport tests.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some HidD_GetFeature tests.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some HidD_SetFeature tests.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some HidD_SetOutputReport tests.
+ ntoskrnl.exe: Send IRP_MN_SURPRISE_REMOVAL to the device stack first.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Return STATUS_PENDING from IOCTL_HID_READ_REPORT.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add HID driver test in polled mode.
+ hidclass.sys: Return error on invalid write buffer size.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some IOCTL_HID_WRITE_REPORT tests.
+ hidclass.sys: Return error on invalid read buffer size.
+ ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some IOCTL_HID_READ_REPORT tests.
+ wine.inf: Consistently quote shell open and print commands.
+Steve Lhomme (1):
+ include: Add AV1 support to dxva.h.
+Tim Clem (3):
+ wininet/tests: Test InternetCrackUrl when given a bogus length.
+ wininet: Make heap_strndupAtoW stop at the first null.
+ wininet: Treat dwUrlLength as a maximum in InternetCrackUrlW.
+Zebediah Figura (64):
+ server: Don't check the user data for NULL in async_terminate().
+ server: Call the close_handle callback and release_object_from_handle() in the same loop.
+ server: Explicitly return whether a select request was immediately signaled.
+ server: Remove special handling of STATUS_MORE_PROCESSING_REQUIRED.
+ ws2_32/tests: Fix some connection timeout tests.
+ ws2_32/tests: Add more tests for connection failure.
+ server: Return a Win32 error code from IOCTL_AFD_WINE_GET_SO_ERROR.
+ server: Separate a poll_single_socket() helper.
+ server: Report AFD_POLL_CONNECT_ERR if a previous connection attempt failed.
+ wined3d: Factor out most of the execute_command_list callback to a common function.
+ wined3d: Pass a wined3d_cs pointer to wined3d_not_from_cs().
+ wined3d: Set an array of constant buffers as a single CS operation.
+ wined3d: Set an array of shader resource views as a single CS operation.
+ wined3d: Set an array of samplers as a single CS operation.
+ server: Clear the connection error after a successful connection.
+ ws2_32/tests: Add more tests for invalid calls to connect() and ConnectEx().
+ server: Explicitly forbid connecting a listening or connected socket.
+ ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_DROP_MEMBERSHIP) implementation to ntdll.
+ ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_DROP_SOURCE_MEMBERSHIP) implementation to ntdll.
+ wined3d: Introduce a wined3d_bound_range() helper.
+ wined3d: Set an array of UAVs as a single CS operation.
+ ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(IP_HDRINCL) implementation to ntdll.
+ ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_HDRINCL) implementation to ntdll.
+ ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(IP_MULTICAST_IF) implementation to ntdll.
+ ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_MULTICAST_IF) implementation to ntdll.
+ ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(IP_MULTICAST_LOOP) implementation to ntdll.
+ include: Fix a byte offset in a comment.
+ wined3d: Move the uploads array in wined3d_deferred_context_record_command_list().
+ wined3d: Fix some memory leaks when destroying command lists.
+ wined3d: Fix some memory leaks when destroying deferred contexts.
+ ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_MULTICAST_LOOP) implementation to ntdll.
+ ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(IP_MULTICAST_TTL) implementation to ntdll.
+ ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_MULTICAST_TTL) implementation to ntdll.
+ ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(IP_OPTIONS) implementation to ntdll.
+ ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_OPTIONS) implementation to ntdll.
+ ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(IP_PKTINFO) implementation to ntdll.
+ ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_PKTINFO) implementation to ntdll.
+ ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(IP_TOS) implementation to ntdll.
+ ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_TOS) implementation to ntdll.
+ ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(IP_TTL) implementation to ntdll.
+ qasf: Switch to the quartz debug channel.
+ qcap: Switch to the quartz debug channel.
+ qedit: Switch to the quartz debug channel.
+ qdvd: Switch to the quartz debug channel.
+ amstream: Switch to the quartz debug channel.
+ winegstreamer: Avoid using WARN_ON from a GStreamer callback.
+ winegstreamer: Factor out create_element().
+ winegstreamer: Avoid using Wine debugging functions at all in the Unix library.
+ winegstreamer: Switch to the quartz debug channel.
+ strmbase: Switch to the quartz debug channel.
+ wined3d: Recursively acquire queued command lists in wined3d_cs_acquire_command_list().
+ wined3d: Set the entire stream output state as a single CS operation.
+ wined3d: Set both the stream source and frequency for a given index as a single CS operation.
+ d3d11: Fail IASetVertexBuffers() if any of the offsets are unaligned.
+ wined3d: Set an arary of stream sources as a single CS operation.
+ d3d11: Fail OMSetRenderTargets() if any of the views have the wrong binding flags.
+ wined3d: Set an array of rendertarget views as a single CS operation.
+ d3d11: Implement constant buffer offsetting for OpenGL.
+ d3d11/tests: Add tests for constant buffer offsetting.
+ ntdll: Use a separate +unwind debug channel for unwinding on x86-64.
+ quartz: Factor out more of AdviseTime() and AdvisePeriodic().
+ quartz: Use a condition variable to wake up the system clock advise thread.
+ quartz/tests: Check that system clock measurements are in sequence instead of comparing absolute time.
+ quartz: Free outstanding advise requests when destroying a system clock.
+Zhiyi Zhang (17):
+ user32: Avoid unnecessary scroll bar drawing.
+ user32: Remove SCROLL_DrawInterior_9x().
+ user32: Modify SCROLL_MovingThumb outside of SCROLL_DrawMovingThumb().
+ user32: Introduce a SCROLL_DrawNCScrollBar() to draw scroll bars in non-client area.
+ user32: Call SCROLL_DrawScrollBar() to draw arrows in SCROLL_HandleScrollEvent().
+ uxtheme: Avoid memory leaks.
+ user32: Call SCROLL_DrawScrollBar() to draw moving thumb in SCROLL_HandleScrollEvent().
+ user32: Call SCROLL_DrawScrollBar() to draw tracks in SCROLL_HandleScrollEvent().
+ user32: Pass a scroll bar tracking info parameter to SCROLL_DrawScrollBar().
+ user32: Separate scroll bar drawing calculation from actual drawing.
+ user32: Separate scroll bar window checks from actual drawing.
+ user32: Draw scroll bar size box and size grip in a single function.
+ uxtheme: Move themed scroll bar to uxtheme.
+ uxtheme: Move themed dialog to uxtheme.
+ uxtheme: Support drawing themed standard scroll bars.
+ uxtheme: Support pressed state for themed scroll bars.
+ uxtheme: Support scroll bar state tracking in non-client areas.

Ziqing Hui (4):
- d3dx10/tests: Test texture returned by D3DX10CreateTextureFromMemory on failure.
- d3dx10: Introduce initial D3DX10CreateTextureFromMemory() implementation.
- d3dx10: Handle format conversion in D3DX10CreateTextureFromMemory().
- d3dx10: Support block compressed formats in D3DX10CreateTextureFromMemory().
+ include: Add the D2D12DAffineTransform definitions.
+ d2d1/tests: Add an effects test.
+ d2d1: Add a ID2D1Image interface for effects.
+ d2d1: Implement d2d_effect_GetOutput().

Alexandre Julliard
diff --git a/AUTHORS b/AUTHORS
index f79c4aa1126..7765c168cce 100644
@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@ Adam Stachowicz
Adam Stoelting
Adrian Bunk
Adrian Harvey
+Adrian Thiele
Adrian Thurston
Aidan Thornton
Akihiro Sagawa
@@ -482,6 +483,7 @@ Eriks Dobelis
Erik Svendsen
Erwin Wolff
Eryk Wieliczko
+Esdras Tarsis
Esme Povirk
Ethan Chen
Ethan Lee
diff --git a/VERSION b/VERSION
index 8fe2385a6b0..77b42433746 100644
@@ -1 +1 @@
-Wine version 6.12
+Wine version 6.13
diff --git a/configure b/configure
index 3ddf6959a9e..5e5a1e47318 100755
--- a/configure
+++ b/configure
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
#! /bin/sh
# Guess values for system-dependent variables and create Makefiles.
-# Generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69 for Wine 6.12.
+# Generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69 for Wine 6.13.
# Report bugs to .
@@ -580,8 +580,8 @@ MAKEFLAGS=
# Identity of this package.

@@ -2529,7 +2529,7 @@ if test "$ac_init_help" = "long"; then
# Omit some internal or obsolete options to make the list less imposing.
# This message is too long to be a string in the A/UX 3.1 sh.
cat <<_ACEOF
-\`configure' configures Wine 6.12 to adapt to many kinds of systems.
+\`configure' configures Wine 6.13 to adapt to many kinds of systems.

Usage: $0 [OPTION]... [VAR=VALUE]...

@@ -2599,7 +2599,7 @@ fi

if test -n "$ac_init_help"; then
case $ac_init_help in
- short | recursive ) echo "Configuration of Wine 6.12:";;
+ short | recursive ) echo "Configuration of Wine 6.13:";;
cat <<\_ACEOF

@@ -2858,7 +2858,7 @@ fi
test -n "$ac_init_help" && exit $ac_status
if $ac_init_version; then
cat <<\_ACEOF
-Wine configure 6.12
+Wine configure 6.13
generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69

Copyright (C) 2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
@@ -3542,7 +3542,7 @@ cat >config.log <<_ACEOF
This file contains any messages produced by compilers while
running configure, to aid debugging if configure makes a mistake.

-It was created by Wine $as_me 6.12, which was
+It was created by Wine $as_me 6.13, which was
generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69. Invocation command line was

$ $0 $@
@@ -21953,7 +21953,7 @@ cat >>$CONFIG_STATUS <<\_ACEOF || ac_write_fail=1
# report actual input values of CONFIG_FILES etc. instead of their
# values after options handling.
-This file was extended by Wine $as_me 6.12, which was
+This file was extended by Wine $as_me 6.13, which was
generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69. Invocation command line was

@@ -22024,7 +22024,7 @@ _ACEOF
cat >>$CONFIG_STATUS <<_ACEOF || ac_write_fail=1
ac_cs_config="`$as_echo "$ac_configure_args" | sed 's/^ //; s/[\\""\`\$]/\\\\&/g'`"
-Wine config.status 6.12
+Wine config.status 6.13
configured by $0, generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69,
with options \\"\$ac_cs_config\\"

feb088b2247 Release 6.13.
ANNOUNCE | 847 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------------------
VERSION | 2 +-
configure | 18 +-
4 files changed, 394 insertions(+), 475 deletions(-)


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