glamor: Add support for exporting depth 16 pixmaps

Graphics / X.Org / X.Org Server - Eric Anholt [] - 7 September 2018 22:49 UTC

With a patch to mesa to expose rgb565 pbuffers even on a server with only depth 24 and 32 visuals, fixes dEQP-EGL.functional.render.single_context.gles2.rgb565_pbuffer. Those pbuffers (or at least something renderable with 565) are required by the current CTS for GLES3, and having the server support DRI3 on those pixmaps means that we can avoid having a different path for EGL pbuffers compared to pixmaps.

b3f64786a glamor: Add support for exporting depth 16 pixmaps.
glamor/glamor_egl.c | 22 ++++++++++++++--------
1 file changed, 14 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)


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