Implement alternative month names (bug 10871).

System Internals / glibc - Rafal Luzynski [] - 22 January 2018 10:26 EST

Some languages (Slavic, Baltic, etc.) require a genitive case of the month name when formatting a full date (with the day number) while they require a nominative case when referring to the month standalone. This requirement cannot be fulfilled without providing two forms for each month name. From now it is specified that nl_langinfo(MON_1) series (up to MON_12) and strftime("%B") generate the month names in the grammatical form used when the month is a part of a complete date. If the grammatical form used when the month is named by itself is needed, the new values nl_langinfo(ALTMON_1) (up to ALTMON_12) and strftime("%OB") are supported. This new feature is optional so the languages which do not need it or do not yet provide the updated locales simply do not use it and their behaviour is unchanged.

[BZ #10871]
- locale/C-time.c (_nl_C_LC_TIME): Add alternative month names, define them as the same as primary full month names explicitly.
- locale/categories.def (LC_TIME): Add alt_mon and wide-alt_mon.
- locale/langinfo.h (__ALTMON_1, __ALTMON_2, __ALTMON_3, __ALTMON_4, __ALTMON_5, __ALTMON_6, __ALTMON_7, __ALTMON_8, __ALTMON_9, __ALTMON_10, __ALTMON_11, __ALTMON_12, _NL_WALTMON_1, _NL_WALTMON_2, _NL_WALTMON_3, _NL_WALTMON_4, _NL_WALTMON_5, _NL_WALTMON_6, _NL_WALTMON_7, _NL_WALTMON_8, _NL_WALTMON_9, _NL_WALTMON_10, _NL_WALTMON_11, _NL_WALTMON_12): New enum constants. [__USE_GNU] (ALTMON_1, ALTMON_2, ALTMON_3, ALTMON_4, ALTMON_5, ALTMON_6, ALTMON_7, ALTMON_8, ALTMON_9, ALTMON_10, ALTMON_11, ALTMON_12): New macros.
- locale/programs/ld-time.c (struct locale_time_t): Add alt_mon, walt_mon, and alt_mon_defined members. (time_output): Output alt_mon and walt_mon members. (time_read): Read them, initialize them as copies of mon and wmon respectively if they are missing, initialize alt_mon_defined.
- locale/programs/locfile-kw.gperf (alt_mon): Define.
- locale/programs/locfile-kw.h: Regenerate.
- locale/programs/locfile-token.h (tok_alt_mon): New enum constant.
- localedata/tst-langinfo.c (map): Add tests for the new constants ALTMON_1 .. ALTMON_12.
- time/Makefile [$(run-built-tests) = yes] (LOCALES): Add fr_FR.UTF-8 and pl_PL.UTF-8.
- time/strftime_l.c (f_altmonth): New macro. (__strftime_internal): Handle %OB format.
- time/strptime_l.c [_LIBC] (alt_month_name): New macro. (__strptime_internal): Handle %OB format.
- time/tst-strptime.c (day_tests): Add tests to parse different forms of month names including the new %OB format specifier.

95cb863a1e Implement alternative month names (bug 10871).
ChangeLog | 34 ++++++++++++
locale/C-time.c | 28 +++++++++-
locale/categories.def | 2 +
locale/langinfo.h | 50 +++++++++++++++++-
locale/programs/ld-time.c | 21 ++++++++
locale/programs/locfile-kw.gperf | 1 +
locale/programs/locfile-kw.h | 108 ++++++++++++++++++++-------------------
locale/programs/locfile-token.h | 1 +
localedata/tst-langinfo.c | 12 +++++
time/Makefile | 3 +-
time/strftime_l.c | 11 +++-
time/strptime_l.c | 32 ++++++++++--
time/tst-strptime.c | 12 +++++
13 files changed, 251 insertions(+), 64 deletions(-)


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