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Graphics / Mesa 3D Graphics Library / libdrm - Daniel Vetter [] - 4 September 2018 12:15 EDT

I picked up a bunch of the pieces from wayland's version:

The weston one is fairly similar. Then I rather massively trimmed it down since in reality libdrm is a bit a dumping ground with very few real rules. The commit rights and CoC sections I've copied verbatim from igt respectively drm-misc. Weston/Wayland only differ in their pick of how many patches you need (10 instead of 5). I think for libdrm this is supremely relevant, since most everyone will get their commit rights by contributing already to the kernel or mesa and having commit rights there already.

Anyway, I figured this is good to get the rules documented, even if there's mostly not many rules.

Note: This references maintainers in a MAINTAINERS file, which needs to be created first.

Note: With the gitlab migration the entire commit rights process is still a bit up in the air. But gitlab commit rights and roles are hierarchical, so we can do libdrm-only maintainer/commiter roles ("Owner" and "Developer" in gitlab-speak). This should avoid conflating libdrm roles with mesa roles, useful for those pushing to libdrm as primarily kernel contributors.

v2: Comments from Emil:
- Recommend subject prefix.
- Fix copypaste fumbles, this isn't igt/wayland ...

v3: Comments from Marek:- libdrm moved to mesa, update the document. Atm the entire account request situation is entirely not clear for gitlab and mesa projects, so that's a bit up in the air. Also, should probably send an announcement to dri-devel@, which didn't happen.
- amd folks don't submit their patches to dri-devel, document that. Probably applies to other drivers too.

v4: Comments from Rob:- Also include kernel/userspace in the commit counts criteria, due to libdrm's special role as a glue library.

v5: Summarize the irc discussion on gitlab roles in the commit message a bit.

v6: Some grammer stuff from Eric E.

v7: Use --local in git config (Eric E.)

Cc: Dave Airlie Cc: Michel Dänzer Cc: Emil Velikov Cc: Marek Olšák Cc: Rob Clark Cc: Eric Engestrom

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