Drop support for dead GNU Java

Desktop / LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann [redhat.com] - 20 October 2021 19:33 UTC

...which no longer worked anyway at least since aafc10c9edb61e13ac557c7e43c8d4a31dce4f37 "Bump Java baseline to Java 8": According to , the last
version of GCC providing Java was GCC 6.5. But trying to add a build of that ("Tools - Options... - LibreOffice - Advanced - Java Options - Add...") would already have failed before this commit due to a java.lang.ClassFormatError ("JREProperties (unrecognized class file version)") when executing the JREProperties code compiled with --release 8. (Whereas now it fails because it cannot even determine a JRE installation there according to the SunInfo rather than GnuInfo rules used for the now-unknown vendor.)

The elements of the modified jvmfwk/distributions/OpenOfficeorg/javavendors_*.xml have not been updated in line with the rules documented at the end of jvmfwk/README.md: As mentioned above, a GNU Java JRE cannot have been selected prior to this commit anyway, so even though this is nominally an incompatible change of the xml files, actually updating would only have negative ("just annoying if an already selected JRE is still supported") but no positive consequences.

Change-Id: Ica245677dae977360bdb3c6544897eb060c3f844 Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/c/core/+/123906

95c38f6d77f1 Drop support for dead GNU Java
jvmfwk/Library_jvmfwk.mk | 1 -
.../OpenOfficeorg/javavendors_freebsd.xml | 3 -
.../OpenOfficeorg/javavendors_linux.xml | 3 -
jvmfwk/plugins/sunmajor/pluginlib/gnujre.cxx | 280 ---------------------
jvmfwk/plugins/sunmajor/pluginlib/gnujre.hxx | 47 ----
jvmfwk/plugins/sunmajor/pluginlib/vendorlist.cxx | 2 -
solenv/clang-format/excludelist | 1 -
7 files changed, 337 deletions(-)

Upstream: cgit.freedesktop.org

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