sw: add document model for multi-page fly frames

Desktop / LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna [collabora.com] - 24 January 2023 15:50 UTC

Currently we can have multi-page tables and fly frames (where the content wraps around the fly frame), but not both at the same time.

Allowing multi-page fly frames in general would probably go too far, but handling this in case the fly frame only contains a table would make sense to support Word's multi-page floating tables.

Fix this by adding a new SwFormatFlySplit property on fly frames: this is meant to be enabled when the fly frame is part of a multi-page floating table.

Unlike table split, this is off by default. Some logic will be needed later to enable this in case the fly frame originates from a Word floating table. (And obvously this is just the doc model, everything else still needs doing.)

Change-Id: Id92130c684016cd7e7153e15b0ec6821e4471879 Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/c/core/+/146095

0bb90afaeb19 sw: add document model for multi-page fly frames
sw/Library_sw.mk | 1 +
sw/inc/format.hxx | 1 +
sw/inc/formatflysplit.hxx | 52 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
sw/inc/hintids.hxx | 53 +++++++++++++++++-----------------
sw/inc/swatrset.hxx | 2 ++
sw/qa/core/attr/attr.cxx | 23 +++++++++++++++
sw/source/core/attr/formatflysplit.cxx | 39 +++++++++++++++++++++++++
sw/source/core/bastyp/init.cxx | 5 ++--
8 files changed, 148 insertions(+), 28 deletions(-)

Upstream: cgit.freedesktop.org

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