xfree86: Remove xf86InterceptSigIll

Graphics / X.Org / X.Org Server - Adam Jackson [redhat.com] - 13 December 2017 16:11 UTC

This was added in ~2004 for the sis driver, to detect whether it could use SSE for memcpy. Charmingly, the code to check whether that feature exists in the server is:

#if XORG_VERSION_CURRENT >= XORG_VERSION_NUMERIC(6,8,99,13,0) #define SISCHECKOSSSE /* Automatic check OS for SSE; requires SigIll facility */ #endif

Which means it has never worked in any modular server release.

A less gross way to do this is to check for SSE support with getauxval() or /proc/cpuinfo or similar. Since no driver is using the existing intercept mechanism, drop it.

722c8035d xfree86: Remove xf86InterceptSigIll
hw/xfree86/common/xf86.h | 1 -
hw/xfree86/common/xf86Events.c | 13 -------------
2 files changed, 14 deletions(-)

Upstream: cgit.freedesktop.org

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