meson: Add prefix=/usr/local/pgsql to default_options

1 October 19:41 - PostgreSQL - Andres Freund

autoconf set PREFIX to /usr/local/pgsql, so using the same default for meson makes sense.

Allow building libeot on any platform

1 October 16:14 - LibreOffice - Khaled Hosny

It is not enabled by default, so I don’t see the point of silently over-riding configure option.

More unit-tests updates

1 October 14:57 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

- move RangeTest to libtemporal tests

tdf#72456: Support font embedding on macOS

1 October 11:10 - LibreOffice - Khaled Hosny

With the previous commit, when we want the full font data we pass 0 for table tag.

vcl: Use PhysicalFontFace::GetRawFontData() for font embedding

1 October 11:09 - LibreOffice - Khaled Hosny

Change-Id: I6f7c4508f7cef022eaf65a998cb242078d3771c6 Reviewed-on:

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triggerbox: handle tempo map changes better inside and around MIDI triggers

30 September 23:23 - Ardour - Paul Davis

We now try to get to the right location within the MIDI data and continue playing, rather than pretending that we reached the end.

libardour: infrastructure for notifying routes of tempo map change

30 September 23:21 - Ardour - Paul Davis

The call to the Session is made before we call ::process(), from the AudioEngine.

Fix iseqsig for _FloatN and _FloatNx in C++ with GCC 13

30 September 19:36 - glibc - Joseph Myers

With GCC 13, _FloatN and _FloatNx types, when they exist, are distinct types like they are in C with GCC 7 and later, rather than typedefs for types such as float, double or long double. This breaks the templated iseqsig implementation for C++ in <math.h>, when used with types that were previously implemented as aliases.

util/lint: Update tools that use git to use a library

30 September 19:19 - Coreboot - Martin Roth

Each of the tools that used git had similar functionality.

vcl: Use font’s underline/strike position and size

30 September 18:54 - LibreOffice - Khaled Hosny

This respects the values set by font designer, which are usually better than the values we calculate especially for fonts with deep descenders (like Amiri).

mb/prodrive/atlas: Add Kconfig option to enable SaGv

30 September 16:51 - Coreboot - Lean Sheng Tan

It turns out that one can use Kconfig options to specify values for devicetree options, as long as the resulting expression is a compile time constant.

vcl: Apply variations to font metrics

30 September 14:17 - LibreOffice - Khaled Hosny

Use HarfBuzz API instead of reading the raw font table directly, since HarfBuzz will apply the font variations as needed.

mb/google/skyrim/Kconfig: Enable DPTC and No Battery Mode

30 September 13:19 - Coreboot - Tim Van Patten

Enable DPTC and No Battery Mode for Skyrim.

mb/google/guybrush: enable display backlight in ramstage

30 September 13:15 - Coreboot - Matt DeVillier

Commit c7204b5a4 [mb/google/guybrush: Enable backlight in the OS] disabled the GPIO for the display backlight in favor of using ACPI to enable it, but this breaks display output for payloads which do not/can not enable the backlight GPIO themselves (edk2, grub, SeaBIOS).

LibreLogo: fix ast, gug, hsb and sid language support

30 September 12:28 - LibreOffice - László Németh

Asturian (ast), Paraguayan Guaraní (gug), Sidamo (sid) and Upper-Sorbian (hsb) localizations did't work despite their existing localization stored in the language fallback dictionary of, because their 3-letter language identifiers with their country codes trimmed to 2-letter, for example: "hsb-DE" -> "hs" instead of the correct "hsb".

drivers/crb: Add SMBIOS hook to generate type 43 TPM Device

30 September 08:21 - Coreboot - Michał Żygowski

Example for Alder Lake PTT:

smbios: Add API to generate SMBIOS type 43 TPM Device

30 September 08:20 - Coreboot - Michał Żygowski

Based on DMTF SMBIOS Specification 3.

libavcodec/qsvenc: Add framerate reset support to qsv

30 September 01:20 - FFmpeg - Wenbin Chen

libavcodec/qsvenc: Add bitrate reset support to qsvenc

30 September 01:20 - FFmpeg - Wenbin Chen

mb/google/rex: Enable EC SW Sync

29 September 13:40 - Coreboot - Subrata Banik

This patch de-selects EC software sync config and enable early EC Software Sync.

tdf#151197: Remove EmojiControl

29 September 12:39 - LibreOffice - Khaled Hosny

Change-Id: I7fb423727425ec42d1161f6ac5649f5cac82f12f Reviewed-on:

split utl::TempFile into fast and named variants

29 September 07:11 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

which makes it easier to know what each variant requires to stay on it's happy path


29 September 06:05 - PostgreSQL - Michael Paquier

SYSTEM_USER is a reserved keyword of the SQL specification that, roughly described, is aimed at reporting some information about the system user who has connected to the database server.

Update _FloatN header support for C++ in GCC 13

28 September 20:10 - glibc - Joseph Myers

GCC 13 adds support for _FloatN and _FloatNx types in C++, so breaking the installed glibc headers that assume such support is not present.

intelmetool: Add PCI ID for Bay Trail

28 September 18:22 - Coreboot - Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli

Tested on a Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet

mb/google/rex: Set up MIPI cameras via ACPI

28 September 16:13 - Coreboot - Daniel Kang

This patch adds ACPI configurations of 8MP YHUX and 2MP CJFKF28-1 as world- and user-facing cameras of Rex.

avutil/version: bump minor for the new RISC-V cpu flags

28 September 15:21 - FFmpeg - James Almer

Forgotten in 0c0a3deb1826638915775daa7cefb891a300060b.

mb/google/brya/vell: Add PS1/PS2 cutoff point

28 September 15:10 - Coreboot - Shon Wang

According intel Doc#634254 and Doc#608715 PS2/PS1 cross point = 5 PS1/PS0 cross point = 10 PS2 cutoff = 1.4*(PS2/PS1 cross point) = 7

mb/google/octopus/ampton: Use variant_override_gpio_table

28 September 15:09 - Coreboot - Matt DeVillier

Rather than duplicating the entire set of GPIOs from the baseboard, use the variant_override_gpio_table() method like all other octopus

tdf#147724: DOCX STD import: use storeid to indetify custom XML

28 September 07:58 - LibreOffice - Vasily Melenchuk

We need to identify XML document to use by storeid in sdt block and in properties of external XML file.

crashtesting: fix PDF export of fdo83057-2.docx

28 September 07:46 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Loading this document and laying it out resulted in an assertion failure since commit de90c192cb8f1f03a4028493d8bfe9a127a76b2a (sw content controls, plain text: enable DOCX filter with data binding, 2022-09-19). Writer has two relevant invariants: First, if a draw shape is anchored into a header, then the "master" shape (typically on the first page) and its "virtual" shapes (on other pages) have their indexes / ZOrders set so that the master shape has the highest index.

mb/google/brya/variant/brya0: Add two new memory parts

27 September 21:52 - Coreboot - Nick Vaccaro

Add support for the following two new memory parts to support a new SKU that has two memory options that brya0 does not have: MT53E2G32D4NQ-046 WT:C MT53E512M32D1NP-046 WT:B

Increase width of RelFileNumbers from 32 bits to 56 bits

27 September 17:25 - PostgreSQL - Robert Haas

RelFileNumbers are now assigned using a separate counter, instead of being assigned from the OID counter.

ec/lenovo/h8: Add Kconfig option for Fn-Ctrl swap

27 September 16:19 - Coreboot - Angel Pons

Having to use a runtime configurable option backend like CMOS just to specify the value of the "fn_ctrl_swap" option is annoying.

drivers/intel/mipi_camera: Remove IPU ES support entry for ADL-N

27 September 14:18 - Coreboot - V Sowmya

The current IPU ES entry value is always set to true for ADL-N and kernel picks the ES version of the main IPU FW even for the production bootloader but loading is not successful due to the authentication failure. Alderlake-N silicon has the same CPU id for all the SKU's and also the production binaries are backward compatible with ES parts.

tdf#144348: Remove EmojiOne Color font

27 September 09:30 - LibreOffice - Khaled Hosny

The EmojiFont setting is now a comma-separated list of the three common color emoji fonts, it should fallback to the next font if the first is missing.

[sfnt] Add SVG document bounds checking

27 September 05:31 - FreeType - Ben Wagner

Add a check that the document content is actually contained within the `SVG ` table.

ci: Add hint about downloadable logs to README

27 September 03:02 - PostgreSQL - Andres Freund

I (Andres) chose to backpatch this to 15, as it seems better to keep the README the same.

Add additional nutempo Lua bindings

26 September 20:18 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

Particularly it is now possible to sum timepos + timecnt and subtract, calling distance() as appropriate.

vkd3d: Import upstream release 1.5.

26 September 19:49 - WINE - Alexandre Julliard

LuaBridge - add API to try convert a value

26 September 19:39 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

sw HTML export: fix PNG export of Writer images containing metafiles

26 September 17:11 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

We attempted to export SVM metafiles as SVM+PNG, but then the SVM was turned into GIF.

Related tdf#132398 - Remove Hicolor Assets for Future Revamping

26 September 15:04 - LibreOffice - galjit

- Removed all 32x/64x/128x/256x/512x/1024x svgs as their corresponding pngs can be created by using the svgs found in scalables directory

mb/google/brya/var/agah: Update PEXVDD enable GPIO for next board rev

26 September 14:21 - Coreboot - Tim Wawrzynczak

The next rev of this board will move the dGPU PEXVDD enable pin from GPP_E10 to GPP_F12.

vendorcode/intel/fsp: Add Raptor Lake FSP headers for FSP v3361_03

26 September 14:18 - Coreboot - Selma Bensaid

The headers added are generated as per FSP v3361.03

android: add Grammar Checker component to

26 September 08:22 - LibreOffice - Szymon Kłos

Change-Id: I87e6e74393d387beb254291e668ca7eb56e5370b Reviewed-on: