Make pg_dump acquire lock on partitioned tables that are to be dumped

16 October 16:23 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

It was clearly the intent to do so all along, but the original coding fat-fingered this by checking the wrong array element.

soc/intel/dnv_ns: enable uCode PM Timer emulation

16 October 09:29 - Coreboot - Michael Niewöhner

Denverton-NS supports uCode PM Timer emulation, according to Intel doc#558579 rev2.2.

add use-underline to spacing control labels

16 October 09:14 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

set all entries to use the same icon-size

soc/intel/pmc: add a note about legacy OSes/payloads to PM Timer Kconfig

16 October 09:11 - Coreboot - Michael Niewöhner

Since ACPI 5.0A it is allowed to disable the ACPI Timer, when the according FADT flag `ACPI_FADT_PLATFORM_CLOCK` is unset. Starting with Skylake, most platforms (except Xeon-SP) support PM Timer emulation, so even legacy OSes and payloads should work fine with the hardware PM Timer disabled.

Fix typos in memory macros

16 October 02:18 - FreeType - Ben Wagner


mb/google/brya/var/taeko: Add fw_config probe for GL9750 and RTS5232S

16 October 01:04 - Coreboot - Joey Peng

Add support for SD card reader GL9750 and RTS5232S

mb/google/guybrush/bootblock: add comment about LPC_LDRQ0_PU,PD_EN

15 October 20:05 - Coreboot - Felix Held

The definition of those bits changed between Picasso and Renoir/Cezanne so add a comment where those bit definitions are used as well.

soc/amd/common/block/i2c: implement proper read_resource

15 October 19:18 - Coreboot - Felix Held

Before this patch the reservation of the MMIO region of the I2C controllers was done in the LPC controller PCI device despite the I2C controllers already being devices in the devicetree.

soc/intel/cannonlake: Enable Energy/Performance Bias control

15 October 16:46 - Coreboot - Angel Pons

Set POWER_CTL MSR bit 18 to enable Energy/Performance Bias control.

soc/qualcomm/sc7280: Enable compression of SHRM

15 October 15:38 - Coreboot - Shelley Chen

The SHRM region needs to be 4 byte aligned, which make enabling compression slightly more complicated.

ScriptForge - new SFWidgets library, new PopupMenu service

15 October 14:39 - LibreOffice - Jean-Pierre Ledure

The SFWidgets library is intended to host the Toolbar, ToolbarControl (both future) and PopupMenu services. A popup menu is usually triggered by a mouse action (typically a right-click) on a dialog, a form, or one of their controls.

CppunitTest_emfio_emf: add some tolerance in TestPdfInEmf

15 October 14:22 - LibreOffice - Ilmari Lauhakangas

Change-Id: I1fc1b3863fd5b5472e700a5432fb4f9d353a054f Reviewed-on:

mb/google/dedede/var/sasukette: Add PIXA2635 touchpad

15 October 12:59 - Coreboot - Zhi Li

Add PIXA touchpad into devicetree for sasukette.

cpu/x86/lapic: Add comment on spurious interrupt

15 October 12:20 - Coreboot - Kyösti Mälkki

The bit LAPIC_SPIV_ENABLE returns 0 after reset even though LAPIC has not been temporarily disabled.

delay, collect and compress LOK invalidations for Writer views

15 October 11:40 - LibreOffice - Luboš Luňák

Due the to way views are updated on any document change, invalidations are at least O(n^2), and since LOK may use a number of views and for each view the entire document is considered to be the view area, this can lead to a huge number of invalidations that are mostly the same repeated rectangles.

do not use text-based LOK callback internally

15 October 11:39 - LibreOffice - Luboš Luňák

CallbackFlushHandler post-processes LOK messages, but for things like dropping useless invalidations it needs to know the rectangle or the view id, and since the only data it gets are string messages, it needs to convert those back to binary form.

Resolves: tdf#88359 CSV: import strict ISO date(+time) with standard settings

15 October 11:18 - LibreOffice - Eike Rathke

libswscale/x86/rgb2rgb: add shuffle_bytes avx2

15 October 08:59 - FFmpeg - Wu Jianhua

Performance data(Less is better): shuffle_bytes_ssse3 3.

arch/x86/smbios: Add generation of type 20 table

15 October 00:18 - Coreboot - Matt DeVillier

If available, use data from MEMINFO CBMEM table and saved handles from type 17/19 tables to generate type 20 (Memory Device Mapped Address) SMBIOS table.

Related: tdf#88359 CSV: choose proper ISO date(+time) format if detected

14 October 23:38 - LibreOffice - Eike Rathke

tdf#144840: sw_uiwriter3: Add unittest

14 October 21:30 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

Change-Id: I6c43d5c4dbcebf9bd61ba66b37f9c872d0ea7cc8 Reviewed-on:

tdf#138873: sw_uiwriter: Add unittest

14 October 19:40 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

Change-Id: Iebce7142f51e5a80fc1ea5e78481efeab3709c09 Reviewed-on:

use std::vector::insert instead of push_back

14 October 19:28 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

because it will pre-allocate space and often is optimised to memcpy

tdf#141957: sw: Add UItest

14 October 16:10 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

Change-Id: I5852844e27e4369271fd35e08a40258a663a5b7b Reviewed-on:

soc/amd/common/acpi/upep: Add Low Power State Entry Notifications

14 October 13:09 - Coreboot - Karthikeyan Ramasubramanian

Add support to handle S0ix entry and exit notifications by adding the corresponding _DSM functions.

mb/siemens/mc_ehl2: Enable PCI devices

14 October 13:06 - Coreboot - Mario Scheithauer

Correct the remaining PCI devices, differing from the ehl1 mainboard.

more VS2022 integration

14 October 11:35 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

so it finds the v143 DLLs

sb/intel/lynxpoint: Enable PCIe Clock PM and ASPM L1

14 October 11:17 - Coreboot - Angel Pons

Enable PCIe Clock power management and ASPM L1 substate by default.

tdf#33749 - revised merge and unmerge cells UI controls

14 October 10:33 - LibreOffice - Ross Johnson

Revert the two changes made under this issue tdf#33749: 1) Cell context menu back to 7.2 2) Format - Merge Cells menu back to 7.2 3) Help pages to reflect this Moving forward with the following changes: 1) Rename "Split Cells" to "Unmerge Cells" (Calc only) which more accurately describes it's function in Calc (and for consistency with alternative office software).

avfilter/vf_histogram: add colors_mode option

14 October 10:16 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

tdf#145093 sw track changes: fix crash at moving list items

14 October 07:13 - LibreOffice - László Németh

over a tracked paragraph insertion (both in Show Changes and Hide Changes modes).

Avoid COW overhead using css::uno::Sequence

14 October 04:00 - LibreOffice - Mike Kaganski

The scenarios are: 1.

avfilter/vf_fftfilt: add slice threading support

13 October 23:27 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

src/soc/amd/cezanne: enable clock gating

13 October 22:01 - Coreboot - Julian Schroeder

Enabling clock gating for CGPLL to lower power consumption in S3 and S0i3 states.

mb/google/brya/variants/brask: Init overridetree

13 October 21:21 - Coreboot - Alan Huang

Init overridetree based on the schematics.

pg_amcheck: avoid unhelpful verification attempts

13 October 21:08 - PostgreSQL - Peter Geoghegan

Avoid calling contrib/amcheck functions with relations that are unsuitable for checking.

mb/google/guybrush: Re-arrange override speed config

13 October 21:00 - Coreboot - Karthikeyan Ramasubramanian

Currently override speed config is applied only for non EM100 cases.

soc/intel: drop P_BLK support

13 October 18:05 - Coreboot - Michael Niewöhner

P_BLK is legacy and superseded by ACPI _CST.

nb/intel/haswell: Add HDAU ACPI device

13 October 17:47 - Coreboot - Matt DeVillier

The HDAU stub device enables HDMI audio under MacOS.

vcl: DrawPolyLine() did not set metaaction line join or cap

13 October 17:40 - LibreOffice - Chris Sherlock

basegfx::B2DPolygon version of DrawPolyLine() doesn't set the metafile line cap or join, this fixes this issue.

soc/amd/common/block/spi: Support fast speed override

13 October 17:39 - Coreboot - Karthikeyan Ramasubramanian

Add support to override SPI ROM fast speed based on board version.

soc/amd/common: Add support to read and set SPI speeds from verstage

13 October 17:38 - Coreboot - Karthikeyan Ramasubramanian

Currently all SPI speed configurations are done through EFS at build time.

soc/amd/*: Enable ACPIMMIO decode first in fch_pre_init

13 October 17:36 - Coreboot - Felix Held

Since the GPIO mux/control MMIO regions are within the ACPIMMIO region, we need to call enable_acpimmio_decode_pm04 here first so that accessing the GPIO registers will work.

avfilter: add xcorrelate video filter

13 October 17:09 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

avfilter: add limitdiff video filter

13 October 17:02 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

avfilter/vf_palette(gen|use): support palettes with alpha

13 October 16:52 - FFmpeg - Soft Works

tdf#124937: sw_ww8export3: Add unittest

13 October 16:44 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

sw/qa/core/data/doc/tdf124937.doc was added in 96acebb72211b4718eb3038c427df37b55b17b0b < tdf#124937 reset m_pFirstOfBorderMerge before truncate.

tdf#124232 PPTX export: fix interactions and hyperlinks on images

13 October 14:40 - LibreOffice - Tibor Nagy

Follow-up to commit 9bb91441b46d677860530d8bf9597c96561a1b0a "tdf#141704 PPTX import: fix hyperlinks on images"

soc/mediatek/mt8192: add tracker dump

13 October 13:58 - Coreboot - Zhenguo Li

Tracker is a debugging tool, include AP/INFRA/PERI tracker.

soc/mediatek/mt8195: add tracker dump

13 October 13:57 - Coreboot - Zhenguo Li

Tracker is a debugging tool, include AP/INFRA/PERI tracker.

soc/amd/cezanne,soc/intel/common: rework CPPC table generation

13 October 13:51 - Coreboot - Michael Niewöhner

Make use of the newly introduced ACPI macros for CPPC table generation that currently exists of a bunch of confusing assignments of structs that only get partially filled.

tdf#144943 PPTX import: fix permission for editing

13 October 12:45 - LibreOffice - Tünde Tóth

The passwords for editing in PPTX documents created with PowerPoint weren't asked and verified.

add some comment to gen-boost-headers

13 October 09:33 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

because I can never remember how to run this script

use -flto=auto for gcc if no $PARALLELISM is set

13 October 09:07 - LibreOffice - Luboš Luňák

I'm not sure if all gcc versions support the value, but if older ones do not they at least silently accept it.

do not imply --enable-gdb-index just for --enable-symbols

13 October 09:06 - LibreOffice - Luboš Luňák

The original idea was to enable gdb index for debug builds, but this by mistake enabled it even for optimized symbol builds.

tdf#145077: sc: Add UItest

13 October 07:55 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

Change-Id: Iec8b855f5b3f7dd478a363b1f35a85ed8f697803 Reviewed-on:

tdf#130307 - Support for each loop for objects exposing XIndexAccess

12 October 19:11 - LibreOffice - Andreas Heinisch

Change-Id: Ib94c642e6d2a52ac7c60a8f7ae3c79d611b41614 Reviewed-on:

x86: Optimize memset-vec-unaligned-erms.S

12 October 18:38 - glibc - Noah Goldstein

No bug. Optimization are 1.

x86: Optimize memcmp-evex-movbe.S for frontend behavior and size

12 October 17:02 - glibc - Noah Goldstein

No bug. The frontend optimizations are to: 1.

update --enable-lto description

12 October 14:57 - LibreOffice - Luboš Luňák

It's no longer broken with MSVC, and I don't what should be so experimental about it when it seems to work just fine.

amcheck: Skip unlogged relations in Hot Standby

12 October 00:21 - PostgreSQL - Peter Geoghegan

Have verify_heapam.c treat unlogged relations as if they were simply empty when in Hot Standby mode.

clang does not support -flto=

11 October 21:33 - LibreOffice - Luboš Luňák

This may happen when building with GCC when Clang is used for Skia and --with-parallelism is in effect.

elf: Remove Intel MPX support (lazy PLT, profile, and LD_AUDIT)

11 October 18:14 - glibc - Fangrui Song

Intel MPX failed to gain wide adoption and has been deprecated for a while.

mb/google/guybrush: Add PCIe Reset GPIO69 to SD DXIO Descriptor

11 October 15:59 - Coreboot - Matt Papageorge

coreboot normally owns PCIe resets for all Cezanne based systems.

vc/amd/fsp/cezanne: Add UPD fsp_owns_pcie_resets to FSP-M for Cezanne

11 October 15:55 - Coreboot - Matt Papageorge

Update UPD to include option for FSP to de-assert PCIe reset GPIOs as specified in the DXIO descriptors.

mb/google/guybrush/bootblock: add comment to PM_ACPI_CONF write

11 October 15:16 - Coreboot - Felix Held

Document what setting the PM_ACPI_S5_LPC_PIN_MODE and PM_ACPI_S5_LPC_PIN_MODE_SEL bits causes.

soc/amd/cezanne/include/southbridge: add some more PM register defines

11 October 15:15 - Coreboot - Felix Held

Register and bit definitions are from the Cezanne PPR #56569 Rev 3.

soc/amd/common/include/lpc: add definitions for LPC LDRQ control bits

11 October 15:15 - Coreboot - Felix Held

The definitions of bit 9 and 10 somehow got swapped between Picasso and Renoir/Cezanne, so put those in the Cezanne-specific header file.

libpayload: Add mock architecture

11 October 12:59 - Coreboot - Jakub Czapiga

Mock architecture can be used to build libpayload using host compiler.

mb/google/fizz: Drop broken USB ACPI code

11 October 12:57 - Coreboot - Matt DeVillier

Fizz's USB ACPI code is intended to allow the OS to control port charging power, but since Fizz's ports are dumb (vs smart), it controls power to the port itself.

purism/librem_bdw: add support for ACPI brightness controls

11 October 12:54 - Coreboot - Matt DeVillier

Test: build/boot Purism Librem 13v1, verify brightness controls work under Windows 10/11 with Tianocore payload.

mb/google/guybrush: Add GPIO EC in RW to early GPIO tables

11 October 12:52 - Coreboot - Hsuan Ting Chen

Before attempting another commit 6260bf71 (vboot_logic: Set

mb/google/dedede/var/galtic: Add fw_config probe for ALC5682-VD & VS

11 October 12:51 - Coreboot - FrankChu

ALC5682-VD/ALC5682I-VS load different kernel driver by different hid name.

mb/siemens/mc_ehl2: Enable LPC ComB

11 October 12:49 - Coreboot - Mario Scheithauer

Enable LPC ComB on this mainboard.

mb/google/dedede/var/pirika: Add Synaptics I2C touchpad device

11 October 12:47 - Coreboot - Alex1 Kao

Add Synaptics touchpad device support in devicetree.

soc/intel/tigerlake: Add ACPI addition for USB4/TBT latency optimization

11 October 12:46 - Coreboot - John Zhao

The PCI-SIG engineering change requirement provides the ACPI additions for firmware latency optimization.

drivers/intel/dptf: Add support for PCH methods

11 October 12:45 - Coreboot - Sumeet Pawnikar

Add various methods support for pch device under dptf driver.

mb/google/dedede/var/corori: Add ssfc codec ALC5682-VS support

11 October 12:44 - Coreboot - Ian Feng

Add ALC5682-VS codec support in corori. ALC5682-VD/ALC5682-VS use different kernel driver by different hid name.

mb/google/guybrush/var/nipperkin: Enable RTD3 support for eMMC as NVMe

11 October 12:44 - Coreboot - Kevin Chiu

nipperkin has different H/W topology to guybrush that the eMMC device is on a different GPP: guybrush: GPP3 nipperkin: GPP2

add coverity[uninit_member] to explanation

11 October 12:01 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: I3aefd74b9fb940b9c7485a1c1b989a43912fdb60 Reviewed-on:

Fix font weight comparisons

11 October 11:38 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

...after 2d486bac81e06c64d13c647f35d3f4affbeb183e "tdf#143959 sdext.pdfimport: call vcl::Font::identifyFont directly" changed the left-hand sides from aFontDescriptor.Weight of type float to aFontReadResult.GetWeight() of type FontWeight from include/tools/fontenum.hxx.

sdext.pdfimport tdf#78427: Add support for more Font Weight features

11 October 07:07 - LibreOffice - Kevin Suo


tdf#144397 tdf#144636 XLSX: cache external named ranges and their formulas

11 October 07:03 - LibreOffice - Balazs Varga

XLSX round-trip resulted corrupt XLSX with invalid named range, triggering Excel file repair, because of incomplete handling of external file reference of the named ranges (tdf#144636). Cache external named ranges and their formulas in case of updating formulas without data loss.

Linux 5.15-rc5

11 October 00:01 - Linux Kernel - Linus Torvalds