Linux 6.2-rc7

5 February 21:13 - Linux Kernel - Linus Torvalds

add an option to control the maximum MIDI note height (not yet GUI exposed)

5 February 18:36 - Ardour - Paul Davis

mb/intel/mtlrvp: Add chip configuration for I2C devices

5 February 17:56 - Coreboot - Harsha B R

This patch adds below chip configuration for I2C devices for mtlrvp. +-----------+--------------------+-------------+ | INTERFACE | PCI Number (B:D:F) | DEVICE | +-----------+--------------------+-------------+ | I2C0 | 0:0x15:0 | CAM1 | +-----------+--------------------+-------------+ | I2C1 | 0:0x15:1 | CAM0 | +-----------+--------------------+-------------+ | I2C2 | 0:0x15:2 | NC | +-----------+--------------------+-------------+ | I2C3 | 0:0x15:3 | HID | +-----------+--------------------+-------------+ | I2C4 | 0:0x15:4 | NC | +-----------+--------------------+-------------+ | I2C5 | 0:0x15:5 | NC | +-----------+--------------------+-------------+ BUG=b:224325352 BRANCH=None TEST=Able to boot mtlrvp (LP5/DDR5) to ChromeOS.

Do not create sidechain ports by default

5 February 15:06 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

In many cases optional sidechain inputs are not used.

security/vboot: Don't build with flashrom support

5 February 01:11 - Coreboot - Brian Norris

We don't need flashrom support just for vboot payloads.

mb/google/brya/var/omnigul: Enable Cnvi BT Audio Offload feature

5 February 01:07 - Coreboot - Jamie Chen

mb/google/brya/var/omnigul: Add variant specific devicetree

5 February 01:05 - Coreboot - Jamie Chen

This variant was added without a devicetree, so add the board specific devicetree according to schematic_20230110.

mb/google/skyrim/var/frostflow: Override SPI flash bus speed

5 February 01:00 - Coreboot - Frank Wu

Add configuration to bump up the SPI flash bus speed from 66 MHz to 100 MHz starting the board version of the current phase. BUG=b:260127676 TEST=Build and boot to OS in Frostflow with 100 MHz SPI bus speed.

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soc/amd/phoenix/chipset.cb: add remaining PCI devices

4 February 20:26 - Coreboot - Felix Held

The PCI Device ID Assignments table from PPRs #57019 Rev 1.65 and PPR #57396 Rev 1.54 were used as a reference.

lavu/frame: deprecate reordered_opaque

4 February 12:40 - FFmpeg - Anton Khirnov

It is only used in libavcodec, where it's been superseded by AV_CODEC_CAP_COPY_OPAQUE.

Allow underscores in integer and numeric constants

4 February 09:48 - PostgreSQL - Dean Rasheed

This allows underscores to be used in integer and numeric literals, and their corresponding type input functions, for visual grouping.

soc/intel/meteorlake: Enable MRC Fast Boot

4 February 08:43 - Coreboot - Subrata Banik

This patch requests FSP to enable the MRC fast boot feature along with FSP v2473.

avformat: add WavArc demuxer

4 February 08:37 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

avcodec: add WavArc decoder

4 February 08:36 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

Add some preference search tags

4 February 05:58 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

soc/amd: Use common reset code for PHX & Glinda SoCs

4 February 03:23 - Coreboot - Martin Roth

This switches the Phoenix & Glinda SoCs to use the common reset code.

soc/amd: Use common reset code for CZN & MDN SoCs

4 February 03:23 - Coreboot - Martin Roth

This switches the Cezanne & Mendocino SoCs to use the common reset code.

soc/amd: Create AMD common reset code

4 February 03:22 - Coreboot - Martin Roth

This allows us to use the same file for PCO, CZN, MDN, PHX, & Glinda.

util/amdfwtool: add comment about reused PSP firmware type 0x5f

4 February 03:15 - Coreboot - Felix Held

On family 15h and 16h processors with PSP, the PSP firmware type 0x5f corresponds to AMD_FW_PSP_SMUSCS, while on family 17h and 19h this corresponds to AMD_FW_TPMLITE.

mb/google/skyrim: Add EC_HOST_EVENT_PANIC to SCI mask

4 February 01:42 - Coreboot - Rob Barnes

Adding EC_HOST_EVENT_PANIC to SCI mask allows the EC to interrupt the Kernel when an EC panic occurs.

mb/starlabs/starbook/adl: Enable HPD GPIO

4 February 01:42 - Coreboot - Sean Rhodes

Enable the HPD GPIO so that the USB-C port can be used for DisplayPort.

amdfwtool: Add entry RIB whose subprog equals 1

4 February 01:42 - Coreboot - Zheng Bao

For the PHX, it uses subprog 0.

mb/intel/mtlrvp: Enable CNVi BT Core and Wifi

4 February 01:41 - Coreboot - Harsha B R

This patch enables CNVi_BT Core and Wifi for mtlrvp based on mtlrvp schematics. 1.

Avoid UB

3 February 16:21 - LibreOffice - Mike Kaganski

as seen in

lok: add function getDocLanguages

3 February 12:32 - LibreOffice - Henry Castro

If the spell checker is disabled to use a remote spelling feature, the getLanguages function is obsolete.

sw: avoid unwanted initial content in split/follow fly frames

3 February 08:12 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

If the fly on the first gets split, SwFrame::GetNextFlyLeaf() will create a follow fly frame.

mb/google/nissa/var/craask: Add DPTF settings for 15W CPU

3 February 03:17 - Coreboot - Ren Kuo

Add ADL-N 15W CPU thermal settings.

ci: Upgrade macOS version from 12 to 13.

3 February 01:26 - PostgreSQL - Thomas Munro

Back-patch to 15, where in-tree CI began.

Merge tag 'net-6.2-rc7' of git://

2 February 22:03 - Linux Kernel - Linus Torvalds

capture output of package command and add to log on error

2 February 21:53 - LibreOffice - Christian Lohmaier

creating packages failed here and the logs aren't all that helpful without the output of the command that failed.

soc/intel/alderlake: Add entries to eventLog on invocation of early SOL

2 February 21:44 - Coreboot - Tarun Tuli

If we show the user early signs of life during CSE FW sync or MRC (re)training, log these to the eventLog (ELOG_TYPE_FW_EARLY_SOL). These can be used to ensure persistence across global reset (e.g.

Release 8.1.

2 February 21:17 - WINE - Alexandre Julliard

soc/intel/xeon_sp: add Kconfig file for SPR-SP

2 February 19:27 - Coreboot - Jonathan Zhang

Intel SPR-SP (Sapphire Rapids Scalable Processor) was product launched on Jan.

mb/google/dedede/var/dibbi: Update devicetree and GPIO table

2 February 15:53 - Coreboot - Liam Flaherty

Create overridetree and GPIO config based on latest schematic: 1.

Document installing perltidy with cpanm

2 February 13:54 - PostgreSQL - Andrew Dunstan

Installing with plain cpan failed for me recently, as the archive it searched has been purged of old releases.

util/ifdtool: Add Wellsburg support

2 February 13:19 - Coreboot - Patrick Rudolph

Wellsburg is IFDv2 compatible in most fields, but not in all.

tdf#153304: Add undo entries and set modified in SwXFrame::setProperty*

2 February 13:01 - LibreOffice - Mike Kaganski

Similar to SwDoc::SetFlyFrameAttr; the latter should only set modified state on actual changes.

Add instructions for when building headless LO core for WASM

2 February 11:52 - LibreOffice - Tor Lillqvist

Change-Id: Ic5fb943f8c26d21d94bafb815963960bdd2f26b9 Reviewed-on:

soc/intel/meteorlake: Enable V1p05-PHY supply external FET control

2 February 11:38 - Coreboot - Subrata Banik

This patch enables S0i2.2 by letting 1.5V Phy supply to control the externa FET.

Merge branch 'ebassi/snapshot-release' into 'master'

2 February 10:24 - Cairo - Emmanuele Bassi

Doc: Abstract AF_UNIX sockets don't work on Windows

2 February 05:25 - PostgreSQL - Thomas Munro

An early release of AF_UNIX in Windows apparently supported Linux-style "abstract" Unix sockets, but they do not seem to work in current Windows versions and there is no mention of any of this in the Winsock documentation.

Allow the logical_replication_mode to be used on the subscriber

2 February 02:45 - PostgreSQL - Amit Kapila

Extend the existing developer option 'logical_replication_mode' to help test the parallel apply of large transactions on the subscriber. When set to 'buffered', the leader sends changes to parallel apply workers via a shared memory queue.

Remove support setting custom demuxers during signal handling

1 February 22:37 - glibc - Flavio Cruz

We seem to call only into the exception and message server routines.

include/mshtml: Add the other IHTMLEventObj* interfaces

1 February 21:29 - WINE - Gabriel Ivăncescu

UITest_textToColumns: fix indent and simplify code

1 February 19:32 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

The wrong indent made those tests not to be executed OTOH, do not change the option replwarncb so it's enabled by default.

dsynth - Add section on per-port options

1 February 18:58 - DragonFlyBSD - Matthew Dillon

- Explain how per-port options work in the dsynth manual page.

soc/qualcomm/sc7280: Memlayout change to support new Crypto sha update

1 February 18:48 - Coreboot - Venkat Thogaru

With New Crypto upgrade we need to have 1 block of 4Kb increase in romstage, by which we can see an improvement of Boot performance by 100 msec.

tdf#153296 improved markup for VML shapetype of Fontwork

1 February 17:17 - LibreOffice - Regina Henschel

In the current version of 'vml-shape-types' file the markup for the Fontwork shapes is missing or is so, that Word does not accept it as WordArt markup.

soc/intel/cnl: Move ME FSR structures to pertinent header

1 February 16:59 - Coreboot - Dinesh Gehlot

This patch moves ME host firmware status register structures to ME header file.

mb/google/brya/var/omnigul: Add memory config

1 February 14:59 - Coreboot - Amanda Huang

Configure the rcomp, dqs and dq tables based on the schematic.

mb/google/geralt: Add USB3 HUB reset funtion to bootblock

1 February 14:59 - Coreboot - Bo-Chen Chen

After powering on the device, we need to pull USB3_HUB_RST_L up to enable USB3 Hub.

crashtesting: threaded import crash seen in forum-mso-en4-802501.xlsx

1 February 14:50 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

sporadically reproducible with tsan and ./instdir/program/soffice.bin --headless --convert-to pdf ~/forum-mso-en4-802501.xlsx

add truncate-multiline for consistency

1 February 13:54 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: I21263263ec9fc9d9e39e7b2ec32b54a7a75323a4 Reviewed-on:

Let executeAction always ProcessEventsToIdle

1 February 13:45 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

An ASan UITest_writer_tests7 UITEST_TEST_NAME=tdf135938.tdf135938.test_tdf135938_cross_reference_update occasionally failed for me with > ==1994973==ERROR: AddressSanitizer: heap-use-after-free on address 0x60f00014d718 at pc 0x7f95f4946ffa bp 0x7f95907fd720 sp 0x7f95907fd718 > READ of size 8 at 0x60f00014d718 thread T33 > #0 in std::__cxx1998::vector<std::unique_ptr<SvLBoxItem, std::default_delete<SvLBoxItem>>, std::allocator<std::unique_ptr<SvLBoxItem, std::default_delete<SvLBoxItem>>>>::size() const at ~/gcc/trunk/inst/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/13.0.0/../../../../include/c++/13.0.0/bits/stl_vector.h:988:40 > #1 in SvTreeListEntry::ItemCount() const at vcl/source/treelist/treelistentry.cxx:110:20 > #2 in SvTabListBox::GetEntryText(SvTreeListEntry const*, unsigned short) at vcl/source/treelist/svtabbx.cxx:289:37 > #3 in SvTabListBox::GetEntryText(SvTreeListEntry*) const at vcl/source/treelist/svtabbx.cxx:280:12 > #4 in TreeListEntryUIObject::get_state() at vcl/source/treelist/uiobject.cxx:119:32 > #5 in UIObjectUnoObj::getState() at vcl/source/uitest/uno/uiobject_uno.cxx:164:29 > #6 in non-virtual thunk to UIObjectUnoObj::getState() at vcl/source/uitest/uno/uiobject_uno.cxx > #7 in gcc3::callVirtualMethod(void*, unsigned int, void*, _typelib_TypeDescriptionReference*, bool, unsigned long*, unsigned int, unsigned long*, double*) at bridges/source/cpp_uno/gcc3_linux_x86-64/callvirtualmethod.cxx:77:5 > #8 in cpp_call(bridges::cpp_uno::shared::UnoInterfaceProxy*, bridges::cpp_uno::shared::VtableSlot, _typelib_TypeDescriptionReference*, int, _typelib_MethodParameter*, void*, void**, _uno_Any**) at bridges/source/cpp_uno/gcc3_linux_x86-64/uno2cpp.cxx:233:13 > #9 in unoInterfaceProxyDispatch at bridges/source/cpp_uno/gcc3_linux_x86-64/uno2cpp.cxx:413:13 > #10 in binaryurp::IncomingRequest::execute_throw(binaryurp::BinaryAny*, std::__debug::vector<binaryurp::BinaryAny, std::allocator<binaryurp::BinaryAny>>*) const at binaryurp/source/incomingrequest.cxx:236:13 > #11 in binaryurp::IncomingRequest::execute() const at binaryurp/source/incomingrequest.cxx:79:26 > #12 in request at binaryurp/source/reader.cxx:86:9 > #13 in cppu_threadpool::JobQueue::enter(void const*, bool) at cppu/source/threadpool/jobqueue.cxx:100:17 > #14 in cppu_threadpool::ORequestThread::run() at cppu/source/threadpool/thread.cxx:165:31 > > 0x60f00014d718 is located 120 bytes inside of 168-byte region [0x60f00014d6a0,0x60f00014d748) > freed by thread T0 here: > #0 in operator delete(void*, unsigned long) at ~/ > #1 in SvTreeListEntry::~SvTreeListEntry() at vcl/source/treelist/treelistentry.cxx:62:1 > #2 in std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>::operator()(SvTreeListEntry*) const at ~/gcc/trunk/inst/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/13.0.0/../../../../include/c++/13.0.0/bits/unique_ptr.h:102:2 > #3 in std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>::~unique_ptr() at ~/gcc/trunk/inst/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/13.0.0/../../../../include/c++/13.0.0/bits/unique_ptr.h:407:4 > #4 in void std::destroy_at<std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>>(std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>*) at ~/gcc/trunk/inst/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/13.0.0/../../../../include/c++/13.0.0/bits/stl_construct.h:88:15 > #5 in void std::_Destroy<std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>>(std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>*) at ~/gcc/trunk/inst/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/13.0.0/../../../../include/c++/13.0.0/bits/stl_construct.h:149:7 > #6 in void std::_Destroy_aux<false>::__destroy<std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>*>(std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>*, std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>*) at ~/gcc/trunk/inst/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/13.0.0/../../../../include/c++/13.0.0/bits/stl_construct.h:163:6 > #7 in void std::_Destroy<std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>*>(std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>*, std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>*) at ~/gcc/trunk/inst/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/13.0.0/../../../../include/c++/13.0.0/bits/stl_construct.h:195:7 > #8 in void std::_Destroy<std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>*, std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>>(std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>*, std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>*, std::allocator<std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>>&) at ~/gcc/trunk/inst/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/13.0.0/../../../../include/c++/13.0.0/bits/alloc_traits.h:947:7 > #9 in std::__cxx1998::vector<std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>, std::allocator<std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>>>::_M_erase_at_end(std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>*) at ~/gcc/trunk/inst/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/13.0.0/../../../../include/c++/13.0.0/bits/stl_vector.h:1932:6 > #10 in std::__cxx1998::vector<std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>, std::allocator<std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>>>::clear() at ~/gcc/trunk/inst/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/13.0.0/../../../../include/c++/13.0.0/bits/stl_vector.h:1601:9 > #11 in std::__debug::vector<std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>, std::allocator<std::unique_ptr<SvTreeListEntry, std::default_delete<SvTreeListEntry>>>>::clear() at ~/gcc/trunk/inst/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/13.0.0/../../../../include/c++/13.0.0/debug/vector:729:9 > #12 in SvTreeListEntry::ClearChildren() at vcl/source/treelist/treelistentry.cxx:28:16 > #13 in SvTreeList::Clear() at vcl/source/treelist/treelist.cxx:123:16 > #14 in SvTreeListBox::Clear() at vcl/source/treelist/treelistbox.cxx:422:17 > #15 in SalInstanceTreeView::clear() at vcl/source/app/salvtables.cxx:4240:18 > #16 in SwFieldRefPage::Reset(SfxItemSet const*) at sw/source/ui/fldui/fldref.cxx:175:16 > #17 in SwFieldPage::EditNewField(bool) at sw/source/ui/fldui/fldpage.cxx:111:5 > #18 in SwFieldDlg::ReInitTabPage(std::basic_string_view<char, std::char_traits<char>>, bool) at sw/source/ui/fldui/fldtdlg.cxx:218:16 > #19 in SwFieldDlg::Activate() at sw/source/ui/fldui/fldtdlg.cxx:239:9 > #20 in SwChildWinWrapper::UpdateHdl(Timer*) at sw/source/uibase/fldui/fldwrap.cxx:42:26 > #21 in SwChildWinWrapper::LinkStubUpdateHdl(void*, Timer*) at sw/source/uibase/fldui/fldwrap.cxx:39:1 > #22 in Link<Timer*, void>::Call(Timer*) const at include/tools/link.hxx:111:45 > #23 in Timer::Invoke() at vcl/source/app/timer.cxx:75:21 > #24 in Scheduler::CallbackTaskScheduling() at vcl/source/app/scheduler.cxx:481:20 > #25 in SalTimer::CallCallback() at vcl/inc/saltimer.hxx:54:13 > #26 in SvpSalInstance::CheckTimeout(bool) at vcl/headless/svpinst.cxx:161:53 > #27 in SvpSalInstance::ImplYield(bool, bool) at vcl/headless/svpinst.cxx:399:17 > #28 in SvpSalInstance::DoYield(bool, bool) at vcl/headless/svpinst.cxx:471:21 > #29 in ImplYield(bool, bool) at vcl/source/app/svapp.cxx:475:48 > #30 in Application::Yield() at vcl/source/app/svapp.cxx:559:5 > #31 in Application::Execute() at vcl/source/app/svapp.cxx:453:13 > #32 in desktop::Desktop::Main() at desktop/source/app/app.cxx:1604:13 causing > ERROR: test_tdf135938_cross_reference_update (tdf135938.tdf135938) > ----------------------------------------------------------------------> Traceback (most recent call last): > File "uitest/uitest/", line 125, in execute_dialog_through_command > yield xDialog > File "uitest/uitest/", line 140, in execute_modeless_dialog_through_command > yield xDialog > File "sw/qa/uitest/writer_tests7/", line 40, in test_tdf135938_cross_reference_update > self.assertEqual("ABC", get_state_as_dict(xSelect.getChild(0))["Text"]) > File "uitest/uitest/uihelper/", line 13, in get_state_as_dict > return convert_property_values_to_dict(ui_object.getState()) > Binary URP bridge disposed during call at binaryurp/source/bridge.cxx:613 The issue apparently is that TreeListEntryUIObject UNO objects, introduced in 71f562f8f77f14b76fde4329f7238fe2e7d6a054 "uitest: support tree lists", reference SvTreeListEntry instances by pointers that can apparently go stale while those UNO objects are still alive.

Throw early on invalid state

1 February 11:11 - LibreOffice - Mike Kaganski

The result of GetFrameFormat call was dereferenced unconditionally in the unit conversion code, despite it can obviously return NULL.

Finally drop undocumented rtl_[u]String_newFromStr null argument support

1 February 09:51 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

...executing on the TODO left by 4f0c70fb5554325e0cc2129741175bf07de22029 "Avoid calling OString ctor with null pointer" in late 2020.

sw: implement "Theme" property for the XDrawPage in Writer

1 February 08:41 - LibreOffice - Tomaž Vajngerl

Change-Id: I8eed04f0ccb2e626a648abcaecd957b6f62c39d8 Reviewed-on:

tdf#152073 qt: Draw background when drawing frame

1 February 06:27 - LibreOffice - Michael Weghorn

For native drawing of a frame (border), use the window background color as default color. As mentioned in commit f39f21d92ec83c3a5062f29dd26214fc83012c06 ("tdf#138010 (IV) VclScrolledWindow: Use actual border width"), the Qt/KDE Breeze style uses a frame width of 2, with the actual 1 pixel border being surrounded by a 1 pixel padding/margin. Transparent background did not ensure that the 1 pixel padding/margin is repainted and could thus result in artifacts from what was painted to that location previously (s.

crossgcc: Upgrade LLVM version 15.0.6 to 15.0.7

1 February 06:06 - Coreboot - Elyes Haouas

Open master branch for glibc 2.38 development

1 February 03:39 - glibc - Carlos O'Donell

Create ChangeLog.old/ChangeLog.26.

1 February 03:27 - glibc - Carlos O'Donell

treewide: Remove duplicated include

1 February 03:03 - Coreboot - Elyes Haouas

<device/pci.h> chain-includes <device/pci_def.h> & <device/pci_type.h>.

add default mode lines

31 January 19:57 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: Ie0485f52f81f31f821f8a6ebc4720528da33fa48 Reviewed-on:

lingucomponent: implement custom parse response rest protocol

31 January 16:04 - LibreOffice - Henry Castro


soc/intel/common/block: Add LPC BIOS decode lock

31 January 15:19 - Coreboot - Tim Chu

The LPC BIOS decode lock bit is defined in EBG EDS documentation.

lingucomponent: implement custom request http rest protocol

31 January 13:33 - LibreOffice - Henry Castro


Resolves tdf#137269 - Disable ToC preview by default

31 January 10:29 - LibreOffice - Heiko Tietze

Dialog is too large with the preview for small screens Setting is stored so users who enable it will have the preview next time

sd: use XTheme to transport the theme to xmloff import/export

31 January 08:59 - LibreOffice - Tomaž Vajngerl

Refactor the existing places and tests in Impress code (sd) to use it instead. Also keep the old property of construction and view of the theme with a sequence of property values, but under the new property named "ThemeUnoRepresentation".

fftools/ffmpeg: support input frame params in encoding stats

31 January 08:09 - FFmpeg - Anton Khirnov

lavc: add null codecs

31 January 08:00 - FFmpeg - Anton Khirnov

They discard all input without ever returning any output.

Generate code for query jumbling through

31 January 06:24 - PostgreSQL - Michael Paquier

This commit changes the query jumbling code in queryjumblefuncs.c to be generated automatically based on the information of the nodes in the headers of src/include/nodes/ by using