tdf#125925 Qt migrate KF5 theme font settings code

25 May 06:32 - LibreOffice - Jan-Marek Glogowski

Currently all implemented Qt platforms use freetype and fontconfig to handle the font selection, so just move the font styling code from the kf5 VCL plugin to qt.

Add tab completion for table_rewrite's CREATE EVENT TRIGGER in psql

25 May 05:21 - PostgreSQL - Michael Paquier

Author: Hou Zhijie Discussion:

relnotes: add Heikki to UTF8 item

24 May 23:37 - PostgreSQL - Bruce Momjian

Merge tag 'thermal-5.19-rc1' of git://

24 May 23:19 - Linux Kernel - Linus Torvalds

temporal: remove the concept of a time domain for the tempo map

24 May 23:10 - Ardour - Paul Davis

TempoPoint and MeterPoint always have their position set in musical time; MusicTimePoint (BBT) always has a position in audio time.

Overhaul vari-speed shuttle control display

24 May 22:21 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

- keep shuttle and mouse position in sync when dragging

soc/intel/apollolake: Measure bootblock from IFWI

24 May 13:45 - Coreboot - Werner Zeh

On Apollo Lake the bootblock is stitched into the IBBL IFWI region at build time.

mb/google/brask/variants/moli: add fw_config for usb retimer

24 May 13:08 - Coreboot - Raihow Shi

add USBC0_RETIMER into 2, 3 bits for usb retimer.

soc/intel/cmn/fast-spi: Add BIOS MMIO window as reserved region

24 May 13:07 - Coreboot - Werner Zeh

Add the boot flash MMIO window to the resources to report this region as reserved to the OS.

mb/google/brya/variants/nivviks: Add DPTF passive and critical policies for Nivviks

24 May 13:06 - Coreboot - Vidya Gopalakrishnan

Add DPTF passive and critical policies for ADL-N Nivviks design.

sw content controls, date: add doc model & UNO API

24 May 13:00 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

This is meant to be a content control (providing rich text), which also has a dropdown-like date picker button. Add a new Date property to track this type, together with date format and date language.

mb/google/brya/var/volmar: Add wifi sar table

24 May 12:59 - Coreboot - Ren Kuo

payloads/external: Add more option related to SeaBIOS and GRUB2

24 May 12:58 - Coreboot - Bill XIE

Also known as "SeaGRUB", running GRUB2 atop SeaBIOS proves to be a useful configuration, since SeaBIOS has improved its hardware compatibility.

lavfi/vf_v360: implement output mask for barrelsplit

24 May 11:41 - FFmpeg - Anton Khirnov

The top/bottom of the barrel are each coded as two semicircles inside a square block in the frame.

avfilter: Add blockdetect filter

24 May 09:21 - FFmpeg - Thilo Borgmann

tdf#149198: sw_ooxmlexport16: Add unittest

24 May 07:44 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

Change-Id: I62360e7e3f3cbf28119102baf566b4c647103c0d Reviewed-on:

avfilter/af_afftfilt: add threads support

24 May 06:58 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

tdf#149206: sd_import_tests2: Add unittest

24 May 06:20 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

Change-Id: I1ff0974d1fa2ae6eb45fc95115fad665eecc45bb Reviewed-on:

math: Add math-use-builtins-fabs (BZ#29027)

23 May 20:49 - glibc - Adhemerval Zanella

Both float, double, and _Float128 are assumed to be supported (float and double already only uses builtins).

external/libtiff: Silence invalid-null-argument

23 May 19:59 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

...during CppunitTest_vcl_filters_test,

sw content controls, picture: add LOK API

23 May 16:04 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

- send a LOK_CALLBACK_CONTENT_CONTROL callback with action=change-picture when a file picker should be shown

soc/intel/apollolake: Enable SSDT for fast SPI controller

23 May 14:49 - Coreboot - Werner Zeh

Since the fast SPI controller is hidden on Apollo Lake the OS cannot probe it and is therefore unaware of the reserved resources assigned in coreboot.

Add UI actions to save/recall mixer-scenes

23 May 14:13 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

dbus-send: Add support for variants to arrays and dictionaries

23 May 12:15 - DBus - Frederik Van Bogaert

Adds support for: - Arrays of variants - Dictionaries with variants as keys Manually tested and confirmed working using dbus-monitor.

fftools: Stop using av_fopen_utf8

23 May 10:35 - FFmpeg - Martin Storsjö

Provide a header based inline reimplementation of it.

stdio-common: Add tst-memstream-string for open_memstream overflow

23 May 09:06 - glibc - Florian Weimer

This code path is exercised indirectly by some of the DNS stub resolver tests, via their own use of xopen_memstream for constructing strings describing result data.

locale: Add more cached data to LC_CTYPE

23 May 09:06 - glibc - Florian Weimer

This data will be used in number formatting.

vcl: GCC12 says fclose() causes -Werror=use-after-free on any use of FILE*

23 May 08:47 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

In file included from vcl/inc/unx/cpdmgr.hxx:34, from vcl/unx/generic/printer/cpdmgr.cxx:25: In member function ‘size_t psp::FPtrHash::operator()(const FILE*) const’, inlined from ‘std::__detail::_Hash_code_base<_Key, _Value, _ExtractKey, _Hash, _RangeHash, _Unused, __cache_hash_code>::__hash_code std::__detail::_Hash_code_base<_Key, _Value, _ExtractKey, _Hash, _RangeHash, _Unused, __cache_hash_code>::_M_hash_code(const _Key&) const [with _Key = _IO_FILE*; _Value = std::pair<_IO_FILE* const, rtl::OString>; _ExtractKey = std::__detail::_Select1st; _Hash = psp::FPtrHash; _RangeHash = std::__detail::_Mod_range_hashing; _Unused = std::__detail::_Default_ranged_hash; bool __cache_hash_code = true]’ at /usr/include/c++/12/bits/hashtable_policy.h:1268:18, inlined from ‘std::_Hashtable<_Key, _Value, _Alloc, _ExtractKey, _Equal, _Hash, _RangeHash, _Unused, _RehashPolicy, _Traits>::size_type std::_Hashtable<_Key, _Value, _Alloc, _ExtractKey, _Equal, _Hash, _RangeHash, _Unused, _RehashPolicy, _Traits>::_M_erase(std::true_type, const key_type&) [with _Key = _IO_FILE*; _Value = std::pair<_IO_FILE* const, rtl::OString>; _Alloc = std::allocator<std::pair<_IO_FILE* const, rtl::OString> >; _ExtractKey = std::__detail::_Select1st; _Equal = std::equal_to<_IO_FILE*>; _Hash = psp::FPtrHash; _RangeHash = std::__detail::_Mod_range_hashing; _Unused = std::__detail::_Default_ranged_hash; _RehashPolicy = std::__detail::_Prime_rehash_policy; _Traits = std::__detail::_Hashtable_traits<true, false, true>]’ at /usr/include/c++/12/bits/hashtable.h:2358:43, inlined from ‘std::_Hashtable<_Key, _Value, _Alloc, _ExtractKey, _Equal, _Hash, _RangeHash, _Unused, _RehashPolicy, _Traits>::size_type std::_Hashtable<_Key, _Value, _Alloc, _ExtractKey, _Equal, _Hash, _RangeHash, _Unused, _RehashPolicy, _Traits>::erase(const key_type&) [with _Key = _IO_FILE*; _Value = std::pair<_IO_FILE* const, rtl::OString>; _Alloc = std::allocator<std::pair<_IO_FILE* const, rtl::OString> >; _ExtractKey = std::__detail::_Select1st; _Equal = std::equal_to<_IO_FILE*>; _Hash = psp::FPtrHash; _RangeHash = std::__detail::_Mod_range_hashing; _Unused = std::__detail::_Default_ranged_hash; _RehashPolicy = std::__detail::_Prime_rehash_policy; _Traits = std::__detail::_Hashtable_traits<true, false, true>]’ at /usr/include/c++/12/bits/hashtable.h:971:24, inlined from ‘std::unordered_map<_Key, _Tp, _Hash, _Pred, _Alloc>::size_type std::unordered_map<_Key, _Tp, _Hash, _Pred, _Alloc>::erase(const key_type&) [with _Key = _IO_FILE*; _Tp = rtl::OString; _Hash = psp::FPtrHash; _Pred = std::equal_to<_IO_FILE*>; _Alloc = std::allocator<std::pair<_IO_FILE* const, rtl::OString> >]’ at /usr/include/c++/12/bits/unordered_map.h:763:26, inlined from ‘virtual bool psp::CPDManager::endSpool(const rtl::OUString&, const rtl::OUString&, FILE*, const psp::JobData&, bool, const rtl::OUString&)’ at vcl/unx/generic/printer/cpdmgr.cxx:725:28:

Extend '-Werror=attributes' workaround to GCC versions < 12.1

23 May 06:46 - LibreOffice - Michael Weghorn

Adapt the GCC version check from the workaround introduced in commit 2c6cea672a852b85cfb6d2e313d806f257481417 Date: Wed May 18 10:46:55 2022 +0200 Work around bogus -Werror=attributes with old GCC ...after 9c3c6a6b661ea8f84c1285b07a502de5c98a1495 "Replace OFFSET_OF macro with a function template", as seen at <

for fuzzers add libtiff to common externals, not just tiffuzzer

22 May 20:23 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: I747a39a26c446000924a1d48c5d650fac330216e Reviewed-on:

Linux 5.18

22 May 19:52 - Linux Kernel - Linus Torvalds

Get make_installer calls to run in parallel

22 May 19:35 - LibreOffice - Thorsten Behrens

If available, use GNU parallel to run N scripts in parallel, to scale packaging LibreOffice up with the rest of gbuild.

tdf#131199 add some basic 16bitcielab support

22 May 19:30 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

to get that final tiff loadable

mb/gogle/skyrim/devicetree: enable display HDA device

21 May 18:53 - Coreboot - Felix Held

The HD audio controller of the GPU on bus A device 0 function 1 wasn't enabled, so it didn't get resources assigned.

mb/gogle/skyrim/devicetree: enable audio coprocessor device

21 May 18:52 - Coreboot - Felix Held

The ACP device on bus A device 0 function 5 wasn't enabled, so it didn't get resources assigned.

mb/gogle/skyrim/devicetree: enable crypto device

21 May 18:52 - Coreboot - Felix Held

The crypro device on bus A device 0 function 2 wasn't enabled, so it didn't get resources assigned resulting in this the Linux kernel error:

Show 'AS "?column?"' explicitly when it's important

21 May 18:45 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

ruleutils.c was coded to suppress the AS label for a SELECT output expression if the column name is "?column?", which is the parser's fallback if it can't think of something better.

soc/intel/ehl: Provide function to change PHY-to-MAC IRQ polarity

21 May 17:40 - Coreboot - Mario Scheithauer

EHL MAC side expects a rising edge signal for an IRQ.

src/soc/intel/cmn/fast-spi: Add SSDT extension to fast SPI driver

21 May 16:20 - Coreboot - Werner Zeh

If the SPI controller is hidden from the OS (which is default on Apollo Lake) then OS has no chance to probe the device and therefore can not be aware of the resources this PCI device occupies.

libtiff: enable jpeg and zlib

21 May 15:25 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: Ied6ab75342f5cdaadefbff7f75fbe63e9d67e992 Reviewed-on:

drop old tiff filter

21 May 09:52 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: I3bfeae4751cb9173fbe2efdbda531a9a1a491c8e Reviewed-on:

update Skia to chrome/m103

21 May 08:56 - LibreOffice - Luboš Luňák

Change-Id: I35f1ca3fc703dbf31c68f4b145344b23029a156d Reviewed-on:

android: Drop 'android.enableJetifier=true'

21 May 07:18 - LibreOffice - Michael Weghorn

From the Android Gradle Plugin 7.2.0 release notes [1]: > Jetifier warning and check in Build Analyzer Build Analyzer now displays > a warning if your project's file includes > android.enableJetifier=true.

lok-calc: new callback for print ranges

21 May 07:14 - LibreOffice - Dennis Francis

With this callback the lok clients can read and draw the print ranges on each sheet of the Calc document.

lavu/tx: make slow ISA extension penalties smarter

21 May 00:10 - FFmpeg - Lynne

Instead of having a fixed -64 prio penalty, make the penalties more granular.

build libtiff

20 May 20:29 - LibreOffice - Julien Nabet

Change-Id: Id9b6e1355147c3f68b9922db14f1b4904a05c686 Reviewed-on:

Release 7.9.

20 May 20:24 - WINE - Alexandre Julliard

Add UI config-option for freesound download cache

20 May 20:03 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

This also invalidates any prior libardour rc-config (which was not previously exposed as config).

MixerScene: correctly restore controls with VCA master

20 May 17:10 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

The master needs to be restored first, otherwise setting the master value with be propagated.

Add API to query control-masters

20 May 17:10 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

This allows to traverse VCA masters upstream, and potentially build a graph.

add libtiff to notices

20 May 16:16 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: I02d469848e86ab7ed50c3ba2743be5d89ddb4fb1 Reviewed-on:

mb/google/brya/acpi: Add support for NBCI _DSM subfunction

20 May 14:59 - Coreboot - Tim Wawrzynczak

The Nvidia GPU supports another function named NBCI (NoteBook Common Interface), which has some subfunctions which are required for the Nvidia kernel driver to consume.

mb/google/brya: Add PEG and initial Nvidia dGPU ASL support

20 May 14:58 - Coreboot - Tim Wawrzynczak

Some brya variants will use a GN20 series Nvidia GPU, which requires quite a bit of ACPI support code to be written for it.

sw content controls, picture: add insert UI

20 May 14:55 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

- handle the picture case in SwWrtShell::InsertContentControl(): insert a placeholder bitmap & create content control around the as-char image

tdf#135843: sd_export_tests-ooxml3: Add unittest for the export part

20 May 14:16 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

3faf005a367cbd28077403bf93810bbaf4805851 "tdf#135843 Implement inside horizontal vertical borders." also fixed a problem when exporting to PPTX.

freesound: update to API v2

20 May 13:33 - Ardour - Colin Fletcher

Add a new client id & token for Ardour 7, and update to Freesound's API v2. Implement OAuth authentication for Freesound downloads, as described at:

.editorconfig: Automatically configure multiple text editors

20 May 12:17 - DBus - Simon McVittie

See for details of the format.

external: update pdfium to 5058

20 May 11:57 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Which started to use require __builtin_is_constant_evaluated(), which our baseline doesn't have, so patch that out for now.

mb/google/skyrim: Expose SKU and board ID to Chrome OS

20 May 11:20 - Coreboot - Amanda Huang

Select EC_GOOGLE_CHROMEEC_SKUID and EC_GOOGLE_CHROMEEC_BOARDID to provide common routine for reading skudid and boardid from Chrome EC.

mb/google/skyrim/var/skyrim: Add better descriptors for USB endpoints

20 May 11:19 - Coreboot - Jon Murphy

Fix descriptors for USB ports to align with their function and placement with respect to the schematics.

sw content controls, picture: add DOCX filter

20 May 08:09 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Map Picture UNO property on content controls to:

new loplugin:unnecessary locking

20 May 06:03 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

off by default, since each warning needs careful inspection

libpayload/pci: Add pci_map_bus function for MediaTek platform

20 May 02:53 - Coreboot - Jianjun Wang

Add 'pci_map_bus' function and PCIE_MEDIATEK config for MediaTek platform.

libpayload/pci: Add support for bus mapping

20 May 02:51 - Coreboot - Jianjun Wang

Move the common APIs to pci_ops.c and IO based operations to pci_io_ops.c, and add pci_map_bus_ops.c to support bus mapping.