Prepare 1.7.4 for tomorrow

System Internals / DBus - Simon McVittie [] - 12 June 2013 13:49 UTC


D-Bus 1.7.4 (2013-06-13)

Security fixes:

• CVE-2013-2168: Fix misuse of va_list that could be used as a denial of service for system services. Vulnerability reported by Alexandru Cornea. (Simon)


• The Windows version of libdbus now contains a C++ source file, used to provide global initialization when the library is loaded. gcc (mingw*) users should ensure that g++ is also installed.

• The libxml2-based configuration reader (which hasn't worked for 2.5 years, and was never the recommended option) has been removed. Expat is now a hard dependency.


• It should now be safe to call dbus_threads_init_default() from any thread, at any time. Authors of loadable modules and plugins that use libdbus should consider doing so during initialization. (fd.o #54972, Simon McVittie)

• Improve dbus-send documentation and command-line parsing (fd.o #65424, Chengwei Yang)

Other fixes:

• In dbus-daemon, don't crash if a .service file starts with key=value (fd.o #60853, Chengwei Yang)

• Unix-specific: · Fix a crash similar to CVE-2013-2168 the first time we try to use syslog on a platform not defining LOG_PERROR, such as Solaris or QNX. This regressed in 1.7.0. (Simon) · Fix an assertion failure if we try to activate systemd services before systemd connects to the bus (fd.o #50199, Chengwei Yang) · Avoid compiler warnings for ignoring the return from write() (Chengwei Yang)

• Windows-specific: · Under cmake, install runtime libraries (DLLs) into bin/ instead of lib/ so that Windows finds them (fd.o #59733, Ralf Habacker)

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