Update V8 to version 6.2.300.

19 August 12:27 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

e - add vkbd for convertibles (tablets, laptops ... phones)

19 August 12:01 - Enlightenment - Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)

i82801dx/gx/ix/jx: Add low-memory backup for S3 path

19 August 11:31 - Coreboot - Kyösti Mälkki

SMM relocation code overwrite low memory owned by OS.

Update V8 to version 6.2.299.

19 August 09:15 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

[wrapper-tracing] Enable use of mixins for values

19 August 06:43 - Chromium - Michael Lippautz

This patch enables values of TraceWrapperMember to be mixins.

Update V8 to version (cherry-pick).

19 August 06:43 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

avfilter: add pseudocolor filter

19 August 06:42 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

Removed ignored includes

19 August 05:54 - LibreOffice - Andrea Gelmini

By brute force analysis, it seems to me that we can easily remove these not used includes.

hammer2 - Fix bulkfree bugs

19 August 01:36 - DragonFlyBSD - Matthew Dillon

- Fix a bug where the HAMMER2_CHAIN_ONFLUSH flag could become desynchronized, preventing some modifications from chaining the flag to the root. This caused the bulkfree's flush to miss some chains and thus free blocks that should not have been freed. With this fix concurrent bulkfree and modifying operations appear to work properly. - For now do two quick flush passes in the bulkfree code.

Add a Blink feature to turn off compositing animations

19 August 00:00 - Chromium - Xida Chen

This feature is designed for an experiment to turn off compositing for 2D transform & opacity animations.

[subresource_filter] Add traces/UMA around ruleset verification

18 August 23:37 - Chromium - Charles Harrison

Not only will the UMA give us latency numbers, but it will ensure that we aren't mapping in the ruleset when we shouldn't be.

Updating trunk VERSION from 3190.0 to 3191.0

18 August 23:05 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot


[Offline pages] Adding prefetch downloader quota

18 August 22:50 - Chromium - Filip Gorski

DB: Adding a table to store prefetch downloader quota

Add Powered by Chrome message

18 August 22:31 - Chromium - Biao She

We need a resource ID to generate Text texture.

Default PipelineIntegrationTests to clockless. ~6.7x speedup

18 August 21:53 - Chromium - Dale Curtis

Theres no reason for most pipeline integration tests to be real-time tests.

Populate strings to display on the MITM software interstitial

18 August 21:45 - Chromium - Sasha Perigo

The CL adds the MITM software interstitial strings to the security_interstitials_strings.grdp file.

[Extensions] Update navigations across hypothetical extension extents

18 August 21:21 - Chromium - Devlin Cronin

Update code to treat navigations across hypothetical extension extents (e.g.

Add click to open PDF feature to about flags

18 August 21:02 - Chromium - Amber Won

Add flag to allow testing on Android.

[Offline Prefetch] Add GeneratePageBundleReconciler and its unittest

18 August 20:56 - Chromium - Dmitry Titov

Bug: 701939 Change-Id: Id1fa73638828a624f277e52a92262fe927fb2dca Reviewed-on:

[reland] chromeos: Converts OobeDisplayChooser to use InputDeviceManager

18 August 20:54 - Chromium - Scott Violet

Original patch was here:

Add support for running the AppCacheRequestHandlerTests for URLLoader (network service)

18 August 20:46 - Chromium - Anantanarayanan Iyengar

Changes in this patch are as below: 1.

soc/intel/skylake: Enable power button SMI when jumping to payload

18 August 20:33 - Coreboot - Furquan Shaikh

Instead of enabling power button SMI unconditionally, add a boot state handler to enable power button SMI just before jumping to payload.

Turn on dynamic Expect-CT by default

18 August 20:22 - Chromium - Emily Stark

Expect-CT headers are launching in Chrome 61 (approved via blink-dev OWP process and launch review) so we can enable the Finch feature by default.

Fix predicates for dEQP bots

18 August 20:15 - Chromium - Kenneth Russell

They were causing essentially all of the tests to run on the dEQP-specific bots.

Delete ColorCalibrationProfile and related code

18 August 20:07 - Chromium - kylechar

The color calibration profile feature doesn't appear to have ever been implemented.

Blacklist GPU acceleration on all Windows VMware driver versions

18 August 20:02 - Chromium - Victor Miura

R=zmo@chromium.org BUG=754435

[Offline Prefetch] Add scheduling parameters for downloads

18 August 19:59 - Chromium - Jian Li

Bug: 736156 Change-Id: Ib95c273c4d6de11043386338620972413840cc4a Reviewed-on:

Import wpt@bbdac616bbfd9274ac4ca59c2bb3850e77c92214

18 August 19:56 - Chromium - Chromium WPT Sync

Using wpt-import in Chromium 1c96f800ccd96136acadc40f8bad4d251d9e87b5. Build:

jit: fix segfault with autovectorization (PR tree-optimization/46805)

18 August 19:56 - GCC - dmalcolm

libgccjit ran into its own version of PR tree-optimization/46805 (seen with the Go frontend); this patch fixes it in the same way.

jit: make simpler reproducers

18 August 19:50 - GCC - dmalcolm

The C reproducers generated by gcc_jit_context_dump_reproducer_to_file contain numerous pointer values (from %p) to ensure uniqueness of the identifiers, but this makes them less readable than they could be. This patch updates reproducer::make_identifier so that the pointer is only added if it's necessary for uniqueness. gcc/jit/ChangeLog: - jit-recording.c (class gcc::jit::reproducer): Rename field "m_identifiers" to "m_map_memento_to_identifier".

tdf#98315 Function Wizard showing Breeze icons when in Sifr theme - SVG

18 August 19:38 - LibreOffice - Matthias Freund

These are the svg (source) files for master

[Reland] Hook up driver bug workaround's platform dependent disabled extensions

18 August 19:36 - Chromium - Zhenyao Mo

Originally reviewed on

Omnibox UI Experiments: Add URL trimming flags to Mobile

18 August 19:28 - Chromium - Tommy C. Li

Makes the URL trimming flags available on Android and iOS as well.

CRSSS lockdown. Support different heap structures for Win32.

18 August 19:24 - Chromium - Liam Murphy

This allows CSRSS lockdown to be supported on x86.

mash: Add shelf context menu support

18 August 19:17 - Chromium - Michael Wasserman

Chrome serializes its shelf item context menus for Ash.

Add flag to slow down compositing to evaluate render surface caching

18 August 19:14 - Chromium - wutao

We are looking for a good way to measure improvements for UI animations on ChromeOS when we caching render surface.

app_list: enable AppsGridViewTest.MouseDragFlipPage for fullscreen launcher

18 August 19:13 - Chromium - Qiang Xu

changes: (1) Make SimulateDrag always accept relative bounds, and convert it to bounds in root window, though they are the same for fullscreen launcher.

Memory-infra: Remove use of unique tracing ID and add resident size to discardable dumps

18 August 19:11 - Chromium - Siddhartha

This CL does: 1.

Compute the increase in RTT by comparing recent and historical data

18 August 19:08 - Chromium - Devdeep Ray

Each NQE RTT observation is tagged with a unique identifier of the remote subnet for better detection of an increase in RTT due to congestion.

Enable pen behaving like touch by default

18 August 19:02 - Chromium - Dave Tapuska

Flip setting to enabled.

[DevTools] Support multiple sessions in non-browser-side-navigation world

18 August 18:19 - Chromium - Dmitry Gozman

Bug: 590878 Change-Id: I66d072cc780dbb9d9701febc65f6ab2f4a33621b Reviewed-on:

Ensure History > Recent Tabs restore preserves window disposition

18 August 18:00 - Chromium - chrisha

This plumbs the window bounds, show state and workspace through the tab restore stack.

Fuchsia: Add headless_shell to chromium.fyi Fuchsia bot targets

18 August 17:52 - Chromium - Kevin Marshall

Bug: 746674 Change-Id: I2d50d4f4e959deac7c641e8b02b188cbcb5893e9 Reviewed-on:

Settings: Change Picture: Fix tooltop

18 August 17:50 - Chromium - Steven Bennetts

We don't actually track the loading state of the Google profile image so we should just remove the (loading) version of the tooltip.

[Zucchini] Add basic seed corpus to patch fuzzer

18 August 17:49 - Chromium - Etienne Pierre-Doray

This CL adds an empty but valid zucchini patch in testdata/patch_fuzzer, used as seed corpus for fuzzing tests.

Convert mojo javatests to JUnit4

18 August 17:45 - Chromium - Yoland Yan

For more on JUnit4 migration, please check src/testing/android/docs/junit4.md

Add pdf plugin to fully_trusted plugins list

18 August 17:43 - Chromium - Lucas Furukawa Gadani

This is necessary because

Add a link to spec in WindowPaintWorklet.idl

18 August 17:29 - Chromium - Xida Chen

Add a link to the spec in the above .idl, as a comment.

Add support for HTML copy&paste Android<-->Chrome

18 August 17:11 - Chromium - Ricardo Quesada

Add support for HTML copy & paste between Android and Chrome.

Fix `gn clean`.

18 August 17:08 - Chromium - Dirk Pranke

The way `gn clean` preserves enough of the toplevel build.ninja file in order to be able to recreate itself is kind of hacky; it looks for a certain number of blank lines and then discards the rest.

Reland "[DevTools] [CacheStorage] Live update cache storage content"

18 August 17:00 - Chromium - kristipark

This is a reland of aa26f619fd32e61e564acf00b5513efe9cb73d69 Original change's description: > [DevTools] [CacheStorage] Live update cache storage content > > Marks the cache content view as dirty if entries are > out-of-date.

Retention experiment tool improvements

18 August 16:58 - Chromium - Greg Thompson

This change adds a "prelaunch" operation to the tool to simplify manual testing of the UX.

app_list: make GetPointInsideSearchbox picking CenterPoint

18 August 16:50 - Chromium - Qiang Xu

changes: Mainly for addressing the issue in crbug.com/756516, where in 3163 branch

Remove refs to deleted src files

18 August 16:50 - LibreOffice - Julien Nabet


[Extensions] Expand ExtensionBuilder to be more useful and semantic

18 August 16:36 - Chromium - Devlin Cronin

ExtensionBuilder is a handy utility for constructing extensions in a (usually unit) test environment, since Extension::Create() is a pain.

Add the Kaspersky root cert to the list of known MITM software

18 August 16:31 - Chromium - Sasha Perigo

This CL adds an entry for the Kaspersky root cert to the list of known MITM software that is used to match against suspected MITM software certificates.

fuchsia: Add no-op implementation of HasSeekPenalty

18 August 16:30 - Chromium - Scott Graham

Needed for headless_shell in is_component_mode=true.

Fix inset shadow painting of table components

18 August 16:28 - Chromium - Xianzhu Wang

Table components may have different box model from normal boxes about inner border box rect which is used as the bounds of inset box shadow:- For a cell in a table with collapse-border: collapse, the inner border box rect is the border box inset by inner half widths of collapsed borders (which may be different from border styles of the cell);- For a table row/section, the inner border box rect is the same as the border box rect because border widths of the object don't contribute to layout/painting of the object itself.

Download service: Add DownloadMetaData in public client API.

18 August 16:23 - Chromium - Xing Liu

This CL introduces DownloadMetaData that will pass to client when the service is initialized.

fuchsia: Add implementation of GetFontList_SlowBlocking()

18 August 16:16 - Chromium - Scott Graham

Needed for headless_shell in is_component_mode=true.

PlzNavigate: make BlockCredentialedSubresources work

18 August 16:05 - Chromium - arthursonzogni

Chrome blocks subresource requests whose URLs include credentials (i.e.

Add dependencies to the app_shim target

18 August 16:01 - Chromium - Michail Pishchagin

app_shim isn't in GN's check_targets list and that's why it lacked several dependencies: when building "app_shim" on macOS it could fail because ipc.mojom.h wasn't generated yet.

[Cronet] Build cronet_impl_native_java.jar from undesugared jars

18 August 15:56 - Chromium - Paul Jensen

Prior to this change cronet_impl_native_java.jar was desugared but did not include the desugar runtime library and was missing classes.

broadcom/genxml: Add V3D 3.3 packet definitions

18 August 15:54 - Mesa - Eric Anholt

This will be used by the new vc5 gallium driver, and a future Vulkan driver.

add internal action for showing a menu using object geometry

18 August 15:52 - Enlightenment - Mike Blumenkrantz

add separate desklock key up handler to correctly handle caps lock on wayland

18 August 15:52 - Enlightenment - Mike Blumenkrantz

x11 modifier handling in events is broken: the modifier state is the state from before the event, meaning that pressing caps lock will never result in an event where the modifier is not set in the corresponding event

add MISC client property event to be manually triggered whenever misc props change

18 August 15:52 - Enlightenment - Mike Blumenkrantz

there's too many properties to create flags/events for all of them, so just use this if it's one of the many misc props

wayland: Tick like a boss

18 August 15:27 - EFL Core Libraries - Derek Foreman

Instead of the clever but awful manual_render_set hack, actually do ticks based on frame callbacks.

wayland: Make the wayland evas engines dependent on ecore_wl2

18 August 15:27 - EFL Core Libraries - Derek Foreman

Seems like the best place to put some common code.

arc: Add native-bridge-experiment flag

18 August 15:26 - Chromium - Lev Rumyantsev

The flag is currently unused.

Properly release resources in DynamicGeometryBinding

18 August 15:24 - Chromium - Antoine Labour

Buffers were never deleted, causing a slow leak every time a new GLRenderer was created.

Move tracing.tracing_with_debug_overhead to tools/perf/contrib/

18 August 15:05 - Chromium - Zhen Wang

Bug: 667326 Change-Id: I030d157aa1faa0082979942c1d4a0242ffe92d8c Reviewed-on:

[Suggestions] Add UI for sites Explore

18 August 14:57 - Chromium - galinap

This CL adds the UI support for site suggestions.

Roll Fuchsia SDK

18 August 14:51 - Chromium - Sergey Ulanov

The new version should have the following issues addressed:- Fix for the issues that break base::SyncSocket,

Redesign Session+Route Template Meta Script API

18 August 14:42 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

Remove special-cased script types.

Change mus-ws to use viz::HostFrameSinkManager

18 August 14:32 - Chromium - Ria Jiang

📺 Enable FullscreenActivity

18 August 14:20 - Chromium - Peter E Conn

Enables FullscreenActivity and includes two smaller bugfixes.

Add more unittests for MessageLoopForIO on POSIX.

18 August 14:15 - Chromium - Sergey Ulanov

Added two unittests that run timers and IO events on the same loop.

Add filter for service_manager_unittests

18 August 13:56 - Chromium - Wez

We are seeing the unit-tests flake frequently, so speculatively filter out some crash-related tests in the hope that they are the cause.

[WebApk] Enable WebApks by default

18 August 13:33 - Chromium - Yaron Friedman

Maintains the finch flag so that we can disable if the server encounters issues but removes about:flag and defaults to enabled.

[HBD] Add console message when plugin throttled or blocked

18 August 13:21 - Chromium - Tommy C. Li

Also includes some simplifying refactors to LoadablePluginPlaceholder.

[Android] Add signin promos in Recent Tabs and clean up Recent Tabs

18 August 13:19 - Chromium - Iulia Harasim

This CL adds the layout for the signin promos for Recent Tabs and it also wires the promo in Recent Tabs.

CrOS: Cache render surface in cross fade animation

18 August 13:10 - Chromium - wutao

Cache render surface in animation can improve the UI performance significantly.

Reland "Only enable Modern when Chrome Home is enabled."

18 August 13:02 - Chromium - Michael van Ouwerkerk

Bug: 756377 Change-Id: I8702781bcf21e6eb71ee54b975eb88facdbcef44 Reviewed-on:

ash: Add OWNERS file for fast_ink

18 August 12:56 - Chromium - David Reveman

Bug: None Change-Id: I42ef71f39975afa226e90694f3f9985f38623bc6 Reviewed-on:

[Offline Pages] PF: Adds metrics and finalization task

18 August 12:53 - Chromium - Justin DeWitt

The task will report UMA for the final state of each prefetch item, and move the items to zombie state.

meta-monitor: Make supported scales determination saner

18 August 12:41 - Mutter - Rui Matos

Scales below 1 and scales that result in a too small logical monitor size don't make sense.

opus_pvq_search: only use rsqrtps approximation on CPUs with avx

18 August 12:30 - FFmpeg - Rostislav Pehlivanov

Makes the search produce idential results with the C version.

Add macros to x86util.asm .

18 August 12:18 - FFmpeg - Ivan Kalvachev

Improved version of VBROADCASTSS that works like the avx2 instruction.

SIMD opus pvq_search implementation

18 August 12:18 - FFmpeg - Ivan Kalvachev

Explanation on the workings and methods used by the Pyramid Vector Quantization Search function could be found in the following Work-In-Progress mail threads:

Add a note in the docs about disabling wpt-importer

18 August 12:10 - Chromium - Quinten Yearsley

Bug: 755756 Change-Id: Ia53261df2ef3fb8030b0349b6498aa32d02e9347 Reviewed-on:

[iOS XCUITest] Add xctest files to XCUITest targets for indexing

18 August 12:02 - Chromium - Yuke Liao

This CL adds xctest files to the "Compiler Sources" of corresponding xcuitest native targets for proper indexing and for discovery of tests function.

Padding for buttons in ChromeSigninViewController

18 August 12:01 - Chromium - Jérôme Lebel

Correction for crrev.com/c/620770 From comments in

Organize internal media dependencies into sub-components

18 August 11:56 - Chromium - Dale Curtis

- Introduce concept of subcomponents which roll up into //media DEPs.- Cleanup unnecessary visibility and comment blocks while adding explicit visibility for sub-components.- Relocate webvtt_util.h from filters/ to base/- Move demuxer_perftest from base/ to filters/ - Switch base to be source_set with internal only DEPS. - Drop unnecessary media/audio deps from base.- Drop media/ffmpeg dep from base/- Relocate video/* files into video/BUILD.gn - Drop media/filters dep from media/video (was circular). With this we've got a clear organization of the //media folder and are fairly close to being able to enable gn check over the entire //media component. Apologies for the massive CL, but this is a ball of yarn that just kept growing and growing while trying to pull apart unfortunately. I've paid close attention to some previous work from brucedawson@ to ensure we haven't regressed any sizes on windows builds by switching //media/base back to a source_set from a static_library.

[Android] Add signin promo and Chrome sync promo in Bookmarks

18 August 11:36 - Chromium - Iulia Harasim

This CL adds the layout for the signin promos for Bookmarks and it also wires the promo in Bookmarks.

mainboard/hp: Add HP Elitebook 8460p

18 August 11:31 - Coreboot - Iru Cai

The code is based on autoport.

mainboard/hp: Add HP Elitebook 2570p

18 August 11:31 - Coreboot - Iru Cai

The code is based on autoport.

mainboard/hp: Add HP Elitebook 8470p

18 August 11:30 - Coreboot - Iru Cai

The code is based on the code generated by autoport. The EHCI debug port is between the DP port and eSATA port.

mainboard/hp: Add HP Elitebook 2760p

18 August 11:30 - Coreboot - Iru Cai

The code is generated by autoport. The flash chip is socketed beside the WLAN slot.

payload/tianocore: Add patch to preserve coreboot table

18 August 11:23 - Coreboot - Arthur Heymans

Credit for this patch goes to 'ReddestDream'.

Make pen behave like touch when in contact

18 August 10:41 - Chromium - Dave Tapuska

In order to enable a good interaction with the rest of Chrome it was too difficult to teach views about PointerEvents everywhere.

[NTP] Disable notifications auto opt out by default

18 August 10:33 - Chromium - Vitalii Iarko

Notification settings page is shown when kNotificationsFeature is enabled.


18 August 10:07 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin


[NTP] Add notification settings button to suggestion notifications

18 August 09:29 - Chromium - Vitalii Iarko

This CL is based on

Chromad: Refactor password change screen

18 August 09:13 - Chromium - Roman Sorokin

No longer ignores failures Shows more errors.

Web MIDI: make the MidiService robust against illegal ipc sequences

18 August 08:58 - Chromium - Takashi Toyoshima

Now the MidiService raises a check failure when an illegal ipc sequence is detected.

New patterns added to network traffic annotation extractor clang tool

18 August 08:25 - Chromium - Ramin Halavati

To test network traffic annotations throughly, we need to find all code sites outside annotations API functions that directly assign a value to a tag, either using list expression constructors or assigning value to internal arguments of a mutable tag.

new loplugin:expressionalwayszero

18 August 08:19 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

The code in SvXMLExportItemMapper::exportXML was broken as far back as its introduction in

Roll WebRTC 19324:19403 (73 commits)

18 August 06:58 - Chromium - Olga Sharonova


Only enable Modern when Chrome Home is enabled

18 August 06:27 - Chromium - Michael van Ouwerkerk

Bug: 756377 Change-Id: Ic5db5edcbd9c901752fd68ef9e2361a9ec5a5802 Reviewed-on:

android: Add "try with resource" support to TraceEvent

18 August 06:16 - Chromium - Benoit Lize

This commit adds a new way to define scoped trace events in Java, using the "try with resource" construct.

Add warn_if_not_aligned attribute

18 August 05:38 - GCC - hjl

as well as command line options: -Wif-not-aligned and -Wpacked-not-aligned. __attribute__((warn_if_not_aligned(N))) causes compiler to issue a warning if the field in a struct or union is not aligned to N: typedef unsigned long long __u64 __attribute__((aligned(4),warn_if_not_aligned(8))); struct foo { int i1; int i2; __u64 x; }; __u64 is aligned to 4 bytes.

android: Enable "redirect preconnect" by default

18 August 04:44 - Chromium - Benoit Lize

Preconnection to a redirect chain end point has been approved for M61, enabling the feature by default (see crbug.com/738256).

loplugin:implicitboolconversion (clang-cl)

18 August 04:13 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

Add msarda@ as owner for chrome.identity extension API

18 August 04:03 - Chromium - Mihai Sardarescu

Bug: NONE Change-Id: I3ff29351179dfef64f0eeca6752d9397e120257f Reviewed-on:

Support HTTP authentication policies on ChromeOS

18 August 04:00 - Chromium - Lutz Justen

The policies are needed on Active Directory managed devices in order to configure Kerberos authentication through GSSAPI. The first use case will be the SAML flow during ARC account provisioning, where the Device Management server asks AD FS to authenticate the user.

Long tasks v2: add probe for v8.compile

18 August 03:33 - Chromium - Liquan (Max) Gu

This CL is to implement probe::V8Compile as an effort to attribute long tasks with the subtasks 'script-compile'.

Adds bookmark_context_bar behind an experiment flag

18 August 03:03 - Chromium - Marti Wong

This CL : 1.

recent: Cache directory entries in ArcDocumentsProviderRoot

18 August 02:54 - Chromium - Shuhei Takahashi

Currently, showing directory contents in Media Views on Files app takes O(N^2) time where N is the number of files under the directory.

[WebApps] Implements UX of Minimal-UI display mode

18 August 01:58 - Chromium - Piotr Swigon

This patch implements Minimal-UI display mode with use of layout borrowed from ChromeCustomTab.

Add char* versions of *CrashKeyValueImpl* funcs

18 August 01:36 - Chromium - Bruce Dawson

The wchar_t* versions of SetCrashKeyValueImpl and ClearCrashKeyValueImpl mean that base::debug::SetCrashKeyValue has to convert keys and values from char* to wchar_t* and then immediately back.

recent: Implement a recent source for ARC media views

18 August 01:20 - Chromium - Shuhei Takahashi

RecentArcMediaSource gathers recent ARC media files in following steps: 1.

Update V8 to version 6.2.281.

18 August 00:51 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

[TabManager] Record EQT metrics

18 August 00:17 - Chromium - Duc Bui

This CL records Task Expected Queueing Time UMA in TabManagerStatsCollector.

Reland "[iOS Clean] Created OverlayService."

17 August 23:52 - Chromium - Kurt Horimoto

This CL introduces OverlayService, a BrowerStateKeyedService that manages enqueueing overlay coordinators and scheduling the overlays to be displayed. Classes of note: - OverlayService: Interface to the overlay system.

Add display_source to extension installed notification

17 August 23:33 - Chromium - Tetsui Ohkubo

Extension installed notification did not have |display_source|, which led to broken layout in MD notification.

Add demuxer based HLS detection

17 August 23:17 - Chromium - Thomas Guilbert

Currently, we detect HLS streams based off of the presence of the string ".m3u8" in the media's URL. This CL removes URL based HLS detection, and replaces it with demuxer based detection.

Updating trunk VERSION from 3189.0 to 3190.0

17 August 23:15 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot


Remove start_with_ext.* benchmarks

17 August 23:05 - Chromium - Ned Nguyen

These benchmarks have been failing everywhere for a long time & we currently don't have bandwidth to revive them.

Add mb config for win7_chromium_rel_ng

17 August 22:51 - Chromium - smut

Matching that of win_chromium_rel_ng.

Unify Maps WPR between smoothness.maps and maps_integration_test

17 August 22:45 - Chromium - Kenneth Russell

These diverged at some point because the WPR server used by maps_integration_test stopped working with localhost URLs.

Add CacheRenderSurfaceObserver to ScopedLayerAnimationSettings

17 August 22:40 - Chromium - wutao

We want to force render surface caching for a large set of animations in CrOS.

AppShell: Support multiple displays

17 August 22:36 - Chromium - Michael Giuffrida

In AppShell for Aura, use views::CreateDesktopScreen() to create a Screen capable of handling multiple displays.

[GRC] Send Expected Task Queueing Duration to TabManagerStatsCollector

17 August 22:32 - Chromium - Duc Bui

We want to track the smoothness of foreground tabs during session restore, which can be estimated by their ExpectedTaskQueueingDuration.

Use HitTestQuery in EventTargeter in mus-ws

17 August 22:17 - Chromium - Ria Jiang

Get the HitTestQuery associated with the display a location is in and use that HTQ to find the target for that location. Next step: We can get the transformed location in the coord-space of the target from HitTestQuery but many places assume it's still location-in-root, e.g.

cc: Set primary plane overlay candidate format

17 August 22:13 - Chromium - Daniele Castagna

On cros, when an output surface is displayed as an overlay, DirectRenderer creates an overlay candidate for it.

Make ClientCertStoreNSS use_byte_certs-friendly

17 August 21:43 - Chromium - Matt Mueller

Also introduces: x509_util::CreateX509CertificateFromCERTCertificate

Deploy desktop dEQP builders and testers

17 August 21:39 - Chromium - Kenneth Russell

These will use a different build configuration than the other builders and testers; namely, enabling exceptions and RTTI.

previewers: Make sure waveforms are drawn as soon as avalaible

17 August 21:33 - PiTiVi - Thibault Saunier

base::Span: Implement conversion constructors

17 August 21:07 - Chromium - Daniel Cheng

- Implement Span<U> to Span<T> conversions if U* is convertible to T*.

[Offline Pages] Adding new metadata fields for P2P sharing

17 August 20:13 - Chromium - Yafei Duan

Added system_download_id, file_missing_time, upgrade_attempt and digest as new metadata fields and corresponding upgrading methods.

radv: disable support for VEGA for now

17 August 19:49 - Mesa - Dave Airlie

I'm working on this, but I'm not sure I'll make 17.2 at this stage, maybe 17.2.1.

Zeroconf printer detector implementation

17 August 19:38 - Chromium - Justin Carlson

This adds printer detection support for ipp/ipps printers advertised

Remove CoordinationPolicies

17 August 19:28 - Chromium - Ojan Vafai

They're not used anymore.

Added support for using alternate desktops both and with and without alternate winstations in a single process

17 August 19:25 - Chromium - Alex Gaynor

Right now it's not possible to have both configurations from a single parent process.

Add tls13_variant to ProcessConfigUpdate

17 August 19:10 - Chromium - Steven Valdez

SSLConfigServicePref calls this function when any of the prefs it uses changes.

Update V8 to version 6.2.279.

17 August 18:51 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

cc: Reduce DrawImage copies throughout tile management

17 August 18:22 - Chromium - Vladimir Levin

This patch removes a bunch of unnecessary DrawImage copies in tile management:- Updates RTree to optionally get non-owning pointers to payload- Removes Apply* functionality from DrawImages- Merges some scale/color space adjustments to a single loop

Enable asm.js -> WebAssembly by default

17 August 17:56 - Chromium - Brad Nelson

Honor disable flag from the chrome side.

Add UMA result for failed EME session creation

17 August 17:52 - Chromium - John Rummell

MediaKeySession.generateRequest() and MediaKeySession.load() internally use promises that return the result as a string (session_id).

soc/intel/cannonlake: Add SPI flash controller driver

17 August 17:50 - Coreboot - Lijian Zhao

Add SPI driver code for the SPI flash controller, including both fast_spi and generic_spi.

Reenable feature policy control over fullscreen

17 August 17:47 - Chromium - iclelland

This CL also changes test expectations to bring the fullscreen tests in line with the new behaviour prescribed by Feature Policy. Specifically:- Same origin iframes by default have the same ability to use fullscreen as their parent frame.

cros: Make non-focused/active UserViews transparent

17 August 17:45 - Chromium - Jacob Dufault

The view becomes opaque when it is focused or if the mouse is hovering over it.

Testing config: doc.write blocking change on slow connections only

17 August 17:39 - Chromium - Charles Harrison

The slow-connection version of this experiment is the only one we are planning on shipping any time soon. As such, we should not turn it on in finch.

[IndexedDB] Index tombstone crawler for stats and tombstone deletion

17 August 17:21 - Chromium - Daniel Murphy

Bug: 725565, 711439, 723129 Change-Id: I29d64e968b62aed0e7cdea4ac5721d0441958b75 Reviewed-on:

Some initial track templates

17 August 17:17 - Ardour - Ben Loftis

Hook up a mojo backed InputRouterImpl and WidgetInputHandler

17 August 17:05 - Chromium - Dave Tapuska

Instantiate the new InputRouterImpl and WidgetInputHandler/Manager when the content feature MojoInputMessages is enabled.

Add myself to OWNERS for java download/ui

17 August 16:56 - Chromium - David Trainor


Add enforcement experiments to fieldtrials

17 August 16:50 - Chromium - Philippe Hamel

Bug: 646711 Change-Id: Ibb5ad7d99df099d658e24ebc27776afcbb86e83a Reviewed-on:

Return loaded metrics when loading experiment state

17 August 16:49 - Chromium - Greg Thompson

This fixes a bug whereby the metrics and experiment state were both properly being loaded, but the experiment state was returned to the caller with uninitialized metrics.

StabilityReport multi-process collection support

17 August 16:32 - Chromium - manzagop

Introduces multi-process collection support.

Track templates: add some (unfinished) template files. Hide Created-With column in Ardour

17 August 16:31 - Ardour - Ben Loftis

Create CronetTestRule and refactor CronetTestBase

17 August 15:45 - Chromium - Yoland Yan

This CL creates CronetTestRule to replace CronetTestBase in JUnit4.

Add PointerEvents:None for fallback image shadow tree

17 August 15:37 - Chromium - Stephen Chenney

Hit testing on the shadow tree for a missing image does not respect the border radius style on the image.

Chrome Cleanup WebUI: Add period to error string, inline learn more

17 August 15:29 - Chromium - proberge

From @bettes: it'd be great to have the Learn more appear on the same line, rather than on the secondary line.

Click to Open PDF: Intercept navigations to PDF files in iframes

17 August 15:23 - Chromium - Amber Won

Currently, when there are no PDF viewers available, iframes for PDF's show up blank and immediately download the PDF.

cros: Make PIN backspace button repeat

17 August 15:16 - Chromium - Jacob Dufault

The backspace will auto-submit if long-pressed and will then start repeating if held down.

Reland "Have NavigationSimulator support browser-initiated navigations"

17 August 14:59 - Chromium - clamy

Initial commit message: This CL adds support for simulating browser-initiated navigations using NavigationSimulator.

Add metalayer strings

17 August 14:46 - Chromium - Vladislav Kaznacheev

Add two new metalayer-relater strings used to indicate the "loading" state in the menu and in the toast.

WebUI: Elim UIAccountTweaks

17 August 14:45 - Chromium - Steven Bennetts

Eliminating some additional (mostly) unused code from options.

Update V8 to version 6.2.272.

17 August 14:44 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add android specific out-of-process heap-profiling mb config

17 August 14:44 - Chromium - erikchen

Bug: 753218 Change-Id: I82e44135f70cd91885c97a146a94208d56592be3 Reviewed-on:

Track Templates: initial lua backend support

17 August 14:31 - Ardour - Ben Loftis

intel/common/block/fast_spi: Add config option to disable write status

17 August 14:31 - Coreboot - Duncan Laurie

Chrome OS systems rely on the write status register to enable/disable flash write protection and disabling this opcode breaks the ability to enable or disable write protection with flashrom. Add a configure option for this feature that will disable the opcode for Write Status commands unless CONFIG_CHROMEOS is enabled. Tested to ensure that a default build without CONFIG_CHROMEOS has this option enabled while a build with CONFIG_CHROMEOS does not.

EPUB export: handle inline images

17 August 14:30 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Just the bare minimum, so that the binary file-related member functions of the package interface are triggered, so I can implement them.

Reland Upload component versions to Crash and UMA.

17 August 14:29 - Chromium - Joshua Pawlicki

Original Change @

[Telemetry] Move remaining .Disabled annotations to story expectations

17 August 14:21 - Chromium - rnephew

The remaining ones are all 'Shouldnt run' cases such as adroid only test shouldnt run on desktop platforms.

Use SkCodec internally in GIFImageDecoder

17 August 14:19 - Chromium - cblume

Previously, GIFImageDecoder used GIFImageReader internally.

Constrict DEPS so //content/ can't add further dependencies on ozone

17 August 14:18 - Chromium - Elliot Glaysher

Under --mus and --mash, the code in //content/ can't access the raw ozone devices.

[CacheStorage] Reland: Pad opaque resource sizes

17 August 14:15 - Chromium - Chris Mumford

This change adds random padding to opaque resources stored in CacheStorage.

Add back fieldtrial_testing_config for NoStatePrefetchValidation

17 August 14:04 - Chromium - Egor Pasko

The config reflects the state of the single remaining experiment configuration, that is: enabling of the nostate-prefetch.

Reland "Kill DocumentWriter"

17 August 14:04 - Chromium - Nate Chapin

It's a wrapper around DocumentParser interaction during navigation, but it feels unnecessarily heavyweight for that, and it has a bit of vestigial code anyway. There are a few small behavior changes as part of the refactor: - DocumentLoader::ResponseMIMEType() was removed and its usage replaced with DocumentLoader::MIMEType().

arch/x86: Make postcar TempRamExit call generic

17 August 13:52 - Coreboot - Marshall Dawson

Move the FSP-specific call for tearing down cache-as-RAM out of postcar.c and replace it with an empty weak function. This patch omits checking if (IS_ENABLED(CONFIG_FSP_CAR)).

viz: optimize empty swap

17 August 13:20 - Chromium - Dongseong Hwang

Do nothing for empty swap as much as possible.

mainboard/google/poppy: Add ACPI objects for NVMEM device GT24C16S and CAT24C16

17 August 12:37 - Coreboot - V Sowmya

The Giantec semiconductor GT24C16S and ON semiconductor CAT24C16 are the industrial standard electrically erasable programmable read only memory (EEPROM's) and this patch adds ACPI objects and power resources for NVMEM device. Update DOVD method to set sensor IO LDO voltage and remove repetitive code from OVFI, VCMP and NVMP power resources. BUG=b:38326541 BRANCH=none TEST=Build and boot soraka.

RTCPeerConnection.ontrack event added

17 August 12:05 - Chromium - Henrik Boström

Interface RTCTrackEvent and dictionary RTCTrackEventInit added.

clean xml code in the breeze_svg icons

17 August 11:43 - LibreOffice - andreas kainz

Change-Id: I1a7fc0f4978d3a61b4717fcbbc2bd752a401c86e Reviewed-on:

app: layer mode code shuffling

17 August 11:19 - GIMP - Ell

Commit 3635cf04ab69bafb76d7583da804f580f2d5fbf3 moved the special handling of bottom-layer compositing to GimpOperationLayerMode.

Add TODO to merge //ios/chrome/chrome/ui:ui_internal{,_arc}.

17 August 11:08 - Chromium - Sylvain Defresne

Bug: 756439 Change-Id: I2c9d30c0fb668d619846d67c82140ff850fe9c7e Reviewed-on:

[Android] Add top padding to button bar in AccountSigninView

17 August 09:23 - Chromium - Boris Sazonov

This CL adds 16dp padding on top of the button bar in AccountSigninView so a tap slightly above the buttons won't hit an account row.

SmartArt: support cnt function

17 August 09:18 - LibreOffice - Grzegorz Araminowicz

it was necessary to introduce in LayoutAtoms reference to containing LayoutNode passed by constructors, so that ConditionAtom can access LayoutNode's name and diagram data

🏡 Implement scroll to reload

17 August 09:12 - Chromium - Peter E Conn

This is a WIP, I've got a few design questions.

tdf#55427 ww8export: treat document-end-footnotes as endnotes

17 August 08:13 - LibreOffice - Justin Luth

MSWord has two choices for footnotes - at page-end or page-bottom.

EPUB export: fix unexpected text in chapter names

17 August 08:10 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Chapter name was a collection of all heading 1 (and contained heading 2, heading 3, ...) texts, but just heading 1 itself is enough.

EPUB export: implement link support

17 August 08:10 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Not only the link but the text of it was also unhandled, add code for both.

Update V8 to version 6.2.269.

17 August 08:09 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add a link to the proposal in CanvasRenderingContext2D.idl

17 August 08:06 - Chromium - Xida Chen

Once the proposal becomes spec, we should replace that URL with the link to the spec.

[iOS] Add metrics for drag events

17 August 07:37 - Chromium - Jean-François Geyelin

Bug: None.

[iOS] Add drag-and-drop support to the iPad tab strip

17 August 07:25 - Chromium - Jean-François Geyelin

Dropping something on the New Tab Button creates a new tab.

new loplugin convertuintptr

17 August 07:18 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

loplugin:passstuffbyref ignore params that are assigned to

17 August 07:18 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

makes writing nice code awkward sometimes.

implementing callback for ruler invalidation

17 August 07:10 - LibreOffice - Aditya Dewan

adding commands to fetch and changee ruler state '.uno:RulerState' and '.uno:RulerStateChange'

Chrome Home Modern condensed tiles for small screens

17 August 06:28 - Chromium - Michael van Ouwerkerk

Bug: 754274 Change-Id: Iaf1ae6e4531976a80df612079ef48c7fd1086169 Reviewed-on:

[Local NTP Voice] Voice Search code migration and overlay UI

17 August 06:11 - Chromium - Ondrej Skopek

Adds basic overlay open/close functionality to the local NTP, with code migrated from the remote NTP.

display oncevar loplugin by default

17 August 06:10 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

seems to be annoying some people.

navigator.credentials methods send message to host

17 August 06:02 - Chromium - Tomasz Garbus

navigator.credentials methods get, store, preventSilentAccess send message to host, consisting of command name, unique ID and options dictionary.

util: Add error handling to become_daemon()

17 August 05:48 - Samba - Martin Schwenke

Log failure and exit if fork() or setsid() fails. Leave the logic in the non-setsid() code as it is.

Add a DCHECK in Suborigin::SetName()

17 August 05:37 - Chromium - Takeshi Yoshino

SetName() is never called with an empty String.

EPUB export: use real chapter names

17 August 05:27 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Instead of "Seciton N" placeholders, by backporting the relevant libepubgen commit.

Basic reporting added to traffic annotation auditor

17 August 04:57 - Chromium - Ramin Halavati

Traffic annotation auditor creates a TSV file that can be uploaded into a trix.

bindings: Remove support for WebIDL arrays

17 August 04:27 - Chromium - Raphael Kubo da Costa

WebIDL arrays (e.g.

monitor: Add more Broadcom vendor decodings

17 August 04:25 - BlueZ - Marcel Holtmann

Update V8 to version 6.2.268.

17 August 04:03 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

[CSSParser] Add iterators to CSSParserTokenStream

17 August 04:02 - Chromium - Darren Shen

We often want to get a CSSParserTokenRange to a particular subsequence of tokens.

recent: Implement a recent source for Drive

17 August 03:44 - Chromium - Shuhei Takahashi

Bug: 742722 Test: Drive files are returned by chrome.

Enable OffMainThreadFetch by default

17 August 03:19 - Chromium - Tsuyoshi Horo

We did the field trial experiment in Dev/Canary 10 days.

Always allow Present page flipping with TearFree

17 August 02:52 - xf86-video-ati - Michel Dänzer

Even if TearFree is active for the the CRTC we're synchronizing to.

Wait for pending flips synchronously before turning off a CRTC

17 August 02:42 - xf86-video-ati - Michel Dänzer

Allows removing drmmode_clear_pending_flip and the pending_dpms_mode field and cleaning up the code considerably.

Update V8 to version 6.2.266.

17 August 02:12 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

loader_dri3/glx/egl: Optionally use a blit context for blitting operations

17 August 01:39 - Mesa - Thomas Hellstrom

The code was relying on us always having a current context for client local image blit operations.

loader_dri3: Honor the request to preserve back buffer content

17 August 01:39 - Mesa - Thomas Hellstrom

EGL uses the force_copy parameter to loader_dri3_swap_buffers_msc() to indicate that it wants to preserve back buffer contents across a buffer swap. While the loader then turns off server-side page-flipping there's nothing to guarantee that a new backbuffer isn't chosen when EGL starts to render again, and that buffer's content is of course undefined. So rework the functionality: If the client supports local blits, allow server-side page flipping and when a new back is grabbed, if needed, blit the old back's content to the new back.

loader_dri3: Make sure we have an updated back v3

17 August 01:39 - Mesa - Thomas Hellstrom

With GLX_SWAP_COPY_OML and GLX_SWAP_EXCHANGE_OML it may happen in situations when glXSwapBuffers() is immediately followed by for example another glXSwapBuffers() or glXCopyBuffers() or back buffer age querying, that we haven't yet allocated and initialized a new back buffer because there was no GL rendering in between.

Support (E)AC3 passthrough

17 August 01:22 - Chromium - Andy Wu

When the connected HDMI receiver supports (E)AC3 passthrough, we can directly pass raw compressed (E)AC3 bitstream to AudioTrack.

Add use counters for all ARIA attributes

17 August 00:47 - Chromium - Dominic Mazzoni

We specifically want to remove aria-help, but this will help guide optimization and possible deprecation of other attributes.


17 August 00:35 - Chromium - Nate Fischer

No change in logic.

Adds support for --proxy-bypass-list to headless

17 August 00:35 - Chromium - Raul Vera

Bug: 750556 Change-Id: I7e9f073a5af223e5c1ea726366583321ab963aa6 Reviewed-on:

Updating trunk VERSION from 3188.0 to 3189.0

16 August 23:06 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot


Reland "Reland "[GRC] Track Expected Task Queueing Duration of tabs in GRC.""

16 August 23:03 - Chromium - Duc Bui

This CL fixes error "MemorySanitizer: use-of-uninitialized-value" on ChromeOS. The cause is that CoordinationUnitImpl::CreateCoordinationUnit() returns a value after it was uninitialized by std::move().

[DevTools] Always enable CSS Grid highlight

16 August 22:54 - Chromium - Eugene Ostroukhov

Bug: None Change-Id: Ied3cc6d316f830d1eb08afd4a16a6916d289d20e Reviewed-on:

[Android] Restore suites on android_n5x_swarming_rel

16 August 22:28 - Chromium - John Budorick

This reverts commit 8c14f0162fb21719d60ccf2921670a274a0388a3. Reason for revert: golo bandwidth in better shape. Original change's description: > [Android] Temporarily reduce suites on android_n5x_swarming_rel.

Connect CupsPrintersManager, superceding SyncedPrintersManager

16 August 22:09 - Chromium - Justin Carlson

Connect CupsPrintersManager to the UI.

Add minor optimization to DocumentMarkerController::FirstMarkerIntersectingOffsetRange()

16 August 21:35 - Chromium - Ryan Landay

I'm doing some refactoring in

Implement Expect-CT support for net-internals

16 August 21:25 - Chromium - Emily Stark

This adds Expect-CT support to the Domain Security Policy tab of chrome://net-internals.

buildbot: Remove --results-json-override-with-build-property usage

16 August 21:11 - Chromium - Tim 'mithro' Ansell

cros UMA: launcher transitions

16 August 21:10 - Chromium - Alex Newcomer

Recording user metrics when the user transitions the launcher from different states.

ValidationBubbleInRenderer: Enable it by default

16 August 21:04 - Chromium - Kent Tamura

Bug: 432243, 597044, 734729, 736009, 736792, 739091 Change-Id: I15a9a24cd86be34dca315f898e556b044bf0acfd Reviewed-on:

ui.box: add aspect ratio support

16 August 21:04 - EFL Core Libraries - Thiep Ha

Adding support for aspect ratio.

Update V8 to version 6.2.265.

16 August 20:54 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

[Extensions Bindings] Bulk update of JS files

16 August 20:52 - Chromium - Devlin Cronin

Update all extension API JS files to work with both JS-based and native bindings in one fell swoop.

Integrate DownloadForegroundServiceManager

16 August 20:43 - Chromium - Joy Ming

This is part of the larger refactor to make downloads a foreground service.

MD Settings People: Add a Sign-in disabled by administrator policy

16 August 20:22 - Chromium - Tommy C. Li

Bug: 718520 Cq-Include-Trybots: master.

Enable ServiceWorkerBackgroundSyncTest.Sync as it no longer flakes

16 August 20:13 - Chromium - Istiaque Ahmed

Since 300 runs of this test do not flake at all and pass on first try, enable the test.

OOBE: Network: Fix 'Add other mobile'

16 August 20:11 - Chromium - Steven Bennetts

Bug: 753322 Cq-Include-Trybots: master.

AW: add @Override to new APIs

16 August 20:03 - Chromium - Nate Fischer

No logic change.

pg_dump: Support using synchronized snapshots on standbys

16 August 19:46 - PostgreSQL - Peter Eisentraut

This became possible by commit 6c2003f8a1bbc7c192a2e83ec51581c018aa162f.

soc/intel/cannonlake: Add proper support to enable UART2 in 16550 mode

16 August 19:30 - Coreboot - Subrata Banik

Need to perform a dummy read in order to activate LPSS UART's 16550 8-bit compatibility mode.

soc/intel/skylake: Add proper support to enable UART2 in 16550 mode

16 August 19:29 - Coreboot - Subrata Banik

Need to perform a dummy read in order to activate LPSS UART's 16550 8-bit compatibility mode.

[CSSParser] Allow parsers with observers to use streams

16 August 19:07 - Chromium - Darren Shen

Previously, we have CSSParserObservers which receive information about the parsing process (e.g.

Re-purpose feature to use as a kill switch for Incident Reporting

16 August 19:04 - Chromium - proberge

In case we need to disable incident reporting for some reason.

[DevTools] Move Input.dispatchTouchEvent implementation to browser

16 August 18:48 - Chromium - Dmitry Gozman

This allows to dispatch result only after event was ACK'ed, and includes the whole input pipeline for much more fair event injection. Specific changes:- New mode in TouchEmulator for injecting events instead of transforming mouse events into touches. - Wiring up injected touch events to gesture detection through TouchEmulator. - Extensive test coverage. - Removing old implementation in blink.- Reworked Input.dispathTouchEvent contract.

[DeviceService] Expose SerialIoHandler interface from Device Service

16 August 18:41 - Chromium - Han Leon

This CL is part of servicification work for //device/serial, it:- creates a new mojo interface SerialIoHandler and exposes it from Device Service, the interface implementation wraps a device::SerialIoHandler to do actual work.- lets serial extension API impls consume the above interface instead of directly calling functions of device::SerialIoHandler.

Refactor DownloadProtectionService for modularity

16 August 18:35 - Chromium - Micah Morton

Pull the subclasses within DownloadProtectionService out into their own files.

Fuchsia: add stubbed implementations of some GPU methods

16 August 18:27 - Chromium - Kevin Marshall

This CL stubs out methods to remove dependencies on GPU-specific functionality that isn't ready for porting yet.

Use more concise alias versions of standard type traits in base::Bind

16 August 18:20 - Chromium - Jeremy Roman

This gets rid of a noticeable amount of "typename std::some_trait<...>::type" boilerplate.

[vr] Dynamically determine content size and resolution

16 August 18:14 - Chromium - Tibor Goldschwendt

Calculate the appropriate content size and resolution based on the device's physical screen size, screen pixel size and the content quad's projected size in screen space.

AGESA: Cleanup ACPI S3 support

16 August 18:06 - Coreboot - Kyösti Mälkki

Due to low-memory corruptions S3 support has now been (at least temporarily) removed from AGESA platfroms.

AGESA f14: Sacrifice ACPI S3 support for EARLY_CBMEM_INIT

16 August 18:04 - Coreboot - Kyösti Mälkki

A decision has been made that boards with LATE_CBMEM_INIT will be dropped from coreboot master starting with next release scheduled for October 2017.

[Offline pages] Adding download archives task

16 August 17:51 - Chromium - Filip Gorski

Adds DownloadArchivesTask, which is responsible to start download of prefetch items, for which the bundle is ready on the server. It also adds tests for that functionality, for which a mock implementation PrefetchDownloader interface is provided: TestPrefetchDownloader. Current implementation does not respect the quota.

Disable Android tough video cases on webview

16 August 17:43 - Chromium - Charlie Andrews

The benchmark requires tabs, and is therefore failing on Webview.

[Chromoting] Add capability_test_stub binary for unittests

16 August 17:42 - Chromium - Zijie He

This change adds a capability_test_stub binary which contains test related functions.

[Extensions Bindings] Add a finch experiment for native bindings

16 August 17:39 - Chromium - Devlin Cronin

Add a finch experiment, currently not enabled, for native bindings.

Add UMA to measure memory usage when prepare tiles

16 August 17:21 - Chromium - Xida Chen

This CL adds a histograms to record how much GPU memory do we use when tile manager assigns memory to tiles.

cros: Eliminate SystemTrayDelegate

16 August 17:19 - Chromium - James Cook

For go/mustash we're eliminating in-process ash-to-chrome delegates.

Add QuicProxyClientSocket class

16 August 17:12 - Chromium - Yixin Wang

QuicProxyClientSocket is the QUIC version of SpdyProxyClientSocket.

Allow file-descriptors to be passed over IPC on Fuchsia

16 August 17:01 - Chromium - Wez

IPC channels only support transfer of native Fuchsia OS handles, so we need to un-wrap POSIX file-descriptors passed by callers into the underlying handle & type information, and have Fuchsia's MXIO re-encapsulate those into file-descriptors at the receiver.

Update V8 to version 6.2.264.

16 August 16:58 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

[Android] Add the ability to disable the filtering of custom search engines

16 August 16:35 - Chromium - Ted Choc

The filtering in the TemplateUrlServiceAndroid causes problems when you expect the same model in template_url_service.cc to be reflected. Addresses another issue where GetLocalPrepopulatedEngines returned an empty list if it matched the current locale, but that causes issue if kSearchProviderOverrides was not empty and overrode the default list.

win: enable incremental linking for large binaries in 32-bit builds

16 August 16:32 - Chromium - Nico Weber

ilk files are large in 64-bit builds and in non-component builds.

Add the declaration of policy CloudPolicyOverridesMachinePolicy

16 August 16:10 - Chromium - Owen Min

Bug: 749530 Change-Id: Ic47e7d70ec54d86f6df6057825f2cc186645708e Reviewed-on:

Widevine OEMCrypto ArcBridge proxy Mojo interface

16 August 16:04 - Chromium - Jeffrey Kardatzke

This is used by the Widevine L1 DRM implementation in ARC++.

cros: Animate views-based login

16 August 16:00 - Chromium - Jacob Dufault

This CL does a couple of closely related activities:- enables (animated) user switching- updates PIN keyboard animation and restructures existing PIN keyboard animation to handle user switching

tracing: mojom changes and clock sync marker impl

16 August 15:58 - Chromium - Ehsan Chiniforooshan

- The coordinator requests clock sync markers before stopping tracing from all agents that support it. - The coordinator returns the metadata separately, to be used in crash service uploader. - StopAndFlush now supports flusing a specific agent only.

Make the planner assume that the entries in a VALUES list are distinct

16 August 15:37 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

Previously, if we had to estimate the number of distinct values in a VALUES column, we fell back on the default behavior used whenever we lack statistics, which effectively is that there are Min(# of entries, 200) distinct values.

Add a new shelf background type when fullscreen app list is visible

16 August 15:23 - Chromium - wutao

Currently the status area is displayed with semi-transparent background in a transparent shelf container.

[Android Notification Channels] Only retrieve channel ID on O+

16 August 15:17 - Chromium - Anita Woodruff

- There is no point calling getChannelIdForOrigin on versions of the platform which don't support channels.

Update V8 to version 6.2.260.

16 August 14:50 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add max retries to an HttpNetworkTransaction when an HTTP2 or QUIC related IO Error occurs

16 August 14:43 - Chromium - Biljith Jayan

Add max retries to an HttpNetworkTransaction when an HTTP2 or QUIC related IO Error occurs Before this patch, HttpNetworkTransaction keeps resending the request in an infinite loop if an HTTP2 or QUIC related IO Error occurs.

radeon/vce: support all firmwares with major ver 53

16 August 14:42 - Mesa - Boyuan Zhang

The vce firmware interface should now be stable, all firmwares with major version equals to 53 are supported.

[autofill] Enable prediction rationalization by default

16 August 14:29 - Chromium - Roger McFarlane

Bug: 755866 Change-Id: Icc3f1324552007424ffc4704f1341312eaee6852 Reviewed-on:

Add noise to the network quality estimates

16 August 14:20 - Chromium - Tarun Bansal

Up to 10% noise is added to the network quality estimates.

Support starting chromium with URL specified using mus/mash

16 August 14:17 - Chromium - Maksim Sisov

This patch makes it possible to run chrome --mash/--mus passing a set of URLs to be launched from the command line,similar to stock chrome browser. Service delegate adjusts command line arguments so that unnecessary switches are not presented in the arguments, when new process is about to be spawn.

Reland "tablet: Splitscreen window grid should move if a window can be snapped."

16 August 14:15 - Chromium - Sammie Quon

This is a reland of fbd6d1ac1e2516ef48761afd8c6288fd5c86a674 Original change's description: > tablet: Splitscreen window grid should move if a window can be snapped.

clang: Locally apply https://reviews.llvm.org/D36596 to see what it does to minidumps

16 August 14:15 - Chromium - Nico Weber

This changes how we emit debug info.

Remove NetLogObserver, use request headers callback instead

16 August 14:10 - Chromium - Andrey Kosyakov

This switches raw headers retrieval in DevTools to use explicit URLRequest API (SetRequestHeadersCallbac) instead of NetLogObserver.

[ios clean] Add consumer for NTPHomeHeader

16 August 14:05 - Chromium - gambard

The NTPHomeHeaderViewController should be given a consumer instead of directly the view controller.

Moving CrossOriginPreflighResultCache into public/platform

16 August 14:04 - Chromium - Daniel Hintze

This CL refactors core/loader/private/CrossOriginPreflighResultCache.h into public/platform/WebCORSPreflighResultCache.h.

Add AppListButton unittests for Secondary user

16 August 14:01 - Chromium - Yue Li

If secondary user long press the button, the gesture should not be handled.

ui: Update default avatar image

16 August 13:56 - Chromium - David Reveman

Colors of image has been adjusted to match camera and file icons in settings UI.

[Zucchini] Introduce BinaryDataHistogram

16 August 13:53 - Chromium - Samuel Huang

Ensemble patching requires detecting and matching embedded binaries in "old" and "new" files.

[Payments] Split BCP-47 tag into language and script code

16 August 13:49 - Chromium - Rouslan Solomakhin

Before this patch, using an autofill profile with "ja-Latn" language tag on desktop would result in PaymentRequest.show() promise rejecting with "SyntaxError: 'ja-Latn' is not a valid BCP-47 language code, should be 2-3 lower case letters [a-z]." This was happening because the BCP-47 language tag (e.g., "ja-Latn") from AutofillProfile was being written into the language code (e.g., "ja") of PaymentAddress.

[Password Manager] Timer for manual fallback for saving

16 August 13:47 - Chromium - Maxim Kolosovskiy

- the manual fallback for saving should be disabled after 90 seconds since last user input. - page navigation shouldn't hide the fallback.

[Reland] Handle extension uninstallation at extension bubble creation

16 August 13:14 - Chromium - Catherine Mullings

This CL fixes a use-after-free error wherein a dangling pointer to the extension registry is accessed by the ExtensionMessageBubbleController after the registry has been destroyed.

RTCPeerConnectionHandler: Keep track of senders

16 August 12:44 - Chromium - Henrik Boström

Re-upload of

Update V8 to version 6.2.256.

16 August 12:41 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Merge changes I08b562b6,Ia275940a,I51106e90

16 August 12:36 - WebM - Linfeng Zhang

Import wpt@b54469d936d4a6b45b857a96bbafff1564882b7b

16 August 12:33 - Chromium - Chromium WPT Sync

Using wpt-import in Chromium 12988d35e9aba24644d512eae484b086528d0f4e.

add formula cells/groups to the cache

16 August 12:09 - LibreOffice - Markus Mohrhard

Change-Id: I04a8055f4df27a080291362ef31ccf559fa709cf Reviewed-on:

[NTP:Push] Add feature params to subscribe based on sign in/out status

16 August 11:44 - Chromium - Vitalii Iarko

This CL adds two feature params, which allow to disable signed in/out users subscription for pushed suggestions.


16 August 11:39 - Chromium - gaschler

Make a KeyedService that is created by Factory so it can be used independently from ContentSuggestionsService.

[ios] Wraps the QR scanner in a basic coordinator

16 August 11:37 - Chromium - Rohit Rao

The new QRScannerCoordinator class provides a single entry point for the activity services feature, including all of the necessary public API.

[subresource_filter] Refactor browsertests into multiple files

16 August 11:34 - Chromium - Charles Harrison

Our browsertests are getting out of control.

[Android Notifications] Introduce UserModifiableProvider interface

16 August 11:15 - Chromium - Anita Woodruff

- This patch pulls up the GetWebsiteSettingLastModified method into a new interface, implemented by the PrefProvider and the NotificationChannelsAndroidProvider.

android: Set importance for WebContents

16 August 11:07 - Chromium - Bo Liu

Basic idea is the currently "foreground" Tab/WebContents is raised to moderate importance.

Update V8 to version 6.2.253.

16 August 10:47 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

gl30basic: add some extra suspected extension

16 August 10:42 - Piglit - Sandra Koroniewska

WGL_EXT_SWAP_CONTROL is added for historical reasons.

Enable Oilpan GC metric on V8's browsing benchmarks

16 August 10:40 - Chromium - Michael Lippautz

Bug: Change-Id: I8b1a4c341bdb233ebc3c719d751c9c8e21692972 Reviewed-on:

tdf#70280 Add UNOIDL support to ctags

16 August 10:33 - LibreOffice - Jens Carl

This supports the UNOIDL language constructs Enumeration, ElementName, Structure, Interface, FunctioName, Service, and PropertyName.

Ability to change Font Color and added a new Color Picker on Android Viewer

16 August 10:28 - LibreOffice - Mert Tumer

Change-Id: I1d22749a446e451196f0819322cb04ed7d7befae Reviewed-on:

Always enable UKM for the ProcessMemoryMetricsEmitter browsertests

16 August 10:27 - Chromium - Oystein Eftevaag

These browsertests were relying on UKM being enabled, which isn't the case by default in official builds, and hence broke some bots.

Roll harfbuzz to 1.4.8 + patches

16 August 10:04 - Chromium - Emil A Eklund

Roll harfbuzz to trunk version which includes a number of bug gixes and an initial safe-to-break implementation that will be used by LayoutNG.

Enable default browser UX in side-by side dev and beta installs

16 August 09:36 - Chromium - Greg Thompson

- ShellUtil::GetChromeDefaultState and GetChromeDefaultProtocolClientState now tell the caller if a different side-by-side install is the default handler.- chrome://settings now shows the default browser UX for side-by-side channels that support setting as default (i.e., dev and beta).- The Win10 welcome page, Win8 welcome dialog, and default browser infobar are all suppressed when another install of Chrome is default.

tdf#108709 cli_ure,unoil: bump CLI assembly versions for 5.4

16 August 09:35 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

perl cli_ure/source/scripts/increment_version.pl cli_ure/version/version.txt cli_ure/version/incversions.txt temp.txt && mv temp.txt cli_ure/version/version.txt

gobject: add autoptr support for GClosure

16 August 09:19 - GLib - Ernestas Kulik

This commit defines a g_autoptr() cleanup function for use with GClosure.

add a way to restore from our new cache format

16 August 09:17 - LibreOffice - Markus Mohrhard

Change-Id: I6eeaaf9ca05bed2a908143ae5f4daab6e098799c Reviewed-on:

Update V8 to version 6.2.250.

16 August 08:00 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Update V8 to version 6.2.249.

16 August 05:55 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Only need to repaint background for color changes with no image

16 August 05:48 - Chromium - Rune Lillesveen

Implement a VisuallyEqual for backgrounds because computed style comparison would trigger unnecessary repaints when background image related properties changed when there were no images.

webkitpy: List build property overrides explicitly in merge script

16 August 05:46 - Chromium - Tim 'mithro' Ansell

Currently all calls to the merge script on the build bots add the following arguments;--results-json-override-with-build-property build_number buildnumber--results-json-override-with-build-property builder_name buildername--results-json-override-with-build-property chromium_revision got_revision_cp These arguments were always meant to be temporary while we figured out exactly the values which we needed.

add python script to interpret the calc cache format

16 August 05:16 - LibreOffice - Markus Mohrhard

Change-Id: I5d66024024b8150fad67397a0debc40aab1ae5fc Reviewed-on:

introduce a way to write a simple data representation to a stream

16 August 05:11 - LibreOffice - Markus Mohrhard

The format used is column orientated and allows quick import and export of the table content.

external data: add the deterministic mode also for html

16 August 05:06 - LibreOffice - Markus Mohrhard

Change-Id: If253b2ff2b4f38ba45a2be7f66dfbcb65ed9be74 Reviewed-on:

Resize the omnibox based on new width

16 August 04:44 - Chromium - gambard

When rotating the device, the width used to calculate the new width of the omnibox should be the one which will be used after, not the current one.

monitor: Add additional Broadcom vendor command decodings

16 August 04:43 - BlueZ - Marcel Holtmann

assert on duplicate listener in SfxListener

16 August 04:41 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

To enable finding the source of the duplicate calls, I add new SAL API (only for internal use) to retrieve and symbolise stack backtraces.

Clarify use of "release build" concept

16 August 04:33 - LibreOffice - Tor Lillqvist

Use SelectionForUndoStep in ApplyBlockElementCommand

16 August 03:56 - Chromium - tanvir.rizvi

ApplyBlockElementCommand uses SelectionInDOMTree version of SetEndingSelection, which do unnecessary layout updates and canonicalization.

avfilter/vf_transpose: rewrite for x86 SIMD

16 August 03:28 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

Transpose first in chunks of 8x8 blocks.

Update V8 to version 6.2.248.

16 August 03:17 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add UMA histogram for palette options invoked via shortcuts

16 August 02:54 - Chromium - Vladislav Kaznacheev

Adding a new histogram "Ash.Shelf.Palette.Usage.Shortcut" similar to existing "Ash.Shelf.Palette.Usage" and "Ash.Shelf.Palette.Usage.AutoOpened".

recent: Implement a recent source for Downloads

16 August 02:40 - Chromium - Shuhei Takahashi

Bug: 742722 Test: unit_tests Test: browser_tests Change-Id: Icb7bfa9f58fe799ecf366753d169e0f553879b83 Reviewed-on:

Add some unittests for ArcNotificationContentView

16 August 01:37 - Chromium - yoshiki iguchi

This patch adds the followin tests:- Activate ARC notification- Activate on click on ARC notification- Accept a text when active- Not accept a text when not active- Traversal focus on view- Traversal focus by tab key

Update V8 to version 6.2.247.

16 August 00:54 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add HexSsid property to ONC dictionary returned from GetStateProperties

16 August 00:20 - Chromium - Abhishek Bhardwaj

The NetworkState::GetStateProperties function omitted the HexSsid value for a WiFi network while adding its shill properties to the resulting ONC dictionary.

[sfnt] Speed up PNG image loading

15 August 23:46 - FreeType - Behdad Esfahbod

This reduces the overhead of `premultiply_data' by 60%.

Maintain a connection to each profile's PrefService from ash

15 August 23:06 - Chromium - Sam McNally

Move responsibility for managing per-user PrefService instances into ash::SessionController.

Updating trunk VERSION from 3187.0 to 3188.0

15 August 23:06 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot


a2xx: add logicop support

15 August 22:54 - Mesa - Ilia Mirkin

This passes both gl-1.

anv: Add a basic implementation of VK_KHX_external_semaphore

15 August 22:08 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

This patch adds an implementation based on DRM BOs.

anv: Implement support for exporting semaphores as FENCE_FD

15 August 22:08 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

anv/gem: Add a drm syncobj support

15 August 22:08 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

Reland "[GRC] Track Expected Task Queueing Duration of tabs in GRC."

15 August 22:03 - Chromium - Duc Bui

This CL fixes the compilation failure for the previously reverted CL (

Add ChildProcessImportance and implement for Android

15 August 22:02 - Chromium - Bo Liu

Android requires controls of renderer process importance bindings that's independent of visibility.

[DevTools] support ArrayPattern in ESTreeWalker.js

15 August 21:50 - Chromium - Alexey Kozyatinskiy


cc: Initial upload of SkiaRenderer behind flag

15 August 21:39 - Chromium - Weiliang Chen

This is moving the github's SkiaRenderer implementation rebased to ToT.

Settings: Eliminate options code!

15 August 21:35 - Chromium - Steven Bennetts

This eliminates dead code in:

[Offline pages] Add ability to query pages by their request origin

15 August 21:05 - Chromium - Cathy Li

Bug: 734753 Change-Id: I5efecc3de0ab7c390fb84f90e3ec21ae05d4e9dc Reviewed-on:

Enable sending mouse events after layout to update hover state

15 August 20:02 - Chromium - Dave Tapuska

Approved intent to ship:

Limit SH strncmp inline expansion (PR target/78460).

15 August 19:42 - GCC - jsm28

GCC mainline built for sh4-linux-gnu runs out of memory building a glibc test, which calls strncmp with very large constant size argument, resulting in the SH inline strncmp expansion trying to inline a fully unrolled expansion of strncmp for that size. This patch limits that fully unrolled expansion to the case of less than 32 bytes.

soc/intel/cannonlake: Rectify LPC Lock Enable (LE) bit definition

15 August 19:12 - Coreboot - Subrata Banik

LPC pci config register BIOS Control (BC) - offset 0xDC bit 1 is for Lock Down.

chromeos: make sure frame decorations are set before display config

15 August 19:00 - Chromium - Scott Violet

Otherwise mus attempts to notify clients of the display state with no frame decorations, which triggers validation errors.

exo: Add buffer listener for DRM buffers

15 August 18:51 - Chromium - Daniele Castagna

In crrev.com/c/540418 refactor we early returned drm buffers and we stopped calling wl_buffer_add_listener.

cros: Make switching pages easier while dragging app

15 August 18:50 - Chromium - Weidong Guo

Changes: 1.

MD Extensions: add controlled indicator in detail view

15 August 18:48 - Chromium - Scott Chen

Bug: 750369 Cq-Include-Trybots: master.

Add AudioWorkletObjectProxy for Worklet data synchronization

15 August 18:13 - Chromium - Hongchan Choi

When Worklet.addModule() is called, the data from AudioWorkletGlobalScope must be cloned to the associated AudioWorkletMessagingProxy.

exo: Add bo_usage to params in wayland clients

15 August 18:09 - Chromium - Daniele Castagna

wayland_yuv_client allocates NV12 buffers and needs a different bo_usage.

[Extensions Bindings] Support aliased features

15 August 17:57 - Chromium - Devlin Cronin

Support aliased features in native extension bindings.

Add OWNERS for printing/backend/*cups*.

15 August 17:54 - Chromium - Lei Zhang

Change-Id: I99e778de073f9f477111e53444aec5b9e1d3bdc0 Reviewed-on:

Remove the limitation of upper case guid in download

15 August 17:38 - Chromium - Xing Liu

Chrome's guid used to be in upper case, and in content/download, we also limit all guid to be upper case.

[Extensions] Add an extension to ModuleSystemTest's ScriptContext

15 August 17:29 - Chromium - Devlin Cronin

The ModuleSystemTestEnvironment constructs a ScriptContext to be used in tests.

Simplify autovacuum work-item implementation

15 August 17:14 - PostgreSQL - Alvaro Herrera

The initial implementation of autovacuum work-items used a dynamic shared memory area (DSA).

bump required GEGL version to 0.3.20

15 August 17:11 - GIMP - Øyvind Kolås

Kill a renderer if it sends an unexpected message before GVM creation

15 August 17:04 - Chromium - Kevin McNee

If we receive a message from the renderer to GuestViewMessageFilter::OnAttachToEmbedderFrame before the creation of a GuestViewManager, then the renderer is misbehaving.

Update V8 to version 6.2.246.

15 August 17:02 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

eina: add support for from in one big

15 August 16:46 - EFL Core Libraries - Cedric BAIL

eina: add support for from in pass through

15 August 16:46 - EFL Core Libraries - Cedric BAIL

eina: add support for from in chained mempool

15 August 16:46 - EFL Core Libraries - Cedric BAIL

Add expectation for idbobjectstore_add2.htm on Android

15 August 16:34 - Chromium - Reilly Grant

This expectation is wrong and I've filed a bug to track fixing it.

broadcom/vc4: Port NEON-code to ARM64

15 August 16:23 - Mesa - Jonas Pfeil

Changed all register and instruction names, works the same.

gpg4libre: update libgpg-error and gpgme to latest

15 August 16:21 - LibreOffice - Thorsten Behrens

- libgpg-error has some fixes around autogen & win32 critical sects

[Chromedriver] Disable testColdExecuteScript for all versions of Chrome

15 August 16:12 - Chromium - Gauri Manikpure

Bug: chromedriver:1882 Change-Id: I0a59ee27d20ea8f3094f440d00af53b68e25db71 Reviewed-on:

soc/intel/common/block: Add LPC Common code and use it for APL

15 August 15:59 - Coreboot - Ravi Sarawadi

Add LPC common code to be shared across Intel platforms.

Fuchsia: Add value for default OS storage accommodation

15 August 15:37 - Chromium - Kevin Marshall

Bug: 750917 Change-Id: Ie3eb61167abefcb65ad1743ec58df5c25307c65b Reviewed-on:

Kill DocumentWriter

15 August 15:32 - Chromium - Nate Chapin

It's a wrapper around DocumentParser interaction during navigation, but it feels unnecessarily heavyweight for that, and it has a bit of vestigial code anyway. There are a few small behavior changes as part of the refactor: - DocumentLoader::ResponseMIMEType() was removed and its usage replaced with DocumentLoader::MIMEType().

Android: Make APKs debuggable in release (but not for official)

15 August 15:01 - Chromium - Andrew Grieve

It's sometimes useful to be able to debug a release build.

[Zucchini] Implement patch application

15 August 14:54 - Chromium - Etienne Pierre-Doray

This CL adds zucchini core functions for applying patch:- MakeNewTargetsFromPatch()- ApplyEquivalenceAndExtraData()- ApplyRawDelta()- ApplyReferencesCorrection()- ApplyElement() In addition to implementing Apply().

bump required babl version to 0.1.30

15 August 14:54 - GIMP - Øyvind Kolås

Avoid out-of-memory in a hash join with many duplicate inner keys

15 August 14:05 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

The executor is capable of splitting buckets during a hash join if too much memory is being used by a small number of buckets.

Update version for v2.10.0-rc3 release

15 August 13:53 - QEMU - Peter Maydell

EPUB export: initial index support

15 August 13:46 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Split output by chapters.

[Offline Pages] PF: enable event handler task for GetOp and GPB responses

15 August 13:43 - Chromium - Justin DeWitt

This adds a single task that can be used for either event.

Import wpt@47e046faa34de27354ef83a0cd5e50e183714db6

15 August 12:42 - Chromium - Chromium WPT Sync

Using wpt-import in Chromium 70c937134d62aa896d8b891673d475233d9c122d.

arc: Optimize Bluetooth bridge connection

15 August 12:26 - Chromium - khmel

This CL delays sending Bluetooth TURN ON event in case of initial boot to allow more resources for initial tasks. times are: Experiment 563 samples, 5.91979s Default: 564 samples, 6.11222s Note, night is time when less Bluetooth connections are around.

Add new audio OWNERS

15 August 12:26 - Chromium - Max Morin


Update V8 to version 6.2.245.

15 August 12:20 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

[Suggestions] Add abstractions around the layout used for tiles

15 August 12:17 - Chromium - Nicolas Dossou-gbete

Makes it possible to change the layout used in the site section, to prepare for the site exploration UI.

Reland "Improve symbolization to find symbols based on the guest-side file path."

15 August 11:51 - Chromium - Wez

This is a reland of af464a96f07d7b7cc1d82a6d2c8b3a7eab48815e, replacing the magic ELF detection with something less arcane. Original change's description: > Improve symbolization to find symbols based on the guest-side file path.

Add devicePixelRatio to PaintWorkletGlobalScope

15 August 11:01 - Chromium - Xida Chen

In this CL, we add the devicePixelRatio property to the PaintWorkletGlobalScope.idl.

[RuntimeCallStats] Add counters for all callbacks

15 August 10:23 - Chromium - Adithya Srinivasan

This patch adds counters to most blink callbacks that are called by V8 during JS execution.

webrtc-internals: add stat type to graph container

15 August 09:34 - Chromium - Philipp Hancke

adds the stat report type to the graph container

Enable surface references by default

15 August 09:29 - Chromium - kylechar

This CL switches from using surface sequences to surface references for surface lifetime management.

Update V8 to version 6.2.244.

15 August 09:28 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add tonemap filter

15 August 09:27 - FFmpeg - Vittorio Giovara

Based off mpv automatic tonemapping capabilities.

Add single precision planar RGB pixel formats

15 August 09:26 - FFmpeg - Vittorio Giovara

Add a pixel format flag to identify this family.

framework: Add --ignore-missing option

15 August 08:59 - Piglit - Arkadiusz Hiler

Currently, if a test from provided testlist fails to be discovered by the framework, piglit blows up with an exception.

Add UMAs Document.OutLiveTimeAfterShutdown.GCCount

15 August 07:59 - Chromium - Hajime Hoshi

We added a UMA to count outlive time of documents after shutting down (

Update V8 to version 6.2.242.

15 August 07:25 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Update V8 to version 6.2.241.

15 August 04:30 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

EPUB export: initial span support

15 August 04:20 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Characters under <text:span> (and not only under <text:p>) are now handled.

ResourceLoadScheduler: add fieldtrial testing config entry

15 August 02:47 - Chromium - Takashi Toyoshima

Before starting Beta experiments, set the one of enabled configs of ResourceLoadScheduler study for variations test.

Update V8 to version 6.2.240.

15 August 01:48 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Implement DataOffer methods to update properties

15 August 01:22 - Chromium - Daichi Hirono

The CL implement DataOffer.Set...

Add LayoutTest for CSP on fetches from an installed service worker

15 August 00:54 - Chromium - Makoto Shimazu

This patch adds tests of Content Security Policy.

Import wpt@f360fd1d03db29e2a5232ce033f42645c8e0cdcc

15 August 00:25 - Chromium - Chromium WPT Sync

Using wpt-import in Chromium b4cb7141928a436313a73042ac17e5c497e34768.

recent: Add a private API to query recently modified files

14 August 23:46 - Chromium - Shuhei Takahashi

Bug: 742722 Test: browser_tests in CL:601571 Cq-Include-Trybots: master.

Update V8 to version 6.2.239.

14 August 23:41 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Updating trunk VERSION from 3186.0 to 3187.0

14 August 23:04 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot


Initial checkin of a Full Band template script

14 August 23:03 - Ardour - Ben Loftis

pg_dump: Add a --load-via-partition-root option

14 August 22:54 - PostgreSQL - Robert Haas

Rushabh Lathia, reviewed and somewhat revised by me.

[DevTools] Implement CSS grid highlight

14 August 21:54 - Chromium - Eugene Ostroukhov

Currently this highlight is behind the experiment flag.

Mask tray notification icons to make them always white

14 August 21:41 - Chromium - Tetsui Ohkubo

Previously, when |small_image| has some color other than white, they are shown with the different color such as blue on the tray, while the spec requires all icons on the tray to be white.

Update V8 to version 6.2.236.

14 August 21:37 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Remove ServiceWorkerNavigationPreload flags

14 August 20:03 - Chromium - Emi Morikawa

The spec has been updated as expected, so the flags is no longer needed.

Update V8 to version 6.2.232.

14 August 19:02 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

external data: add merge column transformation

14 August 18:57 - LibreOffice - Markus Mohrhard

Change-Id: I112650bbb0ed279b386389e7df6b372bde080b62 Reviewed-on:

external data: add split column transformation

14 August 18:57 - LibreOffice - Markus Mohrhard

Change-Id: I7a06f1a5c3f28b47288b0a2b191a34cd81efb439 Reviewed-on:

Import wpt@5d76a34cd0ac8829922045549356650d3e6b0927

14 August 18:54 - Chromium - Chromium WPT Sync

Using wpt-import in Chromium 1a8af52d8dc2f6daa13b4e23501abb6d71018b5e.

Add FileProxyWrapperLinux provided by BasicDesktopEnvironment

14 August 18:31 - Chromium - Joseph Arhar

This provides the classes to implement FileTransferProxies on Linux without the implementation done, and shows how the factory is wired up with DesktopEnvironment and ClientSession.

st/mesa: correctly calculate the storage offset

14 August 18:20 - Mesa - Timothy Arceri

When generating the storage offset for struct members we need to skip opaque types as they no longer have backing storage.

Enable metalayer when stylus button is pressed

14 August 18:18 - Chromium - Vladislav Kaznacheev

This requires making MetalayerMode a pre-target handler for touch events.

[ This is a reland of change 607054 that was reverted ]

14 August 18:11 - Chromium - Charles 'Buck' Krasic

net - UDPSocketPosix NetworkActivityMonitor optimization. QUIC upload profiles for high bandwidth uploads show that NetworkActivityMonitor::IncrementBytesSent() consumes ~1.3% CPU.

Stamp HEAD as 11devel

14 August 18:08 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

Note that we no longer require any manual adjustments to shared-library minor version numbers, cf commit a3bce17ef.

win osk: Make sure to remove observer before it is destroyed

14 August 18:05 - Chromium - Sadrul Habib Chowdhury

It is possible for a new WinScreenKeyboardObserver to be created and an old observer to be destroyed, without removing the old observer from OnScreenKeyboardDisplayManager.

DevTools: Make console.timeStamp generate Performance.metrics event

14 August 17:01 - Chromium - Alexei Filippov

The event is generated when Performance domain is enabled.

pitivi: Add support for easy profiling the app

14 August 17:00 - PiTiVi - Thibault Saunier

And document it.

[ios] Wraps ActivityServices in a basic coordinator

14 August 16:49 - Chromium - Rohit Rao

The new ActivityServiceLegacyCoordinator class provides a single entry point for the activity services feature, including all of the necessary public API.

[Chromedriver] Support new spec compliant endpoints for executing scripts

14 August 16:48 - Chromium - Jonathon Kereliuk

[Chromedriver] Support new spec compliant endpoints for executing scripts

Update V8 to version 6.2.228.

14 August 16:43 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

[DevTools] [CacheStorage] Live update cache storage list

14 August 16:27 - Chromium - kristipark

Automatically adds/removes caches from the sidebar when they are created/deleted.

[remoting mac] Completely remove pref-pane

14 August 16:19 - Chromium - Lambros Lambrou

This purges the remoting pref-pane from the codebase.

external data: add initial work for data transformations

14 August 16:09 - LibreOffice - Markus Mohrhard

Change-Id: I728ca764a2ea2926f8b8f76ea576b8be1091a29a Reviewed-on:

Convert some deque uses to base::circular_deque

14 August 15:54 - Chromium - Brett Wilson

This is a smoketest to catch errors before recommending wider use.

Migrate webauthn to the credentialmanager module

14 August 15:47 - Chromium - Kim Paulhamus

This change moves the idl and implementation from modules/webauth/ to modules/credentialmanager and implements the creation of a publicKeyCredential via navigator.credentials.create().

shelf: Make back button work in rtl languages

14 August 15:46 - Chromium - Sammie Quon

Back button now does the right thing in RTL languages.

Reland of Refactor DeviceMotionEventPump to use //services/device/generic_sensor instead of //device/sensors

14 August 15:24 - Chromium - Jun Cai

The initial upload patch of this CL is the same as:

Enable PVer4 by default for desktop platforms

14 August 15:22 - Chromium - Varun Khaneja

Bug: 543161 Change-Id: Id2f135f8b639f51619da537422ce06499299a0c1 Reviewed-on:

Add support for getting actual request headers to net::URLRequest

14 August 15:20 - Chromium - Andrey Kosyakov

This introduces URLRequest::SetRequestHeadersCallback() that installs a callback that receives actual headers sent to the remote party if request involves an HTTP transaction.

Reland "Overlay Scrollbar track not block hit test"

14 August 15:13 - Chromium - chaopeng

This is a reland of a00842bbcbb75703c1508c462ef7423ead639da1 Original change's description: > Overlay Scrollbar track not block hit test > > Currently, Overlay Scrollbar will block the mouse intact with the element below > the "track" of Overlay Scrollbar.

Add function to compare two buffers

14 August 14:44 - HarfBuzz - Jonathan Kew

Based on patch from Jonathan Kew.

[Zucchini] Implement raw patch generation

14 August 14:18 - Chromium - Etienne Pierre-Doray

This CL adds zucchini core functions for generating raw patch:- GenerateEquivalencesAndExtraData()- GenerateRawDelta()- GenerateRawElement() In addition to implementing GenerateRaw().

Password reuse PageInfo site identity section

14 August 14:16 - Chromium - Jialiu Lin

Build PageInfo for password reuse case.

util/lint: add extended stable checkpatch for testing

14 August 14:05 - Coreboot - Martin Roth

The checkpatch script takes a while to run, so don't add it to the lint-stable checks which run pre-commit.

common/block/lpss: Add CLK read function into LPSS common

14 August 13:57 - Coreboot - Subrata Banik

This patch add new API to read LPSS CLK register.

[ios] Deletes code related to prefetching

14 August 13:52 - Chromium - Rohit Rao

This feature was disabled and the corresponding code can be removed.

Upload component versions to Crash and UMA.

14 August 13:46 - Chromium - Joshua Pawlicki

Bug: 751787 Change-Id: Ie3f3c78a009edbdabda09b73ee3b03754ff60a8e Reviewed-on:

i965: Support images with aux buffers

14 August 13:43 - Mesa - Ben Widawsky

Previously images did not support any auxiliary compression surfaces (CCS, MCS, or HiZ).

i965/miptree: Allocate mcs_buf for an image's CCS

14 August 13:43 - Mesa - Ben Widawsky

This code will disable actually creating these buffers for the scanout, but it puts the allocation in place. Primarily this patch is split out for review, it can be squashed in later if preferred. v2: assert(mt->offset == 0) in ccs creation (as requested by Topi) Remove bogus is_scanout check in miptree_release v3: Remove is_scanout assert in intel_miptree_create.

i965/screen: Support import and export of surfaces with CCS

14 August 13:43 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

i965/miptree: More conservatively resolve external images

14 August 13:43 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

Instead of always doing a full resolve, only resolve the bits that are needed.

i965: Advertise the CCS modifier

14 August 13:43 - Mesa - Ben Widawsky

v2: Rename modifier to be more smart (Jason)

Update V8 to version 6.2.226.

14 August 13:37 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add amp@ to media router and related WATCHLISTS

14 August 13:09 - Chromium - Adam Parker

Change-Id: Ic9123af7ef8ae8fc3246cdd44f76963732546738 Reviewed-on:

Respect color correct rendering mode in canvas 2D

14 August 12:26 - Chromium - Reza.Zakerinasab

This change respects color correct rendering mode in canvas for layout tests.

wayland: bump wayland protocol version requirement

14 August 12:23 - EFL Core Libraries - Derek Foreman

We need a newer version for recent dmabuf changes.

Bump wayland-protocols requirement

14 August 12:22 - Enlightenment - Derek Foreman

We need a newer version for the dmabuf changes, so let's just depend on the latest released.

Import wpt@271f260db0e045f9285b633bd7a48ad8a20010d5

14 August 12:08 - Chromium - Chromium WPT Sync

Using wpt-import in Chromium fe7b36e5645ccff70d35953b213b0e965a3d16db. Build:

Update V8 to version 6.2.222.

14 August 10:59 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Update V8 to version 6.2.220.

14 August 08:35 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add initial support for GOBJECT-INTROSPECTION (Bug #13689)

14 August 07:50 - xfce4-panel - Eric Koegel

GOjbect Introspection allows various other languages to automatically generate bindings they can use.

Updates for development release

14 August 07:33 - xfce4-panel - Simon Steinbeiss

efl: add EFL_VERSION_1_21

14 August 07:25 - EFL Core Libraries - Mike Blumenkrantz

indicate that features from this version can be used

console: Add weak method to notify about death

14 August 07:01 - Coreboot - Patrick Rudolph

Call weak method die_notify. The method should be overwritten in mainboard directory to signal that a fatal error had occurred.

Add mDNS service caching to CastMediaSinkService

14 August 07:01 - Chromium - btolsch

This change uses the DiscoveryNetworkMonitor to remember the list of services that were last seen on a set of connected networks.

new loplugin:droplong

14 August 03:14 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

The types 'long' and 'unsigned long' are different sizes on different platforms, making them wholy unsuitable for portable code.

Add default context title to system notifications

14 August 01:51 - Chromium - Tetsui Ohkubo

This CL adds default context title (e.g.