drivers/mrc_cache: move mrc_cache support to drivers

17 December 18:29 - Coreboot - Aaron Durbin

There's nothing intel-specific about the current mrc_cache support.

pdb: git didn't commit the "groups" subdirectory...

17 December 18:03 - GIMP - Michael Natterer

pdb: move PDB generation and sources to toplevel/pdb

17 December 17:41 - GIMP - Michael Natterer

It never belonged inside "tools".

freedreno: staging upload transfers

17 December 17:41 - Mesa - Rob Clark

In the busy && !needs_flush case, we can support a DISCARD_RANGE upload using a staging buffer.

freedreno: add non-draw batches for compute/blit

17 December 17:41 - Mesa - Rob Clark

Get rid of "gmem" (ie.

freedreno: add generic blitter

17 December 17:41 - Mesa - Rob Clark

Basically a clone of util_blitter_blit() but with special handling to blit PIPE_BUFFER as a PIPE_TEXTURE_1D.

freedreno/a5xx: add a5xx blitter

17 December 17:41 - Mesa - Rob Clark

Outsource OpenEXR.

17 December 16:57 - Haiku - Kacper Kasper

- Style fixes in EXRTranslator.

avfilter/av_biquads: add support for commands

17 December 15:46 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

md5(1): Add support for sha512.

17 December 15:22 - DragonFlyBSD - zrj

kernel/drivers: Kill Beceem WiMAX driver. RIP

17 December 15:18 - Haiku - Alexander von Gluck IV

I wrote this back in 2010 as my first driver project.

boot/efi: Bring in a bunch of additional TianoCore EDK II headers

17 December 13:40 - DragonFlyBSD - Sascha Wildner

Taken from the MdePkg of the UDK2017 branch of the git:// repository.

libavformat: LibreSSL (libtls) support

17 December 06:32 - FFmpeg - sfan5

tdf#113538 Add Hebrew fonts into default installation

16 December 22:09 - LibreOffice - Yousuf Philips

Includes these fonts

NEWS: add implementation for Freedesktop screenshot API.

16 December 20:57 - GIMP - Jehan

plug-ins: add a SCREENSHOT_CAN_SHOOT_WINDOW capability

16 December 20:54 - GIMP - Jehan

And add the relevant option for when such capability is absent.

avfilter/vf_overlay: add premultiplied alpha mode

16 December 17:40 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

[collect_glyphs] Bail if input data looks like garbage

16 December 16:39 - HarfBuzz - Behdad Esfahbod

Specificaly, when a range or sorted array has unexpected order, we take that as font data being garbage and bail out.

client: Add generator for scan:clear

16 December 15:50 - BlueZ - Luiz Augusto von Dentz

This adds tab generator for scan:clear:

client: Make scan:clear clear individual fields

16 December 15:50 - BlueZ - Luiz Augusto von Dentz

This reintroduces the option to clear individual fields which was removed when redesining the commands which now read the fields when no arguments are provided.

nb/x4x/raminit: Rewrite SPD decode and timing selection

16 December 10:00 - Coreboot - Arthur Heymans

This is mostly written from scratch and uses common spd ddr2 decode functions.

plug-ins: implementation of the Freedesktop portal for screenshot

16 December 01:36 - GIMP - Jehan

I am told by the GNOME/Flatpak people that this is what we will ultimately need to implement.

drivers/spi/spi_flash: add flash region protection to controller

15 December 23:35 - Coreboot - Aaron Durbin

Provide a spi controller specific protection callback to take advantage of special spi flash controllers that have internal protection registers built into the implementation.

framework: Make csv summary a subset of formatted summary

15 December 22:51 - Piglit - Rafael Antognolli

It's really just about calling the formatted with a csv template. v2: Use a global for default format string.

sw HTML export: add a filter option to produce XHTML

15 December 22:50 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Add initial support for writing XHTML markup as part of the HTML filter.

framework: Add new formatted summary

15 December 22:50 - Piglit - Rafael Antognolli

Similarly to print-cmd, this option allows one to specify a format string to output each test in the summary.

Enable C++17 for clang-cl, too

15 December 21:23 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

Similar to libc++ in C++17 mode, some types like std::auto_ptr are indeed removed in C++17 mode by default, and need _HAS_AUTO_PTR_ETC=1 to be enabled (see <

radeon/vcn: add and manage render picture list

15 December 21:04 - Mesa - Boyuan Zhang

Create a list in decoder to store all render picture buffer pointers that currently being used in reference picture lists. During get message buffer call, check each pointer in render_pic_list[] within given pic->ref[] list, remove pointer that no longer being used by pic->ref[].

radeon/uvd: add and manage render picture list

15 December 21:04 - Mesa - Boyuan Zhang

Create a list in decoder to store all render picture buffer pointers that currently being used in reference picture lists. During get message buffer call, check each pointer in render_pic_list[] within given pic->ref[] list, remove pointer that no longer being used by pic->ref[].

Release 3.0-rc2.

15 December 20:43 - WINE - Alexandre Julliard

Remove broken support for non square pixels

15 December 18:15 - PiTiVi - Thibault Saunier

All the compositing is done on square pixels, and modern formats all use square pixels.

etnaviv: support performance monitor requests

15 December 18:10 - libdrm - Christian Gmeiner

Add etna_cmd_stream_perf(..) to submit perform requests.

etnaviv: add permon support

15 December 18:09 - libdrm - Christian Gmeiner

Query all domains and their signals and provide it this information

lavc/vp8: Support resolution changes in the VP8 decoder hwaccel

15 December 16:52 - FFmpeg - Jun Zhao

Use the following command to reproduce this issue: make fate-vp8-size-change HWACCEL="vaapi -vaapi_device \ /dev/dri/renderD128 -hwaccel_output_format yuv420p" SAMPLES=../fate-suite/.

mb/google/snappy: add reset pin for Melfas touch controller

15 December 16:11 - Coreboot - Kevin Chiu

Melfas kernel TS driver (melfas_mip4.c) will look up "ce" GPIO during driver probe in ACPI _DSD.

Update SPARC divrem generation to match output

15 December 14:06 - glibc - Joseph Myers

While working on another patch I noticed that (a) sysdeps/sparc/sparc32/Makefile is the only place with special realclean settings, apart from po/, and (b) the generated files with a rule in that Makefile to generate them (using m4) had been patched manually so no longer corresponded with the output of the generator -so if the timestamps were wrong, a build would result in changes to the files in the source directory.

sal: add pre-initialization scheme for allocations

15 December 10:22 - LibreOffice - Michael Meeks

This saves several megabytes of dirtied pages for each LOK client of Online.

Switch to using QtWebEngine for dropbox support

15 December 09:34 - Calligra - Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen

This is not really what i wanted to do, however it allows us to support DropBox on Windows.

MSI cleanup: remove redundant conditions

15 December 08:49 - LibreOffice - Mike Kaganski

VersionNT is now always greated than 600 (only needs checking in version checking action).

powerpc: st{r,p}cpy optimization for aligned strings

15 December 05:25 - glibc - Rajalakshmi Srinivasaraghavan

This patch makes use of vectors for aligned inputs.

Enable VAES support [5/5]

15 December 05:04 - GCC - kyukhin

Enable VAES support [4/5]

15 December 04:31 - GCC - kyukhin

bsd-family-tree: add NetBSD 7.0.2; Add recent DragonFly

15 December 03:45 - DragonFlyBSD - Eitan Adler

Also changes exact location of NetBSD 7.0.1 Gives some breathing room for adding new releases

avformat/movenc: Add support for more colorspaces

14 December 23:08 - FFmpeg - Steven Robertson

With FCPX 10.4, Apple has expanded the set of colorspace, primaries, and trc flags officially supported in QuickTime files.

soc/intel/skylake: Add integrated LAN config parameters

14 December 22:51 - Coreboot - Duncan Laurie

Add parameters to configure the integrated LAN via FSP.

drivers/spi: Enable flashconsole in verstage

14 December 22:51 - Coreboot - Duncan Laurie

Enable the flashconsole driver in verstage so it can be used with VBOOT enabled.

avfilter/drawbox+drawgrid - add option to prevent overwriting of source pixels

14 December 22:44 - FFmpeg - Gyan Doshi

If the user-supplied color in drawbox and drawgrid filters is non-opaque, the box & grid painting overwrites the input's pixels (including alpha).

nir: Add a new lowering option to lower all txd to txl

14 December 22:36 - Mesa - Eric Anholt

VC5 requires that all txd are lowered in the shader.

broadcom/vc5: Enable NIR txd lowering on all txd instructions

14 December 22:36 - Mesa - Eric Anholt

Fixes almost all of piglit's arb_shader_texture_lod grad tests, except for the base -texgrad/texgradcube ones which fail on what appear to be precision problems.

soc/intel/apollolake: add _RMV attributes to eMMC device ACPI

14 December 22:16 - Coreboot - Patrick Georgi

Required so Windows knows if the storage is removable or not.

final v236 update (#7649)

14 December 22:09 - systemd - Lennart Poettering

gallivm: implement accurate corner behavior for textureGather with cube maps

14 December 21:59 - Mesa - Roland Scheidegger

The spec says the missing texel (when we wrap around both x and y axis) should be synthesized as the average of the 3 other texels.

intel/tools: Add the start of a generic batch decoder

14 December 21:27 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

Related: tdf#114434 Enable ExtLeading by default for starmath edit window

14 December 20:30 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: Icfeed667ce23b4b2ecac2c3ff67e95b4e2714442 Reviewed-on:

Merge pull request #7643 from keszybz/hwdb-update-again

14 December 20:13 - systemd - Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek

mainboard/intel/glkrvp: Configure Prmrr and Enable SGX

14 December 20:12 - Coreboot - Pratik Prajapati

Configure PRMRR to allocate 128MiB for SGX enclave memory and enable SGX by default for GLKRVP platform.

[set] Add add_array()

14 December 18:39 - HarfBuzz - Behdad Esfahbod

To be used to optimize adding a whole bunch of (sorted) items at the same time, as in CoverageFormat1.

avcodec: add metadata to identify wrappers and hardware decoders

14 December 18:37 - FFmpeg - wm4

Explicitly identify decoder/encoder wrappers with a common name.

tools/btpclient: Add implemented GAP commands to supported commands

14 December 12:49 - BlueZ - Szymon Janc

Those bits should be set so that remote BTP side knows which commands are implemented by IUT.

x86-64: Remove sysdeps/x86_64/fpu/s_cosf.S

14 December 12:39 - glibc - H.J. Lu

On Ivy Bridge, bench-cosf reports performance improvement:

device: Make axis label a regular string

14 December 12:35 - GTK - Benjamin Otte

Atoms are about to die.

Add approximated Zipfian-distributed random generator to pgbench

14 December 11:30 - PostgreSQL - Teodor Sigaev

Generator helps to make close to real-world tests.

core: add EXTEND_TIMEOUT_USEC={usec} - prevent timeouts in startup/runtime/shutdown (#7214)

14 December 11:17 - systemd - Daniel Black

With Type=notify services, EXTEND_TIMEOUT_USEC= messages will delay any startup/ runtime/shutdown timeouts.

sparc: M7 optimized memset/bzero

14 December 10:48 - glibc - Patrick McGehearty

Support added to identify Sparc M7/T7/S7/M8/T8 processor capability.

sparc: M7 optimized memcpy/mempcpy/memmove

14 December 10:47 - glibc - Patrick McGehearty

Support added to identify Sparc M7/T7/S7/M8/T8 processor capability.

sparc: assembly version of memmove for ultra1+

14 December 10:47 - glibc - Jose E. Marchesi

Tested in sparcv9-*-* and sparc64-*-* targets in both non-multi-arch and multi-arch configurations.

sparc: support the ADP hw capability

14 December 10:47 - glibc - Jose E. Marchesi

This patch adds support for the ADP (also known as adi) hardware capability, as reported by the kernel sparc port when running on M7 machines.

[AArch64] Specify fp16 support for Cortex-A55 and Cortex-A75

14 December 09:50 - GCC - ktkachov

The Cortex-A55 and Cortex-A75 processors support the fp16 extension.

shared/btp: Add initial code for library

14 December 09:08 - BlueZ - Szymon Janc

This allows to connect to BTP socket, process message one-by-one (next message is processed only after reply to previous was sent), reply and send notifications. Currently it is very simple and push most of error checking to user.

tools/btpclient: Add initial code

14 December 09:08 - BlueZ - Szymon Janc

This adds initial code for BTP client tool that allows for automated (binary protocol ) control of BlueZ stack.

shared/btp: Add definitions for GAP service

14 December 09:08 - BlueZ - Szymon Janc

tools/btpclient: Add initial support for GAP service

14 December 09:08 - BlueZ - Szymon Janc

This allows to get list of supported commands and present adapters.

tools/btpclient: Add initial support for read controller info command

14 December 09:08 - BlueZ - Szymon Janc

tools/btpclient: Get initial values for adapter setttings

14 December 09:08 - BlueZ - Szymon Janc

tools/btpclient: Add support for tracking mutable adapter settings

14 December 09:08 - BlueZ - Szymon Janc

tools/btpclient: Add support for configuring adapter settings

14 December 09:08 - BlueZ - Szymon Janc

This allows to configure Powered, Discoverable and Pairable options.

tools/btpclient: Add support for reseting adapter

14 December 09:08 - BlueZ - Szymon Janc

For now this means only removing all bonded devices.

Add recent Hunspell fixes and improvements

14 December 08:34 - LibreOffice - László Németh

from Hunspell repository to give better spell checking and suggestions. Short Hunspell commit descriptions (complete commit descriptions are in the committed Hunspell patch): 4a8921b BREAK tries to break at the second word break 957950b Spelling dictionary should be a real spelling dictionary 0b8a4d8 Use only middle replentries for compound word checking 4e4106f Reduce strange ngram suggestions 89a8ec6 Optimize condition order in walk_hashtable loop e80685c Remove SUBSTANDARD dictionary roots from suggestions.

Elementary-icons: remove font from svg files

14 December 08:14 - LibreOffice - andreas kainz

Change-Id: I263736c6ec5a94a124162b75d59ce1608ea31647 Reviewed-on:

external: upload libepubgen-0.1.0

14 December 08:09 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

The only change is that version support is now available unconditionally, otherwise most code changes were bundled already in the form of patches.

Move call to Scheduler::ImplDeInitScheduler in DeInitVCL back to orig. place

14 December 06:52 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

Dec 13 16:18:27 <sberg> jmux, any reason fd0fff67798fea87217e65bb1561aa0d0e741c51 moved the call to Scheduler::ImplDeInitScheduler() in DeInitVCL (vcl/source/app/svmain.cxx) past the call to the pSVData->maDeInitHook? Dec 13 16:18:30 <IZBot> core - Assert active Tasks on scheduler de-init -

NEWS: start changes for next release

14 December 01:34 - GIMP - Jehan

I assumed we would switch to RC releases now (cf.

gdk: Implement motion history as motion event data

14 December 00:05 - GTK - Carlos Garnacho

In the motion compression phase the coalesced events will be saved as a GdkTimeCoord on the motion event that shall be delivered.

dhcp: systemd: support the hostname property

13 December 21:06 - NetworkManager - Beniamino Galvani

Send the FQDN option when a hostname is set.

src/soc/intel/cannonlake: Add _PRW for CNVi

13 December 20:56 - Coreboot - Bora Guvendik

Add _PRW so that wake on WLAN feature works.

swr: Correct texture allocation and limit max size to 2GB

13 December 20:44 - Mesa - Bruce Cherniak

This patch fixes piglit tex3d-maxsize by correcting 4 things: The total_size calculation was using 32-bit math, therefore a >4GB allocation request overflowed and was not returning false (unsupported). Changed AlignedMalloc arguments from "unsigned int" to size_t, to handle >4GB allocations. Added error checking on texture allocations to fail gracefully. Finally, temporarily decreased supported max texture size from 4GB to 2GB.

MediaPlayer: Relicense to MIT

13 December 20:40 - Haiku - Alexander von Gluck IV

- The GPL license here was a relic from the past to help control YellowTab's use of Haiku source code.

Bug 791397 - Gimp import multi page PDF only imports first page

13 December 19:16 - GIMP - Jehan

Poppler and poppler-data are now hard dependencies.

networkd/dhcp: shorten overlong hostname (#7616)

13 December 17:00 - systemd - Luca Bruno

This commit updates networkd behavior to check if the hostname option received via DHCP is too long for Linux limit, and in case shorten it.

meson: Add dependency on generated code fragments in hw/xwin/glx/

13 December 16:32 - X.Org Server - Jon Turney

Somehow I'd managed to write this with this dependency missing, so this only works correctly when the generated files already exist and the correct automatic dependencies generated, but fails on a clean build.

os: Add epoll-like port implementation for Solaris

13 December 16:19 - X.Org Server - Peter Harris

x11perf -noop with 200 xlogos connected is slightly faster with ports:

os: Make OsSignalHandler ask for core dumps for signo != SIGQUIT

13 December 16:11 - X.Org Server - Adam Jackson

SIGQUIT is a normal termination request, but any other signal we handle here wants a core.

xfree86: Remove xf86InterceptSigIll

13 December 16:11 - X.Org Server - Adam Jackson

This was added in ~2004 for the sis driver, to detect whether it could use SSE for memcpy.

vc/amd/pi/0067F00: add option to add AGESA binary PI as stage

13 December 15:53 - Coreboot - Aaron Durbin

Stage addition to CBFS allows relocation to happen on the fly.

soc/intel/skylake: make tcc_offset take effect

13 December 15:42 - Coreboot - marxwang

Currently, "tcc_offset" defined in devicetree is overwritten by Intel FSP-S UPD "TccActivationOffset".

ivfenc: add AV1 support

13 December 15:10 - FFmpeg - Tristan Matthews

libaom tools work with ivf files.

wifi: add initial support for iwd Wi-Fi damon

13 December 13:22 - NetworkManager - Thomas Haller

mesh: Add description for submenus

13 December 12:08 - BlueZ - Luiz Augusto von Dentz

This adds proper descriptions for each submenu.

soc/intel/common/block: Add option to have subsystem_id in common pci driver

13 December 10:20 - Coreboot - Subrata Banik

This patch ensures all Intel common PCI devices can have subsystem ID programmed along with PCI resource enabling (.enable_resources) as part of PCI enumeration process. TEST=Build and boot KBL/CNL/APL/GLK to ensure PCI subsystem ID getting programmed.

device: Make pci_dev_ops_pci structure global

13 December 10:20 - Coreboot - Subrata Banik

This patch makes pci_dev_ops_pci structure global so that caller can make use of this structure using extern.

macros: add _nm_fallthrough macro

13 December 09:41 - NetworkManager - Thomas Haller

Systemd introduced a _fallthrough_ macro in

Use C version of multi3 for RVE support

13 December 06:25 - GCC - wilson


mb/google/fizz: Enable SATA on port 0

13 December 03:57 - Coreboot - David Wu

Enable SATA port 0 to support SATA HDD.

button: Add private api to get at the gesture

13 December 03:18 - GTK - Matthias Clasen

Attaching another gesture from the outside does not work currently, so let widgets share their button's gesture for now.

range: Add private api to autoscroll

13 December 03:17 - GTK - Matthias Clasen

This will be used to scroll the scale in scale buttons.

soc/intel/skylake: Enable LPC IO Decoding on PCR

13 December 02:19 - Coreboot - praveen hodagatta pranesh

According to the PCH BIOS Spec (Doc#549921/Rev-2.3.4), section, it is a requirement to program the same

path bar: Drop non-functional hold-to-scroll code

13 December 01:49 - GTK - Matthias Clasen

Scrolling a path bar is of marginal usefulness - you need to find a really deep place in your filesystem hierarchy in order to scroll one or two places at best.

Use new overflow aware integer operations

13 December 00:55 - PostgreSQL - Andres Freund

A previous commit added inline functions that provide fast(er) and correct overflow checks for signed integer math.

x11: Add GdkX11Display:translate-event signal

12 December 23:56 - GTK - Benjamin Otte

This is supposed to replace gdk_window_add_filter() in the long run.

tdf#114256 add cache criterium when to recalculate page range size

12 December 23:54 - LibreOffice - Tomaž Vajngerl

Page range size can only be valid for the input parameters, which includes the document size, which was not taken into account at all before.

x86-64: Add cosf with FMA

12 December 23:32 - glibc - H.J. Lu

On Skylake, bench-cosf reports performance improvement: Before After Improvement max 135.362 94.552 43% min 8.532 7.688 11% mean 17.1446 11.8128 45% - sysdeps/x86_64/fpu/multiarch/Makefile (libm-sysdep_routines): Add s_cosf-sse2 and s_cosf-fma.

google/kahlee/grunt: Add SPD files

12 December 21:12 - Coreboot - Marc Jones

MEM_ID SPD 0000 hynix-H5AN8G6NAFR-UHC 0001 hynix-H5ANAG6NAMR-UHC 0010 micron-MT40A51216JY-083E 0011 micron-MT40A1G16KNR-075E 0100 samsung-K4A8G165WB-BCRC 0101 samsung-K4AAG165WB-MCRC release 2.9.8

12 December 19:41 - GIMP - Michael Natterer

google/scarlet: support INNOLUX P097PFG panel

12 December 19:13 - Coreboot - Lin Huang

Add INNOLUX P097PFG panel timing.

Update IA64 libm-test-ulps

12 December 18:57 - glibc - Adhemerval Zanella

Ran on Itanium Processor 9020, GCC 7.2.1.

placesview: Make middle click work

12 December 18:56 - GTK - Matthias Clasen

This does not cost us much, and improves consistency.

Merge branch 'containers-minimum-101354'

12 December 17:41 - DBus - Simon McVittie

spirv: Make sampled images a real type

12 December 15:34 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

Previously, we just gave them exactly the same type as the respective image (which already had a sampler2D or similar type).

resolve: add support for RFC 8080 (#7600)

12 December 15:30 - systemd - ott

RFC 8080 describes how to use EdDSA keys and signatures in DNSSEC.

Remove --with-fp / --without-fp

12 December 13:56 - glibc - Joseph Myers

There is a configure option --without-fp that specifies that nofpu sysdeps directories should be used instead of fpu directories. For most glibc configurations, this option is of no use: either there is no valid nofpu variant of that configuration, or there are no fpu or nofpu sysdeps directories for that processor and so the option does nothing.

Fix binary incompatible change in the LOK API + add unit test

12 December 13:04 - LibreOffice - Jan Holesovsky

Change-Id: I53cb40ea351bf56b1a299857a59ae4bf7c6b6dc3 Reviewed-on:

Related tdf#83877 Add signatureline element to draw:frame, not draw:image

12 December 10:18 - LibreOffice - Samuel Mehrbrodt

Because a frame can have multiple (fallback) images, so this would have been added only to the first one.

CppunitTest_xmlsecurity_signing failed in sanitizer builds

12 December 06:58 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

...because external/gpgmepp spawns /usr/bin/gpgconf (and later on /usr/bin/ggp2, /usr/bin/gpgsm) which all depend on, so due to CppunitTest's LD_LIBRARY_PATH will pick up instdir/program/, which fails due to > /usr/bin/gpgconf: symbol lookup error: /data/sbergman/lo-san/core/instdir/program/ undefined symbol: __asan_option_detect_stack_use_after_return The easiest fix appears to be, when running sanitizers on Linux, to hack gpgmepp's _gpgme_io_spawn to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH back to its original state.

spirv: Add a prepass to set types on vtn_values

12 December 06:28 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

This autogenerated pass will automatically find and set the type field on all vtn_values.

spirv: Add support for all bit sizes in OpSwitch

12 December 06:28 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

Enable VAES support [1/5]

12 December 05:17 - GCC - kyukhin

gcc/ - common/config/i386/i386-common.c (OPTION_MASK_ISA_VAES_SET, OPTION_MASK_ISA_VAES_UNSET): New.

textureGather: add new options for testing mirror address modes

12 December 03:01 - Piglit - Roland Scheidegger

The existing repeat and clamp modes are easy to implement.

Prepare 3.27.3

12 December 02:26 - Epiphany - Michael Catanzaro

[SFN] introduce statement frontier notes, still disabled

12 December 02:16 - GCC - aoliva

This patch completes the infrastructure for the introduction of statement frontiers in C-family languages. It brings in all the code remaining code needed to introduce and transform begin stmt trees, gimple stmts, insns and notes, and ultimately use them to generate the is_stmt column in DWARF2+ line number tables/programs, however none of it is activated: the option that would do so will be introduced in a subsequent patch. This patch depends on an earlier patch with not-quite-boilerplate changes towards SFN. for gcc/c-family/ChangeLog - c-semantics.c (pop_stmt_list): Move begin stmt marker into subsequent statement list. for gcc/c/ChangeLog - c-objc-common.h (LANG_HOOKS_EMITS_BEGIN_STMT): Redefine as true. - c-parser.c (add_debug_begin_stmt): New.

[SFN] not-quite-boilerplate changes in preparation to introduce nonbind markers

12 December 02:15 - GCC - aoliva

This patch adjusts numerous parts of the compiler that would malfunction should they find debug markers at points where they may be introduced.

[SFN] boilerplate changes in preparation to introduce nonbind markers

12 December 02:15 - GCC - aoliva

This patch introduces a number of new macros and functions that will be used to distinguish between different kinds of debug stmts, insns and notes, namely, preexisting debug bind ones and to-be-introduced nonbind markers. In a seemingly mechanical way, it adjusts several uses of the macros and functions, so that they refer to narrower categories when appropriate. These changes, by themselves, should not have any visible effect in the compiler behavior, since the upcoming debug markers are never created with this patch alone. for gcc/ChangeLog - gimple.h (enum gimple_debug_subcode): Add GIMPLE_DEBUG_BEGIN_STMT.