Linux 5.10-rc6

29 November 23:50 - Linux Kernel - Linus Torvalds

avfilter/af_asupercut: add float sample format support

29 November 20:44 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

Preparing for mathml support of custom entity references

29 November 18:53 - LibreOffice - dante

This should be enough for the starmath mathml project.

avfilter/af_asupercut: add order option

29 November 13:16 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

avfilter/af_asubboost: make wet option apply to final output

28 November 21:07 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

Also changes some default values for options after this change.

drop custom Indic grapheme rules and rely on contemporary icu defaults

28 November 19:31 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

similar to...

avfilter/af_acrossover: add option to adjust input gain

28 November 15:02 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

avfilter/af_aemphasis: add timeline/slice and commands support

27 November 21:38 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

oox: make effectpropertiescontext available to everyone in oox/

27 November 20:33 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

I plan to use this from oox/source/drawingml/table/tablecontext.cxx for tdf#129961.

freedreno/a6xx: add support for ARB_shader_stencil_export

27 November 17:29 - Mesa - Danylo Piliaiev

radv: disable SQTT support for unsupported GPUs

27 November 16:37 - Mesa - Samuel Pitoiset

Like GFX10.3 which is currently broken.

avcodec: deprecate thread_safe_callbacks

27 November 14:46 - FFmpeg - Anton Khirnov

They add considerable complexity to frame-threading implementation, which includes an unavoidably leaking error path, while the advantages of this option to the users are highly dubious.

builds/meson/*: Add copyright boilerplate

27 November 14:37 - FreeType - Werner Lemberg

tdf#138507: sc_subsequent_filters: Add unittest

27 November 14:36 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

Change-Id: I1b9271d03c6bc61a63436054a74e455ad78bc68a Reviewed-on:

sh: Add sh4 fpu Implies folder

27 November 12:29 - glibc - Adhemerval Zanella

The commit 605f38177db (sh: Split BE/LE abilist) did not take in consideration the SH4 fpu support.

hwdb: 60-keyboard: Add Dell Inspiron 11 3168 Fn+Home/End/PageUp/PageDown key mappings

27 November 12:14 - systemd - Konomi

On the Dell Inspiron 11 3168 the Fn and Arrow Keys control the Home, End, Page Up and Page Down keys.

avfilter/avf_showfreqs: implement phase display

27 November 11:52 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

dfregress: Add 'rc' option

27 November 10:52 - DragonFlyBSD - Antonio Huete Jimenez

- Allows to specify which return code will be considered success for the test case being run.

r600/sfn: Add lowering pass to convert load_interpolated to load for POS

27 November 10:37 - Mesa - Gert Wollny

the values are loaded directly from a register and the specification of parycentrics is only in the way.

panfrost: Update the resource layout when doing a tile -> linear conversion

27 November 07:44 - Mesa - Boris Brezillon

If we don't do that the stride in texture/framebuffer descriptors is wrong, leading to page faults when those buffers are accessed.

tdf#138481: Trust the built-in break iterator character data in ICU

27 November 07:23 - LibreOffice - Tor Lillqvist

Don't use our own char.txt. Quite possibly we wouldn't need to use the other data in the i18npool/source/breakiterator/data folder either.

radeonsi: implement GS fast launch for indexed triangle strips

27 November 06:16 - Mesa - Marek Olšák

This increases performance for indexed triangle strips up to +100%.

dfregress: Add 'interpreter' option

26 November 22:47 - DragonFlyBSD - Antonio Huete Jimenez

- Allows to specify the interpreter that will run the testcase file.

msvcrt: Implement opening Unicode files with no BOM in _wsopen_dispatch

26 November 22:25 - WINE - Piotr Caban

Spotted by Alistair Leslie-Hughes.

Merge pull request #17738 from keszybz/hwdb-news-update-v247

26 November 18:00 - systemd - Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek

add a way to invalidate the InterimItemWindow child contents

26 November 15:08 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: Id7bbf6443f25eee7745123f127cd9d6424a684b0 Reviewed-on:

firebird: update to 3.0.7

26 November 14:06 - LibreOffice - Julien Nabet

This tries to get rid of a lot of cruft from older builds and it also aims to build as much as possible on Windows. The firebird-cygwin-msvc-warnings.patch should be optional.

pg_stat_statements: Track number of times pgss entries were deallocated

26 November 12:18 - PostgreSQL - Fujii Masao

If more distinct statements than pg_stat_statements.max are observed, pg_stat_statements entries about the least-executed statements are deallocated.

autofilter: make working with multiple users in online

26 November 11:13 - LibreOffice - Szymon Kłos

Change-Id: Ib0255178112fae5d964cd6155d42848e7c7c51e8 Reviewed-on:

Add 'SinglePrintJobs' to PrintOptions

26 November 07:51 - LibreOffice - Samuel Mehrbrodt

So that this option can be set via UNO API

doc: Add description about re-analysis and re-planning of a prepared statement

26 November 07:17 - PostgreSQL - Fujii Masao

A prepared statement is re-analyzed and re-planned whenever database objects used in the statement have undergone definitional changes or the planner statistics of them have been updated.

hwcontext_vulkan: support additional pixel formats

25 November 22:14 - FFmpeg - Lynne

We support every single packed format possible now.

hwcontext_vulkan: optionally enable more functionality

25 November 22:14 - FFmpeg - Niklas Haas

These two extensions and two features are both optionally used by libplacebo to speed up rendering, so it makes sense for libavutil to automatically enable them as well.

hwcontext_vulkan: simplify plane size calculations and support 4-plane formats

25 November 22:14 - FFmpeg - Lynne

Needed to support YUVA.

hwcontext_vulkan: always attempt to map host memory when transferring

25 November 22:14 - FFmpeg - Lynne

This relies on the fact that host memory is always going to be required to be aligned to the platform's page size, which means we can adjust the pointers when we map them to buffers and therefore skip an entire copy.

tdf#138130: sw_uiwriter: Add unittest

25 November 22:08 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

Change-Id: If7eca097e83003d657cc39ae617eaccabcf62a5a Reviewed-on:

hwcontext_vulkan: add VkExternalMemoryBufferCreateInfo to imported buffers

25 November 22:06 - FFmpeg - Lynne

Its a validation layer thing.

libavutil: introduce AVFilmGrainParams side data

25 November 22:06 - FFmpeg - Lynne

This patch introduces a new frame side data type AVFilmGrainParams for use with video codecs which support it.

Avoid spurious waits in concurrent indexing

25 November 21:22 - PostgreSQL - Alvaro Herrera

In the various waiting phases of CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY (CIC) and REINDEX CONCURRENTLY (RC), we wait for other processes to release their snapshots; this is necessary in general for correctness.

panfrost: Enable indirect uniform indexing

25 November 13:15 - Mesa - Alyssa Rosenzweig

pan/bi: Implement shader-db stats

25 November 13:15 - Mesa - Alyssa Rosenzweig

v2: Drop register tracking since it was wrong, and meaningful accounting is tricky for Bifrost (which wants round robin RA for at least some registers)...

ScriptForge - (SF_Utils) Increment version number

25 November 11:37 - LibreOffice - Jean-Pierre Ledure

Start 7.2

tdf#137894 separate associated character properties

25 November 08:20 - LibreOffice - Mark Hung

in ww8filter/RtfAttributeOutput and treat \dbch as CJK and \hich Western in order to roundtrip the RTF document. ww8filter mix all the associated style, including properties for CJK and CTL scripts. Both RtfAttributeOutput::CharFontCJK and RtfAttributeOutput::CharFontCTL output \dbch, that result in incorrect assocation. CharFontCTL should use \rtlch, but it was already in RtfAttributeOutput::MoveCharacterProperties. To make the order correct, I separate the associated character properties that were stored in m_aSyltesAssoc into m_aSyltesAssocRtlch, and m_aSyltesAssocDbch by their script types. Note that it is not clear what associated character properties that we should adopt for \hich and \ltrch. In theory RTL scripts can output high ANSI chars too, so \hich may get properties from either Western or CTL scripts.

v3dv: Wayland WSI support

25 November 06:49 - Mesa - Ella-0

intel/rt: Add a pass to lower the new ray-tracing intrinsics

25 November 05:37 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

The new intrinsics we added for doing address calculations are all things we fetch from the RT_DISPATCH_GLOBALS struct.

intel/rt: Add support for scratch in ray-tracing shaders

25 November 05:37 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

In ray-tracing shader stages, we have a real call stack and so we can't use the normal scratch mechanism.

intel/rt: Add return instructions at the end of ray-tracing shaders

25 November 05:37 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

Each callable ray-tracing shader shader stage has to perform a return operation at the end.

intel/rt: Add a pass to lower shader call instructions

25 November 05:37 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

intel/rt: Implement support for shader call payloads

25 November 05:37 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

Both traceRay() and executeCallable() take a payload parameter which gets passed from the caller to the callee and which the callee can write to pass data back to the caller.

intel/fs: Add and implement intel-specific ray-tracing intrinsics

25 November 05:37 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

intel/rt: Implement the new ray-tracing system values

25 November 05:37 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

intel/rt: Add support for shader buffer record memory

25 November 05:37 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

Most of the work for this is done for us by spirv_to_nir which gives us a load_global from a memory address based on the shader_record_ptr system values.

intel/rt: Add lowering for ray-walk intrinsics in any-hit shaders

25 November 05:37 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

intel/rt: Add lowering for combined intersection/any-hit shaders

25 November 05:37 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

intel/rt: Add support for hit attributes

25 November 05:37 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

For triangle geometry, the hit attributes are always two floats which contain the barycentric coordinates of the hit.

intel/rt: Implement push constants as global memory reads

25 November 05:37 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

They're not really "push" anymore but that's because there is no such thing as push constants in bindless shaders on Intel.

nir: Add a halt instruction type

25 November 05:37 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

Halt is like a return for the entire shader or exit() if you prefer to think of it that way.

intel/genxml: Add the BINDLESS_SHADER_RECORD data structure

25 November 05:37 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

This is the first of the HW data structures added for ray-tracing.

intel/genxml: Add BVH data structures

25 November 05:37 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

These describe the Intel BVH format used for storing acceleration structures.

intel/compiler: Add support for bindless shaders

25 November 05:37 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

The Intel bindless thread dispatch model is very simple.

Remove catalog function currtid()

25 November 03:18 - PostgreSQL - Michael Paquier

currtid() and currtid2() are an undocumented set of functions whose sole known user is the Postgres ODBC driver, able to retrieve the latest TID version for a tuple given by the caller of those functions. As used by Postgres ODBC, currtid() is a shortcut able to retrieve the last TID loaded into a backend by passing an OID of 0 (magic value) after a tuple insertion.

Update version for v5.2.0-rc3 release

24 November 22:13 - QEMU - Peter Maydell

avfilter/vf_readeia608: add support for commands

24 November 21:34 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

avfilter/vf_readeia608: add support for slice threads

24 November 21:34 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

util: Add helgrind support for simple_mtx

24 November 21:03 - Mesa - Rob Clark

Annoyingly mtypes.h pulls in simple_mtx, which means we end up needing to sprinkle a lot of idep_mesautil around.

tdf#138428: sc_uicalc: Add unittest

24 November 17:53 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

Change-Id: I8379ced4d04efcfaf355734d50a784bf29636140 Reviewed-on:

powerpc: Make PT_THREAD_POINTER available to assembly code

24 November 17:15 - glibc - Matheus Castanho

PT_THREAD_POINTER is currenty defined inside a #ifndef __ASSEMBLER__ block, but its usage should not be limited to C code, as it can be useful when accessing the TLS from assembly code as well.

fix crash in loading ooo57731-1.odt

24 November 16:47 - LibreOffice - Noel

This fixes bugs in the following commits, where we need to also process unknown elements, in order to maintain compatibility with the preceding code.

add set_buildable_name to enable distinguishing different instances

24 November 16:01 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

of widgets loaded from the same .ui snippet in the same dialog so ui-testing can identify the right one

vulkan: Update XML and headers to 1.2.162

24 November 15:47 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

This brings in the following new extensions:

spirv: Rename some ray-tracing intrinsics to NV

24 November 15:47 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

For these intrinsics, the NV version and the provisional KHR version have the same enum value and semantics but the final KHR version is different on both counts.

spirv: Implement OpTraceRayKHR and OpExecuteCallableKHR

24 November 15:47 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

The old NV version (and the provisional KHR version) specified the data payload via an integer location.

spirv: Implement OpTerminateRayKHR and OpIgnoreIntersectionKHR

24 November 15:47 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

In the final version of SPV_KHR_ray_tracing, these are now block terminators like OpKill or OpReturn.

Add updated Waldorf Blofeld midnam

24 November 15:12 - Ardour - Nikolaus Gullotta

sd-device-enumerator: do not return error when a device is removed

24 November 12:38 - systemd - INSUN PYO

If /sys/class/OOO node is created and destroyed during booting (kernle driver initialization fails), systemd-udev-trigger.service fails due to race condition. ***** race condition *********************************************************************************** 1.

sw: fix copying and deleting of section content via API

24 November 11:09 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

The problem happens if a section starts or ends with a table:

avcodec/motionpixels: Only create VLC iff it is going to be used

24 November 10:35 - FFmpeg - Andreas Rheinhardt

If the Huffman tree consists of only one entry (which has length zero), no tree is used at all for parsing as the VLC API currently can't handle this.

avcodec/mpegaudiodsp: Make initializing synth windows thread-safe

24 November 10:35 - FFmpeg - Andreas Rheinhardt

These arrays are used by the Musepack decoders, the MPEG audio decoders as well as qdm2 and up until now, these arrays might be initialized more than once, leading to potential data races as well as unnecessary initializations.

avcodec/aac*: Make initializing ff_aac_pow*sf_tab thread-safe

24 November 10:35 - FFmpeg - Andreas Rheinhardt

This table is currently initialized up to three times: Once by the encoder and twice by the decoders (once by the fixed and once by the floating-point decoder); each of these initializations is guarded by an AVOnce, yet the fact that there are three of them implies that there might be data races (the fact that each entry is only written to once (to its final value) when initializing means that this is safe in practice, yet it is still undefined behaviour).

avfilter/af_adenorm: add timeline and slice threading support

24 November 10:32 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

kernel-install: drop redundant "/"

24 November 10:18 - systemd - Yu Watanabe

Follow-up for 1cdbff1c844ce46f1d84d8feeed426ebfd550988.

Avoid unnecessary, wrong downcast from SwFormatRowSplit to SwFormatFrameSize

24 November 09:53 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

...after b28e514d5e0ea45490b3cab30e1d97dd3da2c794 "callnk: Replace needless SwClientNotifyCall with CallSwClientNotify", as seen during e.g.

avfilter/af_asubboost: add timeline and slice threading support

24 November 09:19 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

Move per-agg and per-trans duplicate finding to the planner

24 November 08:45 - PostgreSQL - Heikki Linnakangas

This has the advantage that the cost estimates for aggregates can count the number of calls to transition and final functions correctly.

avcodec: add SpeedHQ encoder

24 November 08:38 - FFmpeg - Jean-Baptiste Kempf

cbs: Add function to read extradata from an AVCodecContext

24 November 08:13 - FFmpeg - Mark Thompson

This is useful in decoders and parsers, matching the way that bitstream filters read extradata from AVCodecParameters.

avcodec/cbs_av1: add support for standard MP4/Matroska extradata

24 November 08:13 - FFmpeg - Jan Ekström

This way API clients can just pass the AV1CodecConfigurationRecord as extradata as-is without further filtering.

avformat/av1: add support for passing through MP4/Matroska av1c

24 November 08:13 - FFmpeg - Jan Ekström

virtual-surround-sink: Use FFTW3 instead of naive approach

24 November 03:56 - PulseAudio - Christopher Snowhill

This replaces the original virtual surround sink with a total rewrite, aiming to implement any number of hrir use cases, including asymmetrical impulses as two separate left and right output files.