Updating trunk VERSION from 3024.0 to 3025.0

25 February 23:01 - Chromium - chrome-cron

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#453113}

Remove spellcheck feedback

25 February 22:36 - Chromium - rouslan

This patch removes the system for collecting feedback about user actions on server-generated spellcheck results.

Add std:: prefix to STL non-type names

25 February 17:42 - Chromium - vasilvv

Merge internal change: 147351756 Merge internal change: 147643400

[ash-md] Wired in the Shelf color to be derived from the Wallpaper

25 February 13:54 - Chromium - bruthig

This CL adds a flag, which is disabled by default, that will color the shelf based on a color extracted from the current wallpaper.

avfilter/aeval: trim last frame's number of samples to match requested duration

25 February 13:53 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

Fixes #6181.

google/eve: Add rise/fall times for I2C buses

25 February 12:19 - Coreboot - Duncan Laurie

Apply tuning for the PCH I2C buses on Eve based on rise/fall time measurements that were done with a scope. BUG=chrome-os-partner:59686 BRANCH=none TEST=Manual testing on Eve P1 to verify that all devices on I2C buses are still functional.

Release 5.44

25 February 11:02 - BlueZ - Marcel Holtmann

Update V8 to version 5.8.283.

25 February 10:13 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

avcodec/vp56: Implement very basic error concealment

25 February 07:09 - FFmpeg - Michael Niedermayer

This should fix the fate failure due to a truncated last frame.

Haiku Sticker png preview and SVG sources

25 February 04:00 - Haiku - Adrien Destugues

Better stored here, than in the mess in website/static/files.

st/nine: make use of common uploaders v4

25 February 03:31 - Mesa - Constantine Charlamov

Make use of common uploaders that landed recently to Mesa

Update V8 to version 5.8.282.

25 February 02:57 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add Mojo constant for "ash" and replace hardcoded strings

25 February 01:26 - Chromium - fwang

Currently, the default window manager for mash is always "ash" and its name is hardcoded in mash/common/config.cc.

Auto-rebaseline for r453070

25 February 01:24 - Chromium - Rebaseline Bot


Update V8 to version 5.8.281.

25 February 00:55 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Don't invalidate rect if it's covered by fully invalidated parent's visual rect

25 February 00:00 - Chromium - wangxianzhu

This saves the cost from ObjectPaintInvalidator::invalidatePaintUsingContainer() all the way down to cc::Layer::SetNeedsDisplayRect().

Updating trunk VERSION from 3023.0 to 3024.0

24 February 23:01 - Chromium - chrome-cron

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#453061}

Add Precache.Fetch.MinWeight UMA.

24 February 22:49 - Chromium - twifkak

This collects the distribution of resource weights that are actually reached before hitting the byte caps.

[Offline Pages] Snapshotting on timeout of last retry

24 February 22:08 - Chromium - romax

Added the logic which would do a snapshot when the offliner times out on the last retry, also it must meet the low bar for quality control.

Implement canvas color space IDL format for 2D canvas

24 February 21:46 - Chromium - zakerinasab

This patch updates the previous implementation of the canvas color space to match the latest changes of the proposal in

Support GPU VSync when DirectComposition isn't enabled

24 February 21:39 - Chromium - stanisc

This fixes a few additional issues that came up in private testing. 1) Blank screen with DirectComposition isn't enabled.

[android] Add JobScheduler-based BackgroundTaskScheduler

24 February 21:34 - Chromium - nyquist

In Android M+ it is encouraged to use JobScheduler for all background jobs, instead of using things like IntentService or polling using alarms.

Add linux_chromium_analysis to mb_config.pyl

24 February 21:28 - Chromium - kmarshall

R=dpranke@chromium.org BUG=689095

Add ClearanceOffset to LayoutNG Constraint space

24 February 20:19 - Chromium - glebl

It's used for the case when fragment can position itself but needs to know the current clearance line.

ServiceWorker: Change base URL for parsing script URL and scope URL

24 February 20:00 - Chromium - jungkee.song

According to the spec change, this changes to use the relevant settings object instead of the entry settings object to parse the script URL and the scope URL given to ServiceWorkerContainer.register() and ServiceWorkerContainer.getRegistration(). Before this CL, register() and getRegistration() used entered execution context to parse the URLs.

Made Adreno multisampling blacklist entry more explicit

24 February 19:50 - Chromium - bajones

This prevents the blacklist entry from inadvertently matching Android 7.1.1 due to a version comparison bug, which will be handled separately to keep this CL slim for easier cherry-picking to M57.

Add getCurrentUrl as separate call to ToolbarDataProvider

24 February 19:49 - Chromium - yusufo

Add a separate call for getting the current url from data provider without calling Tab.

Populate download slice info between DownloadItem and history DB

24 February 19:24 - Chromium - qinmin

This CL populates the slice information between DownloadItem and history DB.

builtin_functions: Add more 64-bit integers

24 February 19:19 - Piglit - Jason Ekstrand

Seriously, 100000000000 is not the only 64-bit integer.

configure.ac: bump to version 2.0.0 for the official release

24 February 19:19 - Weston - Bryce Harrington

Import wpt@2a40eec24b2657a0ba01ed8abf9212b06a137225

24 February 19:17 - Chromium - Quinten Yearsley

Using wpt-import in Chromium 9868886dfba0439ec305b876d4ef513b13765752.

Add restriction for WebVR support

24 February 19:08 - Chromium - bsheedy

We'll only want to run most WebVR tests on devices that actually support it, i.e.

Inject vr controller events into Android Native UI.

24 February 18:58 - Chromium - mthiesse

Generalizes the MotionEventSynthesizer to support input into arbitrary Java views, and connects VR controller/gesture output to the MotionEventSynthesizer.

Landing Recent QUIC changes until Fri Feb 17 19:31:51 2017 +0000

24 February 18:53 - Chromium - vasilvv

Made CC tests parameterized, rather than flag-driven. There were a bunch of experimental options that exercised in these tests, which can also be turned on/off via flag.

Add 'ozone' mixin to ANGLE Ozone GPU FYI.

24 February 18:51 - Chromium - fjhenigman

The ozone_linux mixin requires the ozone mixin.

Add ongoing events to net-export log when logging starts

24 February 18:29 - Chromium - wangyix

Update NetLogFileWriter::StartNetLog() to take a list of URLRequestContextGetters from which to retrieve ongoing events to add to the log.

vh units shouldn't add controls height when controls are locked to hidden

24 February 18:25 - Chromium - bokan

Since the initial containing block is now fixed to be the size as if the browser controls are always shown -- and we want 100vh to appear as if the viewport is always hidden -- we add the browser controls height to the layout height used for viewport units. One exception to this when the browser controls are locked in a hidden state.

aura-mus: Validate incoming window properties

24 February 18:24 - Chromium - erg

This adds a validator function to the integral type version of PropertyConverter::RegisterProperty() and rejects changes if the incoming value, passed to the validator, returns false.

Add compile target override to VR FYI bot

24 February 18:15 - Chromium - bsheedy

Fixes the FYI bot failing to compile due to not finding the chrome_public_test_vr_apk_apk_run target.

DevTools: implement release note behind an experiment

24 February 18:09 - Chromium - chenwilliam

Behind a hidden experiment.

media: Prefer decrypting pipeline when CDM is attached

24 February 17:57 - Chromium - xhwang

In DecoderSelector, if a CDM is attached, always try the decrypting pipeline first (decoders that support encrypted streams, or decrypting demuxer stream plus regular decoders), so that the pipeline can handle encrytped streams later.

Enabling autoplay and fullscreen for downloaded media

24 February 17:46 - Chromium - shaktisahu

For downloaded video, the desired behavior is to autoplay with fullscreen at the start.

Selection API: add removeRange().

24 February 17:41 - Chromium - tkent

Approved Intent-to-Ship:

Update V8 to version 5.8.280.

24 February 17:31 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Enable MediaFoundationH264Encoding by default

24 February 17:17 - Chromium - emircan

This CL enables this feature by default after the finch experiment.

Handle nested position:sticky elements correctly (main thread)

24 February 17:07 - Chromium - smcgruer

In order to correctly calculate the sticky offset for nested sticky, we must track the accumulated sticky offset from our ancestor sticky elements.

Add LoadEventStart to Android PageLoadMetrics

24 February 16:55 - Chromium - jahagird

This allows Android layer to report additional metrics for loadEventStart.

[Offline Pages] Make prerenderer notify us of network progress

24 February 16:38 - Chromium - dimich

Today, Prerenderer is made aware of bytes that are loaded when each resource finishes, but does not expose it to observers of PrerenderContents and friends.

Remove Rietveld class and all dependencies on it

24 February 16:27 - Chromium - qyearsley

This CL depends on (includes)

precache: Allow experiment bitsets of any size

24 February 16:18 - Chromium - twifkak

Add bytes-typed field to PrecacheResourceSelection, which allows for an arbitrarily-sized bit vector, and thus doesn't limit the number of resources per site to 64.

exo: Synchronize multi-display window positioning

24 February 16:07 - Chromium - domlaskowski

This CL enables the compositor to synchronize window positions across display configuration changes when bounds are controlled by the client.

Updated core Project: help a43b8eb31d44f4a3193029f7593281152ed2e5f9

24 February 15:59 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Updated core Project: help a43b8eb31d44f4a3193029f7593281152ed2e5f9

Add OffscreenCanvas to VRSource

24 February 14:57 - Chromium - junov

This change adds OffscreenCanvas to VRSource by making VRSource into a union typedef.

add new explicit method for enabling backlight depending on output type

24 February 14:15 - Enlightenment - Mike Blumenkrantz

Update V8 to version 5.8.279.

24 February 14:11 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add flags option when generating signature files for Widevine

24 February 13:54 - Chromium - jrummell

Chrome binary needs to have --flags 1 passed to signing script, so change the build for Linux to do this.

Implement basic support for Windows module emission

24 February 13:46 - Chromium - erikchen

Native heap profiles require the load addresses of all modules so that program counters can be converted into symbols.

Require LTO. Add initial ChangeLog entry

24 February 13:39 - GCC - dje

Require LTO.

Add a NavigationCoordinator protocol to Showcase

24 February 12:53 - Chromium - lpromero

This child protocol of the Coordinator protocol in Showcase is for coordinators that push their view controller onto a navigation controller.

Import csswg-test@ed79f8614481e97d61f17f41b65448c211d27c6f

24 February 12:50 - Chromium - Quinten Yearsley

Using wpt-import in Chromium 9868886dfba0439ec305b876d4ef513b13765752.

radv/entrypoints: Only generate entrypoints for supported features

24 February 12:36 - Mesa - Emil Velikov

This changes the way radv_entrypoints_gen.py works from generating a table containing every single entrypoint in the XML to just the ones that we actually need.

Add flag for redirecting zero suggest requests to service maintained by Chrome team

24 February 12:34 - Chromium - gcomanici

Add flag for redirecting zero suggest requests to service maintained by Chrome team.

Update V8 to version 5.8.278.

24 February 12:32 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

NTP: Add string for grouped notifications

24 February 12:06 - Chromium - sfiera

This string is used as the message of a notification that links to the NTP instead of directly to a particular article.

[Mac] Reduce timer CPU use in MessagePumpCFRunLoopBase

24 February 12:05 - Chromium - shrike

MessagePumpCFRunLoopBase's approach to timers, as recommended by Apple, leads to two timer reschedulings per timer firing.

egl: make sure entrypoints list is always sorted

24 February 12:00 - Mesa - Eric Engestrom

Starting with the next commit, badly sorting this list will break the eglGetProcAddress().

Remove |remote| and |readonly| members of MediaStreamTrack

24 February 11:52 - Chromium - peary2

Spec reference:

cocoa: add ellyjones to OWNERS

24 February 11:26 - Chromium - ellyjones

By request of thakis@ from

vcl: add initial CppunitTest_vcl_pdfexport

24 February 10:49 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Invoke the PDF export filter and then use the PDF tokenizer from xmlsecurity to assert the contents of created PDF file.

Always enable liblangtag

24 February 10:46 - LibreOffice - Khaled Hosny

The license should not be an issue any more since liblangtag now has an LGPL/MPLv2 dual licence.

Minor refactoring of support classes for video-device constraints

24 February 10:46 - Chromium - guidou

st/va: Fix up YV12 to NV12 putImage conversion

24 February 10:44 - Mesa - Thomas Hellstrom

Use the utility u_copy_nv12_from_yv12 to implement this similarly to how it's been done in the VPAU state tracker.

st/vdpau: Provide YV12 to NV12 putBits conversion v2

24 February 10:44 - Mesa - Thomas Hellstrom

mplayer likes putting YV12 data, and if there is a buffer format mismatch, the vdpau state tracker would try to reallocate the video surface as an YV12 surface.

a first stab against the note caption ownership mess

24 February 10:24 - LibreOffice - Eike Rathke

This should not change any existing behavior, but may help tracking down what happens where and when.

Update V8 to version 5.8.277.

24 February 10:18 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

llvmpipe: enable clear_texture with util_clear_texture

24 February 09:40 - Mesa - Lars Hamre

Passes all corresponding piglit tests.

gl_context_glx: Create a highest version core profile context

24 February 09:17 - Chromium - cwallez

Previously the code was hitting a weirdness of glXCreateConfigAttrib where a compatilibility context was created even if the core profile bit was set.


24 February 09:11 - Chromium - pastarmovj

It maps a directory structure similar to DIR_USER_DATA rooted at the roaming profile folder on Windows.

add hwp fuzzer

24 February 09:04 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: I07fe351a182328f9ef98cb9866529637a6688c64 Reviewed-on:

Update V8 to version 5.8.276.

24 February 08:17 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

sw: re-add handling of Center footnote alignment

24 February 08:08 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

app: add src-format and dest-format properties to gimp:profile-transform

24 February 06:55 - GIMP - Michael Natterer

Need to provide the pixels in a format that matches the profile, simply using "RGBA float" here was a brain bug of mine.

Update V8 to version 5.8.273.

24 February 06:35 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Network traffic annotation added to chrome::BitmapFetcher

24 February 05:57 - Chromium - rhalavati

Network traffic annotation is added to network request(s) of chrome::BitmapFetcher and all functions that are sourcing calls to it.

Update owners of startup histograms for desktop

24 February 05:50 - Chromium - pasko

Also remove a few unowned SessionRestore.* histograms.

Web MIDI: device open/close for dynamic manager instantiation on Windows

24 February 05:13 - Chromium - toyoshim

This patch implements functionalities to open and close devices.

macOS: Shim all malloc zones

24 February 05:04 - Chromium - erikchen

All information about malloc zones [and their original functions] is stored in MallocZoneAggregator.

Part 1 Of Renaming FrameLoaderClient to LocalFrameClient

24 February 04:47 - Chromium - slangley

*** This patch is a rename-only change; no logic changes.

Notebookbar: Better resize support

24 February 03:58 - LibreOffice - Szymon Kłos

Change-Id: I0bb5a5600be60a68e53132f2c3c42f79c958b2b3 Reviewed-on:

MAD compact instrcution could not support "absolute" attribute

24 February 02:01 - Beignet - Yan Wang

If absolute of SRCs of MAD instruction is 1, doens't use compact instruction.

Enable blink_perf.event on Windows

24 February 01:08 - Chromium - hayato

As far as I can confirm on perf trybot, the issue no longer happens.

Implement some follow-ups after mojofiction of Push-messaging

24 February 00:40 - Chromium - ke.he

- In push_messaging_manager.cc, store |callback| in |data| (RegisterData) instead of passing it everywhere needs it.- Naming the functions like DidFoo as opposed to FooCallback in Push_Provider{.h|.cc}.

Allow embedder to use custom cryptography in Autofill table

24 February 00:15 - Chromium - devarajn

As of today, Autofill table makes static calls to OSCrypt component for cyptography needs and does not allow embedders to inject custom crytography.


23 February 23:10 - Chromium - thomasanderson

Release builds with the Jessie sysroot currently have a dependency on libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.41.1).

Add constructors for the USB transfer result types

23 February 23:05 - Chromium - reillyg

These have been recently added to the specification to complete the set of constructors for all the defined interfaces (other than USBDevice).

Updating trunk VERSION from 3022.0 to 3023.0

23 February 23:01 - Chromium - chrome-cron

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#452746}

Implemented WebStateObserver::DidFinishNavigation(NavigationContext*).

23 February 22:13 - Chromium - eugenebut

This callback aims to replace the following methods: WebStateObserver::UrlHashChanged() WebStateObserver::HistoryStateChanged()-[CRWWebDelegate webDidUpdateHistoryStateWithPageURL:]-[CRWWebDelegate webWillFinishHistoryNavigationFromEntry:]-[CRWWebDelegate webDidStartLoadingURL:shouldUpdateHistory:] These callbacks will be replaced in a separate CL.

Merge tag 'drm-for-v4.11-less-shouty' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~airlied/linux

23 February 21:58 - Linux Kernel - Linus Torvalds

payloads/external/GRUB2: Add "git revision" to the GRUB2 version menu

23 February 21:50 - Coreboot - Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli

This change is based on the following commit: 3aa91dc payloads/seabios: Add "git revision" to the SeaBIOS version menu

cc: Add scheduler support for invalidating content on impl thread

23 February 21:26 - Chromium - khushalsagar

The change adds an API to the scheduler for requesting invalidations to content on the impl thread.

Stop SpellChecker from adding marker when checking range is modified

23 February 21:23 - Chromium - xiaochengh

This patch makes SpellChecker not to add spelling markers if the checking range has been modified.

exo: Add --transparent-background to wayland client

23 February 20:26 - Chromium - dcastagna

We want to support translucent HW overlays.

Add "Linux Clang analysis" to FYI bots

23 February 19:49 - Chromium - kmarshall

R=dpranke@chromium.org BUG=689095

radv: add sample mask output support

23 February 19:31 - Mesa - Dave Airlie

This adds support to write to sample mask from the fragment shader.

radv: fetch sample index via fmask for image coord as well

23 February 19:31 - Mesa - Dave Airlie

This follows the txf_ms code, I can't figure out why amdgpu-pro doesn't do this in their shaders, they must know someone we don't.

[DevTools] Support multiple targets in heap profiler (properly).

23 February 19:29 - Chromium - dgozman

- Do not create HeapProfilerModel unless it's used.

SchedulerWorker Refcounting for Destruction in Production

23 February 19:21 - Chromium - robliao

The upcoming work for one dedicated thread per SingleTaskTaskRunner requires the ability to clean up SchedulerWorker.

Add MJPEG support to FakeVideoCaptureDevice

23 February 18:39 - Chromium - chfremer

Part of a series of CLs for FakeVideoCaptureDevice with the goal of allowing us to expand our test coverage of the video capture pipeline. This CL is part of the Mojo Video Capture work.

Fix WebAudio support for discrete channel layouts

23 February 18:34 - Chromium - dalecurtis

The code would fire DCHECKs in debug builds since it was not properly handling creation requests for discrete layouts > 8 channels.

Add bucket count to linked_hash_map; use in SpdyHeaderBlock

23 February 18:14 - Chromium - bnc

This lands parts of server side changes 112518607 and 112960768 by birenroy.

Increment Yahoo Mail thread workaround to 1315850.

23 February 17:54 - Chromium - aelias

Crash reports from the field indicate the previous version check was one off.

[CrOS Tether] Create MessageTransferOperation, an abstract class used to send/receive tether protocol message

23 February 17:51 - Chromium - khorimoto

Follow-up CLs will utilize this class by creating derived classes for a particular message exchange (e.g., a sending TetherAvailabilityRequests and waiting for TetherAvailabilityResponses).

Add Windows-specific WPR archives for YouTube system health stories

23 February 17:43 - Chromium - charliea

Even with a platform-specific recording, this only kind of works.

swr: fix index buffers with non-zero indices

23 February 17:36 - Mesa - George Kyriazis

Fix issue with index buffers that do not contain a 0 index.

swr: add fetch shader cache

23 February 17:36 - Mesa - George Kyriazis

For now, the cache key is all of FETCH_COMPILE_STATE.

lavfi: Add VAAPI deinterlacer

23 February 17:08 - FFmpeg - Mark Thompson

Add a histogram to track how many server configs has been persisted into disk on Android

23 February 17:04 - Chromium - zhongyi

Add a histogram to track how many server configs has been persisted into disk on Android.

[Extensions Bindings] Add support for custom property types

23 February 16:36 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin

There are a few custom types that are used as properties on extension bindings.

MD Settings: add empty list message for spell-check edit page

23 February 16:19 - Chromium - scottchen

Also move the word list to a template dom-if, and fix auto-scroll when new words are added.

[DirectoryOwnership] Add COMPONENT into OWNERS files

23 February 16:12 - Chromium - ymzhang

We are adding COMPONENT information into OWNERS file (Platform>NACL related). Proposal to add TEAM/COMPONENT information into OWNERS files

Disable all GPU on Linux Mesa driver 10.1.3 or older

23 February 15:56 - Chromium - vmiura

This driver is reported to render incorrectly and crash.

Improve nearby URL count metrics for Physical Web omnibox provider

23 February 15:53 - Chromium - mattreynolds

The nearby_url_count_ field was not initialized correctly in the query suggest case.

ShowThreadNames tool to get thread ID/name pairs in a Chrome process

23 February 15:48 - Chromium - chengx

This tool is designed to test the usage of the SetThreadDescription WinAPI in Chrome.

Roll WebRTC 16791:16807 (12 commits)

23 February 15:44 - Chromium - tommi


Reland r451767: [Android NTP] Allow overlapping snap scroll regions

23 February 15:30 - Chromium - bauerb

Previously the code assumed that snap scroll regions would never overlap.

Add Widevine signature files into Mac build

23 February 15:19 - Chromium - jrummell

On official Mac builds Widevine is included in the app.

MD Settings: adjust focus-outline behaviors on search engine iron-list

23 February 15:13 - Chromium - scottchen

Goal: Based on offline discussion with dbeam@, the result should be: - mouse clicking anywhere should behave as user were clicking on dead-space.- pressing tab after clicking on an item would go into it's child icon-button (because on web pages when you click somewhere and clicks tab it would go to the "next" focusable thing, next as in right-and-down in pixels)- clicking on an item would not show focus-line, but when you press up and down it'll then show the focus-line on the new items you're focusing. - clicking on a row thats focused by keyboard should not unfocus the row. Caveat #1: We can't simply just add .no-outline to everything the mouse clicks - in case the user clicks on something that was focused by keyboard, the click would appear to unexpectedly unfocus the item. Caveat #2: We can't just do "document.activeElement == this" (as we did for action-links), because document.activeElement only track interactive elements (inputs, buttons etc.) and not divs etc. Explaining the solution in the CL: When user uses keyboard to traverse through the iron-list, key-down is fired on the previously focused item, then key-up is fired on the newly focused item.

anv: Enable MSAA compression

23 February 15:10 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

This just enables basic MSAA compression (no fast clears) for all multisampled surfaces.

Avoid negative content box sizes

23 February 14:19 - Chromium - mstensho

Negative values had two possible causes: 1.

Remove now-dead code for !HAVE_INT64_TIMESTAMP.

23 February 14:04 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

This is a basically mechanical removal of #ifdef HAVE_INT64_TIMESTAMP tests and the negative-case controlled code.

[Home] Add onOffsetChanged to BottomSheetObserver

23 February 14:02 - Chromium - mdjones

This change adds onOffsetChanged to the BottomSheetObserver.

Revert "xwayland: bump wayland-protocols version to 1.7"

23 February 14:02 - X.Org Server - Olivier Fourdan

This reverts commit 371ff0c969a38a0013688391bbd7375bc7b6f933.

Enable the xpc notifications compile flag

23 February 13:55 - Chromium - miguelg

Once this change sticks a follow up cl will remove the compile flag and associated ifdefs altogether.

Port Android palette API for deriving a prominent color from an image

23 February 13:50 - Chromium - estade

This code is not yet used but will soon be applied to coloration of the CrOS shelf and ripples based on the wallpaper.

[Android History] Add null when updating CBD button visibility

23 February 13:34 - Chromium - twellington

The clear browsing data button isn't visible when there is no browsing history.

xwayland: use _XWAYLAND_ALLOW_COMMITS property

23 February 13:30 - X.Org Server - Pekka Paalanen

The X11 window manager (XWM) of a Wayland compositor can use the _XWAYLAND_ALLOW_COMMITS property to control when Xwayland sends wl_surface.commit requests.

dix: Add a callback chain for window property state change

23 February 13:30 - X.Org Server - Adam Jackson

This will be used by in-server features that need to react to property changes.

Add a multiplier in tracking certificate memory allocation size

23 February 13:22 - Chromium - xunjieli

net/ tracks the serialized sizes of a certificates, but the in-memory representation is much less efficient than that.

Auto-rebaseline for r452517

23 February 12:57 - Chromium - Rebaseline Bot


google/gru: Tuning USB 2.0 PHY0 and PHY1 squelch detection threshold

23 February 12:51 - Coreboot - William wu

According to USB 2.0 Spec Table 7-7, the High-speed squelch detection threshold Min 100mV and Max 150mV, and we set USB 2.0 PHY0 and PHY1 squelch detection threshold to 150mV by default, so if the amplitude of differential voltage envelope is < 150 mV, the USB 2.0 PHYs envelope detector will indicate it as squelch.

Track SimpleCache memory usage in net/ MemoryDumpProvider

23 February 12:44 - Chromium - xunjieli

This CL includes SimpleCache in net/ MemoryDumpProvider.

mb/google/poppy: Enable support for DPTF

23 February 12:42 - Coreboot - Sumeet Pawnikar

This patch adds the DPTF settings specfic to the mainboard and enables the CPU and other thermal sensors as participant device for poppy.

Add workaround for GPU detection inside a Citrix remote session

23 February 12:37 - Chromium - georgesak

This CL extends the workaround to Citrix sessions (previously only pure RDP sessions were considered).

lynxpoint bd82x6x: Enable PCI-to-PCI bridge

23 February 12:36 - Coreboot - Kyösti Mälkki

Once the PCI command register is written the bridge forwards future IO and memory regions, as programmed in the respective base and limit registers, to the secondary PCI bus.

Add haptic feedback for swipe-to-go-back

23 February 12:21 - Chromium - pinkerton

For supporting devices (iPhone7), provide haptic feedback when the user successfully triggers the back/forward action.

docgen: initial support for inherited events listing

23 February 12:17 - EFL Core Libraries - Daniel Kolesa

📰 Ensure NTP Tiles keep tracking recent data

23 February 12:09 - Chromium - dgn

Makes TileViews stop relying on the Tile they have been initialised with as data source.

google/oak: Add initial support for Rowan

23 February 11:41 - Coreboot - Yidi Lin

Update GPIO controls and mainboard configurations for Rowan.

De-support floating-point timestamps

23 February 11:40 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

Per discussion, the time has come to do this.

Remove Page dependency from NetworkStateNotifier

23 February 11:12 - Chromium - kinuko

OnLine event notification should be done via observer model so that we can:- eliminate Page dependency from NetworkStateNotifier- make it easy to support online event in Workers

Update Crashpad to 4a2043ea65e2641ef1a921801c0aaa15ada02fc7

23 February 11:11 - Chromium - mark

1f82c6cc8a35 Ensure Content-Length does not appear with Transfer-Encoding c1b305244aba Update mig.py to take an explicit sdk argument d98a4de718d9 win: support native x86 CONTEXT structures with x87 but no SSE context 0c322ecc3f71 Use zlib to gzip-compress uploads 546e64cd0b1b Centrally define CPUContextX86::Fsave and fsave↔︎fxsave conversions 4c6f6e52e2d7 Remove vestigial support for in-Chromium GYP build f34ed66b93a0 metrics: Record handler lifetime milestone events c1af20f1aa8a metrics: Consistently comment about enums used for metrics 9c8407123796 Fix warning when building with clang on Windows 6da9708e7cc9 doc: Fix Doxygen errors 4a2043ea65e2 Fix Chromium build with DPLOG_IF

docgen: add "Others" section with all remaining callables to class pages

23 February 11:09 - EFL Core Libraries - Daniel Kolesa

[Reading List iOS] Store distillation date and size

23 February 11:07 - Chromium - olivierrobin

Store distillation size and date in DB.

Enable the tracingMetric on the system_health.common benchmarks

23 February 11:06 - Chromium - charliea

This will allow us to monitor the performance of importing traces.

soc/intel/skylake: Enable Systemagent IMGU

23 February 11:05 - Coreboot - Rizwan Qureshi

Camera and Imaging device should be enabled for camera usecase, FSP provides a UPD to enable/disable the SA IMGU (Imaging Unit) expose the same as a config option in devicetree.cb

mt8173: Enable Kconfig options for ChromeOS

23 February 11:04 - Coreboot - Paul Kocialkowski

This enables some required Kconfig options when CONFIG_CHROMEOS is set.

libpayload: Add oak config

23 February 11:03 - Coreboot - Paul Kocialkowski

This adds an oak libpayload config, that should fit all oak-based devices such as elm.

Add gambard as owner of ios/chrome/browser/ui/reading_list

23 February 10:52 - Chromium - olivierrobin

gambard developped mose code in it.

Add WebStateListOrderController to control WebState insertion

23 February 10:41 - Chromium - sdefresne

Introduce WebStateListOrderController to control the position of insertion of WebState and refactor TabModel to use (using new API of WebStateList).

cc: Add flag to disable future mask tiling

23 February 10:28 - Chromium - sunxd

This is to prevent using new mask tiling code path, the whole change will be discarded once mask tiling is correct.

Provide a WebContents API to discover the playback of a fullscreen video

23 February 09:57 - Chromium - mlamouri

That means a video is playing fullscreen, either directly (native controls) or indirectly (custom controls).

[Chrome iOS] Add common app group to entitlements

23 February 09:53 - Chromium - olivierrobin

This app-group is used to communicate with other applications in the same app-group.

Mark elements as viewport constrained when they become sticky positioned

23 February 07:05 - Chromium - smcgruer

Previously changing an element from sticky to non-sticky would remove it from the set of viewport constrained elements, but the inverse was not honored.

Implement permission embargo suppression metrics

23 February 07:04 - Chromium - dominickn

This CL adds a new UMA histogram to record whether or not permission prompts are suppressed due to embargo.

[remote suggestions] Add a new histogram for recording the time since a snippet was fetched

23 February 06:50 - Chromium - markusheintz

This is the missing piece to

Document how to build Chromium for devices

23 February 06:24 - Chromium - sdefresne

Document how to build Chromium for devices, how to configure the Code Signing Identity to use and which Mobile Provisioning Profile are required to build Chromium and the tests for device.

headless: add eseckler@ back to owners

23 February 06:06 - Chromium - eseckler

After a bad merge removed me in

Add iOS VoiceOver doc

23 February 05:59 - Chromium - lpromero

TBR=michaeldo@chromium.org,cmasso@chromium.org BUG=none

xmlsecurity: clean up leftover signaturetest

23 February 05:52 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Which is not even built since gbuildification.

Prerender: add none histogram prefix

23 February 04:47 - Chromium - mattcary

Prerender.PrefetchTTFCP gets a none origin when no prefetching occurs.

gpg4libre: We want to use C++ library instead

23 February 04:23 - LibreOffice - Katarina Behrens

in particular, the one from gpgme project.

Add opener-opened relationship between WebState in WebStateList

23 February 04:14 - Chromium - sdefresne

In preparation of refactoring TabModelOrderController to be shared with the new architecture, move the opener-opened relationship to WebStateList. The relationship can be implemented without any reference to tabId, openerId or openerNavigationIndex.

Stray "LIBS=$save_LIBS"

23 February 03:50 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

Use InstallDetails in installer_util

23 February 03:12 - Chromium - grt

This change removes the following functionality in install_util that is now performed once during startup in chrome_elf or setup.exe: - ChannelInfo::GetChannelName- InstallUtil::IsPerUserInstall- InstallUtil::IsMultiInstall- InstallUtil::IsChromeSxSProcess The latter three functions now simply return the values held in the process's InstallDetails instance, which is valid in both chrome and setup.

Compile several targets in Gallery in gyp v2.

23 February 03:08 - Chromium - oka

Renamed ImageUtil.metrics to metrics so that metrics users don't necessarily depend on ImageUtil.

Add mgiuca and sammc to webshare OWNERS in Blink

23 February 03:03 - Chromium - mgiuca


Add startService method to ChromeApplication

23 February 01:33 - Chromium - dtrainor

Add a method to start a service in ChromeApplication.

coverity: Add modeling file for Coverity scan

23 February 01:11 - Samba - Andreas Schneider

The modeling file has currently all macros for cmocka that Coverity doesn't detect false positives.

Revert of Update Crashpad to 6da9708e7cc93e2e1772439d51646e47583cb225

23 February 00:41 - Chromium - tzik

Reason for revert: This CL causes a mac compile failure:

Update bluetoothPrivate whitelist for Kiosk Nightly

23 February 00:27 - Chromium - skylarc

Replace incorrect SHA introduced in

color: Remove implied color space

23 February 00:24 - Chromium - ccameron

This is no longer a needed concept, now that we will be using Skia's color conversion at rasterization time.

Add MiddleClickAutoscroll cursors back on X11

23 February 00:18 - Chromium - thomasanderson

Middle click autoscroll is usable on Linux with--enable-blink-features=MiddleClickAutoscroll, so add the appropriate X11 cursors.

Avoid two targeting phases in aura client-lib and EventProcessor

22 February 23:56 - Chromium - riajiang

Update Crashpad to 6da9708e7cc93e2e1772439d51646e47583cb225

22 February 23:08 - Chromium - mark

1f82c6cc8a35 Ensure Content-Length does not appear with Transfer-Encoding c1b305244aba Update mig.py to take an explicit sdk argument d98a4de718d9 win: support native x86 CONTEXT structures with x87 but no SSE context 0c322ecc3f71 Use zlib to gzip-compress uploads 546e64cd0b1b Centrally define CPUContextX86::Fsave and fsave↔︎fxsave conversions 4c6f6e52e2d7 Remove vestigial support for in-Chromium GYP build f34ed66b93a0 metrics: Record handler lifetime milestone events c1af20f1aa8a metrics: Consistently comment about enums used for metrics 9c8407123796 Fix warning when building with clang on Windows 6da9708e7cc9 doc: Fix Doxygen errors

Add javatests for the WebView SafeBrowsing feature

22 February 23:03 - Chromium - ntfschr

This adds javatests for the SafeBrowsing feature in webview.

Updating trunk VERSION from 3021.0 to 3022.0

22 February 23:01 - Chromium - chrome-cron

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#452384}

[DevTools] Full-size screenshots in device mode

22 February 23:00 - Chromium - dgozman

Based on the patch

mus: Makes ~WindowTreeClient reset context factory

22 February 22:53 - Chromium - sky

If WindowTreeClient sets the context_factory, then in it's destructor it should reset the ContextFactory.

Add sequence number to undo steps

22 February 22:38 - Chromium - xiaochengh

This patch adds a monotonically increasing sequence number to each undo steps, to better identify the undo steps according to the execution history.

Add DCHECK to make sure Profile instance is same

22 February 22:06 - Chromium - hidehiko

The Profile instance owned by ArcAppListPrefs and ArcSessionManager::profile() must be same.

Refresh Public Suffic List to the latest version

22 February 22:03 - Chromium - rsleevi

This updates from revision 48ff55eab9b82ebc88762eed45277448d1f4f79 (2016-11-29)

[Download Home] Displaying offline page bundle per day

22 February 21:57 - Chromium - shaktisahu

This CL adds suggested offline pages to the DownloadHistoryAdapter.

Add thomasanderson as an OWNER of //src/build/linux

22 February 21:53 - Chromium - thomasanderson


[Chromecast] Add an alarm manager for firing events on wall clock time

22 February 20:41 - Chromium - ryanchung

PostDelayedTask is subject to time changes, clock drifts, and other factors.

[LayoutNG] Introduce block child iterator

22 February 20:39 - Chromium - ikilpatrick

This will be used for iterating of children while resuming layout from a given break token.

Clean up Lo-Fi context menu items

22 February 20:34 - Chromium - megjablon

The 'Load images' context menu item is no longer necessary due to the Previews infobar.

FrameGenerator should not be created until an AcceleratedWidget is available

22 February 20:30 - Chromium - samans

FrameGenerator does not have anything useful to do until an AcceleratedWidget is provided.

media: Add DecoderConfigType in DecoderStreamTraits

22 February 20:19 - Chromium - xhwang

Add a function in DecoderStreamTraits to return the corresponding DecoderConfigType, so that we can pass in the config to Decoder::Initialize() instead of the whole stream.

IndexedDB: Optimize range deletion operations (e.g. clearing a store)

22 February 20:18 - Chromium - jsbell

Range deletion in leveldb involves walking over the range to identify keys to remove.

Improve Mojo EDK documentation

22 February 20:05 - Chromium - rockot

Adds detailed documentation to the EDK including initialization and multiprocess setup, with sample code.

[InputEvent] Make typing and IME related input types non-cancelable

22 February 19:25 - Chromium - chongz

Please refer to bug for spec and detailed proposal.

Gather stability prefs into managing objects

22 February 19:22 - Chromium - holte

This collects code reading and writing stability prefs from MetricsLog and MetricsService into StabilityMetricsProvider and EnvironmentRecorder objects.

Move media permission checking logic for ChromeOS login pages

22 February 19:20 - Chromium - raymes

Currently the permission checking logic for ChromeOS login pages (which is used to determine whether to allow webcam access for SAML login pages) is contained in WebUILoginView and not with the other permission-checking logic for media permissions.

[Android] Add switch to disable native event batching

22 February 19:17 - Chromium - chongz

This CL is the preparation for enabling compositor event queue.

grit: add support for inlining img srcset

22 February 19:16 - Chromium - alemate

This CL adds support for inlining srcset attributes of img tags.

Split non-//content parts from ContentAutofillDriverFactory

22 February 18:08 - Chromium - vabr

This CL extracts the logic for managing AutofillDriver instances from ContentAutofillDriverFactory and puts it in a separate AutofillDriverFactory class.

Route D3D VSync signal to Compositor

22 February 17:51 - Chromium - stanisc

This change introduces a new type of BeginFrameSource that listens to accurate VSync signals generated on GPU side and delivered via existing GpuCommandBufferMsg_UpdateVSyncParameters IPC. This provides noticeably less VSync timing variation and ~3x less latency than the existing delay based mechanism. List of included changes: 1) GpuVSyncBeginFrameSource - new type of BFS derives from from ExternalBeginFrameSource and triggers OnBeginFrame promptly when it receives an external signal.

[Android] Add options in the context menu of CCT to open in a new Chrome tab or incoginto tab

22 February 17:48 - Chromium - ltian

Add two options ("Open in new Chrome tab" and "Open in Chrome incognito tab") in the context menu of CCT to open the link in a new Chrome tab or a new Chrome incognito tab.

intel/minnow3: Implement and configure GPIO tables

22 February 17:22 - Coreboot - Brenton Dong

Copy GPIO table implementation from the google/reef board except with board variant features removed.

mainboard/intel: Add MinnowBoard 3

22 February 17:21 - Coreboot - Brenton Dong

This commit adds the initial scaffolding for the MinnowBoard 3 with Apollo Lake silicon. This mainboard is based on Intel's Leafhill CRB with Apollo Lake silicon.

st/mesa: implement a tgsi on-disk shader cache

22 February 17:20 - Mesa - Timothy Arceri

Implements a tgsi cache for the OpenGL state tracker.

r600/radeonsi: enable glsl/tgsi on-disk cache

22 February 17:20 - Mesa - Timothy Arceri

For gpu generations that use LLVM we create a timestamp string containing both the LLVM and Mesa build times, otherwise we just use the Mesa build time.

mash: make top-levels hidden by default

22 February 17:09 - Chromium - sky

Mash was creating top-levels initially visible.

avcodec: add ScreenPressor decoder

22 February 16:57 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

js: Update examples, including window api changes

22 February 16:56 - EFL Core Libraries - Lauro Moura

Window now inherits from Container instead of Pack.

app: make GimpDrawableFilter's color management more correct

22 February 16:31 - GIMP - Michael Natterer

Need to convert both from the drawable's profile to the filter's input format and from the filter's output format back to the drawable's profile.

Reland of Linux UI: Switch to the Gtk3 theme (patchset #1 id:1 of https://codereview.chromium.org/2711753004/ )

22 February 16:26 - Chromium - thomasanderson

Reason for revert: The -Wsentinel error should be fixed by

Broadwell/Sata: Add support for setting IOBP registers for Ports 2 and 3.

22 February 16:24 - Coreboot - Youness Alaoui

The Broadwell SATA controller supports IOBP registers on ports 0 and 1 but Browell supports up to 4 ports, so we need to support setting IOBP for ports 2 and 3 as well.

timeline: Allow undoing a paste operation

22 February 16:20 - PiTiVi - Stefan Popa

When pasting a copied clip, the undo button behaves as if the paste operation didn't take place (i.e.

[ios clean ntp] Initial NTP coordinator and view controller

22 February 16:09 - Chromium - justincohen

Land initial framework to show a non-functional NTP.

Add managed device signal (managed or not managed). It'll be used by the Get Help app

22 February 15:55 - Chromium - wzang

Use fake install attributes for browser tests.

avcodec/qdrw: add support for 0x0001 code

22 February 15:24 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

Fixes decoding of files which sets frame width/height this way.

Pass camera facing info to audio client

22 February 15:14 - Chromium - shenghao

Pass camera facing info when camera is started to audio client so that active audio device can be switched according to camera facing.

Update max Token Binding version to 13

22 February 15:10 - Chromium - nharper

Drafts 10 thru 13 of Token Binding are all wire compatible, so we can advertise support for draft 13 in Chrome without breaking support with existing servers (or any other code changes than the max version).

Route IME Events to Focused RenderWidgets (Android)

22 February 15:07 - Chromium - ekaramad

ImeAdapterAndroid routes its IME events to the either RenderFrame or RenderWidget.

Check all supported_profiles in GpuVideoDecoder::IsProfileSupported().

22 February 15:00 - Chromium - sanfin

Each VP9 profile has two versions added to the list of supported profiles in AndroidVideoDecodeAccelerator.

Allow using goma on Windows with symbol_level == 2

22 February 14:57 - Chromium - brucedawson

Relanding with fix for amd64-generic Trusty build failure.

[wasm] bump version of binary incrementer.wasm to 0x1

22 February 14:44 - Chromium - mtrofin

This is in preparation of v8 supporting that version only.

i965: Implement INTEL_performance_query backend

22 February 14:16 - Mesa - Robert Bragg

This adds a bare-bones backend for the INTEL_performance_query extension that exposes pipeline statistics.

Add OWNERS for Physical Web strings and move strings

22 February 14:15 - Chromium - ranj

We are changing from ListUrlsActivity to WebUI.

Remove last MD reference from TrayPopupUtils

22 February 13:52 - Chromium - estade

Remove NonMdSlider.

kernel - Add atomic ops features

22 February 13:50 - DragonFlyBSD - Matthew Dillon

- Add <atomicop>_xacquire() and <atomicop>_xrelease() to a bunch of atomic ops.

Refactor scroll chaining to use ScrollNodes without going through LayerImpl

22 February 13:44 - Chromium - pdr

Before this patch, ScrollState::DistributeToScrollChainDescendant kept a list of const ScrollNode pointers and used the node's owning_layer_id to lookup a non-const version of the ScrollNode through LayerImpl's DistributeScroll.

rebaseline-cl: Only support local branches, drop Rietveld support

22 February 13:31 - Chromium - qyearsley

This continues on from

[Payments] Add timeout to the address_normalizer

22 February 13:24 - Chromium - sebsg

Adds a timeout parameter to the AddressNormalizer so that the requester will always receive a response before that time limit (be it a successful normalization or not).

Add metric for tracking media playback utilization

22 February 13:20 - Chromium - dalecurtis

I.e., how many players completed preload but never saw playback.

chromeos: Makes AshTestBase/Helper target mash when appropriate

22 February 12:46 - Chromium - sky

And gets a single test working in both mash and ash.

Remove Media.UnderflowCount, add Media.UnderflowDuration for MSE.

22 February 12:42 - Chromium - dalecurtis

The counts can be inferred by the sample volume for UnderflowDuration, so there's no need to track both.

devtools: Make it possible to override the navigation referrer

22 February 12:36 - Chromium - skyostil

This patch adds an optional 'referrer' parameter to the Page.navigate command, letting the client override the referrer for a navigation.

Adding domain and facade supporting classes for remoting iOS app

22 February 12:19 - Chromium - nicholss

Adding domain type objects that come from other services and are stored locally to keep state for the app to display and act on.

Add note to ui/gfx/vector_icons/BUILD to reduce developer confusion as we transition to different vector icon targets

22 February 12:07 - Chromium - estade

Add note to ui/gfx/vector_icons/BUILD to reduce developer confusion as we transition to different vector icon targets.

[Extensions Docs] Add deprecation notices to extension.getURL, lastError

22 February 12:05 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin

extension.getURL() and extension.lastError have been deprecated for...

Update V8 to version 5.8.272.

22 February 11:50 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

[Chromecast] Add CastWebView

22 February 11:46 - Chromium - derekjchow

CastWebView is a simplified interface for loading and displaying a WebContents.

Make sure that the pressure is always 0 for pointerup events

22 February 11:39 - Chromium - lanwei

The pressure value is correct on Mac and Windows.

Add COMPONENT to components/cronet/ OWNERS file

22 February 11:29 - Chromium - mgersh


qualcomm/ipq40xx: add vector operation method to SPI

22 February 11:03 - Coreboot - Yuji Sasaki

Adding spi_xfer_two_vectors as .xfer_vector for ipq40xx spi_ctrlr.

Update V8 to version 5.8.270.

22 February 10:06 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Provide startup resource numbering files for Mac and Windows

22 February 09:44 - Chromium - asvitkine

The resources in these files will be assigned the specified ids so that they're packed in the order that they're expected to be loaded on startup. This should reduce page faults incurred on start up and improve startup performance - especially on systems where I/O is slow. This uses the mechanism added in the following CL to do the renumbering:

Adding TabRestore PLM UMA

22 February 09:39 - Chromium - ryansturm

Adds bytes used UMA for TabRestores.

Generalize abort tracking to page end state tracking

22 February 09:21 - Chromium - bmcquade

page_load_metrics abort tracking combines tracking of some page 'end state' information, such as navigating away from the page or closing the tab, as well as some intermediate page state information, such as backgrounding the page.

Add metrics for tracking subresource filter activation suppression

22 February 08:58 - Chromium - bmcquade

This change adds an API on ContentSubresourceFilterDriverFactory that the SubresourceFilterMetricsObserver queries to determine whether and why activation was suppressed for the currently committed page load.

Convert push_messaging IPC msgs into mojo interfaces

22 February 07:37 - Chromium - ke.he

In this patch, We added a push_messaging.mojom file and converted the old push messaging IPC msgs into mojo interfaces.

Updated core Project: help 1c22474b8b970ccd638b274c3e2b83483e72f780

22 February 07:21 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Updated core Project: help 1c22474b8b970ccd638b274c3e2b83483e72f780

[LayoutNG] Implement line-height

22 February 06:57 - Chromium - kojii

This patch implements line-height for LayoutNG inline.

Add gn dependency on rtc_task_runner

22 February 06:53 - Chromium - nisse

This is step 2 in the process of moving the task_runner abstraction from webrtc to Chrome.

[cc] Track observer status in ExternalBeginFrameSource

22 February 06:25 - Chromium - eseckler

This introduces a BeginFrameObserverAckTracker, which tracks which active observers have finished the current BeginFrame, and hooks it up to ExternalBeginFrameSource.

Support WebSocket in WebRequest API.

22 February 06:11 - Chromium - pkalinnikov

This CL makes WebRequest API support intercepting the WebSocket handshake request.

Add --with-package-version option, mainly for non-TDF product macOS builds

22 February 05:59 - LibreOffice - Tor Lillqvist

For macOS, the "package" version is included in files generated by the build (the Info.

Update V8 to version 5.8.269.

22 February 05:54 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

idl_parser: Add support for the record WebIDL type

22 February 05:12 - Chromium - raphael.kubo.da.costa

This CL is the first step towards fully supporting it in the bindings code.

Expand FrameSeleciton::rootEditableElement() to increase chances of hoisting update layout

22 February 05:08 - Chromium - yosin

This patch expands |FrameSeleciton::rootEditableElement()| to increase chance of hoisting update layout.

Support display: contents for elements, first-line and first-letter pseudos

22 February 05:07 - Chromium - ecobos

This CL implements a basic version of display: contents that doesn't take into account pseudo-elements of display: contents elements. As part of implementing it, all the non-layout-object styles have been unified.

[SPv2] Add SVG mask support

22 February 04:30 - Chromium - trchen

This is a complement of

Allow toggling TearFree at runtime via output property

22 February 04:27 - xf86-video-ati - Michel Dänzer

Option "TearFree" now sets the default value of the output property.

gallium/vl: Add sampler views to video filter fragment shaders

22 February 04:17 - Mesa - Thomas Hellstrom

Needed for at least the svga driver.

MD History: Remove list-container and list-behavior

22 February 03:58 - Chromium - tsergeant

These were abstractions to help with switching between the main history list and the grouped mode view.

tdf#103323 Single Toolbar without experimental mode

22 February 03:54 - LibreOffice - Szymon Kłos

Only Notebookbar mode should be marked as experimental.

Add data use measurement to DoodleFetcher

22 February 03:46 - Chromium - fhorschig

In order to track the doodle fetches, introduce a new measurement.

Mus Demo: Demonstrate external window mode

22 February 03:12 - Chromium - fwang

Previously the only user of mus was ChromeOS, and so Chrome currently creates all toplevel windows as children of an ash-managed root window.

Make SelecitonModifier class not to use VisibleSelection::setBase() and setExtent()

22 February 03:11 - Chromium - yosin

This patch makes |SelecitonModifier| class not to use |Position| version of |setBase()| and |setExtent()| of |VisibleSelection| as a preparation of making |VisibleSelection| immutable for improving code health.

Reduce the requirement for saving previousLocation

22 February 02:11 - Chromium - wangxianzhu

ObjectPaintInvalidator::previousLocationInBacking() accesses a global map if location was different from visualRect.location() during the last paint invalidation. The percentage of LayoutObjects requiring to save previousLocation was about 5% before SlimmingPaintInvalidation is enabled, but increased to about 37% after. The main reason was that we always called enclosingIntRect() when computing visual rect, causing visualRect.location() was different from location if location is not at whole pixels.

Adding MHTML support into Page Load Metrics

22 February 02:08 - Chromium - ryansturm

Offline Previews metrics will not be reported currently because the MIME-type sniffing only allows text/html or application/xhtml+xml.

service worker: Add console.warn output to enable -expected.txt files

22 February 01:18 - Chromium - falken

These tests dump output via console.log in order to have different-expected.txt files for different virtual tests, but the presubmit wants to remove -expected.txt files with no assertions.

Feature policy: Add basic algorithm for supporting frame policies

22 February 00:39 - Chromium - iclelland

This allows a parsed policy from an iframe element to be used to influence the policy inherited by the framed document.

MSVC 14.0: Make it work with older SDK version

21 February 23:33 - LibreOffice - David Ostrovsky

Change-Id: I50a9e8b122250af445c2a1b3d0941d508e027318 Reviewed-on:

Updating trunk VERSION from 3020.0 to 3021.0

21 February 23:01 - Chromium - chrome-cron

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#451883}

Update V8 to version 5.8.261.

21 February 20:41 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add clean layout DCHECK to mostForwardCaretPosition()

21 February 20:30 - Chromium - yosin

This patch adds clean layout |DCHECK()| to |mostForwardCaretPosition()|, and fixes call sites calling it with dirty layout tree, to make sure we don't call it with dirty layout tree.

Add clean layout DCHECK to mostBackwardCaretPosition()

21 February 20:22 - Chromium - yosin

This patch adds clean layout |DCHECK()| to |mostBackwardCaretPosition()|, and fixes call sites calling it with dirty layout tree, to make sure we don't call it with dirty layout tree.

[Offline pages] Creating BackgroundJobScheduler, which uses JobScheduler

21 February 20:16 - Chromium - fgorski

In order to enable scheduling using JobScheduler, this patch:

[Extensions] Add crash tracking

21 February 20:12 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin

See linked bug.

NEWS: add a comment about udev's MemoryDenyWriteExecute= setting (#5414)

21 February 19:36 - systemd - Lennart Poettering

Apparently if people are adventurous enought to run Go programs in udev rules they might run into problems with MemoryDenyWriteExecute=.

i965: Add support for xfb overflow on query buffer objects

21 February 19:28 - Mesa - Rafael Antognolli

Enable getting the results of a transform feedback overflow query with a buffer object. v4:- hsw_overflow_result_to_gpr0 a public function, so it can be used by conditional render.

i965: Add support for xfb overflow query on conditional render

21 February 19:28 - Mesa - Rafael Antognolli

Enable the use of a transform feedback overflow query with glBeginConditionalRender.

southbridge/amd: Add LPC bridge acpi path for Family14 and SB800

21 February 19:03 - Coreboot - Tobias Diedrich

Adds the necessary plumbing for acpi_device_path() to find the LPC bridge on the AMD Family14 northbridge with an SB800 southbridge.

talloc: fix TALLOC_VERSION_* mismatch detection

21 February 18:14 - Samba - Stefan Metzmacher

Fix sloppy handling of corner-case errors in fd.c

21 February 17:51 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

Several places in fd.c had badly-thought-through handling of error returns from lseek() and close().

mash: Add --use-test-config for mash_browser_tests

21 February 17:14 - Chromium - sadrul

Add the test config flag, so that the window server (with x11 backend) is initialized properly (i.e.

Fix WebVR getDevices promise not resolving when VR Services are not compatible

21 February 17:10 - Chromium - amp

Adds a check for initialization before GvrDeviceProvider adds a device.

Enable display list caching for record_time_partial_invalidation

21 February 17:07 - Chromium - fmalita

We're currently disabling display list caching when running rasterize_and_record_micro:record_time_partial_invalidation, due to the negated test.

configure.ac: bump to version 1.13.0 for the official release

21 February 16:27 - Wayland - Bryce Harrington

configure.ac: bump to version 1.99.94 for the RC2 release

21 February 15:56 - Weston - Bryce Harrington

i965: Properly reset SVBI counters on ResumeTransformFeedback().

21 February 15:38 - Mesa - Kenneth Graunke

This fixes Piglit's ARB_transform_feedback2/change-objects-while-paused GLES 3.0 test.

i965: Enable ARB_transform_feedback2 on Sandybridge

21 February 15:38 - Mesa - Kenneth Graunke

The only feature over and above ES 3.0 is DrawTransformFeedback().

tgsi/scan: add basic info about tessellation OUT and IN uses

21 February 15:27 - Mesa - Marek Olšák

radeonsi: skip TESSINNER/OUTER offchip stores if TES doesn't read them

21 February 15:27 - Mesa - Marek Olšák

We were unconditionally storing these outputs, sometimes even one component at a time, but apps never read them in TES.

intel/blorp: Explicitly flush all allocated state

21 February 15:26 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

Found by inspection.

Updated core Project: help 0dbfd3f53a4cb4074ea5745fa5c7331d87c2742e

21 February 15:26 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Updated core Project: help 0dbfd3f53a4cb4074ea5745fa5c7331d87c2742e

win: Unconditionally download clang during runhooks

21 February 15:10 - Chromium - thakis

This adds an additional ~50MB download to runhooks every few weeks.

[wasm] Block compile/instantiate of large array buffers

21 February 14:07 - Chromium - mtrofin

To discourage development patterns leading to bad user experience, we block wasm compilation/instantiation through the sync APIs for modules larger than a certain size.

Implement ContentSecurityPolicy on the browser-side

21 February 13:58 - Chromium - arthursonzogni

Content Security Policy is currently parsed and checked in the renderer process inside Blink.

constraints: Make zero sized windows be placed in the correct monitor

21 February 13:51 - Mutter - Rui Matos

Wayland windows can be zero sized until clients attach a buffer, but our rectangle code doesn't deal with this case well, in particular, meta_screen_get_monitor_for_rect() might end up choosing the wrong monitor for a zero sized rectangle since meta_rectangle_contains_rect() considers a zero sized rectangle at the right or bottom edges of another rectangle (the monitor's) to be contained there.

window: Make move_to_monitor work for zero sized and offscreen windows

21 February 13:51 - Mutter - Rui Matos

Wayland windows are initially zero sized until clients commit the first buffer.

avcodec/qdrw: add support for 2bpp and 4bpp packed pallette format

21 February 13:45 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

Fix inability to open extensions option page from incognito window

21 February 13:23 - Chromium - catmullings

Fixed the case wherein an extensions option page fails to open from an incognito window when no regular (non-OTR) windows are present.

Add IP_RECVFRAGSIZE from Linux 4.10.

21 February 13:18 - glibc - Joseph Myers

Linux 4.10 adds a new IP_RECVFRAGSIZE macro to include/uapi/linux/in.h.

[net] Add documentation for feature process & supported platforms

21 February 13:06 - Chromium - rsleevi

As //net is used in a variety of "Not Chrome (the Browser)" cases, add documentation to //net/docs to help enumerate the various supported projects using //net and their capabilities as it relates to feature design/support. In addition, document a bit more about how to a //net feature lives, including common design patterns that tend to trip up folks proposing features for //net.

avformat/sierravmd: Support for Shivers 2 stereo tracks

21 February 13:05 - FFmpeg - Nicolas Roy-Renaud

Update V8 to version 5.8.258.

21 February 12:53 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Updated core Project: help 358d6c4eb7e82309fb1bc1f362d5f43297cbc2ba

21 February 11:17 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Updated core Project: help 358d6c4eb7e82309fb1bc1f362d5f43297cbc2ba

Use InstallDetails in setup

21 February 10:52 - Chromium - grt

This change brings InstallDetails to the installer with the install mode chosen on the basis of a command line switch.

Add an ID to the ContentSuggestion

21 February 10:50 - Chromium - gambard

This CL adds an ID for the ContentSuggestion, allowing them to be uniquely identified.

Add GN arg to enable multidex for any build

21 February 10:45 - Chromium - estevenson

This will make local testing easier and also make adding multidex to any target a one line change.

Add t/comp/parser_run.t to MANIFEST.

21 February 10:16 - PERL - James E Keenan

To keep t/porting/test_bootstrap.

Drop support for Python 2.3

21 February 09:49 - PostgreSQL - Peter Eisentraut

There is no specific reason for this right now, but keeping support for old Python versions around indefinitely increases the maintenance burden.

Turn Popular sites on by default

21 February 09:28 - Chromium - noyau

In M56 stable Popular Sites is turned on for 10% of the users, plus 10% in a control group.

gpg4libre: Make internally built libgpgmepp available in instdir

21 February 08:31 - LibreOffice - Katarina Behrens

Change-Id: I1193c0d350e6b0d3498117ef7719e7a009173f09 Reviewed-on:

dbus-daemon(1): Describe how session and system services are found

21 February 08:26 - DBus - Simon McVittie

For Unix, this partially duplicates the D-Bus Specification, but provides more detail about the intention of each search path element.

activation: Add support for enforcing strict naming on .service files

21 February 08:23 - DBus - Simon McVittie

This is done on a per-directory basis.

Manage ServiceWorkerDispatcherHost in ServiceWorkerContextCore

21 February 08:03 - Chromium - shimazu

ServiceWorkerProviders for the service workers currently have the mesasge ordering issue between ProviderDestroyed and WorkerStopped.

idl_parser: Always use PLY from third_party

21 February 07:58 - Chromium - raphael.kubo.da.costa

Stop trying to import PLY from a system installation and preferring it over the version in third_party: doing so brings the risk of incompatibilities, especially when running the unit tests.

Update V8 to version 5.8.257.

21 February 07:11 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

avcodec/qdrw: add support for decoding rgb555

21 February 06:17 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

When building with clang-cl on Windows, build CLR code with MSVC

21 February 05:18 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

...as clang-cl doesn't support the /clr switch. - In configure.ac, capture the MSCV version (that would be used if CC hadn't been overridden to use clang-cl) into MSVC_CXX. - The logic which flags to pass into gb_CObject__command_pattern is coded into the platform-agnostic LinkTarget.mk, so it's too late to try and filter all relevant flags in com_GCC_class.mk, depending on whether a given .cxx file is a normal one built with the normal $CXX or a special /clr one built with $MSVC_CXX.

bump version number in lib/B/Op_private.pm

21 February 05:02 - PERL - David Mitchell

Kill bitrot Emscripten experiment

21 February 04:59 - LibreOffice - Khaled Hosny

Change-Id: I1cd5331157e684afb01e6555168ce646194c6ff2 Reviewed-on:

Fix check for non-empty UCRTVERSION

21 February 03:27 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

...introduced with b862cbdd345ec57c2595629ded6a3969e1e65d56 "Support MSVC 15.0", but $(filter ...,) always expands to the empty string, and this is probably what was intended.

radv: Flush in the initial preamble CS.

21 February 03:19 - Mesa - Bas Nieuwenhuizen

radv: Special case the initial preamble

21 February 03:19 - Mesa - Bas Nieuwenhuizen

For flushing we don't want to flush every third IB.

Remove wrong and broken encoding from INetMIMEMessage::SetHeaderField_Impl

21 February 02:22 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

INetMIMEEncodedWordOutputSink had been intended to encode (non-ASCII) content of a "free-form text" header field as per RFC 2047.

tdf#106116 "Previous Marker" changes selection only when needed

21 February 01:44 - LibreOffice - Takeshi Abe

This fixes a hang caused by repeated Shift+F4.

new perldelta for 5.25.11

21 February 01:12 - PERL - reneeb

Fix win-clang build

21 February 00:06 - Chromium - shinyak

In base/logging.h, __COUNTER__ is used in IMMEDIATE_CRASH.

mainboard/google/poppy: Enable Realtek 5663 support

21 February 00:04 - Coreboot - Rizwan Qureshi

Enable Realtek RT5663 codec i2c device and add required SSDT parameters.

mainboard/google/poppy: Enable Maxim MAX98927 codec

21 February 00:03 - Coreboot - Rizwan Qureshi

Enable Maxim 98927 codec i2c device and add required SSDT parameters.