svga: add new gallium formats to the format conversion table

22 January 19:58 - Mesa - Brian Paul

Fixes a static assertion which broke the build.

hwdb: Add support for Purism Librem 13 V4 keyboards

22 January 19:26 - systemd - Chris Lamb

avformat/concatdec: always re-calculate start time and duration

22 January 19:14 - FFmpeg - Marton Balint

This allows the underlying files to change their duration on subsequent avformat context opens.

s3-vfs: add glusterfs_fuse vfs module

22 January 17:37 - Samba - Günther Deschner

This module only implements the get_real_filename function by accessing a distinct extended attribute that is available over a glusterfs fuse mount.

Resolves: tdf#122241 support persona header in native gtk3 menubar

22 January 17:23 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: Ia4485ec4c342c86f40e8e0bb7e5e1af1a47bb9b9 Reviewed-on:

gallium: add SINT formats to have exact counterparts to SNORM formats

22 January 17:21 - Mesa - Marek Olšák

anv: Implement transform feedback queries

22 January 16:42 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

anv: Add pipeline cache support for xfb_info

22 January 16:42 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

anv: Implement the basic form of VK_EXT_transform_feedback

22 January 16:42 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

Bump the version to 2.4.97

22 January 16:18 - libdrm - Marek Olšák

freedreno: a2xx: NIR backend

22 January 14:45 - Mesa - Jonathan Marek

This patch replaces the a2xx TGSI compiler with a NIR compiler.

freedreno: a2xx: insert scalar MOV to allow 2 source scalar

22 January 14:45 - Mesa - Jonathan Marek

If we want to use a scalar instruction with two sources, both sources have to be in the same register.

freedreno: a2xx: add ir2 copy propagation

22 January 14:45 - Mesa - Jonathan Marek

Two cases:

freedreno: a2xx: add partial lower_scalar pass for ir2

22 January 14:45 - Mesa - Jonathan Marek

meson: make version a dependency and use it in libbasic

22 January 13:39 - systemd - Louis Taylor

This should hopefully ensure it gets generated before basic build happens.

hwdb: update

22 January 10:12 - systemd - Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek

Looks to be additions and corrections again.

config, nv: Use xorg-macros PACKAGE_VERSION_{MAJOR, MINOR, PATCHLEVEL}

22 January 02:29 - xf86-video-nouveau - Rhys Kidd

Use xorg-macros provided PACKAGE_VERSION_{MAJOR,MINOR,PATCHLEVEL} rather than rolling our own in xf86-video-nouveau.

config: Utilize util-macros 1.8 for additional man page support

22 January 02:29 - xf86-video-nouveau - Rhys Kidd

Use MAN_SUBST now supplied in XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS The value of MAN_SUBST is the same for all X.

config: Remove unrequired AC_SUBST for LIBDRM_NOUVEAU and LIBUDEV

22 January 02:29 - xf86-video-nouveau - Rhys Kidd

These macros are called by the PKG_CHECK_MODULES macro, for all

[RS6000] PR88614, output_operand: invalid %z value

22 January 02:29 - GCC - amodra

The direct cause of this PR is the fact that tls_gdld_nomark didn't handle indirect calls.

tdf#121129: custom listboxes in kde5 fpicker, first stab

21 January 23:41 - LibreOffice - Katarina Behrens


Create action triggers when partitions are detached

21 January 23:08 - PostgreSQL - Alvaro Herrera

Detaching a partition from a partitioned table that's constrained by foreign keys requires additional action triggers on the referenced side; otherwise, DELETE/UPDATE actions there fail to notice rows in the table that was partition, and so are incorrectly allowed through.

CVE-2016-10739: getaddrinfo: Fully parse IPv4 address strings [BZ #20018]

21 January 20:26 - glibc - Florian Weimer

The IPv4 address parser in the getaddrinfo function is changed so that it does not ignore trailing whitespace and all characters after it.

Sort the dependent objects before recursing in findDependentObjects().

21 January 18:48 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

Historically, the notices output by DROP CASCADE tended to come out in uncertain order, and in some cases you might get different claims about which object depends on which other one.

Add 'id' to Acknowledgments section

21 January 17:43 - PostgreSQL - Alvaro Herrera

Per note from Erik Rijkers Discussion:

Merge branch 'test-bundling' into 'master'

21 January 15:48 - DBus - Simon McVittie

Resolves: tdf#122484 replace gtk autocomplete with vcl-alike autoselect

21 January 15:32 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: I941e32a973cdd1bc79e3739b24fdf834aa52cb11 Reviewed-on:

network: unset Network::manager when loading .network file fails

21 January 14:53 - systemd - Yu Watanabe

Otherwise, LIST_REMOVE() in network_free() fails. This fixes the following assertion: systemd-networkd[2595]: Bus bus-api-network: changing state UNSET → OPENING systemd-networkd[2595]: Bus bus-api-network: changing state OPENING → AUTHENTICATING systemd-networkd[2595]: timestamp of '/etc/systemd/network' changed systemd-networkd[2595]: /etc/systemd/network/ Invalid section header '[Network]Address=' systemd-networkd[2595]: /etc/systemd/network/ Failed to parse file: Bad message systemd-networkd[2595]: Assertion '*_head == _item' failed at ../../home/watanabe/git/systemd/src/network/networkd-network.c:378, function network_free().

tdf#122689 KDE5: Fix selection clipboard

21 January 12:16 - LibreOffice - Aleksei Nikiforov

Selection clipboard now should properly get and set data from/to selection buffer and not from/to copy buffer.

oox smartart, org chart: fix position and size of connector shapes

21 January 12:11 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Finally the bugdoc rendering result is reasonable and even looks like a tree as it should.

sw: make members private in DocxSdrExport::Impl

21 January 09:02 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Which shows that m_rSdrExport was unused.

Simplify containers iterations in sc/source/filter/x*

21 January 07:04 - LibreOffice - Arkadiy Illarionov

Use range-based loop or replace with STL functions.

cleanup SwAuthEntry manual ref-counting

21 January 06:34 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

And remove the "handle" nonsense and just pass plain honest pointers to a real type around

Check for xf86CursorResetCursor()

21 January 02:09 - xf86-video-nouveau - Rhys Kidd

If it's available, xorg-server calls it on each mode configuration change.

Linux 5.0-rc3

21 January 00:14 - Linux Kernel - Linus Torvalds

Limit AA walking in IPA summary generation

20 January 20:17 - GCC - jamborm

2019-01-20 Martin Jambor PR ipa/87615 - ipa-prop.h (struct ipa_func_body_info): Replaced field aa_walked with aa_walk_budget. - cgraph.h (ipa_polymorphic_call_context::get_dynamic_type): Add aa_walk_budget_p parameter. - ipa-fnsummary.c (unmodified_parm_1): New parameter fbi.

tdf#92542 add index elements to table context menus in sw modules

20 January 15:52 - LibreOffice - andreas kainz

Change-Id: I19809e68542d5795310dcfccbaec70fa931c5147 Reviewed-on:

tdf#107792 vcl/win: do not afraid to delete stock objects

20 January 10:12 - LibreOffice - Dmitriy Shilin

Calling the DeleteObject function with a stock object does nothing [1]. 1.

Allow COPY FROM to filter data using WHERE conditions

19 January 23:22 - PostgreSQL - Tomas Vondra

Extends the COPY FROM command with a WHERE condition, which allows doing various types of filtering while importing the data (random sampling, condition on a data column, etc.).

Redaction: Adjust offset for multiple Calc pages

19 January 07:21 - LibreOffice - Muhammet Kara

- Add an enum and some methods to DocumentToGraphicRenderer to differentiate between the doc/module types: isWriter(), isCalc(), isImpress()

Release 4.0-rc7.

18 January 22:49 - WINE - Alexandre Julliard

### diff --git a/ANNOUNCE b/ANNOUNCE index 2fd586c02e..50a072592e 100644 --- a/ANNOUNCE +++ b/ANNOUNCE @@ -1,12 +1,12 @@ -The Wine development release 4.0-rc6 is now available. +The Wine development release 4.0-rc7 is now available. What's new in this release (see below for details): - Bug fixes only, we are in code freeze. The source is available from the following locations: -

mkosi: add qrencode to arch package list

18 January 22:41 - systemd - Louis Taylor

Before adding this, I got errors about the library being missing such as:

freedreno/a6xx: Turn on texture tiling by default

18 January 22:27 - Mesa - Kristian H. Kristensen

The color swap isn't available for tiled formats and it's not needed either.

anv: Implement VK_EXT_conditional_rendering for gen 7.5+

18 January 18:31 - Mesa - Danylo Piliaiev

Conditional rendering affects next functions:- vkCmdDraw, vkCmdDrawIndexed, vkCmdDrawIndirect, vkCmdDrawIndexedIndirect- vkCmdDrawIndirectCountKHR, vkCmdDrawIndexedIndirectCountKHR- vkCmdDispatch, vkCmdDispatchIndirect, vkCmdDispatchBase- vkCmdClearAttachments

Fix creation of duplicate foreign keys on partitions

18 January 18:00 - PostgreSQL - Alvaro Herrera

When creating a foreign key in a partitioned table, if some partitions already have equivalent constraints, we wastefully create duplicates of the constraints instead of attaching to the existing ones.

oox smartart, org chart: implement support for hierBranch conditions

18 January 17:14 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

The relevant part of the layout is the <dgm:layoutNode name="hierChild2"> element that has a <dgm:choose> with two branches: <dgm:if name="Name34" func="var" arg="hierBranch" op="equ" val="std"> <dgm:if name="Name36" func="var" arg="hierBranch" op="equ" val="init"> The connectors were missing as we took the first branch (ConditionAtom::getDecision() returned true if the arg was hierBranch), even hierBranch on the parent layout node was set to "init". With this, the correct number of connectors are created, previously all employee connectors were missing.

intel/fs: Don't touch accumulator destination while applying regioning alignment rule

18 January 16:18 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

In some shaders, you can end up with a stride in the source of a SHADER_OPCODE_MULH.

Add multiple initrd file support to kernel-install

18 January 12:49 - systemd - Mike Auty

Instead of having just a single INITRD field, add support for all additional parameters being INITRD fields in order.

add hwdb rule for Bangho touchpad (#11475)

18 January 12:49 - systemd - dcanuhe

[AArch64] Add support for system register based stack protector canary access

18 January 10:32 - GCC - ramana

2019-01-18 Ramana Radhakrishnan - config/aarch64/aarch64-opts.h (enum stack_protector_guard): New - config/aarch64/aarch64.c (aarch64_override_options_internal): Handle and put in error checks for stack protector guard options.

update useunique_ptr loplugin

18 January 06:51 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

with more exclusions


18 January 05:37 - GCC - helijia

2019-01-18 Li Jia He <>

libphobos: Add Fiber/Thread support for StackGrowsUp

18 January 01:51 - GCC - ibuclaw

The StackGrowsDown version being turned off for hppa targets.

Restrict the use of temporary namespace in two-phase transactions

18 January 00:21 - PostgreSQL - Michael Paquier

Attempting to use a temporary table within a two-phase transaction is forbidden for ages.

anv/allocator: Add support for non-userptr

17 January 23:08 - Mesa - Rafael Antognolli

If softpin is supported, create new BOs for the required size and add the respective BO maps.

anv/allocator: Enable snooping on block pool and anv_bo_pool BOs

17 January 23:08 - Mesa - Rafael Antognolli

We are not going to use userptr for anv block pool BOs anymore.

anv/allocator: Add padding information

17 January 23:08 - Mesa - Rafael Antognolli

It's possible that we still have some space left in the block pool, but we try to allocate a state larger than that state.

anv/allocator: Rework chunk return to the state pool

17 January 23:08 - Mesa - Rafael Antognolli

This commit tries to rework the code that split and returns chunks back to the state pool, while still keeping the same logic. The original code would get a chunk larger than we need and split it into pool->block_size.

anv: Split code to add BO dependencies to execbuf

17 January 23:08 - Mesa - Rafael Antognolli

This part of the anv_execbuf_add_bo() code is totally independent of the BO being added.

anv/allocator: Add support for a list of BOs in block pool

17 January 23:08 - Mesa - Rafael Antognolli

So far we use only one BO (the last one created) in the block pool.

anv/allocator: Add getter for anv_block_pool

17 January 23:07 - Mesa - Rafael Antognolli

We will need the anv_block_pool_map to find the map relative to some BO that is not at the start of the block pool.

avcodec/libx264: add support for ROI-based encoding

17 January 21:47 - FFmpeg - Guo, Yejun

This patch just enables the path from ffmpeg to libx264, the more encoders can be added later.

tdf#122393 move to overflow row on using left/right at end of other row

17 January 14:43 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

and on ctrl+page_up/ctrl+page_down

[libbacktrace] Add btest_dwz test-case

17 January 13:42 - GCC - vries

Add test-case to verify that libbacktrace can read debug info that was compressed with dwz. 2019-01-17 Tom de Vries PR libbacktrace/82857 - (DWZ): Set with AC_CHECK_PROG.

[libbacktrace] Add find_unit

17 January 13:42 - GCC - vries

Add a function that finds the unit given an offset into .debug_info. 2019-01-17 Tom de Vries - dwarf.c (struct unit): Add low_offset and high_offset fields.

hwdb: Add Huawei section and remap keys (#11406)

17 January 12:47 - systemd - Ayman Bagabas

hwdb: Add support for 'Huawei WMI hotkeys' driver

GCN machine description

17 January 12:31 - GCC - ams

This patch contains the machine description portion of the GCN back-end.

GCN libgcc

17 January 12:29 - GCC - ams

This patch contains the GCN port of libgcc.

GCN libgfortran

17 January 12:27 - GCC - ams

This patch contains the GCN port of libgfortran.

Add note about transactions being genereated independently of a unit's state

17 January 12:10 - systemd - bl33pbl0p

Meanwhile, change dead -> inactive as it is not a unit state.

avfilter/extractplanes: add support for 12-bit YUVA formats

17 January 10:41 - FFmpeg - Gyan Doshi

At present, 16-bit auto-scaled format results in incorrect alpha extraction.

[rs6000] Support more prototypes for vec_ld and vec_st

17 January 07:49 - GCC - linkw

2019-01-17 Kewen Lin <>

sw: make members of RtfExportFilter private

17 January 07:45 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

- also use std::make_unique- also avoid multiple declarations in a single statement

[PR86648] use auto identifier for class placeholder templates

17 January 07:32 - GCC - aoliva

dwarf2out recognizes unspecified auto types by the identifier.

tdf#122557 EMF+ Implement proper rotation support of DrawImage

17 January 06:55 - LibreOffice - Bartosz Kosiorek

Change-Id: I2c32a47fac06b2026d61a0f369e6d569c9f57502 Reviewed-on:

Simplify containers iterations in sc/source/ui/[A-Sa-d]*

17 January 06:34 - LibreOffice - Arkadiy Illarionov

Use range-based loop or replace with STL functions

anv: do not advertise AHW support if extension not enabled

17 January 05:22 - Mesa - Tapani Pälli

Fixes following failing vk-gl-cts cases on Linux desktop: