DOMTokenList: Add a private function UpdateWithTokenSet().

29 May 00:22 - Chromium - Kent Tamura

It consolidates duplicated code.

[MD Bookmarks] Add undo/redo functionality to MD Bookmarks

28 May 23:57 - Chromium - calamity

This CL adds undo/redo functionality to the bookmark manager by enabling the BookmarkUndoService when MD Bookmarks is enabled.

Implement PermissionServiceImpl::RequestPermission in terms of RequestPermissions

28 May 23:56 - Chromium - raymes

This removes duplicate code from PermissionServiceImpl.

Code review focused on new node types added by partitioning support

28 May 23:20 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

Fix failure to check that we got a plain Const from const-simplification of a coercion request.

Add a PermissionContext subclass for the midi permission

28 May 21:35 - Chromium - raymes

This adds a PermissionContext subclass for the midi permission, removing the special casing from PermissionManager.

Linux 4.12-rc3

28 May 20:20 - Linux Kernel - Linus Torvalds

nmtui: add support for cloned mac in bond interfaces

28 May 17:22 - NetworkManager - Nikolay Martynov

This is useful because bond gets its mac from first slave and order of slave attachement is not guaranteed.

Format v10 release notes' commit references more like previous releases

28 May 16:42 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

Left-justify these comments, remove committer names, remove SGML markup that was randomly added to some of them.

Improve v10 release notes' discussion of money operator changes

28 May 15:49 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

Mention the rounding behavioral change for money/int8.

Avoid locale-dependent output in select_views regression test

28 May 14:52 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

Use 'COLLATE "C"' to force locale-independent sorting of the iexit view results in select_views.sql.

[LayoutNG] Add box fragments to line boxes when needed

28 May 11:48 - Chromium - kojii

This patch creates box fragments to line boxes when needed. This patch creates box fragments when an inline box has background or box decorations such as border or box shadow.

Updating trunk VERSION from 3114.0 to 3115.0

27 May 23:03 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#475254}

Re-enable Pixel_DirectComposition_Video_MP4

27 May 18:24 - Chromium - jbauman

The baseline for the new version should be generated now.

tdf#85594 Add reset default formatting to standard toolbar

27 May 17:17 - LibreOffice - Yousuf Philips

Change-Id: Ie483c3e5454eac45d1fa0f3c48b009cb369a19e3 Reviewed-on:

avformat/mov: add support for reading Content Light Level Box

27 May 15:14 - FFmpeg - James Almer

As defined in "VP Codec ISO Media File Format Binding v1.

avformat/mov: add support for reading Mastering Display Metadata Box

27 May 15:09 - FFmpeg - James Almer

As defined in "VP Codec ISO Media File Format Binding v1.

mb/lenovo/*/smihandler: Get rid of mainboard_io_trap_handler

27 May 10:58 - Coreboot - Patrick Rudolph

Get rid of mainboard_io_trap_handler.

lib/spd_bin: make SMBus SPD addresses an input

27 May 10:57 - Coreboot - Aaron Durbin

Instead of assuming the mapping of dimm number to SPD SMBus address, allow the mainboard to provide its own mapping.

llvmpipe: add LP_NEW_GS flag for updating vertex info

27 May 09:49 - Mesa - Roland Scheidegger

The vertex information we compute here is really dependent on the last stage before FS.

Bump version number of Pixel_DirectComposition_Video_MP4

27 May 04:36 - Chromium - jbauman

Pixel_DirectComposition_Video_MP4_v2_win10_8086_1912_msaa.png is bad but the bug causing that issue is probably fixed (r472749), so bump the

Add webview to telemetry perf build target

27 May 02:01 - Chromium - Stephen Martinis

This makes the builders include SystemWebView.apk and SystemWebViewShell.apk in the isolateds, which is needed to run webview tests on swarming.

[vr] Add incognito coloring

27 May 00:11 - Chromium - vollick

This changes the background, grid, and URL bar coloring when in incognito mode.

media: Add UMA for CDM session key status system code

26 May 23:55 - Chromium - Xiaohan Wang

System code associated with key status provides extra information on the CDM status (e.g.

soc/intel/skylake: Add detailed information about PME wake sources

26 May 23:31 - Coreboot - Furquan Shaikh

Add more fine-grained details about what device caused the PME wake event.

elog: Add more wake sources

26 May 23:29 - Coreboot - Furquan Shaikh

Add wake sources for PME events generated by different devices.

Updating trunk VERSION from 3113.0 to 3114.0

26 May 23:03 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#475226}

PDF: Add UMA to track embedded PDF triggered drive-by downloads

26 May 22:19 - Chromium - tommycli

Adds an entry to an existing histogram to track drive-by downloads triggered when the user views a page with an embedded PDF but has no PDF plugin (or it's disabled).

Linux: Make manual libnss3 version dependency work again

26 May 21:36 - Chromium - thestig

When libnss3 is specified as a dependency both manually and via dpkg-shlibdeps, only the dpkg-shlibdeps dependency actually makes it into the .deb file's Depends section.

Add jessie-security repo to sysroot scripts

26 May 21:31 - Chromium - thomasanderson

This CL adds a more general syntax for specify apt sources for, similar to /etc/apt/sources.list.

[Extensions] Add more safebrowsing urls; account for blob:, filesystem:

26 May 21:30 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin

Add more safebrowsing urls, and update code to accurately check for blob: and filesystem: urls.

Add V8 shared array allocation sizes histogram

26 May 21:26 - Chromium - kschimpf

Add histogram to track sizes of shared array buffers in JS.

Introduce support for origins that require process isolation

26 May 19:41 - Chromium - alexmos

This CL changes logic in SiteInstance to support isolating specific origins based on the full scheme+host+port tuple rather than just scheme and eTLD+1.

arc: Support non-standard display scale factors

26 May 19:29 - Chromium - khmel

This CL makes it possible to use ARC app icons in notification view, ARC uninstall dialog view and other places. TEST=Unit test + manually on device.

Add an async ReadBody method to QuicChromiumClientStream::Handle

26 May 18:54 - Chromium - rch

This does not change OnClose or OnError and the callback is not yet invoked on errors.

Disable explicit multisample resolve on more configs

26 May 18:19 - Chromium - Kai Ninomiya

This sets disable_chromium_framebuffer_multisample on the 3 remaining Adreno configurations which had disabled EXT_multisampled_render_to_texture (which was triggering the explicit multisample resolve path, which is buggy at least on Adreo 4xx/5xx). This also re-enables WebGL 2 for one category of devices with this bug.

//tools/perf: Replace broken Mac Retina bot

26 May 18:09 - Chromium - Stephen Martinis

Replaces the broken Mac retina bot with a bot taken from the bisect pool.

[Home] Add flags for different types of sheet expansion logic

26 May 18:07 - Chromium - Matthew Jones

This change introduces an experiment flag to enable different swipe logic variations for expanding the Chrome Home bottom sheet. The initial option "restrict-area" limits the horizontal area that a swipe can be in to open the sheet.

Reland of Enable LLD for POSIX LTO builds on Linux. (patchset #1 id:1 of )

26 May 18:04 - Chromium - pcc

Reason for revert: Fixes for breakpad bugs that broke crash reporting have landed:

[android] Add result_details to Nougat Phone Tester

26 May 17:57 - Chromium - John Budorick

Change-Id: I52cec5b69594c03377e896bf003cb646d19cde44 Reviewed-on:

Enable redirection of SequencedWorkerPool to TaskScheduler in TestBrowserThreadBundle

26 May 17:46 - Chromium - fdoray

Motivation:- Redirection of SequencedWorkerPool to TaskScheduler is enabled in browser tests and on Canary and Dev.

tdf#108056 sw: add UI to disable SubtractFlysAnchoredAtFlys compat option

26 May 17:17 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

There is a reason this is off by default, make it a bit more easier for users to not depend this option when they don't actually need it.

anyboot: Add EFI partition support

26 May 17:13 - Haiku - Alexander von Gluck IV

- Enables us to add an optional EFI filesystem to the anyboot image. - All existing anyboot behaviour is preserved. - We still need to figure out how to build bios and EFI loaders at the same time on x86. - The tiny "fake ISO" still needs el-torito alt-boot for the EFI loader to work when burned to a CD.

Add machinery to show touch editing context menus in OOPIFs

26 May 17:06 - Chromium - wjmaclean

This CL adds the ability to WebFrameWidgetBase to show context menus for touch-selection editing.

Omnibox UI Experiments: Add Vertical Layout experiment (title-on-top).

26 May 16:50 - Chromium - tommycli

This is a minimal Views-only patch that renders the title above the origin.

bump efl version

26 May 16:34 - Enlightenment - Mike Blumenkrantz

Fix typo in pg_dump's support for dumping collations from pre-v10 servers

26 May 15:37 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

Dunno what 'p' was supposed to mean, but since neither the code below here nor pg_collation.h think it's valid, it must be a mistake.

Switch VS 2017 builds to VS 2017 Update 3 Preview 1

26 May 15:34 - Chromium - brucedawson

This change switches the VS 2017 package to use the first Update 3 Preview. Packaging was done on a Windows Server 2016 VM, cleanly created for this purpose. Compiler was packaged up by downloading the VS 2017 Update 3 Preview 1, from

elm_inwin: set this widget as a redirect

26 May 15:34 - EFL Core Libraries - Marcel Hollerbach

once this widget is visible, It should handle the focus of its children and leave no option to the underlaying widgets to gain focus.

Enable MonoMixer in Filter Group

26 May 15:23 - Chromium - erickung

- Add a flag --audio-output-channels to indicates number of audio output channel being sent to alsa and create loopback audio.- Enable MonoMixer if necessary (with above flag being set) inside filter group so that mono mixing won't depend on external post processing component such as waves.- Adjust log format to include process and thread ID

Add a mojo channel for frame messages

26 May 15:06 - Chromium - dtapuska

These messages are currently disabled since all input messages need to be moved over to use mojo.

chromeos: changes how DisplayManagerObservers are notified

26 May 15:04 - Chromium - sky

This patch makes it such that in manual display mode (controlled via WindowManagerWindowTreeFactory) DisplayManagerObservers are only notified when the WindowManager calls SetDisplayConfiguration().

[Chromecast] Add Observer/Observable interface

26 May 14:51 - Chromium - Ken MacKay

Bug: Change-Id: I17578bf192a1f9d5316f26497d0f348158b1cf8a Reviewed-on:

VR: Add URL bar security-related coloring and emphasis

26 May 14:27 - Chromium - cjgrant

- Use url_formatter to format the URL string (eg.

chromeos: make mash session not launch chrome

26 May 14:25 - Chromium - sky

Doing this causes problems with ash_standalone as well as tests.

Introduce window container to be used by lock screen app windows

26 May 13:28 - Chromium - tbarzic

An app will be able to show a window on lock screen only if it was registered as a handler for "new_note" tray action, and a user performed an action that causes the action to be handled. Lock screen app windows can have two visible states: - active - when the window is displayed over the user pods on lock screen UI. - background - when the window is displayed in background, under the user pods in lock screen UI. In both states, the lock screen UI system shelf should remain visible.

Support Opus Ambisonics playback

26 May 12:55 - Chromium - flim

Opus Ambisonics does not have a prescribed layout, so CHANNEL_LAYOUT_DISCRETE is used.

util/hugo: no need to enable an interactive terminal

26 May 12:36 - Coreboot - Patrick Georgi

Limit D3D V-sync experiment to Win 8.1+

26 May 12:36 - Chromium - stanisc

Previously D3D V-sync experiment included Win 8.0 but the initial finch data suggests that it has issues on Win 8.0, for example GPU crash rate is 8 times higher than in the control group.

headless: Add link to Windows port retrospective

26 May 12:12 - Chromium - Sami Kyostila


Add a DCHECK to l10n_util::GetStringUTF16 that there are no placeholders

26 May 10:50 - Chromium - Jochen Eisinger

When passing in replacements, we already check that there exactly as many replacements as placeholders.

zscale: Add pixdesc-API compatible color names to filter options

26 May 10:28 - FFmpeg - Vittorio Giovara

[tools/perf] Clean up some memory benchmarks

26 May 09:46 - Chromium - Juan A. Navarro Perez

Remove system_health.webview_startup_multiprocess (no longer needed), and move memory.dual_browser_test to contrib.

Add tilt_x and tilt_y to ppapi touchpoint

26 May 06:22 - Chromium - jkwang

This patch adds tilt_x and tilt_y fields to pp_touch_point.

Replace absolute line numbers in gcc.dg

26 May 05:25 - GCC - vries

2017-05-26 Tom de Vries

Enable Blink native Mojo bindings in WebUI

26 May 05:04 - Chromium - Ken Rockot

Adds the concept of ContextEnabled features as an extended attribute in Web IDL, exposing a way for embedders to turn specific API features on or off at context creation time.

Implement client side logging for language detection

26 May 05:03 - Chromium - renjieliu

Integration steps described in:

Remove blink_perf.blink_gc benchmark

26 May 04:30 - Chromium - Ned Nguyen

This benchmark is run on content-shell only, but we don't have content-shell in our perf waterfall, so this isn't actually run anywhere.

Enable heap compaction on all 'container' arenas

26 May 04:24 - Chromium - sigbjornf

Reconcile indexing for compactable arenas to always be wrt the arena index -- it was miscued on setting, using an offset instead, thereby preventing vector[1-4] arenas from being considered for compaction.

deleted variable bAdd because it does not make sense

26 May 03:47 - LibreOffice - tagezi

Change-Id: Ib65c38c7e99ff4667c021240a1412c8f57f53cbe Reviewed-on:

Release 2.9.

26 May 03:38 - WINE - Alexandre Julliard

### diff --git a/ANNOUNCE b/ANNOUNCE index 5daadb1..1b2b1b9 100644 --- a/ANNOUNCE +++ b/ANNOUNCE @@ -1,16 +1,16 @@ -The Wine development release 2.8 is now available. +The Wine development release 2.9 is now available. What's new in this release (see below for details): - - Direct3D command stream runs asynchronously. - - Better serial and parallel ports autodetection. - - Still more fixes for high DPI settings. - - System tray notifications on macOS. + - Support for tesselation shaders in Direct3D. + - Binary mode support in WebServices. + - Clipboard changes detected through Xfixes. + - User interface improvements in RegEdit. - Various bug fixes. The source is available from the following locations: -

Add CSSInterpolationType specific ConversionChecker

26 May 02:46 - Chromium - alancutter

This change refactors the CSS ConversionCheckers to inherit from a common CSSConversionChecker class that removes some of the boiler plate code in using the InterpolationEnvironment.

Updating trunk VERSION from 3112.0 to 3113.0and incrementing major version to 61

26 May 02:03 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#474934}

Add a histogram for total private memory footprint

26 May 01:53 - Chromium - erikchen

Also update tests to check for private memory footprint on Windows, which is now implemented.

color: Add ColorCanvasExtensions runtime flag

26 May 01:24 - Chromium - ccameron

These features being developed behind --enable-color-correct-rendering and --enable-experimental-canvas-features. We're turning on --enable-color-correct-rendering for all layout tests, some of which also use --enable-experimental-canvas-features, but do not want to opt in to new canvas behaviors (at least yet). To avoid this, use the Blink feature flag ColorCanvasExtensions.

Multiple user pods implementation for new login screen

25 May 22:49 - Chromium - wzang

The new login screen for multiple user pods involve creating small pods and place them on a scroll bar.

Add Login.PromptToLoginTime UMA metric

25 May 22:42 - Chromium - yusukes

This is similar to Login.PromptToCompleteLoginTime, but for existing users.

mainboard/google/poppy: Add PowerResource for touchscreen device

25 May 22:41 - Coreboot - Furquan Shaikh

Enable software compositing while Night Light is on

25 May 22:36 - Chromium - afakhry

Avoid the bright jarring cursor when Night Light is on, since the layer temperature filter is not applied to the cursor.

cc: Add finch feature flag for checker-imaging

25 May 22:13 - Chromium - khushalsagar

Add a base::Feature entry for checker-imaging finch trial and report the status on chrome://gpu

Add DeleteSoon(..., std::unique_ptr)

25 May 22:07 - Chromium - Yutaka Hirano

There are cases where we want to delete an object held by a unique_ptr in another thread.

Wrap large IndexedDB values into Blobs before writing to LevelDB.

25 May 21:59 - Chromium - pwnall

Gist: IndexedDB values are currently stored in LevelDB according to the serialization logic in SerializedScriptValue (SSV).

Settings: Network config: Support Ethernet and WiMAX

25 May 21:51 - Chromium - stevenjb

This CL:

Add parsing for RFC 5280's PolicyMappings certificate extension

25 May 20:13 - Chromium - eroman

Also wires inhibitAnyPolicy to ParsedCertificate.

Import wpt@59ae951ddc752d181c2346192dfa2d64cea8a31c

25 May 19:35 - Chromium - Blink W3C Test Autoroller

Using wpt-import in Chromium 223e5acb8d9a5b218b02ea74b8ab140fd94b842b. Build:

add guard for rasterpipeline changes

25 May 18:49 - Chromium - reed

[Sync] Add a simple UI to sync-internals to create UserEvents

25 May 17:39 - Chromium - skym

Very simple UI and plumbing to create UserEvents from chrome://sync-internals.

Implement Shared SingleThreadTaskRunners in the Task Scheduler

25 May 17:33 - Chromium - robliao

This change provides one shared SingleThreadTaskRunner per Trait+COM combination by reusing dedicated SingleThreadTaskRunners. In production, these SingleThreadTaskRunners will never be reclaimed.

Landing Recent QUIC changes until May 20, 2017.

25 May 17:24 - Chromium - ianswett

Update flags.

New CPAT support in DataReductionProxyConfig guarded by feature flag

25 May 17:22 - Chromium - dougarnett

Defines new feature "DataReductionProxyDecidesTransform" and uses it to select new behavior for ShouldEnableLoFi() and ShouldEnableLitePages that does not check the effective connection type. This is step 1 of 4 in adding new CPAT protocol support where the proxy server is meant to drive optimizations.

Migrate GPU histograms from Google-internal repo to Chrome repo

25 May 17:17 - Chromium - Kenneth Russell

This should have been done years ago in order to simplify these histograms.

util/hugo: Add framework to build

25 May 17:04 - Coreboot - Patrick Georgi is now built with hugo ( based on files in this repo's /Documentation directory.

[Telemetry] Add presubmit to tools/perf that validates story expectations

25 May 16:37 - Chromium - rnephew

It checks that the name of the expectation is under 50 characters and that the name used matches a name in the benchmarks story set.

Chrome Cleaner UI: Reporter no longer uses mojo

25 May 16:21 - Chromium - alito

The reporter will no longer use mojo to communicate with Chrome.

Enable the CPU tracing agent on power.idle_platform

25 May 16:14 - Chromium - Charlie Andrews

This previously wasn't possible due to clock sync errors that occurred when a CPU trace was present without a Chrome trace.

nouveau: drop Android 4.4 and earlier support

25 May 16:02 - Mesa - Rob Herring

Support for Android 4.4 and earlier has already been removed from mesa.

Import wpt@5a0329c4e0dfc1561d9f934267d4e84ca7e95888

25 May 15:53 - Chromium - Blink W3C Test Autoroller

Using wpt-import in Chromium ed245d6ac7b483dc433a44b025d15dd870163a0a. Build:

Add build guard for upcoming Skia change

25 May 15:45 - Chromium - Florin Malita


Add AvailabilityModel for feature engagement tracker

25 May 15:32 - Chromium - Tommy Nyquist

The FeatureEngagementTracker is missing functionality to track when a particular feature has been made available to the end user.

Add in PlatformPrivateMemoryFootprint for Windows

25 May 15:20 - Chromium - Albert J. Wong

In Windows, the PrivateMemoryFootprint (physical ram and swap space allocated to your procesS) ends up being roughly the commit charge which is already calcualted by ProcessMetrics::GetMemoryBytes(). Note, this counter does NOT map obviously to what you might think.

Add AvailabilityStore for feature engagement tracker

25 May 15:17 - Chromium - Tommy Nyquist

The FeatureEngagementTracker is missing functionality to track when a particular feature has been made available to the end user. This CL adds the store to track that, using LevelDB as a backend by using the templated //components/leveldb_proto. The load of data has a single entry point, and it uses base::OnceCallback to pass along ownership along the way, including to the underlying DB. The store reads from DB and uses a base::Feature filter to figure out which features should be stored.

Expose ECT to render frames, Blink and NetInfo

25 May 14:53 - Chromium - tbansal

Expose Effective Connection Type (ECT) from Network Quality Estimator (NQE) to render frames.

[CRD iOS] Add support for three-finger gestures

25 May 14:44 - Chromium - yuweih

This CL adds gesture supports for:

Enable zero suggest for all search engines if we are using MostVisited

25 May 14:22 - Chromium - yusufo

Currently we disable zero suggest in all cases when the search engine is not Google, but the current default on experiment on Android using most visited urls doesn't actually need any data from the search engine directly.

Measure how often HTTPS credentials cannot be filled into HTTP forms

25 May 14:13 - Chromium - engedy

When no matching HTTP credentials exist for a non-secure origin, but there are credentials for the HTTPS version of that origin (which are obviously not filled and hence called `suppressed` credentials), that could indicate:-- a premature `move-to-HTTPS` migration,-- the site serves its sign-up form over HTTPS, while sign-in forms over HTTP,

Updating trunk VERSION from 3111.0 to 3112.0

25 May 13:42 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#474690}

[tools] Remove Python CodeSearch library from tools/

25 May 13:37 - Chromium - Asanka Herath

The authoritative location is

Removing canvas rendering mode switching feature

25 May 13:22 - Chromium - junov

This feature was abandoned.

Add vision-common dependency for SharedBufferUtilsTest

25 May 13:21 - Chromium - paulmiller

This was missing from eaf7cc9d.

Implement TouchSelectionEditing controls for OOPIF.

25 May 13:03 - Chromium - wjmaclean

This CL revises the TouchSelection editing code to work with cross-process iframes.

Re-enable mus_browser_tests

25 May 12:02 - Chromium - jonross

Some mus_browser_tests had been timing out.

arc: Set custom icon in shelf for ARC apps

25 May 11:51 - Chromium - khmel

This handles setTaskDescription requests which provides optional icon for the task.

[Suggestions] Remove TreeNode.getSuggestionAt() in favor of a visitor

25 May 11:37 - Chromium - bauerb

The method is only used in tests, where we can get better coverage by using the visitor pattern when verifying section contents (as it allows e.g.

mb/lenovo/x200/blc: Add LTD121EQ3B panel at 447Hz

25 May 11:04 - Coreboot - Nico Huber

Factor management of metrics updates into its own class

25 May 09:00 - Chromium - bmcquade

With the recent changes to merge paint timings across all frames in a page, we have learned that first paint timings can arrive out of order.

Deschedule benchmarks on build25-b1 bot

25 May 08:51 - Chromium - Ned Nguyen

Bug:726292 Change-Id: Ied40483f1a90eb9ef620056f9bb7b0e2eae663e5

[Media controls] Integrate rotate-to-fullscreen with orientation lock

25 May 08:40 - Chromium - johnme

Until now, enabling the video-rotate-to-fullscreen feature required disabling the video-fullscreen-orientation-lock feature.

float128: Add wrappers to override ldbl-128 as float128.

25 May 08:01 - glibc - Paul E. Murphy

This change defines float128_private.h which contains macros used to override long double naming conventions when building a ldbl file.

Implement basic AU parameter-printing

25 May 07:49 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

Redirects off-origin navigations in an installed PWAs to a CustomTab

25 May 07:27 - Chromium - piotrs

This is done in order to improve UX by getting rid of a "minibar" toolbar (to be done in a follow-up patch) and bring more app-like feel to PWAs.

Ship and experiment with the Budget API

25 May 07:05 - Chromium - peter

This CL enables the BudgetManager.reserve() method and activates the Origin Trial for the BudgetManager.getBudget() and getCost() methods, in accordance with the following Intents on blink-dev: Intent to Ship: The Budget API’s reserve() method:

[MD Bookmarks] Add keyboard navigation and selection to bookmark list

25 May 06:10 - Chromium - calamity

This CL adds keyboard navigation to the bookmarks list via the Up and Down arrow keys, Shift for range select, and Ctrl for adding individual items.

Add -fdump*-folding suboption

25 May 06:08 - GCC - marxin

2017-05-25 Martin Liska

cros: Add a delay to show migration success notification

25 May 04:59 - Chromium - fukino

The current success notification can be hidden by initially-opened app window (e.g.

Adding visible networks to the Geolocation Header

25 May 04:18 - Chromium - lbargu

Up to 2 wifis and 2 cells are included, only when permissions are granted but location is not available or older than 5 minutes.

Partial Protobuf for Traffic Annotation

25 May 03:53 - Chromium - rhalavati

In many use cases, it's better to define some part of a network traffic annotation in one function and the reset of it in another one.

Implement window management devtools commands for headless

25 May 03:40 - Chromium - jzfeng

These commands are used by chromedriver to change window bounds (size, position) and state (normal, minimized, maximized, fullscreen). 1.

Create Bookmark Footnote desktop iOS promotion

25 May 03:03 - Chromium - mrefaat

Create a footnote that promote for chrome on iOS on the bookmark bubble, when the footnote link is clicked the desktop iOS promotion Bubble will appear.

Add "stylus-tools" Wayland protocol

25 May 02:13 - Chromium - kaznacheev

This protocol specifies a set of interfaces to control the behavior of a stylus tool, a special kind of window allowing the user to explore, annotate or manipulate on-screen content. The first applications of that protocol are: 1.


25 May 02:12 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

add the results files so I can just see the diff in future

CSS: Use count unitless 0 supplied as

25 May 02:04 - Chromium - ericwilligers

A recent spec change means that 0 is no longer supported as a valid value for angles.

Enable CSS font-display by default

25 May 01:56 - Chromium - ksakamoto

Intent to ship:

device/bluetooth: Add SetConnectionLatency API to "bluetooth_device".

25 May 01:33 - Chromium - tengs

This CL implements this API only for BlueZ devices using the new SetLEConnectionParameters DBus API.

MD WebUI: Make action-buttons across all pages 36px high

25 May 01:21 - Chromium - Tim Sergeant

This brings MD History and Bookmarks in line with the button height from MD Settings.

appveyor: Add the api key for the linked ci builds

25 May 01:10 - Opus - Ralph Giles

The appveyor script needs an encrypted api key to trigger downstream builds, and there doesn't seem to be an easy way to make the builds we run for the main repo something other contributors can control.

gpu: Add finch feature for gpu scheduler

25 May 00:59 - Chromium - Sunny Sachanandani

This will allow for a limited trial on canary/dev before we enable the scheduler everywhere.

Enable chrome devtools server to be accessible by DevTool clients within internal network

25 May 00:49 - Chromium - thanhph

Enable chrome devtools server to be accessible by DevTool clients within internal network.

Add operator== to CSSTransitionData

25 May 00:42 - Chromium - shend

This patch adds an operator== to CSSTransitionData that is used by ComputedStyle to check equality for style resolve.

Add SlidingAverage to FPSMeter, use for WebVR prediction time

25 May 00:33 - Chromium - klausw

Refactor FPSMeter to extract the "sliding window sum" code into a separate class, use it in FPSMeter, and separately use it to implement a SlidingAverage class.

Worklet: Enable module script loading for main thread worklets

24 May 23:24 - Chromium - nhiroki

This CL enables module script loading for main thread worklets (i.e., PaintWorklet).

cc::SurfaceDependencyTracker should not crash when a Display goes away

24 May 23:10 - Chromium - fsamuel

Previously, SurfaceDependencyTracker was a BeginFrameObserver that directly observed BeginFrames from the first display.

Updating trunk VERSION from 3110.0 to 3111.0

24 May 23:03 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#474538}

Change NavigationEntry to use virtual URL in error pages for blocked navigations

24 May 22:51 - Chromium - nasko

Error pages today commit with the original URL in the NavigationEntry.

Disable color/date chooser in VR mode via WebPreferences

24 May 22:48 - Chromium - vollick

On Android, the color and date time choosers overlay the main content and are monocular.

//tools/perf: Add ability to blacklist devices

24 May 22:29 - Chromium - Stephen Martinis

Change-Id: I935615b65a41db3e93babfa8aa1c4072371b6ebb Reviewed-on:

Mojo C++ bindings: introduce mojo::internal::deque and use it in MultiplexRouter

24 May 22:23 - Chromium - yzshen

The reason is that std::deque is memory inefficient.

[EasyUnlock] Force user to enter their password after 20 hours

24 May 21:55 - Chromium - tengs

In a future CL, we will to put this password reauth mechanism behind an enterprise policy.

HSTS preload list removals for Chrome 60.

24 May 20:43 - Chromium - lgarron > The reason is because many of our clients use PC without have correctly set > the date and also have pcs with very old windows versions and many times just > don’t want to pay for a SSL. > we just removed the HSTS header at because of problems with the subdomains.,,, > The reason is that due to the recent blacklisting of free CA StartCom, I am not confident that I am able to provide HTTPS in the future.

DevTools: Fix up CSSMetadata for 2017

24 May 20:42 - Chromium - einbinder

This patch removes some now-unsupported css values, adds some new

avcodec/aac_adtstoasc: propagate new extradata using packet side data

24 May 19:28 - FFmpeg - James Almer

This removes the current API violating behavior of overwritting the stream's extradata during packet filtering, something that should not happen after the av_bsf_init() call. The bitstream filter generated extradata is no longer available during write_header(), and as such not usable with non seekable output.

fuchsia: Implement process handle functionality

24 May 19:22 - Chromium - Scott Graham

This implements GetCurrentProcId(), GetCurrentProcessHandle(), and GetProcId().

Code refactoring:

24 May 19:14 - Chromium - parastoog

For the sake of modularity, removes the subkey request procedure from PersonalDataManagerAndroid to the new class SubKeyRequester, only leaves the interface in the PersonalDataManagerAndroid. Adds a timeout parameter to the SubKeyRequester so that the requester will always receive a response before the time limit.

MD Settings: Add settings-internet-config (WiFi only, no certs)

24 May 18:37 - Chromium - stevenjb

This introduces a network configuration subpage behind a flag.

Improve overdraw with multiple windows

24 May 18:30 - Chromium - yiyix

When 2 windows are opened simultaneously (overlapped or non-overlapped) namely window 1 and window 2, before this patch, defining the occluded rect is used to computing the largest unionized rectangle that is formed with these 2 windows and mark layers behind it occluded.

Enable geolocation by default for non-Google default search engines

24 May 18:21 - Chromium - benwells

This has already been enabled by default for Google search engines.

[Extensions Bindings] Add chrome-side registration; use it for `app` API

24 May 18:15 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin

Some APIs are exposed at the //chrome layer (rather than the //extensions layer).

Bump version to 3.25.2

24 May 17:51 - GNOME Shell - Florian Müllner

Update NEWS.

Add the remaining NightLight schedule settings strings

24 May 17:28 - Chromium - afakhry

This CL adds the remaining system settings strings of the automatic schedule of the Night Light feature.

Reland "Add metrics for search engine promo and search widget"

24 May 17:27 - Chromium - wychen

Reason for revert: already fixed downstream in

Update MPEG2_AAC support for Android

24 May 17:19 - Chromium - chcunningham

This allows MPEG2_AAC for encrypted android content.

[Android] Add OverviewListLayout to main CoordinatorLayout

24 May 16:55 - Chromium - twellington

Rather than adding the accessibility tab switcher layout to, add it to a FrameLayout in the main CoordinatorLayout so that the Chrome Home bottom sheet can be drawn on top of it.

Added support for 'spare' file that can be used at startup

24 May 16:52 - Chromium - bcwhite

Memory-mapped files make I/O errors into bus errors if something is wrong with the file and cannot be mapped, including if the file is sparse and the disk is full.

Add --chrome_start_time flag

24 May 16:46 - Chromium - robertogden

This is needed for testing chrome on bad networks where the test needs to allow time after Chrome starts but before the test starts for Chrome to fetch a DRP client config

[ash] Cleanup of ScopedOverviewAnimationSettings

24 May 16:36 - Chromium - varkha

This cleanup is now possible with WmWindow gone.

Omnibox Metrics - Add Description of Synthetic Histograms

24 May 16:34 - Chromium - mpearson

These histograms are being added server-side in cr/155561335

Add presubmit rule banning relative header includes

24 May 15:52 - Chromium - rlanday

Relative header includes (#include path containing "../") can be used to cheat the dependency system because they're not checked properly.

PlzNavigate: implement process reuse for ServiceWorkers

24 May 15:51 - Chromium - clamy

This Cl implements a new ProcessReusePolicy, REUSE_CHECKING_FRAMES_AND_NAVIGATIONS to use when creating SiteInstances for ServiceWorkers in PlzNavigate.

[Android] Native initialization task for BackgroundTaskScheduler

24 May 15:22 - Chromium - fgorski

Provides an abstract class implementing BackgroundTask with capability to ensure that native portion of Chrome is initialized.

Enable the new Incognito NTP

24 May 15:17 - Chromium - msramek

It was developed behind an experimental flag, but has been finished and approved by the UI review.

Implement a sketch of the new MD Incognito NTP on Android

24 May 15:10 - Chromium - msramek

This CL introduces:- A feature flag for the new Incognito NTP on Android- A new FrameLayout for this page (XML + Java)- Reuses the HTML-formatted strings from the new Desktop Incognito NTP

ctdb-daemon: Add AllowMixedVersions tunable

24 May 15:06 - Samba - Amitay Isaacs

This allows to mix CTDB major versions in a single cluster.

Make transport security state generator part of the build process

24 May 15:02 - Chromium - Martijn Croonen

Rebased reland of

Remove Mac input audio restart mechanism

24 May 15:01 - Chromium - grunell

Reduce the time until checking startup success from 8 to 5 seconds.

cc: Align memory allocations in ListContainer and delete code

24 May 14:42 - Chromium - danakj

This uses base::AlignedAlloc for memory allocations of buffers in ListContainer.

Place ellipsis correctly in inline blocks separated by spaces

24 May 14:35 - Chromium - robhogan

Include the offset given by objects containing collapsed text.

CSS: Use count position values with 3 parts

24 May 14:21 - Chromium - ericwilligers

The CSS Working Group recently changed the grammar of <position> such that 3-value syntax is no longer supported.

cros: Make tablet power button behavior depend on having seen accelerometer data

24 May 14:03 - Chromium - warx

Changes: Making tablet power button behavior enabled only when device has seen accelerometer data update, otherwise the power button should have clamshell-behavior.

[reland] Use TaskScheduler instead of WorkerPool in

24 May 13:49 - Chromium - fdoray

A first version of this CL landed as

Unify webexposed/global-interface-listing scripts

24 May 13:35 - Chromium - jsbell

Refactor and relocate the script we use to enumerate global interfaces and their properties into a library so that it can be used by both windows, dedicated/shared/compositor workers, and service workers.

[css-grid] Add support for orthogonal positioned grid items

24 May 13:25 - Chromium - Manuel Rego Casasnovas

This patch adds support for positioned grid items with orthogonal flows.

Reland of MediaPerceptionPrivate API impl and testing. (patchset #1 id:1 of )

24 May 13:09 - Chromium - lasoren

Reason for revert: Reverting revert and then applying fix to compile issue so the original CL can be re-landed. Original issue's description: > Revert of MediaPerceptionPrivate API impl and testing.

tdf#93727 Support date literals in basic

24 May 12:55 - LibreOffice - Grzegorz Araminowicz

- detect #...# in SbiScanner

Add an about:flag to support alternative data saver features

24 May 12:29 - Chromium - ryansturm

This flag allows an alternative back end Data Saver implementation to be used by chrome.

[Extensions Bindings] Support the maxListeners property

24 May 11:30 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin

Some events have a maxListeners property, which enforces that only a certain number of listeners may be added to a given event.

Update the V8 version for Chromium branch 60.

24 May 11:28 - Chromium - vogelheim

This is a roll-back to 6.0.286.

Bump version to 2.4.81

24 May 11:01 - libdrm - Marek Olšák

Add more WebAPK install metrics

24 May 10:52 - Chromium - pkotwicz

This CL adds metrics for: - The duration of the processing prior to binding to the Play Install service.

Implement |registerAnimator| for AnimationWorklet

24 May 10:31 - Chromium - majidvp

|registerAnimator| creates a simple definition model after validation.

Add a message to the CL descriptions that wpt-importer creates

24 May 10:03 - Chromium - qyearsley

This CL would add a message to import CL descriptions that would add a link to documentation and suggest to sheriffs to handle failures by adding expectations rather than reverting.

Add MessageLoopForUI to the ubsan vptr blacklist

24 May 09:59 - Chromium - fdoray

MessageLoopForUI has the same layout as it base class.

core: add configuration flag to choose slaves activation order

24 May 09:56 - NetworkManager - Beniamino Galvani

Commits 39d0559d9a7a ("platform: sort links by name instead of ifindex") and 529a0a1a7f19 ("manager: sort slaves to be autoconnected by device name") changed the order of activation of slaves.

C/C++ OpenACC: acc_pcopyin, acc_pcreate

24 May 09:23 - GCC - tschwinge

libgomp/ - openacc.h (acc_pcopyin, acc_pcreate): Provide prototypes instead of preprocessor definitions. - libgomp.h (strong_alias): Guard by "#ifdef HAVE_ATTRIBUTE_ALIAS". - oacc-mem.c: Provide "acc_pcreate" as alias for "acc_present_or_create", and "acc_pcopyin" as alias for "acc_present_or_copyin". - New version "OACC_2.0.1".

liblangtag#10 support roundtripping ca@valencia

24 May 08:44 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: I67932541fbb14316798fe94b64b4b32a3d1c29f6 Reviewed-on:

Update V8 to version 6.0.317.

24 May 07:57 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

core: don't enable setrlimit(RLIMIT_CORE) when running with address sanitizer

24 May 07:56 - NetworkManager - Thomas Haller

With address sanitizer, the call to setrlimit() fails by default, because the core dump would be huge.

Add histogram to track accounts seeding time in AccountSigninView

24 May 07:05 - Chromium - bsazonov

This CL adds 'Signin.AndroidAccountSigninViewSeedingTime' histogram that tracks the distribution of how long account seeding process takes in AccountSigninView.

Reduce string building complexity when needing to add a NUL byte

24 May 06:56 - Chromium - peter

sizeof() enables us to copy over the NUL terminator included with the string constant as well, so indicate the size explicitly.

Enable support for draft-ietf-webpush-encryption-08

24 May 06:55 - Chromium - peter

This CL hooks up the ability to decrypt incoming Push messages according to the draft-ietf-webpush-encryption-08 encryption scheme.

Split DMLEditor::ShiftMarkers() into content-dependent and -independent versions

24 May 06:54 - Chromium - rlanday

I modified the logic that updates DocumentMarker in response to edit operations in

Add operator== to CSSAnimationData

24 May 06:24 - Chromium - shend

This patch adds an operator== to CSSAnimationData that is used by ComputedStyle to check equality for style resolve.

Allow headless TabSocket in isolated worlds & remove obsolete logic

24 May 06:07 - Chromium - alexclarke

This patch only affects C++ Embedders of headless_lib and should have no effect on normal chrome even with the --headless flag. Recently we decided to no longer allow arbitrary mojo bindings, instead relying on the headless::TabSocket API for js<-->C++ communications. The public headless API for registering a mojo module has already been removed and this patch finishes the job by removing the code from MojoBindingsController which injected js mojo bindings for BINDINGS_POLICY_HEADLESS. In this patch we are replacing BINDINGS_POLICY_HEADLESS with BINDINGS_POLICY_HEADLESS_MAIN_WORLD and BINDINGS_POLICY_HEADLESS_ISOLATED_WORLD which provide access to the headless::TabSocket API to either the main world or for isolated worlds created by the Page.CreateIsolatedWorld DevTools command. For a security point of view this patch hopefully reduces the attack surface for the main world because js now only has access to the headless::TabSocket API rather than arbitrary mojo modules.

[css-flex] Implement the space-evenly content-distribution value

24 May 06:04 - Chromium - jfernandez

The CSS Box Alignment specification defines the <content-distribution> set as some of the allowed values for the Content Distribution properties, align-content and justify-content.

Update V8 to version 6.0.316.

24 May 06:03 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

cros: Add spoken feedback for dynamically populated information in migration UI.

24 May 06:02 - Chromium - fukino

The dialog's title, subtitle, and buttons already have spoken feedback.

Add type cast for TextMatchMarkerListImpl

24 May 05:49 - Chromium - rlanday

This will be used in DocumentMarkerController to cast a DocumentMarkerList* to TextMatchMarkerListImpl* to call some rendered rect-related methods I'm going to add to TextMatchMarkerListImpl.

Media Engagement: use playback, tab visibility and tab muted as signals

24 May 05:47 - Chromium - Mounir Lamouri

The implementation does not yet use the following signals:- audio track;- muted state;

When moving past a left-hand scrollbar, don't jump way outside the content box

24 May 05:45 - Chromium - mstensho

We handle rendering, scrolling and scrollbars quite poorly if a scrollbar is actually wider than its containing block.

tmpfiles: Remove unnecessary utmp file creation (#6006)

24 May 05:10 - systemd - codekipper

If utmp is disabled (--disable-utmp) then there is no need to create the wtmp and btmp files.

Do not build FreeType with HarfBuzz support on Android

24 May 05:08 - Chromium - drott

Originally, building FreeType with HarfBuzz, helped improve autohinting on Linux, see issue 617168.

[css-typed-om] Implement numeric factory methods for CSSUnitValues

24 May 04:34 - Chromium - meade


Add UKM metrics for media watch time

24 May 04:30 - Chromium - dalecurtis

Makes UKM accessable to content/ and adds watch time metric recording for UKM based on the origin url hosting the player.

Update V8 to version 6.0.315.

24 May 04:05 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add TextIterator::HandlePreFormattedTextNode to wrap relevant logic

24 May 03:58 - Chromium - xiaochengh

This patch wraps code in TextIterator for extracting text from pre-formatted text node into a new function to improve code health and prepare for follow-up refactoring.

Add metrics for search engine promo and search widget

24 May 03:56 - Chromium - yusufo

- Adds histograms and user action for search widget use- Add histogram definitions around search engine promo use and selections- Add LocaleManager refactoring to route the signals that are important for metrics

Download driver for components/download

24 May 03:04 - Chromium - xingliu

This CL introduces the glue layer between //components/download and //content.

Give performance_browser_tests lots of love and attention

24 May 02:55 - Chromium - miu

This change started by fixing a bug where a trace event was missing, causing failures on the Win7 bots.

media: Add experimental feature to enable Mojo CDM on desktop Chromium

24 May 02:45 - Chromium - xhwang

Currently in Chromium, the CDM is hosted by the CDM adapter which is a pepper plugin.

Add option to settings to enable a note taking app on lock screen

24 May 02:40 - Chromium - tbarzic

Adds a toggle to stylus settings under note taking app selector.

fuchsia: Implement SysInfo::AmountOfPhysicalMemory and NumberOfProcessors

24 May 01:56 - Chromium - scottmg


[bdf, pcf] Support ISO646.1991-IRV character encoding (aka ASCII).

24 May 01:40 - FreeType - Werner Lemberg

Problem reported by Marek Kašík, cf.

[subresource_filter] Add Page Info subtitle on desktop + placeholder string

24 May 01:11 - Chromium - csharrison

The android UI already has the subtitle but doesn't use the correct placeholder.

Visual Studio builds: Add script to generate utility scripts

24 May 00:57 - GLib - Chun-wei Fan

This will allow the utility scripts glib-mkenums and gdbus-codegen be generated with the proper info in them, as build systems such as Meson might look for shebang lines to determine the commands that need to be called to invoke the scripts (which is necessary for calling these scripts on standard Windows cmd.

spinner: Add signal to notify the value of spinner has been reached at min, max

24 May 00:31 - EFL Core Libraries - Woochan Lee

Summary: The User requires this signal to handle spinner widget easily on their app.

edje: Implement EO API for message_send

24 May 00:02 - EFL Core Libraries - Jean-Philippe Andre

Since this uses generic_value (aka Eina_Value), there is an implicit type detection and conversion.