Add new wayland-protocol, keyboard-extension-unstable-v1.

28 June 22:07 - Chromium - yhanada

This new protocol is an extension of wl_keyboard and allows clients to send ack events for each key event.

Support explicit pools in actions

28 June 21:56 - Chromium - phosek

This change allows explicitly specifying pools for actions.

[TTS] Fix Bar text w/ selection modification

28 June 21:26 - Chromium - donnd

Fix issues with the Bar text not updating correctly when the selection is being modified by the user.

Implement base::AtomicRefCount as a class wrapping std::atomic_int

28 June 21:01 - Chromium - Jeremy Roman

This is the more standard approach since C++11, and it allows this class to be encapsulated (preventing abuse by performing other operations on the data).

chromeos: enable AppListPresenterDelegateTests for mushrome

28 June 20:52 - Chromium - Scott Violet

These tests work fine in mushrome, so enabling them.

Implement blob BytesProvider interface

28 June 20:45 - Chromium - Marijn Kruisselbrink

This adds the renderer side of transporting blob bytes to the blob service.

arc: Implement Android settings link for AOSP images

28 June 20:42 - Chromium - khmel

When ARC started without the Play Store support there is no way for the user to activate Android settings.

Update V8 to version 6.1.308.

28 June 20:37 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

ChromeOS: Add support for Gaia v2 API to FakeGaia and screen handler

28 June 20:23 - Chromium - alemate

This CL adds test support for Gaia V2 API and adds support for V2 to signin screen handler.

Handle MSAA + Non-AA paths on Windows

28 June 19:33 - Chromium - Eric Karl

ANGLE doesn't support disabling MSAA on a per-draw-op basis, so we need to track whether *any* path needs MSAA disabled, and disable MSAA in general. To achieve this, this CL includes two changes: Addition of HasNonAAPaint() to PaintOpBuffer - this allows us to propogate the presece of any draw commands requesting non-AA raster through to the layer tree host impl. Renaming and inverting SuitableForGpuRasterization to HasSlowPaths.

Improve memory efficiency of various video frame pools

28 June 19:32 - Chromium - Dale Curtis

Now that we are starting to experiment with variable numbers of frames held by the video renderer, we need to make sure we expire old frame data in situations where we drop from a high buffer count back to a low one (for memory pressure or background, etc. Similarly, for paused and eventually suspended media, we want to ensure that we release all unused resources when the renderer or decoder is torn down.

[CRD iOS] Add the host refresh indicator

28 June 19:03 - Chromium - Yuwei Huang

This CL adds the HostFetchingViewController that shows a spinner when the host list is being fetched.

//tools/perf: Convert webview bots to swarming

28 June 19:02 - Chromium - Stephen Martinis

This CL also removes the existing FYI webview bot, since there's a name conflict between the FYI bot and the regular bot.

Omnibox UI Experiments: Implement elide-after-host experiment

28 June 18:47 - Chromium - tommycli

This implements the logic to do the elide-after-host experiment.

Add UMA metrics for Bluetooth system daemon

28 June 18:30 - Chromium - mcchou

This adds the following histograms and corresponding enums definitions.

Add 'Other' category on the Data Saver site-breakdown page

28 June 18:26 - Chromium - rajendrant

This category includes chrome-services and service-worker traffic.

Add a convenience MenuHelper c'tor

28 June 18:22 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

This is pretty much Gtkmm's

[Media,Android] Use empty media metadata instead of null for incognito tabs

28 June 18:19 - Chromium - Anton Vayvod

On some Android versions/devices/support library versions, setting null will cause crash of system UI.

Record accuracy of expected queueing time metric

28 June 18:18 - Chromium - tdresser

We plan to use the expected queueing time metric to estimate renderer main thread responsiveness from the renderer compositor.

cros: all apps page #02 UI specifications

28 June 18:12 - Chromium - Qiang Xu

changes: This CL is mainly dealing with the UI layout of all apps page #02 and all subsequent pages.

[SPv2] Invalidate raster of paint chunk if its properties changed

28 June 18:04 - Chromium - Xianzhu Wang

When a paint property node changed value, it sets its changed flag.

Update V8 to version 6.1.305.

28 June 17:55 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

//tools/perf: Make generate_perf_sharding script nicer

28 June 17:54 - Chromium - Stephen Martinis

- Adds a dry_run arg

Change pg_ctl to detect server-ready by watching status in

28 June 17:31 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

Traditionally, "pg_ctl start -w" has waited for the server to become ready to accept connections by attempting a connection once per second.

Add about:flags entry for Mac V2 sandbox

28 June 17:28 - Chromium - kerrnel

Add an entry to about:flags to enable the Mac V2 sandbox feature.

Add enable_dsyms=true option when building CronetChromeWebView framework

28 June 17:19 - Chromium - ichikawa

Otherwise the script fails complaining that CronetChromeWebView.dSYM file is missing.

Stop checking include order in

28 June 16:41 - Chromium - thakis

Nowadays, clang-format checks for this already.

Watermark: tdf#91687 correct size in the .doc

28 June 16:38 - LibreOffice - Szymon Kłos

Export: - Watermarks saved using Writer were very small in the MSO.

Introduce profile for lock screen apps

28 June 16:37 - Chromium - tbarzic

Introduces the profile to be used to run lock screen apps, instead of sign-in profile. The profile behavior will be similar to sign-in profile, but using separate profile allows better isolation between apps running on login screen and apps running on lock screen (which have different set of app/extension APIs available), and make inference of lock screen extension context type more straight forward.

Add support for persistent licenses to the ExternalClearKey CDM

28 June 16:04 - Chromium - jrummell

The existing code only supports a single persistent session (named "LoadableSession"), which when loaded simply uses a static set of decryption keys.

Reland: Replace AllAppsTileItemView with ArrowExpandView

28 June 15:44 - Chromium - weidongg

This CL replace the old "All apps" button in start page with a new arrow expand button.

chromeos: Make IME system tray menu work under mash

28 June 15:40 - Chromium - James Cook

Don't call into InputMethodManager::Get(), which crashes under mash because the InputMethodManagerImpl is in the browser process. Instead call through ImeController and its mojo interface back to the browser.

libdrm: add drm syncobj create/destroy/import/export

28 June 15:32 - libdrm - Dave Airlie

These ioctls are now in drm next so add the first set of libdrm APIs.

Reland "Mojo C++ bindings: Serialize handles during message allocation"

28 June 15:32 - Chromium - Ken Rockot

This is a reland of ecf30db27d06ac0c6c61e24e811acfba32e34977 This reland changes the StructTraits for gfx::NativePixmapHandle to behave properly.

Enable Visual Viewport API

28 June 15:20 - Chromium - David Bokan

Enabled `window.visualViewport` API in stable.

ac/nir: Make intrinsic_name buffer long enough

28 June 15:05 - Mesa - James Legg

When using cmpswap on an image, it was being trunctated to lvm.amdgcn.image.atomic.cmpswa, with the coords type missing entirely.

exo: Remove support for wl_drm interface

28 June 15:00 - Chromium - David Reveman

linux-dmabuf protocol is preferred over wl_drm and the latter can now be removed as ARC++ has switched to linux-dmabuf.

cros, gbm: scale a overlay plane by native scaler, instead of VPP

28 June 14:58 - Chromium - Dongseong Hwang

Currently, for Intel, VPP (video processing hardware)[1] scales a overlay plane, instead of display controller [2]. [1]

[Extensions Bindings] Don't load sendRequest module with native bindings

28 June 14:32 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin

Sending an extension request is implemented natively with native bindings, and the JS version should never be used.

amd/family15h: Add defines for boost and P-state

28 June 14:24 - Coreboot - Marshall Dawson

Add definitions for the P-state 0 MSR and Core Performance Boost Control.

soc/amd/stoneyridge: Enable early cbmem

28 June 14:24 - Coreboot - Marshall Dawson

Add a memmap file with a cbmem_top() function.

systemd-mount: support unmounting loop devices by backing files (#6211)

28 June 14:19 - systemd - Yu Watanabe

This makes `systemd-umount` or `systemd-mount -u` support unmounting loop devices by the corresponding backing files, like `systemd-mount --umount /tmp/foo.img /tmp/bar.img`

Support rich line output in both speech and braille

28 June 14:12 - Chromium - dtseng

- scope rich output to only when moving to new line- this excludes character, word, selection movement and change- indicate bold, italic, underline in braille based on the current braille table- indicate all rich annotations in speech - do not indicate all rich annotations in braille; the large amount of output clutters the display; need alternate form/impl. TEST=editing_test and manually for various tables.

Install a systemd tmpfiles.d snippet to create /var/lib/dbus/machine-id

28 June 14:09 - DBus - Simon McVittie

On systemd systems, /etc/machine-id is guaranteed to exist and has the same format as the D-Bus machine ID.

Enable selective JNI registration for non-browser processes

28 June 14:06 - Chromium - Yipeng Wang

Currently we only enable the selective JNI registration for the renderer process on the Java side, but use it to decide if a process is a browser process or not on the native side.

[Extensions Bindings] Support chrome.extension.lastError

28 June 13:55 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin

For legacy reasons, we surface errors through both chrome.runtime.lastError and chrome.extension.lastError (though the latter is both less fancy [it doesn't check for access] and also not available in all contexts).

Fix transition tables for partition/inheritance

28 June 13:55 - PostgreSQL - Andrew Gierth

We disallow row-level triggers with transition tables on child tables.

Support _Float128 in tgmath.h

28 June 13:53 - glibc - Joseph Myers

This patch adds tgmath.h support for _Float128, so eliminating the awkward caveat in NEWS about the type not being supported there.

mainboard/google/fizz: Add audio devices

28 June 13:39 - Coreboot - Kevin Cheng

- Describe RT5663 headphone codec in ACPI so it can be enumerated by the OS.

[Payment Request] PaymentRequest implements PaymentRequestBaseDelegate

28 June 13:36 - Chromium - Randall Raymond

This CL is the first step of a much larger refactor.

nspawn: register a scope for the unit if --register=no is specified (#6166)

28 June 13:22 - systemd - Lennart Poettering

Previously, only when --register=yes was set (the default) the invoked container would get its own scope, created by machined on behalf of nspawn.

[cast_channel] Implement CastSocketService::OpenSocket()

28 June 13:13 - Chromium - zhaobin

Extract open channel logic from CastChannelOpenFunction::AsyncWorkStart() so that it can be use by CastMediaSinkService.

Add to chromedriver OWNERS

28 June 12:55 - Chromium - johnchen


service worker: Add UMA for start worker IPC latency

28 June 12:54 - Chromium - Matt Falkenhagen

The motivation is to get a bound on how much optimization can be done before the start worker message is received.

Add Cronet experimental option for host cache persistence

28 June 12:53 - Chromium - mgersh

Allows embedders to enable host cache persistence with their choice of delay, and creates a HostCachePersistenceManager when the option is enabled.

Import wpt@25c23903373a3fbfade9a248f55d9d0af2dd8b0d

28 June 12:53 - Chromium - Blink W3C Test Autoroller

Using wpt-import in Chromium a3fb693eb7384259d24c3f5f3835c428860aa6f6. Build:

Implement search feature in the Kayboard tab

28 June 12:52 - LibreOffice - Muhammet Kara

of the Customize dialog. Once you type a search term in the box, non-matching functions are filtered out in the current category.

i965/dri: Support R8G8B8A8 and R8G8B8X8 configs

28 June 12:42 - Mesa - Chad Versace

The Android framework requires support for EGLConfigs with HAL_PIXEL_FORMAT_RGBX_8888 and HAL_PIXEL_FORMAT_RGBA_8888. Even though all RGBX formats are disabled on gen9 by brw_surface_formats.c, the new configs work correctly on Broxton thanks to _mesa_format_fallback_rgbx_to_rgba(). On GLX, this creates no new configs, and therefore breaks no existing apps.

Reduce number of calls to CrossOriginAccessControl

28 June 12:33 - Chromium - Daniel Hintze

The idea behind this CL is to reduce the number of calls to blink::CrossOriginAccessControl to ease moving CORS checks towards the browser. Thereto, blink::Resource gains a property cors_status (kUnknown, kSuccessful, kFailed) which is maintained by blink::ResourceLoader.

multiarch support for non-glibc linux systems

28 June 12:02 - GCC - nsz

Current multiarch directory name is always *-linux-gnu* on linux, this patch configures different names for uclibc and musl targets. 2017-06-28 Szabolcs Nagy - config.gcc (*-linux-musl*): Add t-musl tmake_file.

Update V8 to version 6.1.304.

28 June 11:51 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Implementing sign-in promo histograms for bookmark

28 June 11:27 - Chromium - jlebel

Histograms implemented:- Number of times the sign-in promo has been displayed when the bookmark view is closed without user actions on the sign-in promo view.- Number of times the sign-in promo has been displayed when the user taps on it to sign-in.- Number of times the sign-in promo has been displayed when the user taps on the X button to close it.

Remove tools/perf/utils/results_viewer

28 June 11:18 - Chromium - Hector Dearman

I think this has been unused for years with the functionality being moved to catapult.

Headless: Support multiple TabSockets

28 June 11:17 - Chromium - Alex Clarke

TabSockets are intended to either be installed into the main world or a isolated world created by Page.createIsolatedWorld.

Add Speedometer 2.0 benchmark

28 June 11:15 - Chromium - nednguyen

To run this: ./tools/perf/run_benchmark speedometer2 --also-run-disabled-tests

Add overscroll actions to ContentSuggestions

28 June 10:20 - Chromium - gambard

As ContentSuggestions is now displayed on the NTP, the overscroll actions should be added.

Replacing WM_TOUCH with WM_POINTER for touch events on Wins 8+

28 June 10:18 - Chromium - lanwei

Since we already used WM_POINTER for stylus input, and WM_POINTER provides better API on touch events, we should use WM_POINTER on touch events as well, replacing the current WM_TOUCH messages for Windows 8(+).

Call ~Idle with SolarMutex locked

28 June 10:12 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

...may be the cause for rather frequent UITest failures on Jenkins bot lo_tb_master_linux_dbg, like <

Update V8 to version 6.1.303.

28 June 10:03 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

ide: Remove last ide fragments

28 June 09:51 - Haiku - Alexander von Gluck IV

- Missed in previous commit.

Enable logging app extensions metrics

28 June 09:48 - Chromium - Sylvain Defresne

Call MetricsMediator -setAppGroupMetricsEnabled: when the metrics state changes.

app: remove GimpRectangleTool, all users were ported to tool widgets

28 June 09:42 - GIMP - Michael Natterer

ide: Remove old IDE bus + stack

28 June 09:13 - Haiku - Alexander von Gluck IV

- Hasn't been used for quite some time

app: add boolean property "force-narrow-mode" to GimpToolRectangle

28 June 08:23 - GIMP - Michael Natterer

which allows to force outside handles without resorting to hacks.

remove default-able copy ctors and copy operators

28 June 08:20 - LibreOffice - Jochen Nitschke

The implicit defined ctors and operators will copy all members (and bases).

Update V8 to version 6.1.301.

28 June 08:09 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

avcodec/utvideodec: enable unchecked bitreader

28 June 08:08 - FFmpeg - Michael Niedermayer

Headless: Add a UrlRequestFailed observer

28 June 07:39 - Chromium - Alex Clarke

This will let C++ embedders observe url requests that got aborted before the request was sent to a protocol handler.

Require binutils 2.25 or later to build glibc

28 June 07:31 - glibc - Joseph Myers

This patch implements a requirement of binutils >= 2.25 (up from 2.22) to build glibc.

Support building glibc with gold 1.14 or above [BZ #14995]

28 June 07:03 - glibc - H.J. Lu

This patch changes to allow gold 1.14 or above to be used to configire glibc so that gold glibc bugs can be fixed.

Add Table Name Option to SQLTableBuilder

28 June 06:35 - Chromium - jdoerrie

This change adds the option to specify a table name to SQLTableBuilder

service worker: Add UseCounter for FetchEvent#isReload

28 June 06:13 - Chromium - Matt Falkenhagen

This feature is at-risk and we need to measure usage.

Update V8 to version 6.1.300.

28 June 05:58 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add css-property-listing.html to webexposed LayoutTests

28 June 05:58 - Chromium - Alan Cutter

The existing css-properties-as-js-properties.html test fails to enumerate the CSS property aliases that we have.

Documentation: Initial API standards for foundation services

28 June 05:14 - Chromium - Colin Blundell

Add new flag for experimental app banners

28 June 04:41 - Chromium - benwells

This flag will be used to develop a new flow and modal UI for app banners on mobile and desktop.

Reuse unmatched service worker processes for navigation

28 June 04:04 - Chromium - Tsuyoshi Horo

This CL introduces UnmatchedServiceWorkerProcessTracker which tracks the unmatched service processes.

Rewrite base::Bind to base::BindOnce in chrome/renderer/media

28 June 03:21 - Chromium - tzik

This is a generated CL to rewrite base::Bind to base::BindOnce where the result of base::Bind is immediately converted to OnceCallback.

mapi: Enable assembly language API acceleration for PPC64LE (V2)

28 June 03:20 - Mesa - Ben Crocker

Implement assembly language API acceleration for PPC64LE, analogous to long-standing implementations for X86 and X86-64.

tdf#107880: Make use of ScopedVclPtr

28 June 03:20 - LibreOffice - Christian Barth

Make the use of VclPtr<VirtualDevice> exception safe by using ScopedVclPtr<VirtualDevice> when disposeAndClear() is called in same method.

Add concurrent-marking gpu bot on

28 June 02:52 - Chromium - Michael Achenbach

Accompanies infra-side CL:

loplugin:unusedfields in sc part1

28 June 02:49 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

in ScNavigatorDlg::ScNavigatorDlg, we replace the assignment of nAreaId with an assignment to nDataId instead, which is never initialized but used, whereas nAreaId was initialized but never used.

color: Enable color correct rendering by default

28 June 02:31 - Chromium - Christopher Cameron

Bug: 713889 Change-Id: Iaf06ce02179d25aeb339912f576bf80d41155299 Reviewed-on:

SafeBrowsing support for WebSocket (post-network-servicification)

28 June 01:53 - Chromium - ricea

Add WebsocketSBHandshakeThrottle, an implementation of blink::WebSocketHandshakeThrottle that performs safe browsing checks. WebSocket handshakes are performed in parallel with the SafeBrowsing check.

Start implementing browser side mojo blob logic

28 June 00:46 - Chromium - Marijn Kruisselbrink

This just hooks up a stub BlobRegistry implementation, and starts adding unittests for it and the Blob implementation.

Add browser_tests of OCSP fetching

28 June 00:44 - Chromium - Matt Mueller

Bug: 736866 Change-Id: Ib4e5ab4affd3567db8c7796f6713931bf687dfd9 Reviewed-on:

service worker: Add RAPPOR for non-installed importScripts()

27 June 23:16 - Chromium - Matt Falkenhagen

I want to deprecate this spec violation out there is apparently a fair amount of usage in wild.

Add tools/grit to analyze exclusions

27 June 23:08 - Chromium - Sergey Ulanov

Currently analize skips compile step when grit is updated, but changes in grit can break the build.

Update V8 to version 6.1.299.

27 June 23:06 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Updating trunk VERSION from 3143.0 to 3144.0

27 June 23:03 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#482863}

Print Preview: Make useCloudPrint a WebUI event

27 June 22:41 - Chromium - rbpotter

Remove the setUseCloudPrint global JS function and CallJSFunctionUnsafe and replace with a use-cloud-print WebUI event.

cros: Enable Ext4 dircrypto migration for ARC kiosk mode

27 June 22:34 - Chromium - fukino

When old encryption is detected in ARC kiosk session, we should migrate the encryption.

repaint whole range for range based cond formats, tdf#105696

27 June 22:33 - LibreOffice - Markus Mohrhard

The range based cond formats need to be repainted across the whole range.

MD Bookmarks: Batch updates to the UI when processing API operations

27 June 21:15 - Chromium - tsergeant

In MD Bookmarks, each action processed from the bookmarks API listeners would immediately notify the UI about changes that need to be made.

[CRD iOS] Add the host setup instruction page

27 June 21:03 - Chromium - yuweih

This CL adds the host setup view to inform the user to setup the host when there is no host in the list.

Add star to the rating of playstore app

27 June 21:02 - Chromium - weidongg

This CL add an star icon behind the rating score for apps from playstore in SearchResultTileItemView.

libpayload: Add mouse cursor driver

27 June 20:56 - Coreboot - Patrick Rudolph

Add a driver to handle multiple low level mouse drivers and provide basic cursor acceleration support.

exo: Add MessageLoopForUI in wayland clients

27 June 20:52 - Chromium - Daniele Castagna

This is needed to initialize Ozone, otherwise the clients crash when --use-drm is passed.

Added PromotionHintAggregator for AVDA.

27 June 20:43 - Chromium -

PromotionHintAggregator takes compositor feedback and aggregates it into a single "promote / don't promote" signal.

Enable Web Share API by default on Android

27 June 20:38 - Chromium - Matt Giuca

This makes navigator.share available.

MD Settings: Convert all browser proxies to use ES6 class syntax

27 June 20:37 - Chromium - dpapad

The conversion has been performed automatically with a tool, followed by minimal human editing on the tool's output.

Fix inconsistent and incorrect Roboto Medium usage

27 June 20:20 - Chromium - dfalcantara

A bunch of places are using sans-serif-medium, which doesn't exist before Lollipop.

Add voice interaction pref names

27 June 20:19 - Chromium - xiaohuic

Bug: 727873 Test: compiles Review-Url:

[Offline Prefetch] Use download API to download prefetch archive

27 June 20:17 - Chromium - Jian Li

Currently only hook up with offline internals page.

Reland [Mojo Video Capture] Enable service in default testing config

27 June 20:07 - Chromium - Christian Fremerey

This CL is identical to the reverted one.

Listbox SELECT: Do not force layout on OPTION element selection

27 June 20:05 - Chromium - Kent Tamura

Adjust scroll position in PaintLayerScrollableArea::UpdateAfterLayout(), instead of Document::UpdateStyleAndLayoutIgnorePendingStylesheets() followed by scrolling.

i965: Add a RGBX->RGBA fallback for glEGLImageTextureTarget2D()

27 June 19:56 - Mesa - Chad Versace

This enables support for importing RGBX8888 EGLImage textures on Skylake. Chrome OS needs support for RGBX8888 EGLImage textures because because the Android framework produces HAL_PIXEL_FORMAT_RGBX8888 winsys surfaces, which the Chrome OS compositor consumes as dma_bufs.

Updates table-like objects when cells are added or removed

27 June 19:32 - Chromium - nektar

When a table, grid or tree grid is dynamically updated through JavaScript and some cells are added or removed, we would fire a children changed event on the affected table rows, but we were not re-calculating the attributes stored in the table-like object itself, such as the list of cell IDs.

Migrate version 73 autofill table with "type" column to version 74.

27 June 19:23 - Chromium - Rouslan Solomakhin

Due to version collision, some machines migrated to version 73 of the autofill table with the new "type" column instead of the "bank_name" column.

Convert utility process Shell Handler Win IPC to mojo

27 June 18:55 - Chromium - Noel Gordon

Shell operations can cause 3rd-party shell extensions to be loaded into the calling process (browser).

Update strings for OmniboxPlaceholderExperiment

27 June 18:52 - Chromium - huayinz

+ Update string resources + Move "search_or_type_url" to generated_resources to support string overrides in finch config

Mojo C++ bindings: Serialize handles during message allocation

27 June 18:51 - Chromium - Ken Rockot

This changes C++ bindings to collect handles during the message sizing phase of serialization so that a single Message object can be allocated prior to full serialization. This reduces the cost of sending messages with attached handles.

Replace AllAppsTileItemView with ArrowExpandView

27 June 18:47 - Chromium - weidongg

This CL replace the old "All apps" button in start page with a new arrow expand button.

Remove LegacyFirewallManager

27 June 17:53 - Chromium - thestig

Supported Windows OS versions should all used AdvancedFirewallManager instead.

Move ranker_model_loader to a new component

27 June 17:41 - Chromium - hamelphi

This change should not incur any behavior change.

Support $CHROME_CONFIG_HOME in Linux default user data dir selection

27 June 17:39 - Chromium - Steve Kobes

If set, it is used in place of ~/.config when constructing the path.

Reland "Add ComInitCheckHook for Eligible Builds to the Task Scheduler"

27 June 17:38 - Chromium - Robert Liao

This is a reland of 57ad0495c848ac8a35efd6f1e011e9a204dadbc2 Original change's description: > Add ComInitCheckHook for Eligible Builds to the Task Scheduler > > This will allow for COM initialization checking as code is refactored > to use the task scheduler.

eina,ecore_cocoa: fix detection of the macOS SDK version

27 June 17:14 - EFL Core Libraries - Jean Guyomarc'h

There was trouble with Homebrew's CI to build EFL on a macOS < 10.12 which uses a 10.12 SDK.

Add a vector for tracking resource types in the BackgroundLoaderOffliner

27 June 17:04 - Chromium - Pete Williamson

As part 3 (of 3) in implementing the ResourcePercentageSignal, this adds a vector for tracking 3 resource types inside the BackgroundLoaderOffliner that are closely related to right moment detection.

soc/amd/stoneyridge: Add tseg size to Kconfig

27 June 16:52 - Coreboot - Marshall Dawson

Add a SMM_TSEG_SIZE symbol that can be used in top of memory calculations.

soc/stoneyridge: Remove FCH PCIe support

27 June 16:51 - Coreboot - Marshall Dawson

Remove the pcie.c file.

cc: Make sure to use at least the device scale when will-change: transf

27 June 16:46 - Chromium - Vladimir Levin

When we have a will-change: transform hint we keep whatever the current scale is.

Add for media/ directory

27 June 16:42 - Chromium - Dale Curtis

Attempts to briefly describe the organization of the media/ directory and the various use cases it encompasses.

avcodec/vp9: add 64-bit ipred_dr_32x32_16 avx2 implementation

27 June 16:10 - FFmpeg - Ilia Valiakhmetov

vp9_diag_downright_32x32_12bpp_c: 429.7

Add Diagnostic Information For Unexpected Hotpatch Formats

27 June 16:05 - Chromium - Robert Liao

Some bots have unexpected formats.

add way to handle update refs for addresses, related tdf#107289

27 June 15:58 - LibreOffice - Markus Mohrhard

Change-Id: I97d1724d7aa1652619edda1cbe6a4ae4db277563 Reviewed-on:

cros: add new highlight rounded rectangle to selected suggested/all apps

27 June 15:33 - Chromium - Qiang Xu

Changes: (1) For keyboard focus, highlights the app using a rounded rectangle of FFF 12% for both suggested and all apps.

Bug 784228 - Add RawTherapee plugin to GIMP sources and installers

27 June 15:31 - GIMP - Alberto Griggio

Copy of files from RawTherapee official repository, as of today:

plug-ins: do some basic tweaking on file-rawtherapee

27 June 15:31 - GIMP - Jehan

cros: Add debug overlay for views-lock screen

27 June 15:29 - Chromium - Jacob Dufault

Bug: 719015 Change-Id: I9d5ef312a85ded1af29d6fabb078bdfedbdc04da Reviewed-on:

Add timestamps and timeouts to the BattOr serial log

27 June 15:18 - Chromium - Charlie Andrews

Bug: 728496 Change-Id: Iccaf529534958223e7d4df240390f86e9c9ec818 Reviewed-on:

Remove NSS write lock

27 June 15:15 - Chromium - David Benjamin

The minimum supported NSS version is now past NSS 3.12.7, so the lock is no longer needed.

Settings: Network: Support choose mobile network

27 June 15:12 - Chromium - stevenjb

This also removes the no longer used 'secondary-button' class from internet_detail_page.

Add payment manifest parser integration test

27 June 14:49 - Chromium - Rouslan Solomakhin

Bug: 735184 Change-Id: I248757a555b6d04c06a683931c895d8f4829918d Reviewed-on:

Tablet WM : Swiping on system tray bubble

27 June 14:48 - Chromium - minch

Swiping up on the system tray to open the system tray bubble.

Define ui::FrameInfo for frame metadata

27 June 14:48 - Chromium - Jinsuk Kim

ViewAndroid stores the view-related frame metadata in a new struct defined in this class.

Add StrictMode exemption from getDrawable

27 June 13:52 - Chromium - tedchoc

Long, long, mythical likely never to arise time, we should look at not calling this on the UI thread and loading images in the background, but the usage of this is wide spread and would likely need a bunch of work to get there.

RELAND: media: add ARC++ camera HAL v3 Mojo service

27 June 13:18 - Chromium - Ricky Liang

This is a re-land of

Update V8 to version 6.1.298.

27 June 13:16 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add signals that mark the start and end of session restore

27 June 13:06 - Chromium - ducbui

Currently, there is no easy way to know whether we are during session restore or not, so it is necessary to add some signals to do so.

test-pending-call-dispatch: Add copyright and license grant

27 June 13:05 - DBus - Simon McVittie

According to git history, this test was written in 2006 by Red Hat employee John Palmieri and has received only trivial changes since then.

include/device: Add pci ids for Intel CNL

27 June 12:50 - Coreboot - Lijian Zhao

Parse "supported_origins" in web payment manifest

27 June 12:46 - Chromium - Rouslan Solomakhin

If present, a valid "supported_origins" field in web payment manifest can be either the string "*" or a list of origins.

mesa: fix clip plane enable breakage

27 June 12:45 - Mesa - Marek Olšák

Broken by:

Add network service suppression for a newly added layout test

27 June 12:17 - Chromium - mmenke

inspector-protocol/dom/dom-request-document-with-child-nodes.js was added in

util/blobtool: add spec files for DDR3 SPDs

27 June 12:06 - Coreboot - Martin Roth

Because of how blobtool works, we need different files for the 128 and 256 byte versions.

mb/google: Remove ChromeEC builds for auron and rambi

27 June 12:06 - Coreboot - Martin Roth

The ChromeEC board directories for auron and rambi have been removed from the latest version of ChromeEC.

lavu: add new D3D11 pixfmt and hwcontext

27 June 12:05 - FFmpeg - wm4

To be used with the new d3d11 hwaccel decode API. With the new hwaccel API, we don't want surfaces to depend on the decoder (other than the required dimension and format).

dxva: add support for new dxva2 and d3d11 hwaccel APIs

27 June 12:05 - FFmpeg - wm4

This also adds support to avconv (which is trivial due to the new hwaccel API being generic enough). The new decoder setup code in dxva2.c is significantly based on work by Steve Lhomme, but with heavy changes/rewrites. Merges Libav commit f9e7a2f95a7194a8736cc1416a03a1a0155a3e9f.

dxva: support DXGI_FORMAT_420_OPAQUE decoding

27 June 12:05 - FFmpeg - wm4

Some devices (some phones, apparently) will support only this opaque format.

mainboard/google/poppy: Add clock frequency for camera sensors

27 June 12:04 - Coreboot - V Sowmya

Add clock frequency property into _DSD ACPI object and set it to 19.2MHz for camera sensors.

[ARM] Optimise memchr for NEON-enabled processors

27 June 11:43 - glibc - Prakhar Bahuguna

This patch provides an optimised implementation of memchr using NEON instructions to improve its performance, especially with longer search regions.

[Payment Request] Makes sure only complete credit cards can be selected

27 June 11:16 - Chromium - mahmadi

- Checks the credit cards for completeness before setting the default selected credit card.

[device-ram] Move the feature to experimental

27 June 11:13 - Chromium - Fadi Meawad

The spec for device-ram client header is not stable enough to start exposing it to web developers, thus moving the feature from test to experimental.

Modify SafeBrowsing CheckBrowseUrl to take threat type set

27 June 11:10 - Chromium - ricea

Make SafeBrowsingDatabaseManager::CheckBrowseUrl() take a set of interesting threat types as an argument.

S390: Use cu21 instruction for converting from utf16 to utf8.

27 June 11:09 - glibc - Stefan Liebler

This patch adds an ifunc variant to use the cu instruction on arch12 CPUs.

S390: Add new hwcap values for new cpu architecture - arch12.

27 June 11:09 - glibc - Stefan Liebler

The new hwcap values indicate support for:- Vector packed decimal facility- Vector enhancements facility 1- Guarded storage facility Note: arch12 is NOT the official name of the new CPU.

radeon/vcn: enable h264 decode entension support

27 June 10:59 - Mesa - Leo Liu

localedata: Month names updated from CLDR-31 [BZ #21217]

27 June 10:50 - glibc - Rafal Luzynski

[BZ #21217] - localedata/locales/be_BY (mon, abmon): Reworded "Травень" ("travyen'") and abbreviated "Тра" ("tra") to "Май" ("may"). - localedata/locales/be_BY@latin (mon, abmon): Likewise, "Travień" and abbreviated "Tra" reworded to "Maj". - localedata/locales/br_FR (day, abmon, mon, d_t_fmt): Use the proper Unicode apostrophe (Cʼhwevrer, mercʼher, Dʼar). - localedata/locales/es_PE (mon, abmon): Reworded "septiembre" to "setiembre" and abbreviated "sep" to "set". - localedata/locales/es_UY: Likewise. - localedata/locales/fil_PH (mon): Reworded "Septiyembre" to "Setyembre" and "Nobiyembre" to "Nobyembre". - localedata/locales/fur_IT (mon, abmon): Reworded "Decembar" to "Dicembar" and abbreviated "Dec" to "Dic". - localedata/locales/fy_NL (mon): Reworded "Janaris" to "Jannewaris". - localedata/locales/ha_NG (mon, abmon): Reworded "Fabrairu" to "Faburairu" and "Afrilu" to "Afirilu", also abbreviated "Afr" to "Afi". - localedata/locales/ig_NG (mon, abmon): All months begin with uppercase.

Add CFI trybot to SwiftShader DEPS roll script

27 June 10:47 - Chromium - Nicolas Capens

The linux_chromium_cfi_rel_ng (Control-Flow Integrity) trybot builds with ThinLTO enabled.

Update V8 to version 6.1.297.

27 June 10:39 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Introduce BufferingDataPipeWriter

27 June 10:20 - Chromium - Yutaka Hirano

This CL introduces BufferingDataPipeWriter which is conceptually the writer end of a data pipe accompanied with buffers.

Android JNI: Generate calls to RegisterNatives()

27 June 09:57 - Chromium - Yipeng Wang

Generate registration functions with unique names(package+class).

ecore-wl2: Add client-side event for Window Show

27 June 09:47 - EFL Core Libraries - Chris Michael

Small patch to add and send a client-side event for when a window gets shown.

ecore-wl2: Add client-side event for Window Hide

27 June 09:47 - EFL Core Libraries - Chris Michael

Small patch to add and send a client-side event for when a window gets hidden.

ecore-wl2: Add client-side event for Window Activate

27 June 09:47 - EFL Core Libraries - Chris Michael

This patch adds and sends a client-side event when a window gets activated.

ecore-wl2: Add client-side event for Window Deactivate

27 June 09:47 - EFL Core Libraries - Chris Michael

This patch adds and sends a client-side event for when a window gets deactivated.

tdf#108714: allow as direct child of

27 June 09:43 - LibreOffice - Mike Kaganski

LibreOffice doesn't accept <w:br> element as a child of <w:body>. ECMA-376-1:2016 describes br as element of a run content, and points to CT_Br in §A.1.

Add concept of "state of account" to Identity Service and example usage

27 June 09:39 - Chromium - Colin Blundell

Clients of signin code have a common use case of getting an AccountInfo (e.g., for the primary account) followed by getting information about the state of that account (e.g., whether it has a refresh token available).

Possibility to add exceptions in Protocol Alerter

27 June 09:08 - Chromium - gambard

The ProtocolAlerter logs all the methods of a protocol.

Update V8 to version 6.1.296.

27 June 08:52 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Update V8 to version 6.1.294.

27 June 07:04 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

media: add ARC++ camera HAL v3 Mojo service

27 June 06:05 - Chromium - Ricky Liang

The ARC++ camera HAL v3 Mojo service serves as a proxy to establish the Mojo connections between the camera clients (i.e.

nir: add support for 64-bit in SmoothStep function

27 June 06:01 - Mesa - Juan A. Suarez Romero

According to GLSL.std.450 spec, SmoothStep expects input to be a floating-point type, but it does not restrict the bitsize.

gpg4libre: Add seahorse to list of certificate managers

27 June 05:04 - LibreOffice - Samuel Mehrbrodt

which is the Gnome default app for ḱey management

[LayoutNG] Implement word-wrap/overflow-wrap: break-word

27 June 05:00 - Chromium - kojii

This patch implements the CSS 'word-wrap/overflow-wrap: break-word' and 'word-break: break-word' property. There is a subtle difference in the two properties in the current layout engine; the former does not affect preferred width.

[Services] Add echo service for use in testing contexts

27 June 04:55 - Chromium - Colin Blundell

This CL adds a test-only echo service that can be used as a simple example service to connect to in end-to-end testing contexts. This service will shortly be used in an end-to-end test of the embedding of the Service Manager in //ios/web.

Add percentage of progress in notification header

27 June 04:52 - Chromium - tetsui

Add percentage of progress in the header of new-style notification, so that it would be consistent with the mock. BUG=726245 TEST=manual, including environment with RTL language (Hebrew).

tdf#108809 Message boxes: Add more descriptive window title

27 June 04:41 - LibreOffice - Samuel Mehrbrodt

avcodec/utvideodec: add SIMD for restore_rgb_planes

27 June 03:54 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

doc: Add an example for target units (#5951)

27 June 03:50 - systemd - Janne Heß

This adds an example target unit to the man page of systemd targets.

Use base class to set/get super/sub script

27 June 03:15 - LibreOffice - Tamas Bunth

Looks like some obsolete code

Import html/dom/interfaces.html from web-platform-tests

27 June 03:11 - Chromium - Kent Tamura

The test was flaky because it sometimes showed a console message about WebSocket connection failure.

Update V8 to version 6.1.293.

27 June 02:57 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

loplugin:useuniqueptr in various

27 June 02:42 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

extending it to find places we can use std::unique_ptr on arrays

Support animating custom properties

27 June 02:28 - Chromium - Alan Cutter

This patch adds support for animating custom properties registered with the <integer> syntax.

Stick the omnibox to the top of the collection

27 June 01:53 - Chromium - gambard

This CL adds a UICollectionFlowLayout to pin the omnibox to the top of the collection when scrolling down.

chromeos: Flags to ignore accidental power button presses

27 June 01:31 - Chromium - Daniel Erat

Add a bunch of experimental flags to chrome://flags to configure the TabletPowerButtonController class to acquire accelerometer data and use it to disregard power button events that it determines to be accidental/spurious.

libgo: add misc/cgo files

27 June 00:21 - GCC - ian

Copy all the misc/cgo files from the gc toolchain into libgo/misc.

[Telemetry] Move smoothness.* benchmarks to story expectations

26 June 23:40 - Chromium - rnephew

Support moving pending requests from one DataUseRecorder to another

26 June 23:37 - Chromium - rajendrant

To support such a move, data use of requests should be tracked separately.

Enable inert visual viewport

26 June 23:15 - Chromium - David Bokan

Inert visual viewport is a mode in Blink that makes the visual viewport invisible to the page in most ways.

Updating trunk VERSION from 3142.0 to 3143.0

26 June 23:03 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#482522}

Implement new AnimationTimeline superclass

26 June 22:34 - Chromium - suzyh

Most of the logic in the AnimationTimeline class really belongs in DocumentTimeline, having been written before the distinction was introduced to the spec. This patch introduces a new, abstract superclass (called SuperAnimationTimeline) that provides only the bare minimum to satisfy the AnimationTimeline.idl interface.

color: Add NSScreenColorSpaceDidChangeNotification observer

26 June 22:27 - Chromium - ccameron

Change RenderWidgetHostViewMac to not query the display color profile directly, rather, use the display::Display screen information.

soc/intel/skylake: storage: Add 2ms delay before exiting D3

26 June 22:15 - Coreboot - Duncan Laurie

For the skylake/kabylake generation of PCH there is an ACPI workaround for emmc/sd power state that involves disabling and re-enabling dynamic clock gating after enabling power to the controller, before setting the power state to D0.

Rewrite base::Bind to base::BindOnce in chrome/browser/spellchecker

26 June 22:01 - Chromium - tzik

This is a generated CL to rewrite base::Bind to base::BindOnce where the result of base::Bind is immediately converted to OnceCallback.

Making the ChildConnectionAllocator start the connections

26 June 21:47 - Chromium - Jay Civelli

The ChildConnectionAllocator now starts the connections it creates.

Add facebooktest account back

26 June 21:46 - Chromium - nednguyen

To test this, go to depot_tools, then run:

Add support to GLRenderer for different blending for solid color quads

26 June 21:33 - Chromium - jbauman

kDstOut is a useful blending type for the hole-punching needed to draw overlays, and we want to be able to apply it to solid color quads.

MacViews: Fix VoiceOver feedback in editable fields

26 June 21:32 - Chromium - tapted

This requires some parameterized attributes to be supported.

Add minimum retry time for AndroidVideoSurfaceChooserImpl

26 June 21:31 - Chromium -

To prevent repeated requests for an overlay, this CL requires a ten second delay between one failed overlay request and the next.

Add more documentation about metrics for FeatureEngagementTracker

26 June 21:30 - Chromium - Tommy Nyquist

The metrics documentation for FeatureEngagementTracker is missing a few new metrics added in

Reland with a fix: Do not activate TrayBubbleView by default

26 June 20:37 - Chromium - yawano

- Activating a TrayBubbleView brings an Android window to onPause state.- This CL sets can_set_activate to false and makes TrayBubbleView not activated by default.- If the TrayBubbleView is not activated, it cannot capture key events for moving focus or closing the view by keyboard.

[Offline Pages] Support network requests in prefetching

26 June 20:16 - Chromium - Justin DeWitt

Note, this is disabled on trunk and hidden behind a feature.

[PageLoadMetrics] Remove legacy IPC from Page Load Metrics

26 June 20:10 - Chromium - lpy

Page Load Metrics Mojofication has proven that we can safely migrate to use mojo IPC, this patch removes the legacy IPC and enables mojo IPC by default.

Detect HDR capability

26 June 20:09 - Chromium - hubbe

This calls the windows API for detecting if the output display can do HDR output or not.

tools/gn: write out the required version of ninja

26 June 19:49 - Chromium - Thiago Farina

Write to the file the required version of Ninja to avoid problems like the one that happended in

Implement the V2 sandbox in the process launcher

26 June 19:40 - Chromium - kerrnel

Implements the V2 sandbox in the process launcher, passing the parameters and flags to Chrome Helper executable.

libpayload: Enable building libpayload with march=i586

26 June 19:14 - Coreboot - Lee Leahy

Add a Kconfig value to enable building libpayload with the 586 compiler.

Add float128 support for ia64.

26 June 18:50 - glibc - Joseph Myers

This patch enables float128 support for ia64, so that all the configurations where GCC supports _Float128 / __float128 as an ABI-distinct type now have glibc support as well.

mesa: add no error support to copyteximage()

26 June 18:27 - Mesa - Timothy Arceri

Update V8 to version 6.1.292.

26 June 18:23 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

dxva: support DXGI_FORMAT_420_OPAQUE decoding

26 June 18:23 - Libav - wm4

Some devices (some phones, apparently) will support only this opaque format.

Reland: Add support for $i18n{} localized strings to ios/web

26 June 18:03 - Chromium - michaeldo

The html templates used for chrome:// pages have been updated with new i18n support using $i18n{} style strings over the older i18n-content.

Add float128 support for x86_64, x86.

26 June 18:02 - glibc - Joseph Myers

This patch enables float128 support for x86_64 and x86.

Reland "Reland "[SPv2] Rework GeometryMapper transform computation""

26 June 17:27 - Chromium - Tien-Ren Chen

This is a reland of 861dba53827558b1b65fffea3fe3c3cf857d6968 Workaround a Windows x64 compiler bug that misaligned TransformationMatrix when passed by value. Original change's description: > Reland "[SPv2] Rework GeometryMapper transform computation" > > This is a reland of afc31e816ea4cb6b68fe2e608b011e2ddc09a90a > Fixed Windows x64 build failure.

elm_code: Add a matched token so we can highlight searches

26 June 17:17 - EFL Core Libraries - Andy Williams

Should make dense matches in a text editor clearer.

chromeos: makes EasyResizeWindowTargeter work with mus

26 June 17:16 - Chromium - Scott Violet

Mus now supports this by way of converting (and renaming) SetExtendedHitArea() to match the logic of EasyResizeWindowTargeter.

Call exit directly in clone (BZ #21512)

26 June 16:52 - glibc - Adhemerval Zanella

On aarch64, alpha, arm, hppa, mips, nios2, powerpc, sh, sparc, tile, and x86_64 the clone syscall jumps to _exit after the child execution and the function ends the process execution by calling exit_group.

Add ComInitCheckHook for Eligible Builds to the Task Scheduler

26 June 16:43 - Chromium - Robert Liao

This will allow for COM initialization checking as code is refactored to use the task scheduler.

Fix crash when changing blink settings to enable plugins

26 June 16:41 - Chromium - Lucas Furukawa Gadani

Bug: 731239 Change-Id: Ibc1addb014802e5a91154daf9cd134977a25e002 Reviewed-on:

fuchsia: Implement SharedMemory and SharedMemoryHandle

26 June 16:32 - Chromium - Scott Graham

For regular shared memory, posix maps a file in /tmp, but this isn't fully supported in Fuchsia.

[LayoutNG] Add grapheme cluster iterations to LazyLineBreakIterator

26 June 16:24 - Chromium - kojii

This patch adds grapheme cluster iterations to LazyLineBreakIterator as a new LineBreakType. The implementation uses NonSharedCharacterBreakIterator, but expose as a LineBreakType in LazyLineBreakIterator.

Ignore old stats file timestamps when starting the stats collector

26 June 16:17 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

The stats collector disregards inquiry messages that bear a cutoff_time before when it last wrote the relevant stats file.

systemd-mount: support device names and multiple arguments for umount (#6096)

26 June 16:07 - systemd - Yu Watanabe

This makes systemd-umount (or systemd-mount -u) supports multiple arguments which can be path, device, or fstab style node name, like `systemd-umount /path/to/umount /dev/sda1 UUID=xxxxxx-xxxx LABEL=xxxxx`. C.f.

Update V8 to version 6.1.288.

26 June 15:15 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Mark system_health.memory_desktop as disabled on android

26 June 15:12 - Chromium - Stephen Martinis

Use decorator instead of ShouldDisabled, so that the perf_data_generator can discover that it's disabled on android, and not trigger it.

app: GimpDrawTool: implement GimpTool::modifier_key()...

26 June 15:03 - GIMP - Michael Natterer

...and ::sctive_modifier_key()

fuchsia: Add beginning of build docs

26 June 14:51 - Chromium - Scott Graham

[android] Add an empty apk for devil testing

26 June 14:32 - Chromium - John Budorick

To be used in testing system APK removal and replacement.

blorp/clear: Add a binding-table-based CCS resolve function

26 June 14:09 - Mesa - Nanley Chery

v2: - Do layered resolves.

anv/blorp: Add a surface-state-based CCS resolve function

26 June 14:09 - Mesa - Nanley Chery

This will be used in the next patch.

[RuntimeCallStats] Add macros for a fast path when RCS is disabled

26 June 14:04 - Chromium - Adithya Srinivasan

This CL disables RCS by default and only enables it when the--dump-blink-runtime-call-stats flag is specified.

etnaviv: add support for snorm textures

26 June 13:59 - Mesa - Christian Gmeiner

Based on a patch from Wladimir J.

etnaviv: add R8G8 texture support

26 June 13:56 - Mesa - Christian Gmeiner

Passes texwrap GL_ARB_texture_rg piglit (with faked full texture rg support).

etnaviv: add support for swizzled texture formats

26 June 13:56 - Mesa - Christian Gmeiner

Passes all ext_texture_swizzle piglits.

chromeos: make DisplaySynchronizer update mus when only work area changes

26 June 13:44 - Chromium - Scott Violet

When only the work area changes WindowTreeHostManager::Observer::OnDisplayConfigurationChanged() is not called, which means ash wasn't updating mus.

Add convenience fn to compute a file's sha1sum

26 June 13:39 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

cc: Add solid color analyzer to replace AnalysisCanvas

26 June 13:34 - Chromium - Vladimir Levin

This patch adds a solid color analysis to run on paint op buffer.

Update V8 to version 6.1.282.

26 June 13:27 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

app: add new GimpToolWidget subclass GimpToolRectangle

26 June 13:19 - GIMP - Michael Natterer

which is a replacement for GimpRectangleTool.

app: implement the crop tool using GimpToolRectangle

26 June 13:19 - GIMP - Michael Natterer

GimpRectangleTool users down by one.

Add AccelerometerSupport to Display StructTraits

26 June 12:37 - Chromium - kylechar

Also small cleanup in DisplayStructTraitsTests.

Add Android Webview Embedded Server to gradle

26 June 12:18 - Chromium - Anthony Berent

Was missing, hence meaning that its source files were unknown to Android Studio.

libpayload/configs: Add configuration for Galileo

26 June 11:32 - Coreboot - Lee Leahy

Add the default configuration file for the Galileo board.

Update V8 to version 6.1.279.

26 June 11:30 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add ContentSuggestions to the NTP panel

26 June 11:13 - Chromium - gambard

Replace the GoogleLandingViewController by ContentSuggestionsViewController when the suggestions flags is turned on.

WebRtcMediaStreamAdapterMap added

26 June 11:04 - Chromium - hbos

This will take care of creating and owning stream adapters, the glue between blink and webrtc layer media streams, independent of any one particular component using a stream.

Android: Update gradle plugin version

26 June 11:00 - Chromium - Peter Wen

Bug: None Change-Id: Iee6681c94726531e6bcf54869155f04f59bdd299 Reviewed-on:

Settings coordinators

26 June 10:28 - Chromium - Louis Romero

Currently, there is only one master coordinator for the entire settings.

Use custom CSS for the iconview as a fallback (Bug #13609)

26 June 09:47 - Xfdesktop - Eric Koegel

This patch looks for the theme to provide custom CSS for the XfdesktopIconView if that doesn't exist then we use ToZ's CSS to theme it.

Update V8 to version 6.1.274.

26 June 09:40 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Plan: Add support for shared resources

26 June 09:05 - Calligra - Dag Andersen

This includes: .

Update V8 to version 6.1.270.

26 June 07:46 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add controller for the Logo Header in ContentSuggestions

26 June 06:57 - Chromium - gambard

This CL adds a controller, handling the creation and setup of the header view displayed on the Content Suggestions.

Support animating custom properties

26 June 06:32 - Chromium - Alan Cutter

This patch adds support for animating custom properties registered with the <image> syntax.

hwdb: Add ID_INPUT_JOYSTICK_INTEGRATION property (#5413)

26 June 06:17 - systemd - hadess

When the joystick is integrated directly into the machine, knowing that the device is internal allows us to disable attached functionality when the device is not used or inaccessible.

Update V8 to version 6.1.268.

26 June 06:00 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

customtabs: Add support for speculated_url in the benchmark scripts

26 June 05:46 - Chromium - lizeb

hwdb: Cytrix Complex 11t accelerometer support (#5807)

26 June 05:27 - systemd - James Hemsing

Add quirk to fix portrait orientations resulting in an upside-down screen on the Cytrix/Mytrix/Cube Complex 11t tablet.

loplugin:oncevar in sc

26 June 04:57 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

Change-Id: Ice59e286debb6bd0eb692f2b2b0c2c5087c069c0 Reviewed-on:

Bindings: Generate installers of runtime enabled features for templates

26 June 04:33 - Chromium - Hitoshi Yoshida

This enables to install runtime enabled features on interface templates.

Add factory creation methods for creating local and remote main frames

26 June 03:37 - Chromium - Daniel Cheng

- Creating a main frame no longer requires passing a pointless tree scope type, since the main frame is never in the shadow tree. - Consistently set name / sandbox flags in Blink via CreateMainFrame().

Get rid of *live granularity* behavior from selection

26 June 03:25 - Chromium - yosin

This patch gets rid of *live granularity* unintentionally introduced by the patch[1] by making |ExpandSelectionToRespectUserSelectAll()| in |SelectionController| to return expanded selection for improving interoperability. The *live granularity* behavior is invoked by double-click or triple-click to select word/paragraph.

r600/asm: add support for other GDS operations

26 June 02:27 - Mesa - Dave Airlie

This adds support for the GDS operations needed to do atomic counters.

r600: add support for vertex fetches via texture cache

26 June 02:23 - Mesa - Dave Airlie

On evergreen we can route vertex fetches via the texture cache, and this is required for some images support.

Add failure codes for why animations cannot be composited

26 June 02:14 - Chromium - Alan Cutter

This change extends CanStartAnimationOnCompositor() methods to return a reason why Blink decides that an animation cannot be run on the compositor.

elm_entry: Add prediction hint API

26 June 00:44 - EFL Core Libraries - Jihoon Kim

prediction hint can be used to provide an intelligent reply suggestion.

bluetooth: Implement setNextWriteResponse (characteristic)

26 June 00:22 - Chromium - Giovanni Ortuño Urquidi

Also implements getLastWrittenValue() and converts a test to use these.

Reland "Textarea resize-able only to larger; min-height and min-width properly set"

25 June 23:14 - Chromium - Kent Tamura

Textarea does not respect the min-height and min-width property when they are set by user.

Add custom action support

25 June 22:55 - Chromium - yawano

- This CL extends chrome.automation API to support custom actions.- Proposal to extend chrome.automation API:

Linux 4.12-rc7

25 June 21:30 - Linux Kernel - Linus Torvalds

soc/intel/fsp_baytrail/include/soc/pci_devs.h: Add brackets around macro

25 June 20:56 - Coreboot - Elyes HAOUAS

Code checked manually

soc/amd/stoneyridge: Add northbridge support

25 June 20:46 - Coreboot - Marc Jones

Copy northbridge files from northbridge/amd/pi/00670F00 to soc/amd/stoneyridge and soc/amd/common.

soc/amd/stoneyridge: Add CPU files

25 June 20:46 - Coreboot - Marc Jones

Copy cpu/amd/pi/00670F00 to soc/amd/stoneyridge and soc/amd/common.

soc: Add AMD Stoney Ridge southbridge code

25 June 20:45 - Coreboot - Marc Jones

Copy the Hudson/Kern code from southbridge/amd/pi/hudson.

mesa/glthread: switch to u_queue and redesign the batch management

25 June 20:17 - Mesa - Marek Olšák

This mirrors exactly how u_threaded_context works.

mesa/glthread: add glthread "perf" counters and pass them to gallium HUD

25 June 20:17 - Mesa - Marek Olšák

for HUD integration in following commits.

gallium/hud: add glthread counters

25 June 20:17 - Mesa - Marek Olšák

radv: handle primitive id input into fragment shader with no geom shader

25 June 18:45 - Mesa - Dave Airlie

Fixes: dEQP-VK.

systemd-link: add support to configure the device port (#6153)

25 June 18:42 - systemd - Susant Sahani

This work allows to configure device port: tp — An Ethernet interface using Twisted-Pair cable as the medium.

Paint all collapsed borders of a row (or table) as one display item

25 June 17:49 - Chromium - Xianzhu Wang

In normal cases and SPv2, paint all collapsed borders of a row as one display item.

systray: Allow ordering of items (Bug #11929)

25 June 16:40 - xfce4-panel - Viktor Odintsev

Updating trunk VERSION from 3141.0 to 3142.0

24 June 23:03 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#482166}

Import wpt@b994916eb9b33004a0702af66d58332d2d5c5eaa (manual)

24 June 21:05 - Chromium - Quinten Yearsley

Using wpt-import in Chromium c48fb5562fef0270164797dec46416d6735f588a.

Updated core Project: help 181b72469b27cc2f711525838463e98a0920161c

24 June 19:55 - LibreOffice - Olivier Hallot

Updated core Project: help 181b72469b27cc2f711525838463e98a0920161c

gpg4libre: import public key payload if initial validation fails

24 June 19:33 - LibreOffice - Thorsten Behrens

Since maybe we don't know the key yet?

tdf#108720 Add symbol fonts to isSymbolFont()

24 June 16:45 - LibreOffice - Yousuf Philips

Added webdings, wingdings, and bookshelf symbol 7

avfilter/vf_lut2: add support for gray10 and gray12 pixel formats

24 June 16:40 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

Add profile switcher button dark theme

24 June 16:25 - Chromium - Bret Sepulveda

When the Windows titlebar and caption buttons have a dark theme, the profile switcher button now has one to match.

lavc/golobm: Add set_ue_golomb_long to support up to 2^32 -2.

24 June 16:17 - FFmpeg - Jun Zhao

add set_ue_golomb_long to support up to 2^32-2.

Further hacking on ICU collation creation and usage

24 June 13:54 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

pg_import_system_collations() refused to create any ICU collations if the current database's encoding didn't support ICU.

make nss-systemd support conditional (#6155)

24 June 13:30 - systemd - Waldemar Brodkorb

This allows the nss-systemd module to be disabled on minimal installations.

Deschedule benchmarks on 'build152-m1'

24 June 13:20 - Chromium - Ned Nguyen

Device "build152-m1" is blacklisted.

doc: Add VAAPI encoders

24 June 12:41 - FFmpeg - Mark Thompson

vaapi_encode: Add VP9 support

24 June 12:41 - FFmpeg - Mark Thompson

vp9: Add bsf to fix reordering in raw streams

24 June 12:41 - FFmpeg - Mark Thompson

Takes a raw input stream containing frames with correct timestamps but possibly out of order and inserts additional show-existing-frame packets to correct the ordering.

st/dri2: implement image offset query

24 June 11:57 - Mesa - Lucas Stach

This trivially adds support for the image offset query, which is needed for the zwp_linux_dmabuf based EGL platform wayland implementation.

oovbaapi: add Application.OperatingSystem property

24 June 10:24 - LibreOffice - Tamas Bunth

tdf#98800 Enable Next button on the third page of the MM Wizard

24 June 03:40 - LibreOffice - Gabor Kelemen

This seems to enable and disable the Next button even if the 'This page shall' checkbox is already enabled after a previous run.

Update V8 to version 6.1.266.

24 June 03:21 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add Comodo Sabre and Mammoth CT logs to log_list.json

24 June 03:20 - Chromium - Rob Percival

These Certificate Transparency logs have successfully completed their initial compliance monitoring.

webkitpy: Add time output to the start of logging messages

24 June 03:18 - Chromium - tansell

To understand how it is between log messages we should print a human (and machine) parsable version of the current time. This is needed to figure out what is going on in

[DeviceService] Add PowerMonitor browsertest against utility process

24 June 03:17 - Chromium - Han Leon

This CL is to confirm that in a real browser environment the utility process CAN succeed in connecting to Device Service to bind PowerMonitor interface, and, via which utility process CAN get power state change correctly.

Add support for LibOpenJPEG v2.2/git

23 June 23:29 - FFmpeg - Reino17

Add the Play Store app search to the launcher

23 June 23:13 - Chromium - hejq


Updating trunk VERSION from 3140.0 to 3141.0

23 June 23:03 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#482129}

[Extensions Bindings] Support ArrayBufferView in idl files

23 June 22:14 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin

Currently, to specify an ArrayBufferView in an IDL file, we use `[instanceOf=Uint8Array] object view`

[Extensions Bindings] Consider argument type more in signature parsing

23 June 22:11 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin

Right now, when parsing arguments, we look at whether or not an argument matches the expected argument, and, if it does not and the argument is optional, we advance to the next argument.

Migrate FILE thread usage in overrides of ContentBrowserClient::GetQuotaSettings()

23 June 21:53 - Chromium - tapted

These all call storage::CalculateNominalDynamicSettings().

DevTools: add metrics for coverage start

23 June 21:18 - Chromium - Andrey Kosyakov

This adds another value to DevToolsAction enum and records it whenever coverage recording is started.

Add component for feature_engagement_tracker

23 June 21:15 - Chromium - Tommy Nyquist

The component in the OWNERS file will help with filing bugs related to the feature_engagement_tracker backend.

Add 'Updated just now' timestamp to the Previews infobar

23 June 20:47 - Chromium - megjablon

When a stale preview is refreshed, show a 'Updated just now' timestamp on the infobar.

[subresource_filter] Add the "Learn more" link to the Mac bubble

23 June 20:22 - Chromium - csharrison

Bug: 689992 Change-Id: Ibd08d6aaa1cb2e2a7a8cbc33bce6179268f0400b Reviewed-on:

Add functionality for copying text within PDF form fields

23 June 20:17 - Chromium - drgage

Text can be copied from selected text in text fields and combobox text fields.

[Android] Implement app-wise direct share and share function in Browser Action menu

23 June 19:47 - Chromium - ltian

This CL implements the app-wise direct share which different source apps have different caches for their share options in Browser Actions.

Rotate to Fullscreen: enable feature by default

23 June 19:42 - Chromium - Mounir Lamouri

Bug: 713225 Change-Id: Ifb391a9984b193dfeff459c94f8b38972ffaa1c4 Reviewed-on:

arc: Protect UMA arc.PlayStoreShown.TimeDelta

23 June 19:42 - Chromium - khmel

With new launch mode for assistance we delay starting Play Store until assistance is done.

[GRC] UKM Support

23 June 19:26 - Chromium - matthalp

This CL adds UKM support to GRC.

Add Support for COM Worker Threads to AssertComInitialized

23 June 19:25 - Chromium - Robert Liao

COM Worker Threads do not always call CoInitialize, but they do set some threading metadata.

Update V8 to version 6.1.265.

23 June 19:13 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

mdct15: add assembly optimizations for the 15-point FFT

23 June 18:45 - FFmpeg - Rostislav Pehlivanov

Turn on rich editable text by default

23 June 18:26 - Chromium - dtseng

TEST=chromevox_tests Editing*.* Manual: by character, word, line in complex html content editables- navigation- selection, deselection- deletion

do not enable abort on critical in development builds for raster only

23 June 18:23 - Enlightenment - Mike Blumenkrantz

Make initial focus consistent in all instances of cr-drawer

23 June 18:13 - Chromium - hcarmona

This removes focus ring from "Chrome history" and "Extensions" when showing cr-drawer using keyboard.

Enable the stale previews UI by default

23 June 18:04 - Chromium - megjablon

If a client recieves a stale preview, it should be shown the timestamp UI by default.

redo the gadget editor (again)

23 June 17:49 - Enlightenment - Mike Blumenkrantz

eina_log: make a log level of 0 disable the log domain

23 June 17:43 - EFL Core Libraries - Mike Blumenkrantz

this has always been specified in the docs as the means by which a log domain is disabled

Implement large cursors in Mushrome

23 June 17:37 - Chromium - erg

This transitions a ui enum to an enum class, and adds support for sending it across mojo pipes.

Add min. and max. effective connection type in the system profile proto

23 June 17:29 - Chromium - tbansal

The minimum and maximum values are reset every time the UMA log is uploaded.

Add viewport size from frame info to ViewAndroid

23 June 17:14 - Chromium - Jinsuk Kim

Adding viewport size from frame info to ViewAndroid in prepration of replacing all the usage of native ContentViewCore with ViewAndroid.

Remove support for downloading gold plugin

23 June 17:11 - Chromium - pcc

Now that

Thumbnails: Filter by page transition type

23 June 17:04 - Chromium - Marc Treib

Usually, we take thumbnails only for URLs that are in TopSites, i.e.

[Extensions Bindings] Add a bindings/ subdirectory under renderer

23 June 17:01 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin

The core bindings system has grown (55 files and 13,000 LOC).

Update V8 to version 6.1.262.

23 June 16:32 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add HostCachePersistenceManager for Cronet

23 June 16:17 - Chromium - mgersh

HostCachePersistenceManager handles the interaction between HostCache and prefs for persistence.

Reland: Differentiate credit, debit, and prepaid cards

23 June 16:13 - Chromium - Rouslan Solomakhin

Originally landed in:

Enable LimitEarlyPreconnects experiment by default

23 June 16:13 - Chromium - xunjieli

This CL makes LimitEarlyPreconnects experiment the default behavior.

Remove legacy popular sites cache cleaning

23 June 16:03 - Chromium - fhorschig

The cache cleaner is not necessary for recent Chromium versions anymore.

cc: Add PaintOpTypeToString in order to aid in debugging things

23 June 15:47 - Chromium - Vladimir Levin

This patch adds a type to string function for PaintOpTypes.

i965: Clamp clear colors to the representable range

23 June 15:30 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

Starting with Sky Lake, we can clear to arbitrary floats or integers.

i965/miptree: Rework aux enabling

23 June 15:30 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

This commit replaces the complex and confusing set of disable flags with two fairly straightforward fields which describe the intended auxiliary surface usage and whether or not the miptree supports fast clears.

Remove support for the oldref attribute in l10ntools

23 June 15:09 - LibreOffice - Gabor Kelemen

Now that oldref and l10n attributes were removed from helpcontent in commit eb9ec1c794a0d3b8522375c7a87ac3ee999c8a66 we can as well drop support of these from l10ntools and xmlhelp

Add support for querying min/max PTZ values

23 June 14:57 - Chromium - Peter Boström

Pan, tilt and zoom commands in chrome.webcamPrivate all use device-specific ranges for argument values.

Add support for $i18n{} localized strings to ios/web

23 June 14:37 - Chromium - michaeldo

The html templates used for chrome:// pages have been updated with new i18n support using $i18n{} style strings over the older i18n-content.

Update V8 to version 6.1.259.

23 June 14:36 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Enable feature to load icons from Web Manifests by defaut

23 June 14:19 - Chromium - mastiz

This causes Web Manifest icons to be read during page load, to improve coverage for UIs demanding large icons like the NTP. We've exercised the code in dev and everything looks good enough to enable by default (modulo two bugs we already have a fix for).

Added basic file validation. Limited the files shown to audio and video

23 June 14:13 - Chromium - paezagon

Added basic file validation.

Implement updated array buffer allocator in gin

23 June 14:13 - Chromium - Eric Holk

Bug: chromium:720302 Change-Id: I127daca6ee9954774b8ff23382ba38cb23da7318 Reviewed-on:

Add script to generate CronetChromeWebView.framework

23 June 14:12 - Chromium - michaeldo

By default, the script will build CronetChromeWebView.framework and copy the results to ./out/CronetChromeWebView/.

Release 2.11.

23 June 14:05 - WINE - Alexandre Julliard

### diff --git a/ANNOUNCE b/ANNOUNCE index 7e585bf..d59b199 100644 --- a/ANNOUNCE +++ b/ANNOUNCE @@ -1,17 +1,17 @@ -The Wine development release 2.10 is now available. +The Wine development release 2.11 is now available. What's new in this release (see below for details): - - Initial version of the Android graphics driver. - - Dictionary support in WebServices. - - A number of Direct2D fixes. - - User interface improvements in RegEdit. - - OLE clipboard cache fixes. + - OpenGL support in the Android driver. + - Support for security labels. + - Relay debugging on ARM64. + - More dictionary support in WebServices. + - New registry file parser in RegEdit. - Various bug fixes. The source is available from the following locations: -

Import wpt@2fbf393640a76f5b803096db868fff58525c5cbd (manual)

23 June 13:55 - Chromium - Quinten Yearsley

Using wpt-import in Chromium 5257dd237f1d169b88719b16c2e76682828b35c0.

st/dri: add a drirc workaround for Rocket League

23 June 13:50 - Mesa - Marek Olšák

This needs to be passed to gallium drivers.

radeonsi: implement the workaround for Rocket League - postponed TGSI kill

23 June 13:50 - Mesa - Marek Olšák

Do KILL at the end of shaders so as not to break WQM.

Add SET_TIME_ZONE permission to native_test

23 June 13:15 - Chromium - thoren

Chromecast has some tests that need this.

Allow enabling experimental hardware plane support

23 June 12:54 - Enlightenment - Derek Foreman

Hardware plane support is inactive unless a scanout handler is set, this patch adds a scanout handler and uses it when the env var E_USE_HARDWARE_PLANES is set.

Update V8 to version 6.1.254.

23 June 12:36 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add COM Initialization to TestBrowserThread and TestBrowserThreadBundle

23 June 11:59 - Chromium - Robert Liao

BrowserProcessSubThread initializes COM, so TestBrowserThread and TestBrowserThreadBundle should too.

soc/intel/common/block: Add common MP Init code

23 June 11:48 - Coreboot - Barnali Sarkar

This patch contains State Machine callbacks init_cpus() and post_cpu_init().

MCU: Remove use of AutomationType as ID, part two

23 June 11:39 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

This may need some small tweaks for MB channelstrip to set print-format (like LV2 plugins would) for cases where the default

Add testing to detect errors of omission in "pin" dependency creation

23 June 11:03 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

It's essential that initdb.c's setup_depend() scan each system catalog that could contain objects that need to have "p" (pin) entries in pg_depend or pg_shdepend.

Add log source to read from one DebugDaemon log

23 June 10:44 - Chromium - sque

DebugDaemon has a function, GetLog(), that returns the output of one log command.

[Signin] Handle multiple concurrent Dice responses

23 June 10:40 - Chromium - droger

This CL adds support for handling multiple concurrent Dice responses.

Remove UseNewDoodleApi feature

23 June 10:19 - Chromium - Marc Treib

This removes the plumbing in LogoBridge for using components/doodle.

ui/cocoa.m: add Speed menu

23 June 10:02 - QEMU - John Arbuckle

Programs running inside of QEMU can sometimes use more CPU time than is really needed.

[Content Suggestions] Add a is_video_suggestion_ field

23 June 09:55 - Chromium - Markus Heintz

This cl adds a is_video_suggestions field to the ContentSuggestions class and the Java equivalent SnippetArticle.

Relanding [Android] Adding Smart GO/NEXT feature in Chrome

23 June 09:38 - Chromium - ajith.v

Smart Go/Next brings better user experience to the user during form submitting applications.

Update V8 to version 6.1.253.

23 June 09:21 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

simplify some string handling in tracing calls

23 June 08:38 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

Change-Id: I0fb76562429e691400a02216019c7f96791cf9b3 Reviewed-on:

Headless: Adds a ThrottledDispatcher

23 June 08:27 - Chromium - Alex Clarke

This is very similar to the ExpeditedDispatcher except you can pause and resume requests.

Optimized version of powf()

23 June 08:19 - glibc - Paul Clarke

Most significant changes are code simplification and use of doubles for intermediate values.

writerfilter: remove redundant virtual keywords in the RTF import

23 June 08:14 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Also use default member initializers where possible.

powerpc: fix sysconf support for cache geometries

23 June 08:10 - glibc - Paul Clarke

Commit cdfbe5037f2f67bf5f560b73732b69d0fabe2314 added sysconf support for cache geometries on powerpc, but mishandled errno.

Removed NativeAppNavigationController and related code

23 June 07:52 - Chromium - pkl

These are no longer being used.

Store previous in-flow layout object in AttachContext

23 June 07:51 - Chromium - Rune Lillesveen

This is split out of [1].

Update V8 to version 6.1.251.

23 June 07:16 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Have Identity extension API impl get account ID via Identity Service

23 June 07:15 - Chromium - Colin Blundell

As part of porting the Identity extension API impl to use the Identity Service to fulfill all its needed signin functionality, this CL ports IdentityGetAuthTokenFunction to obtain the account ID that it should use from the Identity Service rather than directly from SigninManager and AccountTrackerService.

Add UMA that periodically logs number of outstanding requests

23 June 05:42 - Chromium - ksakamoto

This adds UMA to track the peak number of outstanding requests in ResourceDispatcherHostImpl.

Removed NativeAppsCollectionViewController and related code

23 June 05:37 - Chromium - pkl

After the deprecation of Native App Launcher, this code is no longer accessible.

Cleanup: Remove thumbnail retargeting code

23 June 05:20 - Chromium - Marc Treib

This never launched and has long been abandoned.

backend: refine load/store merging algorithm

23 June 04:05 - Beignet - rander

Now it works for sequence: load(0), load(1), load(2) but it cant work for load(2), load(0), load(1).

backend: add global immediate optimization

23 June 04:04 - Beignet - rander

there are some global immediates in global var list of LLVM.

[NTP::Prefetch] Keep some prefetched articles after fetch

23 June 02:39 - Chromium - Vitalii Iarko

This CL changes RemoteSuggestionsProviderImpl to keep at most 5 published not more than 36 hours ago the most recent prefecthed content suggestions when a new batch of suggestions is fetched.

Hold global GC heap lock while making audio thread access

23 June 01:28 - Chromium - sigbjornf

For auxillary threads that rarely need to gain access to another thread's GC heap, we have to ensure that this happens while the heap-owning thread isn't concurrently GCing the heap.

powerpc: Add optimized version of [l]lroundf

23 June 01:13 - glibc - Rajalakshmi Srinivasaraghavan

This patch makes use of optimized double version of llround for single precision as both the versions return [long] long type.

Loading Dispatcher: Implement WebFrameScheduler::Observer interface

23 June 01:08 - Chromium - Takashi Toyoshima

This patch adds an Observer interface to WebFrameScheduler so that platform/loader can implement Blink scheduler backed throttling scheme. Observer will be notified when scheduler's throttling state is changed.

Prepare security bullets for Android: add issuer and change connection details

23 June 01:02 - Chromium - lgarron

This is the first of a series of CLs to expose the GetSecurityStyle() explanations (currently only used in the DevTools Security panel overview, untranslated) in the Android connection info popup (translated).