Add inline murmurhash32(uint32) function

22 September 16:38 - PostgreSQL - Andres Freund

The function already existed in tidbitmap.c but more users requiring fast hashing of 32bit ints are coming up.

Use libm_alias_float in flt-32.

22 September 16:24 - glibc - Joseph Myers

This patch makes flt-32 libm functions use libm_alias_float to define public interfaces (in cases where _Float32 aliases of those interfaces would be appropriate, so not for finitef / isinff / isnanf). Tested for x86_64.

Add support for // to resource diff script

22 September 15:51 - Chromium - bsheedy

Adds support for specifying the paths in using paths starting with //.

Fresh run of bin/

22 September 15:01 - LibreOffice - Mike Kaganski

Change-Id: I69d4157aaf6570cecd51ea59df20556914942e06 Reviewed-on:

Doc updates from reading through them

22 September 14:44 - Chromium - Andrew Grieve


hash: Implement page-at-a-time scan

22 September 13:56 - PostgreSQL - Robert Haas

Commit 09cb5c0e7d6fbc9dee26dc429e4fc0f2a88e5272 added a similar optimization to btree back in 2006, but nobody bothered to implement the same thing for hash indexes, probably because they weren't WAL-logged and had lots of other performance problems as well.

Extract ArcDataRemover

22 September 13:46 - Chromium - Hidehiko Abe

This CL extracts an operation to remove ARC user data directory from ArcSessionManager to ArcDataRemover. BUG=739097 TEST=Ran trybot.

Remove Banner mechanism

22 September 13:43 - glibc - Joseph Myers

This patch removes the Banner mechanism, with the last remaining Banner file replaced by a contrib.texi entry.

Support seccomp-bpf for mips64el in Android

22 September 13:12 - Chromium - Gordana Cmiljanovic

In addition to:

Let the target choose a vectorisation alignment

22 September 12:44 - GCC - rsandifo

The vectoriser aligned vectors to TYPE_ALIGN unconditionally, although there was also a hard-coded assumption that this was equal to the type size.

[Payments] Same instance shipping address

22 September 12:03 - Chromium - Rouslan Solomakhin

PaymentRequest.shippingAddress and PaymentResponse.shippingAddress should be the same instance and === should return true.

Remove contrib/chkpass

22 September 11:49 - PostgreSQL - Peter Eisentraut

The recent addition of a test suite for this module revealed a few problems.

Update V8 to version 6.3.197.

22 September 11:46 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

soc/intel/common: Add intel common EBDA support

22 September 11:31 - Coreboot - Subrata Banik

This patch provides EBDA library for soc usage.

iOS, make simulator config copy of macosx

22 September 11:29 - LibreOffice - jan Iversen

When compiling for the simulator it is like compiling for macosx (64bit) but with other libraries, therefore the bridge should be like the macosx.

Enabled password selection by default

22 September 08:56 - Chromium - Irmak Kavasoglu

This cl enables the password selection feature for the password manager by default.

gdk: Add g-i annotations for new event getters

22 September 08:18 - GTK - Rico Tzschichholz

Add a gn variable to configure Chrome variants

22 September 07:56 - Chromium - Sylvain Defresne

Add ios_chrome_app_variants variable to allow to control which

gatt: Implement AcquireWrite for server

22 September 06:50 - BlueZ - Luiz Augusto von Dentz

This enables IO via file descriptors using AcquireWrite if server implements it.

client: Implement AcquireWrite for server

22 September 06:50 - BlueZ - Luiz Augusto von Dentz

This enables IO via file descriptors using AcquireWrite if server implements it.

gatt: Implement AcquireNotify for server

22 September 06:50 - BlueZ - Luiz Augusto von Dentz

This enables IO via file descriptors using AcquireWrite if server implements it.

client: Implement AcquireNotify for server

22 September 06:50 - BlueZ - Luiz Augusto von Dentz

This enables IO via file descriptors using AcquireNotify if server implements it.

Add support for building variants of app on iOS.

22 September 06:43 - Chromium - Sylvain Defresne

Chrome on iOS needs to build the same app (exact same binary) with different application icons (i.e.

Add move semantics to autofill::PasswordForm

22 September 06:11 - Chromium - Mikhail Kolomeytsev


Add src-internal to recursedeps

22 September 05:36 - Chromium - Paweł Hajdan, Jr

Bug: 766263 Change-Id: I9596248b40b586c2ab134c7666c22af244f5be71 Reviewed-on:

Update V8 to version 6.3.196.

22 September 04:30 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add HashTableDeletedValue support to WTF::Vector

22 September 04:17 - Chromium - tzik

This CL removes the deleted value construction of WTF::String through its constructor, that blocks further refactoring.

soc/intel/skylake: add Kabylake Celeron base SKU

22 September 01:33 - Coreboot - Gaggery Tsai

This patch adds the support for Kabylake Celeron base SKU with PCH ID 0x9d50.

images: Move animation of images to cc

22 September 00:44 - Chromium - Khushal

Currently animating an image requires an invalidation and repaint, to record the next frame of animation in an updated DisplayItemList from blink to cc.

Update V8 to version 6.3.195.

22 September 00:21 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

devtools: Make the session-ids globally unique

21 September 23:52 - Chromium - Sadrul Habib Chowdhury

Instead of having each DevToolsAgentHost its own sequence of session ids, use a global sequence, so that the delegate can uniquely identify a session by just the session id.

Add --log-file=PATH switch to app_shell

21 September 23:50 - Chromium - Michael Giuffrida

Let users specify the logging location.

rust (x86_64): updated with working cargo

21 September 23:35 - Haiku - Jessica Hamilton

- Note that this is a cross-compiled version from git master, so may run into bugs.

[build] Simplify Visual C++ 2010 project

21 September 23:12 - FreeType - Alexei Podtelezhnikov

- build/windows/vc2010/freetype.

Updating trunk VERSION from 3222.0 to 3223.0

21 September 23:04 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

fuchsia: Enable swarming for net_unittests

21 September 19:27 - Chromium - Scott Graham

Adds some deps/data_deps that weren't being included on Fuchsia.

Android: Add histograms for resource extraction

21 September 19:22 - Chromium - Eric Stevenson

Bug: 765428 Change-Id: Ia3234093b48cc94f2b51fc889063bec62fbb8a85 Reviewed-on:

Update V8 to version 6.3.194.

21 September 19:06 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

auth3: Remove auth_domain

21 September 18:02 - Samba - Volker Lendecke

If you're a domain member, use winbind.

Update V8 to version 6.3.192.

21 September 16:55 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add initial OCSP signature checking

21 September 16:29 - Chromium - Eric Roman

This is based on svaldez's work in

Add broker permission for amdgpu.ids file

21 September 14:06 - Chromium - Satyajit Sahu

Broker file permission has been added for "/usr/share/libdrm/amdgpu.ids".

cros: Add uma for back button and quick switch

21 September 14:06 - Chromium - Sammie Quon

Bug: 767449 Change-Id: I3523373d00a34eb42d955e5cf60c7ff4105fa7b5 Reviewed-on:

Update V8 to version 6.3.187.

21 September 13:30 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Implement 'Open (All) in incognito'

21 September 13:17 - Chromium - Marti Wong

Add the possibility to open all selected tabs in incognito mode as part of the new iOS bookmark UI.

Add Net.NeedsHWCAP2Workaround histogram

21 September 12:57 - Chromium - David Benjamin

This is to measure whether the Android workaround in

soc/intel/apollolake: Make SCI configurable

21 September 10:47 - Coreboot - Mario Scheithauer

The System Control Interrupt is routed per default to IRQ 9.

Update V8 to version 6.3.186.

21 September 10:05 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add link trait to ContentSuggestions' Learn More

21 September 09:43 - Chromium - Gauthier Ambard

The "Learn more about suggested content" link displayed at the bottom of ContentSuggestions had no accessibility indication that it would trigger an action.

Add some `since' fields (back to version 2.4.8).

21 September 08:56 - FreeType - Werner Lemberg

bump hunspell to 1.6.2

21 September 08:30 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: I91d4d58f2b8ba69067de1d08476a8cebbb780535 Reviewed-on:

iOS, change bridges to 64bit and reduce

21 September 08:08 - LibreOffice - jan Iversen

Changed __i386 to not __arm64 iOS either compiles for arm64 (production) or x86_64 (simulator)

views: add blocked state to collected cookies

21 September 07:53 - Chromium - Elly Fong-Jones

This change: 1) Colors rows that have been modified more lightly than usual, and 2) Adds descriptive text explaining how they have been modified

Update V8 to version 6.3.185.

21 September 07:13 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add copy_rtx call to RTL loop unroller

21 September 07:10 - GCC - rsandifo

This is needed if the step is an unshared constant, like many (const ...)s are.

Add kcwu@ to chrome/gpu and media/gpu owners

21 September 06:48 - Chromium - Kuang-che Wu

Bug: none Change-Id: I510b901fece002be8e584c967ccb0daaacb12e72 Reviewed-on:

GBE: enable llvm5.0 support

21 September 05:43 - Beignet - Yang Rong

libocl: enable llvm5.0 support

21 September 05:43 - Beignet - Yang Rong

There are 2 changes: 1.

Local NTP: support animated doodles

21 September 04:45 - Chromium - Chris Pickel

Missing: image preloading.

add fods fuzzer

21 September 03:55 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: I3cc5a0d8bb24dd33b63ed82866a4acfb7a2dd043 Reviewed-on:

tdf#99784 OSX run GUI stuff in the main thread

21 September 03:04 - LibreOffice - Jan-Marek Glogowski

The extension manager starts dialogs from its own thread.

Update V8 to version 6.3.184.

21 September 01:07 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

gsk: Make repeat nodes deserializable

20 September 23:26 - GTK - Matthias Clasen

This was just a simple oversight.

Add simple aging for the glyph cache

20 September 23:26 - GTK - Matthias Clasen

This should prevent the cache from growing out of bounds.

Updating trunk VERSION from 3221.0 to 3222.0

20 September 23:04 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

Init s2celliid checkin

20 September 22:47 - Chromium - Renjie Liu

Bring in s2 geometry library to chromium.

Update V8 to version 6.3.183.

20 September 22:41 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

idl_parser: Support annotated types in IDL files

20 September 22:35 - Chromium - Lisa Suzuki

This CL's intention is to adapt IDL files to the change of WebIDL's specifications, to support annotated types. Before this CL, sometimes types which are applicable to types ([Clamp], [EnforceRange], [TreatNullAs]) applied to non-types, even when specifications say otherwise.

s/created with/modified with/

20 September 20:01 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

Once a session has been saved by a more recent version or a different

soc/intel/cannonlake: add rtc failure checking

20 September 19:53 - Coreboot - Aaron Durbin

In order to prepare for checking RTC failure in the early boot paths move the rtc failure calculation to pmutil.c and add a helper function to determine if failure occurred.

Increase expected shell apk version to 26.

20 September 17:38 - Chromium - Xi Han

This is for pushing the latest template which includes polished WebApk dialog.

Add discovery-related network metrics

20 September 16:54 - Chromium - btolsch

This change adds metrics for how DiscoveryNetworkMonitor behaves as well as how well the cache in CastMediaSinkServiceImpl works.

Add jumbo_test template

20 September 13:53 - Chromium - Daniel Bratell

We already support jumbo_source_set, jumbo_component and jumbo_static_library so this is just another common template with a non-default configuration.

meson: Use dependency version_compare()

20 September 13:25 - X.Org Server - Daniel Stone

We can check the version on an existing dependency, rather than spinning up pkg-config again just to check the right version.

meson: Add Xvfb and Xephyr-glamor testing

20 September 13:19 - X.Org Server - Eric Anholt

The Xvfb tests are passing and Xephyr-glamor is failing for me, but it fails identically on autotools.

Add code size advantage to circular_deque doc

20 September 12:59 - Chromium - Brett Wilson

Clarify some other points, and remove references to insert and erase not existing (they have since been added).

Add SSE4.1 trunc, truncf (bug 20142).

20 September 12:54 - glibc - Joseph Myers

This patch adds SSE4.1 versions of trunc and truncf, using the roundsd / roundss instructions, similar to the versions of ceil, floor, rint and nearbyint functions we already have.

📱 Add bauerb@ to //chrome/test/android owners

20 September 12:40 - Chromium - Nicolas Dossou-gbete

Bug: None Change-Id: I1c3c7aedebad1af9d8b1a98f19d1730f4305d316 Reviewed-on:

Add "Adding..." toast to new webapk install flow

20 September 12:13 - Chromium - Xi Han

Bug: 767028 Change-Id: I2fb57e728c8808019a464c632fead3058a914a49 Reviewed-on:

Remove ChooseMobileNetwork

20 September 12:11 - Chromium - Steven Bennetts

This UI has been replaced with the internet detail dialog and can now be removed.

views: factor out TreeView drawing options

20 September 12:04 - Chromium - Elly Fong-Jones

Currently, it's difficult for consumers of TreeView to customize its visuals.

Update V8 to version 6.3.182.

20 September 11:50 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Create a JSON schema to ADMX converter

20 September 11:32 - Chromium - Lutz Justen

Adds a script that generates an ADMX template from an extension schema.json file.

Generate ADMX template for Chrome OS policies

20 September 11:01 - Chromium - ljusten

Generates an ADMX template to be used for editing policy on a Windows AD server.

Add support for partial Info.plist from actool

20 September 10:06 - Chromium - Sylvain Defresne

Change ios_app_bundle template to merge the generated Info.plist with the partial .plist created by the asset catalog compiler to support compiling application icon to as is required for application built with iOS 11.0 SDK.

Reland "Flatten ModuleTreeLinker"

20 September 09:57 - Chromium - Hiroshige Hayashizaki

This CL relands

[ios] Adds named layout guides

20 September 08:55 - Chromium - Rohit Rao

Adds a framework through which a small set of UILayoutGuides can be exposed for use across the app.

Missing dependency

20 September 08:33 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

otherwise CppunitTest_sw_rtfimport failed with

Trusted Types: Prototype for hacking

20 September 07:38 - Chromium - Mike West

After talking with some folks about xtof's [1], I think there's something there that browsers are uniquely positioned to help out with.

new loplugin flatten

20 September 06:42 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

look for places where we can flatten the control flow in a method by exiting early with a throw, ie.

screen-cast-stream: Add stream parameters

20 September 06:27 - Mutter - Jonas Ådahl

For monitor streams, add position and size (in compositor coordinate space) parameters.

Add headless_lib.pak to data for headless_shell

20 September 05:55 - Chromium - Sergey Ulanov

headless_shell was failing to run because headless_lib.pak wasn't packed to the image.

Add exp2f and log2f benchmark trace

20 September 05:04 - glibc - Szabolcs Nagy

exp2f and log2f benchmark traces are just copies of the existing expf and logf traces from wrf_r.

Update V8 to version (cherry-pick).

20 September 04:31 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add OWNERS for build/toolchain/mac directory

20 September 03:43 - Chromium - Sylvain Defresne

Add rsesek@ and sdefresne@ as OWNERS of build/toolchain/mac directory.

Local NTP: support simple doodles

20 September 03:38 - Chromium - Chris Pickel

Checked against the ddljson test doodles, plus today's doodle in Mexico.

cc: Add flag for disabling async worker context

20 September 01:26 - Chromium - Sunny Sachanandani

Helps in debugging the async worker context separately from the gpu scheduler.

Roll libexpat to 2.2.3

20 September 00:02 - Chromium - Dominic Cooney

Bug: 735752 Change-Id: Ic4b85154f2183b4735b03dad03061f233d84be7a Reviewed-on:

[build] Fix DLL builds in Visual C++ project

19 September 23:41 - FreeType - Alexei Podtelezhnikov

- build/windows/vc2010/freetype.vcxproj: Use DynamicLibrary in Debug and Release configurations.

Flatten ModuleTreeLinker

19 September 23:39 - Chromium - Hiroshige Hayashizaki

Updating trunk VERSION from 3220.0 to 3221.0

19 September 23:03 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

Add Telemetry to linux-chromiumos bot

19 September 22:40 - Chromium - Jonathan

We've been running telemetry_unittests and telemetry_perf_unittests on the Mojo FYI bots.

Implement Process::IsRunning on Windows

19 September 21:30 - Chromium - Zijie He

This change implements bool Process::IsRunning() const function to check whether a process is still running on Windows only.

soc/intel/cannonlake: Add PMC pci drivers

19 September 21:22 - Coreboot - Lijian Zhao

Add PMC pci driver on top of PMC common code, also include pmc init code reference from skylake.

Add material design icon to CUPS notifications

19 September 21:22 - Chromium - Tetsui Ohkubo

This CL adds new material design icon to CUPS notifications.

chromeos: make event interception inherited

19 September 20:37 - Chromium - Scott Violet

When a WindowTreeClient embeds another WindowTreeClient the one doing the embedding can choose to intercept events.

Zlib: Use defines for inffast

19 September 19:07 - Chromium - Chris Blume

Zlib's inffast uses a handful of magic numbers. Add some exceptions

19 September 18:25 - Chromium - Kent Tamura

- Some inspector-related files are referred by script-generated code, and the script is not in Blink.

Convert queue and deque to base ones in //media

19 September 18:23 - Chromium - Brett Wilson

Adds circular_deque iterator operator[] which is required for being a random access iterator but was not implemented.

Clips accessible bounding box to nearest window

19 September 17:28 - Chromium - Katie Dektar

For example, if a bounding box extends partially below of a window, it will be shrunk in Y to match the border of the window.

Implementation of the iOS audio player for CRD.

19 September 16:49 - Chromium - Scott Nichols

Bug: 611181 Change-Id: Ie1e5d658455ac553ece2417cd3b11e86fbbafe61 Reviewed-on:

Simplify transparent backgrounds

19 September 16:17 - Chromium - Fady Samuel

Prior to this CL, there were two ways to specify transparent backgrounds: 1.

gpt(8): Add HAMMER and HAMMER2 support

19 September 16:16 - DragonFlyBSD - François Tigeot

This makes it possible to create HAMMER or HAMMER2 partitions with simple commands such as:

OOBE: Remove 'Add other mobile network'

19 September 16:16 - Chromium - Steven Bennetts

This is now part of the details dialog for the Cellular network.

[Payments] Enable "Pay with Google" by default

19 September 16:10 - Chromium - Rouslan Solomakhin

Bug: 765951 Change-Id: Ib445ab84cc3be7f8aa8be327497c8af73c204456 Reviewed-on:

Add IPH Incognito Window Feature Tracker

19 September 15:58 - Chromium - Bettina Dea

Changes in this patch:-Created a IncognitoWindowTracker class, which contains methods to notify the IPH server when events happen and if the help UI should be triggered.-Created a IncognitoWindowTrackerFactory class and registered in the chrome browser main parts.-Added unit tests for IncognitoWindowTracker event logging and expected functionality.-Take out event_on_history_deleted as we don't actually need to record this.

[vr] Add UiElement iterators

19 September 15:54 - Chromium - Ian Vollick

With this CL you can now iterate across elements both forward and backward (for rendering and hit testing, respectively).

ui: Add --pen-devices flag

19 September 15:37 - Chromium - David Reveman

This adds a --pen-devices flag that works the same way as--touch-devices and makes it possible to simulate pen devices on Linux in addition to the current support for touch devices.

[Payments] More fuzzer inputs

19 September 15:31 - Chromium - Rouslan Solomakhin

Bug: 765272 Change-Id: I6765342abbe88489690a6759d3f6dfadfa6b427b Reviewed-on:

Rename AutoLocker to GraphAutoLocker

19 September 15:01 - Chromium - Raymond Toy

The AutoLocker is really the mutex to establish graph ownership.

Integrate choose mobile network with Settings UI

19 September 14:55 - Chromium - Steven Bennetts

Bug: 717063 Cq-Include-Trybots: master.

qpaeq: change license from AGPL to LGPL v2.1

19 September 14:29 - PulseAudio - Tanu Kaskinen

This removes one unnecessary exception in the PulseAudio licensing terms.

Mojofying printing::PWGRasterConverter

19 September 13:46 - Chromium - Jay Civelli

Changing printing::PWGRasterConverter to use Mojo.

evas-drm: Support rotations other than 0

19 September 13:10 - EFL Core Libraries - Chris Michael

This patch adds support for software rotation in the evas drm engine.

gdk/wayland: Don't make gtk_shell1 v2 mandatory

19 September 12:35 - GTK - Carlos Garnacho

It may result in a protocol error on older mutters, as GTK+ will invariably request a higher version than what's available.

Update V8 to version 6.3.180.

19 September 11:40 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

arc: New net APIs for Android VPN integration

19 September 11:35 - Chromium - Kevin Cernekee

Add Android->Chrome RPC calls to report that an Android VPN client has connected or disconnected.

Start using GLib memory allocation

19 September 11:17 - SPICE - Frediano Ziglio

Start reducing the usage of spice_new*/spice_malloc allocations.

Added an initial version of policy-tool page

19 September 10:41 - Chromium - Anton Urusov

This is the initial version of the policy-tool page that is created to make managing policies easier for admins.

Add logf trace

19 September 10:14 - glibc - Wilco Dijkstra

Add a trace for logf.

Add expf trace

19 September 10:14 - glibc - Wilco Dijkstra

Add a trace for expf.

Add benchtests for trunc and truncf

19 September 08:59 - glibc - Joseph Myers

This patch adds benchtests for the trunc and truncf functions.

Add citext_pattern_ops for citext contrib module

19 September 08:31 - PostgreSQL - Andrew Dunstan

This is similar to text_pattern_ops.

iOS, remove support for 32bit (arm).

19 September 08:02 - LibreOffice - jan Iversen

Supporting 32bit iOS, means a.o.

egl: Allow creation of per surface out fence

19 September 07:12 - Mesa - Zhongmin Wu

Add plumbing to allow creation of per display surface out fence. This can be used to implement explicit sync.

Manual fallback for password generation

19 September 07:08 - Chromium - Tatiana Gornak

This CL implements following logic: 1.

Add custom perf device trigger script

19 September 06:41 - Chromium - Stephen Martinis

This will be used by the one buildbot step effort for perf builders.

evas_events: add checking state of point

19 September 04:22 - EFL Core Libraries - Hosang Kim

Summary: When multi down or multi move occur, state of touch point changes to EVAS_TOUCH_POINT_STILL.

Add histograms for LUMINANCE_F16 and R16_EXT.

19 September 03:55 - Chromium - Rijubrata Bhaumik

Add and record UMA for R16_EXT and LUMINANCE_F16.

Unify SolarMutex implementations

19 September 03:25 - LibreOffice - Jan-Marek Glogowski

All backends implement the SolarMutex in mostly the same way.

Update V8 to version 6.3.174.

19 September 02:46 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Updating trunk VERSION from 3219.0 to 3220.0

18 September 23:03 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

[build] Declutter Visual C++ 2010-2017 project

18 September 22:54 - FreeType - Alexei Podtelezhnikov

- build/windows/vc2010/freetype.

Update V8 to version 6.3.172.

18 September 22:01 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

efl: Add precise_position for input events

18 September 21:51 - EFL Core Libraries - Jean-Philippe Andre

Add KHR-GL46 to

18 September 21:48 - Piglit - Kenneth Graunke

Following the pattern, if there ever were a OpenGL 4.

Add a dbus interface to install component

18 September 21:46 - Chromium - Xiaochu Liu

It exposes a dbus method call LoadComponent that calls component updater API to install a chrome os component.

amd/stoneyridge: Add northbridge definitions

18 September 21:22 - Coreboot - Marshall Dawson

Begin adding D18F1 definitions to northbridge.h.

Allow Search Keywords with ":" or "/"

18 September 21:11 - Chromium - Mark Pearson

Previously these keyword would not be recognized because we try to clean up the user's input before checking to see if it matches a keyword.

[Offline Pages] Implementing DeletePageTask

18 September 19:36 - Chromium - Yafei Duan

Implemented the DeletePageTask which is responsible to delete offline pages along with their metadata entries in the database.

Add support for using seccomp_bpf on mips64el

18 September 19:35 - Chromium - Wang Qing

Currently, seccomp_bpf is not supported on mips64el, and the build configuration sets use_seccomp_bpf=false on mips64el.

Added navigator.vr attribute

18 September 18:46 - Chromium - Brandon Jones

This adds the "vr" attribute but not the ability to return a valid device list.

Add short link to Symantec message

18 September 17:37 - Chromium - Emily Stark

This updates the Symantec console message to use a short link instead of the full blog post link.

Refactor relations

18 September 15:59 - Chromium - Aaron Leventhal

This moves AXObjectCacheImpl's code related to relations (specifically aria-owns at this point), into it's own class and makes the code simpler to understand.

Update V8 to version 6.3.171.

18 September 15:41 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Upgrade to Boost 1.65.1

18 September 15:33 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann


Fix "gamepadapi connected event unreliable"

18 September 15:28 - Chromium - Matt Reynolds

When a gamepad is first connected it should not fire a connection event until the user has touched a button or axis on any connected gamepad.

chromeos: fixs focus related issues

18 September 14:51 - Chromium - Scott Violet

There are a couple of changes here: .

css: implement font-variant as a shorthand

18 September 14:27 - GTK - Matthias Clasen

Drop the current css2-style font-variant property and replace it with a shorthand as specified in the css3 fonts module.

Add an auxiliary ident parsing function

18 September 14:26 - GTK - Matthias Clasen

This lets us conveniently create ident values from multiple candidates.

Use libm_alias_ldouble in math/.

18 September 13:51 - glibc - Joseph Myers

This patch converts libm function implementations in math/ from using weak_alias to using libm_alias_ldouble to define public function names, in cases where it would be appropriate to define _Float128 / _Float64x aliases for those functions as well (in cases where either or both of those types exist and have the same ABI as long double).

Add an .appveyor.yml for AppVeyor CI

18 September 13:00 - X.Org Server - Jon Turney

This currently does an autotools build using Cygwin.

LogoTracker: use callbacks for everything

18 September 12:55 - Chromium - Chris Pickel

In order to mimic the existing LogoObserver interface, add a |type| argument to distinguish reasons for the callback: the observer is interested in FETCHED and CLEARED callbacks, but not DISABLED, REVALIDATED, FAILED, or CANCELED. Simplify LocalNTPSource by letting LogoTracker do all the multiplexing.

Update V8 to version 6.3.169.

18 September 12:54 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

bluez: Don't autodetect MTU by default

18 September 11:49 - PulseAudio - Arun Raghavan

This breaks a lot of headsets, so disabling by default.

add _locked() variants to new tempo experiment

18 September 11:40 - Ardour - Paul Davis

fully remove diskstream code

18 September 11:40 - Ardour - Paul Davis

Non-layered MIDI recording

18 September 11:40 - Ardour - Paul Davis

hand-adapted version of d977cc323852c from master

Don't build ni-maschine support by default

18 September 11:40 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

While the pads work, overall integration is still not present, mainly because the device does not lend itself for editing & mixing in a DAW environment.

Add support for Latch Automation

18 September 11:40 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

GUI support for Latch

18 September 11:40 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

ofz: add dicts to outdir

18 September 11:37 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: I426fa26daac9caa63541099f40183d080dd70cc5 Reviewed-on:

[ChromeDriver] Fix atom for mobile emulation

18 September 11:12 - Chromium - John Chen

The GET_LOCATION_IN_VIEW atom used either document.documentElement or document.body as the scrollable object, depending on the version of the Chrome.

[ios] Adds HistoryTabHelper

18 September 10:39 - Chromium - Rohit Rao

This new tab helper will eventually contain all of the code that is needed to update the history DB during navigation.

Grit: Add mapping id to source grd file

18 September 10:24 - Chromium - Peter Wen

Knowing which ids map to which names and grd or grdp file is important for attributing pak file sizes.

Update V8 to version (cherry-pick).

18 September 10:13 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Introduce cr-toast

18 September 09:48 - Chromium - jdoerrie

This change extracts the toast handling logic from MD Bookmarks into its own CR element called cr-toast.

add fodt fuzzer

18 September 08:32 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: I3e4de4b9dab96f0e4bc9ca90896c2c54ae66ca20 Reviewed-on:

Enable NTPCaptureThumbnail by default

18 September 06:09 - Chromium - Marc Treib

This enables the features "CaptureThumbnailOnNavigatingAway" and "CaptureThumbnailDependingOnTransitionType" by default, and removes the corresponding fieldtrial testing config.

[ozone/wayland] Add xdg_v6 support

18 September 05:50 - Chromium - Maksim Sisov

This commit adds an xdg_v6 support.

calibrator: Make mouse button optional

18 September 05:16 - Weston - Fabien Lahoudere

When calibrating touchscreen with weston-calibrator, you can use the mouse to click on the cross which is recorded as a touch event.

Add myself as a maintainer for the Ada front end

18 September 02:31 - GCC - pmderodat

rendering_helper: Use Offscreen GL surface

18 September 00:51 - Chromium - Owen Lin

The goal is to make vda_unittest less dependent on the platforms.

[ios] Box tablet tab_strip

17 September 22:50 - Chromium - edchin

The new TabStripLegacyCoordinator class provides a single entry point for the tablet tab strip feature.

x11: Add support for _GTK_EDGE_CONSTRAINTS atom

17 September 22:16 - GTK - Georges Basile Stavracas Neto

Following the previous patch, where edge constraints support was added to the Wayland backend, this patch introduces the necessary code to handle the _GTK_EDGE_CONSTRAINTS atom from X11 backend.

libavcodec/exr : add X86 SIMD for reorder_pixels

17 September 16:53 - FFmpeg - Martin Vignali

Drop support for one-stop gradients

17 September 16:53 - GTK - Matthias Clasen

These have been deprecated for a while.

Drop support for pango syntax in css

17 September 16:52 - GTK - Matthias Clasen

This has been deprecated for a while, so it should go away for GTK+ 4.

ofz: fix leak on exception

17 September 12:21 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

#0 0x600ca0 in operator new(unsigned long) /src/llvm/projects/compiler-rt/lib/asan/ #1 0x4802b4b in xmlscript::DocumentHandlerImpl::pushPrefix(rtl::OUString const&, rtl::OUString const&) /src/libreoffice/xmlscript/source/xml_helper/xml_impctx.cxx:259:32 #2 0x47ff026 in xmlscript::DocumentHandlerImpl::startElement(rtl::OUString const&, com::sun::star::uno::Reference<com::sun::star::xml::sax::XAttributeList> const&) /src/libreoffice/xmlscript/source/xml_helper/xml_impctx.cxx:480:17 #3 0x7665a34 in xmlscript::XMLBasicImporterBase::startElement(rtl::OUString const&, com::sun::star::uno::Reference<com::sun::star::xml::sax::XAttributeList> const&) /src/libreoffice/xmlscript/source/xmlflat_imexp/xmlbas_import.cxx:537:25 #4 0x4c2831f in XMLBasicImportContext::StartElement(com::sun::star::uno::Reference<com::sun::star::xml::sax::XAttributeList> const&) /src/libreoffice/xmloff/source/script/xmlbasici.cxx:84:21 #5 0x489c29b in SvXMLImport::startElement(rtl::OUString const&, com::sun::star::uno::Reference<com::sun::star::xml::sax::XAttributeList> const&) /src/libreoffice/xmloff/source/core/xmlimp.cxx:728:15 #6 0x4892ab7 in SvXMLImportContext::startUnknownElement(rtl::OUString const&, rtl::OUString const&, com::sun::star::uno::Reference<com::sun::star::xml::sax::XFastAttributeList> const&) /src/libreoffice/xmloff/source/core/xmlictxt.cxx:124:14 #7 0x489ec2d in SvXMLImport::startUnknownElement(rtl::OUString const&, rtl::OUString const&, com::sun::star::uno::Reference<com::sun::star::xml::sax::XFastAttributeList> const&) /src/libreoffice/xmloff/source/core/xmlimp.cxx:889:15 #8 0x86871f3 in (anonymous namespace)::Entity::startElement((anonymous namespace)::Event*) /src/libreoffice/sax/source/fastparser/fastparser.cxx:445:27 #9 0x86823f1 in sax_fastparser::FastSaxParserImpl::consume((anonymous namespace)::EventList&) /src/libreoffice/sax/source/fastparser/fastparser.cxx:960:25 #10 0x86812f8 in sax_fastparser::FastSaxParserImpl::parseStream(com::sun::star::xml::sax::InputSource const&) /src/libreoffice/sax/source/fastparser/fastparser.cxx:784:26 #11 0x489842e in SvXMLImport::parseStream(com::sun::star::xml::sax::InputSource const&) /src/libreoffice/xmloff/source/core/xmlimp.cxx:464:15 #12 0x837fb5d in filter::odfflatxml::OdfFlatXml::importer(com::sun::star::uno::Sequence<com::sun::star::beans::PropertyValue> const&, com::sun::star::uno::Reference<com::sun::star::xml::sax::XDocumentHandler> const&, com::sun::star::uno::Sequence<rtl::OUString> const&) /src/libreoffice/filter/source/odfflatxml/OdfFlatXml.cxx:149:26

upload libzmf 0.0.2

17 September 03:17 - LibreOffice - David Tardon

Change-Id: Id720282fc0e983f29fe3d1f5f6b985c66bf891dd Reviewed-on: