tdf#117721 draw ui: add .uno::SetOptimalRowHeight

22 September 04:27 - LibreOffice - Justin Luth

Optimal row height: Adjusts the height of the selected rows to fit the content, causing the table to shrink.

Added Date and Time Transformation in data provider dlg

22 September 02:17 - LibreOffice - Manuj Vashist

Change-Id: Iead6b030d54983d08543656d2b62e42ba38b946e Reviewed-on:

skylake,kabylake: Add support to set eMMC tuning param from dev tree

22 September 00:41 - Coreboot - Pratik Prajapati

Add support to set eMMC tuning params from the device tree so that it can be configured per board.

doc: JIT is enabled by default in PG 12

22 September 00:28 - PostgreSQL - Bruce Momjian

JIT was disabled by default in a PG 11 in a separate commit that will normally not appear in the PG 12 git logs.

comctl32/pager: Support toolbar notification conversion

21 September 22:02 - WINE - Zhiyi Zhang

Fix BibleWorks 10 not displaying toolbar. Pager always wants Unicode notifications from its children.

comctl32/pager: Support tooltip notification conversion

21 September 22:02 - WINE - Zhiyi Zhang

comctl32/pager: Support comboboxex notification conversion

21 September 22:02 - WINE - Zhiyi Zhang

opcservices: Add content type entry for relationship parts

21 September 21:58 - WINE - Nikolay Sivov

mb/google/octopus: Create ampton variant

21 September 20:35 - Coreboot - Justin TerAvest

This commit creates an ampton variant for Octopus.

powerpc: Only enable TLE with PPC_FEATURE2_HTM_NOSC

21 September 17:18 - glibc - Adhemerval Zanella

Linux from 3.9 through 4.2 does not abort HTM transaction on syscalls, instead it suspend and resume it when leaving the kernel.

meson: Don't compile pipe loader with dri support when not using dri

21 September 17:03 - Mesa - Dylan Baker

Corrects building glx as gallium-xlib without any dri targets.

docs/meson: Add note about llvm-config$version and llvm-config-$version

21 September 17:03 - Mesa - Dylan Baker

v2: - fix typo

new loplugin:methodcycles

21 September 16:44 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

look for closed cycles of methods i.e.

mb/intel/coffeelake_rvp: Add whiskey lake rvp

21 September 15:14 - Coreboot - Lijian Zhao

Add new mainboard variant of whiskey lake rvp, which is primary

tdf#117721 draw ui: add .uno::SetOptimalColumnWidth

21 September 14:48 - LibreOffice - Justin Luth

Optimize column width: Adjusts the width of the selected columns to fit the content, without changing the width of the table.

mb/intel/coffeelake_rvp: GPIO support for whiskey board

21 September 14:15 - Coreboot - Lijian Zhao

Add gpio programming difference for whiskeylake rvp platform.

[aarch64] Add HiSilicon tsv110 CPU support

21 September 12:25 - GCC - ktkachov

This patch adds HiSilicon's an mcpu: tsv110, which supports v8_4A.

tdf#120028 PPTX import: map shapes with multiple columns to table shapes

21 September 11:30 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Longer term the core Impress shape has to be improved so that it can have text in multiple columns.

radv: only enable shaderInt16 on GFX9+ and LLVM7+

21 September 08:56 - Mesa - Samuel Pitoiset

The throughput is similar to 32-bit integers on GFX8 and AMDVLK does not expose 16-bit integers on pre Vega as well.

[NDS32] Add t-nds32-glibc file

21 September 08:11 - GCC - jasonwucj


mainboard/google/kahlee: allow oem.bin file to update smbios

21 September 07:07 - Coreboot - Martin Roth

Grunt variants need a way to customize the mainboard vendor based on the platform.

docs/features: add EXT_direct_state_access features

21 September 07:01 - Mesa - Marek Olšák

core: fix route metric set to -1 on DHCP renewal

21 September 06:34 - NetworkManager - Frederic Danis

The first DHCP renew after setting back Ethernet metric to default (-1) applies a metric of 4294967295 (uint16 -1) instead of the default metric.

tdf#119743: add Features entries in Properties block Drivers.xcu

20 September 21:06 - LibreOffice - Julien Nabet

in order to save special options of a database file.

Add a "return" statement to pacify perlcritic

20 September 20:10 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

Per buildfarm member crake.

Support buffering SystemDependent GraphicData (III)

20 September 18:01 - LibreOffice - Armin Le Grand

This change is for speedup of fat line drawing when using X11.

src/vendorcode/amd/agesa: Improve formatting of some f12 and f14 microcodes

20 September 17:17 - Coreboot - Mike Banon

It is much more convenient to view these files if there are 8 values per line, not 1 value which results in a very long file.

src/vendorcode/amd/agesa/f12: Update microcode to version 0x3000027 2011-09-13

20 September 17:16 - Coreboot - Mike Banon

This microcode update for CPU ID 0x300F10 should improve the system stability.

Fix PEELING_FOR_NITERS calculation (PR 87288)

20 September 12:58 - GCC - rsandifo

PEELING_FOR_GAPS now means "peel one iteration for the epilogue", in much the same way that PEELING_FOR_ALIGNMENT > 0 means "peel that number of iterations for the prologue".

soc/intel/fsp_broadwell_de: Add fixed VT-d MMIO range to the resources

20 September 12:38 - Coreboot - Werner Zeh

FSP initializes the VT-d feature on Broadwell-DE and assigns an address space to the MMIO range.

weld SwDropCapsDlg

20 September 11:58 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: Ibd01c0fb54f0e3b361d5e1f196bfeb44a1fcb99c Reviewed-on:

tdf#119356 add input lists to tooltip handling

20 September 11:46 - LibreOffice - Jan-Marek Glogowski

The SwFieldIds::Dropdown type simply wasn't ever handled.

mb/lenovo: Add libgfxinit support on Lenovo T520

20 September 10:14 - Coreboot - Evgeny Zinoviev

egl/android: rework device probing

20 September 09:15 - Mesa - Emil Velikov

Unlike the other platforms, here we aim do guess if the device that we somewhat arbitrarily picked, is supported or not.

Add -Wclass-conversion. * c.opt (Wclass-conversion): New

20 September 01:56 - GCC - mpolacek

Add -Wclass-conversion. - c.opt (Wclass-conversion): New. - decl.c (grok_op_properties): Change a warning from -Wconversion to -Wclass-conversion.

Merge mktime, timegm from upstream Gnulib

20 September 00:09 - glibc - Paul Eggert

[BZ #23603][BZ #16346] This fixes some obscure problems with integer overflow.

glsl: Avoid propagating incompatible type of initializer

19 September 22:30 - Mesa - Danylo Piliaiev

do_assignment validated assigment but when rhs type was not compatible it proceeded without issues and returned error_emitted = false.

shm: Pick the shm dir at run time, not build time

19 September 21:36 - X.Org Server - Eric Anholt

Prodding the builder's filesystem for tmp dirs doesn't necessarily tell you anything about what the actual host's filesystem is going to look like, so we should just try the dirs at runtime.

[morx] Implement forward/backward processing

19 September 20:47 - HarfBuzz - Behdad Esfahbod

We reverse too many times.

st/dri: don't set queryDmaBufFormats/queryDmaBufModifiers if the driver does not implement it

19 September 19:20 - Mesa - Michal Srb

This is equivalent to commit a65db0ad1c3, but for dri_kms_init_screen.

tdf#90850 Enable align commands for a single shape in Writer

19 September 18:24 - LibreOffice - Maxim Monastirsky

Similar to images and frames.

avcodec: [loongson] optimize get_cabac_inline

19 September 16:33 - FFmpeg - Shiyou Yin

This optimization improved h264 decoding performance about 4%(from 74fps to 77fps, tested on loongson 3A3000).

weld GraphicFilterEmboss

19 September 13:51 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: Ic3c816ddd7d5df9c5ced14600fffd6ca59f0096e Reviewed-on:

radv: do not support blitting surfaces with depth and stencil

19 September 11:36 - Mesa - Samuel Pitoiset

Fixes: dEQP-VK.api.copy_and_blit.core.blit_image.all_formats.depth_stencil.d32_sfloat_s8_uint_d32_sfloat_s8_uint.optimal_optimal_nearest

iOS SDK 12.0 is the current now

19 September 10:19 - LibreOffice - Tor Lillqvist

Also, I don't see why we would want to use -miphoneos-version-min=12.0 just because we build against the 12.0 SDK.

sw: rework annoying GetFrameOfModify/getLayoutFrame parameters

19 September 10:08 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

The bCalcFrame is only evaluated if a pPoint is given; this is surprising and should be more visible in the interface, so people don't go on a goose chase to find places that may do formatting in inappropriate places.

nir: add initializer data to fix MSVC compile error

19 September 09:46 - Mesa - Juan A. Suarez Romero

Add new pow implementation

19 September 09:04 - glibc - Szabolcs Nagy

The algorithm is exp(y * log(x)), where log(x) is computed with about 1.3*2^-68 relative error (1.5*2^-68 without fma), returning the result in two doubles, and the exp part uses the same algorithm (and lookup tables) as exp, but takes the input as two doubles and a sign (to handle negative bases with odd integer exponent).

add locale to joinus link so hub can redirect to language specific pages

19 September 08:56 - LibreOffice - Christian Lohmaier

Change-Id: Ibed6f899ad0219bf0211ac50c0595484ddba8c92 Reviewed-on:

tdf#118393: FILESAVE: DOCX Export loses header/footer

19 September 08:50 - LibreOffice - Serge Krot

Change-Id: If47a2e4953e4b98f41c9115779522a755eea8192 Reviewed-on:

sw_redlinehide_2: hide redlines in ascii filter too

19 September 08:18 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

sw_redlinehide_2: adapt the SwUndoDelete DelFullPara path...

19 September 08:18 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

This never splits or joins nodes, so it needs yet another different code to keep the merged text frames up to date.

sw_redlinehide_2: handle delete-without-redline inside of redline

19 September 08:18 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

The problem is that the SwInsText/SwDelText do not transfer the "deleted-ness" of the text from one node to the other in the SwTextFrame, so add a new hint that is sent after SwInsText & before SwDelText to move the info that is in the extents vector.

sw_redlinehide_2: update frames on redline ops

19 September 08:18 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

When Delete redline is created, removed, accepted, rejected & undo/redo of all of these, update all the text frames so they're merged or not, as required.

sw: add a real create-no-frames flag to MakeCopy/MakeTextNode

19 September 08:18 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

SwNodes::CopyNodes calling MakeCopy() and then immediately DelFrames() considered silly.

sw_redlinehide_2: invalidate when delete redline goes away

19 September 08:18 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

Add another new hint sw::RedlineUnDelText; the main use case is to send it from DocumentRedlineManager::DeleteRedline() so the view is updated accordingly.

sw_redlinehide_2: fix SplitNode handling of merged frames

19 September 08:18 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

The first branch is a bit easier, because it always moves the existing frame onto the first node of the split anyway; the second branch may or may not need to do that, but it has to move it just to be sure if it needs to move it, which is a bit annoying.

sw_redlinehide_2: show/hide flys in redlines

19 September 08:18 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

The old implementation would not actually hide at-char flys but move the anchor, which is clearly not ideal; better to hide them.

sw_redlinehide_2: add *another* flag to DocumentRedlineManager

19 September 08:18 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

Sadly the SwRootFrame is created too late, so we have to store the "ShowRedlineChanges" value that is imported from ODF settings.

Qt5 minimal initial fix for Java UNO

19 September 07:44 - LibreOffice - Jan-Marek Glogowski

This is just a minimal fix for Qt errors from JunitTest_svx_unoapi, which was manipulating Qt5Timer and other timers, resulting in a spew of timer error messages like:

pdfium: update to 3550

19 September 07:04 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Allows dropping all the backports, so only one custom API patch remains.

nir: Add a small pass to rematerialize derefs per-block

19 September 06:59 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

This pass re-materializes deref instructions on a per-block basis to ensure that every use of a deref occurs in the same block as the instruction which uses it.

Support for Kensington Expert Mouse in hwdb

19 September 06:17 - systemd - Tony Novak

Fixes #10120.

Add support for nearest-neighbor (KNN) searches to SP-GiST

18 September 22:54 - PostgreSQL - Alexander Korotkov

Currently, KNN searches were supported only by GiST.

amd: Add Picasso device id

18 September 22:05 - Mesa - Kenneth Feng

No changes here compared to Raven.

merge: branch 'lr/initrd'

18 September 15:46 - NetworkManager - Lubomir Rintel

devices: make sure the generated connections are normalized

18 September 15:40 - NetworkManager - Lubomir Rintel

Using these unormalized was wrong all along, but by chance didn't hit paths that needed normalized connections.

config: add --configure-and-quit=initrd mode

18 September 15:40 - NetworkManager - Lubomir Rintel

We need a mode that: - doesn't leave processes behind - doesn't force an internal dhclient - doesn't auto-generate default connections - doesn't write out files into libdir, only /run The original configure-and-quit mode doesn't really fit the initrd use.

initrd: add iBFT reader

18 September 15:40 - NetworkManager - Lubomir Rintel

This is loosely based on nms-ibft-reader, but with some significant changes.

initrd: add command line parser

18 September 15:40 - NetworkManager - Lubomir Rintel

initrd: add configuration generator

18 September 15:40 - NetworkManager - Lubomir Rintel

nm-initrd-generator scans the command line for options relevant to network configuration and creates configuration files for an early instance of NetworkManager run from the initial ramdisk during early boot.

merge: branch 'bg/n-acd-update'

18 September 13:53 - NetworkManager - Beniamino Galvani

test/amdgpu: add proper error handling v2

18 September 12:56 - libdrm - Christian König

Otherwise the calling function won't notice that something is wrong.

Add pep8 config file for python

18 September 10:52 - LibreOffice - Samuel Mehrbrodt

There were some attempts to format python code with pep8 in the past (tdf#99145).

mesa: enable EXT_framebuffer_object in core profile

18 September 09:58 - Mesa - Timothy Arceri

Since user defined names are not allowed in core profile we remove the allow_user_names bool and just check if we have a core profile like all other buffer/texture object handling code does.

Don't prematurely cast to sal_uInt8, to avoid UB

18 September 06:42 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann


weston-info: add xdg-output support

17 September 22:17 - Weston - emersion

substring-locations: add class format_string_diagnostic_t

17 September 20:31 - GCC - dmalcolm

With the addition of ranges in r263564, format_warning_at_substring_n has 10 arguments. Reduce the number of args by bundling the shared ones into a class format_string_diagnostic_t. gcc/c-family/ChangeLog: - c-format.c (format_warning_at_char): Update for introduction of format_string_diagnostic_t.

[nvptx] Add atomic_fetch* support for SImode arguments

17 September 19:59 - GCC - cesar

gcc/ - config/nvptx/ (atomic_fetch_<logic><mode>): Enable with SImode args. gcc/testsuite/ - Rename to ... - ...

connectivity: fix crash when removing easy-handle from curl callback

17 September 16:21 - NetworkManager - Thomas Haller

libcurl does not allow removing easy-handles from within a curl callback. That was already partly avoided for one handle alone.

google/buddy: Add board as variant of google/auron

17 September 16:00 - Coreboot - Matt DeVillier

Add google/buddy (Acer Chromeboase 24) as a variant of google/auron, with the following changes:

soc/intel/broadwell: Add PCH_GPIO_PIRQ_INVERT definition

17 September 16:00 - Coreboot - Matt DeVillier

Add definition for PCH_GPIO_PIRQ_INVERT, which is needed for google/buddy, a to-be-merged variant of google/auron.

radv: enable shaderInt16 capability

17 September 13:18 - Mesa - Samuel Pitoiset

Not sure if this is all wired up.

compositor: protocol logger

17 September 12:29 - Weston - Pekka Paalanen

This is better than running Weston with WAYLAND_DEBUG=server:- It is enabled on demand, no unnecessary flooding and no need to restart the compositor if debug was enabled.

compositor: Add scene-graph debug scope

17 September 12:29 - Weston - Daniel Stone

Add a 'scene-graph' debug scope which will dump out the current set of outputs, layers, and views and as much information as possible about how they are rendered and composited.

compositor-drm: Add backend pointer to drm_output

17 September 12:29 - Weston - Daniel Stone

Add this for convenience, so it's easier to access when we add the DRM backend debug scope.

compositor-drm: Add drm-backend log debug scope

17 September 12:29 - Weston - Daniel Stone

Add a 'drm-debug' scope which prints verbose information about the DRM backend's repaint cycle, including the decision tree on how views are assigned (or not) to planes.

compositor: add option to enable weston_debug

17 September 12:29 - Weston - Pekka Paalanen

Let users enable the compositor debug protocol on the compositor command line.

libweston: add weston_debug API and implementation

17 September 12:29 - Weston - Pekka Paalanen

weston_debug is both a libweston API for relaying debugging messages, and the compositor-debug wayland protocol implementation for accessing those debug messages from a Wayland client.

Qt5 just implement a non-native file picker

17 September 12:26 - LibreOffice - Jan-Marek Glogowski

Since there is no way to retrieve the embedded native file dialog from the Qt5 platfor abstraction, force the dialog in non-native mode.

[ARC] Enable DBNZ for core3 and newer CPUs

17 September 08:52 - GCC - claziss

2018-09-17 Vineet Gupta

add image support to weld::ComboBoxText

17 September 08:02 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: Ie7f00ed4aef5318a525a526d0377bb7952bdd5a0 Reviewed-on:

shaders: Reproduce a bug in the i965 backend optimizer

17 September 07:33 - Piglit - Ian Romanick

The optimizer recently added the ability to replace a compare with a subtraction under certain circumstances.

New loplugin:external

17 September 07:05 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

...warning about (for now only) functions and variables with external linkage that likely don't need it.