libphobos: Add IEEE quadruple support to core.internal.convert

16 November 21:17 - GCC - ibuclaw

Backport from upstream druntime 2.083 for AArch64.

[gcc] 2018-11-16 Michael Meissner

16 November 20:18 - GCC - meissner

[gcc] 2018-11-16 Michael Meissner <> - config/rs6000/ (wF constraint): Remove power9 fusion documentation.

oox smartart, accent process: add support for zorder offsets

16 November 19:43 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

The oox::drawingml::Shape -> css::drawing::XShape converter doesn't support ZOrder, so just give each drawingml::Shape a default ZOrder.

lavu: add locale-independent sscanf implementation

16 November 19:24 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

Copied and adopted from musl implementation.

avfilter: add dedot video filter

16 November 19:19 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

Add support for RandR's primary monitor (Bug #10688)

16 November 18:09 - Xfdesktop - Simon Steinbeiss

loplugin:buriedassign in sd..writerfilter

16 November 17:42 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

Change-Id: I954c12d9e1c493be6ac8c7b15076077b5bff5b74 Reviewed-on:

radv: enable primitive binning by default

16 November 16:51 - Mesa - Samuel Pitoiset

After doing a bunch of benchmarks, primitive binning helps some games like The Talos Principle (+5%) or Serious Sam 2017 (+3%).

loplugin:buriedassign in sw

16 November 14:05 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

Change-Id: If2adf22a0ac3e030fca1b4ecd0173cac58f0f21e Reviewed-on:

virgl: native fence fd support

16 November 13:41 - Mesa - Robert Foss

Following the support for fences on the virtio driver add support for native fence on virgl.

sd-bus: make strict asan shut up

16 November 13:32 - systemd - Lennart Poettering

asan doesn't like it if we use strndup() (i.e.

new loplugin buriedassign

16 November 13:20 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

Change-Id: If6dd8033daf2103a81c3a7c3a44cf1e38d0a3744 Reviewed-on:

Add "device uether" to various manual pages' synopses

16 November 12:15 - DragonFlyBSD - Sascha Wildner

It is needed to be compiled in.

S/390: Add a new pattern for r{o,x}sbg

16 November 11:47 - GCC - iii

Fixes rXsbg_mode_sXl test failures. Combine used to give us (set (reg:SI 65) (ior:SI (lshiftrt:SI (reg:SI 3 %r3 [ bD.2238 ]) (const_int 2 [0x2])) (reg:SI 2 %r2 [ aD.2237 ]))) but now we get (set (reg:SI 65) (ior:SI (subreg:SI (zero_extract:DI (reg:DI 69) (const_int 32 [0x20]) (const_int 30 [0x1e])) 4) (subreg:SI (reg:DI 68) 4))) or (set (reg:SI 65) (ior:SI (subreg:SI (and:DI (lshiftrt:DI (reg:DI 69) (const_int 2 [0x2])) (const_int 4294967295 [0xffffffff])) 4) (subreg:SI (reg:DI 68) 4))) with an extra subreg, which appears because pseudos, unlike hard registers, can be accessed only using their natural mode. This patch adds a special case for that.

alsa-mixer: Update to support Arctis Pro Wireless headset

16 November 11:33 - PulseAudio - jorisc90

The Arctis 7 configuration can be used as is - the ALSA PCM and mixer interfaces are the same.

util/docker: Rename _CONTAINER_VERSION => _IMAGE_TAG

16 November 10:06 - Coreboot - Nico Huber

This is so confusing, let's name it what it is ;)

util/docker: Use common .ccache for local builds

16 November 10:06 - Coreboot - Nico Huber

Bind a volume for .ccache to the `docker-run-local` targets.

mainboard: Add ASRock H81M-HDS

16 November 10:05 - Coreboot - Tristan Corrick

Tested with GRUB 2.02 as a payload, booting Debian GNU/Linux 9.5 with kernel 4.9. This board works quite well under coreboot.

sb/intel/lynxpoint: Generate the ACPI FADT with a common function

16 November 10:04 - Coreboot - Tristan Corrick

The function `acpi_fill_fadt()` is based on that of sb/intel/bd82x6x. Tested on an ASRock H81M-HDS and a Google Peppy board, both using Linux 4.9 with `acpi=strict`.

mb/google/poppy/variant/atlas: I2C: run trackpad at 1MHz

16 November 10:02 - Coreboot - Caveh Jalali

With this change, coreboot thinks we're running at 1MHz: DW I2C bus 2 at 0xd1133000 (1000 KHz) Elan eKT3644 IC Specification (trackpad) requires: Low Time larger than 500ns (61 * 8.3ns = 506ns).

mb/intel/whlrvp: Enable HDA controller driver

16 November 10:02 - Coreboot - Lijian Zhao

Enable HDA controller coreboot driver for Whiskey Lake RVP platform on top of common code.

soc/intel/braswell: add vmx support via CPU_INTEL_COMMON

16 November 09:51 - Coreboot - Matt DeVillier

Braswell allready supported vmx, but offered no mechanism to unset it, nor to set the lock bit required for Windows to recognize virtualization.

cbfstool: add unprocessed flag for file exporting

16 November 09:47 - Coreboot - Joel Kitching

Add an unprocessed flag (-U) which modifies how files are exported.

fsp_broadwell_de: Switch to common SPI controller driver

16 November 09:47 - Coreboot - Werner Zeh

The common SPI controller driver in src/southbridge/intel/common does match the SPI controller included in the PCH of Broadwell-DE SoC.

Allow target overrides of ctors/dtors support advertisement on VxWorks

16 November 09:23 - GCC - hainque

2018-11-16 Jerome Lambourg - config/vxworks.h (TARGET_VXWORKS_HAVE_CTORS_DTORS): New macro.

alsa-sink/source, sink, source: Consider sample format for avoid-resampling/passthrough

16 November 06:30 - PulseAudio - Sangchul Lee

Sample format(e.g.

Introduce notion of different types of slots (without implementing them).

16 November 06:00 - PostgreSQL - Andres Freund

Upcoming work intends to allow pluggable ways to introduce new ways of storing table data.

vc4: Make sure we make ro scanout resources for create_with_modifiers

16 November 05:11 - Mesa - Eric Anholt

The DRI3 create_with_modifiers paths don't set tmpl.bind to SCANOUT or SHARED, with the theory that given that you've got modifiers, that's all you need.

ec/google/chromeec: add support for retrieving OEM name

16 November 03:09 - Coreboot - Wisley Chen

OEM name can be stored in CBI.

tdf#37483 Add drag'n'drop to reorder custom Impress animations

16 November 00:37 - LibreOffice - Brian Fraser

- Support drag'n'drop of single items.

mktime: make more room for overflow

15 November 21:59 - glibc - Paul Eggert

[BZ#23789] - time/mktime.c (long_int): Now 4⨯ int, not just 3⨯.

Resolves: i#32345 Make LARGE()/SMALL() return an array

15 November 21:12 - LibreOffice - Takeshi Abe

soc/intel/skylake/acpi/dptf: Add support for Multi-DPTF Profile

15 November 19:58 - Coreboot - Karthikeyan Ramasubramanian

Currently mode-aware DPTF depends on Tablet Mode Switch to load the right table.

google/chromeec/acpi/ec: Add support for Device DPTF Profile Number

15 November 19:58 - Coreboot - Karthikeyan Ramasubramanian

In order to support Multi-DPTF profile, Device DPTF Profile Number is introduced into EC_ACPI_MEM_DEVICE_ORIENTATION ACPI Space at offset 0x09.

Improve performance of partition pruning remapping a little

15 November 18:34 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

ExecFindInitialMatchingSubPlans has to update the PartitionPruneState's subplan mapping data to account for the removal of subplans it prunes.

sw reqif-xhtml export: write graphic of OLE object at an RTF level as well

15 November 18:29 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

An embedded object have have its replacement graphic at 3 levels in reqif-xhtml: PNG at HTML level, WMF at RTF level and as a stream in the OLE2 storage.

Resolves: tdf#121341 weld TrendlineTabPage

15 November 17:45 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: I8ecc1901388986bd6a3822e8d0055e48d873586c Reviewed-on:

Update the reference rdbs to libreoffice-6-1-0

15 November 15:55 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.../master/instdir/program \ .../master/workdir/LinkTarget/Executable/unoidl-read --published \ .../libreoffice-6-1-0/instdir/program/types.rdb \ >.../master/udkapi/type_reference/udkapi.idl

drivers/elog: Add support for early elog

15 November 15:26 - Coreboot - Karthikeyan Ramasubramanian

Add support to log events during the preram stages.

soc/intel/cannonlake: Make static IRQ mapping for PIC mode

15 November 15:05 - Coreboot - Subrata Banik

This patch makes static PIRQ->IRQ mapping, where IRQ10 is mapped to PBRC and IRQ11 is mapped for PARC/PCRC/PDRC/PERC/PFRC/PGRC/PHRC.

sw_redlinehide_3: add second result to SwRefPageGetField

15 November 14:10 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

With the old Hide implementation this actually would take the last set-field in the redline nodes array section to set the value at the start of the document, because there was no check for that; surely that was wrong.

sw_redlinehide_3: add second result to SwGetExpField, SwSetExpField

15 November 14:10 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

This is quite tricky & somewhat ugly due to the SwValueField base class & we need to duplicate its member too :(

sw_redlinehide_3: add second result to SwAuthorityField

15 November 14:10 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

sw_redlinehide_3: add second result to SwChapterField

15 November 14:10 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

Now it can store both the result for Show as well as for Hide mode.

sw_redlinehide_3: add second result to SwGetRefField

15 November 14:10 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

sw_redlinehide_3: hide deleted outline nodes in Navigator

15 November 14:10 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

Add sw::IsParaPropsNode() to check if the node's numbering attributes are effective in the given layout.

sw_redlinehide_3: add second footnote number

15 November 14:10 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

Add a separate footnote number to SwFormatFootnote for the case when the layout hides redlines.

sw_redlinehide_3: add second SwNodeNum tree to SwList

15 November 14:10 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

sw_redlinehide_3: add flag to SwNodeNum

15 November 14:10 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

Disable the NumRule/DocumentListsItemManager manipulations on the second tree; only the "main" tree does that.

sw_redlinehide_3: add second SwNodeNum to SwTextNode

15 November 14:10 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

sw_redlinehide_3: add another kind of WrongListIterator

15 November 14:09 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

This is not very efficient but should be good enough for a11y use.

avfilter/vf_blend: add 12bit support

15 November 14:03 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

Avoid double slashes in paths created by pkg-config

15 November 13:12 - DBus - Ralf Habacker

If in a .pc variable a path is created from another

soc/intel/cannonlake: Make static IRQ mapping for CNP PCH pci devices

15 November 11:18 - Coreboot - Subrata Banik

Since PIRQ->IRQ mapping registers PxRC are not available after FSP-S call due to PCH requirement change from CNP PCH onwards, hence making static IRQ mapping for pci_irqs.asl and pcie.asl

avfilter/vf_lut2: implement support for different input depths

15 November 10:47 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

Cache the vConditions array...

15 November 08:28 - LibreOffice - Dennis Francis

used in ScInterpreter::IterateParameterIfs().

third_party: Update socket_wrapper to version 1.2.1

15 November 03:50 - Samba - Andreas Schneider

Add a timezone-specific variant of date_trunc().

14 November 20:41 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

date_trunc(field, timestamptz, zone_name) performs truncation using the named time zone as reference, rather than working in the session time zone as is the default behavior.

Add EMF and WMF mime types to Draw .desktop file

14 November 16:28 - LibreOffice - Samuel Mehrbrodt

It's hard to find an application that can display these file types on Linux, so suggest LO for those.

Lower lock level for renaming indexes

14 November 16:09 - PostgreSQL - Peter Eisentraut

Change lock level for renaming index (either ALTER INDEX or implicitly via some other commands) from AccessExclusiveLock to ShareUpdateExclusiveLock. One reason we need a strong lock for relation renaming is that the name change causes a rebuild of the relcache entry.

$SC_FORCE_CALCULATION to force Calc use opencl/threads for everything

14 November 15:09 - LibreOffice - Luboš Luňák

So that e.g.

network.subr: Support IPv6 in dhcpif()

14 November 12:53 - DragonFlyBSD - Aaron LI

Extend the 'dhcpif()' to support checking the interface needs DHCP for IPv4-only, IPv6-only or either.

dhcpcd: Add rc script rc.d/dhcpcd

14 November 12:53 - DragonFlyBSD - Aaron LI

The dhcpcd supports both DHCPv4 and DHCPv6.

network.subr: Support IPv6 in ifconfig_getargs()

14 November 12:53 - DragonFlyBSD - Aaron LI

Update the 'ifconfig_getargs()' to accept the address family option to support the extraction of IPv6 arguments of an interface, which is configured using 'ipv6_ifconfig_<ifname>="..."'.

Merge branch 'vendor/DHCPCD'

14 November 12:51 - DragonFlyBSD - Aaron LI

Import dhcpcd 7.0.8

14 November 12:48 - DragonFlyBSD - Aaron LI

Version: 7.

CalloutShape: Add a new shape to handle callouts

14 November 10:00 - Calligra - Dag Andersen

Summary: This is the start of a dedicated callout shape.

[ARC] Cleanup, fix and set LRA default

14 November 09:45 - GCC - claziss

LP_COUNT register cannot be freely allocated by the compiler as it size, and/or content may change depending on the ARC hardware configuration.

Map VML shadow more properly to css::table::ShadowFormat

14 November 09:02 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

For one, CppunitTest_sw_ooxmlexport6 failed under-fsanitize=implicit-signed-integer-truncation when passing a negative ShadowFormat.ShadowWidth into a sal_uInt16 SvxShadowItem (see below). Fixing the mapping from VML shadow to ShadowFormat in ShadowModel::pushToPropMap caused ShadowModel::pushToPropMap to fail again, however, testing against 57811035 in testOuterShdw (sw/qa/extras/ooxmlexport/ooxmlexport6.cxx).

Simplify containers iterations in sw/source/core/[d-l]*

14 November 08:58 - LibreOffice - Arkadiy Illarionov

Use range-based loop or replace with STL functions

hwdb: Add Onda V820w accelerometer transformation matrix

14 November 08:54 - systemd - jambonmcyeah

avcodec/huffyuvenc: add support for gbrp16

14 November 08:29 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

Add flag values in WAL description to all heap records

14 November 01:33 - PostgreSQL - Michael Paquier

Hexadecimal is consistently used as format to not bloat too much the output but keep it readable.

nir: add const_index parameters to system value builder function

14 November 01:09 - Mesa - Karol Herbst

Fix incorrect results for numeric data passed through an ECPG SQLDA.

13 November 20:46 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

Numeric values with leading zeroes were incorrectly copied into a SQLDA (SQL Descriptor Area), leading to wrong results in ECPG programs. Report and patch by Daisuke Higuchi.

sna: Added AYUV format support for textured and sprite video adapters

13 November 20:38 - xf86-video-intel - Stanislav Lisovskiy


anv/lower_ycbcr: make sure to set 0s on all components

13 November 18:56 - Mesa - Lionel Landwerlin

To play around with debugging, we might want to disable one or the other component.

mb/google/sarien: Enable EC _PTS/_WAK methods

13 November 18:47 - Coreboot - Duncan Laurie

Enable the option to have the system level _PTS/_WAK methods call the EC provided methods when they are invoked by the OS.

oox smartart, accent process: add support for reading values from constraints

13 November 18:23 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

And also add support for merging parent and own constraints in the layout.

Update version for v3.1.0-rc1 release

13 November 18:16 - QEMU - Peter Maydell

Align ECPG lexer more closely with the core and psql lexers

13 November 17:57 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

Make a bunch of basically-cosmetic changes to reduce the diffs between the flex rules in scan.l, psqlscan.l, and pgc.l.

util/scripts/maintainers.go: Add Gerrit reviewers config emitter

13 November 17:44 - Coreboot - Patrick Georgi

The gerrit reviewers plugin has a certain configuration format.

tdf#121325: Replace all of given length, even if replacement is shorter

13 November 14:26 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

Both LO and MS Basic restrict the amount of replacement text ("If the Length parameter in the <emph>Mid statement</emph> is less than the length of the text that you want to replace, the text is reduced to the specified length." in helpcontent2/source/text/sbasic/shared/03120306.xhp, resp.

GTK3: Make code robust against XAccessibleText::getCaretPosition returning -1

13 November 13:24 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

...which I've seen once cause the assert in rtl_uString_newFromSubString to fire when entering text ("foo") on a slide in Impress, see below.

[ARC] Add support for profiling in glibc

13 November 12:51 - GCC - claziss

Use PROFILE_HOOK to add mcount library calls in each toolchain.

Make tabbed notebookbar non experimental

13 November 12:28 - LibreOffice - andreas kainz

for writer, calc, impress and draw

[ARC] Add peephole rules to combine store/loads into double store/loads

13 November 12:06 - GCC - claziss

Simple peephole rules which combines multiple ld/st instructions into 64-bit load/store instructions.

loplugin singlevalfields improvement

13 November 11:27 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

checking for casting to void* turns out to mask useful stuff, so remove that and just deal with a few extra false+

tdf#118568 Use custom image for signing signature line

13 November 11:06 - LibreOffice - Samuel Mehrbrodt

Change-Id: Ib3c4d2301bf5e68b7c02590a8947ea3a502e7087 Reviewed-on:

mesa: Reference count shaders that are used by transform feedback objects

13 November 09:57 - Mesa - Gert Wollny

Transform feedback objects may hold a pointer to a shader program, and at least in Gallium, this must be a valid pointer until ctx->Driver.EndTransformFeedback in glEndTransformFeedback has been called- which is conform with the spec that any program that is part of a current rendering state should only be flagged for deletion by glDeleteProgram.

loplugin:singlevalfields in svtools

13 November 08:02 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

Change-Id: I6bb8a875f18df3cb7054fa65285eb3cafc1648ac Reviewed-on:

Clamp equation values when exporting to binary MS format

13 November 06:27 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

CppunitTest_sw_ooxmlexport failed under-fsanitize=implicit-signed-integer-truncation when writing 100000 (from the triangle equation in oox/source/drawingml/customshapes/oox-drawingml-cs-presets) as a 16-bit value (see below), and as discussed at FreeNode #libreoffice-dev: Nov 12 09:12:32 <vmiklos> sberg: ah, that's custom shape equation, read from ooxml but then written to ms binary format; i'm not sure if there is a better option there other than just clamping the value.

util/ralloc: Make sizeof(linear_header) a multiple of 8

13 November 04:54 - Mesa - Matt Turner

Prior to this patch sizeof(linear_header) was 20 bytes in a non-debug build on 32-bit platforms.

Implement P0722R3, destroying operator delete

13 November 04:40 - GCC - jason

A destroying operator delete takes responsibility for calling the destructor for the object it is deleting; this is intended to be useful for sized delete of a class allocated with a trailing buffer, where the compiler can't know the size of the allocation, and so would pass the wrong size to the non-destroying sized operator delete. gcc/c-family/ - c-cppbuiltin.c (c_cpp_builtins): Define __cpp_impl_destroying_delete.

Implement P0780R2, pack expansion in lambda init-capture

13 November 04:34 - GCC - jason

Mostly this was straightforward; the tricky bit was finding, in the instantiation, the set of capture proxies built when instantiating the init-capture.

elementary: Fix non insert table, fix 3D pie chart

13 November 04:23 - LibreOffice - Rizal Muttaqin

Change-Id: I877b548678d40916b406ddffdd4f209bfe4c4a8d Reviewed-on:

nir: add support for removing redundant stores to copy prop var

13 November 04:19 - Mesa - Timothy Arceri

For example the following type of thing is seen in TCS from a number of Vulkan and DXVK games: vec1 32 ssa_557 = deref_var &oPatch (shader_out float) vec1 32 ssa_558 = intrinsic load_deref (ssa_557) () vec1 32 ssa_559 = deref_var &oPatch@42 (shader_out float) vec1 32 ssa_560 = intrinsic load_deref (ssa_559) () vec1 32 ssa_561 = deref_var &oPatch@43 (shader_out float) vec1 32 ssa_562 = intrinsic load_deref (ssa_561) () intrinsic store_deref (ssa_557, ssa_558) (1) /* wrmask=x */ intrinsic store_deref (ssa_559, ssa_560) (1) /* wrmask=x */ intrinsic store_deref (ssa_561, ssa_562) (1) /* wrmask=x */ No shader-db changes on i965 (SKL). vkpipeline-db results RADV (VEGA): Totals from affected shaders: SGPRS: 7832 -> 7728 (-1.33 %) VGPRS: 6476 -> 6740 (4.08 %) Spilled SGPRs: 0 -> 0 (0.00 %) Spilled VGPRs: 0 -> 0 (0.00 %) Private memory VGPRs: 0 -> 0 (0.00 %) Scratch size: 0 -> 0 (0.00 %) dwords per thread Code Size: 469572 -> 456596 (-2.76 %) bytes LDS: 0 -> 0 (0.00 %) blocks Max Waves: 989 -> 960 (-2.93 %) Wait states: 0 -> 0 (0.00 %) The Max Waves and VGPRS changes here are misleading.

soc/intel/common: Add option to call EC _PTS/_WAK methods

13 November 02:40 - Coreboot - Duncan Laurie

Some embedded controllers expect to be sent a command when the OS calls the ACPI \_PTS and \_WAK methods.

Add hidden_tls_def macros, fix powerpc-soft build with GCC 9.

13 November 01:53 - glibc - Joseph Myers

Soft-float powerpc fails to build with current GCC mainline because of use of libc_hidden_data_def for TLS variables, resulting in a non-TLS alias being defined, to which the tls_model attribute is now copied, resulting in a warning about it being ignored. The problem here appears to be the non-TLS alias.

[shape-plan] Implement fine-grained caching plans with user-features

13 November 00:26 - HarfBuzz - Behdad Esfahbod

Only tag, value, and global-ness of features are considered, not their start/end offsets.

elementary & KJ: Add Draw's right clik/context menu icons

13 November 00:06 - LibreOffice - Rizal Muttaqin

Change-Id: Id3a3241af83f769fc60f67e01c9129d6f4b5c2ad Reviewed-on:

bump hunspell to 1.7

12 November 22:30 - LibreOffice - László Németh

Change-Id: Ia8d1f4831e651b3a8d5115f78e5a5239b56c71c4 Reviewed-on:

Silence -fsanitize=implicit-signed-integer-truncation

12 November 20:13 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann happens during CppunitTest_sw_ww8export (see below), by keeping nTableOffset of signed type.

util/intelvbttool: Cleanup and fixes

12 November 18:41 - Coreboot - Patrick Rudolph

- Clear remalloced memory

[GCC, ARM] Enable armv8.5-a and add +sb and +predres for previous ARMv8-a in ARM

12 November 14:58 - GCC - sudi

This patch adds -march=armv8.5-a to the Arm backend.

avcodec/tiff: add initial bayer and sub image support

12 November 08:43 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

siemens/mc_apl4: Enable all PCIe root ports

12 November 07:27 - Coreboot - Mario Scheithauer

Enable all PCIe root ports for this mainboard.

Linux 4.20-rc2

11 November 23:12 - Linux Kernel - Linus Torvalds

avcodec : add prores_metadata bsf for set the color property of each prores frame

11 November 20:06 - FFmpeg - Martin Vignali

cbs_h265: Add PTL parsing for sublayers

11 November 17:22 - FFmpeg - Mark Thompson

With fate test using the SLPPLP_A_VIDYO_2 conformance file, which contains two sublayers with full PTL information.

NB tabbed: update calc and impress layout

11 November 09:27 - LibreOffice - andreas kainz

Change-Id: I8a27c11c4d8f345b316d7b2bf3bc0fdfd2e03b4b Reviewed-on:

Implement P0318R1 unwrap_ref_decay and unwrap_reference

11 November 05:17 - GCC - redi

- include/std/type_traits (unwrap_reference, unwrap_reference_t) (unwrap_ref_decay, unwrap_ref_decay_t): New traits and aliases.

Implement P1007R3 std::assume_aligned

11 November 05:16 - GCC - redi

- include/std/memory (assume_aligned): Implement for C++17.