Fix typos in logical replication support for initial data copy

26 March 17:44 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

Fix an incorrect assert condition (noted by Coverity), and spell the new name of the function correctly.

Linux 4.11-rc4

26 March 17:15 - Linux Kernel - Linus Torvalds

Add option to disable blinking alert buttons

26 March 15:42 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

Actually add bench-memcpy-random

26 March 09:31 - glibc - Siddhesh Poyarekar

git-add and commit the benchmark that Wilco posted on the list.

[Payments] Return the preferred payment method name to the merchant

25 March 23:47 - Chromium - mathp

In the PaymentResponse, the method_name field can vary between "basic-card" and the card network directly (e.g., "visa"), depending where the network was first specified.

DevTools: re-arrange icons into spritesheets by their size

25 March 18:42 - Chromium - lushnikov

This patch re-arranges icons into spritesheets by their sizes.

Faster expression evaluation and targetlist projection

25 March 17:52 - PostgreSQL - Andres Freund

This replaces the old, recursive tree-walk based evaluation, with non-recursive, opcode dispatch based, expression evaluation.

Update V8 to version 5.9.97.

25 March 16:35 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Updating trunk VERSION from 3052.0 to 3053.0

25 March 14:11 - Chromium - chrome-cron

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#459656}

linux: Use inhibitor lock to guard poll pausing

25 March 13:07 - UPower - Christian Kellner

Use an inhibitor lock obtained via logind to make sure the polling is paused before the system is put to sleep, rather than racing with the suspension.

linux: Refresh devices after waking up from sleep

25 March 13:04 - UPower - Christian Kellner

The battery levels might have changed drastically compared to before sleep.

daemon: Add support for pausing and resuming poll

25 March 13:04 - UPower - Christian Kellner

Pausing stops the polling for all registered devices and resuming re-enables the previously disabled polling, after re-calculating the poll timeout.

Mojo JS bindings: change module loading solution

25 March 11:59 - Chromium - yzshen

This change takes place on the mojo/public/js/new_bindings copy so it doesn't affect existing users. - This change gets rid of AMD module loading.

Enable FILTERING_MODE for tracing if event filters were given in config

25 March 11:42 - Chromium - ssid

TracingControllerImpl, TraceMessageFilter and startup tracing code paths enable FILTERING_MODE if event filters were given by trace_config.

DHCP initial timeout 0.25s from 4s

25 March 08:42 - Haiku - Fredrik Holmqvist

Connecting to wifi is very slow, there are several issues.

Add tnftp package for x86_gcc2.

25 March 05:54 - Haiku - Adrien Destugues

This will replace our old fork in Haiku sources, once it is available also for x86_64 and x86.

DevTools: produce javascript outline for javascript classess

25 March 05:14 - Chromium - lushnikov

This patch moves javascript outline from tokenizer to the AST builder.

Update V8 to version 5.9.93.

25 March 04:29 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

refresh elementarty icons with svg and some 32px icons

25 March 03:50 - LibreOffice - andreas kainz

Change-Id: Ia02a3004e21c7a4df5e8df7eccb82a8ff7cb9686 Reviewed-on:

Updating trunk VERSION from 3051.0

24 March 22:43 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#459629}

Enable more mash browser_tests

24 March 22:17 - Chromium - jonross

Update test filter to enable more tests.

add DCHECK that a server redirect pending item should never be added

24 March 21:47 - Chromium - liaoyuke

Server side redirects are handled by updating existing pending item instead of adding a new item.

Add remoting_user_session to remoting_all

24 March 20:47 - Chromium - sergeyu

remoting_all is supposed to compile all targets under //remoting, but it wasn't compiling remoting_user_session.

Do not kill the renderer for extension XHRs from uninstalled extensions

24 March 20:25 - Chromium - creis

XMLHttpRequests and other cross-origin requests from content scripts can carry the Origin header of the extension, even after the extension has been uninstalled.

Add origins to the Background Fetch Mojo calls

24 March 19:42 - Chromium - peter

Modulo the Request mojofication (CL 2762303002), this concludes the Mojo interfaces necessary for Background Fetch.

Adds the ability to run chromeos with mus

24 March 19:40 - Chromium - sky

In this config the browser process contains chrome and ash.

Add VS 2017 toolchain hash

24 March 19:10 - Chromium - brucedawson

This change adds a hash for the VS 2017 RTM toolchain download in depot tools.

Added browser-side triggering logic for Client LoFi previews

24 March 18:39 - Chromium - sclittle

This CL causes Chrome to ask the renderer for a Client LoFi preview if the Client LoFi preview experiment is enabled, the network is slower than a threshold specified in that experiment, and the PreviewsBlacklist allows Client LoFi to be used for that page.

Change rebaseline-test-internal to take port name option

24 March 18:17 - Chromium - qyearsley

This CL changes `webkit-patch rebaseline-test-internal` to take a port name in addition to a builder name.

Enable page selection for WebView printing

24 March 17:52 - Chromium - ctzsm

Pass pages param from Android to native code.

DevTools: add support for polling for coverage data in CSS agent

24 March 17:50 - Chromium - caseq

This adds takeCoverageDelta() which may be used to obtain newly used rules plus used and unused rules from newly added styleshteets.

app: add new XCF property PROP_FLOAT_COLOR

24 March 17:35 - GIMP - Michael Natterer

We were still saving channel colors in 8 bit, this additionally saves/loads the color as float values.

tdf#106751 fix regressions in Hungarian spell checking

24 March 17:29 - LibreOffice - László Németh

using recent fixes of Hunspell code base

Implementing glTF 1.0 parser

24 March 16:57 - Chromium - acondor

- Documentation at

Fix position:sticky location bug when scroller is not a stacking context

24 March 16:55 - Chromium - smcgruer

This was broken in

Add estark as an IPC reviewer

24 March 16:45 - Chromium - dcheng,

tdf#106693 vcl PDF export, norefxobj: update XObject refs

24 March 16:32 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Start copying referenced objects recursively, and also take care of updating references to the object IDs as they appear in our output.

Update V8 to version 5.9.92.

24 March 16:24 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Remove TODO from base/containers/mru_cache.h

24 March 16:13 - Chromium - pwnall

MRUCacheBase now has a const version of Get() -- it is the const overload of Peek().

Remove "add label binary-size" to apk size regressions

24 March 15:17 - Chromium - agrieve

This is too much work for sheriffs to follow (and they weren't).

Remember User locked rotation

24 March 15:00 - Chromium - oshima

- Save when the toggle state changes, as that's only time the value changes.

Enable RGBA_4444 in GpuRasterBufferProvider

24 March 14:48 - Chromium - ericrk

Currently, OneCopy/ZeroCopyRasterBufferProvider supports RGBA_4444 (used in Svelte).

Reland of "Update linux sysroot from Wheezy to Jessie"

24 March 14:45 - Chromium - sbc

The last version of this change was:

Update V8 to version 5.9.91.

24 March 14:41 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Use WaitableEvents to wake up sync IPC waiting

24 March 14:36 - Chromium - rockot

Changes mojo::WaitSet and mojo::SyncHandleRegistry to support waiting on arbitrary user events concurrently with Mojo handle state changes. Reverts IPC::SyncChannel to use WaitableEvent for forced wakeups in lieu of signaling with one-off message pipes (i.e.

[Payments] Support canMakePayment on Desktop

24 March 14:09 - Chromium - mathp

Filed bugs for missing features.

Implement the BackgroundFetch{Fail,ed} Service Worker events

24 March 13:38 - Chromium - peter

This CL implements the two final events part of the Background Fetch API: backgroundfetchfail and backgroundfetched.

ecore-evas: better handling for pointer_warp with buffer canvas

24 March 13:24 - EFL Core Libraries - Mike Blumenkrantz

if buffer canvas is not image object, this needs to emit a move event to be consistent with other engines

libFuzzer: add new file to build. BUG=704919

24 March 13:18 - Chromium - ochang

libFuzzer: add new file to build.

add flag for wl clients to determine ssd mouse-in vs client mouse-in

24 March 13:17 - Enlightenment - Mike Blumenkrantz

aura-mus: Add a visual drag representation

24 March 13:14 - Chromium - erg

This lets the client send an image representation of what's currently being dragged.

Convert Background Fetch' input to a WebServiceWorkerRequest vector

24 March 13:12 - Chromium - peter

Developers can pass in either an individual USVString or Request object, or a sequence of either.

Implement multivariate n-distinct coefficients

24 March 13:06 - PostgreSQL - Alvaro Herrera

Add support for explicitly declared statistic objects (CREATE STATISTICS), allowing collection of statistics on more complex combinations that individual table columns.

[LayoutNG] Add NGLineBoxFragment

24 March 12:18 - Chromium - kojii

This patch adds NGLineBoxFragment, along with:- NGPhysicalLineBoxFragment- NGLineBoxFragmentBuilder- NGTextFragmentBuilder for consistency Part of code in NGLineBuilder was extracted to new classes, in preparation of renaming it to NGLineLayoutAlgorithm. NGFragment::Overflow was moved to NGBoxFragment, since neither text nor linebox has layout overflow.

Import wpt@079f031924c84818c689349d0c45fbf3c7833ba8

24 March 11:58 - Chromium - Blink W3C Test Autoroller

Using wpt-import in Chromium cbfd644ca2d24fc324101ea15e6198ca71c804c1.

iOS LibreOfficeLight, document actions

24 March 11:41 - LibreOffice - jan Iversen

added action menu in Document viewer

S/390: arch12: New builtins

24 March 10:04 - GCC - krebbel

This patch implements a set of low-level builtins for instruction which would otherwise not be emitted by the compiler plus a set of high-level builtins as defined by the IBM XL compiler.

S/390: arch12: Support new vector floating point modes

24 March 10:03 - GCC - krebbel

This patch adds support for the new floating point vector elements (SF and TF) introduced with arch12. gcc/ChangeLog: 2017-03-24 Andreas Krebbel <> - config/s390/s390.c (s390_expand_vec_compare): Support other vector floating point modes than just V2DF.

S/390: arch12: Support the mul/add/subtract instructions

24 March 10:02 - GCC - krebbel

S/390: arch12: Support the mul/add/subtract instructions. gcc/ChangeLog: 2017-03-24 Andreas Krebbel <> - config/s390/ ("*adddi3_sign", "*subdi3_sign", "mulditi3") ("mulditi3_2", "*muldi3_sign"): New patterns.

Introduce Identity Service and its initial usage

24 March 09:56 - Chromium - blundell

This CL introduces the Identity Service and converts the implementation of the chrome.identity.GetProfileUserInfo() extension function to use the new service.

tdf#106693 vcl PDF export, norefxobj: copy XObject references

24 March 08:47 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

With this the images inside the PDF image show up correctly.

Create CollectionViewTextCell

24 March 07:59 - Chromium - gambard

This CL creates a CollectionViewTextCell having the same behavior as MDCCollectionViewTextCell but using auto layout.

build: Bump version to 2.53.0

24 March 07:01 - GLib - Philip Withnall

Ready for the new unstable release series.

Use CollectionViewTextItem instead of a cast

24 March 05:59 - Chromium - gambard

To set the color and the font of the cell handled by a CollectionViewTextItem, some classes where selecting the cell and casting it to a CollectionViewTextCell.

Add breakdown histograms for injected script execution time

24 March 02:39 - Chromium - ksakamoto

Currently we have the following metrics for content script injections: - Extensions.Inject{Start,End,Idle}_Time: Time to inject all extensions' scripts for one run_location.

themes: add commented-out font_name property in "System" theme

23 March 23:38 - GIMP - Jehan

This is to be used as self-documentation code, so that people know how to hack the font size since I am not sure GIMP will always provide reasonable font display on every platform.

themes: removing the "Small" theme

23 March 23:33 - GIMP - Jehan

As a result of "Bug 745835 - Resize icons as Option, not theme", the Small theme is now useless and redundant with the icon sizing preferences.

Add UMA to record WorkerThread runtime

23 March 23:06 - Chromium - kinuko

We have one for ServiceWorker but don't have the stat for other workers.

Updating trunk VERSION from 3050.0 to 3051.0

23 March 23:01 - Chromium - chrome-cron

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#459347}

Update V8 to version 5.9.90.

23 March 22:23 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

[Extensions Bindings] Add lastError utilities to APIBindingJSUtil

23 March 21:41 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin

Some custom bindings require the ability to query or mutate the lastError state.

Add doc on customizing TestRule

23 March 21:40 - Chromium - yolandyan


[LayoutNG] Make NGLineBuilder work with inline floats

23 March 21:38 - Chromium - glebl

This patch teaches NGLineBuilder how to position inline floats. Below is a high level overview of the implemented logic: Consider this example: The quick <div id="float"></div> brown fox jumps over the lazy dog 1) NGLineBuilder/NGTextLayoutAlgorithm starts constructing a line 2) Every time when we hit a text break opportunity NGLineBuilder::SetEnd gets a corresponding NGLayoutInlineItem 3) If it's a float then it tries to position it on the current text line.

Enable --prefer-compositing-to-lcd-text on Chrome OS by default

23 March 20:54 - Chromium - bokan

This patch enables the flag on Chrome OS so that we prefer getting composited scrollers rather than LCD text antialiasing.

DevTools: make dropdown arrow spacing nicer

23 March 20:27 - Chromium - luoe

This fixes a regression where the arrow was flush with the text.

Remove JumpListIconsOld directory and set upper limit for delete attempts

23 March 20:24 - Chromium - chengx

Current implementation for jumplist involves deleting JumpListIconOld followed by moving JumpListIcons to JumpListIconsOld.

User orientation lock

23 March 20:09 - Chromium - oshima

- Added user locked orientation.

Update V8 to version 5.9.89.

23 March 19:10 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

cr50: add unmarshaling of vendor commands and process 'enable_update'

23 March 18:49 - Coreboot - Vadim Bendebury

The upcoming Cr50 firmware changes will require the AP to enable the previously downloaded Cr50 firmware update(s). A new vendor command (TPM2_CR50_SUB_CMD_TURN_UPDATE_ON) is used for that.

Add a progress indicator to the VR omnibox

23 March 18:28 - Chromium - cjgrant

The current UX thinking is that the URL indicator (visible transiently on navigations), and the omnibox, are distict elements that share some visual similarity.

Add trivial animation page to trivial_sites perf benchmark

23 March 18:26 - Chromium - shrike

Adds a page with a simple 60fps animation to the trivial_sites benchmark.

Enable PasswordManagerBrowserTestBase.SameOriginIframeAutoFillTest to get more data

23 March 18:23 - Chromium - vasilii

Currently we know that password_field.value was not expected.

[Gin] Add Arguments::GetHolderCreationContext()

23 March 18:17 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin

Currently, in order to get at the creation context of the holder, one has to do the following: v8::Local<v8::Object> holder; arguments->GetHolder(&holder); v8::Local<v8::Context> context = holder->CreationContext(); This isn't terrible, but it's a little verbose when all we really want is FunctionCallbackInfo::Holder::CreationContext().

While testing expanded mash_browser_tests a flaky shutdown crash was found in GpuClient

23 March 18:12 - Chromium - jonross

GpuClient::EstablishGpuChannel could be called after GpuHost or GpuClient had been deleted. GpuClient was holding a raw pointer back to GpuHost.

Update Crashpad to 8e37886d418dd042c3c7bfadac99214739ee4d98

23 March 18:06 - Chromium - mark

3eaee58970c2 doc: Update Android developer documentation for NDK 14 87c75552ad70 Implement ProcessInfo for Linux/Android bad4fd00113a linux: Fix ProcessInfo for x86[_64] 48781dc182c2 linux: Fix process start time computation 9be4745be0f7 linux: Lazily initialize ProcessInfo’s Is64Bit() and StartTime() d7467ba7e485 linux: Use user_regs instead of pt_regs for 32-bit ARM in ProcessInfo 5938c6e9933a linux: Support ProcessInfo::Is64Bit() for ARM on pre-3.5.0 Linux 82009cd14de5 android: Support builds with NDK API versions older than 21 (compat) b10d9118dea4 minidump: Ignore attempts to add user streams with type collisions 51b21d887467 Add DelimitedFileReader and use it in Linux/Android’s ProcessInfo 00b64427523b Make file_io reads more rational and predictable 4f90f1514692 Remove WeakStdioFileReader and WeakStdioFileWriter 88bc09fb8615 posix: Fix StdioFileHandle() for GCC 14138936b5c4 test: Compare ProcessInfo::Arguments() to main()’s argc/argv on POSIX bc5b7b06db68 Fix racy WorkerThread test 542306626df8 minidump: Make the MemoryListStream the caboose once again 39f13a77a449 Make work with paths instead of configuration names 3983b80ca2fc util/file: Handle oversized reads and writes gracefully e4cad9e51483 doc: Standardize on “macOS” in comments c1157e87f164 Crashpad overview design doc af66c4b74028 Add overview design doc link to root cca10659c739 android: Fix gmock-using tests’ use of MOCK_METHODn() with clang db8c54e142d9 android: Add for easier Android development 013d5e14a30c #include <stddef.h> where offsetof() is used 7a7815506bf2 GCC fix: Don’t use arraysize() on packed structs fa3413e14a22 GCC fix for -Wunused-but-set-variable 810d4815df8a minidump: Allow for user extension streams computed at crash time cedfd7b9cd71 android: Don’t use OPEN_MAX f8ef834ef5dd android: Support “unified headers” with GCC build 8e37886d418d linux: Don’t make assumptions about the CPU revision

Add commandline flag to enable GCM cipher suites from RFC 7714 in WebRTC.

23 March 17:57 - Chromium - jbauch

This CL adds a new commandline flag and chrome://flags option to enable GCM cipher suites as defined in RFC 7714 in WebRTC.

Update V8 to version 5.9.88.

23 March 17:37 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

[sync] WebContentsObserver based sessions notifications

23 March 17:24 - Chromium - pnoland

Aggregate individual WebContentsObservers to notify sync of sessions changes This CL introduces the SyncSessionsWebContentsRouter and the SyncSessionsRouterTabHelper, which replace the old NotificationServiceSessionsRouter.

Drop hover:on-demand support & let touch-screens report "none" instead

23 March 17:20 - Chromium - mustaq

The "hover" and "any-hover" media query features was originally speced to have three possible values {"none", "on-demand", "hover"}.

Clean up calls to ToSkPicture

23 March 16:46 - Chromium - enne

In the future, PaintRecord is going to become a real class, and so a function that takes in a raw PaintRecord* and returns an SkPicture* doesn't make much sense, as it'll really be an ownership transfer.

chromeos: Support returning proxy info via D-Bus responses

23 March 16:39 - Chromium - derat

Make ProxyResolutionServiceProvider (exported via the ResolveProxy D-Bus method on org.chromium.LibCrosService) support returning proxy information via an asynchronous D-Bus response instead of reporting it via a D-Bus signal. If the caller provides a signal interface and name, a signal is emitted as before.

Documentation: Add doxygen_platform target

23 March 16:19 - Coreboot - Martin Roth

Create a doxygen target that builds documentation just for the platform that is currently selected in Kconfig.

Update V8 to version 5.9.84.

23 March 16:10 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Enable login screen apps

23 March 16:05 - Chromium - achuith


Add XFA pdfium fuzzer

23 March 15:51 - Chromium - dsinclair

This CL updates the pdfium_fuzzer to also build in the needed XFA code.

Enable native accessible touch support inside of ARC

23 March 15:48 - Chromium - dtseng


google/fizz: Remove poppy-specific configs

23 March 15:46 - Coreboot - Shelley Chen

- Remove spd files/directory- Remove audio blobs- Remove dptf.asl contents- Remove MKBP- Remove acpi table initialization

[instrumentation] Generalize instrumentation to be used beyond the core layer

23 March 15:42 - Chromium - alph

Changes made in the patch:

Implement LWG 2686, std::hash, for C++17

23 March 15:40 - GCC - redi

2017-03-23 Daniel Kruegler

Implement P0607R0 "Inline Variables for Standard Library" for C++17

23 March 15:40 - GCC - redi

2017-03-23 Daniel Kruegler - include/bits/c++config (_GLIBCXX17_INLINE): Define. - include/bits/regex_constants.h (All std::regex_constants constants): Add _GLIBCXX17_INLINE as per P0607R0. - include/bits/std_mutex.h (defer_lock, try_to_lock, adopt_lock): Likewise. - include/bits/stl_pair.h (piecewise_construct): Likewise. - include/bits/uses_allocator.h (allocator_arg, uses_allocator_v) (__is_uses_allocator_constructible_v) (__is_nothrow_uses_allocator_constructible_v): Likewise. - include/std/chrono (treat_as_floating_point_v): Likewise. - include/std/functional (is_bind_expression_v, is_placeholder_v): Likewise. - include/std/optional (nullopt): Likewise. - include/std/ratio (ratio_equal_v, ratio_not_equal_v, ratio_less_v) ratio_less_equal_v, ratio_greater_v, ratio_greater_equal_v): Likewise. - include/std/system_error (is_error_code_enum_v) (is_error_condition_enum_v): Likewise. - include/std/tuple (tuple_size_v, ignore): Likewise.

[Extensions Bindings] Add support for DeclarativeEvents

23 March 15:26 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin

A small number of APIs have declarative events - events that support "rules" rather than listeners.

Add "Read Later" action to ContentSuggestions' context menu

23 March 15:19 - Chromium - gambard

This CL adds a Read Later action to the context menu display when long pressing on a Suggested article, adding the item to the Reading List.

Make stylus's eraser button work on Mac

23 March 15:01 - Chromium - lanwei

In order to , I set the pointer type to blink::WebPointerProperties::PointerType::Eraser when we use the eraser button on the tablet.

google/fizz: Add new board

23 March 14:58 - Coreboot - Shelley Chen

Creating google/fizz directory based on poppy (using kabylake and FSP 2.0).

soc/intel/skylake: Add SGX initialization

23 March 14:57 - Coreboot - Robbie Zhang

This patch implements SGX initialization steps in coreboot per Intel SGX BWG rev 2.0.8 for Kaby Lake SoC.

Re-land: Add a window property to associate RWHVA with its child AX tree ID

23 March 14:48 - Chromium - dmazzoni

Originally landed:

Add iterator for DocumentMarker::MarkerTypes

23 March 14:42 - Chromium - rlanday

This idea came up in code review for a DocumentMarkerController refactor:

Update V8 to version 5.9.82.

23 March 14:34 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Disallow JS execution on WebUI pages

23 March 14:17 - Chromium - eugenebut

As a side effect TapWebViewElementWithId now actually opens windows instead of popups, which is definitely a correct behavior.

crossgcc/Dockerfile: Add gnat to build the Ada toolchain

23 March 13:55 - Coreboot - Nico Huber

If gnat is installed, buildgcc automatically enables Ada support.

drm/i915: Update to Linux 4.7.10

23 March 13:47 - DragonFlyBSD - François Tigeot

- Various bugfixes, including GPU-specific ones on Ironlake and more recent hardware.

[Bookmarks] Refactor search view to use SelectableListLayout paradigm

23 March 12:56 - Chromium - twellington

Bookmarks currently uses a ViewPager to switch between the normal and search view.

Change MockBrowsingDataRemover to MockBrowsingDataRemoverDelegate

23 March 12:50 - Chromium - msramek

BrowsingDataRemover is about to move to content/, and does not expect to be subclassed from the embedder.

release: bump version to 1.7.2 (development)

23 March 12:41 - NetworkManager - Lubomir Rintel

Add optional --no-static-initializer-check to

23 March 12:39 - Chromium - agrieve

Convenient when running it locally and you want it to be fast, but you don't want to disable via --no-output-dir so that it still looks at .pak files.

Update ash resize shadow aesthetics

23 March 12:38 - Chromium - estade

gversionmacros: Add version macros for GLib 2.54

23 March 12:21 - GLib - Philip Withnall

Let the new API season commence.

[refactor] - Add RenderWidgetHostImpl::RequestCompositionUpdate

23 March 12:14 - Chromium - ekaramad

Right now this IPC is being sent on all platform and the part of code inside RWHVAura is a bit messy.

Add enable_ipc_logging build argument

23 March 11:45 - Chromium - davidsz

Implement a build option to enable the IPC logging system in release builds.

Generating benchmark.csv file

23 March 11:18 - Chromium - ashleymarie

This change enables perf_json_generator to also generate a csv file with benchmark metadata (name, owners, and component).

[sensors][win] Add support for AbsoluteOrientation sensor

23 March 11:13 - Chromium - alexander.shalamov

This CL adds support for AbsoluteOrientation sensor for Windows platform.

gmodule: Add the visibility attribute to G_MODULE_EXPORT on gcc

23 March 10:58 - GLib - Philip Withnall

For versions of GCC which support it (≥ 4), define G_MODULE_EXPORT as __attribute__((visibility("default"))).

Merge commit '112cee0241f5799edff0e4682b9e8639b046dc78'

23 March 10:58 - FFmpeg - Clément Bœsch

Replication lag tracking for walsenders

23 March 10:05 - PostgreSQL - Simon Riggs

Adds write_lag, flush_lag and replay_lag cols to pg_stat_replication. Implements a lag tracker module that reports the lag times based upon measurements of the time taken for recent WAL to be written, flushed and replayed and for the sender to hear about it.

Update V8 to version 5.9.81.

23 March 09:57 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

WebSQL: Add spec links for WebIDL definitions

23 March 09:22 - Chromium - jsbell,

Logical replication support for initial data copy

23 March 08:55 - PostgreSQL - Peter Eisentraut

Add functionality for a new subscription to copy the initial data in the tables and then sync with the ongoing apply process. For the copying, add a new internal COPY option to have the COPY source data provided by a callback function.

[Android O] Upstreaming notification channels code

23 March 08:54 - Chromium - awdf

This is part one which moves where we create the notification builder from AppHooksImpl to NotificationBuilderFactory.

[ES6 modules] Introduce ModuleScriptLoader

23 March 08:33 - Chromium - kouhei

This CL introduces ModuleScriptLoader, which can load a new single ModuleScript. ModuleScriptLoader is intended to be an internal building block which should not be used outside ES6 modules implementation.

WebRTC-TunedClippingLevel: Disable other experiment values

23 March 06:27 - Chromium - hlundin

This is a minor fix of the fieldtrial testing config, to align with the current experiment settings.

Remote fetch device status (attributes and logs) command

23 March 06:11 - Chromium - isandrk

This CL introduces a remote command that enables device administrators to remotely fetch device status (attributes and logs).

Prepare Chromium and Blink for ICU 59

23 March 05:57 - Chromium - jshin

ICU 59 uses char16_t as UChar instead of {wchar_t, uint16_t}.

Move files in wtf/ to platform/wtf/ (Part 10).

23 March 05:51 - Chromium - yutak

This patch moves all the remaining files in wtf/text/:

Backend: Add hole reuse in reg alloction

23 March 05:42 - Beignet - Pan Xiuli

We first find regs that have pool in simple linear scale, and save them in HoleRegPool, when allocte regs we first try to search fit candidate in the pool and choose the most fit one to reuse. V2: Refine hole reuse only in one block. V3: Refine data structure with less variable, add OCL_REUSE_HOLE_REG to control the optimization. V4: Spilt the patch into instruction ID part and hole reuse, refine the blockID of the reg. V5: Refine some variable and function name.

kernel: Add a port of the Linux 4.8 vga_switcheroo module

23 March 05:18 - DragonFlyBSD - François Tigeot

Update expat to 2.2.0 to fix CVE vulnerability

23 March 04:22 - Chromium - qingchengl

Security fixes: CVE-2016-0718 -- Fix crash on malformed input CVE-2016-4472 -- Improve insufficient fix to CVE-2015-1283 / CVE-2015-2716 introduced with Expat 2.1.1 CVE-2016-5300 -- Use more entropy for hash initialization than the original fix to CVE-2012-0876 CVE-2012-6702 -- Resolve troublesome internal call to srand that was introduced with Expat 2.1.0 when addressing CVE-2012-0876 (issue #496)

FileSystem: Add spec links for WebIDL definitions

23 March 04:04 - Chromium - jsbell,

Set default document urls to 'about:blank'.

23 March 03:59 - Chromium - martin

The patch ensures that the document urls are set to 'about:blank', as is specified in [1], if a url has not been specified.

Refactor GVR controller gamepad API integration

23 March 03:45 - Chromium - klausw

The GVR device code had its own gvr_api instance and controller state in the UI thread, this was causing conflicts with using the same APIs from the GL thread in vr_shell_gl.

Update V8 to version 5.9.80.

23 March 03:23 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

add icon for tab notebook toolbar .uno:actions

23 March 03:08 - LibreOffice - andreas kainz

Change-Id: I77b50bf6961d53df8d5a333d10f2b3ccf41b5434 Reviewed-on:

platform/loader: update OWNERS to add yoav

23 March 02:52 - Chromium - toyoshim

yoav@ is actively working on loading code base, and could review fetch/ when the directory existed in core/ because yoav@ is in core/OWNERS. On moving fetch/ to platform/, I didn't add him to platform/loader/OWNERS just because I could not notice it.

Import wpt@bb66394e1ac8612e6d52b07223baae1c4f1520fe

23 March 01:30 - Chromium - Blink W3C Test Autoroller

Using wpt-import in Chromium dc118ac412a555cd36fc6f5fde5c37aaf261057b.

Allow the initial request to take over failed parallel requests

23 March 00:40 - Chromium - qinmin

When a parallel request fails, DownloadFileImpl will send an error and cause download to be interrupted.

Add a throttle wrapper to OfflineContentProvider

22 March 23:12 - Chromium - dtrainor

This adds a class that supports automatically throttling updates driven by OfflineContentProviders.

Updating trunk VERSION from 3049.0 to 3050.0

22 March 23:01 - Chromium - chrome-cron

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#458991}

[Chromecast] Use ALSA mixer for media volume

22 March 22:48 - Chromium - kmackay

All audio devices will now use CastMediaShlib for volume control. On assistant-enabled devices, the ALSA mixer elements are only used for signalling with other processes; the ALSA mixer element should not actually affect the output volume, but other process can "set the volume" by modifying the ALSA mixer element, and cast_shell will pick up the changes and apply them correctly.

Move files in wtf/ to platform/wtf/ (Part 9).

22 March 22:24 - Chromium - yutak

At this time, String related files are moved:

build - Add the 'efisetup' script

22 March 22:06 - DragonFlyBSD - Matthew Dillon

- Add the 'efisetup' script to /usr/sbin.

net: add a constant for the magic 63 number

22 March 21:55 - Chromium - Thiago Farina

Document it and also reuse kMaxNameLength for the 255 number.

[MD Extensions] Respond with a load error when loading unpacked fails

22 March 21:37 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin

When loading an unpacked extension fails, respond with a load error that indicates the error and includes the manifest file source to display to the user.

DevTools: remove nesting depth tracking from coverage

22 March 21:15 - Chromium - caseq

[Reland][Extensions Bindings] Add support for filtered events

22 March 20:55 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin

Some extension API events support "filtering", which allows extensions to only receive event notifications for a subset of the total events.

[Closure Externs] Add wrapping parens on optional params

22 March 20:42 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin fixed optional params in callbacks, but forgot to wrap the type in params.

Enable noexcept on Windows, use for a few move constructors

22 March 20:37 - Chromium - brettw

MSVC complains if you use noexcept with no exception handling mode specified (as we do).

chromeos: Improve ProxyResolutionServiceProvider testing

22 March 20:20 - Chromium - derat

Add additional tests to exercise asynchronous proxy resolution and error handling.

MD Settings: Add listeners on attached instead of ready

22 March 20:15 - Chromium - hcarmona

This prevents a visual glitch where you can see the top of the settings page before the sub page loads.

Gtk3: Add view class to GtkTextView on Gtk3.10

22 March 20:03 - Chromium - thomasanderson

The 'view' class is added on text views in Gtk3.10, but not in 3.18.

Update V8 to version 5.9.78.

22 March 19:43 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

[ServiceWorker] Convert ping-pong IPC into mojo interface ServiceWorkerEventDispatcher

22 March 19:34 - Chromium - leon.han

This CL converts the following 2 IPCs between ServiceWorkerVersion and ServiceWorkerContextClient into the mojo interface ServiceWorkerEventDispatcher.

MD Settings: adjust iron-list focus row behaviors

22 March 19:29 - Chromium - scottchen

In an effort to bring iron-list focus behaviors closer to other webUIs, this CL extracts code relating to "cr.ui.FocusRow" from MD history's <history-item>, and encapsulates it in a new FocusRowBehavior to be reused by other iron-list row custom elements.

Add --draw-view-bounds-rects to draw bounds rects for all views

22 March 19:21 - Chromium - pkasting

This is useful for debugging and measuring layouts. Some details: - Simple on/off command-line switch.

[Media Router] Custom Controls 1 - Add MediaStatus, MediaRouteController, and mojo interfaces

22 March 19:14 - Chromium - takumif

[Media Router] Custom Controls 1 - Add MediaStatus, MediaRouteController, and mojo interfaces This CL adds MediaRouteController that will forward media controller commands from the custom controls WebUI to the Media Router component extension, and will receive MediaStatus updates from the extension which it then will forward to its Observer(s) (= to the WebUI). This patch includes mojo interfaces/structs that were first reviewed in this patch [1].

Pref service: add a factory to create the client lib

22 March 18:52 - Chromium - tibell

The client lib is how most code will interact with the service, rather than using its Mojo interfaces directly.

libvpx: make high bit depth the default configuration

22 March 18:39 - Chromium - johannkoenig

HBD has been enabled for 6+ months.

Add the COM STA Task Runner

22 March 18:30 - Chromium - robliao

The COM STA Task Runner executes tasks in a COM STA.

Remove inline small resource transfer experiment

22 March 18:28 - Chromium - scottmg

This removes the code for an experiment to inline small resources into the main IPC resource.

Fix inline focus ring paint invalidation on continuation change

22 March 18:19 - Chromium - wangxianzhu

An inline element's focus ring encloses its block and inline continuations.

[translate] Add ranker model proto and loader

22 March 17:52 - Chromium - rogerm

This CL adds RankerModel and RankerModel loader classes to wrap, load and cache a generic RankerModelProto.

Simplify ExtensionInstallChecker into a single-use class

22 March 17:44 - Chromium - michaelpg

ExtensionInstallChecker does asynchronous checks, and its set of checks can be started more than once.

Support providers with two namespaces

22 March 17:18 - Chromium - dtrainor

OfflinePages requires a single provider to be able to handle exposing items with two namespaces.

PlzNavigate: add temporary DumpWithoutCrashing to ServiceWorker code

22 March 16:06 - Chromium - clamy

This CL adds a temporary DumpWithoutCrashing to ServiceWorkerDispatcherHost::OnProviderCreated.

Add a new class as an entry-point for Java reflection

22 March 16:04 - Chromium - ntfschr

This adds a new class named ReflectionEndPoint in the glue layer.

Update V8 to version 5.9.77.

22 March 15:53 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add image-first-tests flag to run-webkit-tests

22 March 15:52 - Chromium - glebl

--image-first-tests specifies directories or test that will be only checked against image expectations if available and fall back to text expectations otherwise. The reason for this change: Layout team is working on the new layout engine LayoutNG

chrome/android: Update toolbar drawing in native

22 March 15:18 - Chromium - khushalsagar

Add a ToolbarResource to push relevant info for drawing the toolbar to native.

CrOS: Add notification to setup fingerprint settings

22 March 14:59 - Chromium - sammiequon

Show a notification reminding users they can use fingerprint to unlock the lock screen.

[Devtools] Add stacktrace for Page.frameAttached event

22 March 14:36 - Chromium - allada

This patch adds possible stacktrace for when a frame is attached to a page for devtools.

Update V8 to version 5.9.76.

22 March 14:27 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add process uptime metadata event in tracing

22 March 14:06 - Chromium - ssid

Add a flat_map container

22 March 13:56 - Chromium - brettw

This works the same as flat_set but corresponding to a std::map. The existing flat_set implementation was factored into a base class called flat_tree with a provision to have a potentially different lookup key type than value type, and a way to convert from a value to a key.

Add an additional detail to a GCM Engine traffic annotation

22 March 13:46 - Chromium - peter

As suggested by Dmitry in the previous CL:

[pdf] Enable the Skia Path code in Chrome

22 March 13:44 - Chromium - dsinclair

This Cl enables the PDFium code to use Skia to render paths instead of Anti-Grain Geometry.

[TTS] Add DCHECKs to help with a new crash

22 March 13:19 - Chromium - donnd

Looks like the caption doesn't exist or is corrupted in some cases, but I don't understand what could be causing this.

[Password Manager] Send username correction votes

22 March 13:16 - Chromium - kolos

If a user changes autofilled username on a form, but the correct username is in |PasswordForm.other_possible_usernames|, send USERNAME vote for the element that contained the correct username. This CL changes the data structure of |other_possible_usernames| from vector<string> to vector<pair<string, string>>. The CL updates only one local storage - login_database.

Support multiple RADIUS servers

22 March 13:11 - PostgreSQL - Magnus Hagander

This changes all the RADIUS related parameters (radiusserver, radiussecret, radiusport, radiusidentifier) to be plural and to accept a comma separated list of servers, which will be tried in order.

tdf#106693 vcl PDF export: initial UseReferenceXObject option

22 March 12:52 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

It's still on, but in experimental mode start work towards the ability to not use that markup.

Update V8 to version 5.9.71.

22 March 12:43 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

soc/intel/skylake: Add option to disable host reads to PMC XRAM

22 March 12:43 - Coreboot - Rizwan Qureshi

FSP disables host access to shadowed PMC XRAM registers by default, it also provides a UPD to enable/disable host reads to these regiters.

soc/intel/skylake: Add configs for enabling DCI and TraceHub

22 March 12:42 - Coreboot - Aamir Bohra

Add configs for enabling Intel TraceHub and DCI for aid in debugging.

[png_asset_size] optimize pngs in java/res, part 1/3: mdpi and hdpi

22 March 12:21 - Chromium - vitaliii

I ran -o2 on chrome/android/java/res/.

Add deduction guides for C++17 (P0433R2, partial)

22 March 11:58 - GCC - redi

- include/bits/shared_ptr.h (shared_ptr, weak_ptr): Add deduction guides for C++17. - include/bits/std_function.h (function): Likewise. - include/bits/stl_pair.h (pair): Likewise. - include/debug/array (__gnu_debug::array): Likewise. - include/std/array (array): Likewise. - include/std/functional (make_default_searcher) (make_boyer_moore_searcher, make_boyer_moore_horspool_searcher): Remove generator functions. - include/std/tuple (tuple): Add deduction guides. - include/std/valarray (valarray): Likewise. - testsuite/20_util/function_objects/ Adjust to use class template argument deduction instead of generator functions. - testsuite/20_util/function/cons/ New test. - testsuite/20_util/optional/cons/ Rename to ... - testsuite/20_util/optional/cons/ ...

Add PuChuangSiDa CT log to known logs list

22 March 11:47 - Chromium - robpercival

They have completed their initial compliance monitoring.

[about:flags] Add specific owners for about_flags_unittest

22 March 11:28 - Chromium - jkrcal

The unit-test is related to general flags ui code that lives in components/flags_ui.

Adds ability for accelerators to add key/value pairs to KeyEvent

22 March 11:14 - Chromium - sky

pre-target accelerators are run before the KeyEvent is passed to the target.

Update V8 to version 5.9.69.

22 March 10:20 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Enable ExtensionApiTest.ChromeRuntimeReload test

22 March 09:53 - Chromium - limasdf

From revision ea9d0bc5, extension id is being used to listen exact extension's loading and unloading.

predictors: Pass manifests from Bork to store in ResourcePrefetchPredictor

22 March 09:46 - Chromium - alexilin

This CL makes ResourcePrefetchPredictor accessible from PrecacheManager to notify about new manifests through PrecacheManifestDelegate interface.

libavutil: Hook up the rest of the gcc specific attributes to clang as well

22 March 08:25 - Libav - Martin Storsjö

Hook up all attributes that don't have a MSVC specific version at the moment. See f637046d313 for details. These don't seem to be critical for building with clang in MSVC mode though, and thus haven't been hooked up until now. These seem to build fine with as old clang as 3.3 at least.

Reading List iOS: Use external clock in ReadingListEntry

22 March 08:08 - Chromium - olivierrobin

Currently, tests need to spin the runloop to make sure clock advance.

udev: merge branch 'th/gudev-bgo780308'

22 March 07:52 - NetworkManager - Thomas Haller

[sensors][android] Add support for AbsoluteOrientation sensor

22 March 07:30 - Chromium - alexander.shalamov

This CL introduces new sensor type ABSOLUTE_ORIENTATION that is responsible for providing orientation quaternion.

check for overflow in multiply

22 March 07:23 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

gcc >= 5 and clang have builtins for this msvc has safeint.h and functions in the msl::utilties namespace otherwise fall back to certs demo implementations

route-manager: add routine to query route shadowing for a link

22 March 07:21 - NetworkManager - Lubomir Rintel

If a route is shadowed by another route to the same network it's a good indication we're multihoming and want to disable the Strict RP filtering.

Update V8 to version 5.9.68.

22 March 07:19 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

MD Bookmarks: Remove old bookmark data store

22 March 07:11 - Chromium - tsergeant

MD Bookmarks has transitioned to a new data store and data flow method (see bug for context).

dns-manager: use libpsl directly

22 March 07:09 - NetworkManager - Lubomir Rintel

...instead of via libsoup.

connectivity: switch connectivity checking to libcurl

22 March 07:09 - NetworkManager - Francesco Giudici


[Doodle] Add UMA for doodle image downloads

22 March 06:32 - Chromium - treib

Split by whether the data came from the HTTP cache.

mus-ws: Plumb FrameSinkId to Children

22 March 06:00 - Chromium - fsamuel

This CL takes us a step closer to surface synchronization by plumbing the correct FrameSinkId to children and delaying CompositorFrameSink creation until the FrameSinkId is propagated to the child. FrameSinkIds are plumbed to children via: 1.

Merge "Dx: Move all sources from libcore."

22 March 05:54 - Dalvik - Narayan Kamath

[User classifier] Add a unit-test

22 March 05:46 - Chromium - jkrcal

This CL adds basic test support for UserClassifier.

Change logic for recording redirect pattern histograms

22 March 05:04 - Chromium - melandory

Record histograms independent of the current activation experiment.

[Doodle] Add an about:flags entry for the new Doodle API

22 March 04:56 - Chromium - treib

This required moving the feature definition into chrome_feature_list.h/cc

Enable ARC for //ios/web_view/internal/translate/*.m

22 March 04:54 - Chromium - ichikawa

This CL also (hopefully) fixes occasional SEGV of ios_web_view_shell, by marking WebViewTranslateClient::delegete_ as __weak and also initializing it with nil.

IOS LibreOfficeLight settings support

22 March 04:30 - LibreOffice - jan Iversen

Adding support for using IOS Settings The idea is to move the LO settings into here, and let the user manipulate some of the fields.

Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2017b from

22 March 04:18 - DragonFlyBSD - Sascha Wildner

Haiti resumed observance of DST in 2017.

vcl: move in PDF tokenizer from xmlsecurity

22 March 04:03 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

The PDF code in xmlsecurity served two purposes: - a generic PDF tokenizer- signature verification The first purpose is useful to have in VCL, so the PDF export code can use it as well when it comes to PDF image handling. This commit just moves most of the PDF code to VCL, it does not touch the PDF export code yet.

update brows and printlayout icons

22 March 04:03 - LibreOffice - andreas kainz

Change-Id: Ia82936daeb5db8fb45e818e516bb37fb527d858d Reviewed-on:

Add certificate error handling to devtools

22 March 03:46 - Chromium - irisu

This is necessary as headless chrome cannot show a UI warning for SSL certificate errors.

Allow switching DirectCompositionSurfaceWin between drawing modes

22 March 03:25 - Chromium - jbauman

There are two ways to put the main page content into a DirectComposition surface.

Teach xlogreader to follow timeline switches

22 March 03:05 - PostgreSQL - Simon Riggs

Uses page-based mechanism to ensure we’re using the correct timeline.

Web Animations: support cssOffset

22 March 02:54 - Chromium - ericwilligers

When animating the CSS shorthand property 'offset', cssOffset is used in Web Animations keyframes.

Enable ResloadCacheControlBrowserTest.NavigateToSame for PlzNavigate

22 March 02:45 - Chromium - toyoshim

This was disabled for a while because it does not work if browser side navigation is enabled.

Enable NV12 HW overlays

22 March 01:08 - Chromium - dcastagna

This patch enables NV12 (gfx::BufferFormat::YUV_420_BIPLANAR) hardware overlays where possible.

Add Android implementation of navigator.getInstalledRelatedApps

22 March 00:54 - Chromium - mgiuca

Based on a CL by dhnishi:

Mojo C++ Bindings: Support dispatch in nested message loops

22 March 00:41 - Chromium - rockot

Removes EnableNestedDispatch() from Connector and bindings objects and instead builds nested dispatch support into Connector.

cc/paint: Add a virtual dtor for the PaintCanvas

22 March 00:37 - Chromium - khushalsagar

Otherwise SkiaPaintCanvas leaks memory.

Updating trunk VERSION from 3048.0 to 3049.0

21 March 23:01 - Chromium - chrome-cron

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#458620}

mainboard/google/reef: add nasher variant

21 March 22:43 - Coreboot - YH Lin

Create the initial Nasher variant which refers to the Reef.

Remove stale-while-revalidate from content and chrome

21 March 21:42 - Chromium - scottmg

This removes the code for the stale-while-revalidate experiment from content and the flags entry from chrome.


21 March 20:01 - GCC - kelvin

2017-03-21 Kelvin Nilsen <>

Update V8 to version 5.9.67.

21 March 19:12 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

cc : Clean up cc clip tree

21 March 19:11 - Chromium - jaydasika

- Cache the dynamically computed clip and visible rects and use them to calculate clip and visible rects.

Implement relative utility routines

21 March 18:45 - Chromium - atotic

These utilities will be used to compute relative offset in layoutng.

PasswordProtectionService verdict cache management

21 March 17:49 - Chromium - jialiul

Add functionalities to PasswordProtectionService to: (1) cache pps verdict based on origin and cache expression in HostContentSettingsMap (2) Get cached verdict from HostContentSettingsMap (3) Remove cached verdict upon URLs deleted from history service.

Add trace event in NavigationControllerImpl::GoToIndex

21 March 17:39 - Chromium - sunjian

Currently, we have added trace events in NavigationControllerImpl::back/forward functions.

[Web Payments] Implement item selection in lists

21 March 17:29 - Chromium - anthonyvd

This change implements item selection in all lists in PaymentRequest dialog sheets.

gpu: Add SequenceId for identifying sync point sequences

21 March 16:52 - Chromium - sunnyps

This adds SequenceId which is a global identifier for sync point sequences assigned by SyncPointManager.

Add AppLaunchId to ShelfItem and LauncherItemController

21 March 16:45 - Chromium - msw

ShelfItem (and the mojo struct) just had the ShelfId.

Implement basic USB setup in the cups printer detector

21 March 16:43 - Chromium - justincarlson

Factor out some utility usb functions into another library (these will be reused in discovery).

Add system modals to the proper container in mus+ash

21 March 16:27 - Chromium - moshayedi

System modal windows should be added to kShellWindowId_SystemModalContainer so we get effects like gray background for them.

Update V8 to version 5.9.66.

21 March 16:25 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add CriticalClosure to BLOCK_SHUTDOWN Tasks

21 March 16:14 - Chromium - robliao

iOS relies on CriticalClosure to notify the system that Chrome is doing important work when Chrome is backgrounded.

Add Interstitial for user consent

21 March 15:54 - Chromium - iankc

This change adds an interstitial to notify to the user that this URL will be sent to Googles servers anonymously.

Remove docked windows entirely in M59.

21 March 15:27 - Chromium - afakhry

After we hid this feature behind a flag in M57, now it's time to remove it completely.

Reland of Android: Add APK patch size estimates to

21 March 14:41 - Chromium - estevenson

Original issue:

Add unittests for HSTS decoding

21 March 14:36 - Chromium - martijn

Add end-to-end tests for the decoding of the preloaded transport security state.

Add UMA stats for SurfaceDrawQuads in SurfaceAggregator

21 March 14:26 - Chromium - kylechar

This CL adds UMA stats to keep track of SurfaceDrawQuads during surface aggregation.

Prevent crash in ICO caused by bad/truncated PNG

21 March 13:59 - Chromium - scroggo

Make ICOImageDecoder::decodeAtIndex() check for a null return value from frameBufferAtIndex before attempting to dereference it.

Initial support for accessible text fields and focus tracking in ARC++

21 March 13:51 - Chromium - dtseng

In order to support text fields, full support for focus tracking is needed. On Android, focus events can and do get fired on ancestors of the focused node.

[sql] Disable a clang intrinsic in SQLite 3.17.0.

21 March 13:31 - Chromium - shess

SQLite implements sqlite3MulInt64() using __builtin_mul_overflow() for appropriate versions of GCC or clang.

[ios] Add TODO to record usages of "return std::move(foo)" pattern

21 March 13:30 - Chromium - sdefresne

Due to a bug in the version of clang shipped with Xcode 8.x (used to build official), it is required to use sub-optimal construct "return std::move(foo)" to return local variable foo if foo is a unique pointer of a sub-class of the function prototype.

[Extensions Bindings] Add support for filtered events

21 March 13:26 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin

Some extension API events support "filtering", which allows extensions to only receive event notifications for a subset of the total events.

Update version for v2.9.0-rc1 release

21 March 13:13 - QEMU - Peter Maydell

ios LibreOfficeLight iCloud support

21 March 12:59 - LibreOffice - jan Iversen

Added iCloud document support to fileManager

Update V8 to version 5.9.65.

21 March 12:56 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

app: make tooltips on view actions more obvious

21 March 12:52 - GIMP - Jehan

In particular all rotate/flip actions can apply to an image or drawable.

app: make tooltips on drawable actions more obvious

21 March 12:52 - GIMP - Jehan

Differentiating them from similarly named view and image actions.

app: add icon size auto-guess from monitor resolution

21 March 12:52 - GIMP - Jehan

Current code only guess resolution for a single monitor.

ec/lenovo/h8: Support an optional battery page flip delay

21 March 12:45 - Coreboot - Tobias Diedrich

The Lenovo H8 battery interface uses a paged EC memory area.

Add two HttpStreamFactoryImplJobControllerTest members

21 March 12:33 - Chromium - bnc

As part of the 421 Misdirected Request status code implementation I will add two more Boolean flags to HttpStreamFactoryImplJobControllerTest, which would make passing them as arguments of Initialize() impractical.

edid: Prune duplicates after adding modes from DDC

21 March 12:31 - X.Org Server - Michel Dänzer

Multiple calls to xf86EdidMonitorSet (which can be triggered e.g.

Update cros_system_api to 47a097813e201930.

21 March 12:27 - Chromium - derat

Pull in a newer version of the Chrome OS system_api library to get a new powerd constant and protocol buffer definition.

Notebookbar: multiple context containers support

21 March 12:08 - LibreOffice - Szymon Kłos

Possibility to add multiple context containers.

ntp-snippets-internals: add fields, indent JSON

21 March 11:52 - Chromium - sfiera

I thought I had gotten a notification about an article the server hadn't said to notify for.

google/sand: Add Raydium touchscreen device

21 March 11:48 - Coreboot - Katherine Hsieh

We just support Raydium touchscreen instead of Elan.

Enable ThinLTO cache

21 March 11:18 - Chromium - krasin

This allows to reuse some codegen work when linking multiple targets with the intersecting set of object files, resulting in a reduce of overall build time.

Update V8 to version 5.9.64.

21 March 11:16 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Enable idle GC for worker thread heaps

21 March 10:42 - Chromium - sigbjornf

Idle task processing is now supported on threads other than the main thread, hence go ahead and enable idle GCs for worker thread heaps.

V1 of //tools/binary_size rewrite

21 March 10:10 - Chromium - agrieve

The key insight to the rewrite is that linker map files are more useful than nm output.

freedreno: fix potential use-after-free on a5xx+

21 March 10:03 - libdrm - Rob Clark

Something that valgrind spotted:

Add SpdyStringPiece as a typedef for base::StringPiece

21 March 09:58 - Chromium - bnc

Use SpdyStringPiece typedef instead of base::StringPiece in gfe/spdy/.

Don't scan partitioned tables

21 March 09:48 - PostgreSQL - Robert Haas

Partitioned tables do not contain any data; only their unpartitioned descendents need to be scanned.

Enable screen capture for ARC++ Kiosk

21 March 09:27 - Chromium - isandrk

Screenshots weren't being taken in ARC++ Kiosks because they take different code path compared to regular Kiosks.

Fix support for some operators (&<, &>, $<|, |&>) in box operator class of SP-GiST.

21 March 09:23 - PostgreSQL - Teodor Sigaev

Fix support for some operators (&<, &>, $<|, |&>) in box operator class of SP-GiST.

Add a direct function call mechanism using the caller's context

21 March 08:57 - PostgreSQL - Andrew Dunstan

The current DirectFunctionCall functions use NULL as the flinfo in initializing the FunctionCallInfoData for the call.

[password_manager] Add TODO to record usages of "return std::move(foo)" pattern

21 March 08:49 - Chromium - vabr

Due to a bug in the version of clang shipped with Xcode 8.x (used to build official), it is required to use sub-optimal construct "return std::move(foo)" to return local variable foo if foo is a unique pointer of a sub-class of the function prototype.

Add script to list dispatch commands

21 March 06:53 - LibreOffice - Philippe Jung


Extend HistoryService with support for favicons from Google servers

21 March 05:47 - Chromium - mastiz

We plan to extend LargeIconService with a feature that will, in certain cases like server-side suggestions, fetch favicons from Google servers, that is, for pages that haven't been visited locally.

Add auto scrollbars if content would be visible without them

21 March 03:51 - Chromium - szager

The check to avoid adding auto scrollbars if the contents aren't visible should consider whether the contents would be visible in the absence of a scrollbar.

Add http/tests/loading/preload-img-test.html to TestExpectations

21 March 03:28 - Chromium - Tsuyoshi Horo

This test is still flaky.

Notebookbar: correct initial icon size

21 March 03:14 - LibreOffice - Szymon Kłos

Before this patch initial icon size in the NotebookbarToolBox was determined by Sidebar settings not Notebookbar

Add dumpFromRoot option to assert_selection().

21 March 01:31 - Chromium - tkent

This is helpful to check modification outside of a BODY.

pthread_frame: do not run hwaccel decoding asynchronously unless it's safe

21 March 01:17 - FFmpeg - Anton Khirnov

Certain hardware decoding APIs are not guaranteed to be thread-safe, so having the user access decoded hardware surfaces while the decoder is running in another thread can cause failures (this is mainly known to happen with DXVA2).

pthread_frame: use better memory orders for frame progress

21 March 01:16 - FFmpeg - Wan-Teh Chang

This improves commit 59c70227405c214b29971e6272f3a3ff6fcce3d0. In ff_thread_report_progress(), the fast code path can load progress[field] with the relaxed memory order, and the slow code path can store progress[field] with the release memory order.

Add dispatchMouseEvent.html to TestExpectations

21 March 01:11 - Chromium - horo BUG=703501 NOTRY=true

Landing Recent QUIC changes until Thu Mar 16 17:24:53 2017 +0000

21 March 00:13 - Chromium - rch

Add a QUIC BBR ack aggregation mode which measures the number of bytes acknowledged faster than the max bandwidth.