avcodec/libx264: Don't use init_static_data for newer versions

28 February 16:52 - FFmpeg - Andreas Rheinhardt

x264 versions >= 153 can support multiple bitdepths; they also don't export x264_bit_depth any more.

avformat/pcm(dec|enc): Don't include disabled (de)muxers

28 February 16:14 - FFmpeg - Andreas Rheinhardt

Also make the macro used for the demuxers spec-compliant.

docs/features: Add OpenCL status

28 February 14:59 - Mesa - Pierre Moreau


avcodec/x86: add cfhdenc SIMD

27 February 16:09 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

Add TID Range Scans to support efficient scanning ranges of TIDs

27 February 09:59 - PostgreSQL - David Rowley

This adds a new executor node named TID Range Scan.

tdf#138097 - Update templates / Freshes

27 February 09:01 - LibreOffice - Heiko Tietze

Taken from

tdf#140437: sw_odfexport: Add unittest

27 February 07:24 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

Change-Id: I1d8e2f484069dffe7b635ad6fc41f40f2e626e02 Reviewed-on:

Add inputs that generate larger error bounds

27 February 05:32 - glibc - Paul Zimmermann

(Using values from

avcodec/exrenc: add half-float support

26 February 23:44 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

mesa: merge STATE_LIGHTPROD parameters

26 February 23:38 - Mesa - Marek Olšák

This decreases the CPU time spent in fetch_state.

tdf#64401: sc_subsequent_filters: Add unittest

26 February 19:20 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

Change-Id: I624d4f94899634fa7b65768b7d5bbf82d786cc57 Reviewed-on:

Improve memory management in regex compiler

26 February 18:52 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

The previous logic here created a separate pool of arcs for each state, so that the out-arcs of each state were physically stored within it.

util: Add accessor for util_cpu_caps

26 February 18:31 - Mesa - Rob Clark

In release builds, there should be no change, but in debug builds the assert will help us catch undefined behavior resulting from using util_cpu_caps before it is initialized.

Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew)

26 February 17:50 - Linux Kernel - Linus Torvalds

init/Kconfig: fix a typo in CC_VERSION_TEXT help text

26 February 17:41 - Linux Kernel - Bhaskar Chowdhury

s/compier/compiler/ Link:

MIPS: make userspace mapping young by default

26 February 17:41 - Linux Kernel - Huang Pei

MIPS page fault path(except huge page) takes 3 exceptions (1 TLB Miss + 2 TLB Invalid), butthe second TLB Invalid exception is just triggered by __update_tlb from do_page_fault writing tlb without _PAGE_VALID set.

lib: stackdepot: add support to configure STACK_HASH_SIZE

26 February 17:41 - Linux Kernel - Yogesh Lal

Use CONFIG_STACK_HASH_ORDER to configure STACK_HASH_SIZE. Aim is to have configurable value for STACK_HASH_SIZE, so depend on use case one can configure it. One example is of Page Owner, CONFIG_PAGE_OWNER works only if page_owner=on via kernel parameter on CONFIG_PAGE_OWNER configured system.

lib: stackdepot: add support to disable stack depot

26 February 17:41 - Linux Kernel - Vijayanand Jitta

Add a kernel parameter stack_depot_disable to disable stack depot.

init/version.c: remove Version_ symbol

26 February 17:41 - Linux Kernel - Masahiro Yamada

This code hunk creates a Version_<LINUX_VERSION_CODE> symbol if CONFIG_KALLSYMS is disabled.

mm: add Kernel Electric-Fence infrastructure

26 February 17:41 - Linux Kernel - Alexander Potapenko

Patch series "KFENCE: A low-overhead sampling-based memory safety error detector", v7. This adds the Kernel Electric-Fence (KFENCE) infrastructure.

x86, kfence: enable KFENCE for x86

26 February 17:41 - Linux Kernel - Alexander Potapenko

Add architecture specific implementation details for KFENCE and enable KFENCE for the x86 architecture.

arm64, kfence: enable KFENCE for ARM64

26 February 17:41 - Linux Kernel - Marco Elver

Add architecture specific implementation details for KFENCE and enable KFENCE for the arm64 architecture.

mm, kfence: insert KFENCE hooks for SLAB

26 February 17:41 - Linux Kernel - Alexander Potapenko

Inserts KFENCE hooks into the SLAB allocator. To pass the originally requested size to KFENCE, add an argument 'orig_size' to slab_alloc*().

mm, kfence: insert KFENCE hooks for SLUB

26 February 17:41 - Linux Kernel - Alexander Potapenko

Inserts KFENCE hooks into the SLUB allocator. To pass the originally requested size to KFENCE, add an argument 'orig_size' to slab_alloc*().

kfence, kasan: make KFENCE compatible with KASAN

26 February 17:41 - Linux Kernel - Alexander Potapenko

Make KFENCE compatible with KASAN.

kfence, Documentation: add KFENCE documentation

26 February 17:41 - Linux Kernel - Marco Elver

Add KFENCE documentation in dev-tools/kfence.rst, and add to index.

mm/zswap: add the flag can_sleep_mapped

26 February 17:41 - Linux Kernel - Tian Tao

Patch series "Fix the compatibility of zsmalloc and zswap". Patch #1 adds a flag to zpool, then zswap used to determine if zpool drivers such as zbud/z3fold/zsmalloc will enter an atomic context after mapping. The difference between zbud/z3fold and zsmalloc is that zsmalloc requires an atomic context that since its map function holds a preempt-disabled, but zbud/z3fold don't require an atomic context.

mm: cma: allocate cma areas bottom-up

26 February 17:41 - Linux Kernel - Roman Gushchin

Currently cma areas without a fixed base are allocated close to the end of the node.

mm/cma: expose all pages to the buddy if activation of an area fails

26 February 17:41 - Linux Kernel - David Hildenbrand

Right now, if activation fails, we might already have exposed some pages to the buddy for CMA use (although they will never get actually used by CMA), and some pages won't be exposed to the buddy at all. Let's check for "single zone" early and on error, don't expose any pages for CMA use - instead, expose them to the buddy available for any use.

drivers/base/memory: don't store phys_device in memory blocks

26 February 17:41 - Linux Kernel - David Hildenbrand

No need to store the value for each and every memory block, as we can easily query the value at runtime.

mm/memory_hotplug: prevalidate the address range being added with platform

26 February 17:41 - Linux Kernel - Anshuman Khandual

Patch series "mm/memory_hotplug: Pre-validate the address range with platform", v5. This series adds a mechanism allowing platforms to weigh in and prevalidate incoming address range before proceeding further with the memory hotplug.

mm: add and use find_lock_entries

26 February 17:40 - Linux Kernel - Matthew Wilcox (Oracle)

We have three functions (shmem_undo_range(), truncate_inode_pages_range() and invalidate_mapping_pages()) which want exactly this function, so add it to filemap.c.

mm,thp,shmem: make khugepaged obey tmpfs mount flags

26 February 17:40 - Linux Kernel - Rik van Riel

Currently if thp enabled=[madvise], mounting a tmpfs filesystem with huge=always and mmapping files from that tmpfs does not result in khugepaged collapsing those mappings, despite the mount flag indicating that it should.

mm: make pagecache tagged lookups return only head pages

26 February 17:40 - Linux Kernel - Matthew Wilcox (Oracle)

Patch series "Overhaul multi-page lookups for THP", v4. This THP prep patchset changes several page cache iteration APIs to only return head pages. - It's only possible to tag head pages in the page cache, so only return head pages, not all their subpages.- Factor a lot of common code out of the various batch lookup routines- Add mapping_seek_hole_data()- Unify find_get_entries() and pagevec_lookup_entries() - Make find_get_entries only return head pages, like find_get_entry(). These are only loosely connected, but they seem to make sense together as a series. This patch (of 14): Pagecache tags are used for dirty page writeback.

r600/sfn: Add support for cube_r600 instruction

26 February 15:00 - Mesa - Gert Wollny

r600/sfn: add lowering pass for cube textures

26 February 15:00 - Mesa - Gert Wollny

tdf#138097 - Update templates / Growing Liberty

26 February 13:53 - LibreOffice - Heiko Tietze

Taken from

tdf#138097 - Update templates / Yellow Idea

26 February 13:10 - LibreOffice - Heiko Tietze

Taken from

tdf#138097 - Update templates / Grey Elegant

26 February 09:13 - LibreOffice - Heiko Tietze

Taken from

tdf#138097 - Update templates / Candy

26 February 09:13 - LibreOffice - Heiko Tietze

Taken from

tdf#138097 - Update templates / Sunset

26 February 09:12 - LibreOffice - Heiko Tietze

This patch partially reverts 849c1e9c74c388df549098a8a4f60131c9b8c6a0 and brings back one of the deleted templates

nir: Add flag to tex instruction to indicate lowering cube to array

26 February 08:51 - Mesa - Gert Wollny

nir: Add r600 specific CUBE opcode to evaluate cube texture coords and face

26 February 08:51 - Mesa - Gert Wollny

nir: Add r600 specific CUBE opcode to evaluate cube texture coords and face

Update copyright and version info

26 February 08:14 - xfce4-panel - Simon Steinbeiss

tdf#131000: sc: Add UItest

26 February 07:58 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

Change-Id: Icb2737de1e9e14c55cf4a2f999d1d0585c98b895 Reviewed-on:

tdf#131522: sw: Add unittest

26 February 07:56 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

Change-Id: I8920f12c655b7106a3eb2a5a3916793453c3694a Reviewed-on:

devtools: support showing type's name as value

26 February 07:05 - LibreOffice - Tomaž Vajngerl

Change-Id: Ifd99e884efe229dee2d0b42c6c66d3d9c3c90e7e Reviewed-on:

devtools: add popup menu for properties to inspect objects

26 February 07:05 - LibreOffice - Tomaž Vajngerl

With this change it is possible to inspect an object that is listed in the properties (instead of expanding the tree view node).

devtools: support XIndexAccess and XNameAccess in object inspector

26 February 05:19 - LibreOffice - Tomaž Vajngerl

If the current object in the object inspector is an container that supports XNameAccess or XIndexAccess, we now show the named or index values in the property view.

Send handle information of selected shapes to LOK

26 February 02:26 - LibreOffice - mert

Include the handle information to the callback for the new uno command for interactive dragging/resizing operations.

tdf#132368 svx: empty the interop grab-bag on ending text edit

25 February 23:30 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Regression from commit aafaf1f55fa413ad49d4556cf7c0a713dd206ae4 (PPTX export: save SmartArt as diagram instead of group of shapes, 2019-03-13), the idea of interop grab-bag was to carry additional information around as long as the object is not changed.

avformat/avlanguage: Remove long disabled av_convert_lang_to

25 February 21:05 - FFmpeg - Andreas Rheinhardt

1582e306a47977b09fddb029b999f99eb03cd485 scheduled it for removal with libavformat major version 58, but it was never removed.

drop archaic rollable support

25 February 20:13 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: I69f94cd8013a31f8f6bcf62d703b99f659a1ebb4 Reviewed-on:

Doc: remove src/backend/regex/re_syntax.n

25 February 18:33 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

We aren't publishing this file as documentation, and it's been much more haphazardly maintained than the real docs in func.sgml, so let's just drop it.

Allow complemented character class escapes within regex brackets

25 February 18:00 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

The complement-class escapes \D, \S, \W are now allowed within bracket expressions.

meson/gallium: Add an option to not use LLVM for gallium draw module

25 February 17:48 - Mesa - Jesse Natalie

We'd like to use one Mesa build environment which builds our CL compiler stack (which needs Clang/LLVM) and which builds our GL driver.

avcodec/gifenc: Add global_palette option

25 February 16:41 - FFmpeg - Derek Buitenhuis

This option will disable the writing of the global palette in global GIF header if it is set to 0, causing only the frame-level palette to ever be written.

avcodec/gifenc: Only write frame palette entries that actually used

25 February 16:41 - FFmpeg - Derek Buitenhuis

GIF palette entries are not compressed, and writing 256 entries, which can be up to every frame, uses a significant amount of space, especially in extreme cases, where palettes can be very small.

tdf#36466 sc UI: add new options to deselect hidden cells

25 February 15:49 - LibreOffice - Tünde Tóth

Implement "Select Visible Rows Only" option to deselect the cells of the hidden rows in the actual selection. Implement "Select Visible Columns Only" option to deselect the cells of the hidden columns in the actual selection. Test e.g.

avfilter/vf_vif: add support for more formats

25 February 15:38 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

tdf#98690: sc: Add UItest

25 February 13:22 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

Change-Id: I19695798fa693b05d48d69514a037368241f696a Reviewed-on:

Re-arrange Rec/Edit/Mix buttons

25 February 13:00 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

- Arrange Edit & Mix to reach the right-edge, stacking them the same way, as previous versions for muscle memory.

Reduce the statically linked startup code [BZ #23323]

25 February 11:13 - glibc - Florian Weimer

It turns out the startup code in csu/elf-init.c has a perfect pair of ROP gadgets (see Marco-Gisbert and Ripoll-Ripoll, "return-to-csu: A New Method to Bypass 64-bit Linux ASLR").

gl-renderer: assume pbuffers preserve contents

25 February 10:47 - Weston - Pekka Paalanen

For a pbuffer EGLSurface, assume that EGL swap behavior is "preserved" which means buffer age is always 1 (after the very first eglSwapBuffers()). EGL pbuffers are always single-buffered. Mesa EGL Surfaceless platform does not seem to expose EGL_EXT_buffer_age that could have told us the same.

Handle AVID MJPEG streams directly in the MJPEG decoder

25 February 10:46 - FFmpeg - Anton Khirnov

AVID streams - currently handled by the AVRN decoder - can be (depending on extradata contents) either MJPEG or raw video.

tdf#115815 sw: fix lost annotation ranges of redlines

25 February 07:42 - LibreOffice - László Németh

Annotations of tracked deletions lost their ranges during ODF export, according to the limitation of ODF or its recent implementation.

Use full 64-bit XIDs in deleted nbtree pages

25 February 02:41 - PostgreSQL - Peter Geoghegan

Otherwise we risk "leaking" deleted pages by making them non-recyclable indefinitely.

zink: make dynamic state usage in pipeline creation more explicit/flexible

25 February 02:41 - Mesa - Mike Blumenkrantz

freedreno: Use the mesa/st frontend lowering of GL_CLAMP.

25 February 00:38 - Mesa - Eric Anholt

350 lines of code for this stupid feature, and we weren't even doing it right for CS/GS/tess.

tdf#138271: sw: Add UItest

24 February 22:23 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

Change-Id: I9bfa7e83fcafe9b809daf93e5a41bc74c9d5e3f8 Reviewed-on:

tdf#139486: sw: Add UItest

24 February 21:07 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

Change-Id: I250bd21d1ffb7f2076ef08a1d69c0c6929e8420f Reviewed-on:

tdf#138701: sw: Add UItest

24 February 18:48 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

Change-Id: I3a7ef6742d647b71a63746384daf415d77a495b8 Reviewed-on:

tdf#140239: sw: Add UItest

24 February 18:47 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

Change-Id: I140cc21fa5682f1dd869da0f135337b97c3e38cd Reviewed-on:

util/bitscan: add u_foreach_bit macros

24 February 17:11 - Mesa - Mike Blumenkrantz

this is a standardized (and very slightly improved for usability) version of the macro that has been copied into every vulkan driver

freedreno/ir3: Drop foreach_bit() macro

24 February 17:11 - Mesa - Rob Clark

Now that there is a global one in util/bitscan.h Note this version had an extra assert which is not really suitable to a generic foreach_bit()..

lavc: split LSCR decoder out of PNG decoder

24 February 16:16 - FFmpeg - Anton Khirnov

It shares very little code with pngdec, so keeping them together only makes the code harder to read.

avcodec/exr: simplify piz decompression

24 February 16:10 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

Note that >32 codes are no longer supported, give proper error code if such scenario ever happens.

driconf: Generate a static table when no xmlconfig

24 February 16:02 - Mesa - Rob Clark

For builds without runtime xmlconfig parsing, generate a static table from 00-mesa-defaults.

xmlconfig: Add static driconfig support

24 February 16:02 - Mesa - Rob Clark

For platforms which do not have support for parsing driconf from xml files on the filesystem, build in driconf tables generated from 00-mesa-defaults.conf at compile time and use that for option matching.

ofz#30767 Build-Failure

24 February 15:38 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

afl++ build crashes for some obscure reason with attached bt.

tdf#140198: sw: Add UItest

24 February 14:49 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

Change-Id: I0cb7286355883dc67b5bcde5ef43046dce224da1 Reviewed-on:

MSVC changes to support the new code modules (Tabbable API stuff)

24 February 14:32 - Ardour - John Emmas

sw: make sure g_DefaultAnchor is in sync with aPropNames

24 February 13:49 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

This was already the case for one setting, but the same was not done when the default anchor setting was added, fix this now.

tdf#140486: sw: Add UItest

24 February 13:16 - LibreOffice - Xisco Fauli

Change-Id: Ie4ae878beed0a298388db29cfecfa537013166c7 Reviewed-on:

add additional 0-1 alpha argument to DrawTransformedBitmap()

24 February 11:40 - LibreOffice - Luboš Luňák

This allows the VCL backends the apply the extra alpha transformation as it sees fit, rather than it being done manually elsewhere (and even if the backend doesn't implement it, at least do it in one place in the function).

simply use drawTransformedBitmap()

24 February 11:39 - LibreOffice - Luboš Luňák

At least with Skia this is faster than GraphicObject trying to handle it manually, even in raster mode.

zink: correct inaccurate comment

24 February 10:58 - Mesa - Erik Faye-Lund

PIPE_SHADER_CAP_MAX_CONST_BUFFER_SIZE translate into GL_MAX_*_UNIFORM_COMPONENTS, all of which are allowed to be as low as 1024 by the GL 4.6 spec. PIPE_CAP_MAX_SHADER_BUFFER_SIZE translate into GL_MAX_SHADER_STORAGE_BLOCK_SIZE, which has different minimum values in different versions of the GL spec.

nir: inline nir_foreach_{src,dest}

24 February 09:58 - Mesa - Rhys Perry

Compile-time (nir_opt_dce): Difference at 95.0% confidence-319.51 +/- 5.67632-12.0627% +/- 0.208076% (Student's t, pooled s = 6.70399)

Starmath now allows multiple parsers second part

24 February 08:19 - LibreOffice - dante

Uses AbstractSmParser as base for SmParser Renames parse._xx as parse5._xx rename of parse._xx is not recognized, so clang-formated New parse.hxx as a future mean to get the parser.

zink: defer pipe_context::clear calls when not currently in a renderpass

24 February 01:58 - Mesa - Mike Blumenkrantz

instead, we can attach the clear to the next renderpass start and even add it to the renderpass cache for reuse

RecorderUI: add a "+" add route button

23 February 22:07 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

This provides consistent look and feel with the mixer-window.

mesa: Move the FXT1 compressor/decompressor to util/

23 February 20:38 - Mesa - Eric Anholt

softpipe failed at handling FXT1, despite exposing it, because we didn't have a fetch function for it in the util/ format table.

llvmpipe: Enable FXT1 texture decompression

23 February 20:38 - Mesa - Eric Anholt

We have the software decode hooked up now, and it's not like this decompression is more expensive than a lot of other software decompression we have.

tdf#127471 Detect&Correct EMF/WMF with wrong FontScale

23 February 19:42 - LibreOffice - Armin Le Grand (Allotropia)

Before correcting our EMF/WMF export to write the Windows-specific data in the case of FontScaling, we wrote these files with wrong FontScaling.

fill convert menu via the css::awt::XPopupMenu apis

23 February 19:19 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

don't poke around at it via vcl

glapi: Support "ELF" TLS on Windows

23 February 17:06 - Mesa - Jesse Natalie

To avoid a massive rename, I'm leaving this as a misnomer, it's not really ELF TLS, but it's the same concept.

etnaviv: nir: add ubo lowering pass

23 February 14:55 - Mesa - Christian Gmeiner

Adds a pass to lower the load_ubo intrinsics for block 0 back to load_uniform intrinsic.

Add mutex guard when assigning member

23 February 14:02 - LibreOffice - Samuel Mehrbrodt

Change-Id: I173824eaccea35d9f5e47b4248939050fceb939c Reviewed-on:

nptl: Move elision implementations into libc

23 February 13:59 - glibc - Florian Weimer

The elision interfaces are closely aligned between the targets that implement them, so declare them in the generic <lowlevellock.h> file. Empty .c stubs are provided, so that fewer makefile updates under sysdeps are needed.

radv: add support for exporting pipelines with RGP

23 February 13:03 - Mesa - Samuel Pitoiset

This is still experimental and only enabled with RADV_THREAD_TRACE_PIPELINE to avoid breaking existing support.

radv: add support for instruction timing with RGP

23 February 13:03 - Mesa - Samuel Pitoiset

This is probably the most useful feature with SQTT/RGP.

radv: Enable displayable DCC.

23 February 12:32 - Mesa - Bas Nieuwenhuizen

radv: Implement displayable DCC retiling

23 February 12:32 - Mesa - Bas Nieuwenhuizen

Straightforward implementation using the retile map from radeonsi.

radv: Implement initialization of displayable DCC.

23 February 12:32 - Mesa - Bas Nieuwenhuizen

added rt to malloc/Depend [BZ #27132]

23 February 09:04 - glibc - Paul Zimmermann

This avoids a failure when a new glibc version is compiled with an older system librt.

tdf#140058 move "No List" position in context menu; add radio button

23 February 07:19 - LibreOffice - Seth Chaiklin

for both text and table in Writer, Writer/Web, and forms

meson/llvm: add native for gallium swrast

23 February 07:17 - Mesa - Dave Airlie

If we are building llvmpipe and lavapipe we want native in this list.

lavapipe: add dll definition file instead of using PUBLIC

23 February 07:17 - Mesa - Dave Airlie

This avoids conflicts with the definitions in vk_icd.