google/lars: Convert to a variant of glados

21 July 00:49 - Coreboot - Matt DeVillier

Convert lars to a variant of glados Skylake reference board:- add lars-specific DPTF, EC config, GPIO config, Kconfig, NHLT config, PEI data, VBT, SPD data, and devicetree- add conditional generation of NHLT ACPI data for Maxim codec, including override of OEM ID and OEM table ID- remove existing lars board/directory

google/chell: Convert to a variant of glados

21 July 00:49 - Coreboot - Matt DeVillier

Convert chell to a variant of glados Skylake reference board:- add chell-specific DPTF, EC config, USB port defs, GPIO config, NHLT config, PEI data, VBT, SPD data, and devicetree- add romstage handler to turn on keyboard backlight for boards so equipped- remove existing chell board/directory

nocturne: enable GEO SAR

21 July 00:49 - Coreboot - Pratik Prajapati

Enable the GEO SAR feature for nocturne.

avcodec/extract_extradata_bsf: make sure a Sequence Header was found for av1

20 July 23:43 - FFmpeg - James Almer

A packet may have Metadata OBUs but no Sequence Header OBU, which is useless as extradata.

Import ODF with data transformations

20 July 20:45 - LibreOffice - Vikas Mahato

Change-Id: Iee76ed28d0dcd4ee57115ec951a181b2cf8d35fd Reviewed-on:

tdf#118662 Cleanup old hack with cloned SdrCaptionObj

20 July 18:29 - LibreOffice - Armin Le Grand

XclObjComment formally cloned the SdrCaptionObj for a single reason - to suppress functionality of the UNO API implementation in SvxShape::GetBitmap - non-inserted SdrObjects did not create Graphic return values. Changed this to use an exclusive flag at SdrCaptionObj, only accessible for XclObjComment.

st: Sweep NIR after linking phase to free held memory

20 July 18:26 - Mesa - Danylo Piliaiev

After optimization passes and many trasfromations most of memory NIR holds is a garbage which was being freed only after shader deletion.

virgl: Allow RGB32* textures only as buffer objects

20 July 17:12 - Mesa - Gert Wollny

When requesting a texture of the internal format GL_RGB32F Gallium will try to allocate a renderable texture and returns RGBA32F or RGBX32F, but when one requests GL_RGB32I or GL_RGB32UI the according 3-component texture will be returned.

Release 3.13.

20 July 17:12 - WINE - Alexandre Julliard

intel: tools: dump: make dump tool reliable under gdb

20 July 16:36 - Mesa - Lionel Landwerlin

The problem with passing the configuration of the dump lib through a file descriptor is that it can be read only once.

implement pdf export of underline for outlined font

20 July 15:16 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

just the simplest case of a straight solid line which is outlined, i.e.

mediatek/mt8183: Add GPIO support

20 July 13:51 - Coreboot - Po Xu

This patch implements gpio_set_pull() and links the common MediaTek GPIO code to support IO config for other drivers (ex.

core: remove support for API bus "started outside our own logic"

20 July 13:25 - systemd - Alan Jenkins

Looking at a recent Bad Day, my log contains over 100 lines of systemd[23895]: Failed to connect to API bus: Connection refused It is due to "systemd --user" retrying to connect to an API bus.[*] I would prefer to avoid spamming the logs.

ci: add hicolor-icon-theme to the docker image

20 July 13:04 - GTK - Christoph Reiter

The tests complain about it, not sure if this helps.

tdf#118402 Add ellipsis to New -> Templates

20 July 11:08 - LibreOffice - Abhyudaya Sharma

Change-Id: Id79036d8d96748525fedcf366dc6f92b03360e69 Reviewed-on:

Don't search for old (<= 2.0) .NET SDK anymore

20 July 08:40 - LibreOffice - Aron Budea

Try to find >= 4.6 .NET SDK first.

hurd: Enable thread-safe i386 atomic instructions

19 July 23:12 - glibc - Samuel Thibault

- sysdeps/mach/hurd/i386/tls.

Add toast tables to most system catalogs

19 July 22:43 - PostgreSQL - Michael Paquier

It has been project policy to create toast tables only for those catalogs that might reasonably need one.

nv50/ir: handle SHLADD in IndirectPropagation

19 July 21:34 - Mesa - Rhys Perry

An alternative solution to the problem fixed in 0bd83d0 ("nv50/ir: move LateAlgebraicOpt to the very end").

INSTALL: Add a note for Intel CET status

19 July 19:05 - glibc - H.J. Lu

- NEWS: Add a note for Intel CET status.

Improve psql's \d command to show whether index columns are key columns

19 July 18:53 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

This is essential information when looking at an index that has "included" columns.

ac/nir: add a workaround for bitfield_extract when count is 0

19 July 18:41 - Mesa - Samuel Pitoiset

LLVM 7 returns incorrect results when count is 0, something has been broken since LLVM 6.

intel/isl/gen4: Make depth/stencil buffers Y-Tiled

19 July 18:05 - Mesa - Nanley Chery

Rendering to a linear depth buffer on gen4 is causing a GPU hang in the CI system.

ec/lenovo/h8/ssdt: Add UWB ACPI interface

19 July 16:48 - Coreboot - Patrick Rudolph

Add ACPI methods GUWB and SUWB for thinkpad_acpi.

ec/lenovo/h8/ssdt: Add keyboard backlight interface

19 July 16:44 - Coreboot - Patrick Rudolph

Add methods MLCG and MLCS for thinkpad_acpi kernel module.

ec/lenovo/h8/acpi: Add WWAN ACPI methods

19 July 16:43 - Coreboot - Patrick Rudolph

Implement GWAN and SWAN for thinkpad_acpi kernel module.

[PATCH, GCC, AARCH64] Add support for +profile extension

19 July 15:47 - GCC - avieira

This patch adds support for the Statistical Profiling Extension (SPE) on AArch64.

tdf#101534 sw: fix lost indent attributes when copying into numbered paragraph

19 July 15:46 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Commit aa91dc0ccbe53ffcec9dbfec2265de057775d4e3 (CWS-TOOLING: integrate CWS sw32numbf01, 2009-09-08) replaced the SwDoc::ReplaceNumRule() call with SwDoc::SetNumRule(), as the later handles list ids.

soc/cavium: Add PCI support

19 July 13:57 - Coreboot - Patrick Rudolph

- Add support for secure/unsecure split

payloads/LinuxBoot: Add ARM64 support

19 July 13:54 - Coreboot - Patrick Rudolph

Add support for ARCH=ARM64 and introduce CROSS_COMPILE for all architectures.

arch/x86/smbios: Add support for table 38

19 July 13:50 - Coreboot - Patrick Rudolph

Add support for SMBIOS table 'IPMI Device Information' and use it on HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFF. Tested on HP Compaq 8200.

Merge branch 'wip/ricotz/unicode-11.0' into 'master'

19 July 13:32 - GLib - Matthias Clasen

Micmute Key support of ThinkCentre M820z and M920z (#9619)

19 July 09:30 - systemd - Shengyao Xue

Micmute Key support of ThinkCentre M820z and M920z There was a ThinkCentre M800z Micmute Key support entry.

intel: tools: dump: remove command execution feature

19 July 09:11 - Mesa - Lionel Landwerlin

In commit 86cb05a6d35a52 ("intel: aubinator: remove standard input processing option") we removed the ability to process aub as an input stream because we're now rely on mmapping the aub file to back the buffers aubinator is parsing.

Kconfig: Add config to insert ucode address in second FIT

19 July 08:07 - Coreboot - Rizwan Qureshi

This config is used to provide the name of a region where a microcode is located.

Kconfig: Add config for creating a second bootblock

19 July 08:07 - Coreboot - Rizwan Qureshi

Intel PCH/Southbridges have feature that it is possible to have the southbridge/PCH look for the bootblock at a 64K or 128K/256K/512K/1MB (in case of newer SoCs) offset instead of the usual top of flash.

xmlsecurity: stop linking to libxmlsec's mscrypto backend

19 July 07:01 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

This was only useful when the mscrypto to mscng porting was in progress.

radv: Enable binning and dfsm by default on Raven

19 July 00:38 - Mesa - Bas Nieuwenhuizen

Seems like it increases performance by 2-3% for some demos and games.

mainboard/google/kahlee: Enable ASPM on PCI express

18 July 20:10 - Coreboot - Simon Glass

We should use active-state power management where possible to reduce power consumption during normal operation.

riscv: add CAR interface

18 July 18:56 - Coreboot - Xiang Wang

Add an interface to support cache as ram.

Drop the rule against included index columns duplicating key columns

18 July 18:43 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

The initial version of the included-index-column feature stated that included columns couldn't be the same as any key column of the index.

v3d: Fix tiling modifier support to use the new UIF define

18 July 17:37 - Mesa - Eric Anholt

You can't use T tiled buffers on V3D 3.

intel/tools: Add an error state to aub translator

18 July 15:42 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

Bump version to 3.29.4

18 July 15:36 - Mutter - Florian Müllner

Update NEWS.

anv: give more room to debug report

18 July 15:29 - Mesa - Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho

The error buffer is limited to 256, but the report contains the filename and possibly other data.

freedreno: batch query support (perfcounters)

18 July 14:19 - Mesa - Rob Clark

Core infrastructure for performance counters, using gallium's batch query interface (to support AMD_performance_monitor).

freedreno/a5xx: perfmance counters

18 July 14:19 - Mesa - Rob Clark

radv: add support for VK_EXT_conditional_rendering

18 July 11:44 - Mesa - Samuel Pitoiset

Inherited commands buffers are not supported.

radv: add support for non-inverted conditional rendering

18 July 11:44 - Mesa - Samuel Pitoiset

By default, our internal rendering commands are discarded only if the predicate is non-zero (ie.

backend: Remove direct upower-glib usage

18 July 10:17 - Mutter - Bastien Nocera

Monitor whether UPower is running ourselves.

mb/lenovo/x201: Add data.vbt file

18 July 09:46 - Coreboot - Arthur Heymans

Extracted from live running Thinkpad X201 with vendor firmware.

soc/intel/common/block: Add WhiskeyLake W0 CPUID

18 July 07:55 - Coreboot - Krzysztof Sywula

TEST=Boot up with W0 stepping processor.

tdf#118651 OOXML ActiveX textbox: fix multiline support

18 July 07:20 - LibreOffice - Balazs Varga

of textfield component in DOCX/PPTX by handling properties AX_FLAGS_MULTILINE and AX_FLAGS_WORDWRAP during the import and export.

pdfium: update to 3471

18 July 07:13 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Allows dropping 4 API patches + the one that allows building against system ICU.

S/390: Add CFI for mcount call sequences

18 July 06:58 - GCC - krebbel

2018-07-18 Ilya Leoshkevich <>

os_RU: Add alternative month names (bug 23140).

17 July 21:58 - glibc - Rafal Luzynski

[BZ #23140] - localedata/locales/os_RU (mon): Rename to...

riscv: add support for modifying compiler options

17 July 18:09 - Coreboot - Xiang Wang

Each HART of a SoC like fu540 supports a different ISA.

security/vboot: Add interface for FSP 2.0 mrc caching

17 July 17:40 - Coreboot - Philipp Deppenwiese

- Move vboot/tpm specific implementation to vboot.

Update version for v3.0.0-rc1 release

17 July 17:15 - QEMU - Peter Maydell

S/390: Set default function alignment to 16.

17 July 12:05 - GCC - rdapp

gcc/ChangeLog: 2018-07-17 Robin Dapp <> - config/s390/s390.c (s390_default_align): Set default function alignment to 16.

Add VBT data for Gigabyte GA-H61-S2PV

17 July 11:40 - Coreboot - p4block

Extracted from the stock UEFI using UEFItool & intelvbttool.

mb/google/atlas: Add MIPI camera ASL files

17 July 11:40 - Coreboot - Chen, Ping-chung

Atlas has one sensor, create a single endpoint to CIO2.

util/docker: Update coreboot-jenkins-node dockerfile

17 July 11:38 - Coreboot - Martin Roth

Because earlier versions of debian set /dev as a standard tmpfs filesystem, that was a simple place to build.

vendorcode/cavium/include: Make bdk_pop and dpop static

17 July 11:38 - Coreboot - Martin Roth

Fix an undefined reference error with GCC 8.1


17 July 11:20 - HarfBuzz - Behdad Esfahbod

tdf#104354 DOCX import: fix paragraph auto spacing in tables

17 July 09:59 - LibreOffice - László Németh

Top margin of first paragraph of a table cell with auto spacing, and bottom margin of last paragraph of a table cell with auto spacing are zero (except in numbered last paragraphs), but LibreOffice set 14pt instead of them, resulting much longer tables.

mainboard/google/kahlee: Enable backlight in SMI APMC

17 July 01:57 - Coreboot - Marc Jones

Enable the backlight in the OS callback to SMI for APMC.

mainboard/google/kahlee: Add mainboard resume function

17 July 01:54 - Coreboot - Marc Jones

Add the mainboard resume function and __weak variant override.

remove the GL based 3D charts

17 July 00:59 - LibreOffice - Markus Mohrhard

Change-Id: Ia578c71ae70aa0a85b49fa50138edf90f961b1e9 Reviewed-on:

x86: Support IBT and SHSTK in Intel CET [BZ #21598]

16 July 21:08 - glibc - H.J. Lu

Intel Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CET) instructions:

msvcp110: Add _Syserror_map implementation

16 July 19:28 - WINE - Piotr Caban

[Ada] Major code cleanup

16 July 14:11 - GCC - pmderodat

2018-07-16 Ed Schonberg gcc/ada/ - einfo.adb (Set_Is_Uplevel_Referenced_Entity): Flag can appear on loop parameters. - exp_ch7.adb (Check_Unnesting_Elaboration_Code): Handle subprogram bodies. - exp_ch9.adb (Reset_Scopes_To): Set the scopes of entities local to an entry body to be the corresponding generated subprogram, for correct analysis of uplevel references. - exp_unst.adb (Visit_Node): Handle properly binary and unary operators Ignore pragmas, fix component associations.

[Ada] Crash on Indefinite_Hashed_Maps with -gnata -gnateV

16 July 14:11 - GCC - pmderodat

This patch corrects the generation of helper functions which verify the

[Ada] Sem_Utils: make Has_Prefix public

16 July 14:10 - GCC - pmderodat

2018-07-16 Javier Miranda

Implement C++11 operations

16 July 13:45 - HarfBuzz - Behdad Esfahbod


sd-bus: make BUS_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT configurable

16 July 13:11 - systemd - Yu Watanabe

This adds sd_bus_{get,set}_method_call_timeout().

[ft] Implement some more color conversion routines

16 July 11:55 - Cairo - Behdad Esfahbod

Makes new COLR/CPAL implementation in FreeType work with cairo now.

Add plan_cache_mode setting

16 July 11:35 - PostgreSQL - Peter Eisentraut

This allows overriding the choice of custom or generic plan.

[ARC] Add support for HS4x cpus

16 July 10:12 - GCC - claziss

gcc/ 2017-03-10 Claudiu Zissulescu - config/arc/arc-arch.h (arc_tune_attr): Add new tune parameters for ARCHS4x. - config/arc/arc-cpus.def (hs4x): New cpu.

libpayload: Make libpayload compile using gnu11

16 July 07:44 - Coreboot - Raul E Rangel

This matches coreboot.

mainboard/google/kahlee: Add support for Dediprog em100

16 July 07:41 - Coreboot - Simon Glass

This device claims to run at 75MHz with dual read, but it is not always reliable.

Kconfig: Make the EM100 config option common

16 July 07:41 - Coreboot - Simon Glass

This applied to AMD devices as well as Intel, although the mechanism is different.