Enable legacy SkImageGenerator::onRefEncodedDAta API

25 April 13:36 - Chromium - brianosman


util/ectool: Dump ram by default

25 April 12:46 - Coreboot - Arthur Heymans

According to the comment above the default should dump the EC ram, though is never reached since the variable 'write_addr' is not 0, but initialized at -1.

Add comment against usage of base::Thread

25 April 12:17 - Chromium - fdoray

base::Create(Sequenced|SingleTreaded)TaskRunnerWithTraits() should cover most use cases of base::Thread.

soc/intel/skylake: use postcar stage for fsp 2.0

25 April 12:16 - Coreboot - Aaron Durbin

Utilize the postcar stage for tearing down CAR and initializing the MTRRs once ram is up.

[ios] Add support for filtering codesiging identity

25 April 11:57 - Chromium - sdefresne

Add a variable ios_code_signing_identity_description variable to control how the codesigning identity is selected (defaults to the old pattern "iPhone Developer").

Add metrics "WebApk.Session.TotalDuration".

25 April 11:09 - Chromium - hanxi

Add this metrics to record how many time users spend using WebAPKs.

remove bitmaps from .src files

25 April 11:02 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

and into includeable .hlst files, add them to postprocess/CustomTarget_images.mk to continue only including used bitmaps in icon-theme zips

Optimize plain-text import

25 April 10:49 - LibreOffice - Michael Meeks

Cost of managing rsids is very significant >50% of import time, new Rsids will be generated for changes anyway.

Merge pull request #5704 from keszybz/meson

25 April 09:10 - systemd - Evgeny Vereshchagin

Update V8 to version 6.0.83.

25 April 09:05 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Roll WebRTC 17853:17863 (5 commits)

25 April 08:30 - Chromium - maxmorin


[selectors4] Use common ancestor strategy for :focus-within

25 April 08:06 - Chromium - rego

Following the same approach than what we do for :active and :hover pseudo-classes, it seems a nice optimization to use the common ancestor strategy for :focus-within too. The use case would be for example that you've a from with several inputs in a deep part of the DOM, and in the body element you've :focus-within to show some warning while editing the form.

[ARC] Differentiate between ARCv1 and ARCv2 'h'-reg class for ADD insns

25 April 08:03 - GCC - claziss

gcc/ 2017-04-25 Claudiu Zissulescu

Update V8 to version 6.0.80.

25 April 07:44 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

add various loplugin results files

25 April 06:44 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

so that instead of trying to maintain a list of false positives inside the python processing code, I can just run the plugin, generate the result, and then look at the git diff from last time.

Merge pull request #5752 from ssahani/geneve

25 April 06:34 - systemd - Lennart Poettering

tdf#106035 update the contextual groupedbar full layout update

25 April 06:09 - LibreOffice - andreas kainz

Change-Id: Ic7956e11ebe2edd8e1046c4695f92b3398036c2f Reviewed-on:

[LayoutNG] Add low-level support for drawing TextFragments

25 April 06:02 - Chromium - eae

Add support for drawing NGPhysicalTextFragments using existing font/text stack by introducing a thin wrapper, TextFragmentPaintInfo, for fragment text data and by extending ShapeResultBloberizer to support it.

enable clipboard service for android

25 April 05:48 - LibreOffice - Tomaž Vajngerl

- register the VCLGenericClipboard as the SystemClipboard- enable vcl.

Update V8 to version 6.0.79.

25 April 05:42 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

[Suggestions] Add User action UMA for context menu actions

25 April 05:05 - Chromium - galinap

Added recording of user actions for all context menu actions:- open context menu- open item in new tab- open item in new window- open item in an incognito tab- download item- remove item- undo removal of item

Enable use_once_callback for //content/common/*.mojom

25 April 03:48 - Chromium - tzik

This CL flips use_once_callback flag in //content/common/BUILD.gn, and fixes all compile failure after that.

Update V8 to version 6.0.78.

25 April 03:39 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:


25 April 03:38 - Chromium - drott

The associated Skia roll is now in Chromium so this change can now be enabled and rebaselined.

S/390: PR80080: Optimize atomic patterns

25 April 03:37 - GCC - krebbel

The attached patch optimizes the atomic_exchange and atomic_compare patterns on s390 and s390x (mostly limited to SImode and DImode).

networkd: make IPv6 route preference configurable (#5700)

25 April 03:32 - systemd - Susant Sahani

The work supports route preference configurable.

tools: svstream.hxx needs only errcode.hxx & not errinf.hxx

25 April 03:31 - LibreOffice - Chris Sherlock

Change-Id: Ia28e35ae5af4f601e9a586a3deffbcd61702b0ca Reviewed-on:

[LayoutNG] Add shape options to NGInlineNode

25 April 03:28 - Chromium - eae

Add options for controlling whether pre- and post-context should be used and pack it together with the other bool/enum options to preserve space.

Web MIDI: remove old Windows backend

25 April 02:52 - Chromium - toyoshim

The new backend supporting dynamic instantiation on Windows was rolled out to the stable channel via a field trial flag.

[LayoutNG] Add flaky results to FlagExpectations for LayoutNG

25 April 01:33 - Chromium - kojii

This patch adds flaky results from 5-6 iterations of running tests.

Update V8 to version 6.0.76.

25 April 01:31 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Update third_party/libva to version 1.7.1

25 April 01:28 - Chromium - hiroh

$ git clone

Add new validator for whether In-Product Help events should be stored

25 April 01:15 - Chromium - Tommy Nyquist

This CL adds a new interface that will be used to validate whether new events should be stored, and during DB load on startup, it is also used to check if old event should still be kept around.

Updating trunk VERSION from 3080.0 to 3081.0

24 April 23:02 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#466873}

Reland of Add U2F request state machines (patchset #1 id:1 of https://codereview.chromium.org/2838573002/ )

24 April 22:30 - Chromium - piperc

Reason for revert: Missing initialized variable can be initialized and this patchset can be merged again. Original issue's description: > Revert of Add U2F request state machines (patchset #5 id:180001 of

[Extensions Bindings] Use gin::Arguments::GetAll()

24 April 22:15 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin

We recently added a GetAll() method to retrieve all arguments from a gin::Arguments object without conversion.

doc: first draft of Postgres 10 release notes

24 April 21:26 - PostgreSQL - Bruce Momjian

Update V8 to version 6.0.74.

24 April 21:17 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Support flag --tabset-repeat on benchmark tab_switching

24 April 21:14 - Chromium - vovoy

flag --tabset-repeat multiply the tab count of benchmark tab_switching to measure metrics on different tab count.

google/oak: Enable dual DSI for rowan and the BOE 8-lane MIPI/DSI panel

24 April 20:37 - Coreboot - Daniel Kurtz

Unlike other oak derivatives, Rowan uses an 8-lane BOE tv097qxm-nu0 MIPI/DSI panel that requires dual DSI support.

mediatek/mt8173: Add support for Dual DSI output

24 April 20:36 - Coreboot - Jitao Shi

The MT817x display output pipeline can be configured to drive an 8-lane MIPI/DSI panel using "dual DSI" mode.

Reland: Communicate ExtensionSettings policy to renderers

24 April 20:12 - Chromium - nrpeter

Origional CL (2499493004) was rolled back by sheriff due to failing MSAN tests.

mesa: use locked version of HashWalk for xfb objects

24 April 19:58 - Mesa - Timothy Arceri

From Chapter 5 'Shared Objects and Multiple Contexts' of the OpenGL 4.5 spec: "Objects which contain references to other objects include framebuffer, program pipeline, query, transform feedback, and vertex array objects.

Revamp the Incognito NTP on Desktop

24 April 19:20 - Chromium - msramek

Changes in this CL: 1.

Update V8 to version 6.0.72.

24 April 19:09 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

drm: use typedefs and defines from drm headers instead of redundant own definitions

24 April 18:54 - Cairo - Enrico Weigelt, metux IT consult

These typedefs and defines are part of the libdrm API and therefore should be taken from there, instead of own redundant declarations.

diagnose_apk_bloat.py: add native diffs

24 April 18:52 - Chromium - estevenson

This CL adds native diffing to diagnose_apk_bloat.py via tools/binary_size/supersize.

genxml: Make BLEND_STATE command support variable length array

24 April 18:14 - Mesa - Rafael Antognolli

We need to emit BLEND_STATE, which size is 1 + 2 * nr_draw_buffers dwords (on gen8+), but the BLEND_STATE struct length is always 17.

Remove vibrate w/o user gesture by default

24 April 17:19 - Chromium - binlu

Change the flag from "experimental" to "stable" and from 'DISABLED_BY_DEFAULT' TO 'ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT': Calls to navigator.vibrate will return 'false' if user hasn't tapped on the frame or any embedded frame yet.

Page Info permissions: make font sizes and spacing more consistent

24 April 17:07 - Chromium - lgarron

hwdb: add IBM USB Travel Mouse (MO32BO) (#5787)

24 April 17:02 - systemd - Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek

Contributed by rderooy.

Update V8 to version 6.0.66.

24 April 16:52 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

[DevTools] enable async stacks by default

24 April 16:40 - Chromium - kozyatinskiy

- increased async stack trace depth limit to 32 (currently we can do any number here without increasing running time or memory consumption but then we need better UX for stack traces),- added disable async stack traces settings to the settings list under Debugger category,

🔍 More consistent first run triggering

24 April 16:38 - Chromium - dfalcantara

If the user tries to launch an AsyncInitializationActivity (tabbed mode or not), but has not yet gone through first run, force them to do so by launching it in the same way the ChromeLauncherActivity does it.

[Offline Pages] Set up the initial prefetching service

24 April 16:37 - Chromium - dewittj

This service does nothing by itself, but does listen to suggestions from the ContentSuggestionsService and forwards suggestions that are not in the offline page model to the empty prefetching service.

google/oak: Support cr50 over I2C on rowan

24 April 16:33 - Coreboot - Vadim Bendebury

This patch enables TPM2 using cr50 over I2C for the Rowan board, and adds an mt8173 specific TPM IRQ polling function.

mediatek/mt8173: Add EINT support

24 April 16:32 - Coreboot - Daniel Kurtz

Add basic support to configure GPIOs to poll for external interrupts (EINT).

[Extensions Bindings] Add a native type for ContentSettings

24 April 16:30 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin

The ContentSettings allows extensions to modify the content settings (e.g.

Enable ThinLTO and LLD for POSIX LTO by default on Linux

24 April 16:19 - Chromium - krasin

Eventually, we will enable LLD on Linux even for regular builds, but it's natural to make incremental steps here. ThinLTO brings multi-threaded linking for LinkTimeOptimization builds, which allows to speed up codegen considerably (up to 4x).

[Remoting Host] Add more codec spec information for VP9

24 April 15:44 - Chromium - yuweih

The Android hardware decoder can't properly decode the desktop if the codec spec is not properly set. This fix is only for VP9 I420.

Fix location of sizeof/alignof (PR c++/80016)

24 April 15:12 - GCC - dmalcolm

PR c++/80016 reports an issue with bizarre underlined range for a complicated expression. The root cause for the incorrect *starting* location of that range is that alignof and sizeof expressions currently have start == finish == caret at the opening parenthesis of the expression. This patch fixes this by generating appropriate start and finish locations for alignof and sizeof expressions. gcc/cp/ChangeLog: PR c++/80016 - parser.c (cp_parser_unary_expression): Generate a location range for alignof and sizeof expressions. gcc/testsuite/ChangeLog: PR c++/80016 - g++.dg/plugin/diagnostic-test-expressions-1.C (test_sizeof): New test function.

SimpleCache: Remove custom GetMTime code

24 April 15:01 - Chromium - morlovich

This code was added because base::GetFileInfo had worse precision, but as of

Service CreateNewWindow on the UI thread with a new mojo interface

24 April 14:52 - Chromium - csharrison

This patch replaces the IO-thread handler for CreateNewWindow with a UI-thread version, using a new mojo interface called FrameHost.

avfilter: add lumakey filter

24 April 14:37 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

Enable MacOSX native notifications by default

24 April 14:13 - Chromium - miguelg

TBR=finnur BUG=714665

Update V8 to version 6.0.65.

24 April 14:11 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:


24 April 14:10 - Chromium - bungeman

This will hold out a Skia change until after the change has rolled into Chromium for rebaselining.

Use pselect(2) not select(2), if available, to wait in postmaster's loop

24 April 14:03 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

Traditionally we've unblocked signals, called select(2), and then blocked signals again.

intel/fs: Take into account amount of data read in spilling cost heuristic

24 April 14:01 - Mesa - Francisco Jerez

Until now the spilling cost calculation was neglecting the amount of data read from the register during the spilling cost calculation.

[Sync] Add task ids to proto visitor for tab sync

24 April 13:45 - Chromium - zea

Proto visitors allow seeing the sync data in chrome://sync-internals

soc/intel/skylake: Add ID's for Kabylake-R

24 April 13:30 - Coreboot - Naresh G Solanki

Add CPUID, IGD, MCH & LPC ID of Kabylake-R.

*.asl: Remove obsolete reference to TPM ASL file

24 April 13:14 - Coreboot - Patrick Rudolph

TPM ACPI entries are automatically generated, and the old static TPM ASL file is obsolete.

drivers/i2c/tpm: use iobuf library for marshaling commands

24 April 13:07 - Coreboot - Aaron Durbin

Use the iobuf API instead of relying on own buffer management.

util/blobtool: clean up blobtool.l a bit

24 April 13:00 - Coreboot - Martin Roth

- Rewrite STRING and COMMENT expressions to remove need for CHARS.

Show human readable origin for Android apps

24 April 12:53 - Chromium - jdoerrie

Prior to this change Android credentials were displayed in a human unfriendly way, e.g.

Update V8 to version 6.0.62.

24 April 12:38 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add SubresourceFilterProfileContext for all profile scoped context

24 April 12:35 - Chromium - csharrison

This gives us an object to hang profile-scoped members, which will be important if we ever need a broader scope for making policy decisions than a WebContents-scope.

Enable mus_browser_tests on trybot

24 April 12:33 - Chromium - jonross

This adds mus_browser_tests to the linux_chromium_chromeos_ozone_rel_ng trybot.

Revert "Revert "Import wpt@ec6350f074629ebd475506979a51c9c407c33692""

24 April 11:44 - Chromium - Pavel Kalinnikov

This reverts commit 594bb9362530bd20deeb37ddc433da6704c2364d. Reason for revert: <INSERT REASONING HERE> Original change's description: > Revert "Import wpt@ec6350f074629ebd475506979a51c9c407c33692" > > This reverts commit fa550e2af24a576a19bb3f3c74987a50680c541d.

[PR 80293] Dont totally-scalarize char arrays

24 April 11:13 - GCC - jamborm

2017-04-24 Martin Jambor PR tree-optimization/80293 - tree-sra.c (scalarizable_type_p): New parameter const_decl, make char arrays not totally scalarizable if it is false.

SoftwareUpdater: Add to regular image

24 April 10:25 - Haiku - Alexander von Gluck IV

Revert "Import wpt@ec6350f074629ebd475506979a51c9c407c33692"

24 April 09:56 - Chromium - Pavel Kalinnikov

This reverts commit fa550e2af24a576a19bb3f3c74987a50680c541d. Reason for revert: The external/wpt/media-source/mediasource-avtracks.html test fails consistently on the "WebKit Mac10.10" bot. Original change's description: > Import wpt@ec6350f074629ebd475506979a51c9c407c33692 > > Using wpt-import in Chromium afcc086a9fc9d6ab25edb24bdf60ce8fca66c021.

Use async version of getGoogleAccounts in ProfileDataCache

24 April 08:31 - Chromium - bsazonov

This CL makes several changes to ProfileDataCache: 1.

Removed PasswordAppExActivityVersion and IsPasswordAppExActivity()

24 April 04:09 - Chromium - pkl

Follow up to previous review's feedback.

tdf#47243 tdf#39327 Add support for SetPageTransform

24 April 03:53 - LibreOffice - Bartosz Kosiorek

Change-Id: Iea78cf1e9ca99c97814d9eaa4a65ad4b83a2bbe2 Reviewed-on:

EMF+ Add initial support for EmfPlusStringFormat Object

24 April 03:52 - LibreOffice - Bartosz Kosiorek

The EmfPlusStringFormat object specifies text layout, display manipulations, and language identification.

Update //docs/callback.md for OnceCallback support of PostTask impls

24 April 02:14 - Chromium - tzik

This removes a mention to OnceCallback support of PostTask, since PostTask does support OnceCallback now.

Add kouhei to Source/bindings/OWNERS

24 April 00:12 - Chromium - kouhei

kouhei@ contributed 60 changes in bindings.

Updating trunk VERSION from 3079.0 to 3080.0

23 April 23:02 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#466583}

Add example script to convert MIDI-CC to Plugin Automation

23 April 22:21 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

[LayoutNG] Add FlagExpectations for LayoutNG 3/3

23 April 22:11 - Chromium - kojii

This patch adds the FlagExpectations file for LayoutNG.

[LayoutNG] Add FlagExpectations for LayoutNG 2/3

23 April 20:50 - Chromium - kojii

This patch adds the FlagExpectations file for LayoutNG.

[LayoutNG] Add FlagExpectations for LayoutNG 1/3

23 April 19:54 - Chromium - kojii

This patch adds the FlagExpectations file for LayoutNG.

Linux 4.11-rc8

23 April 19:53 - Linux Kernel - Linus Torvalds


23 April 19:19 - HarfBuzz - Behdad Esfahbod

man: fix journalctl --new-id128 option name (#5786)

23 April 19:10 - systemd - Lucas Werkmeister

--new-id works because it’s an unambiguous prefix, but the full option name is --new-id128.

cli: merge branch 'th/cli-l10n'

23 April 17:52 - NetworkManager - Thomas Haller

BASIC: Make TokenLabelInfo a singleton, never modified and simplify it

23 April 15:26 - LibreOffice - Arnaud Versini

Change-Id: Ie233aebc39f5b181087a64d3cf2053ef4ecbab91 Reviewed-on:

radv: Enable lowering fdiv in nir

23 April 14:38 - Mesa - Bas Nieuwenhuizen

Results in faster code than the lowering by LLVM.

tdf#101374 Don't confuse "Label" with "Name"

23 April 12:50 - LibreOffice - Maxim Monastirsky

We compare the actual label of a command with the default one, in order to determine whether the label was changed by the user.

avcodec/crystalhd: Switch to the new generic filtering mechanism

23 April 12:45 - FFmpeg - Philip Langdale

This lets us drop all the code for handling the mp4toannexb conversion.

avfilter/vf_premultiply: add planes option

23 April 12:21 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

Import wpt@ec6350f074629ebd475506979a51c9c407c33692

23 April 12:06 - Chromium - Blink W3C Test Autoroller

Using wpt-import in Chromium afcc086a9fc9d6ab25edb24bdf60ce8fca66c021.

qsvenc: Make sure the interlaced encoding works

23 April 10:15 - Libav - Aaron Levinson

And reduce the vertical alignment constraint when possible to reduce the memory usage.

Add xfce-backdrop-settings.desktop.in back in

23 April 08:21 - Xfdesktop - Eric Koegel

We need the file to be generated so the xfce transifex bot will see the file and perform translations on it.

Revert "Add new hashing and "hash with state" infrastructure"

23 April 05:47 - PERL - Yves Orton

This reverts commit a3bf60fbb1f05cd2c69d4ff0a2ef99537afdaba7.

Tweak our hash bucket splitting rules

23 April 05:44 - PERL - Yves Orton

Prior to this patch we resized hashes when after inserting a key the load factor of the hash reached 1 (load factor= keys / buckets). This patch makes two subtle changes to this logic: 1.

Add new hashing and "hash with state" infrastructure

23 April 05:44 - PERL - Yves Orton

This adds support for three new hash functions: StadtX, Zaphod32 and SBOX, and reworks some of our hash internals infrastructure to do so. SBOX is special in that it is designed to be used in conjuction with any other hash function for hashing short strings very efficiently and very securely.

Update V8 to version 6.0.61.

23 April 02:36 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

undo: Make sure toplevel actions are toplevel

22 April 17:22 - PiTiVi - Alexandru Băluț

This helps prevent a toplevel undoable action to be included in an undoable action stack. The effect is that an error will be printed faster, which should be good.

Don't enable the DSE geolocation setting until EULA accepted

22 April 15:26 - Chromium - benwells

This does two things.

Update V8 to version 6.0.60.

22 April 15:25 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Use a non-replaced inline container for image alt text

22 April 15:24 - Chromium - robhogan

This makes us conform more closely to

Tell Gtk what version we're targeting

22 April 14:02 - xfce4-session - Eric Koegel

This is awesome.

Tell Gtk what version we're targeting

22 April 14:02 - Xfdesktop - Eric Koegel

This is awesome.

tdf#107237 Add shape and frame contextual tabs to Writer

22 April 12:13 - LibreOffice - Yousuf Philips

Add contextual tabs to the tabbed Notebookbar implementation

etnaviv: Supertiled texture support on gc3000

22 April 11:49 - Mesa - Wladimir J. van der Laan

Support supertiled textures on hardware that has the appropriate feature flag SUPERTILED_TEXTURE.

macosx: main window: Convert to autolayout

22 April 10:35 - VLC - David Fuhrmann

Converts main window to autolayout as it is currently.

macosx: main window: Integrate dropzone into main window

22 April 10:35 - VLC - David Fuhrmann

Dropzone will be simply hidden and shown with hidden attribute.

macosx: main window: Hiding of shuffle, repeat and effect buttons

22 April 10:35 - VLC - David Fuhrmann

Now, just a constraint for width = 0 will be added or removed.

macosx: main window: Hide prev and next button like all the others

22 April 10:35 - VLC - David Fuhrmann

Add those buttons in interface builder, and hide them like the others.

freedreno: add support for hw accumulating queries

22 April 10:03 - Mesa - Rob Clark

Some queries on a4xx and all queries on a5xx can do result accumulation on CP so we don't need to track per-tile samples.

tdbtool: Add "storehex" command

22 April 03:16 - Samba - Volker Lendecke

Add metrics for the number of URLs in the redirect chain

22 April 00:36 - Chromium - csharrison

There are related metrics in a few components, but none that track all page loads.

[codesearch] Add a Python library for talking to cs.chromium.org

21 April 23:35 - Chromium - Asanka Herath

This will be subsequently used by editor plugins for doing in-editor code navigation among other things.

Updating trunk VERSION from 3078.0 to 3079.0

21 April 23:17 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#466532}

Add associated interfaces & bindings

21 April 23:06 - Chromium - wangjimmy

Add message serialize and deserialize associated endpoint handles.

Add U2F request state machines

21 April 22:53 - Chromium - piperc

U2fRequest base class is extended by each type of U2F request.

Update V8 to version 6.0.59.

21 April 22:52 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Fix blits from multisampled renderbuffers to alpha:false WebGL back buffer

21 April 22:09 - Chromium - kbr

Blitting from a multisampled RGB8 renderbuffer to an alpha:false WebGL back buffer is supposed to work, and from an RGBA8 renderbuffer is supposed to not work.

[iOS] Remove bulk of business logic from GoogleLandingController

21 April 22:04 - Chromium - justincohen

Move all non-UI business logic code out of GoogleLandingController and into GoogleLandingMediator.

Update V8 to version 6.0.58.

21 April 20:43 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

diagnose_apk_bloat.py: support pre supersize revs

21 April 20:37 - Chromium - estevenson

Previously if you tried to pass a rev created before tools/binary_size/supersize existed the script would fail.

[Chromecast] Use base::FeatureList to control features

21 April 20:21 - Chromium - slan

In Chromium, Finch-enabled features are controlled through base::FeatureList, a class which abstracts the experiment framework and developer overrides from client code.

Block renderer-initiated main frame navigations to data URLs

21 April 20:08 - Chromium - meacer

This CL implements the blocking of data URL navigations as described in the blink intent to deprecate and remove thread at

Cleanup MenuRunner API

21 April 18:34 - Chromium - jonross

All menus have switched over to MenuRunner::ASYNC.

Implement dnd for list box rows in an example

21 April 18:28 - GTK - Matthias Clasen

This shows very basic DND of list box rows.

Update V8 to version 6.0.57.

21 April 18:05 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

[TTS] Add an OWNERS for junit and update OWNERS.

21 April 17:47 - Chromium - donnd

Adds an OWNERS to the junit contextualsearch directory so we can add more tests without needing a review from outside the CS team. Also update all our other OWNERS files with TEAM and COMPONENT information. Proposal to add TEAM/COMPONENT information into OWNERS files

add generic digest class

21 April 16:43 - LibreOffice - Markus Mohrhard

Change-Id: Ic5d2d8fbb0bb4edc4c966e185be81f6ca673950e Reviewed-on:

Add mus_browser_tests to Mojo FYI bots

21 April 16:39 - Chromium - jonross

Setup mus_browser_tests to run on the Mojo FYI bot, with an initial filter file to address the number of failures that currently exist.

Enable side-by-side beta and dev channels for Google Chrome

21 April 16:38 - Chromium - grt

This change introduces two new side-by-side channels for Google Chrome.

set initial x11 window geometry for windows which do not have wm hints

21 April 16:16 - Enlightenment - Mike Blumenkrantz

[Android O] Add SystemNotification.ChannelBlocked histogram

21 April 15:59 - Chromium - awdf

- Added a new histogram for notifications that were already being logged via NotificationUmaTracker.

Enable waterfall testing for idle time spell checker

21 April 15:57 - Chromium - xiaochengh

This patch is a preparation for finch trial of idle time spell checker.

Replace V8Boolean with v8::Boolean::New

21 April 15:52 - Chromium - jbroman

They are precisely equivalent (except for argument order) and both inline.

Android: enable H264&VP8 HW accelerator for MediaRecorder

21 April 15:37 - Chromium - braveyao

The HW encoding codes has been revised a bit recently and works pretty well now.

Update V8 to version 6.0.56.

21 April 15:15 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add the UMA metric Memory.Gpu.PhysicalFootprint.MacOS

21 April 15:06 - Chromium - erikchen

This is a temporary metric added to debug Issue 713854.

Embed a single sample in histogram metadata

21 April 14:58 - Chromium - bcwhite

This uses the new DelayedPersistentAllocation to avoid allocating the full "counts" array when only one value is being stored.

Bump version to 1.0.15

21 April 14:44 - xf86-video-nouveau - Lyude

Add Expect-CT header parsing

21 April 14:01 - Chromium - estark

This CL implements parsing of the Expect-CT HTTP header (draft spec at

[Extensions Bindings] Add support for maximum integers

21 April 13:28 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin

chrome.gcm uses a "maximum" field.

Adding opt out and previews type information to DRP pingback

21 April 13:25 - Chromium - ryansturm

This CL adds the previews type that was shown for a page load and also reports when a page load was an opt out (clicked show original).

Support delayed allocations from persistent memory

21 April 13:19 - Chromium - bcwhite

This allows for an allocation to be defined by code that knows about persistent allocation but not be realized until more generic code actually needs the space.

Update V8 to version 6.0.54.

21 April 13:10 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Reland: Normalize shipping address for merchant on Desktop

21 April 13:05 - Chromium - sebsg

The CL was causing some tests to fail, because the FakeAddressNormalizer in tests initialized the AddressValidator with a null storage, which triggered an assertion failure in some cases.

Update V8 to version 6.0.53.

21 April 11:38 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Update min requirements

21 April 11:10 - Xfdesktop - Eric Koegel

To either match what xfdesktop now requires or what the 4.14 roadmap dictates.

Add use counter for dispatching mouse events on disabled form controls

21 April 11:03 - Chromium - dtapuska

We need to determine if this code actually executes in the wild.

Enable PasswordManagerBrowserTestBase.VerifyPasswordGenerationUpload on Win

21 April 10:46 - Chromium - vasilii

The exact reason for the failure is not mentioned anywhere.

android: vout: re-use the same SurfaceTexture

21 April 10:32 - VLC - Thomas Guillem

Call attachToGLContext/detachFromGLContext on a same SurfaceTexture instance.

[Benchmarks] Remove V8.TodoMVC benchmark

21 April 10:27 - Chromium - hablich

This benchmark is no longer of use because we are running RCS-based benchmarks nowadays.

Use {To/From}JavaTime for policy timestamps

21 April 10:06 - Chromium - emaxx

Use base::Time::ToJavaTime() and base::Time::FromJavaTime() for conversions between base::Time and timestamps in the policy protos.

S390: Use new s390_libc_ifunc_expr macro in s390 8bit-generic.c

21 April 09:30 - glibc - Stefan Liebler

This patch adds s390_libc_ifunc_expr macro which uses the __ifunc base macro in include/libc-symbols.h and lets the user define a generic expression to choose the correct ifunc variant.

housekeeping: Fix libnotify version check

21 April 08:54 - GNOME Settings Daemon - Antoine Jacoutot


st/clover: add space between < and ::

21 April 08:39 - Mesa - Emil Velikov

As pointed out by compiler ./llvm/codegen.hpp:52:22: error: ‘<::’ cannot begin a template-argument list [-fpermissive] ./llvm/codegen.hpp:52:22: note: ‘<:’ is an alternate spelling for ‘[’.

bindings: Port bindings/core/v8 away from ToImplArray APIs

21 April 08:32 - Chromium - raphael.kubo.da.costa

Convert callers of ToImplArray, ToImplSequence and ToMemberNativeArray to NativeValueTraits<IDLSequence<T>>::NativeValue().

Record size of scroller that user scrolls

21 April 08:24 - Chromium - yigu

This patch adds 2 UMA metrics that monitors the sizes of scrollers that user scrolls.

ntp_tiles: add fhorschig, jkrcal to OWNERS

21 April 06:54 - Chromium - sfiera


tdf#107211 sw: ODF import: add a horrible hack to import "Default"

21 April 06:06 - LibreOffice - Michael Stahl

networkd: route - support 'onlink' routes (#5734)

21 April 05:22 - systemd - Susant Sahani

This work based on Tom's original patch teg@1312172

networkd: vlan add GVRP support (#5761)

21 April 05:01 - systemd - Susant Sahani

Add support to configure GVRP.

Update V8 to version 6.0.51.

21 April 04:56 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add test-case (PR tree-optimization/66278).

21 April 04:50 - GCC - marxin

2017-04-21 Martin Liska

desktop-shell: Enable per-output fade animations

21 April 04:24 - Weston - Bryce Harrington

Instead of creating a single global fade surface across all outputs, create a separate surface for each output.

Add curly brackets to list of characters that gn needs to escape

21 April 03:46 - Chromium - ollel

Curly brackets {} needs to be escaped to avoid brace expansion on systems using bash as the default shell.

Tool added to extract network traffic annotations

21 April 03:12 - Chromium - rhalavati

This is a clang tool that extracts all occurrences of network traffic annotattions and produces a report of annotated locations and text.

Reland of Update V8 to version 6.0.50. (patchset #1 id:1 of https://codereview.chromium.org/2834783003/ )

21 April 02:39 - Chromium - machenbach

Reason for revert: Turned green before revert was in. Original issue's description: > Revert of Update V8 to version 6.0.50.

Make adjustable large cursor enabled by default

21 April 02:34 - Chromium - yawano

- Remove flag to enable adjustable large cursor and make it enabled by default. BUG=591493,700256,700260 TEST=Go to accessibility section of settings, and confirm that adjustable large cursor is enabled by default.

Add UMA stats for chromeos dircrypto migration

21 April 01:21 - Chromium - dspaid

There are a number of statistics we would like to track when migrating chromeos users' home directories from ecryptfs to ext4-crypto based encryption.

cc: Optimize decode scheduling for checker-images

21 April 00:49 - Chromium - khushalsagar

The CheckerImageTracker currently schedules image decodes for all checkered images as we schedule raster work for the dependent tiles.

Update V8 to version 6.0.50.

21 April 00:35 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add myself to Source/web owner

20 April 23:33 - Chromium - kinuko

Justifications: - I'm the original author of, or one of the main reviewers / contributors of ~20 files in this directory - I think I understand the history, context and possible future (e.g.

nvc0: Add support for setting viewport index/layer from VS/TES

20 April 23:24 - Mesa - Ilia Mirkin

Updating trunk VERSION from 3077.0 to 3078.0

20 April 23:02 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#466240}

GeoLocation: add support for GmsCore location provider

20 April 23:00 - Chromium - mcasas

This CL adds LocationProviderGmsCore.java, an implementation of LocationProviderFactory.LocationProvider interface using the Google Play Services (GMS) provided location.

Update V8 to version 6.0.49.

20 April 22:47 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add base and bonus scores to site-engagement WebUI.

20 April 22:36 - Chromium - wez

This breaks the displayed score out into:

cros: Enable encryption migration UI by default

20 April 22:25 - Chromium - fukino

Now that the back-end migration logic is ready, we should enable the migration UI by default.

bluetooth: Add RSSI icon for bluetooth choosers

20 April 22:13 - Chromium - ortuno

So that users can more easily identify the devices that are near them.

Import wpt@f0037d670264f652b944afb5817ce07e71a0e350

20 April 22:10 - Chromium - Blink W3C Test Autoroller

Using wpt-import in Chromium 8487c6bd015949404b45ad174f6b8fc806f95f2c.

Load Team Drive resource at Full Fetch

20 April 21:58 - Chromium - yamaguchi

By this change, full fetch will query all TeamDrive resouces, so that ChangeListProcessor will create/update a root directory for each Team Drive.

Views: Don't add insets for views::Link focus rings under MD.

20 April 21:25 - Chromium - tapted

Insets for dashed focus rings are throwing off the text alignment on dialogs.

Reland of Add --headless flag to Windows (patchset #1 id:1 of https://codereview.chromium.org/2835603002/ )

20 April 21:09 - Chromium - dvallet

Reason for revert: Re-land patch set, looks like it could've been a transient issue with Mac waterfall build, patching in updated upstream and investigating Original issue's description: > Revert of Add --headless flag to Windows (patchset #28 id:540001 of

Add strings which will be used in new translate infobar

20 April 20:56 - Chromium - googleo

Translate infobar strings docs:

Update V8 to version 6.0.48.

20 April 20:33 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add UMA for number of outstanding requests in ResourceDispatcherHostImpl

20 April 20:32 - Chromium - xunjieli

This CL adds UMA to track the largest numbers of outstanding requests we have seen so far in ResourceDispatcherHostImpl.

Add preliminary support for POST requests in the NavigationURLLoaderNetworkService class

20 April 20:01 - Chromium - ananta

While at it, I found that pages on jsfiddle were not rendering fully.

Add taskids for navigation, created in session sync

20 April 19:29 - Chromium - shenchao

This is the first step to introduce task in Chrome, which links and groups navigations.

New WebContents created via ctrl-click should be in a new process

20 April 19:26 - Chromium - lukasza

This CL puts web contents created via ctrl-click (or shift-click, etc.) into a new process (fixing

[CrOS Tether] Add the notion of a tether DeviceState

20 April 19:19 - Chromium - khorimoto

This CL: (1) Adds a tether DeviceState to NetworkStateHandler during initialization.

Move hardcoded extra fields to its own JSON5 file

20 April 19:01 - Chromium - shend

For extra fields in ComputedStyle, we have been hardcoding their values in the generator script.

Update V8 to version 6.0.47.

20 April 18:45 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Landing Recent QUIC changes until Thu Apr 20 2017

20 April 18:37 - Chromium - rch

Convert QUIC non-feature flags to the old syntax, for consistency. Merge internal change: 153720286

Add MetalayerMode to the palette

20 April 18:35 - Chromium - kaznacheev

This tool shows/hides the "metalayer" overlay on the containter side.

[Home] Allow bottom sheet content to update handle color

20 April 18:28 - Chromium - mdjones

This change adds some plumbing to allow the toolbars of the bottom sheet to update the handle color based on their state.

genxml: Add better support for MI_MATH

20 April 18:24 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

This breaks the guts of MI_MATH (the instruction part) out into its own structure with proper named values.

Pushing back rtcpMuxPolicy deprecation message to M62.

20 April 18:23 - Chromium - deadbeef

Since originally adding this deprecation message, we heard from the Asterisk community (which would be affected by this change), and believe that M62 will give enough time for users who use "modern branches" of Asterisk to upgrade to a new version that supports RTCP muxing.

Address some TODO(GYP_GONE)s

20 April 17:58 - Chromium - thakis

No intended behavior change.

WebVR: Add explicit precision to all shaders to avoid Mali GPU crash

20 April 17:57 - Chromium - klausw

On Mali GPUs as used on Samsung S7 and other devices, precision qualifiers are mandatory in GLSL shaders, there's no default.

Make VR latency results compatible with perf dashboard, refactor into classes

20 April 17:35 - Chromium - bsheedy

Makes the following changes to the automated VR latency testing script:- Adds the functionality to save latency and correlation results in a format compatible with the Chrome performance dashboard- Refactors the code into separate classes and files for improved readability and to better support future Windows latency testing- Runs the test multiple times (default 10) to get an average and standard deviation

Add Incognito Navigation histograms

20 April 17:26 - Chromium - elawrence

As a part of scoping changes to behavior, we want to collect the absolute number of page navigations in Incognito mode.

[Blink>Media] Moving autoplay logic to AutoplayPolicy

20 April 17:24 - Chromium - zqzhang

This CL moves autoplay code from HTMLMediaElement to the AutoplayPolicy class, which helps decoupling the autoplay logic from HTMLMediaElement.

Add new UMA stats for parallelizable download

20 April 17:04 - Chromium - qinmin

To study the effectiveness of parallel download, we want to compare the bandwidth if parallel downloads are not parallelized.

🔍 General widget fixes

20 April 17:01 - Chromium - dfalcantara

- Clean up initialization slightly.

avfilter: add deflicker filter

20 April 16:53 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

[sync] Prevent sessions flare on startup

20 April 16:47 - Chromium - pnoland

SyncSessionsWebContents router triggered its flare for any notification it received, no matter what.

Update V8 to version 6.0.45.

20 April 16:39 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Do not use wildcard symbol names for public versions in Versions files

20 April 16:35 - glibc - Joseph Myers

As noted in <

Reporting: Observe network changes and clear reports/clients

20 April 16:30 - Chromium - juliatuttle

Reporting is a spec for delivering out-of-band reports from various other parts of the browser.

Remove crufty bridge code from old CRD iOS app

20 April 16:26 - Chromium - nicholss

Moved the app to use the new render in remoting, so this code is no longer needed.

Add plumbing for accessing latest country in variations service in Java

20 April 16:24 - Chromium - yusufo

Checking what the latest country is according to variations service is an important signal for various features but this is currently not exposed in variations_service code.

Port sandbox, sandbox faq, and startup design docs to markdown

20 April 16:22 - Chromium - justincarlson

This is mostly a straight port; minimal editing was applied to the converted text to make some styles consistent.

Create an interface for frame iterator, and add push promise iterator

20 April 16:04 - Chromium - bnc

This CL lands server changes 150207767 by yasong and changes 150347755 and 153598556 by bnc.

[CrOS Tether] Update NetworkState to include tether properties and integrate into NetworkStateHandler

20 April 14:48 - Chromium - khorimoto

This CL: (1) Adds tether properties (battery percentage, carrier, signal strength) to NetworkState.

Remove domain_ids from the transport security state preload format

20 April 14:43 - Chromium - Martijn Croonen

The domain IDs are no longer used.

Enable frame pointers explicitly under ARM32.

20 April 14:41 - Chromium - wez

This replaces the quick-fix in crrev.com/2820803003, to address issues with ARM32 builds when frame pointers are disabled.

Android: Add version suffix to extracted .pak files

20 April 14:03 - Chromium - agrieve

This will (hopefully) guarantee that we never use a stale .pak file, and actually simplifies the triggering & clean-up logic somewhat (e.g.

mus: Changes SetDisplayRoot() to create actual display

20 April 13:47 - Chromium - sky

It now takes enough information for mus to create the display.

Collect loading signal data from the background loader offliner

20 April 13:46 - Chromium - petewil

We currently collect loading signal from the prerendering offliner, but not the background loader offliner.

Hide popups when handling mouse down, mouse wheel, or gesture tap in a WebFrameWidget

20 April 13:45 - Chromium - ekaramad

When a mouse down is handled inside WebViewImpl (main frame), the current page popup is hidden.

Port threading design doc to in-tree docs, start a README for design docs in the tree

20 April 13:26 - Chromium - justincarlson

This is a straight up port of

Passthrough CmdDecoder: Use robust CompressedTex(Sub)Image

20 April 13:19 - Chromium - cwallez

A compromised renderer would have been able to crash ANGLE by sending a 0 shmem ID and non 0 shmem offset for CompressedTex(Sub)Image commands, with no unpack buffer bound.

Update V8 to version 6.0.43.

20 April 13:17 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add [SameObject] for Media{Element,Stream}AudioSourceNode

20 April 13:13 - Chromium - rtoy

A recent change to the spec (

[Payment Request] Refactors the remaining selector view controllers

20 April 13:12 - Chromium - mahmadi

This CL (which is a continuation of

Move securityCheck out of V8WrapperInstantiationScope

20 April 13:07 - Chromium - adithyas

Moving V8DOMWrapper.h/cpp to platform/bindings is blocked by V8WrapperInstantiationScope::securityCheck and V8WrapperInstantiationScope::convertException.

Gtk 3.22 is too new

20 April 11:38 - Xfdesktop - Eric Koegel

Wrap all the 3.

Add Startup.BrowserView.FirstPaint / .CompositingEnded histograms

20 April 10:59 - Chromium - mblsha

Startup.BrowserView.FirstPaint measures how long does it take from browser startup until BrowserView finished the initial paint of all its children. Startup.BrowserView.CompositingEnded measures the time from browser startup to the time the GPU has finished compositing after BrowserView has finished painting its children.

mainboard/google/eve: Set touchpad IRQ to level triggered

20 April 10:55 - Coreboot - Duncan Laurie

This commit changes the interrupt configuration for the touchpad to be level triggered so it matches what the device is actually using. When the system wakes from suspend by way of touchpad interrupt, or there is touchpad input while in suspend that does not wake the device (when the device is in tablet mode) the interrupt edge is not seen by the AP so the driver does not handle the event and the touchpad keeps the interrupt asserted and does not send further interrupts.

Add google maps and google earth stories to system health browsing stories

20 April 10:52 - Chromium - Mythri Alle

Google maps and Google earth are javascript heavy workloads and also quite commonly used web sites.

Use a two-part data format version in IndexedDB metadata

20 April 10:25 - Chromium - jbroman

This breaks the 64-bit data format version stored in the database metadata into two 32-bit parts (V8 and Blink format versions), and allows them to be compared by checking that the database uses supported versions of both. If either component has reverted, the database is deemed to be from the future (i.e.

[webnfc] Add WebNFC feature flag

20 April 09:32 - Chromium - alexander.shalamov

This CL adds WebNFC feature flag, so that API access can be controlled separately from other experimental web platform features.

Separate the create and start phases in DelayedTaskManager

20 April 09:13 - Chromium - fdoray

Tasks added to the DelayedTaskManager before Start() are sent to the service thread when Start() is called.

elm_interface_scrollable: use the submanager to register the children

20 April 08:38 - EFL Core Libraries - Marcel Hollerbach

this adds the registered elements at the broder of the scrollable to the parents manager.

efl_ui: introduce a focus manager and sub manager object

20 April 08:38 - EFL Core Libraries - Marcel Hollerbach

The Efl.Ui.Focus.Manager abstracts the creation of a localization graph and a logical tree.

efl_ui_focus_manager: add new api to receive child configuration

20 April 08:38 - EFL Core Libraries - Marcel Hollerbach

efl_ui_win: make it a focus manager

20 April 08:38 - EFL Core Libraries - Marcel Hollerbach

Added a focusmanager with the window itself as the root.

elm_widget: add logical parent to interface

20 April 08:38 - EFL Core Libraries - Marcel Hollerbach

elm_widget: update focus register work

20 April 08:38 - EFL Core Libraries - Marcel Hollerbach

now it trackes changes of the parent manager.

device: assume matching connections during first start

20 April 08:20 - NetworkManager - Thomas Haller

Since commit 2d1b85f (th/assume-vs-unmanaged-bgo746440), we clearly distinguish between two modes when encountering devices with external IP configuration: a) external devices.

Reland of Worker: Introduce per-global-scope task scheduler

20 April 06:06 - Chromium - nhiroki

I couldn't reproduce the failure on my local machine and trybots.

Update V8 to version 6.0.42.

20 April 05:05 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

bin/get-{extra,fixes}-pick-list.sh: add support for ignore list

20 April 04:28 - Mesa - Juan A. Suarez Romero

Both scripts does not use a file with the commits to ignore.

Introduce SerializeDictionaryForest for devtools_target_ui

20 April 04:27 - Chromium - vabr

Currently, LocalTargetsUIHandler::SendTargets contains a very succinct code to create a base::Value description of a forest of DevToolsAgentHost instances.

tdf#107277 add update all icon for writer menu

20 April 03:40 - LibreOffice - andreas kainz

Change-Id: Iaada61d19c601aa01bba85323e815872feae2c4a Reviewed-on:

Implement frames() timing function

20 April 02:24 - Chromium - suzyh

This patch adds support for the frames timing function defined in

ServiceWorker: Use mojo's data pipe for respondWith(stream)

20 April 02:03 - Chromium - shimazu

Currently respondWith(fetch(...)) is using Stream provided by BlobRegistry.

DevTools: [Workspaces] remove support for .devtools file

20 April 00:53 - Chromium - lushnikov

The .devtools file was an attempt to solve the Workspace mappings problem.

Use Layout Opportunity Iterator to position new FC blocks

20 April 00:39 - Chromium - glebl

This patch fixes the use case when we need to use Layout Opportunity Iterator to position a block that establishes a new formatting context.