avfilter/vf_v360: add cylindrical output projection

17 January 09:46 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

For now, work around Clang 11 -flax-vector-conversion=integer in external/skia

17 January 07:15 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

Merge tag 'armsoc-fixes' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/soc/soc

17 January 03:42 - Linux Kernel - Linus Torvalds

Add a non-strict version of jsonb_set

17 January 01:22 - PostgreSQL - Andrew Dunstan

jsonb_set_lax() is the same as jsonb_set, except that it takes and extra argument that specifies what to do if the value argument is NULL.

adapter: Load keys that should be blocked by the kernel

16 January 21:21 - BlueZ - Alain Michaud

This change accomplishes 2 things: 1.

avfilter/vf_v360: add pannini output projection

16 January 19:06 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

avfilter/vf_v360: add fisheye output projection

16 January 17:22 - FFmpeg - Paul B Mahol

mesh: Rename --index to --io, support additional io types

16 January 16:45 - BlueZ - Michał Lowas-Rzechonek

This allows specifying io type and options when invoking the daemon.

elf: Add elf/tst-dlopenfail-2 [BZ #25396]

16 January 15:53 - glibc - Florian Weimer

Without CET, a jump into a newly loaded object through an overwritten link map often does not crash, it just executes some random code.

implement xor drawing for Skia

16 January 15:33 - LibreOffice - Luboš Luňák

Fortunately it seems this is largely unused (I can see 5 invocations when running all LO tests), so I went for the crude approach of redirecting all drawing to a temporary bitmap and then manually xor-ing all the data after each draw operation.

use surface atlas for Skia text drawing on Windows

16 January 15:33 - LibreOffice - Luboš Luňák

Just like with the OpenGL case the idea is that rather than caching many tiny surfaces for each glyph it should be more efficient to have large surfaces with the glyphs packed inside.

use sidebar icon size setting for welded toolboxes in sidebars

16 January 14:19 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: Ie582a76e87126effca9260b58d8a8bef51c147ae Reviewed-on:

sw: add DOCX import for semi-transparent text

16 January 08:21 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

This is one of the text effects properties, which is already grab-bagged.

avformat/dashenc: add an option to write a Latency element

16 January 02:34 - FFmpeg - James Almer

Allows to set an intended target latency while streaming that clients can use to measure when using low latency mode.

avformat/dashenc: implement DVB-DASH profile

16 January 02:34 - FFmpeg - James Almer

Add new required elements and constrain presence and values for existing ones based on the spec.

avformat/dashenc: add an option to enable low latency Dash manifest

16 January 02:34 - FFmpeg - James Almer

In combination with the streaming option it constrains the value of a few elements, to prevet clients from buffering too much data before starting presentation.

avcodec: add a Producer Reference Time AVPacketSideData type

16 January 02:33 - FFmpeg - James Almer

lima/ppir: implement full liveness analysis for regalloc

15 January 22:55 - Mesa - Erico Nunes

The existing liveness analysis in ppir still ultimately relies on a single continuous live_in and live_out range per register and was observed to be the bottleneck for register allocation on complicated examples with several control flow blocks.

Remove mostly broken "live band" session-template script

15 January 21:18 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

rework SwScrollNaviPopup to be a simple popdown

15 January 19:43 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

this has never worked right for me, it appears and disappears immediately under gtk3, automatically turns into a floating window under gen

hold SolarMutex on calling vcl toolbox enable item

15 January 19:28 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: I35bbe90fbda6c46c1ad173746171b3ede1b2105c Reviewed-on:

DOCX import: improve support for headers/footers from cont sect break

15 January 18:55 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

A continuous section break in a DOCX file can set new headers/footers which start appearing from the next page.

Merge pull request #14375 from poettering/userdb

15 January 16:41 - systemd - Lennart Poettering

radv: implement Vulkan 1.1 features and properties

15 January 14:42 - Mesa - Samuel Pitoiset

radv: implement Vulkan 1.2 features and properties

15 January 14:42 - Mesa - Samuel Pitoiset

radv: enable Vulkan 1.2

15 January 14:42 - Mesa - Samuel Pitoiset

This bumps the Vulkan version to 1.

turnip: Pretend to support Vulkan 1.2

15 January 14:34 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

It doesn't really support any Vulkan properly yet so why not claim 1.

anv: Implement the new core version feature queries

15 January 14:34 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

Vulkan 1.2 introduces some new structures to get the properties and features of a device from extensions that were promoted to core in 1.1 and 1.2.

anv: Implement the new core version property queries

15 January 14:34 - Mesa - Jason Ekstrand

Vulkan 1.2 introduces some new structures to get the properties and features of a device from extensions that were promoted to core in 1.1 and 1.2.

libnm: ignore "Groups" property of WifiP2PPeer

15 January 12:53 - NetworkManager - Thomas Haller

Groups currently are not exposed on D-Bus as separate objects.

gitlab-ci: Stop using manual jobs for merge requests

15 January 10:31 - Mesa - Michel Dänzer

They were causing trouble with Marge Bot: The project settings require that the pipeline succeeds before a merge request (MR) can be merged, otherwise Marge doesn't wait for the pipeline to succeed before merging an MR assigned to her.

radeonsi: make sure fmask expand is done if needed

15 January 10:10 - Mesa - Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer


Bump boost version to 1.71

15 January 09:27 - LibreOffice - David Ostrovsky

Change-Id: Ica4aba467aa00236a4d1c5b0411d1ebc657ea4df Reviewed-on:

clang-tidy modernize-concat-nested-namespace in svx

15 January 08:31 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

Change-Id: I8a00f2823aa956afb995ee68c9f995bf08ad5239 Reviewed-on:

radv/gfx10: enable all CUs if NGG is never used

15 January 07:45 - Mesa - Samuel Pitoiset

Ported from RadeonSI.

avfilter/scale: add animation support

15 January 06:33 - FFmpeg - Gyan Doshi

Width and height expressions in scale and scale2ref filters can now reference frame index, timestamp and packet position.

st/mesa: don't lower YUV when driver supports it natively

15 January 02:20 - Mesa - Jonathan Marek

This fixes YUYV support on etnaviv.

Introduce IndexAM fields for parallel vacuum

15 January 01:54 - PostgreSQL - Amit Kapila

Introduce new fields amusemaintenanceworkmem and amparallelvacuumoptions in IndexAmRoutine for parallel vacuum.

panfrost: Fix linear depth textures

14 January 19:42 - Mesa - Alyssa Rosenzweig

As pointed out by Boris, what we were calling PAN_LINEAR depth textures was in fact u-interleaved tiled (!), but we never noticed since we flipped the flag used for sampling, leading to all sorts of fun bugs when attempting to directly acess depth textures from the CPU.

update and enable loplugin:duplicate-defines

14 January 19:24 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

Change-Id: I713b9985b2a69fe3c84069f19c772969e2631e46 Reviewed-on:

license: add list for legal entities to track their relation of contributors

14 January 16:13 - NetworkManager - Thomas Haller

And add "Red Hat, Inc." there.

Add some example Lua scripts

14 January 16:04 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

rework SvxTableToolBoxControl as PopupWindowController

14 January 15:25 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

and refactor its drawing into a DrawingArea widget

tools/mesh: add commands for AppKey Get and NetKey Get

14 January 14:32 - BlueZ - Inga Stotland

walreceiver uses a temporary replication slot by default

14 January 13:40 - PostgreSQL - Peter Eisentraut

If no permanent replication slot is configured using primary_slot_name, the walreceiver now creates and uses a temporary replication slot.

gitlab-ci: Consolidate container and build stages for LAVA

14 January 13:17 - Mesa - Tomeu Vizoso

Use the normal build job to also prepare the artifacts for LAVA jobs.


14 January 12:36 - PostgreSQL - Peter Eisentraut

Add an ALTER TABLE subcommand for dropping the generated property from a column, per SQL standard.

tdf#128226: make OpenSymbol font an internal resource

14 January 12:29 - LibreOffice - Mike Kaganski

OpenSymbol is crucial for Math; so it is not just some font that could be used if present, but part of program resources.

fix Skia CPU instruction set support (tdf#129546)

14 January 11:16 - LibreOffice - Luboš Luňák

It was a mistake to compile the SkOpts.cpp file with the highest CPU set available.

iris: Implement Gen12 workaround for non pipelined state

14 January 09:52 - Mesa - Lionel Landwerlin

anv: Implement Gen12 workaround for non pipelined state

14 January 09:52 - Mesa - Lionel Landwerlin

Make rewriter prevent auto-updates on views with conditional INSTEAD rules

14 January 09:52 - PostgreSQL - Dean Rasheed

A view with conditional INSTEAD rules and no unconditional INSTEAD rules or INSTEAD OF triggers is not auto-updatable.

tdf#129516 DOCX import: fix incorrect z-order with textboxes

14 January 07:50 - LibreOffice - Miklos Vajna

Commit 3272c1eb5563f3bda2caa24f32b1018372622109 (related tdf#100074: prepare group shapes text input via writerfilter, 2018-10-01) tweaked the oox code, so that later it'll be able to call back to writerfilter to parse group shape text.

lima: add new findings to texture descriptor

14 January 06:50 - Mesa - Vasily Khoruzhick

Lower 8 bits of unknown_1_3 seems to be min_lod, rest of 4 bits + miplevels are max_lod and min_mipfilter seems to be lod bias.

tiffdec: support embedded ICC profiles

13 January 23:26 - FFmpeg - Lynne

radeonsi: put up to 5 VBO descriptors into user SGPRs

13 January 20:57 - Mesa - Marek Olšák

gfx6-8: 1 VBO descriptor in user SGPRs gfx9-10: 5 VBO descriptors in user SGPRs

Reduce size of backend scanner's tables

13 January 20:04 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

Previously, the core scanner's yy_transition[] array had 37045 elements.

Merge "Copy frame counts to the encode result."

13 January 19:18 - WebM - Cheng Chen

Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20200110 (coming from 20190703).

13 January 18:27 - DragonFlyBSD - Sascha Wildner

- Allow more OwnerId's to prevent OWNER_ID_LIMIT exceptions.

mesh: Implement provisioning loop-back

13 January 17:15 - BlueZ - Brian Gix

This allows one App using the mesh daemon to provision another.

Add rubberband Lua bindings to process ardour regions

13 January 16:57 - Ardour - Robin Gareus

convert dbaccess to FastParser APIs

13 January 12:34 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

Noting that I use "& TOKEN_MASK" a lot because we can be dealing with either NAMESPACE_DB or NAMESPACE_DB_OASIS.

desktop-shell: make sure child window stays active

13 January 12:18 - Weston - Stefan Agner

If a xdg_toplevel surface has a child (or multiple), the desktop shell still allows to activate the parent.

Merge both x64 and x86 CRT merge modules into x64 MSI

13 January 12:00 - LibreOffice - Mike Kaganski

Fix "elf: Add tst-ldconfig-ld_so_conf-update test" on 32bit

13 January 10:06 - glibc - Stefan Liebler

This new test was introduced with recent commit 591236f1a33f11cc65ccf009d997071ba853e186.

lavfi/spp: add "quality" option in runtime change path

13 January 01:25 - FFmpeg - Jun Zhao

it's stranage to use option "level" in runtime change path but used "quality" in option, add "quality" in runtime change path, it's more intuitive and keep the "level" for compatibility.

Linux 5.5-rc6

13 January 00:55 - Linux Kernel - Linus Torvalds

Apply multiple multivariate MCV lists when possible

13 January 00:21 - PostgreSQL - Tomas Vondra

Until now we've only used a single multivariate MCV list per relation, covering the largest number of clauses.

Apply all available functional dependencies

13 January 00:21 - PostgreSQL - Tomas Vondra

When considering functional dependencies during selectivity estimation, it's not necessary to bother with selecting the best extended statistic object and then use just dependencies from it.

convert mathml to FastParser

12 January 18:08 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

Change-Id: I2aa198e766df55143d59d41019cba9b569bd0622 Reviewed-on:

lima: implement polygon offset

12 January 08:10 - Mesa - Vasily Khoruzhick

Fixes some of dEQP-GLES2.