Add Event-prefix to Model, Store and related classes

24 July 20:06 - Chromium - Tommy Nyquist

The AvailabilityModel was added after the Model class, where the latter is for events.

soc/intel/common/block: Add max SPI transaction time-out as 5 sec

24 July 19:59 - Coreboot - Barnali Sarkar

Earlier 15ms time-out was kept for SPI transactions which was not enough for SPI Erase transactions. Increase the max time-out time to 5 secs which was present in SKL before common code.

cc: Switch display item list's rtree to store op offsets

24 July 19:54 - Chromium - Vladimir Levin

This patch switches the display item list's rtree to store individual op offsets, instead of indices.

Update stylus settings for lock screen note taking

24 July 19:40 - Chromium - Toni Barzic

Fixes a number of issues with stylus settings for note taking on lock screen:

Include additional supported referrer meta tag values

24 July 19:22 - Chromium - Kurt Horimoto

Follow up CL for

Advertise MAX_HEADER_LIST_SIZE in initial SETTINGS frame

24 July 19:14 - Chromium - Bence Béky


Add @RetryOnFailure on flaky CopylessPasteTest

24 July 18:57 - Chromium - Wei-Yin Chen (陳威尹)

This allows more investigation without making bots red.

DevTools: Add UMA for Audits2

24 July 18:42 - Chromium - Paul Irish

Bug: 747593

Reland of [Sync] Maintain a global_id mapping to update UserEvents...

24 July 18:36 - Chromium - Sky Malice

Initial CL

[CRD iOS] Remove minimum OS version

24 July 18:30 - Chromium - Yuwei Huang

The build script will automatically fill in the value.

DevTools: [Audits] Roll Lighthouse 2.3.0 w/ dense report

24 July 18:22 - Chromium - Paul Irish

Also fixing: solid white background, scrolling restored, removing unneeded call to `Input.setIgnoreInputEvents` and 'Run audit' button has autofocus.

Add CHANGE_CONFIGURATION permission to native_test

24 July 17:50 - Chromium - Thoren Paulson

Needed for some Chromecast tests.

Add uncertainty section to release blockers doc

24 July 17:28 - Chromium - Alexandre Elias

Gerrit version of

media: Support GetStatusForPolicy() in pepper CDM

24 July 17:24 - Chromium - Xiaohan Wang

- Update PpapiDecryptor et al to support GetStatusForPolicy().- Update PPP_CONTENT_DECRYPTOR_PRIVATE interface to support GetStatusForPolicy().- Update PPB_CONTENT_DECRYPTOR_PRIVATE interface to support PromiseResolvedWithKeyStatus().

cros: Layout views-based lock according to spec in portrait mode

24 July 17:12 - Chromium - Jacob Dufault

Views-based lock will automatically use the correct portrait or landscape layout.

MD Settings: Convert all usages of .bind(this) to use ES6 arrow function

24 July 17:12 - Chromium - dpapad

Conversion happened with an automated tool.

Implement fusion sensor and RELATIVE_ORIENTATION_EULER_ANGLES on macOS

24 July 17:10 - Chromium - Jun Cai

This CL implements a general fusion sensor which can be used to implement a sensor using sensor data from one or more existing sensors.

Add process lists and dump plumbing to OOP memory logger

24 July 17:06 - Chromium - Brett Wilson

The current process list now appears in chrome://memory-internals/, and the dump plumbing is added through to the profiling process.

st/mesa: create framebuffer iface hash table per st manager

24 July 17:03 - Mesa - Charmaine Lee

With commit 5124bf98239, a framebuffer interface hash table is created in st_gl_api_create(), which is called in dri_init_screen_helper() for each screen.

Add touch selection for PDF files

24 July 17:03 - Chromium - Dan Sinclair

This CL plumbs through the need methods to allow touch selection with the Copy action in PDF files.

Roll EarlGrey to b8f1ed850b3b8c059d2912ac4c25a2480ddba826

24 July 16:14 - Chromium - Yuke Liao

Roll EarlGrey to the version that includes the iOS 11 major issue fixes.

Enable Skia's raster-pipeline radial gradient impl

24 July 16:06 - Chromium - Florin Malita


viz: cc/surfaces => components/viz/service/surfaces

24 July 16:03 - Chromium - Fady Samuel

This CL moves the rest of cc/surfaces to components/viz/service/surfaces.

[gcc] 2017-07-24 Michael Meissner

24 July 16:02 - GCC - meissner

[gcc] 2017-07-24 Michael Meissner <> - config/rs6000/rs6000-cpus.def (ISA_2_6_MASKS_SERVER): Delete upper-regs options.

Adds H264 flag/adds config for H264 experiment

24 July 15:57 - Chromium - Gus Smith

See cl/162492371 for the equivalent experiment-adding change in the client. There are two main additions in this change: 1.

Support --extra-chrome-categories in smoothness benchmark

24 July 15:52 - Chromium - Annie Sullivan

This is less general case than adding support in all non-tbm2 benchmarks, but smoothness is the one we get the most requests for.

VR: Add offline mode URL rendering unit test

24 July 13:43 - Chromium - Christopher Grant

Check that:

profile-migrator: Move assert to more useful location

24 July 13:43 - Epiphany - Michael Catanzaro

This function is likely not going to run at all if the migration version is not maintained properly, so it's not a great place to warn that the migration version has not been updated.

Update V8 to version 6.2.15.

24 July 13:41 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

[Cronet] Remove cronet_static_tmpl

24 July 13:35 - Chromium - Paul Jensen

This was an artifact from the gyp to gn conversion.

Support fuzzed length/stream ID in SpdyUnknownIR.

24 July 13:29 - Chromium - Dianna Hu

This CL allows SpdyUnknownIR to have a serialized length different from the length of the actual payload and a stream ID that effectively flips the reserved bit.

Add baxley@ as OWNER of EarlGrey third party code

24 July 13:25 - Chromium - Mike Baxley

Add as owner of earl_grey, fishhook, and OCHamcrest, as this would make it easier to roll EarlGrey.

Implement a mojo backed WidgetInputHandler

24 July 13:24 - Chromium - Dave Tapuska

Add a WidgetInputHandler which manages the lifecycle of the compositing input handler (InputHandlerProxy).

Implement a mojo backed InputRouterImpl

24 July 13:23 - Chromium - Dave Tapuska

InputRouterImpl implements the InputRouter interface but with the browser->renderer side channel backed by mojo.

🏡 Apply a gradient to light suggestions thumbnails

24 July 13:19 - Chromium - Peter E Conn

In the large thumbnail and modern layouts the edges of suggestions thumbnails touch the edge of the suggestions card.

soc/intel/skylake: Use common opregion implementation

24 July 12:48 - Coreboot - Patrick Rudolph

Enable SOC_INTEL_COMMON_GFX_OPREGION for all FSP versions.

Add link to help center at the bottom of ContentSuggestions

24 July 12:18 - Chromium - gambard

This CL adds a cell at the bottom of the ContentSuggestions collection, containing a text informing the user that more information are available in the help center, with a link to it.

gpu: Implement passthrough decoder program cache

24 July 12:05 - Chromium - Jamie Madill

This hooks up ANGLE to talk to the disk cache, and instruments the necessary controls over the cache to handle sizing and memory pressure.

Implement two PaintWorkletGlobalScopes

24 July 11:33 - Chromium - Xida Chen

In our current implementation, we only have one paint worklet global scope.

PaymentHandler: Make InvokePaymentAppCallback to base::OnceCallback

24 July 11:29 - Chromium - Jinho Bang

Should use base::OnceCallback and base::BindOnce instead of base::Callback and base::Bind.

lavf/movenc: support GPMF track (gpmd) remuxing

24 July 08:43 - FFmpeg - Clément Bœsch

[Android] Add confirmation-only mode to AccountSigninActivity

24 July 08:43 - Chromium - Boris Sazonov

This CL adds confirmation-only entry point to AccountSigninView and AccountSigninActivity.

Released UPower 0.99.5

24 July 08:23 - UPower - Richard Hughes

Update V8 to version 6.2.11.

24 July 08:13 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

[AArch64, Patch] Generate MLA when multiply + add vector by scalar

24 July 07:37 - GCC - jgreenhalgh

(On behalf of This merges vector multiplies and adds into a single mla instruction when the multiplication is done by a scalar. typedef int __attribute__((vector_size(16))) vec; vec mla1(vec v0, vec v1, int v2) { return v0 + v1 * c; } Now generates: mla1: fmov s2, w0 mla v0.4s, v1.4s, v2.s[0] This is also done for the identical case for a multiply followed by a subtract of vectors with an integer operand on the multiply. gcc/ 2017-07-24 Jackson Woodruff - config/aarch64/ (aarch64_mla_elt_merge<mode>): New.

Roll clang 307486:308728.

24 July 07:25 - Chromium - Nico Weber

Ran `tools/clang/scripts/ 308728`. This changes the clang version from 5.0.0 to 6.0.0, so simplify some things that dealt with both numbers. This changes clang to no longer look for libc++ headers in the Fuchsia SDK.

Implement element

24 July 07:01 - Chromium - Shanmuga Pandi M


add in EApi.cxx

24 July 06:35 - LibreOffice - Rico Tzschichholz

Change-Id: I900a190948087360bb4c3cd9235c9848333ad66f Reviewed-on:

Update V8 to version 6.2.4.

24 July 05:22 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

samdb/cracknames: support user and service principal as desired format

24 July 05:10 - Samba - Bob Campbell


loplugin:unusedfields some untouched fields

24 July 05:02 - LibreOffice - Noel Grandin

which lead to a whole bunch of dead code in vcl/.../i18n_status.cxx

radv: enable sample shading

24 July 03:45 - Mesa - Dave Airlie

mainboard/google/soraka: pull high TOUCHSCREEN_STOP_L pin

24 July 02:07 - Coreboot - Wisley Chen

After updating to Wacom Firmware version 501, touchscreen can't work.

Add xiaochengh@ to core/editing/OWNERS

24 July 01:58 - Chromium - Yoshifumi Inoue

This patch since he has been contributing lots of changes and providing good reviews.

Add myself to watchlists for chrome/browser/chromeos/arc/fileapi

24 July 01:17 - Chromium - Shuhei Takahashi


Updating trunk VERSION from 3165.0 to 3166.0

23 July 23:03 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

Add CoreInitializer::GetInstance, change CallModules.. to virtual

23 July 21:03 - Chromium - Joel Hockey

Change callbacks to be virtual definitions on CoreInitializer and implemented in ModulesInitialier.

svl: support verifying streams as well as byte arrays

23 July 20:56 - LibreOffice - Ashod Nakashian

Change-Id: I67a5094c6817b9f9e04ef72e15b059d6667f1397 Reviewed-on:

Calc UI on Android Viewer

23 July 17:00 - LibreOffice - Ximeng Zu

Adding Calc UI.

sb/intel/i82801jx: Add function to detect s3 resume

23 July 16:34 - Coreboot - Arthur Heymans

File copied from i82801gx.

sb/intel/i82801jx: Add addition IO resources

23 July 16:33 - Coreboot - Arthur Heymans

Adapted from i82801gx.

depthcharge: Update stable commit id

23 July 16:17 - Coreboot - Martin Roth

Update from commit eb583fa8 - Wed Mar 29, 2017 (rk3399_sdhci: Reintroduce PHY power-cycling at 52MHz)

web-view: Save as MHTML by default

23 July 10:22 - Epiphany - Michael Catanzaro

Users almost always want MHTML rather than HTML of just the main resource only, so default to that.

Removed duplicated includes

23 July 07:22 - LibreOffice - Andrea Gelmini

Mainly about "core_resource.hxx" and "strings.hrc".

e powerrsave sleep - add fd get

23 July 04:28 - Enlightenment - Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)

i could have sworn i added this...

Remove third_party/libva

22 July 23:48 - Chromium - Alexandre Courbot

There is no need to carry a copy of the libva headers when they are supposed to be present on the system anyway (since we are linking against the system library). Relying on the system headers also reduces the risk of ABI mismatch, and makes updating libva easier since it only needs to be done on the system side. Since the headers are removed, we must now make sure that the compiler will not meet them in cases where they are irrelevant.

i965/bufmgr: Use write-combine mappings where available

22 July 22:34 - Mesa - Matt Turner

Write-combine mappings give much better performance on writes than uncached access through the GTT. Improves performance of GFXBench 4's gl_driver2 benchmark at 1024x768 on Apollolake by 3.6086% +/- 0.674193% (n=15). v2: (by Ken) Rebase on lockless mappings, map_count deletion, valgrind updates, potential for CPU/WC maps failing, and other changes. v3: (by Ken and Chris Wilson) (Ken): Rebase on set_domain -> gem_wait (Chris): Fix up a failed CPU/WC mmaping with a GTT mapping Not all objects will be mappable for direct access by the CPU (either using WC/CPU or WC paths), for example, a dmabuf wrapping an object on a foreign device or an object wrapping access to stolen memory.

svga: only support 4x, 8x, 16x msaa

22 July 15:18 - Mesa - Brian Paul

Skip 2x MSAA, for example, since it's seldom used and just bloats the list of pixel formats.

Update V8 to version 6.2.3.

22 July 15:14 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

OSC: add /use_group 1/0 command

22 July 15:12 - Ardour - Len Ovens

i965: Support the mesa_no_error driconf option

22 July 14:42 - Mesa - Kenneth Graunke

This allows us to override contexts to use no_error functionality even if the applications themselves do not.

workspace: Switch back to using the :has-pointer property

22 July 14:31 - GNOME Shell - Florian Müllner

In case where a method- and property name overlap, using the method is less unambiguous than I thought - mozjs52-based gjs will only see the method, while mozjs38-based gjs will only see the property.

dxva: DXVA2_ModeHEVC_VLD_Main10 does not support Main

22 July 03:30 - Libav - wm4

This mode apparently does not support decoding of HEVC Main (8 bit). Add INTERNALLIBPROF knob

22 July 02:51 - DragonFlyBSD - zrj

Allow to build profiled versions of internal libs without installing them.

mainboard/google/poppy/variants/soraka: Define separate gpio tables

22 July 01:24 - Coreboot - Furquan Shaikh

Now that soraka is starting to deviate from the baseboard w.r.t.

Add viz-host HitTestQuery

22 July 00:29 - Chromium - riajiang

HitTestQuery finds the hit test target, for a given location, in the AggregatedHitTestRegion list received from HitTestAggregator.

Reland: Implement metalayer palette tool in ash

22 July 00:06 - Chromium - Vladislav Kaznacheev

Reland of

DevTools: support reading Blobs in IO handler

21 July 23:10 - Chromium - Andrey Kosyakov

This adds support for reading Blobs by specifying a handle of blob:<uuid> to

Updating trunk VERSION from 3164.0 to 3165.0

21 July 23:03 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

Add elasticity to simple gesture nav

21 July 22:30 - Chromium - Mohsen Izadi

This CL adds elasticity to the simple gesture nav UI.

ldb: version 1.2.1

21 July 21:46 - Samba - Stefan Metzmacher

- Bug #12882: Do not install if we have system libldb

cc: Implement eviction from SW image decode cache

21 July 21:34 - Chromium - sohan

This implements logic to evict from SW image decode cache in cc, based on skia unique image id.

WebUI: Replace vulcanize with polymer-bundler

21 July 20:22 - Chromium - dpapad

Summary of changes needed for the migration:- Excluded URLs behavior is different than Vulcanize, need to explicitly list all URLs to be excluded (unlike Vulcanize, transitive deps of an excluded URL are not implicitly excluded).- Excluded URLs need to match exactly, unlike Vulcanize where foo.html would match chrome://some-path/foo.html.- Input HTML files need to have <html><head>...</head><body>...</body></html> tags.- A single invocation of poylmer-bundler produces both "basic" and "lazy" modules (achieved by using the --shell flag), unlike Vulcanize which required two separate invocations.- Using new --manifest-out instead of previous --out-request-list flag to generate depfiles for Ninja.

viz: Make hit testing mojoms match

21 July 20:21 - Chromium - Fady Samuel

This CL moves hit_test code to match the directory structure in

Add more instrumentation to diagnose an Android memory corruption

21 July 20:04 - Chromium - Alexei Svitkine

This change:- Does a separate pass on all histograms, validating them, before starting to prepare their deltas.

Update V8 to version 6.2.2.

21 July 19:47 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

[Chromecast] Add loopback input for AEC

21 July 19:41 - Chromium - Nat Jeffries

Add i2s loopback in order to enable the reference channel for AEC.

Add UMA for how often the first read sniffs the final mime type

21 July 18:33 - Chromium - John Abd-El-Malek

This is to figure out whether we need to buffer data in the network service's URLLoaderImpl.

[Home] Add concept of bottom browser controls to blink

21 July 18:21 - Chromium - Matthew Jones

Previously, blink was never properly notified of the browser controls height when they are at the bottom of the screen.

[Chromedriver] Release Chromedriver version 2.31

21 July 17:37 - Chromium - John Chen

Change-Id: Ie44eb482868022111fc52ff490702e0a97d0f4d4 Reviewed-on:

Add PostTaskAndReplyWithResult to migration mappings

21 July 17:35 - Chromium - Gabriel Charette

Update V8 to version 6.2.1.

21 July 17:03 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

ac/gpu: add code to detect if kernel supports sync objects

21 July 16:31 - Mesa - Dave Airlie

radv/winsys: add syncobj hooks

21 July 16:31 - Mesa - Dave Airlie

This just adds syncobj create/destroy/export/import paths into the winsys interface.

radv: initial support for shared semaphores (v2)

21 July 16:31 - Mesa - Dave Airlie

This adds support for sharing semaphores using kernel syncobjects.

syscall: call f?statfs64 on GNU/Linux

21 July 16:25 - GCC - ian

We unconditionally set _FILE_OFFSET_BITS to 64 in, so we should unconditionally call the statfs64 and fstatfs64 functions.

Update Fuchsia SDK instructions to include netstack

21 July 14:46 - Chromium - Sergey Ulanov

Current version of Fuchsia SDK doesn't include netstack, which will be required to run many tests.

Add AwVariationsSeedFetchService and refactory VariationsSeedFetcher

21 July 14:42 - Chromium - yiyuny

The CL add the AwVariationsSeedFetchService which is a JobService to fetch Finch seed data from the Finch Server.

Add timeout support to staggered background tab opening

21 July 14:04 - Chromium - Zhen Wang

Add timeout to force load the next background tab after the timer expires.

Enable src= support for FLAC-in-MP4

21 July 14:00 - Chromium - Matt Wolenetz

Since M56, all Chrome build types that include proprietary codecs and use the unified media pipeline have been able to demux and decode FLAC-in-MP4, but canPlayType() hasn't been updated yet. Further motivation to update that, a prerequisite for supporting FLAC-in-MP4 with MSE in Chrome is that canPlayType('{audio,video}/mp4, "flac"') needs to return "probably". This change updates canPlayType() to indicate FLAC-in-MP4 is supported, and includes new tests for src= FLAC-in-MP4. A further complication is that MP4's AudioSampleEntry samplerate field is fixed point 16.16 bits, so lacks range to handle bitrates above 65535Hz.

lok: Add docm/xlsm/pptm filters to be known by LOK.

21 July 13:47 - LibreOffice - Jan Holesovsky

Change-Id: I4995498132b832ce783efc9740f1d7129f085a01 Reviewed-on:

sd pptm: Add a separate PPTM filter

21 July 13:46 - LibreOffice - Jan Holesovsky

Similarly to commit 697173f6fdfae581022cfdb5ec5171c5a3be58f0, we have to preserve the correct content-type which is not the same for PPTX and PPTM.

Initial bot with instrumentation-test tracing

21 July 13:35 - Chromium - Nick Ward

Bug: Change-Id: I70fd0185bdf539a8e624bde60feb2df2ee1e02ed Reviewed-on:

idl_parser: Add unittests for "implements" definitions

21 July 13:29 - Chromium - Kenichi Ishibashi

The "PROP" pattern match checks and other checks except for "TREE" are currently broken and it's somewhat difficult to make them workable.

Implement metalayer palette tool in ash

21 July 13:25 - Chromium - Vladislav Kaznacheev

Add a new "highlighter" tool using the same fast rendering method as laser pointer (CL extracting the common base class is to follow).

I82801JX: Add IS_ENABLED around config options

21 July 13:00 - Coreboot - Martin Roth

This chipset was just added and had a few places that needed to be fixed.

Add failure expectation for video-enter-exit-fullscreen-without-hovering-doesnt-show-controls.html

21 July 12:59 - Chromium - Ojan Vafai

The non-virtual test is already listed as failing.

HSTS preload list removals for Chrome 61.

21 July 12:49 - Chromium - Lucas Garron > [] - This subdomain of the affiliate program, it was not > planned to

cc: Add serialization of most of PaintFlags

21 July 12:48 - Chromium - Adrienne Walker

This adds serialization/deserialization/testing for most of the internals of PaintFlags.

[Android] Add SigninPromoMediator and wire promo in Settings page

21 July 12:20 - Chromium - Iulia Harasim

This CL adds SinginPromoMediator which is used to configure the signin promo.

Only add a new tempo or meter on click if the primary modifier is pressed

21 July 12:15 - Ardour - nick_m

Being able to add with any modifier can confuse a user who expected a tempo-altering drag.

Move some duplicated replace/add tempo section code

21 July 12:15 - Ardour - nick_m

Resets the previous tempo section's end ntpm to match the start of a new section whenever a section is added to the map.

soc/intel/apollolake: Add pci device id for GLK IGD

21 July 11:56 - Coreboot - Hannah Williams

soc/intel/cannonlake: Add postcar stage support

21 July 11:55 - Coreboot - Lijian Zhao

Initialize postcar frame once finish FSP memoryinit

sb/intel/i82801jx: Add correct PCI ids and change names

21 July 11:44 - Coreboot - Arthur Heymans

sb/intel/i82801jx: Copy i82801ix

21 July 11:43 - Coreboot - Arthur Heymans

[Chromedriver] Add ability to merge capabilities to make chromedriver closer to being w3c compliant

21 July 11:41 - Chromium - Jonathon Kereliuk

This is built on yash's previous work. Add static initializer count diff

21 July 11:40 - Chromium - Eric Stevenson

This CL makes it possible to verify the addition/removal of static initializers using

libavutil/mips: Updated msa generic macros

21 July 11:37 - FFmpeg - Kaustubh Raste

Reduced msa load-store code.

soc/intel/skylake: Rectify LPC Lock Enable (LE) bit definition

21 July 10:44 - Coreboot - Subrata Banik

LPC pci config register BIOS Control (BC) - offset 0xDC bit 1 is for Lock Down.

Fix "for" loop initial declarations are only allowed in C99 or C11 mode

21 July 09:30 - Chromium - Wang Qing

Compiled chromium on loongson3a platform(mips64el architecture) with gcc-4.9.3, occurs errors about that ‘for’ loop initial declarations are only allowed in C99 or C11 mode.

Enable the seccomp-bpf sandbox for the Android photo picker

21 July 09:21 - Chromium - Peter Beverloo

This CL attempts to enable the seccomp-bpf sandbox, as we do for renderer processes on Android, for the new photo picker when it is supported by the device. The implementation loads the native library as if it's a Chrome child process, and then calls the native InitializePhotoPickerSandbox function to initialize the sandbox when available.

Updating traffic annotation proto and annotations

21 July 07:40 - Chromium - Ramin Halavati

Three fields in traffic annotation proto are updated and all fomer annotations required update.

monitor: Add AD/EIR types for mesh

21 July 07:31 - BlueZ - Luiz Augusto von Dentz

Print out mesh type and payload:

monitor: Add decoding of GATT Mesh Services

21 July 07:31 - BlueZ - Luiz Augusto von Dentz

This adds UUIDs of GATT Mesh Provisioning Service and Mesh Proxy Service.

monitor: Add basic decoding for Mesh Beacon

21 July 07:31 - BlueZ - Luiz Augusto von Dentz

This adds basic decoding for Mesh Beacon packets such as:

monitor: Add basic decoding for Mesh Provisioning

21 July 07:31 - BlueZ - Luiz Augusto von Dentz

This adds basic decoding for Mesh Provisioning packets such as:

monitor: Add basic decoding for Mesh Data

21 July 07:31 - BlueZ - Luiz Augusto von Dentz

This adds basic decoding for Mesh Data packets such as:

etnaviv: Add support for ETC2 texture compression

21 July 06:18 - Mesa - Wladimir J. van der Laan

Add support for ETC2 compressed textures in the etnaviv driver. One step closer towards GL ES 3 support. For now, treat SRGB and RGB formats the same.

Reland OOBE display chooser commits + add Mash guard

21 July 05:17 - Chromium - Felix Ekblom

This CL will reland / revert revert 2 commits and add a non-Mash guard for listening to DeviceDataManager.

de-hrc various things

21 July 03:20 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

migrate to boost::gettext

21 July 03:20 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

- all .ui files go from <interface> to <interface domain="MODULE"> e.g.

MD Settings: Add MIDI-SysEx to the Site Details page

21 July 02:54 - Chromium - Patricia Lor

Since a driving factor behind releasing the "Site Details" page as part of MD Settings is to replace default permissions in the Page Info bubble, the list of permissions shown in "Site Details" should include all permissions shown in the Page Info bubble.

Add WebKit/common directory

21 July 01:50 - Chromium - Kinuko Yasuda

No for now as it doesn't have actual files yet, but I plan to add that in the next patch.

Add nverne to controller/OWNERS

21 July 01:37 - Chromium - Nicholas Verne

I will be on-hook for populating this directory in the short term.

soc/intel/apollolake: Bring in delta for GLK SOC

20 July 23:59 - Coreboot - Hannah Williams

Updating trunk VERSION from 3163.0 to 3164.0and incrementing major version to 62

20 July 23:04 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

Add a new flag: ReaderModeInCCT

20 July 22:51 - Chromium - Wei-Yin Chen (陳威尹)

When feature ReaderModeInCCT is turned on, Mobile-friendly View would be shown in a Chrome Custom Tab on high-end devices.

Use Hardcoded mime types to implement GetPreferredExtensionForMimeType().

20 July 22:34 - Chromium - Sergey Ulanov

Updated GetPreferredExtensionForMimeType() implementation so it searches uses the same MIME type tables that are used for GetExtensionsForMimeType() and GetWellKnownMimeTypeFromExtension() Previously and contained some hardcoded tables to map between mime types and filename extensions.

Add empty InterfaceProvider for WebFrameClient subclasses

20 July 21:59 - Chromium - Peiyong Lin

Currently, only RenderFrame has InterfaceProvider and implements GetInterfaceProvider, thus when calling GetInterfaceProvider on other WebFrameClient subclasses, it causes crash on NOTREACHED.

[Mac] Add Touch Bar Support for Credit Card Autofill

20 July 20:57 - Chromium - spqchan

Display credit card items on the touch bar when the credit card autofill popup appears on the screen.

Add tooltip to the new context menu button in the touch-select mode

20 July 20:20 - Chromium - Tatsuhisa Yamaguchi

TEST=manually verified

[Media Router] Add EDUCATION to MediaSink icon types

20 July 20:15 - Chromium - Takumi Fujimoto

Adds Cast for Education as a possible MediaSink icon type.

chromeos: makes changing modal type not reparent window

20 July 20:09 - Chromium - Scott Violet

Ash in mash mode was reparenting system modal dialogs.

cros: Add separator between help and settings on palette menu

20 July 20:01 - Chromium - Sammie Quon

As per UI review request to look the seperator for the tiles in the system tray bubble.

Fix some small syntax issues in W3CImportExpectations

20 July 19:54 - Chromium - Robert Ma

Currently there are some entries in W3CImportExpectations that do not closely follow the syntax and hence cannot be picked up by DirectoryOwnersExtractor.

Consolidate PageInfo bubble anchoring logic

20 July 19:53 - Chromium - Trent Apted

Lots of things want to anchor off the page info icon.

[CrOS Tether] Show the "Enable Bluetooth" notification when appropriate

20 July 19:50 - Chromium - Kyle Horimoto

The notification can be shown during two point in time: when the user logs in, and when the user disconnects from the Internet.

Add liaoyuke to ios/chrome/test/earl_grey/OWNERS.

20 July 19:38 - Chromium - Yuke Liao

Hopefully, this can help to make your code reviews slightly less bottleneck-y.

Add support for a server-provided host blacklist for Client LoFi

20 July 19:37 - Chromium - Scott Little

This CL adds support for specifying a short blacklist of hosts in a field-trial param of the Client-side LoFi field trial, which will prevent Client LoFi from being used on those hosts.

[CRD iOS] Add more texts to be localized for the client

20 July 19:23 - Chromium - Yuwei Huang

This CL moves some hardcoded texts into remoting_string.grd so that they can be localized.

Chrome Cleaner UI: Add some UMA histograms

20 July 19:14 - Chromium - Ali Tofigh

This adds UMA histograms for keeping track of how long it takes for the Chrome Cleaner to scan and clean user's machines as well as the time it takes for users to interact with the Chrome Cleaner prompt dialog.

[vr] support visibility transitions

20 July 19:07 - Chromium - Ian Vollick

This allows transitions on UiElements to leverage visibility animations.

[RemotePlayback] Add media source info to the RemotePlayback availability url

20 July 19:02 - Chromium - Anton Vayvod

Enables compiling Media Remoting code on Android.

webgl, cros: hardware overlay requires BGR native GBM

20 July 18:55 - Chromium - Dongseong Hwang

RGB texture backed by native GMB cannot be bound to FBO on Intel, but BGR texture backed by native GMB can be bound.

[vr] Add Java API to request exiting VR from other Chrome code

20 July 18:41 - Chromium - Tibor Goldschwendt

- This API can be used to exit VR when we encounter an unsupported feature.

AW: add Safe Browsing WebUI

20 July 18:33 - Chromium - Nate Fischer

This adds the chrome://safe-browsing/ WebUI page to WebView.

Add mime sniffing to the network service

20 July 18:28 - Chromium - John Abd-El-Malek

This doesn't handle all the cases (e.g.

[Video Capture Service] Invoke callback even if service connection is lost

20 July 18:10 - Chromium - Christian Fremerey

This CL is part of the Mojo Video Capture work.

Enable Skia rasterpipeline for tiling

20 July 18:06 - Chromium - Florin Malita


Add a finch trial for disabling library prefetching

20 July 18:01 - Chromium - Dmitry Skiba

We suspect that library prefetching slows startup on low-end devices.

soc/intel/cannonlake: Make ramstage relocatable

20 July 17:57 - Coreboot - Lijian Zhao

Relocate ramstage into CBMEM.

Add Beta Forum experiment to fieldtrial_testing_config.json

20 July 17:49 - Chromium - Bret Sepulveda

Also fixed formatting script to not output \r\n on Windows.

Add default values for TagAndAttributesList param

20 July 17:10 - Chromium - Luke Zielinski

In preparation for launching the experiment to collect ad identifiers in existing SafeBrowsing reports. Hoping to also sanity check the plan for reusing this feature in the future if we want to change this param: When the trial launches, the finch config will go away and the feature will remain "disabled", so the code will revert to the Default value from this CL.

[Payments] Multiple payment apps in single web app manifest

20 July 16:59 - Chromium - Rouslan Solomakhin

Before this patch, if a single web app manifest specified multiple sections of "related_applications" with different "id" (package name) fields and the user had several of these payment apps installed, then Chrome would display only one of these payment apps. The problem arose from an erroneous assumption of 1:1 relationship between web app manifests and payment apps.

Don't create services that need a DB thread if there is no DB thread

20 July 16:31 - Chromium - Peter Kasting

Right now, this CL is vacuous, since |db_thread_| is always set. However, while changing the WebDataService to move off the DB thread, I'll be changing ChromeSyncClient to get the correct thread from the WebDataService.

Add the PlatformFieldTrials Class

20 July 16:24 - Chromium - Kyle Milka

This is part 4 of 6 for FieldTrial refactoring for WebView Part 1:

ChromeOS: Make OOBE wallpaper shield match login wallpaper shield

20 July 16:24 - Chromium - Alexander Alekseev

Bug: 736903 Change-Id: Ic71d4c4d52f4ad17be6b8e9f251d79b534dea341 Reviewed-on:

ChromeOS: make login header bar background transparent

20 July 16:14 - Chromium - Alexander Alekseev

Bug: 736904 Cq-Include-Trybots: master.

webgl, cros: make chromium image work on ChromeOS.

20 July 16:10 - Chromium - Dongseong Hwang

BGRX_8888 Gpu Memory Buffer is not always supported.

Use FrameIsAd to decide whether to isolate a frame in TopDocumentIsolation mode

20 July 16:07 - Chromium - lukasza

FrameIsAd heuristics After this CL, TopDocumentIsolation will by default only isolate cross-site frames that also match FrameIsAd heuristics.

[vr] Introduce linear layout

20 July 15:54 - Chromium - Ian Vollick

With this CL, we add a LinearLayout element whose responsibility is the positioning of its child elements.

memlog: PlatformChannelPair for initial data pipe

20 July 15:52 - Chromium - Albert J. Wong

Leverages mojo EDK utils to remove one platform divergence in pipe creation, and then another within the Posix world for handling sendmsg vs write which differs signficantly between SysV-ish Linux and BSDish OsX.

mash: Add a browser shortcut placeholder in ShelfModel

20 July 15:51 - Chromium - Michael Wasserman

Add the placeholder in ShelfModel's ctor, like the app list item.

[Payments] Log the Payment Request event bitfield to UMA.

20 July 15:38 - Chromium - sebsg

Bug: 746990 Change-Id: Ib5aff32726225192d07c1a55b895d4f959110253 Reviewed-on:

[GRC] Decouple Render Process CPU Measurement from CU Graph

20 July 15:34 - Chromium - Matthew Halpern

Currently GRC's process CPU measurement mechanisms are tightly integrated with the process coordination unit implementation.

In v10 release notes, call out sequence changes as a compatibility item

20 July 15:28 - PostgreSQL - Tom Lane

The previous description didn't make it clear that this change potentially breaks applications, partly because the entry wasn't even in the compatibility-hazard section.

Export JSON text from the OOP heap profiler

20 July 15:22 - Chromium - Brett Wilson

Fixes linking in Windows non-component builds since the profiling process is now a child process. Move AllocationTracker::Alloc into a separate class AllocationEvent so it can be used in the exporter. Hooks up a simple test for the exporter.

DevTools: Add 'Save profile' toolbar button to performance panel

20 July 15:20 - Chromium - Alexei Filippov

Change-Id: I9f6597ba0c296a478e5501c7f13a536210c4ceff Reviewed-on:

enable gold for chromeos build

20 July 15:12 - Chromium - yunlian

When I try to enable thinlto on ChromeOS build, I hit this assert.

sqlite: Remove leftovers from the 3.10 release

20 July 14:56 - Chromium - Victor Costan

Bug: 746653 Change-Id: Ieb6e9bcc5e119573f98d6e629caf47d099eba774 Reviewed-on:

Add support for configuring DNF package manager for Mageia 6+

20 July 14:54 - Chromium - Neal Gompa

Mageia 6 introduces DNF as an alternative package manager.

sqlite: strip trailing space and CR from src/ and patches

20 July 14:43 - Chromium - Victor Costan

Getting the whitespace removed will make SQLite patch management easier. This CL was generated using the following commands.

[Video Capture Service] Improve UMA

20 July 14:30 - Chromium - Christian Fremerey

This CL is part of the Mojo Video Capture work.

Lazily create shader translators and implement glReleaseShaderCompiler

20 July 14:29 - Chromium - Geoff Lang

ANGLE's shader translators hold a significant amount of memory for the builtin symbols.

Add support for visibility animations

20 July 14:05 - Chromium - Ian Vollick

It is common to animate something away via a transform, bounds, or opacity animation and want to flip a visibility bit upon completion of that transition.

[vr] Refactor exit VR prompt API to enable prompting from other code

20 July 14:03 - Chromium - Tibor Goldschwendt

- Move decision to show and close prompt to VrShell since it is a state change and shout not be part of UiSceneManager.

Remove tools/auto_bisect

20 July 13:59 - Chromium - Nico Weber

It looks like this was replaced with something else a while ago, so remove the old thing.

[Chromedriver] set up endpoints for the action API

20 July 13:54 - Chromium - Jonathon Kereliuk

This is a WIP for implementing the actions API I am planning to break up my CLs into logical small chunks and this is the start

Add new tab feature engagement tracker

20 July 13:38 - Chromium - Catherine Chung

To use the FeatureEngagementTracker to observe the New Tab and related actions, the NewTabFeatureEngagementTracker class was created.

CustomTabs: Add a way to send scrolling state of the bottom bar to client

20 July 13:32 - Chromium - Yusuf Ozuysal

- Adds a request setter for the callback.

Add a UI element in Chrome Home to display contextual suggestions

20 July 13:27 - Chromium - galinap

It is currently at the top of the bottom sheet.

[LayoutNG] Add inline layout

20 July 13:08 - Chromium - Koji Ishii

This patch creates Source/core/layout/ng/inline/ and move inline layout content from its parent directory.

cros: Add a comment to SystemTrayDelegateChromeOS

20 July 13:08 - Chromium - James Cook

The class is deprecated, so make a note of that.

[Payments] Add a browser-side feature to control modifiers support

20 July 13:06 - Chromium - Mathieu Perreault

Bug: 746949 Test: browser_tests Change-Id: I7f80fb7102bd8dd413864ec74e5084587d74744c Reviewed-on:

[iOS] Add chrome://suggestions WebUI

20 July 13:00 - Chromium - Colin Blundell

This WebUI is already present on other platforms.

[Tab discarding] Ignore unload handlers under critical memory pressure

20 July 12:58 - Chromium - Fadi Meawad

This happens only when able to fastkilling renderers due to only running the tab being discarded. This also sorts tabs with beforeunload handlers before other tabs, as that state tends to signify tabs with unsaved user state.

Import wpt@0d78ba20b46ecbe6a08338f828cc079c8fd646c2

20 July 12:44 - Chromium - Chromium WPT Sync

Using wpt-import in Chromium 1238950005ae03c68795abb46cd53a893dc67e77. Build:

service worker: Add Google Docs to targeted UMA for worker preparation type

20 July 12:43 - Chromium - Matt Falkenhagen

It'd be useful to know warm vs cold start ratio.

Add absolute device orientation fallback when ROTATION_VECTOR is not available

20 July 12:28 - Chromium - Tim Volodine

Add fallback to accelerometer + magnetometer for absolute device orientation (ondeviceorienationabsolute) when ROTATION_VECTOR is not available.

tdf#109123 WIN Run instant timerout with low priority

20 July 11:55 - LibreOffice - Jan-Marek Glogowski

This busy-lock happens, because user messages have a higher priority then some system messages.

[subresource_filter] Add a finch param to disable using rules from the ruleset

20 July 11:49 - Chromium - Charles Harrison

This allows us to remotely turn off filtering rules while still enabling other features like the strengthened popup blocker.

bindings: Return the right property descriptors for legacy platform objects

20 July 11:30 - Chromium - Raphael Kubo da Costa

The existing implementation of named and indexed properties in IDL interfaces did not return the right property descriptor values according to

[Nav Experiment] Extracted Reload() to NavigationManagerImpl class

20 July 11:16 - Chromium - Danyao Wang

This is so that the implementation can be shared with WKBasedNavigationManagerImpl.

[Android WebAPK] Enable Lightweight First Run Experience for unbound WebAPKs

20 July 10:48 - Chromium - Peter Kotwicz

This CL is a follow up to

tdf#87914 Add small caps command to Format menu

20 July 10:15 - LibreOffice - Yousuf Philips

Change-Id: I6c1faa610d41918501e7111cd447050329b9d8e7 Reviewed-on:

Require Python 2.7

20 July 10:11 - GLib - Emmanuele Bassi

Python 2.7 is the last stable release of the 2.x series, as per PEP 404:

Fixes the redirect to external apps when navigating from PWA.

20 July 09:41 - Chromium - piotrs

This is done with avoiding explicit chrome package name (using component name instead) and using EXTRA_SEND_TO_EXTERNAL_DEFAULT_HANDLER on the intent. With this patch the redirect works, however it takes a long time for CCT to consult ExternalNavigationHandler.

ChromeOS: add strings for OOBE Advanced options menu

20 July 09:40 - Chromium - Alexander Alekseev

Bug: 709263 Change-Id: Ibcf2f12373d211b85829ef7cb8dcf94c0f2d41fe

Update the V8 version for Chromium branch 61.

20 July 09:21 - Chromium - Michael Hablich

This is a roll-back to 6.1.534.

User policy for ecryptfs migration

20 July 08:53 - Chromium - Pavol Marko

- Add user policy EcryptfsMigrationStrategy which controls ecryptfs to dircrypto cryptohome migration.- Implement a pre-signin policy fetch mechanism which tries to fetch cached policy first, and if there is valid cached policy, also tries to fetch fresh policy.- Wire up the pre-signin policy fetch into to decide what to do when a ecryptfs user home is detected.

Add deduplication logic to .pak files

20 July 08:48 - Chromium - agrieve

Now, when multiple entries contain the same content, multiple table-of-contents entries will be created, but only one data region.

hwdb: add two more hotkeys to Lenovo IdeaPad (#6410)

20 July 08:21 - systemd - Shengyao Xue

Tested on Lenovo IdeaPad E41-15, and both keys work after those two line added.

[ES6 modules] Reduce number of MTLs by not creating MTL for sub-graph fetch already handled somewhere else

20 July 08:13 - Chromium - Kouhei Ueno

This CL makes unbundled moment.js benchmark [1] 19x faster (3.8s -> 200ms) [1]

Pin the Home Page Tile to the first row in the UI.

20 July 07:57 - Chromium - Ondrej Skopek

Calculates the number of columns tiles are layed out in at initialization and reorders the home page tile so that it is pinned to the first row.

Add containment transition API

20 July 07:46 - Chromium - Louis Romero

This CL introduces a transition API for animating contained view controllers.

[Android Notifications] Use timestamp in notification channel IDs

20 July 07:34 - Chromium - Anita Woodruff

- Implement GetWebsiteSettingLastModified for the NotificationChannelsAndroidProvider by storing channel creation timestamp within the channel IDs.

gdkgears: Add window content spacing back

20 July 06:41 - GTK - Timm Bäder

This was lost when border-width was removed.

Add header UI string that will be used in MD notification

20 July 06:06 - Chromium - Tetsui Ohkubo

Add "Chrome OS system" string that will be used for system notification when new-style notification is enabled.

Make blink/modules support jumbo compilations (-60 CPU minutes)

20 July 05:54 - Chromium - Daniel Bratell

Compiling browser code in blink/modules currently use about 80 CPU minutes.

Update V8 to version 6.1.557.

20 July 05:35 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Enable new ownership edges for base::SharedMemory

20 July 05:30 - Chromium - Hajime Hoshi

Now mojo is fixed to pass unique IDs across processes, Let's enable new ownership edges for base::SharedMemory and remove old ownership edges.

libweston-desktop/xdg-shell: Properly handle ack_configure

20 July 04:51 - Weston - Quentin Glidic

Now we keep track of serial->state association and we discard the states that the client ignored.

Separate layout constraints from button matchers in

20 July 04:36 - Chromium - Vaclav Brozek

The button matchers in have currently some redundant grey_layout()-based sub-matchers.

SalInstance::DoYield: Don't drop SolarMutex when accessing user event queue

20 July 04:31 - LibreOffice - Stephan Bergmann

Cleanup object destruction order during application shutdown

20 July 04:10 - Chromium - Sylvain Defresne

The NetworkChangeNotifier owns an object that checks it is destroyed on the correct thread (HistogramWatcher).

SmartArt: add ShapeAtom to store shape template instead of LayoutNode

20 July 04:03 - LibreOffice - Grzegorz Araminowicz

radv: Add support for VK_KHR_variable_pointers

20 July 03:13 - Mesa - Bas Nieuwenhuizen

Just a trivial enable.

Update V8 to version 6.1.556.

20 July 03:12 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Enable wasm_response_apis.html again

20 July 02:49 - Chromium - Andreas Haas

The issue which made this test flaky has been fixed in

[OverlayWindow] Add platform-independent window and views implementation

20 July 02:31 - Chromium - apacible

This change adds a general window that overlays other windows, initially for the use case of picture in picture.

Add OWNERS to build/scripts/core/css

20 July 01:34 - Chromium - Darren Shen

This patch adds an OWNERS file to the code generators found in core/css.

Omnibox - Enable Clipboard URL Provider by Default on Android

20 July 00:56 - Chromium - Mark Pearson

Bug: 706046 Change-Id: I9bd0ff5d297f93ff3dbdc92f668c307630d46dc5 Reviewed-on:

Update V8 to version 6.1.555.

20 July 00:46 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

soc/intel/apollolake: Implement _PIC method into ACPI

20 July 00:44 - Coreboot - Mario Scheithauer

The _PIC method is called by the OS to choose between interrupt routing

DevTools: Move Audits2 report selection from TreeOutline -> ComboBox

20 July 00:26 - Chromium - Paul Irish

Bug: 745958 Change-Id: I87c0de5d5c7e9d5fc8b6fd38d95dec8013934db8 Reviewed-on:

VEA mojification: client-side implementation w/unittest

20 July 00:16 - Chromium - Miguel Casas-Sanchez

This CL lands the client-side implementation of the mojom::VEA and unit tests for it.

Omnibox - Enable Using HTTPS URLs for Suggestion Based on Context

20 July 00:08 - Chromium - Mark Pearson

Bug: 706071 Change-Id: Idcf5feefa594463a1b7295dd30025c1cbc489345 Reviewed-on:

Remove MockCryptohomeClient

19 July 23:52 - Chromium - Hidehiko Abe

This CL replaces last use of MockCryptohomeClient by fake, and then remove it.

Omnibox - Enable Warm-Up Psuggest by Default

19 July 23:37 - Chromium - Mark Pearson

In the process, removes an unnecessary chrome::FocusLocationBar() in chrome/browser/policy/ because it's not necessary.

avdevice: make ff_reverse available on shared builds

19 July 23:33 - FFmpeg - James Almer

Should fix compilation failures introduced by 9b937958907daaddade139c36ce33c6eac269631.

Download service: Add a delay when retry the download

19 July 23:13 - Chromium - Xing Liu

The network change observer notifies the offline signal later than the actual failure in download request.

Updating trunk VERSION from 3162.0 to 3163.0

19 July 23:11 - Chromium - chrome-release-bot

[Extensions Bindings] Update extensions_unittests for native bindings

19 July 23:09 - Chromium - Devlin Cronin

Update a few of the extensions unittests for native bindings.

Add a dependency to the chrome_cleaner Mojo interface

19 July 23:05 - Chromium - Lei Zhang

In chrome/browser/safe_browsing, srt_chrome_prompt_impl.h includes a generated Mojo header that comes from chrome_prompt.mojom inside components/chrome_cleaner.

cros: Implement improved stylus mode exiting

19 July 22:45 - Chromium - Sammie Quon

This CL does the following: 1) If we choose a tool that is a "mode", the palette tray stays active.

Add UMA metrics for WebSocket SafeBrowsing lookups

19 July 22:42 - Chromium - Adam Rice

Add the following metrics for WebSocket SafeBrowsing lookups: - SafeBrowsing.WebSocket.Result is recorded for every WebSocket handshake that is checked. - - SafeBrowsing.WebSocket.Elapsed.Safe- SafeBrowsing.WebSocket.Elapsed.Blocked- SafeBrowsing.WebSocket.Elapsed.Abandoned Record the time in milliseconds spent performing the SafeBrowsing lookup, including time spent on the interstitial page if applicable, broken down by result. Because clicking "Back to safety" on the interstitial results in navigating away from the page, it is recorded as "Abandoned", not "Blocked" as might be expected.

Fix app list item indexing bug

19 July 22:18 - Chromium - hejq

When the Play Store app search feature is enabled, we have separators between items in the SearchResultTileItemListView.

[LayoutNG] Margin collapsing complexity with empty blocks

19 July 22:10 - Chromium - Ian Kilpatrick

This patch does two things broadly... 1) If an empty block clears a float, we set the previous inflow position to the empty block *minus* the margin strut. This matches edges behaviour.

wayland: Make beep requests go through the GdkDisplay

19 July 21:58 - GTK - Jonas Ådahl

This way we can add things like throttling.

MD Settings: Show default settings in the drop-down menu in Site Details

19 July 21:40 - Chromium - Patricia Lor

The Site Details page currently only shows two options in the drop-down menu for each permission, 'Allow' and 'Block'.

widget: Add baseline and out_clip parameters to size-allocate

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

Since setting a clip is mandatory for almost all widgets, we can as well change the size-allocate signature to include a out_clip parameter, just like GtkCssGadget did.

image: Remove irrelevant code sample

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

Both the description and the sample itself are obsolete or uninteresting now that all widgets can receive events.

GtkCheckMenuItem: Remove snapshot-indicator vfunc

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

Let the widget snapshot all child widgets and control the visibility of those child widgets instead.

calendar: Remove all input windows

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

gtk4-demo: Add widgetbowl demo

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

scale: Remove custom indicator drawing

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

it's a css node so we can simply use the background instead of the foreground color in the theme.

popover: Add a contents node

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

Remove the special case in gtkwidget.c where we didn't draw any css background/border for popovers.

GtkAccelLabel: Add use-underline property

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

Remove GtkCssCustomGadget

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder


widget: Add new allocation accessors

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

Remove GtkCssGadget

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

paned: Make sure we set the correct clips

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

They are still too big, i.e.

widget: Fix drawing invalidation with windowed widgets

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

notebook: Replace all gadgets with widgets

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

Remove GtkBuiltinIcon

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

Now unused.

Remove GtkBoxGadget

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

spinbutton: Add docs for new public API

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

testtooltips: Add static tooltip

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

Just a widget class emulating the tooltip look by calling itself "tooltip" in the css node tree and adding the .

scrollbar: Add new API to gtk4-sections.txt

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

widget: Make allocations parent-content-allocation relative

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

testwidgetfocus: Drop SPACING constant in favor for CSS

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

This makes it easier to test various other properties of widgets.

revealer: Don't add a clip node for CROSSFADE transitions

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

We don't need them there as we just change the opacity of the revealer.

scrolledwindow: Fix child widget positioning

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

Instead of relying on get_relative_allocation, just use the scrolledwindow's content allocation we get passed to size-allocate.

expander: Inherit from GtkContainer

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

This fixes the expansion not working.

spinbutton: Add accessors for (max-)width-chars

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

range: Remove steppers

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

scrollbar: Add accessor for wheel delta

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

Make the one in gtkrange.

widget: Add default snapshot implementation

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

gtk_widget_snapshot will snapshot the css box, the default snapshot

sizerequest: Make size groups "work"

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

We have to query the css margin/border/padding values for all widgets in the size group.

sizerequest: Make sure widget sizes stay positive

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

They can otherwise become negative, e.g.

spinbutton: Inherit from GtkWidget

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

Use a box, an entry and the current 2 buttons.

spinbutton: Add text property

19 July 21:27 - GTK - Timm Bäder

[vr] Fix math error when reversing transitions

19 July 21:22 - Chromium - Ian Vollick

Previously, I'd failed to account for an existing time offset when reversing an animation.

Bump version

19 July 21:18 - GTK - Matthias Clasen

[vr] Add transition to content quad transform

19 July 21:06 - Chromium - Ian Vollick

This should cause animations when entering and exiting fullscreen mode.

Pref service: Expose local state prefs to mash as a service

19 July 21:04 - Chromium - Sam McNally

Expose local state prefs from the browser using a InProcessPrefServiceFactory in BrowserProcessImpl and register it as a embedded service factory in ChromeContentBrowserClient.

Update V8 to version 6.1.554.

19 July 20:59 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

radv: port to new libdrm API.

19 July 20:56 - Mesa - Dave Airlie

This bumps the libdrm requirement for amdgpu to the 2.

Delete remaining JNI reg calls under chrome/browser

19 July 20:36 - Chromium - Yipeng Wang


Roll Syzygy Deps to v0.8.32.0

19 July 19:45 - Chromium - Sebastien Marchand

Version [0cc169a1af] Fix some VS2017 issues, adds support for the 10.0.15063.468 Windows SDK.

Import wpt@c94ef3e5faf28027c61c76b3b5e882555869d33e

19 July 19:43 - Chromium - Chromium WPT Sync

Using wpt-import in Chromium 7e56993a52809d54b18c9cc525fd1d34d00315fc. Build:

[Payments] Add metric to track if user had complete suggestions

19 July 19:25 - Chromium - sebsg

Also change section metrics from CreditCards to PaymentMethod (Now include payment apps).

Add animation to history info header

19 July 19:18 - Chromium - Becky Zhou

+ Make DateDividedAdapter support multiple header items so that privacy disclaimers and clear browsing data button can be seperate items in recycler view to support show/hide animation.

Add Plumbing for Calling Whitelisting

19 July 19:13 - Chromium - Selim Gurun

Safebrowsing checks can be prevented for certain domains by passing these domains via a whitelisting API.

soc/intel/cannonlake: Add minimal changes to call FSP Memoryinit

19 July 19:06 - Coreboot - Lijian Zhao

The following minimal changes are needed to make system boot until FSP memoryinit got called.

Add TPM firmware update checkbox label

19 July 19:03 - Chromium - Mattias Nissler

This string is going to be used as a label for a checkbox that allows triggering a TPM firmware update from the device reset (aka powerwash) screen.

Omnibox Bug Triage Process - Add Three New Labels

19 July 18:48 - Chromium - Mark Pearson

Bug: Change-Id: Icfe1de44e197f16ba90b7e81d09036ad97a56dd8 Reviewed-on:

Remove inert-visual-viewport flag (enabled by default)

19 July 18:39 - Chromium - David Bokan

This patch removes the --enable-inert-visual-viewport flag from Chrome.

Enable background video track optimization for MSE content

19 July 18:39 - Chromium - Dale Curtis

While src= track change still suffer from

Add flag to disable touch-specific interactions of the Files app

19 July 17:55 - Chromium - Tatsuhisa Yamaguchi

This change also includes a change to hide the context menu button added by

mainboard/intel/cannonlake_rvp: Add initial board files

19 July 17:54 - Coreboot - Andrey Petrov

Initial board files needed to selected to build cannonlake rvp.

[TTS] Write UKM CS v2 features to UKM log

19 July 17:43 - Chromium - Donn Denman

Adds a new set of Ranker features to log via UKM for Contextual Search.

viz: Merge FrameSinkManager and FrameSinkManagerImpl

19 July 17:41 - Chromium - Fady Samuel

Now that FrameSinkManager and FrameSinkManagerImpl live in the same place and have the same namespace, it no longer makes sense for these two to be two separate classes.

[Offline pages] Add feature flag for page renovation framework

19 July 17:41 - Chromium - Collin Baker

This feature flag will be used to enable and disable use of renovations.

[Extensions Bindings] Introduce a supportsLazyListeners property

19 July 17:26 - Chromium - rdevlin.cronin

Right now, we determine whether to store the record of a lazy listener in the extension prefs based only on the type of context - if the context registering the listener is a lazy context (like an event page), then we store a lazy listener in extension prefs. This is incorrect for webview events.

Reland "Reland "Persist broken and recently-broken alt-svcs to prefs in HttpServerPropertiesManager""

19 July 17:24 - Chromium - Yixin Wang

This is a reland of 9c0837065ee0522dc05b2908a6815c25146ad1b2 Original change's description: > Reland "Persist broken and recently-broken alt-svcs to prefs in HttpServerPropertiesManager" > > This is a reland of a66ebc8af26cdad325746d9d5644169a16996821 > Original change's description: > > Persist broken and recently-broken alt-svcs to prefs in HttpServerPropertiesManager > > > > Modify TickClock dependency injection for BrokenAlternativeServices to use a setter instead of a constructor param.

Update V8 to version 6.1.552.

19 July 17:15 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add a row in the network tray to inform users to turn Bluetooth on to enable Tether

19 July 17:03 - Chromium - lesliewatkins

Renamed TrayDetailsView::InfoLabel to TrayInfoLabel and moved it to its own file.

Rationalize Editor Zooming: make it harder for user to step into ridiculous zoom-out scales

19 July 16:37 - Ardour - Ben Loftis

Use new Skia Blur Filter

19 July 16:35 - Chromium - wutao

Skia Blur image filter has a new mode to clamp pixels outside image to image edge.

Iterate each TouchAction in DebugRectHistory::SaveTouchEventHandlerRectsCallback

19 July 16:32 - Chromium - Hayley Ferr

So we don't lose data in the debugging visualization in DebugRectHistory::SaveTouchEventHandlerRectsCallback, we now iterate through the rects independently from each touch action as opposed to using the union of these values.

Add a content feature to turn off prefer-compositing-to-lcd-text, for low-end Android devices

19 July 16:30 - Chromium - Chris Harrelson

Add a content feature to turn off prefer-compositing-to-lcd-text, for low-end Android devices.

[Offline Prefetch] Import the download into offline page model

19 July 16:23 - Chromium - Jian Li

Move the downloaded archive file from download directory into the offline pages archive directory and create the metadata record for it in offline pages metadata database such that it can be opened as an offline page.

chromeos: gets swapping displays working for mus

19 July 16:21 - Chromium - Scott Violet

WindowTreeHostManager has a special code path when the primary display changes to an existing display.

[CrOS Tether] Add Bluetooth notification to NotificationPresenter

19 July 16:20 - Chromium - Kyle Horimoto

This notification is not actually shown by the Tether component yet; this functionality will be part of a follow-up CL.

Enable lock screen note taking for dev channel

19 July 16:19 - Chromium - Toni Barzic

Enables lock scree apps for dev channel, and adds a flag that can be used to enable the feature to chrome://flags:

configure/swr: configurable swr architectures

19 July 16:12 - Mesa - Tim Rowley

Allow configuration of the SWR architecture depend libraries we build for with --with-swr-archs.

configure/swr: add KNL and SKX architecture targets

19 July 16:12 - Mesa - Tim Rowley

Not built by default.


19 July 15:46 - GTK - Matthias Clasen

CORSEnabled URLLoader scaffolding

19 July 15:31 - Chromium - Kinuko Yasuda

Mojo URLLoader version.

Add Hexcles--robertma to handle mapping

19 July 14:42 - Chromium - Robert Ma

First CL! :)

Add Captive Portal Landing Page feature flag

19 July 14:38 - Chromium - Mike Dougherty

Bug: None Change-Id: If5029a3b39078bfad7e7d4e8ea21f0ac2acfa8e1 Reviewed-on:

Rename MaximizeMode to TabletMode

19 July 14:23 - Chromium - Mitsuru Oshima

This is m61 version of last attempt:

google/gru: Add support for Scarlet rev1

19 July 14:15 - Coreboot - Julius Werner

This patch adds the necessary changes to support Scarlet revision 1.

Add code generation for ConditionalFeatures bindings code

19 July 14:13 - Chromium - iclelland

This replaces the handwritten ConditionalFeaturesFor{Core,Modules}.cpp files with a script which reads IDL files looking for the appropriate extended attributes (just OriginTrialEnabled currently) and generates the required code to install those features at runtime.

[Payment Request] PaymentRequestCache, a map of WebState to PaymentRequests

19 July 13:51 - Chromium - Mohamad Ahmadi

- Creates a PaymentRequestCache class as KeyedService along with its factory to ensure only one instance of it exists per BrowserState.- PaymentRequestCache maintains a map of web::WebState to a list of payments::PaymentRequest instances maintained for that WebState.- The PaymentRequestCache instance can be accessed in browser tests via the instance of BrowserState in order to verify the correct creation and state of payments::PaymentRequest objects.

avfilter: Add blue and violet noise generation filters

19 July 13:51 - FFmpeg - George Boyle

For the blue and violet noise, I took the pink and brown noise respectively and subtracted the offsets instead of adding them.

Add BeginArrayWithNonCopiedName to blink::TracedValue

19 July 13:47 - Chromium - Adithya Srinivasan

RuntimeCallStats creates TracedValue objects using the same set of strings repeatedly.

Add a sampling scheme to ScrollUpdate.Touch UKM

19 July 13:35 - Chromium - nzolghadr

There was a lot of data being reported as part of the Event.ScrollUpdate.Touch UKM.

Update V8 to version 6.1.547.

19 July 13:19 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Adding more ChildProcessConnection unit-tests

19 July 13:13 - Chromium - Jay Civelli

Adding more unit-test coverage to ChildProcessConnection.

Adding a Scout trigger for sampling Google ads

19 July 12:49 - Chromium - Luke Zielinski

Trigger is using a copy of the ad detection code from ads_page_load_metrics, to be refactored later when that code is shared.

soc/intel/cannonlake: Add microcode support

19 July 12:16 - Coreboot - Lijian Zhao

Microcode needs to be loaded prior to FSP initialization.

Add myself to the "add_to_homescreen", "banners" and "permissions" watchlist

19 July 11:56 - Chromium - Xi Han

Change-Id: I27bf102d779df17702edb36429d4151fee909bc1 Reviewed-on:

Fix Unwind support on DragonFly BSD after sigtramp move

19 July 11:55 - GCC - redi

2017-07-19 John Marino

Add --lang, --ip flags to fetch script

19 July 11:54 - Chromium - Chris Pickel

I used these flags to check the server's new behavior for zh_{TW,HK}.

Add sfiera to ntp_snippets OWNERS

19 July 11:28 - Chromium - Chris Pickel

Change-Id: Ia6cbb48983ea0dd6b7e955f6c9dfc388fb102a02 Reviewed-on:

Implement User.Action UKM metric for password manager

19 July 11:00 - Chromium - Dominic Battre

This CL introduces a metric that records how users interact with forms and password manager UI.

Media Engagement: Record insignificant playback reason metrics

19 July 09:43 - Chromium - Becca Hughes

If a player wasn't added or removed from significant players then we should record the reason why to a histogram.

Update V8 to version 6.1.544.

19 July 09:20 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Add v2di support for nvptx

19 July 09:05 - GCC - vries

2017-07-19 Tom de Vries - config/nvptx/nvptx-modes.def: Add V2DImode. - config/nvptx/nvptx-protos.h (nvptx_data_alignment): Declare. - config/nvptx/nvptx.c (nvptx_ptx_type_from_mode): Handle V2DImode.

Add v2si support for nvptx

19 July 09:05 - GCC - vries

2017-07-19 Tom de Vries - config/nvptx/nvptx-modes.def: New file.

Add generic v2 vector mode support for nvptx

19 July 09:05 - GCC - vries

2017-07-19 Tom de Vries

egl/drm: add going out of the loop when the designated buffer is found

19 July 08:06 - Mesa - Gwan-gyeong Mun

Because the color_buffers have a each unique bo, if the designated buffer is found, release_buffer() can go out the loop which seaches the buffer.

swrast: add dri2ConfigQueryExtension to the correct extension list

19 July 08:06 - Mesa - Emil Velikov

The extension should be in the list as returned by getExtensions().

swr: remove unneeded fallback strcasecmp define

19 July 08:06 - Mesa - Emil Velikov

The last user of the function was removed with earlier commit.

egl: Add MKDIR_GEN definition

19 July 08:05 - Mesa - Daniel Stone

Adding linux-dmabuf Wayland protocol files as generated did the right thing, by prepending $(MKDIR_GEN) so autotools didn't try to write into a build directory which didn't yet exist. Unfortunately MKDIR_GEN needs to be defined in every Makefile it's used in (which we do now), or alternately defined and substituted in (which we don't do), and src/egl/ didn't actually have it from either method.

tracing: string.reserve() before serializing to JSON

19 July 07:58 - Chromium - Primiano Tucci

After the switch to libc++, flush time of tracing regressed.

[EasyUnlock] Implementing the PromotionManager

19 July 07:49 - Chromium - Gustavo Sacomoto

This class is reponsible to peridically show the EasyUnlock promotion to the user.

Update V8 to version 6.1.539.

19 July 07:39 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

[headless/devtools] Add option to ignore invalid pdf page ranges

19 July 06:58 - Chromium - Eric Seckler

Bug: 603559 Change-Id: Ibabd53ccd478a767fcad05273b4ab11ee378b831 Reviewed-on:

Add renderer peak memory metrics during load

19 July 06:31 - Chromium - Kunihiko Sakamoto

This patch adds variants of Memory.Experimental.Renderer.* metrics that collect peak memory usage during the frame load.

avformat: add SMPTE 337M demuxer

19 July 06:27 - FFmpeg - foo86

avcodec: add Dolby E decoder

19 July 06:27 - FFmpeg - foo86

Media Engagement: Record UKM metrics

19 July 06:22 - Chromium - Becca Hughes

Record UKM metrics when the visit has ended (navigation, tab closed) containing the total visits, total media playbacks, score and new media playbacks during this visit.

Support GetAssociatedOutputDeviceID on CrOS.

19 July 06:21 - Chromium - Max Morin

With this CL, AudioManagerCras associates devices with each other based on their chromeos::AudioDevice::device_name, which represents the physical hardware of a device.

backends: Add API to switch to predetermined monitor configurations

19 July 05:18 - Mutter - Rui Matos

This will allows us to support the XF86Display key present on some laptops, directly in mutter.

keybindings: Add a switch-monitor builtin keybinding

19 July 05:18 - Mutter - Rui Matos

Moved from g-s-d's media keys plugin, where it was called "video-out", since it requires changing the current monitor configuration and we want to remove the old DBus API. This implementation is intentionally simple and not really meant for more than debugging and validating the various configurations.

virt: enable detecting QEMU (TCG) via CPUID (#6399)

19 July 05:06 - systemd - Daniel Berrange

QEMU >= 2.10 will include a CPUID leaf with value "TCGTCGTCGTCG" on x86 when running with the TCG CPU emulator:

gtk3: make video playback fill playback window

19 July 05:04 - LibreOffice - Caolán McNamara

Change-Id: I43f2f77889856dc6a3b0c3a3775826dbb000be7a Reviewed-on:

Web MIDI: initial commit to have a switch for using Chrome OS MIDI service

19 July 04:38 - Chromium - Takashi Toyoshima

Add an initial empty MidiManagerCros class to use experimental Chrome OS MIDI service to unblock ARC MIDI support.

Get rid of flat tree version of FrameSelection::SetSelection()

19 July 04:32 - Chromium - Yoshifumi Inoue

This patch gets rid of flat tree version of |FrameSelection::SetSelection()| by replacing call sites to use dom tree version with introducing |ConvertToSelectionInDOMTree()| since flat tree version of |SetSelection()| is used only in |SelectionController| as a preparation of the patch[1].

Update V8 to version 6.1.538.

19 July 04:25 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Favourites feature in Special characters

19 July 04:15 - LibreOffice - Akshay Deep

Change-Id: I8273b95132d48a51e841ec3792139007b4e7b55a Reviewed-on:

Add UMA histogram "Platform.EmmcLifeUsed[A|B]" for Chrome OS

19 July 04:09 - Chromium - Gwendal Grignou

This tracks how the eMMC inside the device is aging.

MSVC changes needed to implement the new 'waveview' library

19 July 03:20 - Ardour - John Emmas

MSVC changes needed to implement the new 'widgets' library

19 July 03:16 - Ardour - John Emmas

Add wl_data_device and relatives' stubs

19 July 03:14 - Chromium - Daichi Hirono

The CL adds stubs of wl_data_device, wl_data_source, and wl_data_offer to exo.

util: Make CLAMP turn NaN into MIN.

19 July 02:48 - Mesa - Kenneth Graunke

The previous implementation of CLAMP() allowed NaN to pass through unscathed, by failing both comparisons.

media/gpu/vaapi_wrapper: require exact VA-API match

19 July 02:36 - Chromium - Alexandre Courbot

Recent versions of libva have introduced ABI incompatibilities, which make that we cannot rely on minor version bumps being backward-compatible anymore.

Clamp composition text when text is too long

19 July 01:51 - Chromium - Changwan Ryu

input and textarea element can set maxlength attribute to limit the text length.

Implement download service recovery

19 July 01:13 - Chromium - David Trainor

Tie together the three download service subcomponent recovery mechanisms into one recovery flow in the controller state machine.

evas: Fix support for image_data_get on snapshot

19 July 00:59 - EFL Core Libraries - Jean-Philippe Andre

evas_object_image_data_get() is a legacy API that I made work with snapshot objects (evas_object_image_snapshot_set()).

Add crash expectation for external/wpt/image-decodes/image-decode-path-changes.html

19 July 00:53 - Chromium - Alice Boxhall

Update V8 to version 6.1.537.

19 July 00:37 - Chromium - v8-autoroll

Summary of changes available at:

Enable ui_base_unittests and skia_unittests on Fuchsia

19 July 00:35 - Chromium - Sergey Ulanov

skia_unittests pass.

Reland: Make /deep/ as no-op and remove ::shadow in dynamic profile

19 July 00:33 - Chromium - Hayato Ito

Reland the CL [1], which was reverted at [2], since CrOS's OOBE issue was fixed.

[TTS] Add a histogram for Contextual Search

19 July 00:33 - Chromium - Donn Denman

This histogram should have been added as part of this previous CL

Add TestExpectation for video-enter-exit-fullscreen-without-hovering-doesnt-show-controls.html

19 July 00:00 - Chromium - Alice Boxhall