The Graphics channel is devoted to topics concerning Linux/BSD open-source graphics (GPU) hardware drivers, graphics rendering APIs, display servers, and related graphics/display projects.


Beignet is an open-source OpenCL implementation for Intel graphics cores on Linux.


Cairo is a vector graphics drawing API that offers multiple hardware and software-accelerated back-ends. Cairo is used by a variety of projects from X.Org to Mozilla and WebKit.


The libglvnd project by NVIDIA is an attempt to create an OpenGL venture-neutral dispatch library for Linux systems. Advertised as the new Linux OpenGL ABI, GLVND is designed to make it easier for multiple GPU drivers to co-exist on the same system.

Mesa 3D Graphics Library

This sub-channel is devoted to everything Mesa, including Gallium3D drivers.


Pixman is a pixel manipulation and rendering library.


POCL is the Portable Computing Language and most notably provides an open-source OpenCL library implementation.

Video Acceleration

Projects concerning video acceleration and video playback on graphics adapters are found within this sub-channel.


Wayland and its related components are tracked here.


The X.Org Server projects and other X.Org projects are tracked via this sub-channel.