v0.19 alpha

Desktop / Enlightenment / Enlightenment - Mike Blumenkrantz [samsung.com] - 4 June 2014 09:08 UTC




Release 0.19.0:

- improved wayland support
- e_uuid_store: Add infrastructure to store window/surface properties.
- Add a tiling profile.
- per-screen desklock logo visibility config
- Tiling: Merge the tiling module rework..
- check udisks1 DevicePresentationHide flag
- ACTIVATE_EXCLUDE window active hint policy
- show video resolution in filepreview widget
- add fileman option to clamp video size for video previews
- handle xrandr backlight using a single, accurate handler
- blanking options for wakeup on events (urgent + notify)
- packagekit module for package manager integration
- ibar now optionaly triggers its menu on mouse in
- selective redirection toggling
- support XPRESENT extension to reduce compositing overhead
- new focus option "raise on revert focus"
- add PIN-style desklock for lokker module
- make desklock hookable, break out current desklock into module, move pam stuff to separate file
- revive personal desklock passwords
- allow moveresize visuals to be replaced
- allow desk flip animations to be handled completely externally
- E16-style live pager returns!
- comp config is no longer a module
- E_FIRST_FRAME env variable
- add script to set some debug vars
- new compositor
- add E_MODULE_SRC_PATH for setting current module src path without needing to install modules
- use non-recursive makefiles for entire build system

- filemanager popups no longer span multiple monitors
- system operations no longer dim screen until action has begun
- window stacking and focus restore is more accurate across restarts
- gstreamer1 is now used for media previews

1167407 v0.19 alpha
NEWS | 147 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
configure.ac | 17 +++----
2 files changed, 155 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

Upstream: git.enlightenment.org

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