egl: Use pkg-config for Android NDK build

Graphics / Mesa 3D Graphics Library / Mesa - Gurchetan Singh [] - 15 November 2016 09:49 EST

It's possible to build Mesa for Android using the traditional autotools workflow [1]. ChromiumOS fetches Android prebuilts and puts them in a sysroot. We now want to use pkg-config to specify the location of system headers and libraries [2].

To enable this, let's add the required pkg-config checks and link against them.

[1] [2]

v2: Bundle pkg-config checks together (Emil)
v3: Provide further context on standalone NDK Mesa build (Emil)

0639e25 egl: Use pkg-config for Android NDK build | 1 +
src/egl/ | 2 ++
2 files changed, 3 insertions(+)


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